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i desperately wish i was u and juno's friend so that i could chat with u about grad school stuff while ever so gently stroking juno's chin

listen… we would both love that.

this morning we were facing each other on the bed and she very delicately reached out a paw and booped my forehead. so she’d probably be down for some chin scratching.

also to the folks who asked/sent good vibes for recovery: she’s doing so good! one more week of cone hell and then it comes off and the stitches come out and everything’s amazing. 

Come on a Cone
  • Come on a Cone
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up

“Her performance on this song is something else entirely: demented. Chaotic. Gloriously unpredictable. Fearless. One of the most creatively unhinged vocal takes in pop-rap history – or at least an immediate contender for the top ten. Whatever cheap hyperbole you could fling at this performance, Nicki bats down with one of her palmetto-sized eyelashes: listen to her liquify the words "come on a cone” until they are just another sound pinging around in Hit Boy’s bouncy castle of a beat. There aren’t really suitable phrases for that yet…At one point, “Come On A Cone” was nothing but an instrumental on someone’s hard drive. Now it’s an exorcism.“

-Jayson Greene, Review of "Come on a Cone”

This song is why I still have faith in Nicki to be the amazing artist I know she can be.