Scattered Fett family thoughts and plot bunnies I’ve collected today while reorganizing a bunch of notebooks and papers at work. Kind of in chronological order?

  • Teenage Rex is trying to coerce little Elijah to come inside for bath time. Elijah argues that he’s not dirty. Rex smudges a handprint of mud on his chest. Elijah argues that he can just put his shirt in the wash. Rex smudges another handprint on his face. 
  • Teenage Rex pulls the centerfold out of a magazine and tacks it to the wall of the bedroom he shares with Cody. Cody enters and comments, “Sexy.” The two boys go back and forth for a bit, discussing the graceful beauty, alluring curves, tight body, etc. Camera cuts to the poster. It’s a motorcycle. 
  • Addendum to Echo’s ponytail: Actually it makes more sense if immediately after the accident, Echo has his head shaved. Stitches and scans and electrodes and whatnot. After that he lets it grow out to just long enough to get into a stubby ponytail, but it doesn’t last long before he goes back to his standard haircut.
  • Jesse and Echo both hate fireworks.
  • Jesse is a /fit/izen.
  • Fives is that guy who breaks the ice on tinder with puns.
  • All the boys played a sport of some kind through school, but all I know for sure is that Cody was in football and Tup was/is in soccer.
  • Dogma was actually the first person Tup told about his parents’ plan to move far away.
  • Dogma is talking shit in Mando’a in front of the other high schoolers; Tup passive-aggressively responds to him in English so he can’t get away with it.
  • Echo deadpan offers to teach Tup how to drive. No one is sure how to react.
  • Kix suspects (rightfully) that Rex is actually pretty awkward about giving Tup “The Talk.” He stops by their apartment and leaves a box on Tup’s bed, like a little first aid kit except filled with condoms, lube, dental dams, etc. A note on top reads: “So you don’t have to go snooping at an inopportune time. Love, the brother you’d all be dead of every disease without [Lightning bolt symbol]”
I have to constantly keep myself busy because if I don’t, I start to think about us, and I make up reasons why we should be back together, and then when I realize that we aren’t going to be, I crawl into bed and try to fall asleep. At least in my sleep you and I can be together and everything is okay again.
—  My friends don’t understand how badly I need them to be around me or else I’ll just end up crawling back to you.
  • Akuma victim: get ready to die Ladybug
  • Hawkmoth: wait did you just say die
  • Hawkmoth: I just want jewelry not murder
  • Hawkmoth: they're like thirteen what the hell
  • Hawkmoth: I thought you were mad about your parking space what's with the murder
  • Hawkmoth: okay you know what you're done for today de-evilize little butterfly come back home we'll try again tomorrow






Seriously I’ll say this in the most polite way I can. 

Fuck you if you gave him grief and still think yourself a fan. 

Go grow up a little then come back and try again. 


To all the people who want to be a Seiyuu, Mangaka, Idol, or want to start learning Japanese,

Do Your Best. Do Your Best. Do Your Best. Do Your Best. Do Your Best. Do Your Best.

Put your heart into it. Work harder. Don’t let the fact that you are not a Japanese, makes you give up your dream. Because someone else tried it already and failed, or said it was IMPOSSIBLE, it doesn’t mean you will end up the same.

It is HARD. And it will be HARDER. You don’t have to be an expert to see that it is Difficult. But try. And give all that you have into it. Find your reason and stick to it. Google how to get closer to your dream. Keep going. And one day when you look back, you’ll see that it wasn’t as impossible as other people say.

Time will pass, newseiyuu come and the older one becomes a legend. One day your time will come. One day, you will stand on the same stage as Sugita Tomokazu and tell him how much you adore him to keep going. I believe in you.


Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest

A/N: if you don’t know most of the Seiyuu there, google them :) for me, they are Legend


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based off this post and really just an excuse to draw Daichi in short shorts.

I’ve Been obsessing over kurodai lately and even been talking to what-fire-is-in-mine-ears about an awesome au (she’s the best I just can’t with how good her characterization is), but I figure i should get all my almost done kurodai stuff out of the way before i start throwing anymore projects on myself (ФДФ)

Not All Norse People Are White

There seems to have been a lot of confusion regarding the desire to represent versions of the norse gods who are not white, on the basis that being Scandinavian in origin, they must therefor be of the Nordic ethnic group.

I thought I might try to come in and help clear things up a little bit.

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but the modern definition of “race”- one that is based on visible differences in human variation such as skin color, hair texture, etc, is a very recent invention. In the ancient past, and even the not-so-ancient past preceeding the massive increase of European colonialism in Africa, there was less of a notion of “race” and more of one which can be more accurately described as “ethnicity.” There is a quote from Lotte Hedeager on this which sums it up nicely:

“At least from the sixth century AD, ethnicity was defined by one’s social role, even if it had originally derived from a notion of cultural community (Amory 1993: 26; Heather 1998). Ethnicity, in other words, was not an objective category with a precise referent but a subjective process through which individuals or groups identified themselves against others, in particular situations and by certain criteria, usually in the context of conflict or war. Political divisions could be expressed through the symbolic manipulation of ‘pre-existing similarities’ and traditions for the purposes of unifying one community in opposition to another, people having to belong to one group rather than another (Barth 1969; Geary 1983: 16ff.; Shennan 1989: 14). This definition implies the existence of specific ideological legitimation claims linked to core groups of people, normally that of the war-leader/king. Warriors would then gather under his ethnic umbrella, whatever their names.“

What that means is that in Europe warriors would gather underneath a leader who had achieved status, usually in battle, and swear themselves to his service. When they did this, they would take on the identity of the ethnic group he came from, no matter where they were from. And if you take a moment to consider that worldwide trade has been happening for centuries, it’s not hard to realize that traders from all over likely made their way into the European area.

(For those that need more help understanding this quote, please look here.)

The trouble comes from the fact that when we look into historical records, we are looking at these reports with our modern concepts of race and ethnicity. So that we hear about the Goth, Gauls, Vandals and other germanic tribes, and assume that they must all fit what we imagine as being “germanic” physical features. In reality what is happening is diverse groups of people come together, and identify themselves as a member of these tribes because of who they have allied themselves with, regardless of what they looked like

The idea that only white people were ever in Europe, or only white people are indigenous to Europe is a lie that is motivated by racial violence, for the purpose of alienating people of color and excluding them from history.

Norse religious symbolism has been used to support white supremacy and horrible racism, an issue which I take very seriously. This is why I choose to include representations of the norse gods which are not white on this blog, because not all the norse people were or are white. And that doesn’t make them any less norse. If you don’t like it you don’t have to reblog it, but it is not racist or sacrilegious. I wish to run my blog in a way that is include to people of color. If you have a problem with that, there are plenty of other places for you.

- Mod M