comeback girl

When you hear that Lay will not be promoting with exo for their comeback but then you also hear that he’s coming back to Seoul to shoot and perform with them so now you’re all confused and are in need of some answers


So yesterday Billboard compiled their picks for the 10 Best KPOP Girl Groups of the Past Decade. Ranking #7 on their list is f(x).

Not like I needed another thing to fuel my SM hate fire, here is my latest “WHEN THE !#@! WILL THE COMEBACK FOR f(x) BE SCHEDULED!?!?” post. 😡

Please read

Im so tired of this happening every time an idol fucks up.

 1: your not black so your opinion on his hair doesn’t matter.

2: if black kpop fans are upset let them be. It doesn’t concern you so keep it pushing.

3: the company may be at fault in some cases.

4: stop treating korea like it’s a fucking no mans land. They got computers. Koreans aren’t shut off from the world around them.

5: you know damn well that they aren’t trying to recreate greek/ Scottish matted hair.

6 : if you are a black kpop fan and is not offend and is mad that others are refer back to number 2.

7:  to go with number 4, stop treating idols like they ain’t grow men/ women.

8: shut the fuck up and log out if you don’t want to see “angry black people” calling out your faves on their stupid things.

9: saying that “well_____wasn’t called out why are they?!?!” Without looking up the others that have been called out ( which is all Of them)  shows you don’t care you just want your idol to not be held accountable.

10: calling someone out and telling them to leave the group is 2 totally different things. Don’t send hate.

11: just stay the fuck in your lane.

12: saying it’s just hair bullshit will get you blocked *im not agreeing with people who don’t think it was a mistake he looked not his best.

* I will still stan nini ( just like I’m doing Jackson , which in my way is staying the fuck away from him) after this but sadly this had to be said for all of you headass (non black/coon) people in the kpop world.