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losing my shit over John “it’s so hard to think with all this gravity” Tracy noping out of the house to go back to his space station

I wrote my first screenplay a while ago, after having written just novels for years. Now, whenever I come up with a story idea, I have a moment of indecision as to whether it should be a script or a novel. 

Alright, I just realized a lot of petitions are necessary for this upcoming season so here are a few:

1. Petition to keep plot lines consistent

2. Petition for Morgan to call Reid pretty boy

3. Petition for CBS not to treat their ladies like crap

4. Petition for Reid to find love, and for it not to be another attempt for the writers to torture this character instead of, idk, developing him in a way that makes sense in like real life. (can you tell I’m bitter?)

5. Petition for Aisha Tyler not to get hated upon by the fandom

6. Petition for Jane Lynch to return

7. Petition for gore not to be used as just a shock factor

8. Petition for season 11 to be well written, well crafted, and overall pleasing to the viewers that have stuck by this show for years.

I’m a guy who rarely shares emotions, or cries. If I ever am sad about something or angry, I usually just hold it in. But, after today’s landmark vote for marriage equality, I sat down and truly cried from pure happiness. I struggled a lot with my sexuality since middle school, and it took quite a few years for me to become comfortable, and admitting that I am bisexual. And I AM SOOOO glad that I can now marry who I want to marry in this country. Today is a day that will truly go down in history, and I’m so glad that I am alive to see this day! 😃