“I am thou, thou art I…Thou who art willing to perform all sacrilegious acts for thine own justice! Call upon my name, and release thy rage! Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own, though thou be chained to Hell itself!“

Persona obtained: Arsene!

Laslow/Setsuna C-S Support

Written by Mellsers



*rustle rustle* 

Laslow: … Hello? Is someone there?

Setsuna: Oh… Laslow?

Setsuna: I think I caught something….

Laslow: Gah! S-Setsuna! You scared me out of my skin!

Laslow: …?

Laslow: Setsuna, are you alright? Your clothes are covered in thorns! Even your hair has bits of branches!

Setsuna: … I have to go now…

Laslow: Huh? W-wait! Come back!

Setsuna: Don’t follow me. You’ll end up hanging off the edge of a cliff or in quicksand.

Laslow: Er, did I offend you? I didn’t mean to!

Setsuna: …

Laslow: I see you, uh, caught a rabbit.

Setsuna: …

Laslow: Here, let’s head back to the others. Selena challenged me to a duel and I’d rather not be late. Perhaps you would- Um, Setsuna… Are you… Shrinking?!

Setsuna: Hmm…? Oh. You seem, taller than before..

Laslow: Oh no. Er, grab hold of this branch!

Setsuna: Is this an appropriate moment to say ‘I told you so’?

[Laslow and Setsuna have reached support rank C.]


Setsuna: ♫ Dum dee dum~ ♫

Setsuna: Wow… Hinoka’s Pegasus is so pretty… I didn’t think grooming her would be this fun…

Laslow: Oh, Setsuna! I didn’t expect to see you today. 

Laslow: I was just on my way to the woods. Would you like to join me?

Setsuna: No thanks. I think I hear Lady Hinoka calling me…

Laslow: Aw, c'mon! Don’t run off again..  You’ll fall into another trap if you’re not careful.

Setsuna: Laslow… Go away.

Laslow: Why are you running away again? I just want to talk to you!

Setsuna: Listen, Laslow…

Setsuna: …

Setsuna: I may not pay much attention to my surroundings, but I do pay attention to rumors….

Laslow: Huh? What’s that supposed to mean..?

Setsuna: Azama and Selena told me that you hit on anything with a skirt….

Setsuna: Selena said to ignore you.

Laslow: OK.. Wow, um, that’s harsh..

Laslow: Well, I should be going now.

Setsuna: Ack! I-I didn’t mean to hurt your… Your feelings… W-wait up!

Laslow: For someone so small, you sure are fast. Phew, let me catch my breath..

Setsuna: Laslow! Watch out!


Laslow: ….

Setsuna: …….

Setsuna: Umm, Laslow?

Laslow: Great gods, Setsuna… You’re.. crushing..

Setsuna: Argh! I-I’m so sorry!

Setsuna: …… I’m going back now……

Laslow: Alright. I won’t stop you this time.

Laslow: I’ll see you later, Setsuna.

Laslow: .. And hopefully you won’t be stuck or crushing someone.

[Laslow and Setsuna have reached support rank B.]


Laslow: Setsuuuuna! Setsuuuuu-

Setsuna: …

Laslow: I found you!

Setsuna: Leave me alone…..

Laslow: No, I have to ask you something.

Setsuna: Hm…?

Laslow: (Oh gods..  Now I have to ask her..)

Setsuna: Did you… say something…?

Laslow: (Improvise!) Uh, would you like to join me on a stroll through the trees? I promise I won’t let you fall into any traps.

Setsuna: Oh.. OK, I guess.

Laslow: G-great! Follow me. I know a great place to go.

Setsuna: Where are we going?

Laslow: I found a beautiful pond the other- Setsuna….? Where did you..

Setsuna: I’m up here… I got caught by a trap Azama set up yesterday…

Laslow: W-wow, that’s pretty high up.. Wait, why are you so calm? You could fall at any moment!

Setsuna: Because I know you’ll break my fall. Would you mind cutting the rope I’m tied to? I won’t get hurt.. I hope..

Laslow: …

Laslow: Yeah, I’ll help.

Laslow: Please don’t get hurt.. I don’t know what I’ll tell Lady Hinoka if I return her retainer with a broken limb.

Setsuna: You worry too much.

Laslow: Do I? Well, I tend to care very deeply for people I li- people I’m friends with. For example, Selena. I only flirt with her and hang out with her because I think she’d make a great wife. She doesn’t take me seriously, though.

Laslow: Setsuna, why are you so quiet? Did I say something?

Setsuna: No.

Setsuna: Go back to the others. I’m going to… Hang out here for a bit…

Laslow: Huh? Are you bothered about me talking about Selena..?

Setsuna: No.

Laslow: Awww! You’re blushing!

Setsuna: N-no. Go away.


Setsuna: Catch me.

Laslow: Wha-?! Oof!

Laslow: Hea….vy!

Setsuna: This is revenge.

Laslow: What?!

Setsuna: For not going away.

Laslow: Guh… How did you even… get down?

Setsuna: Felicia let me borrow a dagger in case I got stuck. Oh… Uh, can you breathe?

Laslow: Barely…!

Setsuna: Sorry.. Anyways, let’s continue to that place you were talking about.

Laslow: Okay.. Hopefully I don’t die on the way there..

Laslow: Laslow, the best mercenary in town, died due to traps!

Setsuna: Hmphf…. Ha..

Laslow: Are you… Laughing at me?

Setsuna: Best.. Mercenary? Haha! You’d have a fist in your face if Selena was here!

Laslow: T-that’s not nice…

Setsuna: Now look who’s…. blushing….. Oh, and…. By the way… You broke your promise.

[Laslow and Setsuna have reached support rank A.]


Laslow: Hi, Setsuna! Look what I have!

Setsuna: A… basket?

Laslow: Oh, it’s not just any basket.

Setsuna: Okaayyyy, then what is it?

Laslow: A picnic basket. You have seen a picnic basket before, right?

Setsuna: No. They never really let me handle food…

Laslow: Well, I’m taking you out for a picnic.

Setsuna: B-but-

Laslow: No buts! We can spare some time.

Setsuna: Alright… I really hope I don’t fall into a trap this time.

Laslow: You’ll be fine. The clearing is rather far, so wanna have a snack while we walk?

Setsuna: Mhm… 

Laslow: Choose anything you want.

Setsuna: I’ll have one of those cake things. 

Laslow: Here! I baked them myself, so sorry if they aren’t the greatest.

Setsuna: This is actually really go-

Laslow: S-Setsuna?! Are you okay?

Setsuna: I think I swallowed something… hard…..

Laslow: Oh no.. Don’t tell me I gave you THAT cake..!

Setsuna: Huh? Was there something wrong with the one I ate?

Laslow: No, n-no! It’s just, I was planning on giving you that one later.

Setsuna: What’s so special about it?

Laslow: …

Setsuna: Laslow? Why is your face all red? Do you have a fever?

Laslow: Gods, I didn’t want to tell you yet..

Setsuna: Tell me what?

Laslow: (Deep breath, Laslow, you can do this!)

Laslow: Setsuna, I really like you. I-I love you. We’ve been spending so much time together and-

Setsuna: Wait what does this have to do with that cake?

Laslow: Oh, um… It sort of had an engagement ring inside of it.

Setsuna: ….

Laslow: Setsuna?

Setsuna: You bought me a ring?

Laslow: Yeah, I’m really sorry that it’s, uh, gone now. I can get you another one.

Setsuna: No, it’s okay… I don’t need a ring.

Laslow: R-really?

Setsuna: Who needs an expensive object that’ll get lost when love is there forever?

[Laslow and Setsuna have reached support rank S.]

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what are some examples of autistic social difficulties?

There are a lot of potential social difficulties that can come along with autism. The following is a list of social difficulties taken from the article DSM Criteria For Autism Explained:

Differences in social approach

  • Difficulty starting social interactions
  • May not initiate social interactions at all
  • Differences in ways of approaching others
  • Difficulty understanding physical boundaries

Differences in flow of conversation

  • Difficulty understanding when it is one’s turn to talk (may result in interrupting others or not speaking out of hesitancy to interrupt)
  • Conversation may be very focused on a particular topic
  • Conversation may be one sided/a monologue
  • Difficulty initiating conversation
  • May not respond when spoken to directly
  • May have difficulty with social norms of conversation (may not clarify if not understood or may not provide background information to what is being said)
  • Lack of engagement in small talk

Reduced sharing of interests

  • May not be interested in sharing interests with others
  • May not point out or show interesting objects to other people
  • May have difficulty remaining engaged in conversation about a subject one is not interested in

Reduced sharing of emotions/affect

  • May not smile in response to another’s smile
  • May not share enjoyment, excitement, or achievements with others
  • May not respond to praise
  • May not show pleasure in social interactions
  • May have difficulty offering comfort to others
  • May be averse or indifferent to physical affection/contact

Differences in use of eye contact

  • May be averse to eye contact
  • May make too much eye contact
  • May not know when to make eye contact
  • May use eye contact only in specific situations such as only with familiar people or only with strangers

Differences in body posturing

  • May face away from listener during conversation
  • May appear uninterested in conversation
  • May not use gestures to deliberately communicate
  • May have difficulty understanding other’s body posturing

Differences in the use of gestures

  • May not use typical gestures such as pointing, waving, or nodding/shaking head
  • May have difficulty understanding the gestures others make

Differences in vocal tone

  • May speak too loudly or too quietly for a situation
  • May speak with different pitch, intonation, rhythm, stress, or prosody than is typical
  • May speak very quickly or very slowly

Differences in affect

  • More limited or exaggerated facial expressions than is typical
  • May appear cold or unengaged
  • Limited range of tone of voice
  • May have difficulty conveying emotions via words
  • May have difficulty interpreting or understanding other’s nonverbal communication

Difficulty coordinating verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Words may not match up with facial expressions/tone of voice
  • May have difficulty coordinating eye contact and gestures

Difficulty developing and maintaining relationships

Difficulty taking another’s perspective

Difficulty adjusting behavior to fit a situation

  • May not notice another’s lack of interest in an activity
  • May not notice nonverbal social cues indicating a request for change in behavior
  • May express emotions that do not fit a situation (laughing or smiling when something sad has happened, for example)
  • May ask socially inappropriate questions or make socially inappropriate statements
  • May not understand or be aware of social rules
  • May not recognize when not welcome in a social setting
  • May not notice how one’s behavior affects others emotionally
  • May not notice when one is being teased or mocked

Difficulty engaging in imaginative play with other’s as a child, though may engage in imaginative play alone

Difficulties making friends

  • May not initiate friendships
  • May not engage in cooperative play as a child but rather parallel play only
  • May make friends outside of age range (i.e. may make friends with people significantly older or younger)
  • May have an interest in making friends but doesn’t understand the social conventions involved
  • May not respond to social advances of others
  • May prefer to interact one on one rather than as part of a group

May appear to not be interested in other people

  • May prefer solitary activities
  • May prefer to interact with a select group of people
  • May not try to attract the attention of others
  • May have a limited interest in others


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How Wanna One Would Confess

A/N: I have my most important exam coming up and instead I’m sat writing for you, you’re welcome (jk). I got several requests for confessions, so I thought I’d just do all the members in a blurb – I hope that’s okay!


Okay, so I feel like Jisung is the type who would straight up tell you that he likes you. Not in a neutral way, but one time when you were hanging out together. You’d be in a café together and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling while looking at you, so you would ask him what he’s looking at. He would answer something like “you, because you’re cute” and after you thanked him for the compliment he would add “you know that I really like you, right?” and I swear to good he would seem so nonchalant about it, but on the inside his heart is beating faster than the speed of light until you tell him that you like him back.

Originally posted by misckpop


Sungwoon would be a bit more shy about a confession, even though he’d like to be all smooth about it. I think he would be really shy about the person he liked and probably ramble a lot and shallow half his words because he’s just in a daze when being with you. If you look extra good one day or if you’re being extra sweet to him then he would get really flustered and you’d ask him: “Is everything alright?” And his answer would be something like: “Yes, no – I don’t know, you make me nervous.” And then you’d be like ‘oh’ because you understand what he means and then have to save him from being such a mess.

Originally posted by joker283


I don’t think Minhyun would be very nervous about a confession. Well, of course his pulse would be a bit higher than usual, but I don’t think he would really confess unless he was quite sure that you liked him back. If you’ve planned to do something together one day, he’ll show up at your place with a bouquet of flowers and tell you then. “Are these for me?” You’d ask and he would just answer with a simple: “Mhm, who else would I give flowers to?” And then he would probably do something really smooth like kiss your cheek or something and that would be his entire confession.

Originally posted by nu-blessed


Seongwoo would be a bit extra about the whole thing. If you’ve watched Produce 101 then you know about his playful, cocky image, which he would bring into a potential love life. The way he would confess would be to try to get you to confess first, by observing your reactions to any skinship he does and things he tells you. If he tells you that you look pretty one day and your reaction is to get shy, he’ll go in for the kill and say something like: “Are you that affected by compliments or is it just because they’re coming from me?” Followed up by cutting you off with: “It’s okay, I get like that if you call me handsome too.”

Originally posted by kulo-ren


Daniel’s confessions would be the sweetest and most cheesy things. I think he would probably confess without even realising it, it could be over text message or over the phone. You would kind of already know he likes you by the way he says he misses you or all the hearts he texts you, but the real confession would occur if you’re lying on the couch at your place and watching a movie. He’s the type to want to pull you on top of him for you to get comfy if you’re sleepy. He would then stroke your hair and then say: “I like this.” And pause for a while before saying: “I like us.”

Originally posted by ichnite


Would 100% be super cheesy and sing his confession to you. Not really grand, like on a stage while you’re in the crowd, but more like sitting you down and taking his guitar to show you a new song he learned. After singing, he would say it made him think of you and smile like an idiot. This is where you should come in and tell him that you also thought of him while listening or saying that it made you very happy so you can live happily ever after. Okay, scratch that last part, just kiss him or something.  

Originally posted by godkimjaehwan


To many people Jihoon may seem like a type of tsundere, but I think he really shows it when he likes being with someone. He shows he likes someone by clinging onto them or talking to them a lot. He’ll know himself how obvious his crush on you is and just assume he doesn’t have to say it straight to you. His friends would probably comment on how he likes you so much and ask you why you aren’t together yet, but you would just answer that it hasn’t really been brought up yet. After he finds out about this conversation, he’ll go straight to you and say: “If I knew I just had to ask if you wanted to go out with me to get to date you then I would have done it ages ago.” And boom, you’re dating.

Originally posted by woojinsus


Okay, but, if you saw the show then you know he’s such an awkward little bean. He opens up so well after a while though, so how comfortable he is depends on how well he knows you. I imagine him being friends with the person he’s confession to first and trying to leave subtle hints here and there. The thing is, they would be too subtle to notice, it would be things like just brushing his hand against yours carefully or giving you a compliment about your hair or outfit or anything here and there. After a while he might be frustrated and just ask to talk to you alone. Then he would straight up utter the words: “I like you” just like that and wait for your reaction. If you’re anything like him, the answer might just be: I like you too.” And YAY, feelings conveyed.

Originally posted by swoojin


This boy would be so nervous to confess your feelings to you, mostly because he would be worried about your reaction to it. He would probably have to admire you from afar (in a non-creepy way, just some looks and eye-contact at times) before speaking to you more and more and getting to know you. When he actually gets to telling you that he likes you, it would go something like: “Uhm, I was just wondering if yiu, maybe, would like, possibly, want to go out with me? Only if you want to of course!” And he’d be all shy and scratch the back of his head while doing so.

Originally posted by winkdeep


Would 100% absolutely and totally confess by accident. You could be out walking together, probably after buying some food or just walk to get some air or something. You would say something really dumb, either it being a bad pun or a silly question and he’d just go: “Oh my god why do I like you again?” And you’re like: “Uhm, you never said you liked me.” And then he’s like oh shit this didn’t go as planned, but he’d try to get himself back awkwardly and cover it up and pretend he totally meant to do it. Lastly, he would just hope for the best and that you like him back.

Originally posted by hitoritabi


I feel like Guanlin’s confession would be the most normal one. He would be a bit quiet and lowkey about liking you, but at the same time he’d smile and laugh at a lot of the things you say and just feel really at ease being around you. When he’s comfortable enough he would ask you if you liked him, rather than telling you he liked you. That would mostly be because it’s less nerve-wracking. If you said yes, he would smile really brightly and go: “Good, cause I also like you a lot.”

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Could you write something based on that new bughead pic of them fixing up the car?? Your stories are so good they are holding me over until October haha

Thankyou! I sure can try!

Jughead shuffled his feet on the Andrews front porch, he could remember a time where he felt comfortable waltzing into the large family home without even knocking, but that was then and this was now, things had changed, people had changed.

Archie answered the door, his hands covered in paint as he rubbed them desperately on his jeans, the red heads eyes widened, it had been four weeks since he had seen Jughead standing beside him at the hospital, he had disappeared after that. Archie just figured it was too much for him, Fred Andrews almost death had been too much for a lot of people, himself included.

“Jughead? Everything okay?” He motioned for the beanieless boy to come in. Jughead followed Archie and sat on the living room couch.

“have you taken up art in the past month?” Jughead asked, his voice teasing but tense.

Archie looked down at his wrecked clothes and paint stained skin, he chuckled lightly.

“This? Nah, dad needs help around the house. Ya know, it makes him feel better to see things done. I let him think he’s the one doing it then when he goes down for his nap I finish it up, pretend he just forgot that he did it.” Archie shrugged his shoulders, scrubbing at the paint in his fingernails.

Jughead felt the familiar stab of guilt, he should be the one helping Fred, after everything that man had done for him, not to mention Archie was his best friend, no matter what he got into he knew Archie would always be his true best friend. Shedding his leather Jacket on the couch, Jughead tied his flannel around his waist

“Well we better get to it, he can’t sleep forever.” Jughead stared evenly at Archie, a wide but cautious smile sneaking onto the quarterbacks face.

“Well alright then.”

Two hours later the entire kitchen was painted minus a few casualties (who needed a blender anyway?) and Archie and Jughead had talked, more like spilled their guts like little girls on the schoolyard. Jughead felt better and he could see the way Archie’s shoulders seemed to be a bit higher. Soon Jughead was back on the porch and Archie was promising to pay him in burgers, the familiar voice of Alice Cooper drew his eyes to the house next door.

“That’s it Polly, just a few more steps left. bed rest? I mean really? I don’t see why they couldn’t just induce you right there. This wait is getting tedious. Never the less there will be no moving from you from this point on” Alice Cooper rambled, leading a very pregnant Polly into the house.

“She’s not home.”

Jughead brought his eyes back to Archie, quirking an eyebrow

“Betty’s never really home anymore, only to sleep and cook. She’s the only reason me and my dad are still alive, she makes us dinner everyday. She also stays super late at Vixen practice, hasn’t missed a game, except for the ones against Southside High because… well you know.” Archie rubbed a hand to the back of his neck, Jughead visibly winced.

It had been four weeks since he’d spoken to her, he wasn’t going to let her get dragged into his business with the Serpents and Southside high kept him ridiculously busy. He didn’t want her to be a part of his dangerous and hectic life. But he missed her.. damn did he miss her.

“Other than that she’s pretty much always fixing up pickup truck in front of Pops where your dad left it broken down. I’m pretty sure the stupid truck runs like a gem now but she can’t seem to stay out of it, always elbow deep in the engine for hours on end.” Archie sighed “everything thing that happened.. her parents, Polly, her long lost brother? And ya know.. my dad.” He whispered the last part “I think she’s coping in.. Well In her own way. That truck is her anchor.”

Archie had grown surprisingly deep, I guess nearly losing your father would do that to you, Jughead would know.

“I better go.” Jughead started backing away, Archie grabbed him by the arm

“You’re my best friend dude but… be careful okay? I don’t know how much more she can take.” Archie’s voice held a warning but the underlying sadness was also evident. They had all been through so much, too much for teenagers their age. With a heavy nod Jughead made his way to Pops.

She was the first thing he saw, well actually the first thing he saw was the huge green pickup truck parked smack dab in the center of the parking lot, Pop Tate was leaning against the door frame watching Betty, his eyes met Jughead and he smiled.

“Hello son, long time no see.” The older man slapped a hand to Jugheads back when he joined him by the door.

“Yeah, couldn’t stay away from your burgers for long.” He smiled back, his eyes drifting back to the pair of blue jeans sticking out from the hood of the truck.

“I was gonna tow it.” Pops said from beside him “takes up half the damn parking lot but when Betty found out it was your dads she begged me to let her fix it up, your old man left the keys in it and everything. Been like this for three weeks. I just don’t have the heart to make her move it.”
With a final squeeze to Jugheads shoulder Pops went inside promising to be back in a moment, he came back through the front door carrying a milkshake in a to go cup.

“I’m trying to stay “hip” I figured If take out is what the kids want I might as well get a foot in the door.“ Pops nudged Jughead towards Betty and headed back inside leaving the two alone as Jughead held the chocolate shake in his hands.

He stared for a moment more, now wasn’t the time to admire her body but god did he miss holding her and there was no denying how good her curves looked in those jeans. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Jughead moved over to Betty, she was mumbling under her breath as she twisted a wrench over some metal object, completely oblivious to his presence.

“Did you get her running yet?”

Betty nearly slammed her head into the popped hood, her eyes going wide when she saw the dark haired boy speaking to her, her eyes quickly shifted to the leather jacket snug on his shoulders as she dove back into the car.

“She runs just fine, I’ve been working on the engine, all she really needed were a few new spark plugs. But then I noticed it had a little fluid flooding so I wanted to fix that up before it escalated. And then when I turned the Key in the ignition the check engine light came on and that obviously had something to do with the pressure so I…”

Jughead cut Betty off as he placed a hand over hers inside the hood.

“I’m so sorry Betts.” He whispered.

She turned to him with watery eyes.

“I needed you. Where were you? Where have you been?” She questioned, her voice shaky.

He gently pulled her away from the car leaving his milkshake resting on the side

“I got lost for a bit, I’m still lost but it’s getting clearer. I was looking for a home, for some place where I really belonged, but I missed it. It was right in front of me. You’re my home Betts and .. and I want to come home if you’ll have me.” He knew he was begging but in actuality he would have gotten on his knees if she asked.

But this was Betty Cooper and she didn’t need him to beg, didn’t need him to explain, gripping his hand she pulled him back to the truck

“See right here? Once we get this working the mileage will be so much better and ya know, I’ve kind of been wanting to visit Toledo.” She continued fiddling with the truck but the soft smile on her face let him know what maybe.. maybe they would be okay.

“Yeah Betts, Toledo sounds great to me.”

Japan Unit Theory

First of all congratulations to NCT 127 for their first win today!! We’re all extremely happy and proud.

Now onto the theory…

We’re really not sure how accurate this is because SM is proving to be rather difficult to predict, but having looked at it, we like to think that the evidence suggests this is at least possible, if not accurate.

When SM talked about their plans for the rest of the year, everything was already prepared into a nice little schedule. EXO is this July, Super Junior is later this year, Girl’s Generation will be having a comeback with their 10th Anniversary and other groups ae coming back too. If we follow this plan, NCT is being completely neglected for the rest of this year.

At least, they are in Korea.

NCT has always been advertised as a ‘global idol’ group who can promote simultaneously in different countries at once. They have not had a new unit since Dream almost a year ago, even though SM really wanted to push this concept. Unless they just alternate 127 and Dream with occasional U, they need a new unit soon. With the Korean music shows taken up by their seniors who are very difficult to beat (sorry NCT, we love you and we’re so proud but we don’t think you’ll beat EXO yet), it makes sense that they’ll debut in another country. There are still political issues with China, but there is some evidence that it might be Japan. Japan also isn’t unknown territory for SM either - Taemin is having a Japanese comeback very soon. 

First of all, NCT has already made their television debut in Japan. Not only is this season of NCT Life being filmed in Osaka, but it’s also specifically airing in Japan for the first time before it airs in Korea, as well as alongside all the other seasons. If they want to get promotion over there before debuting, having a reality show is perfect and to be honest, it doesn’t exactly make sense for them to have the show air in Japan if they aren’t debuting there. They have had two seasons in Thailand now, and neither of those have aired in Thailand.

NCT have several Japanese speaking members - Yuta, obviously, and Johnny can speak some. They might also have hidden members from Japan who just haven’t been announced yet. Although, do you know which SM Rookie speaks very good Japanese?

(We hate to keep talking about him, but hey - he keeps coming up and he is rosie’s bias after all)

Hansol speaks Japanese and would likely be a member of a Japanese unit. Especially seeing as he has a very close relationship with Yuta (and by that we mean, basically dating) means he would suit the unit well. Even more evidence? Hansol recently started an Instagram account. As an Rookie, it’s possible that people in Japan might not know him - there were no Rookie Showcases in Japan, for example and he hasn’t been promoted in NCT yet. But Instagram is huge over there - we’re talking 8.9 million Japanese users alone in early 2017. 

Shall we talk facts? Yes, I know - actual facts and numbers in a theory wow. Hansol already has a lot of Japanese followers on Instagram. It is actually a common practice in Japan to promote products and companies on Instagram now. Why? Because through Instagram, you can reach 45% of the Japanese population. That’s 57 million people. There have also been studies as to why Japanese people use Instagram, and the overwhelming answer is that they do it to keep up with non-Japanese celebrities, people and businesses. SM is usually smart with their social media promotions, and they work in Japan enough to know this. And, 55% of the Instagram users in Japan are females age 18 to late 30s, which is the exact target demographic for NCT. If SM are smart, and we like to think they are, then promoting Hansol on Instagram for a Japanese unit is a very, very good idea. Hansol has 90k followers as of today even though he only became active on the account on the 1st June.

 - so, he’s not unknown, and he’s going to be reaching a very high percentage of that target Japanese audience. It will also explain why the majority of his captions have been in English - Hansol is trying to reach an audience outside of Korea. He has also posted and interacted with a Japanese choreographers who have worked with SM.

Hansol finally associated himself with NCT today as well - he liked a post an sm choreographer voting for their win on MCountdown today. It’s not a lot, no, but it’s also something as he has not liked anything to do with nct until this point. And trainees do not necessarily need to have SM or NCT in their bio or SNS accounts. Kun and Renjun both have Weibo and neither have SM, NCT or Rookie in their account (but they do have a lot of cherry bomb emojis…)

However - the NCT Japan Unit has to happen at some point, and we think it’s going to happen very soon, before the end of the year. And if SM are smart and finally want to do something right with their Rookies, and they are intentionally promoting Hansol on Instagram for it - well, we’re actually impressed with them for once.


All-New Wolverine #21 is super heartwarming - Laura needs to get to as many infected people and cure them because her healing factor attracts the virus away from them. And because it’s impossible for her to reach the entire island of people in time, the calvary comes. What follows is a series of great moments involving Wolverine family, Laura mending fences with Old Man Logan, Gabby befriending Deadpool and Daken being there just to help her. And it’s a story of killers risking their lives to save people without killing. It’s beautiful, even if not without dramatic moments, like when Gabby tries to save people who are already dead or the last page, where Laura went a bit too far and now her own life is at risk. But it’s still a book that shows people who have all the reasons to hate the world or each other working together to save as many as they can. It warms my heart.

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Through and Through

// Draco x Hufflepuff!reader.

Requested: No.

Summary: When in Divination class the tea leaves in front of y/n are read and Trelawney predicts that great happiness will soon come, followed by trials and suffering. Y/n soon notices things about  a rather troublesome Draco Malfoy that she’d never seen before.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Warnings: Mild language. Nervous, stammering Draco. Awkwardness.

A/n: This is going to have multiple parts to it (seven at the most, five or four at the least). I had this idea and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I hope you like it! I can’t quite remember if in Harry Potter if this is how it is, so excuse me if it isn’t, but for the sake of the story a person’s “aura” can be like, interpreted one’s Aura into emotions, basically. Also the timeframe/time setting or whatever may be off to the classes they are taking, but whatever don’t think too much about it. :)

Title: Through and Through | Part One. //

Y/n taps her finger impatiently on the desk, attempting to at least pretend to be listening to what Professor Trelawney was currently going on about. She had arrived late to class and her Professor had unknowingly punished her. She had made y/n take a seat at the table with only one other person instead of being able to join her friends. Draco Malfoy currently stares down at the delicate cup, a look of disgust on his face.

“This is bloody ridiculous,” he murmurs, glancing over at her slightly. “This nutty old witch has no idea what she’s talking about,” his eyes narrow as he looks back at the cup. His gaze shifts over to his book, which in theory was supposed to aid the students in reading the tea leaves. “I can’t make any sense of this bloody mess.” Y/n glances over, sighing deeply.

“I’m not quite sure if anyone can,” she says, directing her attention back to Trelawney as she suddenly appeared by their table. Before either of them have any time to react, she whisks one of the cups off the table, her eyes widening slightly. Draco casts a glance towards Y/n, watching her expression as Trelawney gasps dramatically.

“I can see it,” she whispers, her gaze turning to y/n, as both cups were close to her. “See it? Right there?” She points to an indecipherable mass of leaf gunk and y/n nods slowly.

“Uh, yeah…” she ventures, keeping her gaze away from Trelawney’s intense stare.

“I knew you had an eye for this,” Trelawney muses, smiling brightly at her. “It’s…” Her voice trails off as she squints at the cup, a loud gasp falling from her lips. “Oh, my dear, I’m so terribly sorry!” Sybill wails, setting the cup back down and moving in close to y/n. “You will soon experience great happiness!” Her eyes widen to an impossible size, her lips quivering slightly. “But it will be soon followed by-” her sentence breaks off into more incoherent mumblings of what seem to be apologies before she meets y/n’s gaze fully. “Horrible suffering…” The bell rings and all the students get up quickly, most happy to exit Divinations class.

Oddly enough, Draco gathers his stuff at a leisurely pace, until the moment Trelawney says:

“Wicked trials await you, beware! In the darkest of times, make the right decision! Don’t stray from the path!” Draco’s eyes almost seem to widen slightly as he grabs his bags in a hurry and rushes out of the classroom.

Y/n excuses herself and slides past her professor, running slightly to catch up with her friends.

“What the bloody hell do you think that was about?” Ron asks, his mouth slightly open from shock. Y/n stares forward and her lips turn down into a frown as she catches a glimpse of Draco’s quickly fading figure. “Y/n? Are you okay?” Ron stops walking, turning his full attention to y/n.

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just…” Her voice trails off and she sighs, shaking her head. “You’ll all think I’m insane, but…what if she’s right?” She whispers and forces her gaze to the ground. Hermione laughs, shaking her head quickly.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually buying any of this y/n. Come on.” Hermione shakes her head, a small flicker of anger sparking in her eyes. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“This is bloody ridiculous. This nutty old witch has no idea what she’s talking about.”

Y/n’s back stiffens slightly, Hermione’s words vaguely reminding her of what Draco had said only moments ago. Draco. Y/n breathes in deeply, staring at the ground. She clenches her fist and narrows her eyes.

“-no, no! You’ve no idea what you’re talking about Ron, don’t be bloody ri- Y/n, look out!” Just as Hermione’s words register in her brain, y/n crashes into something. She drops her books to the floor as she grips the person’s arm, her heart pounding wildly. Y/n lifts her gaze, grimacing when her eyes meet Draco’s. She lets go quickly, elbowing his hand off her arm in the process. She drops to the ground quickly and gathers her books, standing up and moving backwards next to Hermione.

“Watch where you’re going, Malfoy.” Harry snaps, stepping forward. “You should apologize.”

“Apologize? To her?” Draco steps forward and sneers at Harry. “Now why would I do that, Potter? Because famous Potter told me to? Hm? Are you upset with me, Potter? Have I hurt your girlfriend?” Draco’s last word comes out as a hiss, and he steps forward, not backing down even when Harry steps forward too. This surprises most of the people watching. Harry’s gaze flickers to the crowd of people.

“Harry, come on! It’s not worth it.” Ron mutters. She steps forward and grabs Harry’s wrist, pulling him back reluctantly. Draco’s gaze flickers to her hand. The angry, venomous expression on his face disappears and is replaced with one of confusion. His fist clenches at his side as his whole-body tenses, and he turns to her, forcing himself to meet y/n’s gaze.

“I’m sorry y/n.” He blurts out, moving past her hurriedly. Y/n’s lips part slightly as she turns around and watch him move through the crowd quickly, pushing people out of his way. Y/n lets go of Harry’s wrist and shakes her head, turning and going in the other direction.

Ron stares after him, shaking his head. “What in the bloody hell is with him?” He looks over at her with wide eyes. “Did he just apologize to you? What did you do to get him to apologize?” She shakes her head and opens her mouth to respond. “Bloody brilliant!” He exclaims, turning over to Harry, his mouth wide open.

Hermione walks up next to her, nudging her in the side gently.

“So, not to pile on…but how did you get Malfoy to apologize to you?” Y/n laughs softly, and she shrugs.

“I have my ways,” she jokes, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Hermione and y/n burst out in giggles, the whole group unaware as they pass Malfoy and his friends. Draco stares at y/n as she moves past him, his lips turning down into a frown as his eyes narrow slightly.

Y/n runs quickly as she misses being late to Potions by a few seconds, earning herself a glare from Professor Snape. She inhales deeply, murmuring an apology as she rushes to the only empty seat available. She sets her bag down, taking out her books, parchment, quill and ink. She only turns to her right to check who she’s sitting next to when Snape mutters:

“Today we will be making Amortentia…turn to your partners, and begin working.”

She recoils slightly when she meets Draco’s cold stare.

“Well, looks like we’ll be partners.” He murmurs. “Right then, let’s get to work.” They quickly begin to work together in silence, moving along quite efficiently as they brew the potion.

The classroom is filled with varying levels of enthusiasm as the students begin to talk about what they smell in their potions. The kids’ who weren’t successful brewing it cower slightly as Snape lectures them.

Y/n glances over towards Hermione, Ron and Harry who are all near each other. Hermione’s gaze meets hers and she gives her a sympathetic look. Y/n turns away and sighs, looking down at the potion once again and inhaling it. There were many scents she’d anticipated to be in it; the smell of the Hogwarts library, fresh parchment paper, freshly fallen rain the cozy and inviting smell of the Hufflepuff Common Room. But one of the smells is completely foreign to her, and no matter how hard she tries she’s cannot remember where she has smelt it before, although it seems to be on the tip of her tongue. It’s an undefinable but absolutely alluring scent. The more she focused on that scent, the more prominent it became, and the more it confused her. She couldn’t remember smelling this anywhere else before. It smelt vaguely of some sort of tangy fruit, morning dew, and most conspicuously the smell of fresh, sharp, peppermint. Her eyes narrow slightly as she glances to her right. She sees Malfoy staring intensely at the Amortentia Potion, an utterly baffled look on his face. He straightens his posture instantly as he whips his head around to look at y/n, his eyes slanting as he meets her gaze.

What?” He hisses through his teeth. “Why are you staring at me?” Y/n’s mouth drops open as she gasps slightly, and her eyebrows shoot up.

Me? Staring at you? Bloody hell Malfoy, don’t let your dreams get the best of you.” His eyes shine slightly as a quiet, pleasant laugh leaves his throat. Soon his lips turn up into a smile as his eyes close, and he leans forward slightly, still laughing softly.

“I didn’t know you could be funny, y/l/n.” He says between laughs, sitting up straight in his seat and cocking an eyebrow. “Maybe you are pleasant to be around,” he comments, smiling teasingly.

“And maybe you’re not a complete git,” her words come out sounding harsher than she meant them to, and they seem to instantly sober Draco’s mood. His lips press into a thin line and his eyebrows pull down. Just as the class is dismissed he grabs his bag, sweeping his books off the table and into the opening of the bag, and opens his mouth to say something.

This is when y/n notices the slight dullness to his eyes that wasn’t there before, the undeniable, blatant sadness to them. He takes a moment, closing his eyes and sighing slightly-but only taking a second before his eyes snap back open.

“Farewell, y/n.” She can’t help but pull back in shock slightly when he doesn’t retaliate with an insult, and instead gives her a small, awkward smile before walking out of the room at an unnaturally quick pace for him, almost like he had just done something he shouldn’t have.

She stands up quickly, grabbing her bag and bolting out of the room to catch up with him. She didn’t understand the way her heart broke slightly when she realized she’d hurt him, but she wanted to make it right.

“Draco! Draco, wait!” He only pauses long enough to turn around and see her running to him, but that’s all she needed to catch up. “Draco- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to be rude…I just…” She speaks breathlessly, trying to gather her thoughts. “I just…it’s hard, to…to be nice to you- not that I don’t-I just, I want to be nice to you…I don’t mean to be rude, really… I guess it’s just hard because- because you’re so rude to my friends…and…I…” Draco holds up his hand, cutting off her jumbled rant as he shakes his head, offering her a forced smile.

“It’s fine.” He says.

“No- no, it’s not. You weren’t rude- you were actually being rather kind, and I just- I ruined it, I ruined it and…I was rude to you, Draco…I.” Draco puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Y/l/n, really. You ought to stop being such a Hufflepuff.” She recoils slightly at the emphasis he puts on the word.

“What’s wrong with that? Hufflepuff’s are very pleasant people. I don’t see anything wrong with them- plus, I am a Huf-”

“Y/l/n, I realize that…I just, I’m not good with words, I guess.” He says, a slight blush tainting his cheeks. “All I meant was you…you should stop being so kind. Someone’s going to hurt you one day- if you keep being…so nice to everyone.” He shuffles on his feet slightly, turning his gaze to the floor.

“O-oh…but I wasn’t nice to you, that was my whole point.” She replies, pushing her hair behind her ears.

“Y/l/n you didn’t say anything wrong…nothing I haven’t heard before, and nothing worse than what I’ve heard before.” This statement seems to alarm her more than calm her nerves, and he shakes his head quickly. “Not that I- I didn’t mean it in that way, but…I think it’s clear to us both that not everyone…really likes me that much-” he shakes his head, cutting himself off. “It doesn’t matter. My point is- what was my point again…I could’ve sworn I was going to-” his sentence is cut short once again, but this time it’s by y/n’s arms wrapping around him as she pulls him into a hug.

“Draco, I-”

Oooh!” Trelawney gasps, her eyes widening to a seemingly impossible size as she clasps her hands together and leans forward. “Look at the two of you! I can sense great fondness…” She smiles wistfully. “Oh, to be young and in love…” Y/n and Draco’s eyes widen at that and they bounce apart.

“Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Y/n says nervously. “Me and him, we aren’t!”

“Aren’t together, that is.” Draco says, cringing slightly and forcing his eyes shut. “Not romantically, I guess is what I’m trying to say. We aren’t even good friends,“ he stammers, his gaze darting all around. “Or in love, that is.” He adds, realizing afterwards how redundant his words are getting. He fakes a laugh, and moves a little further away from them. “I actually have to go- I’ve got to go- to class, that is.” Draco stammers over his words, his face turning a shade of pink as he turns away and pushes through the crowd of people, muttering a “Move, out of the way.” Every now and then. Y/n manages to slip away while Draco keeps Trelawney’s attention, as she calls out to him apologetically:

“I’m sorry…I could’ve sworn, by the look of your Auras-” She stops when she glance back towards where y/n was, realizing that both Y/n and Draco are gone, and she sighs, shaking her head and looking at the ground.

fuck. the female vocals to take me to church playing in the background with alex, talking about things she leaves unsaid. the absolute gayest song and fuck i remember how we were annoyed at all the implications and coming out references without the follow through and then they did. but also the fact that the song doesn’t end with that scene.

it ends on cat, drinking, right before cat turns her head to kara, with the lyrics “let me give you my life” help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up lesbian life alert where are you

i’m actually SUPER glad that we get this power conflict between jace and alec. we all know that alec and magnus’ relationship is unique and that the clave doesn’t like it but it’s finally time that we get to see the discrimination that comes with that.

being a progressive show is great, but ignoring privileges that come with following the clave’s outdated traditions was where they were headed. maybe they’ll finally start reflecting on the reality of the world we live in. i can only hope that they address the intersectionality of their relationship here as well.