come to the asylum

horror movie opening scene
  • white girl: i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.
  • white boy: come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.
  • white girl: you're just trying to scare me.
  • white boy: lmao
  • they continue walking for a few seconds
  • *white couple hears noise*
  • white girl: babe what that??
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *leaves her alone*
  • *choking noises*
  • white girl: zack!!!
  • white boy: ha ha just kidding!
  • white girl: asshole!
  • white boy: im just playin babe
  • white girl: that wasnt funny but ur still cute
  • *playful kiss*
  • *things turn sexy*
  • *hear noise*
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *he leaves and then there's a silence for a long time*
  • *maybe a thud*
  • white girl: zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!
  • *she walks and he dead*
  • white girl: ahhh!!
  • *killer shows up with sickle or quirky weapon that distinguishes him from other horror movie villains*
  • white girl: ahhh!!!
  • *white girl runs*
  • *dead end*
  • *hides*
  • *thinks she free n safe*
  • *guy catches her*
  • *cuts her*
  • *she dead*
  • opening title slashes across screen: BLOOD SLICE IN 3-D

Hi! I am Rromani. I am from Hungary, and in Canada, where I’ve been since I was little. (I’m a teenager now.) In Hungary, as most of you probably know, life was not very good–Rromani people had to live in separate neighbourhoods that were in very poor condition and often lacked things like electricity and clean running water, had to go to separate schools and classes from other kids, were subject to a lot of hate crimes and intimidation (sometimes from organised militias), and the political climate was not very pro-Rromani. With everything that was going on, it made sense for us to come to Canada - us being me, and my older brother. 

We were supposed to be coming here together, but something happened. We got separated. (I’m not sure exactly what - I was pretty young at the time.) I’ve settled here in Canada, and life is going well, except that I don’t know what happened to my brother. Since leaving Hungary, I haven’t heard from him. Now that I’m older, I want to try to find him. I don’t remember very much from when I was younger, but I remember him and that I loved him, and that he loved me. I think that if he could, he would be trying to find me (which might be tricky for him - among other things, my name has been changed since I came here.) I don’t know whether he stayed in Hungary, or went to another European country looking for a place where life could be better, or whether he might have come to Canada and gotten asylum here. 

I called him something like Yoska, but I’m not sure whether this was his real name, or a nickname, or a childish mispronunciation (I had a speech impediment.) He would be, I think, in his mid-twenties right now. If he can, he is probably trying to find me. Please share this, because I’m hoping that there is some chance that he will see it and contact me, or that someone who knows him will see it and tell him. 

If you think you might be my brother, please email me at (or contact me through this tumblr blog). I love you and I miss you, and I hope you are okay.

2 in 1 shot by shot

I did a “shot by shot” of the “2 in 1” promo.  I slowed it down to .25 speed and played it on my HD 24 in screen.  I’ll list the shots w/ my commentary in italics

1. old house door – the one Kelly is in?
2. Dean slices his hand for spell – his watch is evident in multiple shots later
3. Crowley’s hand reaching out of his grave – personally, I find this a ‘standard’ shot used in many TV genre TV shows (Buffy, Being Human, etc… ) not some “property of Dean Winchester” shot.  
4. Mystery Figure w/ guns:

thoughts: Later we see him shooting a gun REMARKABLY similar to Dean’s. OTOH, where’s the bowlegs?  Also, does this person have a slight paunch?  My first instinct is JDM. But he’s so very skinny these days.  Still, JDM wants Jensen to direct him.  Jensen is directing in S13 – likely the 3rd episode (as always) and we could still be in the Other World at that point.  So… JDM could be in as many as 4 episodes and Jensen gets to direct him.  But… it’s a stretch.  Alternatively, there could be some temporal phenomenon going on and this is Dean after years in the Other World (again….. the shoulder to hip ratio is definitely NOT Sam and doesn’t really look Jensen).  Bobby?  I know Bobby may have been sent elsewhere two years ago.  But Jim Beaver is either trolling us hard or that is not Bobby.  So… I’m going 1) JDM, 2) Bobby, 3) young John, 4) Dean, or 5) “other”.
5. Lawrence House staircase – likely in the past
6. Dean w/ cutup leg – bowlegs evident
7. Someone washing off a grisly looking claw device
8. Dean wired up in the Bunker for a mind trip. Note, bunker lights are fully ON.
9. Baby crib in what looks like a 1960’s living room - did Cas hide Kelly in the past?
10. Cas by pristine lake
11. BMoL red shirts grabbing guns in their compound
12. Black & White picture of Lucifer coming out of Crowley’s early lair (the New York asylum)
13. Cas reaching up with a finger to touch someone at the old house by the lake
14. Kelly, pregnant, in comfy bed
15. Luci swirling a lock of Rowena’s hair in a fancy room w/ blood on the chair – it sure implies he got her
16. Somebody depressing a detonator switch
17. Mystery Man walking
18. Ketch calling either Sam or Dean’s phone – looks like they are in the motel room based on placemat
19. Dean crying
20. Sam closing his eyes (with emotion) in BMoL compound, Jody in background
21. More Mystery Man walking, this time towards a prone Cas
22. Satellite photo of a city with a spot marked in the center
23. Kelly painting baby’s room
24. Mystery Man walking towards prone Cas, firing over Cas’ head at some other target – gun looks just like the one Dean uses in the promo
25. Other World Sam with shocked face
24. Bloody footprint on wood floor
25. Other World Dean with shocked face
26. Dean’s hand w/ Enochian brass knuckles
27. Dean pointing to blueprint along the curved wall (perhaps under the telescope level)?
28. Hand-cuffed Lady Toni w/ancient MoL gear attached to modern tablet
29. Dead-looking bloody dude – I agree it’s a random hunter
30. 4 spires in Other World w/ rocks and three dead dude – one non-human sitting, two prone
31. Jody’s picture on a cell phone w/ her Sioux Falls location
32. Lucifer looking at someone
33. Sam and Dean, looking tired and sweaty, sitting on the ground next to a curved wall with a relatively shallow portion smashed out. Laterns and emergency power evident. Empty bottle of scotch. – Looks like “smash our way out doesn’t work”.
34. BMoL conference room
35. Jodi’s truck moving quickly
36. Cas looks out of old house window
37. Bloody Dean face – he looks satisfied
38. Ketch goes flying in MoL Bunker, across the table, the lights are on like normal.
39. Ketch w/ snub gun, bleeding
40. Ketch appears injured in upper arm/shoulder, in continuation of fight.
41. Electronic evesdropping display
42. Jody at BMoL compound
43. Spell bowl lights up
44. Ketch’s phone says “Lester’s down. Who’s next.”
45. Mary’s face showing shock in Other World
46. Kelly in bed.
47. Cas touching Dean w/ two fingers & glowing thing is happening in old house
48. Sam looks stunned (in old house)
49. Cas says “you” to Mystery Man in Other World

Comments based on all sources (this promo, regular promo, pictures, and BTS):

Scene locations:
- MoL Bunker w/out power, motel, MoL Bunker WITH power, BMoL compound
- Old house, Other World

Action sequences:
- Looks like it’s Dean vs Ketch & I think Dean wins
- Sam seems to be at the BMoL compound
- Dean seems to be recovering Mary
- The boys & Lady Toni use a spell to get out of the Bunker
- They boys are in a motel room plotting
- The boys & Mary are recovered and in the Bunker talking about Lucifer
- Cas & Kelly have some quiet moments at the Lake House
- Sam, Dean and I think Lucifer show up at the Lake House – I’m struggling with the two different cribs (one in a 60’s living room, one in nephilim baby’s bedroom… neither are Sams’)
- Otherworld has two sequences – one w/ Luci, Cas, Sam, Dean & Mary and the other w/ Cas and Mystery Man

- We aren’t in Kansas anymore in Otherworld. Doesn’t look Oz but it looks different (future, different realm, don’t know)
- There may be temporal thing going on – and/or a time shift

Asylum AU

Okay so story behind this I know that a lot of people have different stances on the asylum au, but typically ohm is the case and Bryce is the therapist but I thought that it would be really cool for it to switch. So yeah, heads up. If you don’t like the asylum au, skip past this.

This focuses on both Bryce and Del so there’s that.

Hope y'all enjoy!


“Hello, you must be Jonathan. How are you doing today?” Silence. “Jonathan? I need you to talk to me.”

“Jonathan’s taking a break.”

“Then who might you be?”

A harsh chuckle. “Not Jonathan, that’s for sure.”


It’d been about three months since Evan had started to work on Jonathan’s case, and he felt quite lost about the whole ordeal. He would feel like he’d made some progress only to fall further back.

It wasn’t Jonathan that was necessarily at fault. Granted he had some problems, but he was definitely making some progress. He talked to him, listened to him, allowed Evan to get closer and understand his thought process. Evan could deal with Jonathan and his obsession with him.

It was Delirious that Evan couldn’t control. To be quite blunt, from his studies and few interactions with Delirious he highly doubted anyone could control Delirious.

Of course, however, there was always an exception.

Evan looked up from his papers to spare a glance towards his fellow therapist.

He honestly felt quite bad for Ryan, getting stuck with a case like Bryce as his first. The last therapist had fallen prey to Bryce and committed suicide. Up until Ryan’s arrival they had kept Bryce in solitary confinement, which, reflecting upon it, wasn’t the best idea. Only it was the best option.

Bryce McQuaid was one of the scariest patients in Evan’s opinion. And he had a murderous personality disorder case. No, Bryce McQuaid was terrifying purely for the fact that he was able to get to anyone. He was manipulative, charming and bored. A dangerous combination that resulted in deaths. They put him in jail only to discover within a week he had talked not only his cell mates but the guards into committing suicide. After being in solitary confinement for less than a day he broke out by convincing the guard to let him go.

He could talk his way to anything, and was bored enough to push the limits of what he could do.

His few interactions with McQuaid left him unsettled and deeply disturbed; he couldn’t imagine how Ryan was holding up interacting with him on a daily basis.

But a man that could talk his way to anything and anyone was likely the only one who would be able to control someone as unpredictable as Delirious.

He could feel unease building in his chest as he pushed himself up from his desk and walked over to Ryan’s, who looked up with a cautious gaze glinting behind a pair of glasses perched low on his nose.

“Ryan, would I be able to talk to your case?” Ryan blinked and slowly removed the glasses, snapping them closed and setting them on his desk as he leaned back in his chair to peer up at Evan with narrowed eyes.

“He may be my case, but he has a name. And furthermore, what do you want with Bryce?”

“How much do you know about my case?” Ryan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“Jonathan? All I’m aware of is that he has multiple personalities.”

“He has two,” Evan held up two fingers. “One by the name of Jonathan, I usually interact with him,” he ticked off a finger. “And Delirious. Delirious has started to crop up more and more. Now, this is a problem because Delirious is a suicidal prone murderous psychopath who is obsessed with me and is uncontrollable. It’s not a very fun combination.” He pointed the remaining finger at Ryan, who raised his eyebrows in surprise at the sudden movement. “That’s why I need to talk to Bryce. Rumor is that Bryce is able to not only bring out Delirious, but control him.”

Ryan nodded thoughtfully. “Not surprised, Bryce is able to wrap just about anyone around his finger.” Evan raised a brow.

“Even you?”

Ryan neglected to answer his question, and opted to instead stare thoughtfully into nothing in particular before nodding and standing up.

“He prefers one on one discussions, and wouldn’t listen to you if I was there. I will however be outside the door. I doubt he’ll try anything physical, but watch out. He will analyze you just as much as you will him, and will catch you off guard off you aren’t careful.” Evan nodded.

“I appreciate this Ryan.”

Ryan didn’t respond.


“Well you aren’t the right handsome therapist.” Evan turned to see a tall lanky blond leaning against the wall behind the door. “I had the intention to surprise Ohm, but seeing as you’re here instead I figured I shouldn’t pull that sort of stuff.”

“I wouldn’t suggest it. Listen McQuaid, do you know who I am?” Bryce snorted and stepped out from behind the door and paced around Evan.

“Obviously, Fong. After listening to Jonathan and Delirious go on and on about the ‘hunky Asian’ I’d have to be deaf to not know. And even if I were deaf I’m sure Jonathan would’ve found some creative way to get his obsession across.” Evan snorted as Bryce continued his pacing around him. “But it’s not Jonathan you’re here about, is it?” Setting his jaw, Evan walked away from Bryce’s predatory circling.

“You’d be correct. Rumor has it that you can control Delirious.” Bryce gave him a flat look.

“Please. I don’t control him; I doubt anyone could.” Evan felt his stomach sink. “Rather, I offer suggestions that he happens to follow with staggering consistency. I’d like to consider myself more of a friend than a controlling superior.” This time it was Evan who gave the flat look. “So, its not that far of a leap for me to assume that you need me to talk to Delirious. What about?”

“I need to talk to him about his past.” Bryce’s eyebrows shot up.

“His past? I was figuring it’d be about his obsession with you.”

“There’s only so much Jonathan remembers, Delirious holds the rest of those memories. And the few times I am able to talk to Delirious he usually spends it talking about his past murders or how he wants to murder Sydney.” An amused smile cropped up on Bryce’s face.

“Ah yes, I imagine discussions about the past would be a bit difficult to manage in between the murder recounts and the murderous urges he has for your love interest. I’ll talk to him at the next opportunity.” Evan nodded.

“Appreciated McQuaid,” he turned to leave.

“Fong.” Evan turned around to face the cold observing eyes of Bryce, who only stared at him with greater intensity at the eye contact. “I do hope you’ll remember this favor in the future.”

Evan turned and knocked the pattern on the door, and Ryan began to unlock the door.

“Depends on the request McQuaid. Be reasonable.” As the door opened and Evan left, Bryce caught the eyes of Ohm, who only nodded in recognition of the exchange before closing the door.

Bryce returned to his bed and stared up towards the ceiling, his mind planning the events yet to come.

I’m afraid that The Joker might be right about me. Sometimes I…question the rationality of my actions. And I’m afraid that when I walk through those asylum gates…when I walk into Arkham and the doors close behind me…it’ll be just like coming home.
—  Batman, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

The day you become aware of your idiocy, the day you are aware that you are an idiot, your idiocy will start dissolving, because that awareness will bring you out of it. Idiocy is unconsciousness; it will start dissolving with awareness.

Psychologists say that a madman will become alright if he realizes that he is mad. A mad person never knows that he is mad, he thinks that the world is mad.

Kahlil Gibran has written that one of his friends became mad, so he went to visit him in the mental asylum. The friend was sitting on a bench in the garden of that asylum. Gibran sat down near him and said, “I am very sorry to see you here.”

The friend looked carefully at Gibran and said, “Sorry for what?”

Gibran replied, “To see that you had to come to this mental asylum.”

That mad friend started laughing and said, “You are mistaken. Since I have come here I have found the company of sane people. Outside all of them are insane; I am fortunate to get rid of them. You think this is the mental asylum? No, the mental asylum is outside these walls. Only a very few wise people live here.”

An insane person cannot understand that he is insane. If he had that much understanding he would not have gone insane. If he understands that he is insane, then insanity will disappear.

If at night in your sleep you realize that you are dreaming, then the dreaming will stop. To dream it is necessary that you do not remember that you are dreaming. In the morning you will remember it when the dream is over. As long as you are dreaming it will seem real to you. But if right in the middle of the dream you remember that this is a dream, it will be over.

Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples that before breaking big dreams they should learn how to break small dreams. This big world is an illusion, a big dream; you cannot break it till you break the small dreams. How can you stop the day-dream when you cannot stop the night-dream? So Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples that while going to sleep at night they must go on reminding themselves that whenever they start dreaming, at once they must remember that this is a dream. It takes about three years to break the night dreaming. For three years continuously, every night while going to sleep, if you go on thinking, contemplating, meditating on this thought then that moment comes - that fortunate moment - when suddenly you remember that this is a dream. And this remembrance breaks the dream and consciousness even enters the sleep. From that moment dreaming stops.

Then there is no more dreaming.

Only after this you can wake up in the big dream - this dream of the open eyes is the big dream.

The night dreaming is personal, private - alone. It is absolutely private. A husband cannot call even his wife into his dream. Even a friend cannot call a friend into his dream. This dreaming is alone; nobody else can participate in this dream.

But this big dream is collective, public. It is very difficult to break it because it is not only yours, it is everybody’s, collective and joint. But if the first dream breaks, then that remembrance can break this dream also. That remembrance is enough. Even while awake one should be able to remember that this is a dream. Just think, if somebody has cursed you or called you names and you remember that this is a dream, then it will be impossible for you to lose your temper. If anything valuable of yours breaks and you remember that this is only a dream, you will not be unhappy. If your wife or husband or son dies, then it will be difficult to remember that this is all a dream, but if you can do so then your agony will disappear.

The person who has realized that this is a dream becomes a buddha, a jinna; neither death nor life is able to waver him. Happiness, then, does not seem like happiness to him and unhappiness does not seem unhappiness. This is the ultimate wisdom: neither happiness nor agony affects you!

—  Osho

spookluckpuck  asked:

It's okays not be with overly graphic, I understand (oh well I think I understand pretty well lol), so for the request! What Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Aizawa and Midoriya (separate) would do to protect their s/o from the patients of the first Outlast? (Like send they to hide in the lockers, ask to stay in a place until they go back, hope you understand). Here they don't have their quirk but of course they have the camera.If that's okay, headcanons :3 And God I love you haha <3

(I’m sorry for dropping Midoriya, the character limit is 4 characters) And I very much hope I could write this well enough! I tweaked things a little bit, since the game is rather limited in what the protagonist can do, so I changed that up a bit, I hope that’s okay? I also hope you’ll like it!


- He’s very quiet and careful while he maneuvers around the asylum. The more attention he can pay to his surroundings and the sounds, the better and he’s good at noticing dangers coming towards them.

- The only times Todoroki asks his partner to hide, is when he only has to go a little distance and it depends strongly on how well his love is able to defend themselves.

- He knows that during any sort of horror setting, you do not split up, so that’s something he pays great attention to. In the same way, if his partner doesn’t want to separate, they don’t.

- When it comes to being able to escape alive, Todoroki is willing to get some injuries. If he’s climbing a fence and fights his way through barbed wire to get out, he does it and he takes his partner along too, letting them go first and watches out for dangers, before he follows them.

- If he keeps the camera until the end, strongly depends on whether or not it hinders him in moving forward. He knows there is sensitive material on there and if he chooses to leave it behind to have both hands free, he hides it and resolves to call the authorities once his partner and he are safely out and tells them where they can find the camera.


- While he’s not exactly quiet and stealthy, he’s also a bit less loud than some would expect. Mostly it is because he doesn’t know what dangers await them and with his partner at his side, he tones down taking risks.

- Bakugou isn’t afraid to fight or attack other assailants and he knows how to throw a mean punch. However, if they’re outnumbered and his partner is with him, he chooses to retreat for now, until they can find a better way to get past the patients.

- He hates to leave his partner behind and he doesn’t really do it, unless some special circumstances force him to do so.

- Bakugou always keeps an eye out on alternative ways to escape and when they end up outside without anyone attacking or following them, he takes the time to see if he can get the fence to budge or if they can climb over it, no matter if they attain injuries while doing so. Surviving with a couple of deep scratches or a couple of treatable wounds is better in his book than to lose their lives.

- He finds the camera annoying and also useful. Mostly, he leaves it in his partner’s hands, unless they need to hide and he needs to go alone to get something or switch something on, that is when he borrows the camera and asks them lie low and wait until he comes back.


- He’s slow and very cautious with making his way through the asylum. Kirishima makes sure to always hold on to his partner’s hand so they can’t disappear or walk ahead, while he peers around corners and tugs them into hiding spots when he hears steps coming towards them.

- Kirishima absolutely loathes even the thought to leave his partner behind or to ask them to hide while he goes ahead. He always worries that something could happen to them while he’s away, so even if it looks like he should go alone, he goes with them.

- While Kirishima is careful not to antagonize anyone and to avoid confrontations, he also isn’t afraid to punch someone or fight back if someone manages to get the drop on them. He’s also picking up things they can use to defend themselves, even if it’s a pipe or the broken leg of a table.

- The first moment he sees another way out, he takes it. Scaling walls that aren’t too high or dropping from higher places and then catching his partner, he doesn’t care if he gets injured or twists an ankle, as long as it means they can both escape in one piece.

- Kirishima doesn’t really capture any of the gory details on film, but rather enough so that when they give the camera to the police, they can see enough to know what’s going on and what they could expect when they get into the asylum.


- He’s stealthy and quiet when he makes his way through the asylum. Aizawa smartly avoids confrontations and finds alternative ways as much as possible; even if it means he breaks open air vent shafts or takes the time to move some furniture away from a door so his partner and he can squeeze through.

- Aizawa looks around for additional information or things he can use, be it keys, keycards, a map of the building so they can navigate it easier or weapons they can use. He also looks for a utility room, since those places often have wrenches and other things they could use to make things easier.

- He doesn’t like to leave his partner behind, however, if he thinks it’s safer this way and his partner agrees he looks for a hiding place for them. If they refuse to leave his side, he accepts that and is extra careful when they need to go and look for something.

- He avoids confrontations as much as possible, though should someone attack them, he does his best to knock the patient out and then ties the guy up if he has the material to do so.

- Aizawa tries to capture as much useful material as possible on the camera, so that when they escape, they can back-up their story and give the authorities more than enough information to work with, so that when the police or the military go for the asylum, they at least know what to expect.


Custom Funko The Dancing Evil Queen (6.20)

Regina was a rock star in the musical episode and here we have her in funko from.  Her body comes from an Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.  I cut the baseball bat out of her hand and filled in a hole in her shoulder where the bat rested with glue.  I carved out the front of her skirt to create a “jacket” from for her costume.  She got a brown vest and gloss black pant paint job.  Then her “jacket” was done in mixes of brown and copper and copper and gold and gold paint.  Her head comes from a gen 1 Regina and I repainted her eye makeup because I felt like the purple clashed and so she got light blue eye makeup to contrast.

anonymous asked:

I work in this little ma and pa bookstore so as you can expect we don't get a lot of customers and the ones we do get are nise and calm but about 2 hours ago this man just bursts in and starts throwing all of the religious books on the ground the yells at the top of his lungs that there is no god and that the devil will cleanse the world and two workers from the nearby asylum come in sedate him and while one takes the man out the second on apologizes and buies a copy of goose bumps.

The asylum worker(who I assume was the one who bought the book) has good taste in books. As for the weirdo, it sounds a little contradictory to say there is no God but that the devil will cleanse the earth. -Abby

Are You A Racist?

A racist … are you one? I do hope not, because to be a racist is not only deeply unpleasant, it is also the number one sin today. If you are merely labelled a racist you are shunned by society, could very well lose your job or even get a facial of pepper spray by ISIS-cosplayers. So it’s clear, being a racist is a very bad thing as I’m sure we can all agree.

This explains why all senior policemen, media broadcasters, politicians, teachers and social workers are confirmed non-racists. Unfortunately, it also means thousands of white girls are gang-raped, drugged, tortured and abused under the noses of all these wonderful non-racists because to mention that the gang rapists might just be non-white or even, heaven forfend, Muslim, might bring with it accusations of racism and the loss of their jobs or promotion chances. Far better therefore in modern, progressive Britain to keep quiet about it. Far better to let the rape, torture and terror continue. Far better not to be a racist in these perverted progressive times - which really should make responsible people question just what it means to be a racist today.

Racism is discrimination against, or antagonism towards other races. Now this description would seem to fit certain people’s attitudes toward other races. How much racial hatred do you need to have in your heart if, as a Pakistani, Somali or indeed any sort of brown Muslim, you can happily gang-rape white girls whilst calling them white bitches, or kafirs or infidels? Surely these rapes are race crimes carried out by genuine racists, are they not? Well, we all know the answer to that one. When did you last hear a single politician, news reporter, policeman or judge accuse these disgusting people of being racists? Never, is the answer to that foolish question.

What a strange new world we live in. Instead, racists are now deemed to be confined to people who dare to notice the crimes carried out against a race by people from another race. Isn’t this quite extraordinary? Isn’t it a sign of a world gone mad when policemen allow the rape of white girls by brown men because they fear being called a racist for noticing the rape? Isn’t it a sign of national mental breakdown when the evil racists are, apparently, according to the entire leftist establishment, white people who wish to talk about crimes committed against them, and the apparent non-racists are those from another race who wish to destroy another race and culture?

But to go back to my opening question, are you a racist? The reason I ask left-liberals this is because they cannot imagine they themselves are racists. We have them saying mixed-racial breeding in the West should be mandatory to outbreed whites and put an end of this horrible, nauseating, oppressive white race. We have them calling whiteness the cancer of human history, white people being obsolete, chanting “kill all white men,” students protesting for universities to stop hiring white teachers and to ban white students from classes and areas on campus. Is this racist? Apparently not, according to the leftists. “They are just expressing themselves and to question them or the hatred they feel for white people is racist.” 

Revealing the left’s racism is really not very difficult, it’s actually quite fun. The first thing you should ask them is, ‘Do they believe colonialism was a good thing or a bad thing?’ They always quickly say a bad thing of course, what with all the rape, murder and imperialism associated with colonialism. Then ask them if they think allowing the United States or Britain to be colonised by non-Westerners is a good thing or a bad thing. They make the usual dishonest leftist manoeuvres when backed into a corner and try to wriggle out of it, but if you press them they will always end up saying there is nothing wrong with the colonisation of England, North America, France, Sweden or Australia, because we now have to pay for the perceived sins of our imperialist forefathers and it is now our turn to be raped, murdered and oppressed. 

The other approach that’s fun to take with the racist left-liberals is to ask if Africans, Arabs or Asians have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their homeland. They again quickly say this a good thing, as do I, but when asked if Westerners have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their own homeland, they say no, we do not, we deserve all we get for our historical sins. When you point out that this could mean the total eradication of the West, they just reply, ‘so what? We deserve it.’

And these people with their genocidally anti-white, anti-Western and hateful racist world view do not consider themselves to be racists. Can you, if you are a reasonable, sane, moral human being, even begin to understand where their bitter hatred of their own people comes from? I can’t. But welcome to the Progressive Western Asylum, currently run by the leftist inmates rather than the apolitical doctors.

The regressive left have managed to make a total mockery of the word racist by deliberately using it with increasing desperation, in entirely the wrong manner, to brand people with a false label of being a racist for pointing out that Pakistani Muslim gang rapists are in actual fact Pakistani Muslim gang rapists. 

I understand fully why leftists throw the “You are a racist” accusation around, because up until now it has created such fear it has shut down all argument around it, just as was intended. But who is morally and ethically right and wrong here: normal, decent, natural people who speak openly about the truth and facts, or those who try to demonize others with a word designed to take away their voice and credibility when trying to openly speak the truth and facts.

There should be no fear of the word racist anymore when it is only used to shout down good, moral people - because the truth, the absolute truth, is that it is not racist in any way to notice evil deeds by evil people, nor is it racist to be against your race and culture being spat on and intended to be destroyed, that goes for all races and all cultures. What is deeply, obscenely racist though is the regressive left who wish to harm and expel white people today for historical sins that they had nothing to do with and what every other race have done and are still doing themselves today. This is more than just racism, it is genocidal racism and those guilty of it are only coming from the single direction: the left. 

BatB 2017: Time problem fix

This might be actually super-obvious for many people but it wasn’t for me at first :D.

When Belle looks into the magic mirror, she sees her father being held up by the villagers. But when she arrives to the village (at least an hour later), Maurice has just been dragged into the cart. I couldn’t understand the time logic, but when I’ve watched the movie for the third time (yup, took me that long), I’ve realized that the asylum was likely NOT in the village. So, the villagers pacified Maurice and then sent a word to the asylum and to Monsieur D’Arque to come to collect Maurice. Which could take hours - depending on how far from the village the asylum actually was.


Imagine Jerome befriending you when he first comes to Arkham Asylum but falls in love with your cellmate whom you hate instantly.

No one knew the extent to your insanity. You were in for murdering a rapist. Sure you did society a favor, but because you didn’t feel sorry for it, they sent you to Arkham. You’re behavior was erratic from the moment you entered the asylum. You attacked guards if they stood too close, stabbed inmates in the hand if they got too suggestive with their tones. You was a loner. Isolated yourself from the others and watched their behavior. You were a part of the background, knew the 411 on every inmate.Then Jerome was emitted.

He set his eyes on you and you were his instantly. In his eyes you saw determination and power. He sat next to you and talked to you nicely. In return you told him things about inmates and which to steer clear of. You were in his great graces. He trusted you and knew that you were loyal. He made friends and followed your advice, till he met the girl who came out of solitary. You hated her. Even before Jerome came. She was whiny and needy. Always adamant that she would be back home in her parents mansion before the day was done and she said this everyday.

You realized that you never stood a chance with Jerome when you saw how he looked at her. She was beautiful, even in those stripes. She didn’t have severe mood swings and have the urge to kill people of full moons. She wasn’t a beast like you. Not even Jerome saw that. He was entranced by her and she became his. Then you all were broken out of the asylum. 

Theo Galavan saw your true potential and allowed you to torture a man in front of the other released inmates. Jerome was impressed by your work and gave you compliments as you caused a man you didn’t know absolute pain. Jerome’s girlfriend was a bit unsettled. When Theo told you that you could end the man’s life anyway you wanted, you asked Jerome to pass him a knife of his choosing. When he placed it in your hands, your heart skipped a beat and you twirled it in your fingers. You didn’t realize that your eyes had changed color of that your cannines had grew noticeably. That was one of your many secrets. A secret that Theo seemed to know about because he did not look shocked in the slightest. You slit the man’s throat and chuckled in awe as blood pooled from his throat. Jerome would have taken you right then and there had his girlfriend not pulled him away from the scene because it made her feel uneasy. Right then, Jerome knew that he had chosen the wrong girl. And you were too pleased by your work to even notice the look of lust in Jerome’s eyes as he left the room.