January - December 2016

A year passes fast..

It was sooo difficult to chose just one pic for each month. I really did draw a lot this year and some months have many drawings I still love…others not so much :D
Yes, I did draw a lot this year!! AND IT WAS GREAT!!! I feel I made some nice progress this year and also finally dared to apply for art school and got accepted and for all this I wanna thank you!!! Thank you for all the support and love and inspiration you give me!!! The year is not over yet but this is already my little way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! <33

Thank you very much for everything and for 4000 followers!!!
AN AMAZING NUMBER!!! I would never thought I would get there!! It still amazes me that you love what I post and stick with me and talk to me. I love to share and am always happy to get your input, hcs, ideas and questions!!!
This was an important year for me! Thank you for staying with me and joining me!

From the Beginning Until Now

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU, final chapter. Thanks for reading, everyone!

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Snowy days in Paris were a sight to behold. Gray skies, centuries old buildings and landmarks covered in fresh coats of white, cafes and bakeries drawing entire families in with the promise of hot drinks and warm pastries. 

Once upon a time, the snow brought sadness to many Parisians. They went about their days in solemn remembrance of a boy who had put himself in harm’s way to ensure their peace and safety. By the time the snow melted, the statue in the memorial park dedicated to him would be surrounded by flower bouquets.

But on the thirteenth winter after the fateful building collapse, there was no sadness. The snow-covered Champ de Mars was as crowded as ever. Children shrieked and laughed, tourists and photographers attempted to get that perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower, and curious onlookers smiled as Ladybug and Chat Noir, the heroes of Paris, chased each other through the trees.

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More Damian as a college student: My college had an orientation weekend for all the freshmen, which is pretty common as far as I’m aware, but it pretty much felt like summer camp for 400 some freshmen with like 100 upperclassmen running things and I just couldn’t help thinking of what Damian would have done and ended up writing this drabble.

“Hi everyone, I’m Hannah your O-group leader and I’d like to welcome you all to your first semester! So what we’re going to do is some get to know you games. First though how about we just go around the circle and say our name, where we’re from, and one fun fact about ourselves. So my name’s Hannah, I’m from Coast City and I spent the summer working as an intern at Ferris Air.”

This continues to go around the circle and Damian learns his classmates play an array of sports and instruments, won various awards, and come from all over the country. By the time it gets to be his turn he has no suitable fun fact that wouldn’t compromise his identity.

“Hello. My name is Damian Wayne, I am from Gotham City and I-” am Robin, was trained to be an assassin since birth, have died and come back, count metas and a kryptonian as my best friends, I’ve led the teen titans, have been to space multiple times… “have a small wildlife preserve at my house. It includes a cow, some horses, dogs, cats, a turkey, and some more exotic animals.”

The introductions conclude and they move onto the next game, something called the Great Wind Blows. The whole circle stands and one person enters the middle, they say something about themselves and whoever else that applies to must run to another spot in the circle, the last one still moving ends up in the middle next. -tt- This is ridiculous. What could any of these people possibly have in common with myself. The first person is a girl who introduces herself as Joan and then she recites her fact as per the rules, “The great wind blows if you… have an adopted sibling!” Damian moves into the center of the circle, slightly in shock. Joan takes his spot and no one else has moved.

“You both have an adopted sibling?” Hannah asks kindly, trying to encourage them to share.

“My little sister, her name’s Emma. My parents adopted her when she was still a baby and I was four but I love her to pieces.”

“Damian?” Hannah prompts.

Damian gulps and stares at his classmates, “I have four adopted siblings actually, three older brothers and an older sister. Um, Richard, Jason, Timothy, and Cassandra.” Hannah smiles and nods at him and he realizes this is his cue to continue the game. “I’m Damian and the great wind blows if…” you are a black belt in at least one martial art, know how to fence, speak more than three languages fluently, regularly travel across the country… “you spend your summer on a farm or at summer camp.”

Quite a few other teens shuffle around and whoever moved must once again explain how it applies to them. A lot work as summer camp counselors but two others explain they spend summers on their grandparent’s farm or uncle’s vineyard. “A family friend is from Smallville, Kansas and his parents’ have myself, their grandson and a few other friends come stay for parts of the summer on their farm.”

Damian is surprised to find himself moving around the circle to things like “have a dog”, “have a black belt”, “rides horses”, “watch Disney movie marathons with friends”, “have inside jokes with your siblings”, “regularly prank another member of your family”, “one or more of your best friends live in another state”.

What was the most surprising was “have met a superhero”, since Hannah thought this was interesting and practically everyone moved she had them all go around and say which hero, herself having run into different Green Lanterns during her life in Coast City. A lot were “Superman” or “the Flash” two excitedly said they had both met Wonder Woman and Black Canary which prompted a side conversation that needed to be reeled back in.

It got around to Damian who grimaced, scrunched his eyes shut, and began listing as fast as he could, “Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Red Hood, Black Bat, Batgirl, Red Robin, Abuse, Superman, both Superboys, the Flash, Kid Flash, Impulse, Arsenal, Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary, Catwoman, Huntress, Wonder Woman, Troia, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, Stargirl, Doctor Midnight, Wildcat, Mister Terrific, Ravager, Tempest, Aquaman, Doctor Fate, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and I’m positive there’s some I’m missing…” He opened his eyes to see the rest of the group staring at him in shock, mouths slack. He tried reclaiming an air of nonchalance, “My father funds Batman Inc. Over the years I have met some rather interesting people thanks to that.”

Another boy gave a low whistle, “Dude. You have got to tell me what it’s like meeting Batman.” Damian just smirked as they moved on.

- Little Red

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AYH 04.12.2016 question

A question for those awaiting tonight’s concert audio file.

Stupid BakaIseijin that I am was under meds today and mistook concert start timing.  Which means I was LATE TO ARASHI’S ARE YOU HAPPY CONCERT!!!

NO.  NOT happy indeed.  Which raises the following options for the ~1hour 45min audio recording:

#1. Don’t share at all.

#2. Share it in its incomplete form (from midway of Two to Tango onwards)

#3. Share just the MC since I was thankfully in by then.

#4: Share just Miles Away (that is ‘uninterrupted’ by fangirl chitchat, unlike in 02.12.2016 recording)

#5: Share just MC and Miles Away (as separate files)

Still hurts to think I could hear the ending of Bad Boy even as I was kindly escorted to my seat.  By the time I settled down, Two to Tango was practically over.

Let’s set a deadline of tomorrow Monday (5th Dec) 10am (JST) to hear your thoughts (#1 - #5).  If not, I’ll go with what I think would be the ‘best’ option. Click on ‘reply’ speech bubble and let me know.  Okay?


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@businesscasualprincess replied to your post: Oh and excuse you Charming…

Well  yes, but dammit the HAVE a Genie plan! They even do drills once a month because that’s just part of a healthy relationship, geeze!

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs

Now I have visions of Charming going through their family emergency planning and including things like “town hit by sleeping curse”, “monster terrorizing main street”, “suspect someone is impersonating me with magic”. 

“David do we really need to exchange the password every time we greet each other?” 

“You literally kissed my twin brother thinking it was me.”

“Well that hardly counts as an emergency…” 

“Next time it could be Gold.” 

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Your not an artist so reposted art doesn teffect you

Okay, first of all, several of my closest friends on this website are artists. Just earlier today one of them had difficulties because someone reposted their art on Instagram. When someone reposts my friends’ art that they spent hours working on, it effects me because I have to watch them deal with that.

Secondly, I like to think that being upset about someone reposting someone else’s work is part of being a decent human being. It is not difficult to ask an artist for permission and/or properly credit them. If you can’t find the source, you don’t post it. Crisis averted.

And lastly, kindly go fuck yourself.

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Imagine Sakura wearing one of Xander's shirts, because she is a little curious to see how big it is on her. Xander walks in on her wearing his shirt, and he doesn't know how to respond, other than to blush.

idk what prompted you to give me this cute idea but bless you


 It was the first thought that came into mind the moment she saw herself in the mirror.

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     ok  but ,,,,,, give  me  little  baby  neville  meeting  members  of  the  order.   give  me  little  baby  neville  meeting  people  who  will  talk  about  his  parents  without  comparing  them  to  them  or  making  him  feel  bad  about  himself.   give  me  little  baby  neville  just  clinging  to  them  and  being  so  heartbroken  when  his  gran  tells  him  that  it’s  time  to  go,   and  asking  if  he  can  pretty  please  see  them  again.   just !  baby  neville  and  good  adult  figures!