I’m sorry but you cannot tell me that James Potter was not the biggest bloody dumpster truck of Wolfstar trash out there. 

He’d be there at the dormitory window watching as the pair walked around the black lake, binoculars that he’d gotten from Lily glued to his face, “come on … just a bit closer.” “GOD DAMN IT PADFOOT JUST KISS HIM! KISSSS HIMMM!” 

A long shout out to the amazing franchise owner

He (“Y”) hired me almost two and a half years ago as part of the original crew that set up the store before it opened and then continued working there as the cashiers, shift leaders etc.

Y called me to come to a face-to-face interview we’ve though I had been rude to him on the phone (I was involved in a car accident a few hours before he called. I was ok but the car got smooshed a bit).

When he ordered work shirts for all of us, he got them to make two shirts specially for me because I don’t fit into their standard sizes. I’m in the process of losing weight right now, so my goal is to stick around there until I will be able to fit into their standard size shirt.

Some time later he told me that at first he hesitated to hire me because I didn’t seem to be the type that fits in this company, but he decided to give me a chance anyway. (Prior to this job I had a very unimpressive work experience)

He gave me some support and solid advice when I was going through a very difficult time with my mom, and when she passed away, he, as well as the manager, the accountant and my closest friend there all came to the funeral, which was an hour and a half away, and a few days later to my apartment for the Shiva.

During the first few months afterwards, he never said anything when I would take a few minutes to sit in the kitchen and cry, and when my cat died about two weeks ago, he was nothing but kind and understanding.

Yesterday, I was at the cash register - I’m good at stocking shelves and updating price stickers on products, but I’m also the slowest lol and there was a lot to do, so I sat at the register.

I was waiting for a phone call, but we’re not allowed to answer our phones in the store. Y was in the aisle right in front of me, I asked him what I could do and he said, “give me the phone, I’ll answer for you.”

(I requested a company to come pick something of mine from the store and the delivery guy was supposed to call to let me know he was on his way)

The guy called and Y answered the phone as soon as it started ringing and even gave him directions on how to get there. He let me clock out to deal with this and then return to the shift.

Get Out

Context: First time Robert comes face-to-face with Finn after Aaron gets sent down.

“You sure you want another?” Chas asked pouring Robert another drink, Aaron had only been gone for a day but it had felt like the longest day of Robert’s life, he seemed to have spent it crying or drinking, trying to forget what was happening.

“One more. Just one.” He pleaded with Chas who reluctantly gave into his demands, knowing this kind of behaviour would stop after a few days. As she handed him the glass he swirled the drink, his mind blank from everything but the ongoing agony of missing Aaron. He began to feel tears escape his eyes and in an attempt to keep up his front of being relatively okay he left and went into the toilets.

Whilst he was gone Chas heard the front door of the pub open and looking up saw the sight of the person none of them wanted to see. Finn.

“I think you should leave.” Chas muttered not making an attempt to make conversation, knowing she would end up doing something she would regret.

“Chas I’m not here to see you.” Finn spoke quietly, trying not to create a scene.

“Then who are you here to see?” Chas questioned, annoyance slowly building inside her. As she asked this she saw Robert enter through the doors again, anger immediately flooding his face at the sight of Finn.

“Robert.” Finn said as he turned to see a version of Robert he had never witnessed before. “I just want –“

“Get out!” Robert marched towards him going to drag him out of the pub, not wanting to lay his eyes on him for a second longer.

“Robert!” Chas interrupted seeing how worked up her son-in-law was getting.

“I don’t want to see you in here, actually I don’t want to see anywhere, from now on stay away from me and stay away from my family, do you understand?” Robert muttered glaring at Finn.

“It’s not my fault.” Finn said without thinking, instantly earning a response from Robert.

“He was defending you! He was trying to help and you let him go down for it, what kind of scum does that make you? Ratting out a friend so you could have some cheap shag with a man who doesn’t care about you, if you think what you and him had was love then you’re more delusional than I thought.”

“He attacked him! Now Kasim never wants to see me again – “

“Let it go Finn, you weren’t even together, you were a quick fling that’s all.” Robert mocked, “Aaron was worked up and over reacted and – “

“Oh yeah,” Finn retaliated interrupting him, “And why was that again? Oh yeah, you were having trouble keeping in your pants as usual, weren’t you? Surprised you aren’t already crawling into someone else’s bed given he’s been gone a whole 24 hours now.”

As soon as these words escaped Finn’s mouth Robert’s whole body filled even more with anger, his jaw tensed and his eyes full of disgust.

“You what?” He asked with gritted teeth.

“You heard.” Finn remarked bitterly, “I’ve got Rebecca’s number if you want it, or if that’s not enough I’ll just pull out the phonebook, I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep his side of the bed warm.”

Suddenly Robert charged towards Finn, grabbing him by the shirt and slamming him against the nearest wall, holding him so harshly that it was impossible for him to get away. In Robert’s eyes it was all Finn’s fault, he betrayed Aaron, he was a coward and now he only felt hate towards him, and now he was gonna make him pay…

“Robert!” He heard a small voice erupt from behind the bar, stopping Robert in his actions and bringing him back down to earth. Turning to the direction the voice came from he spotted Liv stood there, just come in from the backroom, a look of disbelief on her face, “What are you doing? Do you want to end up in a cell as well as Aaron? He’s not worth it!”

“Aaron,” Robert began, his anger subsiding as he looked towards Finn, “He’s alone in that prison, he’s scared and bitter and angry, and that’s all because of you. Now here’s something Finn,” Robert continued walking closer to Finn, feeling his whole tense as he did so, “something you wouldn’t understand about loving someone, I feel every single thing he does, all that anger and the built-up rage, it’s all in here and every minute he’s locked away it just gets worse.”

Finn began to feel scared as he noticed the sheer honesty in Robert’s words, he could see every single emotion Robert had just described plastered all over his face, he knew he had gone too far and was instantly beginning to regret it. Before Finn could leave Robert placed his hand on his arm, harshly enough to stop him running out of the pub, but not enough for anyone to notice.

“Except I’m not locked up in a cell, I could destroy you and no one would even bat an eyelid, luckily though for you, I’ve got her to look after,” he murmured causing Finn to glance towards liv, “But if I were you, I’d watch my back. Now get out.”

As he said those last words he released Finn’s arm from his grip and watched him hurry out of the pub. He nodded towards Liv, thanking her from stopping him go too far before returning to his stool and downing another glass of whiskey…

Hope this was okay, I’m thinking of doing a little series of how Robert copes with Aaron being sent away, let me know what you think and whether you have any ideas!! 


For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N groaned as she was thrown to the ground. The nasty little speedster had managed to get the drop on her before she could even think of scorching him. The kid was a strong one too, managing to knock the breath out of her.

After a moment, she rolled to her feet. She snarled, having come to face the sister. Without hesitation, Y/N shot fire toward the other girl. When she stopped, however, there was no trace of her. She jumped suddenly, seeing her out of her peripherals. Unfortunately, the girl had been able to manipulate her mind, her eyes turning red.

Y/N watched in horror as she stood where her eight year old self had once stood. It was dark and cold. Snow fell onto her skin, causing her to shiver. A massive giant towered over her.

That’s when she heard it: the scream of her parents. Terrified, Y/N couldn’t help but to relive the horrible scene. Just like the first time, she released a vast amount of fire from her body as she screamed for her mother.

When the flames died down, she saw herself on Jotunheim. Thor, Loki, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three were surrounding her. In a flash, another Frost Giant was moving in on Lady Sif. With all she could muster, she took the Giant, hands on. The blaze soon surrounded the white landscape.

Y/N turned around to realize she was in the Asgardian Palace. She knit her brows, not remembering the last time she was in the throne room. She glanced up toward the throne, expecting Odin. Her jaw slacked when she saw Loki sitting in his place. But…that couldn’t be. Loki died. Thor said so himself. How was he king?

“Loki,” she muttered.

She jerked her head at the sound of thousands of cries. She glanced out a window to see the paralyzing sight of chaos. Faces flashed before her eyes as the crossed the path of the window. She gasped when she realized all these people were someone that wronged Loki, in a sense. Odin, the Warriors Three, Laufey, and so many others. Her gaze returned to her beloved.

“It all must end,” she warned, not fully understanding her own words.
He smirked. “Oh Y/N, this is only the beginning.”

His smirk melted away into the frightful canvas, eventually taking the screams with it.

Y/N gasped as she sat up. Crazed, she looked around to see she was on the quinjet. Clint was in front of her, trying to calm her down. Looking into his soothing eyes, she eventually began to breathe normal.

“What…What happened?” she mumbled.
“One of them likes to play mind tricks,” he attempted to tease, “You’re alright kid. It wasn’t real.”

She nodded. Seeming to satisfy Clint, the assassin returned to his pilot seat. Y/N curled in slightly, thinking about what she had seen.

“But…it seemed so real.”

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Rofl at the fact that you constantly say you'll kick people's ass if they're mean to Liv but you're a twig that can't do shit

I’ll just leave this here & wait for you to come say that to my face (:

Mary Morstan [in TEH she was Morstan] after John punched Sherlock 3 times after his ‘not dead’ entrance, and left to get a cab (talking to Sherlock): I’ll talk to John, don’t you worry.

Mary Morstan sitting in the cab with John afterwards: I like him [Sherlock]

Mary Morstan still in the same episode (talking to John): Are you going to see him [Sherlock] again? Come on, face it, you’re shaving your moustache cause Sherlock hates it (smiles adorably)

Mary Morstan STILL in the same episode: After getting those texts from CAM, goes straight to Sherlock, and there they go to save him together.

Mary Morstan the next day after saving John, invites Sherlock to their wedding, smiles adorably again.

Mary Morstan in TSOT after seeing Sherlock all stressed cause of the wedding (talking to John): Oh, come on, take him out, find him a case, look he’s so stressed, show him it’s still like the good old days!

John being John: But why would he be…

Mary Morstan being her awesome self: GO!

Wedding party, after Sherlock’s vow, time for dancing!

Sherlock: Go, dance, don’t just stand there, we can’t just sand there, people will talk

Mary WATSON being her awesome self again (to Sherlock): What about you?

John being John: But we can’t all three dance, there are limits!

Mary Watson getting shot and killed while saving Sherlock’s life

Haters: But she’s there to block John and Sherlock’s relationship, please write her out of the show already, she’s just BLOCKING THEIR RELATIONSHIP

Viktor Nikiforov | YOI Episode 02 → YOI Episode 10



the “this is your house I’m not making you sleep on the couch” “yeah but you’re the guest you take the bed” conversation between ur otp right before they share the bed reblog if u agree

justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

Because i can never keep it simple… FML…..

Prompt: “In the Snow” - Matsuhana.
(Yes I HC Makki to be the most ridiculous person ever when it comes to clothing. Not all the time, but sometimes, just to provoke. Esp. when he’s meeting up with friends)

“I just…really like it…Mr. Reigen,” Mob whispered. He hugged the mug closer. “Thank you.”

“It—don’t mention it. It’s milk.” Then his voice dropped to an airy whisper. “It’s…just milk…”

Reigen did not know what expression he wore as he watched Mob raise the cup and drink the rest of it, something slack, something just a bit shocked. Something that maybe fit the ache he felt tightening his throat.

He couldn’t fathom what sort of world the kid had just escaped, but he knew now he didn’t want to. And he didn’t want to make Mob relive it, not if it was something so horrific that a single glass of warm milk could move him to tears.

“Here,” Reigen said, sliding his mug across the oaken table. “Have mine too…”

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