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Recently, I've been getting more contact from Thor than Loki. It's just happened all of the sudden too. I was use to Loki's sarcasm and guidance, but now Thor has been keeping me calm and protecting me. He likes to hold me. I haven't had much contact from Thor until now. Why does this mean? What's going on? I'm confused because it's been mostly Odin and Loki for as long as I started paganism. Sorry this is rambly, but I don't know what's happening.

I’ve learned over the years that gods, like friends, can come and go with the seasons. Loki especially has a tendency (in my experience) to leave and come back without warning. He does what he will.

From what I’ve learned, Thor’s a cuddler. Lots of people that work with him can tell you that he’s like a giant golden retriever. I’m reluctant to say for certain what it means exactly, because it could be anything. Being protective and friendly seems to be his modus operandi.

Lots of people will also tell you that the Norse come in sets. I once only worked with one god, and over time it became 15, then 7, and I’m sure it will change again. As you change, your practice changes.

My advice is not to freak yourself out. Don’t swear any oaths yet, and take the time you need to decide whether you want Thor around or not.

Disappointment is coming, for sure! People are going to hurt you in ways you would never have believed even possible. You are going to be let-down and deeply betrayed. And there is only one thing to do when you are tragically let down — let-go. No matter how wrong they were, holding on will not make it right, and it will eat you alive over time. Don’t let them kill you twice. Letting go is the only way. — Bryant McGill


Hey, guys, there was some pretty cool shit on the PTR and generally just announced for patch 7.3. If any confessions come in they’re going to be posted like normal and if you’re interested in avoiding all spoilers they’ll be tagged with “7.3 Spoilers” w/o the quotes. YOU are responsible for blacklisting this tag yourself. The text will also have some larger point font specifically describing that the following post is a Legion Spoiler. I have a pretty big queue going right now so it’ll be a while before any of those come in, I’m just warning you in advance. 


“Where are you going son?” his father’s voice came from behind him.

“Out” he muttered. It sounded harsher than he meant it to. He was so tired of his parents hovering over him.

“When will you be back?” he asked.

Shrugging Vincent rolled his head from side to side. “When I get back” he replied evasively. “I’m not a baby. I can come and go as a I please.”

“For an adult you sure act like a child” Milo said.

Vincent squeezed his eyes tight. He could hear the gentle rebuke in his father’s voice. The disappointment as well as disapproval. Sighing he turned from the door. “I just have a lot of things to think about.”

Gesturing toward the table Milo asked “want to tell me about it?”

You Know Better, Princess

Description: I have not once read a sugar-daddy Tony Stark fic, so I wrote one

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: smut, jealous!Tony, possessive!Tony, all kinds of good stuff

A/n: its really short (and mostly dialogue), but I just felt this really needed to be done, and I couldn’t help but picture him this way lol here ya go

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“Come on, princess! We’re gonna be late.”

“I’m coming!” 

I walked out of the bathroom of the hotel to find Tony waiting outside my door. He brought his hands out from behind his back, smirking at me.

“I got you a little present before we go.”

I took the small bag from him, opening it up. I pulled out a new baby pink lingerie set, looking up at him. “And what would this be for?”

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They're gonna have 7 babies!! are you kidding? I'm so excited but poor Kookie lmao he's gonna be the type that screams 'I'm not letting you touch me ever again!' while in labor I can already picture it. And it's also such a contrast with their parents, because while they were only childs, as grown ups they are gonna raise 7 kids! Oh, also, is it going to be a teenage pregnancy? or you are gonna wait until Jungkook is out of high school? I need to prepare myself for all the cute that's coming

Yeeees, these boys are going to have so many babies on their hands all at once! Jungkook’s going to be ecstatic and might go a little crazy from some of his misbehaving babies, while Jimin’s a cool cucumber and goes with whatever Guk wants : )

Yes, since they’re only children and know how lonely it gets, they want to make sure they have a huge family! I actually was raised in a large family and was always surrounded by love and someone to talk to, and I have friends who grew up an only child say how lonely they are. I want to show the contrast between that as well!

Jungkook, the poor babe, is going to have a teenage pregnancy! It’ll prose some problems for when he’s attending school but he’ll get it worked out.

Tbh I don’t know when the next chapter will be updated because I’ve recently been inspired to write this Vminkook story, but I’m hoping it will be out soon~! ❤️

i think the worst part about trying to get excited about pride stuff around my straight people family is that even when they’re “supportive”

(aka they don’t actively hate queer people but aren’t actually trying very hard to support me and are especially casually biphobic on the regular)

is that they don’t get why i get excited about things like someone i admire coming out or going to pride and being themselves? i can’t get excited about ian or taliesin to my family because they’ll just kinda be like …uh so what who cares ??

because it’s impossible to get across to them the feeling of being validated when you’ve been forced to be quiet about yourself for so long. when you see people like you getting harassed for just being like you, then see someone come out and be proud, it kinda rocks your world for a little while and you’re like YES this is OKAY

but straight people don’t get that, they think it’s ridiculous to get excited about and it Sucks because i just want to be excited for a while

My 26 yr old sister still says things out loud like ‘ermagerd’ and ’___ ALL the things!’ Like…is that what’s gonna happen to me?am I going to be 30 still saying stupid shit like O shit waddup! Are all the youngins gonna be embarrassed by my use of outdated memes….how long until I myself am not Hip With It….how long until I am no longer a trendy memer…

Something that the sonic franchise has taught all of us, but never noticed

Sonic through out the past 26 years has taught us a lot of life lessons. 

I dont think I need to name them off. just think of one.

There is one BIG life lesson that is never really noticed. but I have recently noticed. I will say; Its a sad life lesson that a lot of us can relate to.

This life lesson is the one where

 friends do come and go

Think about all of the friends sonic has met through out the 26 years he has been around. he has lost a lot of them

even to the point where they become strangers

or sometimes life just drifts them apart

or they just someone you just meet along your journey of life

Even though life is short. you should still enjoy every little moment around those you love

because one day…. you might have to say good bye

She was a goddess with the ability to come and go without a trace. She was there, talking to me, then gone. Without a trace. I never knew when she would come, or go, but I couldn’t wait for one, and felt so lonely with the other. She was an evasive goddess. Never to be felt with the touch, only with her spirit. Was she ever really here?

the linstead things: when their eyes (even their eyebrows) do the talking #linsteadlooks