Broken One

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Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: cursing, maybe a little too much angst?

Prompt: what happens when your love finds another?

Word Count: 3,208


All along it was a fever

“John! You scared the crap out of me!” You shouted, jumping up from your bed. John shut your window and pressed a finger to your lips.

“You can’t just climb in my window, unannounced!” You harshly whispered. He gave a soft laugh and shook his head.

“I have news.” 

A cold sweat, hot-headed believer

“What is it?” You tried your best to act angry with him, but the smirk dancing upon his lips made you smile.

“I asked her out today. And she said yes.” John tapped his foot, nervously waiting for your response. You were his best friend, he needed your approval.

“Who’s she?” You tilted your head, obviously confused.


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Tales of Grief

Here’s a bit of a thing I wrote the other week when I was hyper-focused on this idea. Heavily inspired by @undiscoveredstory‘s I’ll Be Around For You.

Tiny Summary: Philip learns about death from his ghost friend who is, shockingly, also dead while worrying about his father.

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If loving you is wrong (I don’t want to be right)

Summary:  They live in a society where the Ministry for Procreation decides who you get to marry. Oliver and Nyssa have come to terms with that. Although they are married, Nyssa can secretly be with Sara, and Oliver can do whatever he wants to do. When Oliver decides to make changes, he falls madly in love with Felicity. Therefore. his life takes a pleasant turn because although they cannot publicly be together, at least they can be in secret. Things soon get complicated, though, when Felicity receives a letter that shall change her life.

Rating: Explicit

Previous chapters: 1 2 3

Chapter 4: Just like starting over

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Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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Morning Light 

Anon Request: Could you write about dancing/grinding with John boyega in his apartment that leads to a make out session

Words: 1176

With his continuous success, John has learned to appreciate the little things in life.

The comfort of his own bed. The morning light that creeps through the bay windows, which serve as his own personal alarm clock when he doesn’t have to work. Most importantly, he appreciates the smell of breakfast being cooked down the hall.

He finds himself appreciating all of these things as he peeks out of his pillow this morning at the sound of you entering the bedroom.

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The Kiss

hey so @a-candle-for-sherlock made a post and gave me an idea. just a little ficlet about how she thinks The Kiss will go that i just HAD to write about!! i don’t have anyone to tag so let me know if you want to be involved in any future stuff :-) just repeating that the idea isn’t mine, just the order of the words lmao

okay i lied, i’ll go ahead and tag @kimbiablue, @shag-me-senseless-watson, @watsonyourchristmastree, @vanetti and @love-in-mind-palace because i love my mutuals!! also @a-candle-for-sherlock, i hope you don’t mind!

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This is gonna be one long ass imagine lol! I didn’t want to leave y’all hangin so I just put half of the story in one chapter. Hope you enjoy. P.S. My baby Nate is looking extra fine in that picture^^^. Like Damn! 


Writing because I’m bored as hell and my last day of school was today so…..enjoy!

I was the “Newbie”. I had just started to work with Nate, Sam, and Dillion. In other words, they found me online, liked me, and wanted to meet me. Now I’m working with Freshlee Productions. It was like a dream come true. Sure, I was the new girl, but I had been working with them for almost 5 months now. I woke up everyday wondering what would happen next and things just kept getting better and better. 

It was around 7:30 and we had been in the studio since 8:30 this morning. “Aye, we should do something.” Sam said as he came out of the booth. I was sitting next to AbsolutP and Nate, working out some beats. “Yea, Im down.” I said spinning around in my chair and looking at Sam. “Where we going then?” Nate asked. “Go to a club or something?” Sam asked as he sat down on the couch next to Mike and Dillion. Mike and Dillion just nodded their heads then got sucked right back into their phones. We stayed at the studio for another 20 minutes before leaving. They dropped me off at my friend Taylor’s house, who I was staying with until I could find an apartment, and I got ready to go out. I changed into some High-rising leggings and a black crop top / half tank thing. I put on one of my over-sized white sox jersey’s and finished it with some Tims and some hoop earrings. I let down my hair and texted Nate to let him know that I was ready. 

About 30 minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was Sam and Mike. “Dayyyuuumm” Sam said after I stepped outside. “Lookin good girl” he said jokingly. “Whatever Sam.” I said playfully pushing his arm. “Did Taylor wanna come with us?” Mike asked. “No she just got home from a long day in San francisco. She’s knocked out.” I said as I made my way to the car. Mike just nodded his head and walked back to the car. I noticed that there was another car behind Nate’s. “Who’s in the car behind us?” I asked. “ Oh, that’s just Swazz, Wes, and Johnson. They decided to come with us.” Sam said. “John? He’s always messing with me.” I said groaning. “He doesn’t mean it in a bad way. If you get too annoyed, I’ll tell him to stop, Okay?” Mike said as he opened the door for me. I nodded my head and smiled then got into the passenger seat. When I sat down, I couldn’t help but notice how good Nate looked. I stared for about 3 seconds, then reached for my seatbelt. “What was that?” He asked with a smirk. “What was what?” “You just looked at me weird. Did I do something?” Nate asked concerned. “No, I- I was just - thinking. I thought I left something inside…but I’m good.” I said trying to make up a random story. He just nodded his head then put the car in drive.

Soon enough, we pulled up to some club called “Lure” in Los Angeles. We all got out the car and the first person I talked to was Swazz, of course. “You look Nice Y/N.” He said looking me up and down. “Thanks” I said with no enthusiasm at all. “You gonna dance with me tonight?” He asked as he put an arm around my shoulders. “Maybe…if you don’t piss me off.” “I promise, I’ll try not to.” He said with his other hand on his chest. Swazz was my friend…and that was it. He had a little crush on me but I didn’t see him like that. He gets that, but he still flirts with me and sometimes, it gets a little annoying. As we walked in, I said hi to Johnson and Wes. I followed the guys to the back of the club, where there was an empty spot. We got drinks and stuff and we all just bumped to the music. I was the only girl tonight, but it didn’t feel awkward at all. At least I knew that the guys would keep all the creeps away. In return, I had to act like the crazy girlfriend if a ratchet came up to them. It was a 50/50 thing going on. 

About 4 hours later, I was on my 2nd drink and Nate was on his third. Red Nose came on and he just came up behind me and grabbed my waist. I had danced with him before so it didn’t really surprise me. But, throughout the song, something felt different. Nate had his head a lot closer to mine and he kept bringing my hands up around his neck. We were both drunk but I definitely knew something else was going on. He turned me around as we continued to dance. My hands were around his neck and his hands were still on my hips. He pulled me closer as he looked deep into my eyes. His hand came up to the side of my face and seconds later…he kissed me. At first, I didn’t kiss back out of shock but then I went back in for another kiss. His lips were mesmerizing. The way he held me felt right and the way our lips felt together was like - like everything was in slow motion. The kiss kept getting deeper and deeper. Our breathing got even heavier as the heat grew. I had only kissed one guy in my entire life and it was nowhere near this. Just as things speed up, he slowed down. There was still all of this passionate tension that I couldn’t even explain. I almost forgot that we were in a club with hundreds of people around us. I pulled away out of the realization of what had just happened but our heads were still resting on each others. His hand was still on my cheek and the other on my waist. It was like he didn’t want to let me go…and I didn’t want him to. 

I didn’t really know what to do so I just waited for him to make the first move. He smiled then took his forehead off of mine and we just held each others hands. I didn’t know where the rest of the guys were but I didn’t want to take any chances. My smile slowly faded when I realized what had just happened. I took my hands out of his grasp and moved away slowly. He looked confused and honestly, I was confused too. Luckily, Johnson had come over and ask us if we wanted to leave. I ,of course, nodded my head and so did Nate. I looked at Nate one more time and noticed that he was just as confused as I was. 

We all got in the car and drove back home. I didn’t choose to ride in Swazz’s car, it just happened. But I’m glad that I did. I didn’t want any of the guys to know that Nate and I kissed. I was praying that Nate didn’t talk about it with any of them. John dropped me off at home and walked me to the door. “Thanks. Ill see you guys later.” I said giving him a hug and unlocking my door. “Wait, Y/N, are you okay? You seemed kind of out of it in the car”. “Yea…Im fine…just tired…and drunk.” I said with an awkward giggle. “oh maybe I should walk you upstairs.” He said biting his lip and taking a step towards me. I put my hand on his chest to stop him from coming any closer. “Goodnight John.” I said laughing then going into my house. 

When I went upstairs, I looked at my phone to see multiple texts from Nate:

Nate: Can we talk?

Nate: Did I do something wrong?

Nate: Y/N Please call me. I really need to talk to you. I don’t want you to be mad.

I didn’t want him to think that I was mad at him so I texted him back:

Y/N: Im not mad…Ill call you tomorrow. 

Nate was someone I could talk to about anything. When I was homesick, he was there to cheer me up. But, I never thought that we would have this type of conversation. I could think anymore. I just closed my eyes and hoped that tomorrow would be a better day.

The Next Morning

I woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes and coffee. I brushed my teeth and my hair then went downstairs. I found taylor in the kitchen pouring coffee in two mugs. “Good morning Tay. What’s all this for?” I asked as I sat down at the counter with a plate of pancakes in front of me. “I don’t know I just felt really good this morning. It’s beautiful outside, my best friend is living with me, and I had a great time last night in the city. Nothing can change how I feel today.” She said before she took a bite of her pancakes. “Hey can…get some free advice?” I asked as I took a sip of my coffee. “Of course.” “I um…kissed someone last night. We both had a few drinks but it seemed like we were both fully aware of what was going on.” “Did you…like it?” she asked with smirk. “I mean…it was way better than any other kiss I have had. But, he’s my friend.” “WAIT, YOU KISSED ONE OF THE GUYS? WHO?” “Uh…Nate.” I said bashfully and taking a bite of my pancakes. “I knew it! Are you going out with him now? Do the rest of them know? Do you like him back?” “Woah woah calm down. I haven’t even talked to him about it yet. I was gonna do it after breakfast so…can we just drop it for now. Please?” Taylor nodded her head and went back to eating her breakfast.

I went upstairs and got cleaned up and dressed. I was so nervous about calling him but I knew that I had to. I dialed his number and took a deep breath. It only took him two rings to answer. “Y/N. Hang on let me get away from everyone.” I waited for him to come back on the phone, which felt like hours. “Sorry about that.” “It’s no problem.” I said nervously. “I was just calling…to talk about last night.” “Uh yea…about that. Im really sor-” “Don’t apologize…I um - I didn’t hate it actually.” I said biting my lip. I could hear him laugh a little on the phone which almost sent me through the moon. “So why were you so upset last night after…the uh…” “I don’t know. I didn’t know where your head was about it.” “Y/N, I like you, a lot.” I was quiet for a second. I was happy to hear the words come out of his mouth but I knew that there would be some consequences for dating him. “I-I feel the same way…there’s just some things that are in the way of that.” “Like what?” “Um…I-I don’t want to cause any drama. I know how fans get.” I said sadly. “If they don’t support me and my decisions and the people I care for, then they aren’t real fans.” He said in his stern but calm voice that drove me absolutely crazy. All I did was sigh. “So?” he said. “So what?” “Can we go out?” “I guess.” I said rolling my eyes and laughing. “Aight!” He said with excitement. “What time should I come over there?” “Im ready ,so whenever” “Ill be there in 5 minutes.” I laughed and agreed. After I hung up the phone, I heard running, I knew Taylor had been listening. I got my stuff together and went downstairs to find her sitting on the couch. “Where you going?” She asked. “You already know where i’m going.” I said, putting a hand on my hip. She pretended not to know where I was going. Just then, the door rang “Ill see you later then.” 

I went to answer the door to find Nate standing there with a cute side smirk. I couldn’t help but smile. “You ready?” He asked holding out his hand. I nodded then shut the door behind me. He opened the door for me then got in on his side. “So, where we goin?” I asked. “No one ever goes bowling anymore.” He said as he started to drive. “Bowling? Seriously?” I said laughing. “Yea, why not?” He said looking at me with a mesmerizing side smile. “Okay. Im down. Just know that Im gonna own you.” “Oh really. Well I used to Bowl in High School.” He said laughing. “Stop playin. You played basketball.” “Pssh. That was my side sport.” He said laughing. “So what if I didn’t Bowl in High School. You still aint gonna beat me.” “We’ll see Skate.”

4 Hours Later

We were done bowling and we’re on our way to get some food. “I told you I’d win.” I said giggling. “You won by 4 points.” He said trying to hide his smile. “Yea, 4 points that beat your ass!” I said, pretending to dust off my shoulders. “Fair game, fair game.” He said smiling. We pulled up to a diner and ordered our food. We only got fries, Chicken strips, and milk shakes. The Chicken strips were for him because ya know…animals are friends, not food. We had a great conversation about music, us, and why our food was taking so long. Everything was great but 20 minutes in, a group of fans came over and asked for pictures. Nate took pictures with his fans and I did the same with mine. One of them asked me, “Are you guys dating or something?” All I did was smile. I didn’t want to say anything just yet, until I knew we were both okay. It was starting to get a little crowded as more and more fans found out we were here. Nate motioned me to get in the car, and we both did. The people at the diner had to help us get out of the parking lot, which took another 10 minutes. We were almost to my house when Nate said, “You know we’re gonna be twitter famous for the next few days.” “That’s what i’m afraid of.” I said nervously. We pulled up to my house and I got out of the car. He walked me to the door and just as I was about to open the door, he turned me around and pushed me gently up against the wall. He waited for a moment then pressed his lips up against mine. I instantly felt like Jell-o. My hands snaked through his hair as his arm was wrapped tight around my waist. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds but it felt like hours. “I won’t let them mess with you Y/N. Once they see how much you mean to me, they’ll understand. I never wanna see you upset.” He said, then kissing me one more time. I blushed then he let me off of the wall. I opened the door then turned around to take one more look at him. “Ill see you at rehearsal tomorrow.” I said as I leaned against the door. “Night Lil.” he said smiling before turning around and walking back to his car. I closed the door and walked upstairs. I had an uncontrollable smile on my face the rest of the night. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

The Next Morning (Nate’s P.O.V)

I woke up and checked twitter. Y/N hadn’t posted anything about last night, but the fans definitely went to work. They had pictures of us at the bowling alley
and at the diner. There were more nice comments than ignorant ones. I hope this didn’t change her mind about us. I called her up to see when she was going to go to the venue for rehearsal. 

Phone Convo:

Me: Morning Lil

Y/N: “Good morning Nate” she said in her tired voice.

Me: What time are you gonna be at the venue? I can meet you there.

Y/N: I just got out the shower now so about an hour.

Me: Aight cool, i’ll see you in a minute

Y/N: Okay 

Me: Oh and next time you take a shower…call me

Y/N: “Oh my gosh, get outta here.” She said laughing

Me: Bye Babe

Y/N: Bye

I got dressed as fast as possible. Sam was already downstairs waiting for me. I rushed out of the door and we both got in the car. 5 minutes into the car ride, Sam said “So how was your date with Y/N?” I was taken off guard. “How’d you know about that?” I said, still keeping my eyes on the road. “It’s all over twitter bro.” “Oh”. I should have known this would blow up. “You finally went out with her after two fucking months of liking her.” He said nudging my shoulder. “Yea…She’s cool bro. I don’t know why I waited so long.” I said trying to keep my smile away because I knew Sam was gonna call me “whipped”. We pulled up to the building and got out the car. “Don’t make this such a big deal, okay? I don’t want you to scare her.” I said as we entered the building. “I know man, damn. Ill play it cool.” I went backstage to put some of my things down when I saw Y/N, sitting on the couch, looking at her phone. I could tell something was up because she always bit the corner of her lip when she was nervous. “Hey Y/N.” I said as I walked into the room. “Oh hey” She said with a smile. She got up and gave me a hug. “You okay?” “Yea, why?” she said letting go and making her way back to the couch and sitting down. “When I came in here, you seemed nervous about something.” “Oh…yea…Im fine…really.” She said trying to convince me everything was fine. Im pretty sure she saw some of the annoying comments on twitter. Maybe I should talk about it with her after rehearsal. 

~A few hours later~

Y/N’s P.O.V.

We were done with rehearsal and all three of us were walking backstage for a break. I went into the dressing room and checked my phone. The first thing I went to was twitter. The ignorant comments just kept rolling in. I didn’t want to get mad in front of the guys, so I had to excuse myself. “Um, Ill be right back.” I said taking a step out the door. “You okay?” Sam asked. “Yea, just need some air.” I glanced at Nate then went out the door. I was so heated. I did nothing wrong to  these people. Hell, Ive never even met most of them. I took a deep breathe and called taylor. 

~Phone Convo~

“Tay, I need to talk to you.” I said as I paced back and fourth. 

“Oh shit, what’s wrong.” she said, in fear of what I was about to say next.

 “Is this what I get for going out on one date with him? I get fucking death threats and shit all because I like Nate. It happened last night and I already have at least 2,000 tweets on how I’m all wrong for him and that Im basically worth less than shit! I don’t usually get mad about this kind of stuff but when its over some petty shit, it fucking annoys me!” I said ferociously. 

“Woah, first of all, chill out. Go smoke some next time, before you call me.” She said in a calming voice. 

“Im sorry.” I said trying to calm myself. 

“Secondly, do you like Nate?” 

“Yea…i really do.” 

“Then go talk to him. I know I’m your best friend and all but you should be talking to him first.” 

“You’re right.” 

“I know I am boo, but for future reference, don’t kill anyone. Ive never heard you so mad before girl, Damn!” She said laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh with her.

 “Im so sorry tay.” “Its cool, go talk to him, then call me later okay?”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Of course.”

With that, we hung up. I went to go open the door but Nate was already leaning against the, waiting for me. “You scared me.” I said putting my hand over my heart. “My bad.” He said with side smirk. “How much did you hear?” I said regretful. “Enough.” “I didn't mean for you to hear all that.” “Its cool, I just wish you would have came to me first.” He said, putting his hands in his front pockets. “Yea, I know. I just didn’t want you to think about anything bad before tonight.” “Look, if there is something going on with you, I wanna know.” He said taking a step towards me and wrapping an arm around my waist, pulling me closer. It felt really good to be this close to him…it felt right. “Well you defininitley know now.” I said looking down out of embarrassment. “Baby girl its all good. Ill take care of it.” He lifted my chin then brushed a strand of hair out of my face. He brought his lips to mine and there was instant heat. Our breathing was in sync as my hand rested on his shoulder and his arm still wrapped around me tight. It was like everything else went away and I instantly knew that what we had was way to special to give up.

femlock au where john is a waitress at this seedy lounge, and all the older men are always trying to hit on her or slip her their numbers under their beers, and she’s sort of disinterested (though of course, one time a fit bloke came in and she might’ve met him in the bathroom on her break) but anyway, one time this feral thing, dark and messy with eyes like knives, slides up to the bar and orders a hard scotch and john watches as she drinks in silence, barking at the men who try to talk to her. and she finishes one drink quickly and leaves, stumbling out. and she comes back, time and time again, doing the same thing, always during john’s shift. sometimes she catches john staring, but always continues drinking in silence. sometimes she swivels around and leans back, a lean leg in with ripped jeans and a scuffed up sneaker crossed over her lap, while she observes the people. sometimes she’s muttering. john always keeps an eye on her from wherever she is in the lounge, and after a few weeks of coming in, john watches as the girl finally snaps and gives a rundown of how the man trying to currently hit on her used to practice snogging with his cousin, how he secretly liked it, and how she turned him down tonight after he called her looking to rekindle the flame, and that he compensates for his small penis with this bravado personality. and the man gets upset and the girl stands up and yells at him, eventually spitting in his face, and so the owner throws her out, shouting, “fucking druggie!” because it’s clear the girl is high, higher than usual, and john offers to go chase after her and tell her not to come back and maybe make sure she doesn’t cause any more trouble outside, so she rushes outside, apron still around her curvy waist. and she finds the girl slinking into the shadows and climbing up the bins at the side of the lounge, and john calls “hey!” but she ignores her, only jumping up the bins like a sleek black cat, and so john clumsily follows her up to the roof, and then finds her sitting on the edge of the roof with one leg pulled up, half a smirk on her face, and she tilts her head as says, “they send you to contain me?” and there’s something about the girl that’s so attractive, how a dark curl falls down her forehead, the rest of them tied back sloppily with a chopstick, how her clothes are loose and layered but when she rocks forward john can see a skin-tight purple tanktop and her necklaces disappearing into the cleft of her bosom. how her sneakers have sharpie on them and her eyes and lined with black, smudged out a bit. and tbh john’s into it, and she’s willing to take a chance so she bites back, “no. i offered.” and the girl pulls her legs in tighter and turns her pale face to the moon and gives john the cold shoulder but john is determined, she knows what it’s like to have a spark of hate, so she tells her this. and the girl snaps back, “i don’t hate.” and john’s like uh huh okay and the girl’s like, “i’m just bored.” and john comes closer, closer and closer, and they’re alone on the roof and it’s silent save for the sounds of the street below and the moon is beautiful and the sky is navy and john knows something is starting, she knows, and she looks at the girl and the girl looks back with those blasted sharp eyes and instead of being like wow this girl is problematic and high as shit, i should leave, john just raises her face to the moon and breathes a misty breath and says, “yeah. life is boring.” and then they fall in love and eventually sherlock gets clean and her dark spark subsides when the golden love of john envelopes her but she’s still an asshole to gross men and she still wears dark clothes and boots and eyeliner and holy fuck this is too real

The stag night

A speed made Johnlock ficlet. This is made for reapersun in appreciation to drunken Johnlock fanart. You wanted some sort of ficlet, so I made one. It’s nothing special but anyway.. hope you and all others like it!

(Sorry if my English isn’t the best xx)


They were only out for two hours. Two hours out on his stag night and they had already drank enough to lie on the stairs to their flat. It felt really too hard to get up there, if they couldn’t even stand straight. He was nearly sleeping when Mrs Hudson entered the doorway to get the trash out. Sherlock was the first of them who tried to get up again after realizing they had only spent two hours outside. The duo tried to get upstairs and made it somehow safe without one falling down again. John had to admit it was quite amusing how his friend tried to get out of his coat, which landed right on the spot on the floor where he stood for a moment. He seemed to be a little bit spaced so John reached for the heavy fabric and put it on the chair.

“You okay?”

“Mh? Eh.. yeah yeah.. what ’re we doing now? The night is long!”

Sherlock was heading for the cupboard where his whisky was always standing and John didn’t mind. Yeah… it was his stag night, so why not?
They both ended up with the hilarious idea to play ‘Who am I’. Ha! John felt clever! Really clever! Sherlock would never think of the fact he puts his name on the piece of paper. This was clever! Wait, was it? Maybe Sherlock thought the same thing! He heard him giggling and looked back to his dark-haired friend. Both of them had stopped thinking about how much they had drunk. Obviously too much, but who cares! Also it was amusing to see Sherlock in this state. John had seen him drinking alcohol from time to time but not that much. Back to topic. John was thinking about what his friend wrote down on the paper for him. Hm.. Maybe he really had the same idea…

“I am you.” Sherlock said suddenly, pointing at him with the glas in his hand before starting to giggle again. Okay no. Sherlock had not the same idea. The doctor shook his head with a smile and Sherlock leaned back in his chair, sipping on his glass.

“Your move.”

So John started thinking about the name his friend picked up for him and leaned forward unconsciously. That was the moment he was nearly falling out of his seat so he grabbed for the knee of the consulting detective. It took him a moment to realize what he was doing, so he took of his hands and held them up in a silent apology. “I don’t mind.” Sherlock just shook his head slightly and they both fell silent for a moment. The smaller man didn’t even noticed he was staring his friend for almost two minutes. His eyes wandered over the the face of his drunk flatmate and had to admit he had never seen him smiling like this before. A thought was occuring to him and he only said to himself it was because of the amount of alcohol.

“Ehm.. so.. if you don’t mind…” he started and put his own glas away.

“Hm?” Sherlock tilted his head to one side and eyed him for a moment, waiting for what he wanted to say. His thoughts were blurred and he wasn’t able to think straight… also he had the feeling his world was spinning slightly.

“Would… would you mind… if I’d kiss you?” In the next moment he assumed his friend standing up and saying that he was a really ridiculous man. He never heard those words.

“Nah.. I said I don’t mind.” The detective shrugged a little and made gesture for him to come closer. John swallowed for a second, his heartbeat rising and hammering against his chest when he moved near to him. For a short moment Mary was erased out of his mind when he approached Sherlock and stared into the fogged bright blue eyes. A tint of red was on his cheeks and he could feel the hot breath of the other on his own lips. Oh for god’s sake.. why was this man so fucking beautiful in this moment? And first of all he looked so hot with the slightly parted lips and…

“I thought.. you’d want to kiss.” The blue-eyed raised an eyebrow before placing a hand in the neck of the doctor.

“Eh.. yeah.. I was only thinking ab-” John couldn’t finish his sentence because Sherlock pulled him down already and locked his lips with his. He never noticed he held his breath until they broke away again. It was just a short one, only pressing lips on lips. Nothing special. But they felt so smooth and warm. It was the voice of the other male who snapped him out of his thoughts.

“How was'it?” he asked and grinned at him.

“… surprisingly good.” Sherlock only nodded and let go of his neck, but John remained on his place, because he was halfway lieing on his friend. He’d swear that the heart of the taller man was beating as hard as his own. And before the detective could say anything, John kissed him again and this time it was not that shy as before. With a low sigh he let his tongue wander over the lips of his friend and his heart jumped a little bit when Sherlock opened them for him, giving him the access he wanted. With eyes closed John deepened the kiss and touched the his tongue with the tip of his own. He could hear him making a comfortable noise and he ran his fingers through the dark locks, playing with them while their breathing got heavier. It was like a little fight without a winner because they were both too drunk to concentrate properly on it. They parted again, gasping for air. Staring into the eyes of each other before both breaking out in laughter.

The rest of the night was funny then they carried on with their little game, although John never left his place on the chest of the other, placing kisses from time to time on the neck of his friend. On the next day it would be forgotten if they wouldn’t remember… and if they would, both of them would probably pretend that something of this sort never happened. 


Suggested songs to listen to while Reading: Good Ones Go by Drake & No Ordinary Love By Alaine

Part One 

*4 Months Later*

My phone rang talking my attention away from the soap opera I was watching.

“Hello?” I paused the TV to hear the person on the other side better.

“Hi, I’m calling from the bar on Hollywood Boulevard and Main Street. Is this (Y/N)?”

“Uhm yea…Who is this?”

“I think I’m here with a friend of yours, John Swift? Or at least that’s the name on his driver’s licence. He’s kinda drunk and he keeps calling out for a (Y/N). You were the first (Y/N) on his contact list so I’m calling you.”  

“Yeah, I’ll come pick him up.”

Picking up my keys, I left my house confused and worried as to what John had gotten him into.

The first scent that hit me when I entered the bar was the stench of cigarettes and beer.

I spotted John sitting at one of the stools, yapping at the person sitting next to him.

“John.” I called out coming closer to him.

“And there she is! I was just telling Wayne how amazingly pretty, you are.” John smiled widely at me. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Can you excuse us?” I asked the man kindly.

“What are you doing here, John?” I pulled his drink away from him only for him to pull it back towards him. “You are pissed drunk. That’s not healthy for you.”

“Who Cares? We are all gonna die anyway, right?”

John tried to put the cup to his lips but I pulled away the drink before the rim touched his lips.

“Hey!” He complained.

I put a $50 dollar bill on the table. Grabbing John’s arm, I dragged him out of the bar.

“Where are we going?” He asked holding his ground.

“My house.”


“Because you are drunk. I’m not leaving you alone for you to do something you’re gonna regret in the morning.” I shoved John into the passenger seat of my car.

“Whatever.” I heard him mutter as I closed the door shut.

The ride to my place was quiet other than the low hum of the radio in the background.

“You didn’t move?” John asked as we came up to the familiar drive way.

“The lease isn’t up for another couple months.”

John just nodded his head.

This started to feel a little too familiar. My mind raced with memories of when John and I went out to parties and came home drunk. Stumbling on our feet, trying to get to the door so that we could remove our clothes and get closer.

I felt my heart start to thud faster at the thought. I couldn’t…I wouldn’t. No matter how much I missed John’s touch I wasn’t going to do anything with him.

Tripping his way out of the car, John swayed his way to the front door. I caught up to him and took my keys out to open the door.

Grabbing John’s arm I guided him to the bedroom we once shared.

“Everything is the same.”

Shrugging his comment off, I allowed him to fall on the bed. Taking off his shoes and hat, I threw the covers over him next.

“I’m gonna change into my PJ’s ok?”

John moved his gaze from the ceiling to me.


I walked into the bathroom PJs in hand.

I looked into the mirror at the image staring back at me. I was not the same person I was 3 months ago. I had changed a lot. I didn’t seem happy and cheery anymore. I had dark circles under my eyes from when I didn’t get enough sleep. I had changed and not for the better.

Once I had changed and done my nightly routine I walked out of the bathroom to face John.

When he heard the door open he’s head snapped in my direction.

“You’re back!”

“Uhm, yeah?”

Getting in the covers, I scooted as far away from John as I could.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep I felt John come closer to me. He had his arm draped across my waist like old times.

“You wanna know something, (Y/N)?” John asked me. He had his front pressed against my back. His lips right next to my ear.

“W-What, John?” The stench of whiskey was strong on his breath.

“I missed this. I missed you.”

John’s snoring filled my ears, not giving me a moment to respond or question what he just told me.

The bed squeaking woke me up from my slumber. An ‘Oh shit’ and a thud made me jump up in my bed.

“John?” I called out.

“On the floor.”

Moving to the other side of the bed I looked down at John on the floor.

“What are you doing there?” I raised a brow confused.

“I was going to leave before you woke up but then I tripped over my own shoe.”

My heart sunk when I heard what he said. He was going to leave without telling me?

“Well anyway…thank you for taking care of me yesterday. I’ll get out of your hair now.” He stood up and put on his shoes.

As he was about to walk out the door I shouted ‘No!’ a little too quickly. He turned around to look at me questionably.

Truth be told I wanted to spend more time with John. “Why don’t you stay for breakfast?”

“I can’t.”

I felt my heart sink further. “…Oh”

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I do but if I stay I’ll never want to leave.”

The words slipped out of my mouth before I even had registered the thought. “So don’t leave.”

John shook his head. “I’m not what you want, (Y/N).”

“You don’t know what I want and don’t want, John.” I hissed at him.

“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion. And adventure. And even a little danger. I can’t be any of those things to you.”

I stood up from the bed and made my way towards John. “But you are all those things to me, John.”

“(Y/N)…” John started.

“Lemme finish. When you are with me, I feel complete. As cheesy as that fucking is. When you are with me I feel like I conquer anything life could possibly throw at me. Do you not remember all the love we made? We had passion. Every day is something new with you. We had everything until you decided to throw it all away. So maybe that’s the danger I want. Wanting you so bad when I know you don’t want me.”  I took a deep breath before continuing. “I guess I just miss the old John. The John that was madly in love with me and the John I was madly in love with.”

Silence consumed us as we just stood there staring at each other.

John finally broke the silence. “But I can’t be what other people want me to be.”

“And I’m not telling you to be someone you are not. Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t love me. Tell me that you wish you could take the last 4 years back.”

“I can’t, (Y/N).”

“So what’s stopping you from being with me now?”

“I don’t know, ok?!” John yelled. He moved away from me and punched the wall by the door. “I’m so confused when it comes to you. I love you so much. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. But I’m scared. I’m scared that one day you will wake up and realize that I aint worth shit. I’m scared that one day someone new will walk into your life and I will be forgotten. I’m scared that you will be gone as soon as you came into my life.”

I moved closer to John taking his hands in mine, I held onto them firm.

“Me fighting for you know not proof that I am not going anywhere? We broke up months ago. The lease didn’t have a few more months on it. I extended it. Just in case you did decide that you wanted to come home again. I wanted to be here so that when you did arrive I would be here to welcome you back with open arms. I love you, John. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wasn’t just gonna give up on us.”

Tears ran down my face and onto my neck. Just by looking at John I knew that he was close to tears too.  

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

“For what?”

I’m sorry that I’m a dick, okay? I’m sorry that I had to put you through all this pain. I’m sorry for the tears you spilt over me. I’m sorry that I was stupid enough to think those things. But most of all, I’m sorry that I gave up on us when you never did. That wasn’t right for me to do. I fucked up and I fucked up bad.” John threw his arms around me hugging me tightly. “Just tell me you forgive me.”  

“I forgive you. You are here now and that’s all that matters.”

John and I stood there for what felt like hours, basking in each other’s presence.

“So no more cold feet?”

John shook his head before placing a kiss on my lips. “No more cold feet.”

A/N: Here’s part 2! Hope you enjoyed. Part 2 of Wicked Games should be out soon. So keep an eye out for that! XOXO Sam 💋

Masterlist | Asks 

  • Sherlock saying “we’re going out tonight”. John telling him he has a date. “That’s what I was suggesting”.
  • Sherlock showing up at John’s date, doing everything to ruin it. John spending more time looking at Sherlock than at the lady he brought here.
  • Sherlock coming closer to John, putting his hands on both sides of his head. Telling him to close his eyes.
  • The both of them of them spinning in circles, staring into each other’s eyes.
John Peters - you know, the farmer - storyline

I thought I’d collect the plot points involving John Peters, you know the farmer? in one post. I had not noticed this before relistening randomly, but look:

Episode 15 - Street Cleaning Day 

John Peters - you know, the farmer - finds a door in the middle of the scrublands. He bolts it on both sides, not knowing which way it opens (huge design flaw, as Cecil points out). He stays up day and night guarding this door. Sleep will only bring dreams of shadowy figures coming closer. John also reports that his imaginary corn crop is going to be good this year. 

Episode 30 - Dana 

Dana sees John Peters (you know, the farmer) in the house that doesn’t exist. He’s staring at a picture on the wall and doesn’t react to Dana in any way. (Dana got into the house by going through a door in the middle of the dog park, so we can assume John Peters has gone through the door he found.)

Episode 32 - Yellow Helicopters

Larry Leroy out on the edge of town mentions that John Peters’ (you know the farmer) imaginary corn crop was good this summer. John himself doesn’t make an appearance. 

Episode 38 - Orange Grove 

John Peters - you know, the imposter - shows up to sell oranges and orange juice. Unfortunately, eating one or drinking the juice will make you disappear. Carlos and his research team see John Peters - you know, the farmer - in the house that doesn’t exist. They try calling out his name and even knocking on the door, but John doesn’t react. 

When selling the oranges, the imposter mentions that one of these oranges holds the key to the door in the middle of nowhere, and he would very much like to find it. 

So what does all of this mean? I don’t know. I just think it’s fascinating that they’ve been building this up for a while.

What if at their first meeting...
  • John: *looks around*
  • Snerlock: *looks at him* Bi.
  • John: Aww
  • Sherlock:
  • John: You got that from one look?
  • Sherlock: *comes closer*
  • John: Amazing!
  • Sherlock: *violates John's personal space*
  • John:
  • Sherlock:
  • None of them noticed Mike Stamford standing there with his jaw dropped to the ground while they were snogging passionately.