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During requests can we request a second or third part to anything you've already written?

Yes, you can! I’m usually rather lenient with allowing additional parts as requests should you want to read more, but there are a few specific imagines that I will not be writing more for, which includes: 

  • Luke - Trying To Fix a Divorce (3 parts done)
  • Luke - Walking Dead AU (3 parts done)
  • Luke - Friends With Benefits (3 parts done)
  • Luke - Breaking Up Before He Proposes (2 parts done)
  • Luke - Record Shop AU (2 parts done)
  • Luke - Walking Out of an Argument (3 parts done)
  • Luke - Demon AU (4 parts done)
  • Michael - Jealous of Ashton (2 parts done)
  • Michael - He Doesn’t Share Your Feelings (2 parts done) 
  • Ashton - Hunger Games AU (3 parts done)
  • Ashton - Serial Killer AU (2 parts done)
  • Ashton - He’s a Nerd (2 parts done)
  • Any song preference - these are specifically meant to be based on the song only and continuing it makes it a full imagine as opposed to a song pref like it was originally requested as

Anything else, I’m willing to try and give it a go when it comes to an additional part. I hope this helps, dearest! If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to send me another message and I’ll be more than happy to clarify or talk things out with you ~

- R

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Any advice on beating good addiction? I workout regularly and want to eat well but it's like I cannot control myself at all?

what are you addicted to specifically? this is a great thing if you have cravings, so deff check it out -

as for being addicted to food in general, that’s a really good question. sometimes it’s hard to think about just reaching your goal as an ultimate motivation. is there anything coming up you’re looking forward to? i always try and think of little events…usually it fails, but i’m super dedicated and it’s kind of like why? i make sure to incorporate things into my diet/macros that i enjoy like pasta and sushi, but this weekend i splurged too much. is it setting me back? no. it’ll be used for energy this weekend.

but im really looking forward to the philly crush workshop and i rly wanna look good for it when i meet some ppl who inspire me everyday so like that’s why i think why im really inspired, but there’s something more than that that’s really pushing me and idk what it is! so think of some event or something?!

Sorry, it took me a while to get this right! I hope you like it!


He took the old, worn jacket out of the box. It looked new enough, but if you looked closely, you could see the orange and blue were starting to fade. You could see the spots where the cloth was torn and crudely stitched back together multiple times.

Boruto remained silent as he gently brushed off the dust that had gathered on the jacket…his father’s old jacket.

Why wasn’t Boruto with his mother, who had been trying her hardest to console a hysterically sobbing Himawari for the past two hours? Even now, he could hear the faint crying coming from his heartbroken little sister, his mother’s gentle voice trying to soothe her. Why wasn’t there with her, helping her instead of going through boxes of stuff from a time before he was born? Being as strong as she was?

Oh, that’s right…Because he isn’t as strong as she is. And nowhere near as strong as his father either, he’s come to realize.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki, those bastards…Attacking his old man when he had his back turned.

Then again, his back had only been turned because Boruto had been too scared to move. He’d never been involved in a real fight before, not with anyone outside the village. So he’d been a sitting target who only survived because Sasuke saved him.

And now…his dad…

Honestly, hours after the incident, with the village in upheaval over the assault and their missing Hokage, Boruto still wasn’t sure just what had happened to his dad.

Every time he tries to sorts his thoughts out, all he can see is his dad’s final smile.

Boruto unfolded the jacket in his hands, looking at it with cold eyes. He shrugged off his own jacket before replacing it with the bright orange one.

What ninja would be caught dead wearing this? Boruto had scoffed and grumbled that a couple years back when his father had shown him a picture of the old Team 7, of him wearing this very jacket in his early genin years.

Now here he was, sitting on the cold floor of the dimly lit room, wearing that same tacky orange jacket. It seemed he was the same size his father was back then, the jacket fitting well. There was a slight scent to it.

Ramen? How typical…Dirt…Grass…Like a forest. The faintest scent of blood…Sweat…Kinda gross…

But it smelled like his dad.

He felt numb as he curled up into a ball on the floor.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but eventually he couldn’t hear his sister’s cries anymore. Boruto slowly left the room, still wearing his father’s jacket. He wandered down the halls, eventually stopping at Himawari’s bedroom.

He saw his mom putting Himawari to bed, gently stroking her hair and smiling at the small girl. Boruto flinched when he spotted the tearstains on Himawari’s cheeks.

His mom finally turned and they made eye contact. He didn’t miss the way she jumped, the way her mouth opened, as if she was about to say a name that wasn’t his own.

She always did say he was the spitting image of his father.

His mother quickly recovered from her surprise, that gentle smile that always comforted him back on her face as she exited the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

She lead him to the living room, so they could talk without waking up his sister. But every time Boruto tried to say something, his throat closed up and the jacket he wore weighed heavily on him.

His mother leaned down a bit, checking him over, still staying as strong as ever. He noticed how red her eyes were now, his own eyes starting to water.

“How are you?” she asked, the slightest quiver in her voice.

“Mom?” he began, his shaky voice matching the way his body was trembling. He felt weak when the tears finally spilled from his eyes, he didn’t want to cry in front of her, “Can I…?”

He hiccupped and gripped the edge of the jacket.

“Can I…borrow this for a while?”

His mom’s response was to engulf him in a hug, his sobs muffled against her shoulder. As her arms surrounded him, Boruto tugged the jacket so that it was tight around him, that familiar scent enveloping him.

He could almost pretend his father was there, hugging him too.

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If you could hear any 1D song from the future, what would you pick?

The one Harry and Louis will write for their first kid T.T


Trying to do a little research for this fic I’m writing and I wanted to know about getting punched in the eye and having blood in it (wanted to know if it was a broken blood vessel and if it needs treatment).

I searched ‘squinting black eye blood’ and I get this in the images:

one of these things is not like the other


Thanks so much everyone!

I honestly didn’t ever think much would come from this little blog. But I really do want to try and create a community here by talking to y’all, sharing yogscast news, and our usual christmas sever. 

I have a few ideas bobbing around from starting weekly threads and other type posts. As well as big ideas for this year’s server which will hopefully be better executed and better for holding more people! Thanks for those who have been around for quite some time now. And Welcome to all the newer people! 

If, y’all have any suggestions, or ideas for community things we can do, or just want to pop by and say hello and talk about anything and everything, our ask box is always open! 

Once again thank y’all so much and be excited for this year’s christmas livestreams~

AU time? AU time...

So I was going on another one of my GIF sprees a little while ago and gathered a bunch of Tomoe GIFs. That made me remember I thought of an AU I wanted to do. Sooo…If anyone wants to do that AU where Bakura is a Yokai/familiar with me, hit me up and I’ll make a starter.

wow its only 5 in the morning but i can tell this birthdays gonna be great already,, haha my dad sent me a friend request on facebook and im worried hes gonna call me later which is nice bc i love him and stuff but i think it would be better if he stopped trying he has his own family


Digital Devil Saga music video
Snow Patrol - The lightning Strike (What if this storm ends?)

I got the inspiration for this after hearing a megaten playlist made by tophatting​… years ago? This song especially reminded me so much of DDS that I couldn’t help but try coming up with a little tribute. …Which I ended up abandoning at some point but since it has been sitting on my hard drive for so long I decided to upload it now!

For instance, if you think about the real story of Pocahontas, having your daughter pretend to be her on Halloween is pretty disturbing. The real Pocahontas, whose given name was Matoaka, was abducted as a teenager, forced to marry an Englishman (not John Smith, by the way), and used as propaganda for racist practices before she died at the age of 21.

And it almost feels like that propaganda never ended, as our popular lessons on what happened between colonizing settlers and Indigenous people depict Native people as savages, or as happy, mystical characters, or as entirely absent.

We don’t hear the real stories, and most of us don’t live with a direct connection to their suffering.

Does the truth matter, when it comes to a little girl just trying to enjoy a holiday? You might think it does if she wanted to dress up as someone whose tragic truth is more familiar, like Anne Frank.

They’re both girls with harrowing stories. But more of us believe that trivializing Anne Frank’s life is in very poor taste. Can you imagine the outcry if Disney tried to romanticize her diary by aging her into a young woman with a love affair with a Nazi officer and a happy ending?

Now imagine if that Disney movie was mainstream culture’s primary reference for the Holocaust. And if it was marketed to Germans, who were told that the historical figures who oppressed the Jewish people were their country’s heroes.

Creepy, right?