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Cultural differences I’m having to adjust to here in Oregon, coming from California/Colorado:

-where all the not white people at?
-liquor only sold at liquor stores
-beer not sold at liquor stores
-video poker everywhere
-flashing yellow left turn arrows
-…that sometimes are on when the straightaway lanes are red
-all these fucking curvy freeways and left exits
-no HOV lanes
-burgerville changes their menu every time you blink
-affordable public transit
-Nike employees jogging everywhere????
-plant life
-car washes
-not pumping your own gas
-no sales tax
-having to explain to the Vancouverites that if they get something delivered they DO have to pay tax
-like no food places deliver?? Pizza and that’s it??
-so there’s basically nothing on GrubHub
-so if I want food after 9 I have to go get it
-no burrito trucks
-almost no pho places
-the frustrating realization I don’t actually like Dutch Bros because it just feels too thick on my tongue
-I’m at the combination taco bell and long John silver’s
-people still smoke here??? It’s super popular?
-bubble tea places aren’t cash only?? They take cards with the square scanners???
-for that matter, practically every food place that’s not a national chain uses squarepay

The progress made over the last three decades against drug abuse is eroding, whether for cultural reasons or for lack of national leadership. In many jurisdictions, marijuana is virtually legalized despite its illegality under federal law

The 2016 RNC Platform.

They’re coming for your weed, Colorado & Washington. Not because they care about it, but because the selective enforcment of laws keeps black people from voting.

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21, 139 e 196

21. L’ultima volta che hai tenuto per mano qualcuno? 

Mh.. Qualche giorno fa credo. 

139. 3 blog preferiti.

@ragazzodisperso @melisica @fogliblu

196. Quale è l’ultimo libro che hai letto?

Ora come ora sto leggendo “Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale” per mantenere una promessa che mi ero fatta e nel frattempo anche altri libri, come “Colorado Kid” di Stephen King. Ma l’ultimo libro letto credo sia stato “L’ultima lezione” di Randy Pausch.

Grazie per la tua curiosità. ❤️

Bloody Acquisitions Cover Reveal

We have something different for you today, since there are so few books about people like me. (People with average jobs, not vampires) and even less books about vampires with average jobs. That is why I’d like to introduce you to my friend Fred. He’s a full-time vampire, and one hell of an accountant. I’m pleased to show off his newest adventures in Blood Acquisitions.

“With a thriving parahuman accounting practice, a steady relationship, and a circle of trusted friends, Fred’s undead life has become more enjoyable than his normal one ever was. Unfortunately, it also seems that he’s no longer the only vampire to appreciate the up-and-coming city of Winslow, Colorado. A new clan of vampires is moving in, and they aren’t well known for tolerating outsiders in their territory.

Now, Fred must cope with the growing presence—and threat—of other vampires even as he struggles to keep up with his business’s demands and make time for his friends. Between hidden parahuman towns, crazed vampire hunters, quarreling mages, and the world’s least subtle spy, it will take all of Fred’s wiles just to keep his head above water. And as the new clan sinks their fangs deeper and deeper into his city, the undead accountant is faced with a choice between two equally unappealing options: flee his home, or stand against an entire clan of fellow vampires.”

You can buy this bad ass book this July 26th! I just hope all the drama doesn’t spill onto campus. Summer classes can be tiresome enough on their own. Speaking of which, there is a genderless spirit that hangs outside the library. I thought they were making sure people returned books, but maybe I should have Fred pass along the message to have someone check it out. Their shadowed self has been expanding since school let out. Not only is it bad for the grass, but I’m worried the void might be upset over something. Misgendering maybe? Perhaps just extremely bad wifi. That would piss off most paranormal people I know.

I know people use wifi as a joke, but thanks to it and other young technology some aged would like to demonize, the Internet is a life line. If everyone around you toxic, you can find new people to support you. Instead of staring at a wall or hiding in a coffin, vampires can binge Netflix. Consuming media is much better for the mind then consuming nothingness. I have another vamp friend who has lived so many distinct lives that she now helps people stay off the grid. So that they may avoid abusers without being forced into a hermit lifestyle and losing all social interaction with people. Technology doesn’t limit how we live. It expands it.

And if you will excuse this short post, Fred has promised me good wine and suitable cheese pairings.

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Hey :) Have you ever met Austin's extended family? If so how did it go and do you have any tips? I'm 18 and I've met my boyfriends family A few times but his parents (Who im still a bit shy around them as I don't want to mess up) will be renewing their vows in Aug and the whole family will be there! I'm sure that it will be fine and if they are anything like his parents they will be lovely but have you any tips to help a girl out ? This is random but I would appreciate some of your advice :)

AWW this is so cute! I’ve met a lot of Austin’s extended family and have been to his brother’s graduation party where most of his family was there so I guess a similar situation? I had a really good time because I love his parents and his grandparents liked me enough to say that I should come out to Colorado in the winter with Austin! I’m also just really used to mingling at this point of college, having gone to so many networking nights, etc. I would say keep an open mind and be honest with your boyfriend if you’re uncomfortable or don’t know what to do!

Day 21; 11:30PM, June 26, 2016

Day 21; 11:30PM, June 26, 2016

As you heard, we can not remember what happened last night. All I know is I woke up kicking the window to have Jake come open the hatch of the truck. I had two days worth of a hangover, an empty stomach, and no energy. The longer he waited to open the hatch, the longer I was cooking in the back of the truck. I squinted at him through the window.
“My cousin Josh is coming to hang out. He is coming up from Colorado Springs.” He told me.
I grunted.
“So, are you okay here or?”
Grunted again.
“Okay well if you need me text him. Here’s my knife.”
I opened one of my eyes and grabbed the pocket knife and tossed it beside me. Jake took off back towards the store so he could get WiFi to text his cousin. I slept for another few hours.

When Jake got back it was around 4:30PM. He and his cousin pulled up next to the truck. By this time I managed to crawl out of the crock pot I call the bed of the truck, and slump into the cab so I could crank the AC. This heat was awful on my hangover and the water I had was Jacuzzi warm. I was pissed. Jake’s cousin Josh rolls the window down and hollers to me, “Get in and smoke pot with us!”
Without hesitation, I reached around to grab my sneakers and slipped them on then proceeded to get out of one truck and into the other. I looked at Jake and swear that his eyes were redder than the devil’s junk. He was flying so high he was in a completely different realm. Josh’s girlfriend passed me a pipe as Josh packed another one. There was a cloud in the vehicle with us.

Note to self: Do not try to keep up with or out smoke people from Colorado. You will lose, and you will be stoned to death.

Once we finished baking up their vehicle and saying our goodbyes Jake and I got out of the car and stood there almost not knowing what to do next. I knew I wanted to sleep this haze away but Jake wanted to hang out a while longer. We ended up hanging out in the truck.

As I was sitting there stuck in my own head, I started drifting away with thoughts about home. I really missed my family. My father, mother, and older sister especially. Every time I started thinking about it I kind of got trapped in a endless state of what-if. What if I stayed home and never left? What if I listened to my father and sister telling me to keep my job until I found another one? What if I renewed my lease on Greenwood Avenue? This kept going on for an hour or so until I was emotionally torn in my own head. I had to keep telling myself that this trip was for me and I had been dreaming about it since I was sixteen years old. Of course throughout the years I either never thought I was going to accomplish this goal or that I would do it and it would be this hard. We have tons of fun and we have since we left, but just thinking about my family back home and the things we would be doing during the summer together is what ate me up. I could be rooting around in the garden and hanging out at the pond with my sister, Sprite on the Back Road where she lives. My dad and I could go over to my Aunt Sharon’s house whenever the Pray family was having a get together there and find something semi-broken just as an excuse for him to teach me something. Other than that, my mom would invite me over to her now fiance’s house for an amazing dinner and some new and ridiculously funny card game. There would be beer everywhere and laughs too thick and too many to count. I missed home.
I just kept telling myself I needed to keep pushing.