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Honestly, I feel like Annabeth loves proving people wrong who make a quick judgement of her based on her looks, I mean I believe that all of The Seven do but especially Annabeth

-Like everyone always thinks that Annabeth the classic dumb blonde and stuff like that so sometimes when she’s doing group work with people she’ll be like “What?” and then the first will try to dumb it down for her.

-This then results in her totally schooling the person and just aggressively spitting out facts about it and just goes on a whole rant about it.

-Another scenario of this is when people try to hit on her. They usually try to use a stupid pick up line, and Annabeth just shakes her head and again, just goes out on a tangerine about shallowness. Percy also somehow always manages to come over to Annabeth’s side during this. 

-Or, if people think she’s a ‘nerd’ and downgrades her athletic abilities, she always challenges them, and never loses.

-Overtime, all over her college campus, she becomes known as Can-Do-It-All-Chase, always surprising people in one way or another.

Basically, Annabeth just proves how much of a bad ass she is 

*Etta James voice* Aaaaaaaaatttttt laaaaaaaaaassssssttttt, our podcast for 408 “God Complex” is up!! 

We were thrilled to be joined by two very special guests, @hawthornewhisperer​ and @knowlesian, who are smart-as-heck analysts of the show and shared all kinds of brilliant insights with us.

Thank you so much, ladies and listeners, for your patience in waiting for this one! The delay in getting this recap uploaded was because having multiple people exponentially increases the editing hassle, but we promise it’s worth it because these ladies are terrific. 

We covered 18th century British colonialism, Abby’s emotional breakdown, Bill Cadogan’s love of wordplay, Clarke and Murphy’s relationship, Sassy Nihilist Jasper, how to rave responsibly (hint: bring a backpack), and tons of speculation about where the season might be going next, both things we’re hoping for (Becca flashbacks!) and things we’re side-eyeing (Commander Clarke???). Come join the lady nerd party!

0:00 - 100% Not Apologizing For Beginning This Podcast With Twelve Minutes of Jaha Dragging
0:12 – Let’s Talk About Harper
0:23 – Bree, Niylah, and the Occasionally Dubious “Solve Problems With Sex” Trope
0:27 – The Underappreciated Significance of Jasper and Bellamy’s Relationship
0:31 – DRINK! Sarah’s First Pike Reference
0:36 – Everyone Giving Bellamy “Advice” Is Literally Just Describing Themselves
1:01 – “I Bear It So They Don’t Have To”: Clarke’s Leadership Dividing Her From Her People
1:10 – “Welcome to Mt. Weather”: Claire’s a Little Salty That Raven Is Treating Abby Like Dr. Tsing
1:20 – “Don’t Call Her That”: Roan’s Casual Prejudice Shows Us Exactly Why Emori Can’t Trust People
1:25 – That Clarke and Murphy Scene Broke Our Hearts Into Tiny Pieces
1:39 – Clarke and Roan, Sass Siblings
1:43 – We Are Heavily Side-Eyeing This “You Were Born For This” Business
1:55 – “It’s Not Blasphemy, It’s Science” – British Imperialism, Distrust of Technology, ALIE and Cadogan
2:04 – Abby Reaches Her Breaking Point and Paige Deserves a Goddamn Emmy
2:16 – Marcus Kane, a Peacetime Leader Who Sucks at War
2:22 – Hedging Your Apocalypse Bets: We’re Predicting Every Potential Solution Will Come Back In the Endgame
2:26 – DRINK! Sarah Talks About Pike Again
2:28 – Indra 2.0 Is Equal Parts Terrifying Badass, Tragic Hero, and Conflicted Mom
2:39 – Random Final Thoughts: Sarah Has a Finale Theory, Claire Is Going To Scream If Kabby Isn’t Reunited Soon, and WHAT IF CADOGAN WAS THE FIRST FLAMEKEEPER???
2:53 – Stay Tuned Later This Week For Our Anniversary Fan Roundtable!

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junggook & 22 plz ! :D

#22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
1.5k words

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a/n: im a sucker for awkz jeongguk and also 2 nanoseconds of yoonmin

Jeongguk had always believed in romantic, happy endings. His mother had often put on Disney classics on the TV and he ended up watching his favorites like Hercules, Mulan, and 101 Dalmatians (also The Little Mermaid but he’d never confess that aloud). His cousin had gotten married to his high school sweetheart, had the perfect wedding, and even better honeymoon at the Maldives. He’d dreamt of that.

Finding a soulmate, his other half. He figured he had that with his last girlfriend. They dated through the last two years of high school and into the first two years of university. Jeongguk had already prepared a ring that he’d pop out at the right time. He had even invited her to be his date to his brother’s wedding that was coming up in a week.

That was all before he found her tangled up in his teammate’s sheets. Safe to say, Jeongguk has been religiously avoiding the basketball team (much to their suffering because they needed their best player) as well as his now ex-girlfriend. She tried calling him a few times but he refused to pick up.

“Jeongguk-ah,” his brother called out. Jeonghyun was having a tux fitting and he looked admittedly dashing. All grown up, sharp jaw and all. Jeongguk always felt like a baby next to him, even worse now that he had no date to the wedding. “Why are you so distracted?”

Oh yes, and he also postponed mentioning that things had ended between him and the girl his whole family adored. Fan-fucking-tastic. “Nothing, you look good.”

“Yeah?” He grinned. “Think she’ll like the tux?”

“She’ll probably like you without,” he drawled out, the bitterness dripping in his tone. It took him a full second to realize what he just said and cringed. “Actually, scratch that. I don’t need that image in my head.”

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Every new thing that comes out about Battlefield 1 makes my history nerd-side more and more upset.
The latest press photo has one of the soldiers holding a WWII-era rifle variant. He’s holding a rifle that wouldn’t exist for 24 years, how can a company do so little research? I know I shouldn’t get worked up over this, but I am.

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I wonder how badboy!jungkook and nerd!yoongi would be like omg

At first, Yoongi thinks nothing of it.

Then it happens again- a tap on his window. He puts it down to the wind and tree outside, because his bedroom is on the second floor- what else could it be. His attention falls back onto his textbook, but the strange tapping continues. Eventually, one louder crack snaps Yoongi’s last bit of patience, making him storm towards his window to find out what the hell is going on.

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Lane rocked her Disney side as Bo Peep from Toy Story. :D And of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete if she didn’t get to dance with Woody. :D

11 Questions

Share 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions provided by the tagger, tag 11 people and leave 11 questions for them to answer!

I was tagge @pochik

Facts About me

1. My first anime sort of film I watched was ‘Spirited away’ which was actually made the year I was born

2. I have worn the necklace with a Celtic eagle for 10 years straight!

3. I have a little westie named Cara!

4. My birthday is April 10th!

5.I am dyslexic!

6. I started drawing about 3 or 4!

7. I once accidentally set our chimney on fire!

8.I am only half British!

9. I am half Irish and half my family is over there XD

10.My favourite animals are a fox and a wolf!

11. The first game I ever played was Legend of Zelda spirits tracks, I completed it in a week!

1. What colour is your toothbrush?

White and light blue!

2. Do you have siblings?

Yep one brother

3. Why did you make a tumblr account?

Beacuse everyone but my parents hated my artwork

4. What was your childhood best friend like?

Well the first one died so I am going to skip a little forward and say that they were really artistic, use to play pokemon with me and stood up for me when I was bullied!

5. What was the best job you ever did (either voluntary or paid)?

Walking the neighbours dog XD

6. If you eat steak, how do you like it cooked?

Vegetarian here!

7. Is it easy to startle you?


8. If you had to go one day without either your eyesight or your hearing, which would be the most inconvenient?

Eyesight, I couldn’t draw XD

9. What is the best bit of good luck that ever happened to you?

Sports was called off one day, so we all start and watch the schools play OLIVER! And ate popcorn on a none school uniform day!

10. How late do you sleep on your days off?

Till about 10am XD

11.  What are you wearing right now? ;P

A black T-shirt which says ‘come to the nerd side we have π’, blue hoodie and cargo trousers

1.My questions 

2.What time is it now?

3.Which country are you from?

4.How long have you been drawing 

5.Favourite game?

6.Fabourite TV show?

7.D o you have any pets?

8.Favourite animal?

9.Favourite Video game?

10.Ever had your work displayed anywhere? 11.How are you feeling toda

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Why isn't there a book with all the creatures ever defeated in supernatural and how to kill them and lore on them and all kinds of shit like that I mean come on my nerd side needs this.

but there is and i have it lol its a portuguese version, also in john winchester’s journal are mentions of lots of monsters and ways to kill them, i got both books.

But also,

Shadowhunters watching Game of Thrones

Magnus roots for Tyrion, because he know genius when he sees it.

Luke is of course a Starkfan and gets pissed every time a wolf get’s killed. He also rooted for Robb, don’t talk to him about the red wedding.

Hodge is the one organizing get togethers to watch the new episodes together. He was down with Drogo first, but was forced to switch teams, going full on team Wall.

Alec very much likes Loras and Renly, but ultimately rooted for Oberyn because he wished he could be as out and open as Oberyn. When Oberyn dies he goes back to team Loras.

Izzy loves Arya to bits and pieces and on occation dresses like Melisandre, red wig and all.

Jace is all over the place. Now rooting for Robb, then for Dany and for Stannis the next day. Secretly he likes Jaime Lannister the best, but he tells no one.

Clary is just that Sansa girl who got really upset when Sandor died, because she knew Sansa would need him later. She also hides into Jace’s side every time Littlefinger comes on screen.

Simon is that nerd that rubs in that he read the books, slapping the others with book characters that literally only Hodge knows. They hate to watch GoT with him, even Izzy does.

Raph is that dick that roots for The Others, just because that would be v v v interesting.