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Can you make a reference post about the different ways each village does their Ninja IDs? For instance, Konoha just does straight 123456 numbering, but I know Ame does R1-234 numbering.

Okay, so this was really fun to ponder and work out! Ninja Registration numbers are actually quite similar in most of the villages, so for the villages who we don’t have an example for in regards to the numbers it’ll be pretty easy to come up with a reasonable system of your own.

Let’s start with Konoha:

Konoha’s consists of a six number sequence that shares the first four digits among classes until they hit the next tier regarding the first four numbers. For example:

  •  Shibi Aburame – 005480
  •  Chōza Akimichi – 005490

These two share the 0054 of the ID number.

And we see it again in the Rookie Nine’s class:

  • Sakura Haruno – 012601
  • Shino Aburame – 012618

Here they share the 0126 of their numbers.

These numbers will continue to fill in until they hit the 0127 slot, as can be seen by the fact that Neji, Tenten, and Lee all have numbers at the very end of the 0125 sequence. It can be seen again when you look at Konohamaru’s ID, 0127, which means their class was the start of a new sequence. We can also infer from that how many years and classes it takes to cycle out into a new sequence.

Konohamaru was eight at the beginning of Naruto, and eleven in shippuden when he finally graduated, which means it took three years for ~100 students to graduate and restart the sequence.


Kumo’s IDs differ in the way that they consist of two letters and four numbers instead of Konoha’s purely number system. Every Kumo ninja’s ID has a “CL” placed in the front of it, and like Konoha’s IDs some of the numbers attached there are ones that remain consistent until the last two zero out again.

Here are some examples:

  • C - CL5517
  • Darui - CL5596


  •  Omoi - CL6305
  •  Karui - CL6306

Though there’s no listed graduation age for any of the Kumo ninja, so it would be hard to tell how many years it takes for each set of ~100 students to graduate.


Iwa’s system is basically the same as Kumo’s, only instead they use IW- followed by five numbers instead of four. And like the last two, it keeps the trend of having matching numbers at the front that change once the last two zero out.

  • Deidara – IW-08721
  • Akatsuchi – IW-08718


Suna’s numbering is a bit stumping. Their IDs consist of five numbers in the sequence of two dash three with the first two numbers signifying what class they were in. The last three numbers are the ones that are kind of tricky, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, let me give you some examples:

  • Chiyo – 01-002
  • Ebizō – 02-002

So here Chiyo’s ID shows that she was part of the first official academy class in Suna, and that Ebizō was in the second.

  • Temari – 53-004
  • Kankuro – 54-002
  • Gaara – 56-001

Here it shows that the sand siblings are from the 53rd, 54th, and 56th classes respectively. But that still leaves the last three digits in question, and I’m not sure there’s a real for sure way to say what they mean except for maybe Gaara’s. Gaara is the jinchuuriki of the Ichibi, Shukakku, so the 001 could be a special classification reserved only for the jinchuuriki. Here are some more examples of why the last three digits are hard to figure out:

  • Fourth Kazekage Rasa – 28-115
  • Baki – 38-212
  • Yashamaru – 32-049

So, what exactly is going on with Suna’s IDs? I honestly couldn’t say, as they seem to have no rhyme or rhythm. Perhaps as time goes on we can puzzle something out, but as for right now it is what it is.


Ame is another one that is a bit confusing outside of the fact that they continue…actually they don’t even seem to have a pattern like the others do aside from the team of three brothers we see during the chunin exams in Konoha. Just look for yourself, starting with the three brothers:

  • Kagari – R1-126
  • Mubi – R1-128
  • Oboro – R1-127

Obviously this shows that they graduated together, but then we have the other Ame team:

  • Shigure – R1-115
  • Baiu – R2-039
  • Midare – R4-059

…which doesn’t make much sense. The other odd thing is that the members of the second team are a few years older than the three brothers, which really brings into question how things are numbered in Ame.

One possibility is that whatever the number is that follows “R” classifies a specialization, or it might be the class they graduated with (which, once again, brings into question the fact that the three brothers are “R1” and younger than the other three). If the three digits on the end follow the example the other villages set, then the first digit might be the one that remains constant until the last two zero out.

Amegakure is just really sketchy in general, it seems.


Kiri is odd in the way that they don’t have a known ID system in place. None of the Kiri shinobi that have been identified have a listed ID number, so it’s unknown how theirs works. It’s likely that it follows the same pattern as Iwa and Kumo in that it begins with two letters – “WA” or “KI”, perhaps – or it could be in a similar format to Suna or Ame’s IDs. It’s possibly their registration system has even undergone changes during the transition from Yagura to Mei.

So for Kiri (and any other village other than those named) it’s really up to the writer on how their Ninja Registration systems works.


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Is it ok to have a female body but maybe preferring male pronouns even if you are genderfluid? I have been told yes and no. I just dont know how i feel but i think this might be it. I just dont know if something like wanting make pronouns even know ur genderfluid can happen. Am i broken?

You are not broken. Your experiences are just as valid as anyone else’s. If you want to use he/him pronouns you are absolutely free to do so.

The process of exploring gender and identity isn’t easy, and coming this far is something you can feel proud of


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

mehcadbrooks: This woman is more than a cast mate. She’s an inspiration to millions of people with her and @florianalima #sanvers storyline. Coming out cannot be easy. My uncle Jason Brooks died of a broken heart because he couldn’t be who he was around his family and what this storyline is doing for young gay and lesbian people around the world – letting them know it’s okay to be themselves is such a beautiful thing and I’m proud to be a part of a series that’s pushing the envelope and proclaiming that #loveislove thank you @chy_leigh for your portrayal of #alexdanvers on #supergirl. My uncle Jason would have loved you. 😌 #cw #jamesolsen