come thru

Come Thru
Come Thru

“Watch me, going out of the way
When I should’ve went home
Only time of the day I get to spend on my own
I was trippin’ off how I used to sleep at ya crib
Should drive by right where you live, and pick you up on the way
We ain’t spoke in so long, probably put me in the past
I can still get you wet, and I can still make you laugh
You should call into work if that ain’t too much to ask
I could pour you up a drink and we can burn something”


How cute! 😍 Yasssss! 💜


to all the boys i’ve loved before (2018)
lara jean, you’ve got to tell people how you feel when you feel it. you can’t just sit up in your room, writing love letters you’re never going to send.