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s-suga  asked:

Hi Mimi, i'm trying to find this video of bts outside and suga was asked to request a song to play off the wings album and he chose Mama and then they started dancing ??

It’s from 161107 BTS Special Interview for Entertainment Weekly. Suga’s song got censored so he picked Jhope’s MAMA. You can find the interview with Eng Subs HERE

*cough cough clears throat*

 *taps microphone* 

 SO INTERNATIONAL ARMY! echo echo echo…

 *grinning mischievously* 

 -Ever wanted to see bts irl but live 5 light years away from anything sort of Korean?

 -Dream all night about Koreans and wake up drowning in tears wishing it was real? Same here. 

Sucks ass right? 

Sooooo….. where am I going with this, you ask??? 

 Here is a link to a petition you can sign for bts to come and perform in Europe! Yes E-U-R-O-P-E. don’t faint of excitement yet pls ok. 


 Real quick sign up for that shit, drop a cheeky comment and the more of us there are the better amarite? 

“Oh but they’ll never see it and it won’t count boohoo” 

 Stfu negative nancy! Last week I signed it and it was only 24K now we are at 33K. 

 We need a goal of 50K to get maximum attention. And if you do the math, that will take… (2+3-5x789^-6.*%) not long at all! 

 If you know other army’s tell em this or have 2 email accounts… you could ya kno… sign up with both of em?? Shhhhh

 Reblog dis shit too for others to be blessed by the sight of jimins thighs 10 meters away from your face 

or hoseoks laugh for you to inhale and fill ur lungs 

or yoongis mic to be dropped on ur head 

or taehyung to sing at you 

My work here is done 

 *copies yoongi n drops mic*

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[Eng Sub] 171107 - Super Junior Sina interview preview