come up with better insults

Enneagram 1´s defense is meticulousness. Nobody can pick apart a person who will dissect the aggressor more.

Enneagram 2´s defense is self-sacrifice. Nobody can hurt a person who hurts themselves already.

Enneagram 3´s defense is their status. Nobody can ruin a reputation of someone who will ascend tenfold through humiliation. 

Enneagram 4´s defense is originality. Nobody can insult someone who will always come up with a better insult that destroys their aggressor´s core. 

Enneagram 5´s defense is aloofness. Nobody can ostracize a person who is already an outsider. 

Enneagram 6´s defense is their rationality. Nobody can disrupt someone whose deepest emotions are intellectualized.

Enneagram 7´s defense is versatility. Nobody can hold onto a person who slips away - the more pressure is applied - like a bar of soap.

Enneagram 8´s defense is offense. Nobody can beat a person when they have been preemptively beaten. 

Enneagram 9´s defense is understanding. Nobody can hurt a person who knows pain. 

Hey, y’all.  I was hoping to get a little help with something.  I know I’ve talked about my boyfriend on here before, and about how he wants to understand gender, specifically non-binary gender, better.  He was raised in a very conservative household where anything straying from the male-female was regarded as “socialist propaganda” and strongly dismissed, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that the concept of gender theory was even available to him.  Now, he’s very respectful of gender identity and he would never intentionally misgender someone because he’s not a dick, but he feels that he would benefit from understanding the issues surrounding gender in addition to accepting them.

He and I have had countless discussions on the subject.  We tend to agree on most things and we generally reach the same conclusions, but our processes for arriving at those conclusions are different.  He’s very intelligent, but we think differently.  I’m a very abstract and theoretical thinker, but he is more concrete.  It makes for some awesome discussions (y’all should come over for dinner sometime), but it also means that the sources I read to learn about and understand gender theory, those that use very theoretical and abstract language and points, are not helpful to him.

So, this is where you lot come in.  You curious, brilliant people.  I am looking for good articles or journals or even books on gender theory that are helpful to a concrete mind.  Or, if any of my non-binary followers are willing, someone to sit down and patiently have a conversation with the man.  Send me sources!

in public literally everyone uses he/him pronouns for me or refers to me as sir so like… obviously i pass?? cis people gotta come up w a better insult for trans men without throwing lesbians under the bus too


When did autism become a joke online? Like, “Oh, look how autistic that guy’s being?” Not to be all “politically correct”, but it just sounds pathetic to me–you couldn’t come up with a better insult?

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An su critical blog AND an ace inclusionist? Ugliest thing I've seen all day

I’ve seen 13 year olds come up with better insults

People trying to make fun of me for my Disney obsession.
  • Other: You're such a nerd for being obsessed with Disney.
  • Me: Actually, the correct title is 'Disnerd'
  • Other: Only babies like Disney.
  • Me: The magic is for ALL ages to enjoy.
  • Other: You don't do anything except go to Disneyland all the time.
  • Me: That's what my annual pass is for.

Y'all can’t even think of another insult beside “here we got another normal 22 year old being not so normal”, like y'all are so salty and bitter that you guys can’t even come up with better shade. Stop being so repetitive you basic bitches.