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Name change and court fees

Hey everyone, 

As you know, I finally got my name legally changed, but it came with a pretty heavy price tag, and if anyone would be willing to help me come back from it, I would really appreciate it!

The filing fee was $156. The application was $84. After the name change went through, the filing fee for that was $90. Then I had to get a new birth certificate, drivers license, bank cards, insurance cards, and school ID’s, which added up to close to $60. It all added up pretty quickly, and I would really appreciate any help I could get! 

My paypal is Let me know if you send me something, so I can write you a thank you personally for helping me out!

Obscure Angel Memes
  • [points to anything that isn’t an animal] that’s some good 6th day of creation shit
  • substituting curse words with words from dead languages
  • “Good job, Gabriel. “
  • arguing over which wing is more important to flight
  • “I can’t believe it’s not the Roman empire!”
  • God said let there be [anything that wasn’t included in the days of creation]
  • “Not Babylon again”
  • dinosaur bones in places they shouldn’t be
  • “it takes a village to raise the antichrist”
  • [playing Highway to Hell on a harp}
  • “Mount Vesuvius was a clerical error”
  • coming up with creative names for poisonous plants, then giving them to Michael as a new hair product
  • “Just because Jesus took a 3 day nap doesn’t mean you get one”
  • “I’ve got the body of a loaf of bread and enough alcohol in my veins to be called Jesus, too”
  • [anytime something bad happens] at least it’s not leprosy
  • the weekly game of “Worse Than Judas?”  that involves the angels competing to find the worst human alive
Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over (PT.3: The Finale)

The Blac Chyna- Funds the money for the make-up line you have been wanting to get started so, you can focus on something positive and productive. The two of you settle on the name ‘FuqBoí’ for the brand. For being a form of inspiration she sends your ex a check. The check is made out for ‘$00.01″

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The Vivica A. Fox- Verbally annihilates him using nothing but SAT words at his new girls pool party. Takes a bottle of Patrón and CÎroc from the bar and makes her exit. Comes to your house and gets you turnt with the bottles and gives you a play by play of everything that happened

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The Ciara- Tells you to block his number and block him from all social media. Has her hair stylist make you a wig like hers and has you working out with her in the gym five days a week. A few weeks go by and she photographs you in a boudoir shoot and posts them to social media. Ends up getting you noticed and you get booked for a music video

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The Patti LaBelle- Comes over to your place and bakes you a cake and two pies. Prepares enough food for you that could feed the whole family at the reunion. Has your ex come to your place so you can have closure, plus she has a few words for him. He gives you an apology and explains his actions. When he’s done, she catches him eyeing the food and says to him “I know your behind not thinking about fixing a plate. Ya bettah think about fixing that attitude of yours before you get bust upside the head”

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The Solange- Some random person sees her beating up your ex and starts to record it. It is posted to vine and goes viral

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The Keke Palmer- She never liked your ex in the first place. Lowkey wants to flatten his tires and break his arms but, focuses on you instead. Enrolls the two of you in hip-hop dance lessons

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The Diana Ross- Tells you that you are far too fabulous to concern yourself with an uncultured buffoon like him. Books the two of you a trip to New York City. Has you shopping for eye catching ensembles from thrift/costume shops. Takes you to hit up the underground club scene and everyone there loves your outfits and wants to take pictures with you.Ya’ll end up trending online

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The Gabrielle Union- Infiltrates your ex’s family and ends up dating his brother. Sabotages any potential relationships your ex could have. His brother goes along with it because she got him sprung

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The Missy Elliott- Is a popular youtuber. Makes a dope music video about how weak your ex’s dick game was based off of what you’ve told her. Innuendos are all over the place. Choreography is fire. The song gains mainstream popularity and his mama now has it as her ringtone whenever your ex calls her

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The Trina- Spams all his instagram pics with the comment “fuckboy”

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The Amber Rose- Instafamous. Tells all her instagram followers not to fuck him cause he’s a bitchass. Your ex goes through a sexual drought

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The Lynn Whitfield- Runs his car off the road at 9 and casually drives to her brunch meeting at 10

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The Octavia Spencer- Knocks on his front door. He let’s her in, they walk into the kitchen. She tells him there are no hard feelings and gives him her “special” pie

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The Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes- Will burn his house down

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The Aaliyah- She runs into your ex at the Foot Locker. Tells him how she is so incredibly disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take a look at what kind of path he is taking in life because, he can’t go around hurting people that love him unconditionally. He feels so bad he starts going to church every Sunday to build a relationship with Jesus

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The Lupita Nyong’o- Takes you on a trip to Spain so you can clear your mind. She’s not even worried about your ex

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The Joseline Hernandez- Uses permanent spray paint to write “PENE PEQUEÑO” on the windshield of his car

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The Brandy- Sends you a text telling you to stop “sittin up in your room”. Picks you up and ya’ll have a beach day. She catches the owner of the bar two of you are at on the water eyeing you and encourages him to talk to you. Takes a picture of the two of you talking and sends it to your ex from your phone

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The Zendaya- Your ex contacts her first because he knows she will send him a 3000 word essay in MLA Format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, with direct quotes and a bibliography page to go with it. She doesn’t care what he has to say and goes with her usual formula anyway

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The Tamar Braxton- Bumps into him in the produce section at the grocery store. Makes the loudest cackle because she has been ready to run into your ex. Goes the hell off and he tries to tell her to calm down cause people are staring. Responds with “Whatchu mean calm down? What you worried about them for? You don’t know them! What you needed to be worried about was your relationship!” Wraps up the whole encounter with “You lucky I am a child of God”

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The Pam Grier- Shoots your ex then, takes you dancing later

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The Jackée Harry- Roasts your ex. I’m talking FATALITY  level roasting. He ends up deleting all his social media accounts and moves out of state. Even at his funeral she’s still dogging him and even the pastor slips out a chuckle

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Command Line Tumblr

A Totally New Interface for Tumblr?

Today, Tumblr is accessible via mobile, web or api—but what if you’re a linux enthusiast? Nerds like you can now access Tumblr completely via command line.

“What about images?” you ask. Displaying an image in command line is not something new. There are already a bunch of existing libs doing this, namely aalib, libcaca and super low level ncurses. And the most interesting project built based on those—p2p video chat—comes from a hackathon.

I picked up a much higher level library called blessed, for least efforts to achieve a best looking interface. As you may seen, blessed is javascript-based and very fancy. It provides you with almost every widget you might need to build an awesome dashboard.

Most of the work has already been done after figuring out the right library, to show tumblr in command line, we just need to

  • Connect the api to fetch image urls.
  • Do some front-end design to show a Tumblrish dashboard.

What? Still need codes?…

var post ={
    parent: dashboard,
    top: '15%',
    left: 'center',
    width: '40%',
    height: '80%',
    draggable: true,
    border: {
        type: 'line'
    style: {
        fg: 'white',
        bg: 'white',
        border: {
            fg: '#f0f0f0'

var load_post = function() {
    if (index < 0 || index >= posts.length)
    var post_data = posts[index];
    /** avator */
        parent: post,
        top: 0,
        left: '-30%',
        width: '20%',
        height: '20%',
        file: post_data.avator,

    /** posts */
    var count = post_data.count;
    // TODO: switch all sizes
    for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) {
        var offset = 100/count * i;
        var width = 100/count;
            parent: post,
            left: offset + '%',
            width: width + '%',
            height: '98%',


Blessed already provided lots of high level apis. As an example, to display a post as an image, all your input is just an image url, and call

    file: image_url/local_file

It supports png and gif, and even, if you’d like to show a video, blessed also provides video. Hypothetically speaking, we can use this library to build almost all components in the dashboard of Tumblr today. Note, it’s not connecting the real api, but I suppose that would be pretty easy. Also there’s a memory optimization issue might need to be addressed if we really want to use this library for something.

Who is your bae? - Allah is my bae. *heart heart icon*

Hey, what’s up with some Muslim sisters these days? Putting up photos of Allah is my bae stuff?

Is this a new trend? I’ve seen it all over facebook and twitter, and it needs to stop.

Allah is not your crush. Allah is not your boyfriend. Allah is not your husband. He is your Lord. Do not call Allah of something He has not named Himself.

He gave us beautiful names of which He has mentioned in the Qur’an, of which He said to call upon Him (with these beautiful names) and yet here you come and you call Him of something that is so inappropriate.

Allah loves you, yes, He loves his slaves but this love is not a love for a lover! His love is more than that, this lover love is so minute to be compared to His Love for His slaves. 

Indeed, to call Allah of something He has not named himself or to that is such a lowly level (that you know in your inner souls) intended for His creations is inappropriate. 

Would you call Allah your Love, your baby, your Hun, your babe, your whatever endearment calling you have in your mind intended for your lover? If no, then why call Him bae? Is bae so different from all these?

Sister, if you have been hurt, you have been rejected, you are finding marriage so hard for you and you are trying to comfort yourself by putting in your mind that Allah loves you and wants the best for you… that is absolutely fine! but to go overboard and make yourself feel that He is your lover, that it is okay to have no man because you have Allah as your lover is not right!

We find from the stories of the Sahabiyyat Radiyallahu Anhum what we can call the most tragic and heart wrenching stories, losing a husband, losing a father, losing all her sons, all these sacrifices yet did you ever hear one of these great women call Allah as their lover just to comfort themselves!? No, by Allah, no one ever did.

Wallah, sisters I know well what you are going through, who didn’t go through heart breaks, failures and rejections in life, but to put such inappropriate thought in your mind is just not right.

Stop doing this, if you need comfort then go read Qur’an, read the seerah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam or read the stories of these great women and men that Allah Azza Wa Jall has chosen to be the companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

Did you even know what bae means in other languages? Perhaps in Danish? In Danish it means poop, so are you saying Allah is your poop? Astagfirullah. Fear Allah sisters. Be careful of things you post.

Do not just jump in into a trend just because you want to fit in, wallah, a Muslim sister doesn’t need to fit in the society, because she is a Queen, maybe not in this dunya, but Allah prepared a palace for her to abide therein forever in Jannah… So tell me, why would a Queen in Jannah try to fit in a world so lowly like this of dunya?

Let this be a reminder for the mindful.

May Allah keep every sister steadfast in her deen. Amin.


Something that I noticed while reading some of saisai’s metas again:

Bakugou never stopped calling Izuku “Deku”.

Like, yes, the name was originally invented by Bakugou. He was the one to come up with it when they were approximately four years old, and he not once stopped using it.

But the name was supposed to be an insult.

And it no longer is now.

Uraraka and Izuku changed the meaning of “Deku”.


It was Uraraka who came up with the new meaning, thinking that Deku sounded a lot like “Never giving up”.

Since Bakugou couldn’t know that Uraraka had went and done that, because he hadn’t heard that conversation, you could say that he just completely missed the fact that the meaning of Deku has changed.


Except that Izuku has made it quite clear that it no longer has a bad meaning, right? He went and presented Deku as his hero name. In front of the class, in front of Bakugou nonetheless. He went and said “That’s my hero name, it means I will never give up” and he did so with a smile.


While Bakugou couldn’t know why Izuku would come up with the idea that his nickname no longer held a negative meaning, he surely does know it. Bakugou is not stupid, he can put two and two together.


The fact that Izuku made “Deku” his hero name tells a clear message – a message saying This is not an insult any longer, you can’t hurt me with this anymore.  

Bakugou’s facial expression when Izuku choses his hero name clearly shows that somewhere, Bakugou knew what this step meant for Izuku.


But even after all of that – Bakugou didn’t stop calling Izuku “Deku”. Even though it now is more a compliment – it’s a hero’s name after all – than an insult.

And I wonder – why? Because Bakugou is stubborn? That can’t be it, though. He may be stubborn, but he throws that away in favor of not showing respect towards Izuku.

There has to be another reason, and I wonder if this will become important in the future.

Music Monday - C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.

Hi Quotakus!!! The first feature for 2017 is C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. by ONE OK ROCK!!!! Hope you guys had a fun & enjoyable 1st January 2017!!

Something interesting to know about is how their band name came about!! It was actually because the band used to meet up to practice at 1 o'clock!! You guys may also know them from the manga series to 3 live-action movies, Rurouni Kenshin!! As their songs are chosen for the 3 movies’ theme songs!!

And also!! Their new album is coming out this January!!
Do check them out! (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d)

One Night Only [Chapter 4]

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Chapter 4 of One Night Only

Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3

Warnings: Some Adult Language

Admin Note: If you haven’t already, I would suggest ready Chapters 1-3 prior to this for the story to make sense :) 

** also Y/BF/N stands for your best friend’s name just so everyone’s clear**

You woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on life again. You weren’t going to worry about what Mark had said or what Jackson had wanted to talk to you about. He made his choice to let “something” come between you without even giving you the courtesy of trying to talk things out with you, he just left.

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The Different Shades of You and Me: Flirt Alert

A/N: Hi guys, it’s been a while but, I think I’ve come up with something that you are going to enjoy. It’s a new series that I hope I can complete but, it’s open ended and has no continuing plot line, just a common theme which is the names. Each story is inspired by a shade of paint and each will be named for them. Now enough of my rambling, I hope you all like it.

Flirt Alert

It was a bright Saturday afternoon when Stiles and Lydia went out to the local coffee house. All around them were several high school and college students catching up on their work. The room smelled like fresh brewed coffee and it made Lydia’s stomach make a grueling sound.

Stiles looked at her from above his laptop screen as she clutched her stomach. When she noticed others staring, her face turned red and a sheepish grin crept on her face.

Lydia wasn’t stupid, however. She knew most of the staring girls weren’t distracted by her growling stomach. The boy sitting two feet in front of her was the apparent center of their attention. His focused eyes and dark hair that matched the very coffee they were drinking were hard to miss.

“Stop that,” she said suddenly.

The boy’s eyes traveled to hers again in confusion. “Stop what?”

Lydia rolled her eyes and he chuckled in response before returning to his note taking. She turned in her seat and lifted her bag which was hanging on the back of her chair.

The girl stuck her hand in the tote bag and groped around before wrapping her hand around the object she was looking for. Lydia retrieved her wallet from her bag and hung it back on her chair, trying to make sure it didn’t drag on the ground.

When she unzipped her wallet, Stiles looked up again. “You need some cash?” he asked before lifting his bum from the chair to reach his back pocket. He quickly pulled out his wallet, but only after Lydia had found a crisp five dollar bill.

“I’m okay, but thanks.”

Lydia stood from her chair and smoothed out the wrinkles in her green skirt. It fell a few inches above the knee, but it was long enough that she didn’t have to worry about her butt being exposed. Stiles didn’t have to worry either.

The line for the barista bar was long, but moved quickly. One of the baristas, Kira, was moving remarkably fast, preparing drink after drink.

At the register was an employee named Scott. Lydia could see him from the back of the line, which meant a lot considering her height of five foot three.

When Lydia reached the front of the line, Scott flashed a charming smile and asked, “Hi, my name is Scott and welcome to the Beacon Hills Coffeehouse how may I help you?”

Lydia stood on the tips of her toes to get a good look at everything in the display case. Breads, sandwiches, and  cookies came in different flavors and variations.

After a good fifteen seconds of contemplation, Lydia decided on a bottle of water and buttered croissant. “Name?” the boy asked.


Scott entered her total and she handed the five dollar bill to the boy. He smiled as he worked the cash register and returned the change to Lydia.

Before going to pick up her order, Lydia placed the two quarters in the tip jar and shoved the one dollar bill back in her wallet. “Thank you.” Scott beamed.

Lydia grabbed her water bottle and tapped her freshly painted fingernails on the marble counter as Kira called out several names.

Kira was about the same height as Lydia with short and straight black hair. Everyone had figured she was filled up with coffee herself by the way she was moving. It was only her and Scott but, she was doing the job of three more people.

“Lydia!” Kira shouted before placing the warm croissant in a paper bag and sliding it onto the counter.

Lydia picked up the brown bag and opened it to smell the warm pastry. She closed her eyes and relished in the pleasing scent.

As she made her way back to the table, she spotted a girl walking past Stiles. As she walked, her hand swiped across the side of his laptop. Stiles looked up at her and gave a friendly smile before picking up a note she dropped on his keyboard.

Before he could open it, Lydia had tucked herself back into her seat and was chugging her water. “What’s that?” Lydia asked not so innocently.

“Nothing. Just a phone number,” Stiles shrugged as he threw it in his backpack.
Lydia rolled her eyes in response as she began to devour her croissant.

Stiles felt her envy oozing from her ears. He grabbed her hand on the edge of the table. “It’s nothing okay. I can’t just throw it away when she’s watching.”

Lydia nodded and continued to eat her buttery breakfast. At one point Stiles tried to sneak a piece from her, but he didn’t have to. Lydia broke off a chunk and gave it to the boy voluntarily.

When she was finished, Lydia grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth, accidentally smearing her lipstick along with the grease. Her reflection in her computer screen angered her as she searched for her lipstick in her bag.

“I’ll be right back,” she groaned as she trotted to the bathroom with her bag over her shoulder.

Lydia looked in the mirror as she cleaned the red streaks of makeup off of her face. Angrily she searched for her lipstick in her small makeup pouch, trying not to drop it.

When she finally felt a tube of lipstick, she read the name at the bottom and popped off the cap. The color, “Flirt Alert,” was just between red an orange, just like Lydia’s hair. It was one of her most favorite and boldest colors.

Using a paper towel, Lydia cleaned the edges of her lips and stuck her makeup back in her tote bag. She fixed her hair in the mirror before pushing the bathroom door open and walking back into the cafe.

When she entered the cafe, the strong scent of espresso that she had gotten used to flooded her senses once again. However, before she could sit down in her seat, she noticed another girl in her place.

The girl was a long haired brunette who was doing her hardest to get Stiles’ attention. He was trying his best to focus on his work without being rude and ignoring her attempts at a conversation.

As Lydia neared the table, the girl noticed and bid Stiles a farewell. He responded, but only looked up at her slightly.

Lydia sat back down in her warm seat and stared down Stiles from above her laptop screen. “What did she want?”

“She said we have AP Biology together and she wanted notes.”

“You don’t take AP Biology”

“Yeah, exactly,” Stiles chuckled.

Lydia was about to respond but she heard the girl and her friends giggling from across the room. They were all looking in Stiles’ direction, but he was painfully oblivious.

In response, Lydia stood and leaned over the table. In one swift motion, she grabbed Stiles shirt collar and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss surprised the boy, but when he got into it, it turned sloppy and hot.

When she was finished, Lydia sat back in her chair and continued working as the girls sat silent in their booth.

On the other side of the table, Stiles was trying to reevaluate his situation. Lydia looked up at him and laughed.

“What?” the boy asked.

Lydia gestured to her own lips before saying, “‘Flirt Alert’ looks good on you.”

Stiles’ face turned red as he found a napkin and wiped his girlfriend’s lipstick off of his face.


Merry Christmas from my family to yours<3

We highkey spoiled tf out of our kids this year.. but honestly they’ve been so good all year.

Corey got a cute little jeep to take him all over out ½ acre back yard and he also got a shit ton of legos courtesy of dad (Rip feet 😩 ) lol and he mostly got school clothes since he’ll be starting his half year of  Pre-k at the beginning of the new year.

Narissa only wanted one thing… a new dog. (smh as if one isn’t enough🙄) so daddy and i got her a Yorkie and she named her Maya. Her buck-tooth smile honestly lit up my heart when we brought Maya out. shes such a good girl in school so we honestly didn’t mind getting her something that would make her happy all the time. But I did forewarn her that this new pup comes with responsibility. Because we had Atticus since before she was born, i don’t require her to do much for him. but miss Maya, is a totally different story. Nari is gonna learn all about giving baths and taking for walks (in any weather), and daily feedings. i know it may seem a little harsh to some of you guys but we just want to teach our kids responsibility at a young age. she seemed happy at the terms of getting the dog but we’ll see lol. 

For my hubby.. he’s so damn complicated. i hate shopping for him tbh because he’s so picky. but i managed to get him a few pairs of nikes and some new clothes for outside of work. i also got him a little something for me to wear for him but we kept that one private lol. he seemed to like his shoes a lot so i was pretty satisfied. 

For me… Jai actually did a really great job picking stuff out for me. i was so proud of him. He got me a new Givenchy bag 😍and a beautiful Gucci necklace. he also went to Mac and spoiled me<3 i mean the bag was FULL of products. he got me more of my favorite foundations and lipsticks and other things that i’m exctited to test out. 

but all in all our Christmas was great and past all the presents, my babies really got to know the meaning of Christmas because we took them to church on Christmas Eve. I love you guys and I’m wishing you all a safe and Happy Holidays❤️🎄  


“The internet! Just when you think you’ve seen all the memes and Kickstarters worth seeing, something new pops up to give you hope. Right now, it’s these sick Harry Potter-inspired makeup palettes, mocked up by an ingenious Redditor and posted to r/MakeupAddiction on Thursday.

The palettes — which, to be clear, are just a dream right now — would theoretically come in the four house variations, with eyeshadow colors based on theme and named after the house traits. Original poster Spellsandstars’ choices are on point, with one of the shadows in each palette embossed with the house animal à la Chantecaille. The molten Bronze is especially beautiful in the "Ravenclaw” palette, although the quill-ended brushes hypothetically included in each take the concept home.

And the people are into it! The floodgates opened and suggestions took off from there, with Redditors discussing details like color selection, palette names that could avoid trademarks and Etsy copyright experiences (a crafty bunch).

User Mystwillow suggests a “sword handle for Gryffindor, quill for Ravenclaw, Branch for Hufflepuff, Snake tail for Slytherin. Then maybe a separate set of specialty brushes for eyeliner, etc. that were styled like wands,” while user Kohimiruku says, “It’d be cool if Gryffindor had a really strong fiery blush collection, Slytherin had a kick-ass contour kit… I imagine Ravenclaw is the kids with the slick sharp eyeliner, and Hufflepuff has cute lip stains and matching balms.”

Dirty Deeds > is recruiting!

Dirty Deeds is a Free Company on Balmung with a relaxed atmosphere and the ultimate in big boy entertainment. We have a casual raiding crew and will be facilitating organized raiding for anyone who wants to join in. We have a solid core of people who hang out in our 5 star restaurant/discord server and are always down to do content, especially helping new players get up to speed with the new expansion coming out.

There are only a few rules in D4C:

  • Don’t be an asshole or a creep
  • If people are being an asshole, ignore them or bring it up with a moderator.
  • If someone asks you to stop doing something that bothers them, please do. If you believe it to be arbitrary take it to a mod for deliberation.
  • Dirty Deeds is completely LGBTQ friendly, and will not tolerate any sort of homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or any other manner of bigotry.

We will be holding FC events such as:

  • Dirty Deeds Movie Nights (Name tentative)
  • Minion and Mount giveaways
  • Dog Army
  • Renegade Rascal Awards
  • Possible RP events
  • When Samurai comes out stand around Senryo Tsurugi and chant “Dan, Dan, the Samurai.”

If you would like to join, or donate to your local PBS station please contact the following bastards in-game or on tumblr:
Sturm Brenner: @sundsted
Time Wizard: @queenlyflesh
Alsace Suoh: @suoh-no
Senryo Tsurugi: @shrimppunk
Mister Satan: @brokenjpeg
Tetenuko Bebenuko: @tetenuko
Nuxi Vegni: Tumblr Unlisted

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time sentence starters- Ch. 2, The New Guild Recruits
  • "Isn't there something just a little odd about this place?"
  • "... I don't know what I don't know."
  • "What? Are they arguing?"
  • I'm so nervous! So jittery!"
  • "Now shoo! Leave the premises! We have no time for salespeople or silly surveys. Off you go, if you please!"
  • "(His/Her/their) Attitude suddenly changed, didn't it...?"
  • "Oh? Anything wrong? Come on! Over here! Quickly, please!"
  • "Oh, please! Hush now!"
  • "Let's always do our best, (NAME)!"
  • "Great! We get beds!"
  • "Don't stay up late, get to sleep early tonight!"
  • "Oh, are you still awake, (NAME)?"
  • "My heart's been racing all day over every little thing..."
  • "We're going to experience all sorts of things starting tomorrow, but I'm not very scared. In fact, it's the other way around. I'm super excited about all the adventures we'll face!"
  • "Let's give it our all tomorrow."
  • "If I do that, well, everything should become clear eventually... I'll surely get to the bottom of this in no time."
  • "Ugh! M-my head is pounding!"
  • "What a ridiculously loud voice! it almost blasted my eardrums!"
  • "Why are you still ASLEEP?! WAKE UP!"
  • "M-my poor ears..."
  • "C'mon! Snap OUT of it!"
  • "Urk! My ears are still ringing..."
  • "Waaaah! We totally overslept! We've got to hurry, (NAME)!"
  • "Eek! (His/Her/their) eyes are wide open! But (He's, she's, they're) fast asleep!"
  • "Thank you, (Sir, Madam)! We all value your... Words of wisdom!"
  • "Hey, you shouldn't just be wandering around there."
  • "Well! You're quite informed, aren't you!"
  • "It sounds like a seriously dangerous place. Let's be careful."
  • "Everyone! Thanks for waiting!" I just finished making dinner!
  • "Wasn't today hectic? So much happened!"
Somebody Else

“Don’t look now, but Roman just came in with her.” The words were practically screamed over the loud music into your ears. They left you numb to the conversation going on around you, unable to respond. You knew that you were bound to run into him at some point, with the party being held by a mutual friend, but you had been safe for the hour you had been there.

 It had been a few months since you had mutually decided to break up, but after hearing that he was in another relationship not too long after, you had begun to wonder if it was something you had truly wanted. You hadn’t even cleared out the things he left in your apartment with the hope that he would come asking for them. Hoping for another chance to see him again. 

Finally gathering the courage, you looked over at him and his new girlfriend. You didn’t even know her name, with no reason to have to know it.  She was wrapped around his waist in a fashion similar to what you would do in the past. He looked down at her, saying something that you were unable to make out. You were familiar with the look in his eyes, however, a light in them that he used to look at only you with. One that later died out.

Something akin to jealousy flared up within you, and you murmured something hastily about getting a drink to your friend. When you had first heard about his new girlfriend, you couldn’t believe it. You thought it a rebound at first, but after constantly hearing about them, you became bitter about the breakup. With a few mutual friends between the two of you, it was impossible to not hear about them. Coupled with the fact that you were unable to move on to someone new as quickly, thinking about them became a new pastime. You didn’t know whether you wanted him back or were just mad at how quickly he found someone new. After a few years of dating you, how was he able to move on so quickly?

Arriving in the kitchen, you were quick to pour alcohol into your cup. Drinking it as quickly as you could, you poured more into your cup. It burned, but not as much as seeing him treat her the way he used to treat you. Your friend had told you it would be a bad idea to come, like pouring salt into a fresh wound, but you couldn’t help yourself. Just thinking about possibly seeing Roman was enough to get you to the party. If only you had actually thought it through. 

“Woah, slow down,” Dean exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen. You were on your third cup and the effects of it were hitting you very hard. Not paying attention to him, you finished it off and threw the cup at a nearby wall. Dean moved closer to you after witnessing your actions. “Y/N? You okay?” 

“I’m fine,” you snapped a little louder than intended. Moving back from the counter you stood at, you wobbled as your head began to spin. Grabbing the counter, you stabilized yourself before looking at Dean, who stared at you unimpressed.

“Are you acting like this because of-“

“No, this isn’t because of him. I’m over him,” you said with a defensiveness that even had you wondering. After having to answer whether you were okay with hearing about him so many times, it had become your reflex answer.  

“Hey, Dean!” You were thankful for the interruption because you could tell he wanted to ask more. But when you turned around and saw that it was the new girlfriend, you wanted to vomit right there. Dean, knowing who it was, didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. But, by the familiarity in her voice, you figured that they were very friendly with each other. Before all this, he had been the one to set you and Roman up. “Am I interrupting something?” 

You couldn’t even get yourself to be mad at her; she clearly didn’t know who you were. The ex-girlfriend who had at one time contemplated marriage with her current boyfriend. The ex-girlfriend who was jealous but didn’t necessarily want him back. The ex-girlfriend who just didn’t want him to be happy with somebody else. 

A few tears began to stream down your cheeks, and you were quick to remove them. You heard her ask about you, but Dean dismissed it as you just being drunk. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “If only you knew.”

“What is that supposed to mean,” she questioned. At that moment, you looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with Roman who was previously looking at her. You could see the slight panic in his eyes as he realized that you were both within a proximity to each other and he was quick to begin to make his way over. Looking over her shoulder also, the new girlfriend had a look of confusion on her face when she realized who it was you were looking at. “What-?” 

Seeing the situation for what it could potentially unfold into, Dean ushered you to sliding doors that led to the backyard. With no resistance, you couldn’t help but to look over your shoulder one last time when you got outside. Roman had just arrived and it was like she had forgotten about you what had happened once she saw him. Seeing them in person had brought you some clarity, but it was your first time seeing him truly happy without you in his life. It hurt.

Cover image! Those brides are out for blood.

So, ah, full disclosure: I don’t actually have a name for this comic yet. I can’t keep calling it “Seven Chances” because 1) my story pays homage to the original but is something new, and 2) there are no seven women that the Hero proposes to, like in the film.

It’s kind of challenging to come up with a good name. Any suggestions are appreciated. But I won’t sweat it. I have 32 pages to think about it. So come along for the ride! Updates will be whenever I get a page done.

Font is Levi Rebrushed from

[EDIT 6/23/16] Renamed title to “One Lucky Bride”.

The Selection Series Characters As Food

So Rosie aka @not-your-dear​ and I were having an Xmas call and we realised a lot of people in the series are obsessed with a certain food (America and her strawberry tarts, Kile and butter, and Henri with korvapuusti). So we decided to give them all something to be obsessed about. But it turned into them as a type of food but most of them are both the food and what they would be obsessed with. We took ‘You are what you eat’ to a whole new level with these characters. Enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed coming up with them! [Note: Most of the explanations are provided by Rosie hence why she uses my name, I’m not crazy to refer to myself in third person]


1st Generation
(The Selection, The Elite, The One):

America - Strawberry Tarts
Cannon duh

Maxon - Milk Chocolate
Sweet and matches his eyes

Marlee - Sugar Cookies
She’s tasty but she crumbles lol

Carter - Rocky Road Ice Cream
Comfort food, reliable, steady, tasty af

Celeste - Red Velvet Cupcake
Like the dress she tried to steal, sharp, could kill a man because so rich

Elise - Shark Fin Soup
Cool, could kill another man bc also sharp (lots of dead bodies)

Natalie - Potato
Self explanatory, the obvious best but is ignored, comes in all kinds of greatness

Kriss - Red Wine
Ruins her birthday dress + classy af

Amberly - Mocha & Tiramisu
Worked on coffee plantation, loves chocolate, nice complement to drink, she’s a classy drunk unlike Abby

Clarkson -  Strawberry Cheesecake 
Likes strawberry tarts but isn’t classy enough for them so he’s a cheesecake, nobody really likes strawberry cheesecake

Abby - Champagne filled Bon-Bons
Read Laws of Inheritance by @hushedhands​ duh

Porter - Oysters
This just works, he’s fancy but disgusting

Aspen - Oreo Mcflurry
Always getting in the middle of shit, yummy but not better than chocolate

Lucy- Sunflower Seeds
She’s like a sunshine sunflower but also slightly salty

Mary - S'mores
Gurl can party, and she is a great mix of everything amazing in life

Anne- Bran Muffin w/ Choco Chips
She makes you need to poop, but also them choco chips add a little spice to life

Daphne - Caviar
French, too rich for you, don’t even look at me unless you can afford a diamond ring

Gavril - Confetti Cake with Sprinkles on Top
Is fun and lowkey bisexual, always knows how to have a good time

Sylvia - Lobster
Fancy and put together, gets red and snappy when people aren’t elegant

2nd Generation
(The Heir & The Crown):

Eadlyn - Prune
Purple like her dresses, kinda makes people wanna poop, lowkey bland but also adds an element of surprise to your bathroom routine

Ahren - Mac & Cheese
French but tries too hard to be, like Thomas Jefferson, blonde like his hair

Kaden - Carrots
Sky wanted him to be red haired (She will literally fight you on Kaden’s genetics) like carrots, is healthy because he’s smart and knows its good for him, a fun veggie

Osten - Cheese Puffs
Mischievous, unhealthy, fun, would see at parties, causes trouble, orange like his hair

Neena - Hashbrowns 
She is warm and fuzzy and the fact that Sky was eating hashbrowns when we came up with this has nothing to with it.

Camille - Macaroon
Colorful, French, draws people in, pretty, sweet

Josie - Pancakes
Sky says ew, can have lots of toppings but tastes better simpler, nice complement to carrots

Kile - Popcorn With a Shit Ton of Butter
Slippery af, have you read the heir?, loves butter and is butter, you are what you eat

Fox - Lollipops
Sweet, tasty, always red  (Sky says you always wanna suck it omg)

Hale - Kale
It rhymes duh, Kale takes care of people, Hale takes care of peeps

Ean - Cream of Mushroom
Classy, doesn’t taste excellent, lowkey gay

Henri - Korvapuusti/Cinnamon Rolls
Do you even need to ask?

Eikko - English Tea
Comforting drink, nice, hot af, just rlly good

Gunner - Fruit loops
Fruity, fun for everyone

Marid - Green food dye
Tasteless and bland but pretty looking (Rosie’s perfect tagline)

August - Caramel
Like his hair, charming and makes you feel gooey inside.

Georgia - Peach
Sweet, Famous Georgia Peaches, yummy, sometimes has a tangy taste.

Brice - Dark chocolate
Like her bro but stronger and tougher, tastes delicate but puts up with a lot of shit.

Sir Coddly - Cod Fish
Do we need to even explain; pun master

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part Three) (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Originally posted by smooshywrites (Part 1 Here) (Part 2 Here) (I think this would suit this?)

Summary: After Jerome’s escape from Arkham Asylum he goes to visit his best friend Y/N (yes that’s your name right there). But something’s off, and after what you tell him he wants to make sure that your dreams surely comes to reality.

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Characters: You, Jerome and Grey (Your Father)

Warnings: Swearing and I think that’s it?

You had an great idea. Instead of moving the bastard into a new area you thought it would be great to do it in the attic. Jerome obviously agreed. 

You had walked out of your room waiting for Jerome to follow and went up stairs to the attic. When you opened the lift of the door dust became flying out. You both had cough silently as the dust disappeared into thin air. 

You had pulled down the ladder to climb up with and grabbed your flashlight and turned it on. You climbed up the ladder and behind you was Jerome. 

Once you were both up there you had turned on the lights to make the room light up. Jerome laughed as he wondered around the room. 

“Y/N this is perfect!” He said as he hugged you and kissed you once again. You smiled. 

“Really? Do you think that this will be the spot to torture daddy?” You asked as he nodded his head.

“Yes doll! Really! Now let’s get ready it’s almost showtime." 

Jerome had grabbed the rope and the wooden chair and placed them in the attic of the apartment. He thought that this would be a perfect place to slaughter that son of a bitch. 

He and you had removed everything that was currently in the attic moved into the lounge room. He’ll eventually move them back into the attic sooner or later. 

You had went to the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife. You smiled as you run your hand against the blade. And weren’t you thrilled and full of excitement. You were finally doing it! 

You grabbed the knife and went to the attic where Jerome would be. You saw him with the chair and trying to put it in the right place as he began to look like he was thinking about it. 

"Perfect.” He added as he turned around to face you with an grin. “Did you get the knife?” He asked you as you pulled out the knife. “Oh shinny.” He cooed as he grabbed the knife as he put a finger on the blade. He felt the cold metal against his warm flesh as he ran his finger up and down against it. He lifted the knife to fully look at it. 

“Is it okay?” You asked as she watched Jerome studying the knife in his grasp. He smiled and looked at her with positive. 

“Well it’s better than the one you grabbed earlier.” He mentions as you rolled your eyes and laughed. Earlier you had grabbed an butter knife to be an smartass to him and saying ’is this sharp enough?’ You laughed as he frowned in a playful mode. “What do you really think that an butter knife would do any harm? Or should I say any damage?” He asked her, curiously. 

“Uh yeah. The more blunt they are the more painful. Well that’s what I thought anyway.” You explained to him as he nodded.

“No doll. That can happen though… But! Tonight you’re gonna use,” He turned his head a little as he looked at the knife and points at it.“ That one.” He said as you nodded. 

“Okay Valeska. Let’s do this.”


You and Jerome had sneak into Grey’s room. Loud and I mean loud snores could be heard coming from him as the snores had erupted the silence. Jerome had an baseball bat in case he wakes up. But that was the plan. To wake him up and to hit him with the baseball bat to knock him out. 

But you had an better idea. You walked over towards him. An smirk played on her lips, an evil smirk. You walked over towards a mini fridge he owns and you opened it and grabbed a bottle. Once you stood up with the cold bottle in hand you purposely dropped it. Glass scattered everywhere making an huge smashing noise to go with it. 

“Whoops!” You exclaimed as Jerome tries his hardest not to laugh at that. Grey had woken up, he groans as he rubbed his eyes. And once he did he looks over towards you with an shocked and pissed off expression. 

“What the fuck! Why the hell did you do that you fucking slut!” He yells in anger. You smirked as she grabbed another one and dropped it again. 

“Whoopsie daisy!” You exclaims as Jerome had to cover his mouth from laughing. He had hid behind the wall in the hall way not wanting his existence to be noticed yet. 


“Why the fuck are you laughing?! Do you think that this is funny!? Oh I can show you funny!” He exclaims as you looked at him and you rolled your eyes. 

You looked over at the small, old TV and smirked. He soon follow your direction and gasps. You walked over there as he yelled at you, calling you useless names and sentences that you either really didn’t care or could be bothered to listen. You leaned against the top of the TV. Your hips were sicking out and your hands was resting on your chin. You did your signature smirk. 

“Y/N…What the fuck are you doing?!” He yelled in an blunt tone. You laughed in an dangerous low tone. You looked at him as something dangerous sparked in your E/C eyes. 

Unexpectedly you moved your arms off of the TV and used your hips to push the TV off of the TV unit. The TV fell to the ground face (or should I say… Screen) first onto the hard surface. A loud smash echo could be heard as glass scattered everywhere and sparks flying out. You looked up at him with an apologetic face. Your eyes widen and your hand reached to your mouth and gasp. 

“Oh! Whoopsie! So clumsy of me. I’m so not sorry!” You exclaimed in an fake tone. You looked at him as his jaw dropped and his hands in the air. He was speechless, you had made him speeches. He then looked up at you as his emotions changed all together. 

“Clumsy? Is that what you describe it? Are you fucking kidding me! You’re such a bitch with no fucking life! Who would ever want to fuck you if you’re acting like an little shit?” He question as she playfully shrugged. 

“I dunno daddy? Who would ever want to fuck me? Well why did you fuck me then?” You question back in an blunt as hell tone. Grey was shocked completely. He had never seen this side of you before and he is hating it. 

“Well I’m fucking gonna tell you why!” He jumps out of the bed with his hand raised high in the air. You walked out to the hall way and the opposite way where Jerome is. Grey follows you. 

This was Jerome’s cue to jump in. He held the baseball bat handle tightly and walks behind Grey as he hit him behind the head with the baseball bat as Grey fell down to the ground completely. Thump fell the man onto the ground as his mouth was still opened as blood dripped from the side of his mouth. 

Jerome and you walked near him and looked down as Jerome breathes heavily. They looked at each other and then suddenly laughed. 

“Oh my gosh did we just! Oh my gosh!” You jumped up and down as you squealed in excitement. Jerome laughed at you as he smiled. 

“Of course we did doll! I’m so proud of you!” He exclaims as he hugged you. You instantly hugged him back. “I love you.” He whispered as you blushed. Your heart began to pick up it’s pace as you felt butterflies making an storm in your stomach. You never expected to hear those simple three words from his mouth. 

“I love you too."  You replied back as he kissed her forehead gently. He looked straight into your eyes with hope and love. 

"Now onto the fun part.”

Alright but those matching LADS/GENTS tattoos - they totally got those when there were just six of them, pre-Jeremy. And its not like it’s the crew symbol, some initiation all members go through; It was something of an in-joke, the product of years of camaraderie, of absurd stories and silly team names, of family. Not the kind of thing you just fob off on whatever new guy comes along and joins the crew. So for the longest time Jeremy’s knuckles stay bare.

Even when it becomes clear that he is one of the Lads, accepted into the group, brought along on all extracurricular adventures, the whole nine yards, it doesn’t come up. Time passes, bonding happens, and eventually they can barely remember what is was like before Jeremy was with them; but now that it might be appropriate it seems like kind of a weird thing for them to offer. A strange uncomfortable conversation no one wants to have, so no one does.

And it’s not like it’s something Jeremy is sitting around waiting for, not something he thinks of as a stepping stone he will eventually earn; it’s not exactly something he can just ask about, really, and at the end of the day they’re just tattoos. Its just, its hard not to think about it sometimes. When the other Lad’s knock together matching letters in victorious fist-bumps, or Ryan pointedly drums his fingers when Gavin’s trying to boss him about or some observant asshole flat-out sneers at Jeremy’s bare knuckles. Not important, exactly, but still something. A point of separation he’s totally unbothered by except for the darker moments when he’s not.

So when a particularly nasty job finds Jeremy waking up in Caleb’s make-shift hospital, familiar cotton-brained fog of painkillers blurring his mind, he doesn’t take any more notice of the unusual way his knuckles are burning than he does any of his other aches and pains. Honestly barely registers the dull throb underneath the sharper notes promising breaks and burns and what is quite possibly a bullet wound. It’s not until he lifts his hand, the only wrapped part of his otherwise uninjured arm, that an inkling of disbelief edges into his clearing thoughts. An unbelievable thought Jeremy almost instantly confirms when slowly peeling back the edge of the wrap reveals that familiar lettering, unmistakable after all the time he’s spent trying not to stare at them.

And god, isn’t that horrifying. A complete trespass on his person, unnecessarily invasive and nothing if not a chilling reminder of just what kind of people he’s thrown his lot in with. Lacking even a fundamental understanding of boundaries, unhealthily possessive and darkly loyal, a twisted kind of affectionate Jeremy really shouldn’t be comfortable with.  

He’s clearly been out for a solid stretch of time; if the new ink wasn’t obvious enough the state of the darkened room, scattered with various pieces of familiar debris would have tipped him off. The wastepaper basket is overflowing with cans of energy drinks and diet coke, a variety of clothing odds and ends have been discarded on every flat surface and there’s an abandoned glass half filled with what looks like whisky sitting next to Ryan’s rubber skull and the tatters of what was once a Hawaiian shirt. Even the torn sign prohibiting weaponry in hospital rooms, written in Caleb’s slanting scrawl, has been sloppily defaced and skewered to the noticeboard with a hot-pink butterfly knife.

It shouldn’t be as comforting as it is, these unintentional marks of stress and impatience, the clear signs of exactly who has been around, evidence of even those who are no longer here. Because they haven’t left Jeremy to wake up all alone, oh no, that’s just not the FAHC way.  

The only somewhat comfortable looking chair in the room, a small love-seat that’s been dragged over to the bed, is pulling double duty; two sets of legs dangling over one arm, a shock of blonde hair mashed carelessly against brown leather, Michael’s arms, locked tight even in sleep, the only thing keeping Gavin from tumbling to the floor. Not to be out done, there’s a lump curled up on the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets, doors propped open and medical paraphernalia shoved carelessly on to the ground to make room, Ray’s identity distinguishable only by process of elimination and the bright purple hoodie currently serving as a make-shift blanket. Uncomfortably contorted, dead to the world and doing a piss-poor job of keeping watch; here lie the three likely culprits of Jeremy’s unsolicited new ink.

Maybe it’s the drugs talking but as he flexes his hand just to feel the skin stretch the only thing Jeremy finds himself resenting is his own inability to grab his phone and take some cheeky blackmail photos. Already imagining the world of teasing he sees in his future Jeremy closes his eyes, involuntary grin pulling at his lips as he lets the sound of three idiots breathing lull him back to sleep.

[ARTICLE] BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Rosé Brought Up As Possible Muses For New “Hitmaker” Track

Some interesting names are coming up as possible candidates for Jung Hyung Don and BEAST member Yong Jun Hyung’s new track!

On the January 5 episode of MBC every1’s show “Hitmaker,” Yong Jun Hyung invited Jung Hyung Don over to his studio to listen to a new guide track that he had made. Jung Hyung Don listened to it seriously and contemplated possible lyrics.

Jung Hyung Don proposed, “Let’s think of something shocking,” as they thought about some possible muses for the track. Yong Jun Hyung said, “First off, I think it’ll be good if it were a girl,” as Jung Hyung Don agreed, saying, “We can’t have any more guys.”

He continued, “After listening to the song, I thought of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé.” He jokingly added, “If you call them BLACKPINK, you’re old fashioned. You need to call them ‘BLPING,‘” shortening the syllables of the group’s name similarly to how Korean slang is often formulated.

Yong Jun Hyung continued to think of possible muses, saying, “I think it’ll match well with Bolbbalgan4. I think it’ll work well if they sang it in a light voice.”

Who do you think they’ll have on the track?

© Soompi

imagine it's Seven's bday and MC got him a cat
  • *MC comes home*
  • MC: Seveeennn, I got you something.
  • Seven: MC, I told you you're all I want, but I wouldn't complain if you got me the new light up keyb-
  • MC: BEtter.
  • Seven: Is it sex?
  • Seven: what do y o-
  • *a kitten runs runs to seven from the other room*
  • MC: I named it already buttttt, I think you'll approve- it's
  • Seven and MC at the same time: ELIZABETH THE FOURTH
  • seven: *picks up elizabeth the fourth and carries it to MC* This is the only thing I will ever love even close to how much I love you
  • *lil peck on the lips before seven plays with elizabeth the fourth FOREver*