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Uwah~! I'm off tumblr for a few days and come back and see so much awesome stuff! I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! ^-^ -flower anon

Aaahh thank you so much flower anon!! This really means a ton to me~ Thanks for being so nice and cute^^

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watching the gilmore girls trailer was like coming home. that show has been my tv comfort food since middle school and i watched the finale live and i was just so sad to be losing all of those characters who felt like family and i’m just so happy to have them back.

chaos walking aesthetics | [8/?] Modern Todd/Viola/Lee

“’Think of it this way. If you can reach them and we can take care of the Mayor, this could all be over today.’

Lee squints into the sun. “And if you don’t take care of him?”

“’Well, then, you’re just going to have to come rescue us, aren’t you?’”

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The amount of support for the ace community I found on this blog literally made me cry. I've been trying for years now to come to terms with me being grey ace, and I often find myself feeling excluded by the LGBTQIA+ community despite that meaning to be a safe space for me, which makes it all so much worse. So thanks so much for creating this great sense of community! 💜

- Jayce

Alright, I'm about to talk about why I love Wander Over Yander

To be blunt, Wander and Sylvia have been helping me battle some depression. Wander, that lovable dude has such a positive outlook on life, and watching him act so friendly and constantly kind to everybody he comes across has really helped me on how I view things. Now, though I’m not proud of it, I’m a very pessimistic person. And although I almost always keep these negative thoughts to myself because I don’t want to be “that” person that’s gotta rain on other people parade, it makes my world feel bleak and hopeless. Like nothing is worth doing because it’s just going to end in failure anyway, so what’s the point. But that’s far from how Wander sees things, he’s the most optimistic character I’ve ever seen! He sees the good in everyone, always giving people a chance, always being so so kind to even mean beans like Hater and especially Dominater.

And ohhh Lord Dominater. Domi, as mean and cruel as she, Wander STILL offered her friendship. Dom had mercilessly destroyed every (I think) single planet in their galaxy! She didn’t want to conquer and be the ruler like Hater and the other villains, nope, she freakin destroyed entire planets full of life. Not to mention she smashed Wander’s banjo, laughed in Hater’s face when he asked her out, personally came down in person to kill the last flower that Wander and Sylvia were desperately trying to help grow and didn’t care when they were in tears before her, and faked Wander out by thinking that she had decapitated Sylvia. This chick programmed her robots to have pain for crying out loud, (I’m using Bot 13 as my example.) But Wander still offered this sadistic mean bean some kindness and his friendship after all that she has done to him and to others, he saved her life when her ship exploded. He wants to help her, has hope that deeeeeep down, Dominater is merely a friend that he hasn’t made yet.

And I can’t help but love Sylvia as well. Seeing the strong bond that she and Wander share is such a breath of fresh air. She’s the fighter of the two, and although I see myself as a pessimistic pacifist, I feel like I relate to Sylvia the best out of the show cause I’ll sock ya right in the teeth in a heartbeat if you mess with my friends. She’s a lovely (almost) opposite of Wander and is always there at his side to help him out and keep him safe or get him out of trouble. The show just wouldn’t be the same without this awesome zbornak.

These two have done a lot for me. They’ve improved my mood as of late, and have helped me have a brighter outlook on on life. This show has also been a nice reminder of how to treat people, even if I don’t really like em and they’re pretty mean. Seeing Wander and Sylvia complete even a small task made me so happy because I found myself rooting for them like a child. This show has reminded me that even if I’m having a bad day, that doesn’t mean that that qualifies me to a jerk to someone else just because my day was crappy. Wander and Sylvia may have been in a hurry, on the run, needed to be somewhere, whatever it was, they still found time to help those in need, even if it was a bit of an inconvenience to them. And as of late, I’ve even found myself actually looking more on the bright side of things as opposed to focusing on the negative.

These two are eager to do good, to make people happy. Living on this kinda crappy planet Earth sort of sucks sometimes, but seeing characters like Wander and Sylvia that are so dead set on helping others and making each world they visit a better place with one helping hand at a time gives me a sense a hope. And that is one of the many reasons why I love Wander Over Yander.

Would love it if anybody who likes the show to sign the petition for a third season, the creator had plans for it and everything, but @disneyxd decided they’d cut the show short.