come trick or treating next year!!

The Signs and Halloween
  • Aries: Throws all the best Halloween parties and carves pumpkins
  • Taurus: comes for the snacks
  • Gemini: always comes as a mouse. Duh
  • Cancer: has watched too many episodes of supernatural and is too freaked to go out
  • Leo: Plans their costume for the next year from November first
  • Virgo: dresses really provocatively as a sexy firefighter or something
  • Libra: Comes as something ridiculous like a hot dog
  • Scorpio: enjoys turning the power off and scaring the crap out of everyone
  • Sagittarius: thinks it's kinda lame but always bandwagons as a vampire or something
  • Capricorn: still trick or treats at the age of twenty
  • Aquarius: spends hours on FX makeup and gore to look dead af
  • Pisces: kinda likes Christmas more tbh
Trick or Treat

Request: Taking Bucky trick or treating and he’s worried about scaring people with his arm but then a kid sees it and asks where he got his awesome costume and he gets so excited being able to show off to this kid and thanks you for forcing him to go out 😍😍

Blog Tag: @littlemissvicki

A/N: Anon wants some angsty Bucky, so I’m going to start the suggestions with this one! Can you guess what next Halloween’s theme is?

Warnings: Some angst, working on my ability to write angst.

Word Count Total: 983

Short Imagine #61

Title: Trick or Treat

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                                              🎃 Simblreen 🎃

If you don’t know what is Simblreen, go here

Hey it’s almost Halloween ! This year I participate to Simblreen

It is simple:

  • They are 4 gifts. The keywords are “Simple”, “Cosplay”, “Costume” and “Bones”. If you don’t use a keyword, I will choose you a gift.
  • I will post a image when my porch light is on : send me trick or treat + one keyword and I will send you a link. So of course send me a message off anon.
  • I will post a image when my porch light is off : it’s too late ! you can’t send me a message anymore. Come back later or the next day. I will not reply to any “trick or treat” when my porch light is off ! 
  • You can send me one message each day, but no with the same keyword (except if you want the same gift lol).
  • Please don’t share my Simblreen gifts to anyone ! They will be all posted later in November.
  • And of course, have fun !

Sorry for my bad english, again  D:

Gobstopper- Stiles Stilinski

A/N: Sorry that this is quite late but here’s the 2nd Halloween imagine, the next one is another Scott one so please send in some other characters!

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do a one shot where the reader and stiles go out for a fun night of trick or treating?!?

“You’re seriously going as Batman?” You asked, lying on Stiles’ bed laughing at him as he adjusted the cape in the mirror

“Of course I am” He said “I go as Batman every year”

“That doesn’t surprise me” You chuckled

“Well you’re coming as Catwoman so I don’t know why you’re laughing” He stated making eye contact with you through the mirror

You let out a groan and dropped your head into the pillow

“You’re not getting out of it” He said, almost like he was reading your mind

“I stopped going trick or treating when I was 11” You said pulling yourself off the bed “And now you want me to go as Catwoman?”

“I’m Batman you’re Catwoman. That’s final” He said turning around to face you

“Well then I better go and get ready” You said ruffling his cape that he’d just been fixing for the last few minutes before scurrying out the door

“Y/N!” You heard him shout

That Evening

You heard a loud confident knock on your door that you recognised as Stiles’. You bounced downstairs, eager to show him your Catwoman outfit.

“Trick or Treat” He said when you opened the door “Wow” He interjected looking you up and down and you spun around to show him the whole costume

“So?” You asked “Will this do?”

“Definitely” He said with a goofy grin “And how do I do as Batman?”

“Well the cape’s a little wonky” You joked before bursting into a wide grin

“Very funny” He said and you grabbed your keys from the side and followed him outdoors.

The cool night air hit your skin immediately and you shuddered

“Are you cold?” Stiles asked linking his arm in yours as a preventative measure and the pair of you wandered off down the street

“So which house are we going to first?” He asked gazing down at you

“We’re seriously going trick or treating?” You asked and Stiles stopped instantly

“Um yeah of course we are” He said “What did you think we were doing?”

“You’re such a dork” You said rolling your eyes and heading up the path of brightly lit house, Stiles quickly following

You’d visited about 10 houses all of them covered in fake cobwebs and decorated with carved pumpkins. The pair of you had been given the odd glance but you both would just laugh and move on to the next house

“This sour candy is really sour” You said your face contorting as you chewed on the sweet

“Come on don’t be a baby” Stiles said lightly pushing into your side. You swallowed the sweet and stuck your tongue out in disgust

“I’m not eating another one of those” You stated and rifled through your bag

“Hey a gobstopper” Stiles said pulling out the big blue sweet out of its wrapper and popping it into his mouth

“My jaw aches” He mumbled after a few moments of silence which made you giggle

“Should we go back to mine now?” You asked as the pair of you slowly meandered down the street

“What?” Stiles spluttered out “You want to go home?”

“We’ve already got loads of candy” You said

“It’s Halloween Y/N even if we don’t get any more candy we’re not going home” He managed to say

“Well where are you planning on taking me then Batman?” You asked, stopping to face him

“The woods” He said with a suggestive raise of his eyebrows

“What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you” You mocked “Could you say it again?”

“The woods” He repeated trying his best to annunciate more clearly which sent you into a fit of laughter

“Okay very funny” He said pushing the gobstopper to one side of his mouth “Come here”

He cupped your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss

“Is that blueberry?” You asked pulling away from him, smiling.

Trick or Treat! Guess which three blogs came up with the idea of the My Creepy Love festival? Well, that’s not important.

It’s short notice, yes, sorry about that the three of us took too long to get together and speak about it, however it’s ready and we’re here to share!

The event will go on from October 29, at midnight to October 31st at midnight. 

The event will consist of

  • Trick or Treating (People will type in, “Trick or treat!” or something along those lines in your ask box, and you get to decide whether to give them a trick… or a treat! You define which is which.)
  • Costumes (This is coming next year, we’re not expecting you to draw your Candies in their costumes this year at all, we know we’re late on this, so it would be unfair to ask this of you.)
  • And a Halloween dance!  (Consists of: Open Roleplays, Rewards (Coming next year since most of them are based around costumes), and anything else you would like to add on.

Feel free to join in this year, it would be amazing if you did!