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what are your pronouns (so i can be respectful)?

They/them/theirs; for example: “Mal is my friend, they are having a great summer so far, I’m so happy for them!” …Something that was really helpful for me when initially picking up “they” as a singular pronoun was to practice out loud like that for a few minutes with fake sentences like that- it starts to come easy in no time! In fact, most people who speak English already use singular “they” and don’t even realize it (think about the last time you used the word “somebody” in a sentence and think about what pronoun followed it)!

Thank you !


“Come on boy.. Easy now.. Easy…” You cooed softly at the mass of golden fur entering the Bunker behind you, tail wagging in excitement as you lead the dog down the stairs, smiling in excitement and love at the mass of fur and joy before you.

You held a hand out, “Woah there boy, hold on a minute…” You murmured, getting the dog to stop as you leaned over the railing of the stairs, eyes narrowing as you heard Sam’s footsteps and he appeared in the foyer below you, smiling just as much and looking as happy as the dog. “Dean here?” You asked, feeling the sudden surge of adrenaline, you were sneaking a dog into the Bunker without Dean’s knowledge after all- he wasn’t fond of dogs.. Or animals really.

“No, I checked his room he wasn’t there. I think it worked.” Sam grinned and you smiled back, looking back to the bundle of fur and stepping aside to let him go the rest of the way down the stairs.

“Go get him!” You encouraged, gesturing at Sam as the dog ran down and bundled into the tall Winchester, who had kneeled down with open arms for the receiving of the dog, he looked like a little kid with how much he was grinning as he scratched behind the dogs ear and ran his hands through its golden fur, murmuring happy words. You came the rest of the way down the steps, smiling at how happy Sam was- you knew he really had a thing for dogs, and you’d always thought it rather cruel of Dean not to let Sam have one. Seriously, anyone who looked so utterly happy with a dog like Sam did, it should be a crime not to let him have one.

You and Sam had been hatching this plan out for a month now, you’d gone with him to the nearest pound to pick the dog and helped him get everything ready. You were all for the idea, and had even dropped Dean a dime about a case that morning to get him out of the Bunker. Sam had been with you and when the two of you had seen the Impala roll out of town, you’d started.

You leaned against the railing of the stairs with your arm, silently watching Sam as he played with the new dog happily,

“What are you gonna name him?” You asked after a bit, earning Sam’s attention.

“Bones. I had a dog when I was a kid that looked like him, so I think Bones will do.” Sam replied and you nodded, smiling.

“That’s as good a name as any.” You murmured, “Now as to how we’re gonna break it to Dean when he gets back…?” Sam paused,

“Yeah.. That’s gonna be an issue.” He relented, you chuckled.

“Definitely.“ You murmured, “But I think he’s just gonna have to deal. He can’t always have his way.” You paused, “At least he’s not a cat.” You smirked and Sam chuckled.

“Yeah, Dean wouldn’t be able to live in the Bunker if we brought home a cat.” Sam replied lightly, you chuckled- blinking a few times as your phone suddenly went off, you answered it and walked away a little, noting the caller was Dean.

“Hey Dean, what’s up?” You asked,

“I’m calling to tell you that case was a bust.” Dean replied in a rather annoyed tone, earning a look of surprise from you.

“Oh really? How so?”

“The police already caught the nutjob that did it Y/N! Why did you think this was our sort of case anyway?” He asked, he sounded quite disappointed in the lack of an actual case.

“I thought it was.” You replied evenly, because in all honesty- you had. “Look Dean, from what I saw in the papers about it- it did look like our sort of case, I’m just as surprised as you probably were that its not.”

“Yeah well whatever. Have you seen Sam? He wasn’t at the Bunker this morning.” Dean asked and you smiled,

“Nope. Sorry.” You replied easily, the lie slipping past your lips like it was nothing.

“Oh well, I’m there now. I guess I’ll see if he’s back or not-” Dean muttered, you could hear the Impala turn off in the background and your heart dropped a little, “See ya,” he ended the call.

Dean was back. Now.

You quickly turned around and caught Sam’s attention, he noticed the slightly panicked look on your face and tilted his head.

“He’s back!” You said quickly, Sam’s eyes widened when he realized the situation.

It had been the plan to ease Dean into it after he went on a Hunt- which always lightened his mood. But he drove all the way out to find there was no job, and he was clearly not very happy.

Sam got up and ran toward his room with Bones in tow, disappearing around the corner just as the front door of the Bunker opened and in walked Dean, who walked down the stairs and came to an abrupt halt when he saw you,

“Y/N?” He mumbled, looking shocked. “Wha- why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

“You hung up before I could.” You replied, earning a pause from Dean as he nodded.

“Right…” He muttered, turning away and walking toward the library slowly, he got halfway there and suddenly stopped, turning back to you with narrowed eyes and a suspicious expression.

“… Is that dog I smell?”

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14? ^~^

14. What do you like drawing the most?

Portraits come easy to me, I think 80% of my sketchbooks can be filed under “Shoulders and up” hahaha. It’s actually something I try to avoid now, haha, you can see responses where I draw sitting poses, trying to get the rest of the body in. But portraits are therapeutic, and I can bust (HA!) them out pretty quickly.

Artist Ask Meme

More things he'll never hear.

I’m not sure you’ll ever understand.
Because from the moment I first saw you, you took my breath away.
I was so scared. Because I saw my life with you flash in front of me. And it was so, so good.
I would have been yours forever.
And then you stopped respecting me. You looked at me like you absolutely despised me.
I never wanted to fall in love with you.
And then I did.
I fell so god damn hard it hurt.
And you weren’t there to catch me.
Do you want to know why I hate you?
Because you promised me you’d be my grounding point.
You were supposed to protect me forever.
You promised me you’d take care of me.
But you were so quick to throw me away.
I didn’t matter enough to fix.
Nothing in this life worth having comes easy.
I wasn’t easy.
But I would have been so worth it.

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Name: Sarah

Nickname{s}: Deer

Where I’m from: New Zealand

Fave anime: uuuuuu…. Attack On Titan and Sword Art Online were both amaze tbh

Western Zodiac: Sagittarius but I think it’s on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp actually owo

Fave drinks: Coffeee and water. I need more of one of those in my life >w>

Fave quote: “Nothing worth having comes easy” uwu

Fave band: Fall Out Boy aand idk if they count but the Vitamin String Quartet. Also Coldplay is gr8

Fave season: Winter or Spring owo Both have their merits~

Movies I’m waiting for: Marvel movies p much. .. Does the time to actually watch them count too? //still hasn’t seen Antman

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Evening :D I got a few messages in my inbox asking about line art colouring. So today I took some screenshots during warm up, hope this could be helpful in some ways :)

This is a quick way to get the colour + shades down and once its done, using them as guide, the details should come easy!

This show is going to become its own retirementlock au by the time they get around to filming s5.