comeback! yey


7 Boys – GOT7

Pairing: Reader X GOT7
Word Count: 4,295

A/N: Written in celebration for GOT7 comeback album 7for7!!! Yey!!!

(This was supposed to be published 10.10.2017 same day of their comeback but I got too excited. Here it is, unedited and unchecked. So excuse my grammar mistakes, plot holes, etc. Enjoy! Will still probably update after 10.10 to fix any errors while writing)

(Republished today, will publish the next installment tomorrow ❤)

Read: Mark


You’re in between jobs. At least that’s what you say when you’re being asked what you do for a living. You’re currently staying at your uncles’ dormitory, taking care of the usual admin work while he was out for vacation. It doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part since the building is currently stable and the tenants have been here long enough to take care of themselves. You also can’t complain because aside for the fact that you got a place to stay, free food and allowance, you also got to be under one roof with some of the most gorgeous boys you’ve ever met.

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