come to the good side


Greta makes an unexpected visit to her newest friends.

Good thing I saw her coming from the left side of the screen if not she would have scared the crappa-holy outta me because I was focusing on Grim. She’s sneaky that one.

It was a short visit and Grim goes inside to bed.

Come join me in the good side were I like to ignore Tyren and think is gonna be alright

Camren Forever, delusional until I die

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“T’Pring, dear, stop it now, my next shift starts in ten minutes…I don’t have time for the things you’re projecting!”

“My T’hy’la, I am completely unaware of what you’re talking about”

MY FIRST T’PURA DRAWING YAY! If I draw it, it means I’m really past the point of no return. Pls everyone hear my prayer and come to the T’Pura side. They are perfect and beautiful and everything good in this world they are everything

This is for @annaknitsspock aka my T’Pura soulmate and @speedygal who tirelessly encourages me everyday!


love is love is love // 6.14.16

19 Ready-Made Vegan Meals for When You're Too Lazy to Actually Cook Something

1. Amy’s Kitchen Black Bean Tamale Verde

This tamale is seriously good and comes with a side of Spanish rice!

2. Kashi’s Chimichurri Quinoa Bowl Frozen Entrée

Yes, please!

3. Gardein’s Chipotle Black Bean Sliders

Customize with your favorite veggies and condiments!

4. Tasty Bite’s Bombay Potatoes

Great on their own or with your favorite veggies!

5. Sweet Earth’s Curry Tiger Bowl

Curried seitan, lentils, potatoes, and more!

6. Gardein’s BBQ Porkless Pocket Meal

These incredibly delicious mini-meals are packed with 10 grams of protein each. Ready in two minutes, they’re perfect for when you’re short on time!

7. Thai Kitchen’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl

Easily prepped in the microwave!

8. Amy’s Kitchen Baked Ziti Bowl

Made with vegan mozzarella and ricotta!

9. Trader Joe’s Vegan Tikka Masala

Cheap AND easy.

10. Tasty Bite’s Channa Masala

Pair with rice for a quick and delicious meal.

11. Amy’s Kitchen Dairy-Free Rice Mac & Cheeze

The best!

12. Sweet Earth’s General Tso’s Tofu

With a zesty sweet-and-sour sauce!

13. Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Pocket Meal

Stuffed with kale, barley, and sun-dried tomatoes, this tasty treat is ready in five minutes!

14. Kashi’s Black Bean Mango Frozen Entrée

This easy-to-prepare bowl comes with fire-roasted mango sauce.

15. Thai Kitchen’s Tangy Lemongrass Rice Noodle Cart

A savory noodle bowl ready in minutes? We’ve got you covered.

16. Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Loaf


17. Sweet Earth’s Moroccan Tagine

This flavorful stew is sure to hit the spot.

18. Kashi’s Amaranth Polenta Plantain Bowl

With ancho chili sauce. Yum!

19. Trader Joe’s Punjab Eggplant

Flavorful and ready in minutes!

Virgo!Lafayette from the Horoscope AU. Which is by @avenoire and @drawinggheys .

NGL I am super anxious about posting this. I wanted to do a background and get into more detail on the colouring but my muscles and joints are kinda hurting now so i just. Gave up. Which i honestly did when i already came to drawing the flowers tbh. 
ANYWAY. I really love the designs for this AU and I’m very interested in it?? Just thank you for creating this we deserve p horoscope au.

Who You Should Fight: Camp Camp Edition Pt 2

Daniel: Take this Mr.Clean wannabe TF down. It’s going to be hard, but possible if you’re sneaky. I would suggest either poison or a gun, because you do not want to get close enough for him to get you with his evil sacrifice knife.

Harrison: Don’t fight Harrison. Seriously, don’t. This kid is likely legitimately magic and has no problem tormenting others, even if he misses who he was aiming for. Plus, Nerris has dragged his entire life at least once.

Preston: He is That Bitch that is both a perfectionist and lives for drama. He pictures himself a mastermind, but is really just a bad writer. Don’t physically fight Preston, just insult his plot and character choices.  

Dolph: You have two choices when it comes to Dolph: fucking annihilate him, or get on his good side. He really just wants to focus on his art, but god forbid anyone tells him he doesn’t have a future in it. Either way, keep your eye on him.

Ered: Don’t fight Ered. Sure, she can be taken down a few pegs when it comes to how she uses people and is obsessed with being “cool” but it’s likely just a phase. Let this baby lesbian live.

Nurf: Do not fight Nurf. He has enough self-awareness that anything you yell at him won’t work, and this kid stabbed David in the hand. Twice. Give him one good slap if you think it would help, but otherwise, watch yourself.

Jasper: Why would you!? You know this kid didn’t die peacefully, and hasn’t he suffered enough? Never consider fighting this good boy. fight his va though

Cameron Campbell: Good fucking luck my guy. He’s been one step ahead of the Feds for years, has helicopters at his disposal, and has probably had cocaine in his system since the 80′s. Don’t fight this rich mother fucker, even if you want to.

6am: ArchiexReader

hey guys, just a quick oneshot that I threw together. idk, having major archie feels. feedback would be appreciated if you don’t hate it. 

Summary: Archie waking you up in the middle of the night. Basically just complete fluff.

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babycharmander  asked:

I scrolled through your Papyrus tag and didn't see anything about it (unless I missed it), so I'm wondering--what are your thoughts on ambassador!Papyrus? Since that's what happens if Frisk refuses to be ambassador (and admittedly it's something I tend to forget can happen XD;).

Wait, that happens? Lol I don’t think I knew that. This game, I swear…

Ambassador Paps cures the world. No more hunger. There is peace on earth. All weapons are permanently dismantled.

Uhh seriously though? Since he’s not a human, he first needs to familiarize himself with humans and what they do. He tries everything. He says hello to every single human, sometimes twice. He’s a real “learn by experience” person, and he’s got the energy to pull it off.

Whereas Frisk already knows a lot about humans, Papyrus has to figure a lot of stuff out for himself. Sometimes… not getting it totally right.

(Ex. Humans really love dogs. Humans have weird, white bowls of water in their shower rooms. Conclusion: Humans keep dog bowls with fresh water at the ready even if they don’t own one, just in case they ever encounter a dog. Conclusion 2: Humans are very considerate and make good hosts.

…Further research needed on the quality of their pats and belly rubs. The other sentries are excited by these studies.)

He might get into some trouble at first, trying to make friends by beating people up and flirting with them. Luckily Frisk and the others are there to discourage that before it gets out of hand.

He probably organizes cook outs and related events to bring human and monster communities together. I want to think that Undyne pushing him towards cooking actually pays out in this scenario? Like that really becomes his thing and it ends up helping everyone get closer? There’s no more Royal Guard, so he’s more like.. the Royal Cook? Either way, he’s a Very Important Papyrus.

in vitibus veritas

… in which Emma, Hook, and Neal are unwilling participants in one of Pan’s little games while in Neverland.

Idea shamelessly stolen from the latest episode of Shadowhunters. For @ofshipsandswans​, thanks for the help and inspiration! ♥

A mix of annoyance and dread mingled in the pit of Emma’s stomach as she trudged along the path behind Hook, his black leather cloak swinging heavily with each swaggering step he took. Cracking leaves and heavy footsteps behind her told her that Neal was following closely, bringing up the rear. Emma wasn’t happy with the arrangement, but the guys had lined up, taking her between them, without any kind of discussion. Unfortunately, it made sense. She didn’t know the jungle like either of them did, and judging by Hook’s confident stride, he knew where he was going.

Still, she wished for different company. They’d had to split up, and it made sense to have a magic user in each group, but Emma would much rather have gone with her parents. Since that would have left Regina with Hook and Neal, though, it had never really been an option.

This arrangement was the one least likely to cause friction, and Emma knew it. Even so, Hook and Neal was a combination that she would normally have avoided at all costs.

But really, Hook with anyone was a bad combination. He had a talent for finding people’s buttons, and little self-control when it came to pushing them.

Although her father had stopped glowering at him. Progress, of a sort.

Ahead, the path opened into a clearing, and Hook’s steps slowed. He looked back over his shoulder. “Careful,” he warned. “Keep your eyes and ears open.”

They were halfway across the clearing when Emma felt something—a shiver at the base of her neck, and a tugging in her chest, prompting her to look left into the trees. She reached out to grab the sleeve of Hook’s coat, pulling him to a stop. “Wait,” she ordered, peering into the dense jungle.

“What’s wrong?” Neal demanded.

Hook said nothing, his hand on the pommel of his sword, eyes following Emma’s.

“I’m not sure,” Emma had to admit. “I just feel… something.”

“You feel something,” Neal echoed, coming to a stop at her other side. “Okay…”

“Oh, very good,” said a voice, and a lithe figure stepped out from the trees, where his green outfit had effectively camouflaged him.

Peter Pan.

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 @extraknees made a very good post asking for more of this ship’s content featuring baph comforting dio, so thank you for inspiring this fancomic, macey!!!! :) hope you all enjoy! 

R: Oh my god, man.

R: Okay, first of all. Happy birthday.

R: Second of all, coming out to family can be really really rough. I know what that’s like, especially as bi. All sexualities have their own difficulties coming out, but I get the bi thing, and-

Laurie: Did I hear birthday and bisexual?

R: uh-

Laurie: Sorry to intrude, but I made bi pride cupcakes and if it’s your birthday, you should definitely have one. Happy birthday, sweetie!

R: Um. Thanks! …it’s not mine but thanks anyway.

R: Well, there we go!

R: No matter what happens, you have a family here. You should never be afraid of hiding who you are, because even if you lose everything, you will always have a whole world of people standing behind you who love and support you.

R: Now, thats not to say the worst, will happen. I’m sure your family will love you just the same, but even then! We’ve still got your back.

R: And until you’re ready to come to a LGBTQ rights event or a Pride march, I’ll just hold onto this cupcake for you.

R: Happy birthday.

(( okay, I’m starting to add on people from the 500 followers thing :) first up is @thatorangedrank‘s kiddo Laurie MacKenzie! also happy birthday anon ))


the-megalosaurus  asked:

okay well if you're trying to distract yourself pls feel free to provide some thoughts on the topic of Sam's wardrobe specifically his terrible shirts and his reasons for loving them so kindly (or alternatively: Sam and Dean go to the beach and Sam's beachwear is like Jared's bizarre beachwear choices) (... I invite you to tell me more)

I won’t pretend to be able to write good meta/speculation, but I do have several (disorganized, unsubstantiated) thoughts on Sam’s often eccentric fashion choices. My ideas on the subject are deeply connected to both the way Sam and Dean were raised, and to who Sam is as a person, and can be distilled into two possibly contradictory streams of thought:

1) During his childhood, there wasn’t enough room for Sam to have many things of his own, and he was discouraged to a certain point from expressing individuality. Starting when he got to Stanford, he used his clothing as a way to show his individuality, both to himself and others, by literally wearing it on his sleeve. This tendency, IMO, continued into Season 1 (hence the legendary purple dog shirt), but disappeared slowly in the years after that as the course of his life changed and his sense of self was eroded.

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2) Sam as a person is highly function-oriented. He isn’t all that interested in luxury. He eats because his body needs it, not because he really enjoys food (and he tries to feed his body only things that will be beneficial to it). He works out because it makes him a more efficient hunter, not to look good or impress anyone (except maybe when he was soulless and fond of doing shirtless chin-ups in motel rooms). I’d imagine his attitude toward clothing is largely the same. A shirt is a shirt. It serves the same purpose as any other item of clothing: to keep him warm and conceal his well-defined chest from our collective lustful gaze. This is my theory on why, for example, the hideous and infamous rusty bacon shirt has made so many appearances. To Sam, plaid is plaid. What the thing looks like is irrelevant.

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Anyway, these are my rambly thoughts on Sam’s choice of shirts. Of course, they can probably be easily refuted, since Sam has also done things like grow his hair out and keep it consistently long, despite the impracticality of the style and the frequent resulting jabs from Dean, so he clearly still has personal preferences re: his appearance. But alas, writing meta is not among my strengths. I’d love to write fic on the subject at some point though (possibly involving Sam and Dean and the beach…).