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Word Count: 2.1k (I got carried away) 

A/N: Guess who wrote smut for the first time in 2 years? I’m a little rusty, so be nice. I hope this gets your knickers in a twist. Literally. If this man in a tux hasn’t already done it (hello sailor!). Keep those prompts coming in, darlings. If you want to read the PG version of this story, check it out on my blog

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You are my go-to expert on Vincent and Lucretia, so I have a very quick question: did Vincent confront Hojo (and subsequently get shot) before or after Sephiroth was born? Many thanks! Licorice

The very quick answer is that we don’t know for sure, but most likely after. But it’s the very long answer that takes into account why exactly the fandom is so divided on this issue and where the confusion comes from.

In the original game, we see the flashback as a montage of disparate scenes, with little to no dialogue and very little indication of how much time has lapsed between each one. But because of the quick succession of them, each scene only a few seconds long, interspersed with modern-day Vincent’s occasional narration, it comes across as seeming as though there isn’t a whole lot of time that lapses between each scene.

At 1:13, Vincent narrates, “After that, a child was born to Lucrecia… That child’s name was… Sephiroth…” Immediately after this narration, we see Lucrecia (who was already established to be pregnant in an earlier scene) fall down in the inn, then we cut to the scene of Vincent running into Hojo’s lab to yell at him, at which point Hojo shoots him.

This seems to have left most people (myself included) with the impression that Vincent was narrating the birth of Sephiroth, and then the flashback was showing us what he had just told: Lucrecia falls down presumably because she is going into labor, and Vincent freaks out due to complications she’s having in delivery and immediately goes to yell at Hojo about what he’s done to Lucrecia because Vincent believes she’s currently dying (or has already just died) in childbirth.

To be fair, this idea was already seeded much earlier in the game by Sephiroth himself. When questioned about his parents by Cloud/Zack in Nibelheim, he says that his mother was named Jenova and she died giving birth to him. Although we as the player later learn that Sephiroth was mistaken/lied to about the identity of his mother, Vincent’s flashback about Lucrecia and her pregnancy doesn’t seem to discredit the idea that she was believed to have died in childbirth after all, and that perhaps that much was true and Sephiroth was only given a false name. (It’s also worth bearing in mind that the low-poly SD sprites weren’t really high def enough to let us see a pregnant belly even if they meant to convey one, and that such things were routinely forgiven and excused as graphical limitations back then. [See also: Hojo pointing an empty hand at Vincent, a gunshot sound effect, and us all accepting that he pulled a gun out of somewhere and didn’t just shoot bullets of of his hand.])

It also doesn’t posit the idea that Vincent believed her to have died in childbirth, exactly. Nor does Vincent ever say it. He indicates that he believed her to have died, yes (when he says, “Lucrecia…you’re alive,”), but he never suggests she died in childbirth. But the game already put that idea in our heads, and without it ever being denied, we tend to read the rest with confirmation bias.

Now, the idea of Vincent believing Lucrecia to have died in childbirth hinges on two other ideas:

  1. That Vincent never saw Lucrecia again after she gave birth.
  2. That Lucrecia gave birth basically at the same time that Vincent was shot by Hojo.

If either of these ideas are discredited, then the “Vincent believed Lucrecia to have died in childbirth idea” falls apart.

Then Dirge of Cerberus came along with its better graphics and still no visibly pregnant Lucy, and also Vincent catching glimpses of Lucrecia no longer pregnant, and everyone cried retcons and inconsistency because they thought the original game was trying to say that she should have been pregnant in scenes where DoC doesn’t show her as such.

Most notably, there is this one:

Immediately after Hojo has shot Vincent, Lucrecia comes ambling in holding her visibly flat tummy, apparently not pregnant. And then to make matters even muddier, Vincent takes note of her being there and says her name. This dashes both the idea of Lucrecia being in the middle of giving birth at that moment, and the idea that Vincent never saw her again after she had the baby.

If we suppose that Squeenix is no longer trying to get away with implying late-term pregnancy by having a lady sprite hold her stomach instead of actually putting a round belly on her—a tenuous supposition given their antics with Hojo’s sprite, I’ll grant you—then we must conclude that either Lucrecia is still very early in her pregnancy at this point, or that she has already given birth and has more or less gone back to her pre-pregnancy shape. (And the implausibility of a woman going back to size 4 soon after giving birth is where we’ll now grant “graphical limitation” excuses, or least “lazy and idealistic storytelling.” But just because it’s not realistic doesn’t mean they don’t mean for it to be the case.)

“But wait,” I can hear the naysayers naysaying, “obviously Lucrecia couldn’t have had the baby yet, because she never got to hold her baby. That means that Lucrecia had to have ‘died’ when she gave birth, because otherwise how would she have been unable to hold her baby when she’s clearly able to walk around the mansion like that? Can’t she just walk into his nursery and pick him up?”

And the answer is: not if Sephiroth is somewhere else.

Note this scene:

Lucrecia shakes Hojo by the shoulders. “Give him back! Give my son back!” Hojo seems unfazed. “And how is your experiment proceeding?” he asks coolly, referring to the dead man floating in a tube next to them. “I don’t know!” Lucrecia cries, recoiling from Hojo and running away. “I don’t know, I don’t care!”

“Let me see him!” she cries off camera, wailing in anguish. “Just once!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If Sephiroth was in the manor, Lucrecia wouldn’t need to be shaking Hojo’s shoulders and pleading with him when that physical energy would be better spent breaking down a door. This is not the depiction of a woman who is too polite to see her son in the next room without first obtaining Hojo’s permission; Lucrecia is physically unable to reach Sephiroth, wherever he may be, and Hojo is a party to her access being barred.

My best guess is that Lucrecia was incapacitated for some time due to a difficult delivery, and Sephiroth was removed from Nibelheim as an infant before she was able to get out of bed. Later, Vincent confronted Hojo about something other than Lucrecia supposedly dying right at that moment. Your guess as to what that was is as good as mine, but something I do love to explore in fanfiction.

“But wait!” I can hear the naysayers rebutting again. “Sephiroth says that he remembers Nibelheim. Surely he must have been there at an age old enough to form memories—not as a days-old infant!” To which I’ll simply point out that he also seems to have memories of Gast, and please look at the timeline involving Gast’s escape from ShinRa before you cast doubts on Sephiroth’s ability to have memories from infancy.

Ah yes, the timeline. The timeline, mind you, is a piece of shit when it comes to the events of the Jenova Project and Sephiroth’s age, because it seems to have been created by people whose greatest concern is making sure the frontmen of their boyband aren’t too old to earn teenage girl adoration. By which I mean their decision to place Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal at around age 20 in Crisis Core.

But there’s another thing that we have to (begrudgingly) look at in the timeline when trying to figure out when Lucrecia gave birth to Sephiroth and where that falls in the order of other events depicted.

The “30 years” often attributed to Vincent’s coffin nap is a fanon number. It’s a fanon I’ll cling to until the day I die probably, because it makes way more sense than the actual canon, but it’s fanon nonetheless.

It’s fanon that comes from the OG, when the only insight we had into Sephiroth’s age and how long Vincent had been sleeping was a passing comment made by an NPC in Cosmo Canyon who said he knew Gast, and that Gast discovered Jenova “about 30 years ago.” 30 seemed to be like a sound age for Sephiroth (25 as of the Nibelheim burning), so we all went with it. 30 years in the coffin would put Vincent at a chronological age of 57 as of Meteorfall, since his Turk age is fixed at 27 (at least, his age of “death”).

The 10th Anniversary Ultimania, unfortunately, estimates Vincent’s chronological age at “around 50” as of OG, and estimates that the events he retells in his flashbacks occurred “25~30” years ago. “Around” 50 years old - 27 years old = “around” 23 years in the coffin, which falls a bit short of that “around 25~30 years ago” range. Which either means that his entry in the 10th Anniversary Ultimania boasts a discrepancy in its own math on the same page—or that a few years lapsed between the events in question and when he stopped aging. (Or that they think 23 is “around 25–30.”)

Oh my god I know I’m getting so long winded and way too far into it now, but bear with me.

We also know that Sephiroth was more like “around 25~30” (chronologically) as of Meteorfall rather than “around 23,” mostly because his own character page says that was when he was born. So basically what I’m suggesting is that Vincent was shot and/or ceased aging significantly later than Sephiroth’s birth—like, a year or two later.

And the answer to “But wait then what was everyone doing during that time?” is probably a combination of “recovering from childbirth for a super long time,” “security rounds ad nauseam,” “finding new and interesting ways to genetically manipulate the local fauna,” “avoiding each other,” “being trapped in a horrible loveless marriage,” “wondering if this assignment is ever going to end” and most importantly “being assigned busy work by the higher offices to keep them in Nibelheim as long as possible until eventually they all killed each other and/or themselves at which point ShinRa is no longer held responsible for their fates.”

It’s also possible that Vincent was, say, shot at age 25, continued aging while “in a death-like state” for two years, and then didn’t actually stop aging until Chaos was introduced to his body (two years later, in this case). But that supposes that he was pickling for an awfully long time pre-Chaos.

It’s also possible that Squeenix really was just lazy about their pregnant Lucrecia sprite, that she was pregnant until after Vincent was shot, and that they regularly just fart all over their own timeline. The likelihood of that ever being the real answer is the only reason why I say “we don’t know for sure,” and why we never know anything for sure that isn’t stated outright.

Like legit, the French government has very strict controls on the quality and region that wines, fruits, spices, spirits, meats, and even fucking butters come from. It has to be done traditionally, and it has to be of a certain level of quality.

I would gladly pay double my taxes for an American system like that


OMG… i just found a site where most of Hwi Hyang’s drama are available for download… but i have to sleep now (gee why do we have to huhuhuhu)…

well i just try to download episode one of Come Come Absolutely Come… too bad there’s no subtitles so i was totally lost but who cares i’m just in awe of Hwi Hyang’s beauty… not to mention her killer dimple…

remember that photo frame from the early episodes of Happiness then was replaced by a larger version of that colored picture too which says Woman of Spring on the later episodes…

her hair style is just like her character Dr. Song Inseon on All About Marriage… well now it has more flare…

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Awww I don't seriously ship Dae with anyone either but really like GDae too. GD often gives me protective older brother vibes with Daesung (haha when GD isn't talking about Yabai Kang of course!!) and Dae seems to really trust, respect and look up to GD. I mean, he cried and flew out right away to GD when GD hurt his leg during his solo concert even though Dae was super busy with his own tour.

OMG OMG OMG. DAE FLEW ALL THE WAY TO SEE GD FOR THAT!?!?!  I only knew that he showed up at the concert, BUT NOT THAT HE FLEW THERE. THAT IS SO SWEET OMG. I really love their relationship. It’s really cute.

Here’s a GDae gif spam for you, anon!!!

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I've only been in the fandom for a couple of weeks and I'm already so done. I've also noticed that Riley stans tend to be okay with any ship as long as Riley is happy, but Maya stans are more like LM stans. They'll only be satisfied as long as LM happens because apparently, Maya can't be happy without Lucas. Even though she has Riley, her family, her friends, SHAWN, and even JOSH in future episodes.

Honestly, I inadvertently follow a ton or RF shippers, because a lot of people tend to multiship Riley with both Farkle and Lucas, so you’re definitely on to something. 

And welcome to the club. I don’t think there’s a single Riley fan who isn’t 100% over the gmw fandom. 

I may have completely lost my shit on facebook today. Someone had the nerve to say that poor people are to blame for being poor and so are single mothers. And I just lost my mind. 

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im actually a few weeks into guitar lessons right now and DAMN theyd be a lot nicer if joshua was my teacher like just sayin -sweet peach (who was blessed by those guitar teacher josh headcanons thank u) <3

I would honestly CRY if Joshua was my guitar teacher like I would not get any work done bc I’d be too busy admiring his beauty

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taako, at some point probably: both of my boyfriends are so good and Pure, i love them so much!!!

merle: boyfriends?

magnus: Why do you have more than one boyfriend?¿

taako, sweating profusely: uh is that Not Normal