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i recently read a ff where jk is famous and jm is a fan and last night i was thinking about how cute it would also be if it was the other way around (jk going to a fanmeeting and being nervous and shy when he meets jm and jm being really cute and nice to him) and i kinda need you to write about this please

“You’re going to chew your fingers off at this rate.” Seokjin says in amusement as Jungkook keeps nibbling on his finger nails.

“H-How can I not?” Jungkook says as his hands go down to play with his camera, “I’m going to see Jimin Hyung…”

Jungkook blushes as he imagines finally seeing Park Jimin, Angel voice and amazing dance fairy in person. Jungkook was living in American during Jimin’s debut and Jungkook cries over the miss opportunity to see him. Now 2 years later Jungkook is sitting in a fan meeting with waiting to see Park Jimin.

“You’re so cute.” Seokjin, his cousin, coos and pats his head. Jungkook pouts at him and before he can reapond the lights flicker and Jimin suddenly appears on stage. Jungkook gasps as he freezes. How can a human be so beautiful?

“Morning everyone!” Jimin says with a smile, “did you all wait long?”

“No!” Jungkook and the crowd reapond’s. Seokjin chuckles at how enchanted Jungkook is with Jimin. The elder sneaks Jungkook’s camera away so he can take pictures for his cousin.

The fan meeting goes smoothly for the most part. Jimin is charming and makes everyone laugh. Soon the high touch starts and Jungkook feels himself sweating.

“Go on.” Seokjin says handing Jungkook Jimin’s album to get sign. “Tell him how much you love him.” Jungkook blushes as he moves away from Seokjin who laughs. Jungkook soon finds himself next in line to see Jimin.

Again, how is someone so beautiful!?

Jungkook is shaking when he gets on his knees in front of the table Jimin is sitting at. Jimin smiles fondly at him and Jungkook swallows painfully.

“Hello, you’re new.” Jimin says softly as he takes Jungkook’s album and Jungkook freezes when Jimin’s soft fingers brush against his. “W hats your name?”

“Jeon…Jungkook.” Jungkook whispers as his cheeks go bright red. Jimin smile brightens as his pen touches the album page.

“Cutie Jeon Jungkook.” Jimin sighs happily as he signs the page before handing it back to Jungkook. “Come visit me again ok cutie?”

Jungkook eyes widen as his mind goes blank. Jimin looks heavenly in the lighting and voice is like velvet and he is calling him a cutie and so many emotions are going through him and Jimin is smiling at him and he just can’t!

“I love you!” Jungkook declares before he can stop it. Jimin looks a little shock by the sudden outburst before he starts giggling cutely. Jungkook face darkens to the shade of a lipstick while Jimin can’t stop giggling.

“Seriously, you’re way to cute.” Jimin leans forward as he pets Jungkook’s hair. “Come and confess to me again, ok?” Jungkook nods dumbly before staff shoos him away.

Jungkook hugs his album to his chest as he goes back to his seat. Jungkook watches as Jimin entertains other fans as his mind trys realize what happen. Seokjin takes pictures of his cousin who looks dumbfounded.

Jimin announces that the fan meeting is over 15 minutes later but doesn’t leave with out shooting Jungkook a wink. Jungkook blushes and Seokjin pats his back while laughing.


I have been accepted into Hanze University of Applied Sciences!!!! Moving to the Netherlands will be different, but I honestly can’t wait!! Any Dutch followers or mutuals!? I’ll be moving to Groningen, however as it’s a small country I want to see as much as I can during my time off.

@snoozedimmer is gonna come visit me quite often to make sure I’m doing ok and since we’ll be closer it’ll be a lot better for us in the sense of time zones and shit.

Any Canadians who’ve moved to The Netherlands? I’ve got a few questions !

Anyways here’s to the biggest step ever in my life! I’m so excited 💖❤️

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Hii, I really love your stories :3 Could you do 1, 24 and 36 for modern!Kylo with the Blurb ones pleease 🙏🏻😍? You're the bestt byeee💕

Aww thank you hun! That’s so sweet of you to say. Hope you don’t mind, I’m making this modern triplet Kylo cause I had a great idea for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Modern AU Kylo +  “Holy shit, you’re real.” +  “So you’re my soulmate.” +  “And you’re naked. Okay.”

Nervously Kylo adjusted his leather jacket, continuing to fuss over the way it rested on his shoulders. Though he wore the jacket thousands of times, something about in the moment felt too constricting. As if his back had grown overnight, the leather that used to fit with ease seemed to bring him some newfound discomfort.

Groaning in frustration he shucked the jacket off of him, flaring his nostrils as it hit his bed. Running a hand through his ebony locks, Kylo sighed as he looked himself over in the mirror. Everything about the clothing he had chosen for one reason or another was not appeasing him. Rolling his eyes at himself, Kylo turned to his closet as he stood and stared at the array of clothes it had to offer. 

Although he would never openly admit it, the fact that he was supposed to be preparing for a blind date his brother Ben had arranged was making him far more critical of himself and far more doubtful. No matter how he arranged his attire he was disatisfied, sure that it would give horrible first impressions to his date. 

“Ugh fuck.”

Scratching the back of his neck, Kylo abruptly snatched one of his shirts from the closet as he laid it on his bed. Following up with the shirt, Kylo pulled out a different pair of pants, even boxers to start fresh. With a sigh he nodded to himself as he looked the clothes over.

“Ok…this is good.”

Nodding to himself in confidence he quickly began removing his current attire.

Meanwhile in the living room Ben walked up to the door, hearing a knock echo into the room. With a smirk he turned the knob and swung open the door.


You smiled back at Ben, “Hey Solo.”

He gestured to you, “Come on in.”

Walking over the threshold your eyes began to wander around the apartment, curious as to what these infamous triplets were all about. Finding your eyes landing on a head of shaggy blonde hair you smiled, waving slightly.


He smiled back waving as he looked up from his laptop, “Hi.”

“Oh yeah, that’s Matt. He doesn’t usually stop by the record shop or come to visit me on your shift.”

You nodded, “Ah ok. Well nice to meet you.”

“You as well.”

Turning to face Ben you arched a brow, “So, where’s my date? Or as you say, my soulmate?”

Ben lazily waved his arm off to the right, “In his room, as usual. Last time I checked he was getting dressed, and considering that was 20 minutes ago you should be good to go in there.”

“I-I…you want me to go in there?”

Ben shrugged, “If you want to. It’s not like he’s going to complain that his stunning date came in.”

You sighed, “You’re sure?”

Ben nodded, “Absolutely.”

Walking past Ben you made your way to Kylo’s room, hesitating for a moment as you looked at the door knob before you. It seemed odd to just barge in, but at the same time, as Kylo’s brother, Ben likely knew best. Considering you had only seen glimpses of Kylo at work and heard snippets about him from Ben when you bumped into him, you wouldn’t know best.

Sighing you turned the door knob carefully, pushing yourself slightly against the door as it swung open.

“So you’re my soulmate?”

The instant you were in the room, your eyes shot wide as your cheeks grew hot at the sight before you. Kylo was most certainly in his room, but unlike you had ever anticipated, he was butt naked. Turning to see you in the doorway, Kylo’s eyes grew as he instinctively grabbed the first piece of clothing he could as he put it over his crotch, looking at you like a deer in the headlights.

“Holy shit!”

Feeling your face only grow warmer you cleared your throat, averting your eyes from Kylo.

“And you’re naked, okay.”

Just as quickly as you had entered you turned on your heel and shut the door behind you. Pressing your back up against it you sighed as your eyes instantly glared towards Ben. Ben sat comfortably on the couch eating a bag of chips, turning to see your glare he arched a brow.


Your nostrils flared faintly, “Go in his room? Go in? He was naked Ben. The hell is wrong with you?”

Ben snickered faintly, “That’s one way to break the ice.”

Rolling your eyes you shook your head, “Shut up Benji.”

Ben’s expression went flat, “Hey we talked about that nickname.”

Running your hand down your face you shook your head again, walking towards the living room.

“I already blew it and the date hasn’t even started.”

Ben looked to you with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes as you put up a finger.

“Turn that into an inappropriate joke and I will backhand you.”

Just as Ben snickered at your threat you heard Kylo’s door creak open. Turning to look to the side you saw Kylo emerge from his room, fully clothed this time with his cheeks dusted in a faint crimson. Despite his intimidating build and his ominous all black get up, including a very nice leather jacket, he appeared shy and unsure of himself. Stopping in his steps he looked you over, realizing who you were.

“Holy shit you’re real.”

You smiled as Ben scoffed, “You really think I’m that much of an asshole to set you up on a fake date? Come on.”

Kylo rolled his eyes faintly as he walked forward, adjusting his jacket once again.

“Uhm, sorry about the uh…the horrible introduction I’m Kylo.”

You smiled as you extended your hand to him, “I’m (Y/N).”

From behind his laptop Matt watched with a smile across his face as he watched his otherwise brooding and rather isolated brother fumble over himself. Though he wasn’t familiar with you himself, from what Ben had told him about you, he couldn’t imagine his brother with someone better. Ben looked to Matt giving him a thumbs up as Matt nodded. 

Running a hand through his locks Kylo sighed as he looked you over.

“So y-you ready to go?”

You nodded as Kylo nodded in response, fussing with his jacket once again before he pulled out his car keys. Gesturing to the door Kylo gave you a faint and awkward grin, one you found endearing. Smiling you walked past him and went to the door. Watching you both Ben waved with a grin.

“Have fun kiddies!”

As the door shut Matt turned to Ben with a smile, “You did good.”

Ben nodded as he rested his arms behind his head, smirking.

“I did didn’t I? You know, I impress even myself sometimes.”

Matt rolled his eyes as he returned to his laptop. 


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Jp
悪い男の恋愛事情 (Sub) Story

Eisuke: You need absolute rest. Think only about me. Surrender your feeling only to me. There is no other treatment.
Soryu: If you leave it alone it may get worse. Come to me as soon as you can.
Baba: Your ailment is “love” and it requires a daily visit so come see me everyday, ok?
Ota: From my observations, the main symptoms is cheekiness. So listen to you master properly!
Mamo: Continuous treatment. Listen to the instruction of you attending physician kid. Just come see me everyday.
Luke: It requires closer examination.Let me examine every part of your body.

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(@dena-worksat-bakery) well well well you fell from the sky my friend! How are you star? You've been gone for a while,and while you were gone I started working here in the bakery come visit me sometimes ok!


Starlight gives a light smile. “Nice pun! Anyway, I’m doing well! Life’s been going the same as usual, so that’s at least a plus. I’ll visit when I can!”

Date With Destiny

Originally posted by mykeem

Date With Destiny
[Going on a blind date with Flowsik]

You looked yourself over in the mirror and groaned. You’d been so busy with trying to rebuild your life in Seoul, you’ve sort of forgotten what it was like to go on a date. “Is this ok?” you sighed, holding up your phone while skyping Hoody.

“You look gorgeous” she chimed. “Now hurry up! You’re gonna be late.”

“Ugh…Tell me more about this guy…Jay was it?” you ran the brush, combing a few tangles out of your hair.

“Jay’s your type. Trust me.” she laughed “He’s handsome and kind. He used to live in the States so you guys have that in common and he’s got such a nice personality”

“I dunno I think you’re hyping him up a little too much”

“Trust me.” she grinned. “And hurry up-And don’t forget to come and visit me at my show tonight.”

“Ok, ok Unnie I’m going-And don’t worry I’ll be there.” you waved at the screen before hanging up and heading out the door.

It didn’t take you very long to make it to the cafe in Hongdae, there were quite a few people there and suddenly you were regretting not asking Hoody for a photo of your mystery man. But she insisted on you being surprised, something about it being more romantic. Your eyes locked with a handsome man sitting at a table by himself, he smiled at you and you waved at him.

“Jay?” you raised a brow.

“Yes?” he scrambled a bit, before standing up and pulling out a seat for you.

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5 Ways To PISS OFF Italians!

“"Today we’re going to have fun discovering how to piss off Italians. I’m going to tell you about five ways…. Just keep in mind that these are just five of the many ways to piss us off and at the end of this video I’m going to ask you two questions… Let’s start! Number one: we get really upset when we’re in traffic. You have no idea how Italians get angry in the traffic. It’s crazy! You know, it seems like they go to war. So, if somebody is slowing down the traffic, best case scenario you just get somebody honking at you, but otherwise you get people rolling down the window, yelling at you “cornuto maledetto”, or other stuff I’m not really gonna say here…What is “cornuto”? “Cornuto” is like…you’re woman is cheating on you and, let me tell you, for Italians this is one of the worst insults ever! So, be careful. Number two is “mess with our food”. Please, don’t do that! Don’t come here and mess with our food, because we take food so seriously, our culture is food based. So, don’t come here and say “you know, all kinds of pasta are the same, it doesn’t matter”. It doesn’t matter?! Are you kidding me?! It does matter so much! Fusilli are not the same as spaghetti, and spaghetti are not the same as conchiglie or rigatoni. They’re all different, they all have different flavors and they all go with different sauces. So, please, don’t say that, ok? And please, don’t put ketchup on spaghetti! What the hell is that about?! Ketchup on spaghetti?! Are you kidding me?! No way, I think you might risk your life if you do that. Of course I’m kidding, but maybe not so much. And one other thing, if the package says “cook for 12 minutes, 14 minutes”, do it for two minutes less. Why? Because we like our pasta al dente and if it’s not al dente we call it “scotta”, overcooked, and forget about it, there’s no way you can it that, we’re not gonna eat it and if you cook it for us that way, then we’re not friends anymore, ok? So, number three: ok, you’re a foreigner, you come visit me as a guest and I’ll show you to the bathroom. You go in, you look at one thing that looks like something and you don’t know quite what it is. So you’re like, “what is that?”. That’s called bidet. Why do we have that? Well, I don’t know why it’s just in Italy but…we wash our “sedere”, ok. We wash our sedere after doing, you know what, ok? And we don’t want you to tell us “that thing is disgusting”, because if you say that….What?! Disgusting?! Are you kidding me?! You’re disgusting because you don’t wash your…ok? So, don’t say that. Number four: it has to do with coffee. Coffee is another thing we take really really seriously. So, our coffee is called espresso and this is espresso, very very short. If you ask for instant coffee, long coffee, what do you call it, “americano”? No, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry to say this to you but americano, long coffee, instant coffee, that’s toilet flush, that’s what we call it here. So, don’t ever ask for that kind of coffee, just drink your espresso and enjoy it. And also, remember, don’t ever ask for cappuccino at dinner. If you ask for it in the afternoon, Iike, I don’t know, 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon, it might be ok. But if you ask it for dinner, after dinner, forget about it, you know, you really don’t wanna do that, ok? And finally number five: walking barefoot in the house. No, you don’t do that. If you come to my place and take your shoes off, you know what I’m gonna tell you? “What the hell are you doing? Why are you taking your shoes off?”. We don’t do that, we don’t walk barefoot in the house, we walk with our shoes on and we like it that way. So, please, don’t come to our houses and do that, ok?” 

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do you think it would be cool if they gave allura a girlfriend in season two? discuss please

It’s fucking one in the morning and I’m back and I am fucking squealing!!!!!! this is beautiful gorgeous just amazing

do you realize what this could mean though??? two amazing alien women all lovey dovey together but also of course fights just ruling together cuddle sesssions!! maybe allura can finally relax around cause I bet she thinks too much with the state that the universe is in

also a potential angst??

what if this other beautiful alien girl (just assuming she’s alien like I don’t want a human gf for her nope give me absolute alien gf)
meets with allura they talk they don’t wanna leave each others sides they hold hands and talk about everything and nothing and allura asks if shes curious about seeing more wondrous beauty that’s out in the universe

alien girl: But there’s so much wonder already right here look at this scenery isn’t it amazing?

Allura: No I’m asking if you would like to travel with me, come with me and we can help defend the universe I could use more women on the trip I mean pidge is but- never mind would you be willing to come along with me on this journey?

the alien girl shakes her head vigurously
alien girl: no I, I couldnt I can’t-

allura: oh but there’s so much we can do together we can stay up together as we are doing now, imagine this scenery we have now but better even bigger!

alien girl: I’m sorry allura I can’t leave my home you’re amazing and I have loved every moment I have spent with you and I’ll cherish it but I’m not meant for those kind of adventures I mean it’s not like we can’t see each other ever right? you’ll come and visit me?

allura: I don’t know when I can come back


ahhh ok I got ahead of myself lol

idk you choose the happy ending of the alien girl going on the trip with allura and them being lovey dovey or that fucking angsty trip I wrote out but I love both possibilities thank you so much for this ask lil anon I think you made my night with this one

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Congratulations on appropriating a culture you aren't anything other than white why are you celebrating dia de los muertos

 Well hello there. You must be really far back in my archives as I haven’t posted anything about Day of the Dead since November of last year. 

  However, since you are here I’m going to tell you a story.

   In July of 2007? My youngest daughter died in a very horrible and very visibly traumatizing way. I was lost and completely not coping. In August I started attending a local Crochet and knitting group and I met Violeta. 

   She was my saving grace. V was from Mexico and had been living in our small town for about 5 years. She had 5 children and 12 grandchildren and had lost 2 infants at a very young age. I think one was stillborn and one died at 2 weeks old?

   That year when later October rolled round? V invited me to her house and told me she knew of a way that I could feel my daughter close to me and she thought it would help me a lot.

    She taught me all about Day of the Dead, specifically November 1st. Day of the Little Angels. The day the souls of children come back through the veil and visit.

    She convinced me that it was ok to buy clothes for my little baby and put them on her grave. She helped me create my very first altar. She helped me make paper roses for my baby girl. 

     More than this? I felt my daughter all through the day on November 1st. Things on my altar were moved suspiciously and that evening someone had come to her grave and left a bouquet of beautiful silk marigolds and I know it wasn’t V because I was with her the entire time.

      In June of 2008? V had a massive heart attack and died. However I still celebrate Day of the Dead every year. I’m VERY careful to keep it separate from Halloween. But celebrating it in memory of my child and V seems right and I will continue to do so.

    I don’t care if anons on this site don’t like it.