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Guys want another crazy Satan and Me crackpot theory? Natalie is the second coming of Christ.

Think about it. Can’t have the end of days without that can you? And where’s Jesus been this whole time? And is it coincidence that just before she uses her contract to seal away Hell, we see the timestamp 9:23 ? Mark 9:23 is the story of Jesus saving a young boy possessed by evil spirits.

Childhood blankie strongly implied to be a heavenly shroud.

Not to mention, her story to Titus smacked of Jesus teaching with parables, and Gabriel’s description of her heart as a place that people find what they need.

Also, Natalie the name itself. From, Natalia - Latin, and natale domini. The birth of our Lord, or Christmas Day.

Creampuff meet-up?

@honestlynatalie . @youholdthegalaxy, my wife and I will be in LA in a few days! We wanted to know if any of you wanted to hang with us at the beach on April 23? We’re thinking Venice Beach because ¾ of us have never been there! ^_^

And I thiiiiink I can persuade @daisyfalls to come too! *nudge nudge*

Send me or Natalie and ask if you’re interested! And if you’re from that area if you could help us plan it, that’d be rad, ‘cause *shrug emoji* lol

Rules: List 10 Songs you’re currently vibing on tag 10 people

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1). Despacito - Luis Fonsi. The original, not the Justin Bieber version
2). Days in the Sun - Beauty and the Beast soundtrack
3) Evermore - Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.
4) Si Me Dejas, No Vale - Julio Iglesias
5) Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran
6) Baby, Come to Me - James Ingram
7) Bailando (Spanish version) - Enrique Iglesias
8) Natalie - Bruno Mars
9) El Condor Pasa - Simon & Garfunkel
10) In My Life - The Beatles

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An animal’s secrets

are every version of its coming apart. It can die and it can die.
There is a bull inside me that wishes me meat. No harm will ever come to me.

—  Natalie Eilbert, “The Plague Drained And I Was A Very Good Girl”

Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as “The Executioner” murdered Sarah Bennett’s parents. Now Sarah and her wife Jess have returned to town determined to start a new life and let go of their fears. Unfortunately, the horrific past seems to be coming back…

Beauty and the Beastie

Title: Beauty and the Beastie

Type: Beauty and the Beast AU

Chapter: One - Proposition

Fandom: Satan and Me

Pairing: Natan

Words: 2,136

Summary: Natalie was the “odd” girl in town. Usually found in a world of her own, wandering the streets without a care and while most found her positivity refreshing, they also found it uncomfortable. But it’s more than noticeable when she disappears from their lives only to find herself locked in a contract with the biggest baddest Beastie out there - the Devil himself. 

A/N: Hopefully I should be able to continue this. The frequency of the updates though I can’t guarantee. Started thinking about this the other day and couldn’t get it out my head so here we go! 

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