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God, this livestream made my day! I love them all so much! 

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I wish people would stop whining about livestream gifs. Let people gif what they want to gif. If you don't like it, don't reblog it. Good grief.

Lol so… you come to complain about people “whining” about giffing from a livestream to someone who disagrees with giffing from a livestream?


I don’t reblog it, I wait for people who sat through and watched the episode vs rushing in photoshop to be one of the first people to post a gif set. And I will continue to do so. It’s my opinion and I am allowed to have it.


Finally. A reason to live again.

My thoughts on ‘Tales From The Yawning Portal’

I received my advance copy of @dndwizards​’s new book Tales from the Yawning Portal not quite a week ago. If you haven’t heard of this book here’s the gist of it:

TftYP is a collection of seven ‘classic’ dungeon adventures from D&D editions past, all updated with fifth edition rules. In this book you get…

  • Against the Giants (AD&D)
  • Dead in Thay (D&D Next)
  • Forge of Fury (D&D 3e)
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (AD&D)
  • The Sunless Citadel (D&D 3e)
  • Tomb of Horrors (AD&D)
  • White Plume Mountain (AD&D)

All of the maps and layout have been updated to make them easier on the eyes, while their traps, monsters, structure, and challenges remains largely unchanged. TftYP is a ‘best of’ book, rather than a remake or reboot of these adventures.

If you’re a millennial who got into D&D through things like Acquisitions Inc, The Adventure Zone, or Critical Role, my take on this book is gonna be of interest to you…because this book might be specifically FOR YOU.  

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(2017.03.24) “Tsuki-Cast. - GRAVITIC-NIGHT -” Livestream with Maeno Tomoaki & Toriumi Kousuke

Toriumi: March is the month that [Maeno’s character] Haru is in charge of, right?
Maeno: Yes, it’s March. And if it’s March then it’s KENN-san’s birthday. Happy birthday to you!
*Maeno, Toriumi, and staff all clapping*
Toriumi: It’s today, isn’t it?
Maeno: *immediately* It’s today. I made sure to send him a LINE message congratulating [KENN on his birthday] as soon as the date changed.

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(I’m super glad you enjoy my writing and I hope you both enjoy this!)

- Tyler picking out the ring a few months in advance
- Amy helping him pick out the perfect one for you (also she’s super happy that she gets to be the first person in Teamiplier to know he’s going to propose)
- Tyler talking to Mark about it next for some Bro™ advice (also Mark probably cries)
- They come up with the genius idea of proposing on the livestream as soon as the $100,000 goal is met.
- Building lots of hype before the livestream by saying that something super amazing will happen when the goal is met
- You keep asking what the ‘amazing’ thing is and they all play dumb and act like Mark won’t tell them either
- Amy and Kathryn keeping Ty calm before you get to the office while Eth is a little ball of excitement and Mark lowkey anxious (like he was for Wade when he proposed at PAX)
- “What if y/n says no?” Tyler says suddenly, like the thought hadn’t occured to him before
- “Y/n is crazy in love with you! They’ll say yes.” Kathryn soothes him while Amy get’s Mark to chill
- When you get to the office everyone’s acting normal again
- Tyler’s heart races the closer and closer the donations get to $100,000
- Mark keeps building suspense and it’s driving you and the fans crazy
- The goal is finally reached and Mark announces that everyone needs to cover their eyes an no peeking ( he literally covers your eyes while everyone except tyler get’s out of the frame so it can be you and Tyler’s big moment)
- “What’s going on?” You ask hesitantly, because you can hear people moving and feel them getting off the couch.
- Mark tells you that you’re going to want to stand which just makes you even more nervous (he’s still covering your eyes). 
- Ethan’s working the camera so it captures you standing and Tyler kneeling in front of you
- Also the chat, twitter and tumblr are blowing up
- Kath and Amy are watching on the sidelines like proud mamas
- Mark runs out of the frame really quick and says you can open your eyes
- You see Tyler in front of you, ring box in his hand
- You’re so in shock but you’re also so happy.
- You and Tyler are literally just both staring at each other smiling and giggling (*cough* Ethan has to say “GoOO” to Tyler)
- “Y/N, I’ve loved you for so long, there’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. You’re my best friend and my reason to smile always. Will you marry me?”
- “Yes!”
- Tyler puts the ring on you
- You’re already pulling him in for a kiss by the time he’s standing on two feet again. 
- Everyone’s cheering and crying and laughing
- “Wait - You all knew?!?!” You ask, turing around in Tyler’s arms. Mark and Amy and Ethan and Kathryn all high five because they’re proud af for keeping the secret and helping with the proposal.
- The next hour of the stream is spent looking at congrats messages and fan art and literally everyone is so happy