come trick or treating next year!!

The Signs and Halloween
  • Aries: Throws all the best Halloween parties and carves pumpkins
  • Taurus: comes for the snacks
  • Gemini: always comes as a mouse. Duh
  • Cancer: has watched too many episodes of supernatural and is too freaked to go out
  • Leo: Plans their costume for the next year from November first
  • Virgo: dresses really provocatively as a sexy firefighter or something
  • Libra: Comes as something ridiculous like a hot dog
  • Scorpio: enjoys turning the power off and scaring the crap out of everyone
  • Sagittarius: thinks it's kinda lame but always bandwagons as a vampire or something
  • Capricorn: still trick or treats at the age of twenty
  • Aquarius: spends hours on FX makeup and gore to look dead af
  • Pisces: kinda likes Christmas more tbh

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Hi ^^ Can I request a Vernon scenario where he takes his little sister to go trick and treats and they arrive at your house (his crush) and he gets very shy? It isn't even halloween yet LOL thx ♡



Vernon groans, waiting for his sister to finally be ready to go trick or treating.

“Sofie, can we please leave already? Everyone is gonna be done handing out candy by the time we leave!” He grumbled.

“My crown doesn’t look perfect yet, Nonny! We can’t go!” she whined in response. He groaned again and leaned against the wall with a sigh. A few minutes later Sofia gave a noise of content and looked at her older brother.

“We can go now,” she said with a satisfied smile. Vernon rolled his eyes and opened the door. 

“You’re cute but yous till get on my nerves!” he told her. She smiled sweetly,

“I know. Now, come on Nonny, I want to get some candy!” 


Vernon and his little sister were walking down the street, ringing door bell after door bell. Sofia had gathered almost half a pillowcase by that time and was happily humming about her boat load of candy. 

“Sofia, don’t you think we should be heading home now? It’s a little late and you’ve got a lot of candy,” Vernon suggested, his feet starting to grow tired.

“Just a few more houses, please, Nonny!” she pleaded, her eyes huge as she clutched her pillow case. Vernon sighed and stuck out his hand.

“Fine, but only three more!” She squeed happily and clasped his hand, leading him to the next house. It wasn’t till he was walking through the gate until he noticed the house it self. Then it hit him and he stopped dead in his tracks, his sister pulling all the while.

“Nonny! Come on! You said three more!” she whined. 

This was your house. 

Not just anyone’s house, but his 2 year long crush’s house. 

He felt himself swallow. There is no way he could just march up their with his baby sister and sweetly ask “trick or treat.” No way in hell.

Nonny, come on!”

Looks like he didn’t have a choice.


You heard your doorbell ring for the nth time that night. Still smiling because of how cute the kids in your neighborhood were, you grabbed the candy bowl and opened the door. In front of it was a cute little ballerina-fairy-princess whom had a very heavy sac of candy already. You couldn’t help but grin. 

“Trick or treat!” her high voice called out, accompanied by a much deeper male one. Startled you looked up and behind her. Standing behind her was Vernon Chwe, a boy from your school- a really cute one that’s ears a neck were currently a flaming red at that. 

So he’s taking his little sister how trick or treating. I thought she looked familiar, you though to yourself.

You giggled lightly before grabbing a handful of candy and plopping it in her bad. Giving it a second thought you grabbed another and as you threw it in, you said to her,

“I’ll give you another one since there’s two of you. Make sure to share some with your big brother okay?” you winked sweetly before looking up at Vernon and giving him a little more of a flirty wink. Her smile lit up and she turned to Vernon.

“Nonny! Look, I got another handful!!” she squealed. You had to slide your hand over your mouth to hide your laugh. Vernon’s eyes shot up to yours, his face now turning a pink hue. 

Nonny? you mouthed. He gave an embarrassed smiled before looking down and rubbing his hands over his face to hid it. You giggled, this time over how cute and sweet he was. 

You looked down again at his beaming little sister.

“What’s your name?” you asked. 

“Sofia!” she announced. You smiled.

“Alright, Sofia! Thanks for stopping by and make sure not to stay out to late! And make sure you’re nice to your big brother, he’s real sweet you know,” you said the last part in a mock whisper. You looked up to find Vernon with his hand over his mouth and his cheeks very, very pink. 

Sofia gave you a classically mischievous little sister smile that you knew all to well and nodded vigorously. You laughed and stood up.

“Bye bye, you two.” you said, watching them start to step off your porch, “I’ll see you at school… Nonny,” you called after them. You heard Sofia cackle and skip out of your gate while Vernon froze momentarily to look back at your with red ears and horrified eyes. You laughed and waved. He waved halfheartedly before slumping after his sister, neck and ears still a vibrant red. 

Hehehe hope you like this mass ball of shy, embarrassed “Nonny” ^.^ hehehe



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Hi there!! I pick orange 😀

What makes you feel warm inside? -I’ve gotta say getting to relax and hang out with friends
What’s your favorite halloween tradition? -Trick-or-treating. I’m all about the free candy
What’s the last thing you learned? -I learned what needs to be done to make the exchange of dialogue in my senior thesis film palatable visually. Basically how to use long pauses to expand the film visually.
When’s the last time you felt obsessed? - I think possibly today. There’s been some news about a new tv show based on a movie I enjoy so I’m kinda looking for info. And I’m obsessed with a new Wes Anderson film coming out next year so I’ve been obsessed since I learned about it Monday
What’s your favorite article of clothing? -I have zero fashion sense so clothes aren’t my thing but I’ve got a couple of baseball tees, flannels, and graphic tees I like


“Flight of the Pumpkin Ghosts”

In October 2015, this pumpkin-y tale began with a night,
Which, this year, took flight
So shall next year follow up with a spooktacular spell
Hmm, I guess only time will tell.

Night of the Pumpkin Ghosts (Halloween 2015)

Alas SPOOKTOBER has ended (about a week ago, yes, but better late than never). Halloween has officially come to a close for yours truly and as much as I love my adorable pumpkin-y pumpkin ghosts, it’s time for these denizens of mischievous tricks and delicious treats to fly back home til next Halloween. And it seems like they’re taking their newfound friends: the miraculous kwamis along with em for a joyous night ride against the setting skies.

A perfect time to squiggle these pumpkins of mine along with my favourite kwami pairings. If only all of the kwamis could truly enjoy the ride but alas, in the lingering spirit of Halloween, some folks just can’t resist getting up to some good ole tricks or should I say…Trixx. They could not have picked a more fitting name for the fox kwami.

Ooh Nooroo, when will I stop giving this poor purple nurple the most ridiculous expressions in my squiggles? Again, today is not that day. Sorry Nooroo.

Happy belated Halloween 2016 to all my shining star kids and until the next big squigglustration, have a Miraculous Monday everybody and enjoy the new K-SQUAD art! See you all next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles


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Morgan's first time trick or treating? With Henry, Kellam, and Gaius, please?

Henry: “Twick o tweaf!” Morgan says adorably as he approaches each house. He has on a werewolf costume, with a painted snout, furry ears, and a tail tinged with red (no doubt Henry’s smeared on some fake blood when you weren’t looking).

The other kids are a little wary of him, but his adorable grin shines through his comparatively scary costume. Even so, he’s at the front of every crowd, and gets the best pick of treats. When Henry begins to see that little Morgan is beginning to get pushed to the back, he comes up with an idea that won’t get him in too much trouble with you.

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October 24th - Trick-or-Treating

Hey folks! Thanks so much to all of you who’ve participated in the 13 Days! I think it’s been a lot of fun! 

Today’s installment is a continuation of one of my other fics, It’s Not Quite the Parent Trap. I don’t think you need to have read that to get this, but then again, it’s 14k of a zimbits single dads AU so maybe you want to anyway.


Bitty opens one eye curiously. He and Jack have been living together for a little over a year, married for all of three months, but he still isn’t quite used to it when a small girl’s voice calls him Daddy. He’s used to it just being Tommy.

But there’s Maddie, standing by the edge of the bed, her orange and white tabby Socks hanging in her arms like a ragdoll.

“Hey sweetie, what’s up?” Bitty asks. He can hear Socks purring from where he’s sitting.

“We have to get ready for trick-or-treating,” Maddie informs him.

Bitty stares at her for a second. She’s still wearing her pyjamas, the footie sort with maple leaves and hockey skates on them, her black hair in pigtails. Bitty blinks, and then looks at the alarm clock on his bedside tables. It’s six thirty in the morning.

“Come on sugar, it’s still way too early for that,” Bitty says with a yawn. “Go back to sleep for a little bit.”

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hi!!💕 could you perhaps do a yoongi x reader where he gets annoyed because of all the trick or treaters ? fluff maybeM (oh and would you be able to add a fluffy cat somewhere?? they always make drabbles so kuch better

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader || Genre: Fluff/lightlySuggestiveattheend || A/N: enjoy ^^


Oh, Halloween. The one oh-so-spooky holiday that Yoongi can barely stand due to the amount of children that ring his doorbell, especially when the lights are off and he hangs a “no candy” sign. You talked him into dressing up and handing out candy this year instead of going out to drink the night away or just work on his music like always. “Okay,” he said while sighing in defeat, “just this year and only this year.”

He regretted his decision the second you showed him his option of costumes, cringed at the sight of black cat ears, tail, and a bell collar and an Iron Man suit.

“A black cat, did you plan for me to match with you? An Iron man suit, do I look like Jungkook to you?” He says in dismay.

“Gee,” you pout and twiddle your thumbs, “I would give you the option of not dressing up at all, but that means you-”

Yoongi shoots a glare at you and interrupts, “-Give me the stupid cat ears.”

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(or: Halloween in the unremarkable house)

this starts out normal and then goes off the deep end, I don’t know what happened

On the way home from work she stops by Blockbuster. He’d requested something “creepy, not gory”, so she checks out Poltergeist. They’ve both seen it before, but they never actually watch the movie, so she can’t imagine it’ll matter.

At the counter she adds on a bag of mixed fun-size candy. Last year they didn’t get any trick-or-treaters - not surprising, considering their house lies two miles down an unmarked dirt road - but you never know, and Scully has no interest in cleaning egg off the siding tomorrow morning.

When she pulls up in front of the house, he’s outside raking leaves in the waning light. She’s glad to see him outside, glad to see him doing something useful. She worries about him alone in that house all day.

There’s a pumpkin sitting on the front porch, perfectly fat and round and orange. “Where’d that come from?” she calls.

Mulder turns to her, letting the handle of the rake rest on his shoulder. “Took a walk earlier. The Harringtons are selling them out of their truck.”

All of this is good news to her. He’d spent the whole sweltering summer lying on the hardwood floor in their living room with a fan blowing on him, refusing to go outside during the day even when she accused him of being a vampire. Maybe that was just a phase, or some kind of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.

“I got your movie,” she says, waving the blue-and-white box in the air.

He lets the rake fall to the ground and comes over to grab the box. “Good choice,” he says. He peers in the bag. “And candy? We never have candy.”

“It’s Halloween, Mulder, I’m not a monster.”

“If you were, it’ld be seasonally appropriate.“

She flashes a grin at him. "Besides, we might get trick-or-treaters.”

Mulder looks around at their complete lack of neighbors - way off to the west there’s a little light on the horizon from the nearest house, and that’s it - then back at her. “We’re not gonna get any trick-or-treaters.” Then he shrugs. “More candy for us.”

“More candy for you,” she corrects, linking her arm through his. He smells good, like earth and charred wood, and she brushes a stray leaf from his shoulder. “I’m only going to have one piece.”

“That’s what you always say,” he grumbles. “And then I look up and the whole bag’s gone.”

“I don’t think that’s ever happened.”

”Selective amnesia.”

“Sounds like an X-file,” she says lightly, and his smile isn’t entirely convincing. One day they’ll be able to joke about it. Eventually enough time will pass. The wounds will scar over, then fade.

One day.

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Gobstopper- Stiles Stilinski

A/N: Sorry that this is quite late but here’s the 2nd Halloween imagine, the next one is another Scott one so please send in some other characters!

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do a one shot where the reader and stiles go out for a fun night of trick or treating?!?

“You’re seriously going as Batman?” You asked, lying on Stiles’ bed laughing at him as he adjusted the cape in the mirror

“Of course I am” He said “I go as Batman every year”

“That doesn’t surprise me” You chuckled

“Well you’re coming as Catwoman so I don’t know why you’re laughing” He stated making eye contact with you through the mirror

You let out a groan and dropped your head into the pillow

“You’re not getting out of it” He said, almost like he was reading your mind

“I stopped going trick or treating when I was 11” You said pulling yourself off the bed “And now you want me to go as Catwoman?”

“I’m Batman you’re Catwoman. That’s final” He said turning around to face you

“Well then I better go and get ready” You said ruffling his cape that he’d just been fixing for the last few minutes before scurrying out the door

“Y/N!” You heard him shout

That Evening

You heard a loud confident knock on your door that you recognised as Stiles’. You bounced downstairs, eager to show him your Catwoman outfit.

“Trick or Treat” He said when you opened the door “Wow” He interjected looking you up and down and you spun around to show him the whole costume

“So?” You asked “Will this do?”

“Definitely” He said with a goofy grin “And how do I do as Batman?”

“Well the cape’s a little wonky” You joked before bursting into a wide grin

“Very funny” He said and you grabbed your keys from the side and followed him outdoors.

The cool night air hit your skin immediately and you shuddered

“Are you cold?” Stiles asked linking his arm in yours as a preventative measure and the pair of you wandered off down the street

“So which house are we going to first?” He asked gazing down at you

“We’re seriously going trick or treating?” You asked and Stiles stopped instantly

“Um yeah of course we are” He said “What did you think we were doing?”

“You’re such a dork” You said rolling your eyes and heading up the path of brightly lit house, Stiles quickly following

You’d visited about 10 houses all of them covered in fake cobwebs and decorated with carved pumpkins. The pair of you had been given the odd glance but you both would just laugh and move on to the next house

“This sour candy is really sour” You said your face contorting as you chewed on the sweet

“Come on don’t be a baby” Stiles said lightly pushing into your side. You swallowed the sweet and stuck your tongue out in disgust

“I’m not eating another one of those” You stated and rifled through your bag

“Hey a gobstopper” Stiles said pulling out the big blue sweet out of its wrapper and popping it into his mouth

“My jaw aches” He mumbled after a few moments of silence which made you giggle

“Should we go back to mine now?” You asked as the pair of you slowly meandered down the street

“What?” Stiles spluttered out “You want to go home?”

“We’ve already got loads of candy” You said

“It’s Halloween Y/N even if we don’t get any more candy we’re not going home” He managed to say

“Well where are you planning on taking me then Batman?” You asked, stopping to face him

“The woods” He said with a suggestive raise of his eyebrows

“What was that? Couldn’t quite hear you” You mocked “Could you say it again?”

“The woods” He repeated trying his best to annunciate more clearly which sent you into a fit of laughter

“Okay very funny” He said pushing the gobstopper to one side of his mouth “Come here”

He cupped your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss

“Is that blueberry?” You asked pulling away from him, smiling.

                                              🎃 Simblreen 🎃

If you don’t know what is Simblreen, go here

Hey it’s almost Halloween ! This year I participate to Simblreen

It is simple:

  • They are 4 gifts. The keywords are “Simple”, “Cosplay”, “Costume” and “Bones”. If you don’t use a keyword, I will choose you a gift.
  • I will post a image when my porch light is on : send me trick or treat + one keyword and I will send you a link. So of course send me a message off anon.
  • I will post a image when my porch light is off : it’s too late ! you can’t send me a message anymore. Come back later or the next day. I will not reply to any “trick or treat” when my porch light is off ! 
  • You can send me one message each day, but no with the same keyword (except if you want the same gift lol).
  • Please don’t share my Simblreen gifts to anyone ! They will be all posted later in November.
  • And of course, have fun !

Sorry for my bad english, again  D:

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Imagine Steve getting a puppy for his birthday.

He decides to name the Australian cattle dog that Clint gets him Carter. She’s whip-smart like another Carter he once knew.

At first he tries to get her to sleep in her doggie bed, in the corner of his bedroom, but after a couple of days he gives up and pats the spot beside him on his people bed. She hops right up, and he could swear she grins at him as she gets comfortable.

In a matter of weeks she goes from fitting in Steve’s lap to fitting just her head in his lap. Her second favorite person is Clint, who always has puppy treats in his pocket, and who helps Steve train her. It’s not hard; she masters tricks fast, so sometimes Steve gives her treats just because she didn’t get enough when she was training.

When he goes on missions, he leaves Carter with his neighbor. When he comes home she runs at him, her whole back end wagging because her tail is just a stump.

It’s a few weeks before his birthday the next year when he wakes up, sometime between moonset and sunrise, to find Carter standing on his chest, licking Bucky’s palm. At least, he thinks it’s Bucky. His hair is cut short like it had been when they were young, and he’s tenderly scratching behind Carter’s left ear with his free–metal–hand.

Still, Steve sits up, making Carter overbalance. Bucky reaches out to keep her from tumbling off the bed. “Don’t,” Bucky murmurs to him, going back to scratching Carter’s ears. “I don’t want her to fall.”


“Yes,” Bucky says. “Yes. It’s me.”

bitterchord  asked:

Halloween fic prompt! Sam/Steve, costumes. Like Steve is a little shit so he bets Sam that they could dress in $15 Cap/Falcon costumes while giving out candy and no one would recognize them. They make a lot of little kids super excited that halloween without their parents having any idea why.

“You wouldn’t sign off on the likeness rights?” Sam asks, and Steve turns from examining the red plastic gel spelling out “BEWARE!!!” to where Sam is behind him holding up–

Well. Holding up a child’s USA HERO costume, a costume that looks suspiciously close to the one SHIELD designed for him prior to the Battle of New York.

He can’t help but smile as he takes the bag from Sam to examine it closer.

“USA Hero?” Sam prompts, poking him in the arm.

“Stark mentioned it right after the Battle,” Steve says. He’s been in quite a few battles, but there’s only one in his mind that deserves a capital B. “Apparently people were clamoring for merchandise. Something about marketing and rights, but what I got from it is that Stark owns the rights to Iron Man and the Hulk, Thor is technically public domain, but SHIELD and the government technically hold the trademark on me, Nat, and Clint.”

“You’d think with the state SHIELD is in, they’d be happy to sell that stuff off to bring in a little money,” Sam says, but Steve is back to examining the bag. The costume is made of some sort of stretchy synthetic material, mostly navy blue with red and white detailing at the waist (horizontal to the vertical on the original costume) and a big white letter A in the center of the chest, which is padded into a squishy set of pectoral and abdominal muscles. There’s a face mask included with a big white star on the forehead and a round red, white, and blue shield with an American flag in the center.

“I bet the real fans will be looking up how to make their own on the inter–well, shit!”

Steve looks up again–Sam is back to browsing costumes, but he’s stopped dead, his jaw hanging open. Steve crosses over to him and has to laugh.

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Hi again! Please could you update the grumpy! Derek tag? xx


It’s not called gym-nice-tics by countrygirlsfun (1/1 | 2,429 | PG13)

It’s Beginner Gymnasts Camp and Derek has to help work it.

Who knew putting up with his mother would land Derek a date with the cutest gymnast Derek has ever seen?

Ovens Are Not Murder Machines by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 5,786 | PG13)

In which Derek is a grumpy food critic that just wants to go run his co-op in peace. On a forced leave from work he mets the captivating coffee shop owner Stiles who makes him actually want to write again.

“Oh for the love of god can we please order?” Boyd interrupts. Derek blushes at that and realizes he had completely forgot about his beta next to him.

“Sorry. Um your sumatran please. And he squints at the name of a pastry. “Are those donuts? Paczki?” He asks surely slaughtering the pronunciation.

“Close enough. Paczki, polish donuts,” says Stiles rocking back and forth on his heels. “We have an Oregon huckleberry filling if you want to try one? I’m fresh out of the kale tarts with carrot remoulade, but I can try and hold one for you next time. I mean hopefully there will be a next time. If you like my stuff that is.”

Melting Through The Cracks In My Hands by buttsecks (1/1 | 4,374 | PG13)

“Why is this so important to you?” Derek asked with an annoyed sigh.

“Because I can’t afford a basket full of candy everyday and this is the only time of the year where I can get one for free. So are you coming or not?”

(Stiles really wants candy and Derek really wants Stiles. So they go trick or treating)

Camping Nights I share with You by Schmandolini (1/1 | 2,293 | R)

When Derek gets cursed by witch, there are some unexpected events about to happen. Not completely unpleasant.

How They Met and Other Disasters by ArientheSun (1/1 | 11,801 | PG13)

The story of how Stiles and Derek met, which involved one destroyed diner, a bus fire, an uncomfortable Native American god, some murdered reindeer, and one emotionally scarred child. And Christmas. ‘Tis the season!


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A/N: Ok, so I was obviously meaning to post this one on Halloween, but my whole schedule got messed up, but I didn’t want to NOT write this one, so here’s my final Halloween fic, almost a week late.  This was one of my first ideas when thinking about Halloween ideas, so here it is.  And as I usually do when I’m late in posting a fic, I came up with an excuse within the story as to why it’s so late.

Also…this is a fic with Lizzie!  Lizzie’s an original character (reader’s niece) that I wrote into my fic A Trip to the Zoo.  Someone requested that I write another story with her in it, so here it is!  Hope you like it!

Tagging @pleasecallmecaptain @mattymattymerduck @writingbarnes @kissofvenom922 @b-orderline @shamvictoria11 and @callingmrsbarnes


“Trick or treat, Uncle Bucky!” 

You smile as your niece Lizzie zips past you, launching herself into Bucky’s arms.  Even though he’s just coming back from a week-long mission, he picks her up and spins her around, his tired face morphing into a giant smile as she laughs.

“Hey pumpkin,” Bucky smiles.  “Didn’t you get enough candy on Halloween?”

Lizzie’s face falls, her lips curving down into a frown.  

“I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating,” Lizzie says.  “I was sick.”

“Well, you know what?” Bucky replies.  “I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating either.”

“You didn’t?” Lizzie asks.

“No,” he frowns.  “I had to work.”

“Your boss is mean,” Lizzie says and Bucky laughs.

“You hear that, Cap?” Bucky shouts back over his shoulder.  “Lizzie says you’re mean.”

“That’s not true,” Steve says, coming up next to Lizzie, a puppy-dog look on his face.  “You don’t really think I’m mean, do you Liz?”

“You made Uncle Bucky miss the best day of the year!” she responds.

“We had to save the world from bad guys,” Steve protests.  “Bad guys don’t take a break on Halloween, so neither can we.”

“Ok,” Lizzie says.  “I forgive you.”  Steve smiles and plants a kiss on Lizzie’s forehead before walking away.  

“Well, since we both missed Halloween,” Bucky says, setting Lizzie down.  “We have to do something.  Something big.”

“What?” Lizzie asks excitedly.  

“We’re gonna go back in time,” Bucky says gleefully.  You can’t help but laugh at the look on Bucky’s face.

“You can’t do that,” Lizzie says.  “I’ve been reading.  The quantum phys-”

“Lizzie, I already know you’re smarter than me,” Bucky says playfully.  “Do you really have to remind how dumb I am?” 

“You’re not dumb,” she says.  “You’re just too busy saving the world to read as much as me.”

“I like that answer,” Bucky smiles.  “Did you bring your Halloween costume?”

“I brought it to show Aunty (Y/N),” she says.  “I was gonna be Alice in Wonderland.”

“Well, you go put it on while I work on the time travel, okay?” Bucky asks.  Lizzie nods and scurries out of the room.

“Hello to you too,” you tease as Bucky finally registers your presence.  He pulls you into his arms and you lean forward, pecking him on the lips.

“Sorry doll,” he says.  “I just saw Lizzie-”

“And she’s your favorite person in the world,” you finish.  “I know.”

“If it’s any consolation, you’re a close second,” Bucky grins and you shake your head.

“Are you sure you’re up to…whatever you’re planning?” you ask.  “You just got back.  I heard it was a rough mission.”

“I’m fine,” he says, brushing his lips against yours one more time.  “Go keep Lizzie company.  I’ll be back in an hour.”  

He disappears around the corner, a skip in his step, leaving you to wonder just what he has up his sleeves.


An hour later, you hear a knock on your bedroom door.  You hop off your bed where you and Lizzie are playing Clue.  Or rather, where Lizzie is consistently beating your pants off at Clue.

You open the door to find Bucky, dressed as the Mad Hatter, leaning against your doorframe.  

“Nice costume,” you laugh and Bucky hands you a bag.  

“Here’s yours,” he says.  You peek inside to see a short red, black and white dress.  

“Queen of Hearts?” you smile, kissing him on the cheek.  “Cute.  I’ll get changed now.”

“Can I help you with the makeup?” Lizzie asks. 

“Of course!” you say.  “We’ll be out in a bit!”  Bucky nods and you close the door.

A few minutes later, you and Lizzie emerge from the room, both in costume.

“You both look stunning,” Bucky says, sweeping into a low bow.  Lizzie giggles and curtsies.  

“So what are we going to do, Mr. Hatter?” she asks, smiling broadly up at Bucky.

“Well,” Bucky says, offering you both a hand.  “First we’ll have to time travel.”  He takes both of your hands, guiding you to either side of him.  “Close your eyes and think about Halloween.”

Lizzie shuts her eyes tightly, concentrating.  Bucky laughs.

“You’ve done it Lizzie!” he says.  “Open your eyes!”  Lizzie’s eyes open and she looks around skeptically.

“It looks the same to me,” she says, a trace of disappointment in her voice.

“Maybe in this hallway,” Bucky says.  “But I think it worked!”  He skips forward, dragging the two of you along with him, down the corridor and to the elevator.  He lets Lizzie press the button and when the doors slide open, the elevator is covered with Halloween decorations.

Lizzie laughs with delight, running inside and running her hands through the streamers.  You follow, squeezing Bucky’s hand.  Bucky presses the button for the common rooms floor and the doors shut, revealing a ghost poster taped to the inside of the doors.

“Now do you believe me?” Bucky asks and Lizzie nods, peering around excitedly.  The doors open and you bite back a gasp.

The common room’s been transformed into a creepy graveyard, complete with fake tombstones and fog.  Lizzie giggles and runs out to explore.  You turn to Bucky, eyes wide.

“How did you do all this in an hour?” you ask.

“Well, I had some help,” Bucky smirks.

“Look, there’s signs!” Lizzie shouts.  “‘Trick-or-treaters, come this way!’”  She looks to Bucky, as if for permission and he nods.  She darts off down the hallway, knocking on the first door. 

“Are the other Avengers in on this too?” you ask as you follow Lizzie.  As if in answer, the door swings open for you to find Thor standing there, in his full battle uniform.

“Hello, little Midgardian,” Thor says.  “You are Lizzie, are you not?”

“I am,” Lizzie nods.  “Trick-or-treat!”  Thor hands Lizzie a jack-o-lantern candy basket, pouring the entire candy bowl inside.

“Oh,” Lizzie says.  “That’s a lot of candy.”

“I ate some of it before you got here,” Thor admits.  “It’s only half the bag.”

“Well, thank you,” Lizzie says.

“You are most welcome,” Thor says.  “I do not understand this tradition, but I like it very much.”

“It’s my favorite holiday,” Lizzie agrees.  “Happy Halloween!”  She moves on to the next door, leaving behind a puzzled Thor.

“Did I do it right?” he asks as you pass by. 

“You did great,” you smile, patting him on the arm as the next door swings open.

“Trick or treat!” Lizzie says.  She’s greeted by the sight of Bruce, wearing a lab coat and a big white wig.  “Albert Einstein!”

“Here’s some candy,” Bruce says, handing her a few candy bars.  “You can have some more if you can tell me something that Einstein’s famous for.”

“The theory of relativity!” Lizzie says.  “He realized that Newton’s theory of gravity was wrong for very large and distant-”

Bruce dumps the rest of the candy into Lizzie’s bucket.

Wanda’s behind the next door, dressed as Hermione.  She uses her magic to move pieces of candy from the bowl into Lizzie’s hands.  Lizzie stands, utterly enraptured, and you have to remind her that there’s more doors for her to knock on.

When Lizzie knocks on the next door, Vision floats through it, covered in a sheet like a ghost.  Lizzie shrieks and jumps back, but isn’t too scared to accept the candied apple he offers her.

A disgruntled Clint opens the next door, wielding his bow and arrow, wearing a blonde wig.  Lizzie immediately recognizes him as Legolas and you can practically hear Nat cackling from the next room.

Nat’s actually got an inflatable kiddie pool in her room and she’s sitting inside, wearing a purple shell bikini and a green mermaid tail.  Lizzie loves it.

You laugh out loud when Sam opens his door.  He’s wearing a long, messy, dark-haired wig and he’s wrapped his left arm in aluminum foil.

“It’s Uncle Bucky!” Lizzie laughs, accepting the bag of popcorn Sam hands her.

“Come on,” Bucky says.  “I asked you all to wear real costumes.”

“Didn’t have a lot of time to throw something together,” Sam says evenly, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.  Bucky rolls his eyes and slams the door in Sam’s face.

Steve opens the next door, wearing a New England Patriots jersey.  He shrugs apologetically at his lack of costume, but Lizzie doesn’t seem to mind as he hands her a dozen king-sized candy bars.

“This is the last door,” Bucky warns Lizzie as she approaches what you assume must be Tony’s door.  She nods and knocks carefully on the door.

The door swings open and you find yourself face to face with the Iron Man suit.

“Trick or treat!” Lizzie says and it bends down, handing her a piece of candy.  It steps past her, revealing another suit behind it.

“Trick or treat!” Lizzie says again, and it too hands her a candy, stepping aside to reveal yet another suit.

After almost 30 different suits hand Lizzie candy, the real Tony Stark, emerges, dressed up as Sherlock Holmes.  He hands Lizzie an entire gift bag, full of different Halloween goodies.

“Happy Halloween, kiddo,” he smiles.  “Got enough candy there?”


You close the door of your bedroom behind you, having tucked Lizzie into your bed.  You tiptoe down the hallway to the living room, where Bucky sits on the couch, still in his costume.

“That was incredible,” you say, plopping down beside him.  “How did you manage to pull all that together in an hour?”  Bucky shrugs nonchalantly.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” he smiles.  “Most of the Avengers had costumes and candy leftover from Tony’s party.”

“She wanted to tell you thank you herself, but she was pretty tired,” you smile, snuggling into his side.  “You just made her Halloween.  Hell, you probably just made her year.”

“She had fun, didn’t she?” he smiles to himself and you nod.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” you say, kissing him on the cheek.  He turns his head and catches your lips with his.  

After a few seconds, he leans back, eyes closed and slumps back onto the couch.  You shake your head as he realize he’s fallen asleep.  You kick of your shoes and curl up next to him, resting your head on his chest.

“Happy Halloween, Bucky,” you say, closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep.


Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

October 26, 2015 Movie Of The Week

Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat is a legitimate modern horror classic and the finest film ever made about Halloween. It’s an anthology movie set on the night of my (and your; let’s be real here) favorite holiday, telling a series of spooky stories that all take place in the same neighborhood at the same time. The film moves in a brilliant, nonlinear fashion - like Pulp Fiction for horror - with all the various story threads cleverly converging in different places thanks to its mascot character, the mysterious pumpkin headed trick or treater known only as Sam. To sum this one up in a single sentence: it’s the concentrated essence of Halloween distilled into the form of a beautiful, magical 82 minute horror movie. For what it is, Trick ‘r Treat is perfect.

The film tells five stories, each depicted in its own ingenius way and then tied together seamlessly by the iconic Sam, who watches over Halloween and punishes those who break the holiday’s “rules”. You see the fun side of the season as well as its seedy underbelly as the movie plays out, with the somehow simultaneously adorable and terrifying Sam turning up to pass judgement when needed with the aid of his razor sharp Jack O Lantern lollipop. I won’t spoil anything about the individual stories here because they all play off of each other to form a greater whole, but know that there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. Every second of Trick ‘r Treat is a joy to watch, and the movie actually improves upon repeat viewings (which is basically Halloween tradition at this point) since the script is constantly dropping hints and foreshadowing what comes next in gloriously subtle ways that will make you grin from ear to ear because you never caught them the first ten times around. Funny and scary in equal measure but always captivating, I think it may be impossible to not love this film.

Trick ‘r Treat is teeming with every seasonal trope you can think of and it’s can’t miss October viewing. I’ve watched it every year since 2009 when it finally came out after several excruciating delays. It’s got Jack O Lanterns, poison candy, Halloween parties, local legends, ghouls, monsters, murders, tricks, treats, costumes galore - you name something Halloweenie and it’s here in mass quantity! Just as importantly, the unique feel of Halloween is captured perfectly in everything from the film’s amazingly eerie music and stunningly spooky cinematography to its frenetic, thrill ride, horror comedy pacing. There is no better cinematic representation of the (real) most wonderful time of the year than this! If you’re a Halloween fiend who hasn’t seen Trick ‘r Treat, trust me: it is beyond time to change that.

Trick or Treat

Request: Taking Bucky trick or treating and he’s worried about scaring people with his arm but then a kid sees it and asks where he got his awesome costume and he gets so excited being able to show off to this kid and thanks you for forcing him to go out 😍😍

Blog Tag: @littlemissvicki

A/N: Anon wants some angsty Bucky, so I’m going to start the suggestions with this one! Can you guess what next Halloween’s theme is?

Warnings: Some angst, working on my ability to write angst.

Word Count Total: 983

Short Imagine #61

Title: Trick or Treat

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Diagon Alley Celebrates Hallowe’en 2015

1st November 2015

Laughter certainly wasn’t in short supply last night, as hundreds descended upon Diagon Alley for Weasley Wizard Wheeze’s annual Hallowe'en celebrations. For one night only, Diagon Alley is transformed into an orange and black bonanza, with a range of activities taking place. 

 Launched in 1998, the event was originally intended to provide some comic relief for the first Hallowe'en succeeding the second wizarding war. The celebration has since become an annual tradition, and wizards from up and down the country flock upon Diagon Alley to witness the monumental celebrations. 

The festivities initiated at 6 o'clock with a Hallowe'en parade assembling through Diagon Alley’s cobbled streets. A range of groups turned out to perform, including The Salem Women’s Institute, Yorkshire Youth Choir, W.E.Z (Wizarding Elder’s Zumba), Warwick Women’s Ballet, LWSI (London’s Wizard’s Society of Islam) and the Hogwart’s Choir. 

Festivities then proceeded with a number of stalls, in which Wizard Wheeze’s presented some of their best products. Youths even had a chance to play muggle “Trick Or Treat” in a number of shops across Diagon Alley. 

“It’s taken a lot of preparation. We had a ton of late nights making sure everything was up to scratch, but it was 100% worth it,” explains Mr George Weasley, one of the original founders of the famed joke shop. “Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. Reminds me that despite everything everyone’s gone through, there’s always room for a little bit of fun." 

And if you enjoyed the Hallowe'en Celebration, be sure to come to Weasley Wizard Wheeze’s next celebration - Weasley Winter Whoopee - on Saturday the 19th of December.

[Pictured: A happy parader in their Hallowe’en attire during the festivities yesterday evening]