I guess this is goodbye

God… i really dont want to say this, i never wanted to see this day come but since Net Neutrality was repealed, i guess this is goodbye to everyone. 

Goodbye to all my friends who supported me until this very moment, goodbye to all of my favorite blogs, goodbye to everyone ive met and havent met, goodbye everybody. I hope I will be able to come on tumblr even after this whole thing, but the chances seem quite slim as of right now.

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Thank you all for making my days amazing, and for being here and making tumblr a brighter place. I look up to each and every one of you, and I am thankful I have gotten the chance to interact with you all on here. 

Bye everyone.

You know what I love?

The community. No matter how bad I’m feeling, I can always come on Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube ect to just cheer myself up with memes and just overall positive messages. The community is so positive and I love you all :3.

I’m back

Hey everyone, Kat here and I finally decided to come back to Tumblr, relieve the stress from Blue.

I do apologize for leaving randomly but things happened and I wasn’t alright. Before you ask, I am okay but I’m still facing some issues. I apologize for the days I won’t be active.

Blue may come come back throughout the next few months and I’m forever grateful he helped me out.

I missed you all terribly and I’m happy to be able to claim this blog again, I’ve yet to go through and see what blue has done though and I apologize if he did anything stupid.

anonymous asked:

"Either those useful idiots lack the foresight to see the consequences of where their stupidity leads, and the damage it is causing (but they’re indoctrinated so I doubt they can)." Such as? I ask, because leftists currently control pretty much everything - hell, they even spread their ideas in porn (other than mainstream, also on... y'know, Tumblr, including some extremes, like "black supremacy" from various cuckold blogs, to things like "white extinction), while you can't really find the

Short answer: United Nation’s Agenda 21.

Long answer:

Sorry, I can’t discuss all of this in one response, that playlist I linked above offers more than what I could and more on a lot of what is going on. I’m well aware that the left dominate culture and social media, the corporate media, hollywood, music, fashion, academia, not only do they condition people to agree with them (in “education”) but use the media and hollywood to enforce it as well as Saul Alinsky tactics. People who are indoctrinated such as these millennial sjws have consistently shown they have cognitive dissonance, double-think and are ignorant (willingly or otherwise) of many of the things they claim to fight for/against. There are people on youtube better prepared to discuss this, most people I invite won’t come to tumblr to challenge the far-left ‘progressive’ echo chamber on this platform, they believe they are too far gone and are a waste of time. Maybe some of my followers can offer some responses
Federal Communications Commission repeals net neutrality rules
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal landmark 2015 rules aimed at ensuring a free and open internet, setting up a court fight over a move that could recast the digital landscape. The approval of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal marks a victory


  • Who didn’t send a simple email…
  • Who didn’t send a single text…
  • Who didn’t write a letter…
  • Who didn’t make ONE phone call…

YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN when the internet becomes even MORE expensive. When you can’t come and play on Tumblr, or Instagram or watch Netflix because Mummy and Daddy aren’t paying your over the top internet bill anymore… Or you can’t afford the “good” internet package and eat or go to school, or pay your rent anymore.


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Lately I've been thinking of intercrural stuff 😂😂😂. Imagine Tony pushing into Steve's thigh gap slow and steady like it's a fleshlight, just the right amount of pressure, whispering the dirtiest things. Tony abandons Steve, on edge and wired, after he comes and he carries on with his work like Steve's just some room fixture. Tony makes Steve ride him later. Steve has to be extra careful not to crush Tony, getting increasingly frustrated, before Tony finally snaps off the cock ring.

See? This is why I come to tumblr dot com.

oh brother

it has come to my attention that tumblr might not be showin my posts in the popular tags because im still kinda a new blog i guess? 8T eventhoivebeenhereforafewmonthsbutokiseehowitis

soo im lookin for other blogs rn who hava keen interest in any of the following and possibly wanna squeal with me about them:

  • Doki Doki Literature Club!
  • Homestuck/Hiveswap
  • Musicals in general such as Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Heathers, etc. (or recommend musicals to me as well!)
  • The Property of Hate
  • Life Is Strange
  • Your Lie In April
  • Star vs The Forces of Evil
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pokemon
  • Webtoon app anyone ?? Super Secret or My Boo or Boyfriend of the Dead? no ?? mkay cool 8’)

those are the main ones atm altho i generally enjoy anime and indie pixel games and your usual dose of childhood nostalgia too ~ please reblog and/like this post! tysm for your time 💛




Hey guys what’s up my name’s Meghan and I’m bored rn so looking for some fraaands.
I’m a very work oriented person and my only goal in life is to get further so I can do more and help as many people as possible.
I currently work in the video games/general electronics department at the military exchange & at my local garden.
On January 8th I’ll be leaving for Navy boot camp and I will return sometime in March.
Come talk to me 😁
Tumblr: @badhxbits
IG: bad_hvbits

I’m currently on a hiatus, because of exams, but I just had to come back to tumblr for today, because WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON JUGGIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING OMG

Alright, time to begin the next episode of Arc V!

Also I was just thinking tonight that it will be coming up on four years soon since I started this blogging project with DM and I’ve watched 342 episodes of Yugioh in that time, counting GX and Arc V as well. And I’ve still got a long ways to go. I sometimes wonder whether I’ll still be here plugging away long after some other blogging platform has come along to replace Tumblr and everyone else has moved on. ^^;

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How are you doing petals?

hellooooo. Stealing someone’s internet to look at messages…


This move is the most ridiculous one I’ve ever done and basically anything that could’ve gone wrong HAS GONE WRONG. 

1. old job scheduling me after I already put in my two weeks cause they desperate AF. Not even kidding. Got a new schedule today and I’m not even stateside anymore so hopefully they realize that they have one less person.

3. Sellers backed out of house I tried to buy and literally fucked me and themselves over and now I’m homeless living out of a hotel until I can find another house whose seller won’t back out THE DAY I’M DUE TO MOVE IN.

5. snow storm in the north delayed my moving van by three days (which ended up working out because like…no house).

6. had to say goodbye to all my grey faces and I cried a lot over bread.


Okay so I haven’t been on in a while, and I haven’t communicated to some people in a while, and I’m also really sorry because I know there’s a few people I let down in regards to fanfiction activities (bangs, exchanges, prompts), and I’m so so sorry to those people and I dearly hope there were pinch hitters to take over, despite the fact that I told them (and myself) that I’d get around to doing them. 

I started getting treatment for my mental illness and organising my life, and got hella busy and just couldn’t come on tumblr because… well idk, I wasn’t doing anything fandom related, I was avoiding all that stuff. I guess because I saw a lot of negativity (despite trying to avoid it all), and it wasn’t doing well for my mental health, and yeah also trying to organise my life here because I felt… and still feel like a mess. It was easier to ditch tumblr and fanfiction writing because alongside everthing else I’ve been trying to do it was the least important thing.
I think also it was hard because I kept losing followers, so if I didn’t come on at all, then there’s a reason I lost them - or at least I can tell myself that. I’ve lost like 100 followers, but in the grand scheme of things, honestly, lmao… it really shouldn’t matter (but I guess when you gain quite a few it really hurts for some reason when you lose them??)

Anyway, I really want to get back into writing, and I really want work on some of my WIPs (I’ll need to abandon a few, or take them up again some time later, like… much much later), and I’m really sorry again to all the people I was meant to write fic for and never did, I think I tried to take up doing too much and it overwhelmed me.

Anyway, so I’ll probably ease myself back onto tumblr and my fics. I’ve seen TLJ, but I won’t be posting spoilers, or I might try and schedule some posts to spurt out in a couple of weeks but I’ll tag them with spoilers if they’re TLJ related. I’ll do that for as long as necessary or until it seems like pretty much everyone’s seen it.

So yeah, sorry this ended up being a bit of an essay, but I really needed to apologise and felt like I needed to give an explanation - especially since I never gave an indication I was going on a hiatus or anything, I certainly didn’t plan on just ditching tumblr lol. I don’t know if anyone really cares, but if you do then there you go. Hopefully I’ll regain the lost followers, and hopefully I’ll be able to write my fics and write them well and people can enjoy them :) 

net neutrality

hi everyone! i’m here tonight to say that if net neutrality gets repealed, i will likely not be coming back to tumblr. i live in the USA and i know for sure that my parents will not pay for me to have tumblr. so in advance, i’m going to say goodbye to everyone on this site.

although you may not live in the USA, please just use a zip code and help us protect net neutrality. many other users on tumblr will probably not come back, so this does effect everyone on tumblr!

so if you haven’t already, please please text “RESIST” to 504-09. tell congress you support net neutrality and don’t want it repealed.

the swift life is so overwhelming to me that coming to tumblr feels chill. thats how u know, ladies…. thats how you know