I can’t see Albus willingly walking into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, even for Scorpius, so instead I like to think he stole his brother’s invisibility cloak and whisked Scorpius away on a late night date to the lake. It included a picnic (which was 100% sweets and cakes) and stargazing, because sometimes the most magical moments require no magic at all ♥︎

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

When people ask me to play music
  • People: *Listening to music* Hey why don't you play something?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* I honestly don't think you would like it
  • People: Come on! We promise we won't judge
  • Me: Okay...
  • Me: *Plays Hamilton*
  • People:
  • Me:
  • People:
On (not) drinking alcohol...
  • Something I wish would happen:
  • Me: I don't drink alcohol.
  • Person: Oh, ok. What would you like to drink instead?
  • What happens instead:
  • Me: I don't drink alcohol.
  • Person: Really? Why? Are you sure, like really sure? Did you even try drinking? Maybe you should try this. I'll promise you'll like it. Come on, give a try! How can you say you don't like alcohol if you don't try drinking? I don't know, it's weird to meet someone who just don't like drinking...

Figure Skating Elements: Half Loop Combinations & Jump Sequences

A continuation of the basic jumps and triple-triple combinations posts. I highly recommend that you read those two before reading this one.

Quick review: In a jump combination, the landing edge of one jump is the takeoff edge of the next jump with no break in between. Since all jumps land on a back outside edge, under normal circumstances, the second or third jump in a combination is either a toeloop or a loop, since those are the only jumps that take off from a back outside edge.

Since the 2012-13 season, the ISU has allowed the half loop to be used in combinations. The half loop is a single-rotation, non-standard jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the back inside edge of the opposite foot. It effectively allows the skater to “change feet” during the combination. If the skater rotates counterclockwise (as most do), this means that the half loop takes off from the back outside edge of their right foot and lands on the back inside edge of their left foot. This allows the skater to do a salchow (the most common choice) or a flip (rare) as the next jump in the combination, since those jumps take off from the back inside edge of the left foot.

On protocols, the half loop appears as “1Lo” and has the same base value as a normal single loop. It only counts for points if done in a combination. A half loop combo is considered a 3-jump combination; if a skater does a half loop combo in the free skate, they cannot do another 3-jump combination, since only one is allowed in the free program.

When badly done (sadly all too often), the half loop can easily look like a step-out or a mistake on a jump landing. The examples I’ve used here all have a triple as the last jump in the combination, but skaters can do doubles as well. The first jump in the combination can be any of the six standard jumps (toeloop, salchow, loop, flip, lutz, axel).

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please do not promise people with bpd that you’re going to do something if you’re not 100% sure you’re going to do it.

like don’t say “i promise im coming over today!” and then later on when it’s time to hang out say “sorry i dont really want to hang out today”

i understand things come up but like. if you promise us something (especially if you’re our fp) we will be excited about it all day and if it ends up not happening we will hate ourselves and wonder what we did wrong because you don’t want to do what you promised you’d do



Why am I here?“ She asked, "Did I make a mistake? Why am I here?” She asked herself more than me.

I wish you knew how sorry I am. Things may not be what you want them to be. I really am sorry. I wish I could change that. You aren’t happy. I’m sorry. I wish I could change that too. I’m so sorry that you are tired of being unhappy. I know what it feels like, and it sucks. I know. I’m sorry. I wish I could change everything for you, and make you so happy that it radiates through everything you do and say. I’m sorry that I can’t. I’m sorry you feel like you are waiting for something that will never come. I promise you, it will. But I’m sorry that happiness hasn’t come yet. But in some ways it has. You have a nephew now. You have an entire family to lean on when things that get hard, and you know more than ever how much they love you. You have an opportunity to be so happy. You do. I’m sorry that you can’t see it though. Today sucked. I’m sorry. But tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is your opportunity to find that happiness. So tomorrow, instead of waiting for it to be a good day, maybe make it a good day. I know it’s easier said than done. I’m sorry for that. I wish it was as easy as breathing, but even breathing is hard sometimes. I’m sorry that breathing hurts some times. That living hurts sometimes. I’m so sorry. But it will get better. It’s just that some things take time. But hey, everything that sucks today is only temporary. I’m sorry that you regret some things, but try to remember that it is only temporary and doesn’t define you in the least way. It definitely shouldn’t affect how you feel everyday. Easier said than done, but I promise that, in time, you will be where you want to be. I’m sorry that things take time, and I know that you want it to be better in an instance. But it won’t. I’m sorry. That’s just how it is and it sucks. But hey, you will be happy. Life would just be to cruel if it didn’t give you happiness after all of the stuff that has happened to you. So tomorrow, when you wake up, know that you didn’t make a mistake anywhere. When you wake up, know that you have a chance to be happy. When you wake up, remember that you are loved greater than you can imagine. When you wake up tomorrow, know that things suck some days and there might be nothing you can do about it. When you wake up tomorrow, know that some stuff sucks but you can do something about it. When you wake up tomorrow, you will feel better. I promise.

—  N.C. // have faith love.
[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 6 - The ‘Cats’ Of The Future

(Because the precious first year kittens are precious and everything about Nekoma is gold. It’s quite short but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Not beta’d. The content is under the cut~)

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