come to me ciel

favourite parts of beauty and the beast

  • “trust me ladies…it’s never going to happen”
  • literally lefou. everything about him made this fucking film
  • “i just realised i’m illiterate and i’ve never had to spell it out loud before”
  • “are you busy” “no”
  • père robert being a fuckign badass
  • stanley tucci. enough said
  • “i want adventure in the great wide somewhere, i want it more than i can tell” like that whole scene gave me chills the way she’s standing on the top of the hill and you can see down into all the little valleys it’s so magical
  • “please turn back into a clock. please turn back into a clock”
  • when belle says that her favourite shakespeare play is rom and jules and the beast is like “why is that not a surprise”
  • “was that a joke? are you making jokes now?”
  • gaston talking to himself in the mirror
  • “you are the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen. nobody deserves you” same buddy same
  • “i’m not done with you yet” “me neither”
  • belle throwing a snowball at the beast and he’s just like “right” and fuckign decks her
  • “we’re in a bad place right now” “you’re too good for him anyway”
  • “happy place, gaston, happy place”
  • “the widows!” “oh, the widows”
  • “are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry?” “no, that’s it”
  • garderobe changing the three thugs and one of them looking fucking fabulous
  • “have you ever considered growing a beard?”

Okay, so earlier this day I read the latest chapter and instead of having my questions answered it just raised up more questions????? I didn’t try theorizing because tbh that’s not a field that I’m good at but I just wanted to share the questions that haunt me and if someone has answers I would really appreciate that

First of, who tf is our!ciel now??? Honestly, I thought that this chapter might answer this question but then Yana decides to fuck us up???

So if that’s real!Ciel I feel very conflicted rn, because what about our!Ciel??? What does this make him?? And what made him look so physically pained? What is their story and what happened between them?

As I continued really I hoped my question would be answered but then this slide happened

What exactly did Sebastian do to the real!Ciel??? What exactly even pushed our!Ciel to order Sebastian into doing something to his twin brother? Did real!Ciel possibly have something to do with how our!Ciel was treated? But then again, they were only kids how would they have understood? Also, how did the real!Ciel survive Sebastian’s ‘whatever it was’ that he had done to him and what exactly did he do to him? Because damn does someone look angryyyyy and like is he also possibly contracted with a demon? Because seriously… How did he survive??? Unless Sebastian really tried hiding something from our!Ciel but that couldn’t be it because Sebastian also looks confused and a bit surprised during this chapter also it’s already been said that Sebastian can’t lie to our!Ciel so I really dunno man

Also the fact that Tanaka knew what had happened

this makes me wonder just how much Tanaka knows about the whole situation and if he knows about Sebastian’s real nature and our!Ciel’s contract?




I mean for him to think like that his family must’ve treated him in a certain way right? And why was he chosen to be the spare?

Our!Ciel obviously went through a lot that tbh at this point I just want to see him happy at least once even if that’s when Sebastian has to take his soul I’m just that desperate atm

Loss of innocence

So this arc sure took its sweet time to get going, but boy is it moving now. And the best thing about this is that Our!Ciel isn’t the only one who’s having the ground breaking under him—the two biggest rays of sunshine in the manga are, too. 

Lizzy and Soma are in a dark place right now—emotionally, at least—, and while Yana used them to give us (and Ciel) breaks when things in the manga got too rough, this time Lizzy and Soma are in the eye of the storm. 

That’s why the tone of this chapter is so wonderful. People are mourning, shocked, scared–and with good reason, because it sets the stage for what’s to come. Whatever innocence was left in these characters is gone, now. And it’ll only get worse from here. Especially since Real Ciel is tied to the horrors of the past and is now bringing them full-force into the present, so they won’t only be our!Ciel’s burden to bear.

Yana won’t only put our!Ciel and his identity, his wants, his needs and his desires to the test; Lizzy and Soma will be going through the same process, and it’ll be so interesting to see where this all leads them. 

This is where we’ll see just how strong they - and their bonds with each other - truly are, and it’s going to be awesome. 

khrfanatic  asked:

what do you think why Real!Ciel returned home? is he want to take the revenge on young master??... although I am excited with the revelations, it made me scared too for what comes next

Hmmm, if real Ciel /is/ the ultimate bizarre doll Undertaker was talking about in ch84, it means that he had a lot of ‘future episodes’, i.e. a very strong longing for future.

For example, these students from Weston were turned into BDs by Undertaker and they mumble stuff like

“Cricket game” and “Christmas break”, which means that they were thinking of those things in the moment when they died. So if what you thought of in the last moment of your life is what define your actions as a bizarre doll, I think there’s the chance that real Ciel thought of his bright future as the next “Earl Phantomhive”, i.e. the life he would have lived (had he been not killed by the cultists). Hence, he came back to the Phantomhive manor and claimed he is the real “Earl”.

↑↑ Okay, that’s the somewhat logical part of my answer and the following is just my wishful thinking lol ↓↓

Undertaker said more or less that “BDs don’t tell any lies” in this scene

so if we take real Ciel’s words in chapter 129

“You don’t have to worry anymore. I won’t ever leave your side.”

at face value, I think there’s a chance that he also came back for our Ciel’s sake. I really believe that the twins got along well and that real Ciel was protective of our Ciel (ch90), so maybe he thought of his little bother as well when he was killed.

Again, that’s just my wishful thinking, but at the moment there are so many mysteries and unanswered questions regarding real Ciel, bizarre dolls and Undertaker anyway, so I guess anyone is allowed to come up with a crack theory haha! (≧▽≦)

  • Lizzie: Come on, compliment me. Tell me my hair looks beautiful.
  • Ciel: But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower?

anonymous asked:

I personally think Add is all elf. I mean,look at his ears in Lunatic Psycher and Arc Tracer! Can I have a little elegang reaction if this was true?

Elsword:  “Huh… So does that mean you can cook, like Rena?”

Aisha:  “Wait, if you’re an elf, why don’t you have nature magic?”

Rena:  *delighted-sounding sentences in the elven language*

Raven:  “…this is too weird for me to deal with.  Wait, how old is Add, then?”

Eve:  “Elf or not, you’re still creepy.  Get away from me.”

Chung:  “Uh…. I’m with Raven on this one. How old is Add?”

Ara: “If Add’s an elf, why can’t he be nicer?”

Elesis:  “An elf?  Really?  Can you shoot a bow and communicate with nature and all that elfy stuff?  Why is Rena glaring at me?”

Lu:  “Ohohoho, an evil elf!  Come with me to the demon world!  No?  Awwww….”

Ciel:  “Huh.  I didn’t know elves liked sweets so much.”

Rose:  “If he’s an elf, he’ll be more difficult to kill.  I should watch him.”

Ain: “Ohoho…. So that’s why you’re so old, Mr. Ancient.”

Non so perché quella sera,
un'indefinita pesantezza,
mi gravava sul petto,
un vuoto infinito mi sentivo nel cuore…
ero stanco, avvilito, di malumore.
Non so perché, io non avea mangiato.
Non avvevo preso parte
alle allegre risate,
ai parlar consueti
degli amici gai o lieti,
tutto m'era sembrato sconcio,
tutto m'era parso osceno,
non per un senso vano di moralità,
che in me non c'è,
e nessuno s'era curato di me,
chi sa…
O la sconcezza era in me…
o c'era l'ultimo avanzo della purità.
Quando tutti si furono alzati,
e si furono sparpagliati
negli angoli, pei vani delle finestre,
sui divani
di qualche romito salottino,
io, non visto, scivolai nel giardino
per prendere un po’ d'aria.
E subito mi parve d'essere liberato,
la freschezza dell'aria
irruppe nel mio petto
e il mio petto si sentì sollevato
dalla vaga e ignota pena
dopo i molti profumi della cena.
Bella sera luminosa!
Fresca, di primavera.
Pura e serena.
Milioni di stelle
sembravano sorridere amorose
dal firmamento
quasi un'immane cupola d'argento.
Come mi sentivo contento!
Ampie, robuste piante
dall'ombre generose,
sotto voi passeggiare,
sotto la vostra sana protezione
ritrovare i nostri pensieri più cari,
sognare casti ideali,
sperare, sperare,
dimenticare tutti i mali del mondo,
degli uomini,
peccati e debolezze, miserie, viltà,
tutte le nefandezze;
tra voi fiori sorridere,
tra i vostri profumi soavi,
angelica carezza di frescura,
esseri puri della natura.
-Zz… Zz
-Che c'è?
-Zz… Zz…
-Chi è?
M'avvicinai donde veniva il segnale,
all'angolo del viale
una rosa voluminosa
si spampanava sulle spalle
in maniera scandalosa il décolletè.
-Non dico mica a te.
Fo cenno a quel gruppo di bocciuoli
che son sulla spalliera,
ma non vale la pena.
-Ma tu chi sei? Che fai?
-Bella, sono una rosa,
non m'hai ancora veduta?
Sono una rosa e faccio la prostituta.
-Io, sì, che male c'è?
-Una rosa!
-Una rosa, perché?
All'angolo del viale
aspetto per guadagnarmi il pane,
fo qualcosa di male?
Vedi quei due garofani
al canto della strada?
Come sono eleganti!
Campano alle spalle delle loro amanti
che fanno la puttana,
come me.
-Oh! Oh!
- Oh! ciel che casi strani,
due garofani ruffiani.
E lo vedi quel giglio,
lì, al ceppo di quel tiglio?
Che arietta ingenua e casta!
Ah! Ah! Lo vedi? È un pederasta.
-No! No! Non più! Basta!
-Mio caro, e ci posso far qualcosa
se il giglio è pederasta,
se puttana è la rosa?
-Anche voi!
-Che maraviglia!
Lesbica è la vaniglia.
-E la medesima violetta,
beghina d'ogni fiore?
fa lunghe processioni di devozione
al Signore,
poi… all'ombra dell'erbetta,
vedessi cosa mostra al ciclamino…
Levai la testa al cielo
per trovare un respiro,
mi sembrò dalle stelle pungermi
malefici bisbigli,
e il firmamento mi cadesse addosso
come coltre di spilli.
Prono mi gettai sulla terra
bussando con tutto il corpo affranto:
-Basta! Basta!
Ho paura.
abbi pietà dell'ultimo tuo figlio.
Aprimi un nascondiglio
fuori della natura!
—  Aldo Palazzeschi

Okay idk if I’m the only one but like, I kinda feel bad for Toffee and hope we see at least some redeeming qualities in S3??? Like, the guy is part of the marginalized population on Mewni that is literally destitute because these foreigners came in 1,000+ years ago, committed genocide using some seriously fucked up tactics, and in all that time never felt any reason to make amends (except maybe Eclipsa who frickin marries a giant). Ffs they made an act of genocide into a holiday and claimed it was their moment of liberation by calling it Mewnipendance Day. He (presumably) leads an almost-successful uprising, and when it comes time for Moon to kill him, she either misses or changes her mind and intentionally doesn’t shoot to kill. I could see Toffee taking this as a huge affront; sorta like this super powerful enemy who could crush you instantly but decides to humiliate you by only superficially hurting you in a show of power. This may not have been Moon’s intention, but that could simply be how Toffee interpreted it.

Idk, we saw a different side of both Ludo and Buff Frog, who turned out to be a mistreated kid and an average dude struggling to get by in a system that’s stacked against him. If anything, I wanna see Toffee portrayed as someone who made the very costly mistake of letting their anger get to them and choosing violence, revenge and subversion over more constructive ways of dealing with the shit he’s been through. Maybe the spell that only cut off his finger wasn’t meant to physically “devour” him, but rather devour him mentally and he just went insane and started rationalizing that revenge was the only way monsters would get their justice but he ends up jeopardizing his own moral standards and stepping on monsters like Ludo in the process (thoughts of Ciel from Black Butler are coming back to me). But that’s one of my overly complicated theories I won’t get too into lol. I have absolutely no idea how likely it is that Toffee will get the same treatment as Ludo/Buff Frog, but I seriously doubt that creators like Nefcy would actually dare write a story in which characters who have been oppressed, or those who might stand up for them, are portrayed as irredeemable bad guys with no sympathy for the hand they’ve been dealt in life and oppressors like the Mewmans get off with no learning experiences or consequences for how they continue to treat monsters.

Or maybe it’s all just wishful thinking because I’m genuinely upset when I learn about characters who are only supposed to be superficially likable (i.e. attractive lol). I will always contend that it’s just lazy writing to make villains unlikable on a more meaningful level and force them to scrape by on sexiness alone.

Out of Reach

When Alois is wearing his heeled boots, he’s too tall for Ciel to reach his face.

When Ciel wants a kiss, he gestures for him to come closer and grumbles.

“Come here…”

Alois gets the snarkiest grin and stands upright, making himself appear taller.

“For what?~”

“You know what, just come here.”

“No. You want it, you can come to me~”

Ciel growls, his face growing hotter by the second, as he tries to stand up on his tip toes to reach Alois’ lips.

Alois watches in amusement as Ciel struggles to meet his lips, and the frustration in his features makes it all the more enjoyable. 

How precious it is, his childlike stature once again holding him back from the things he wants most, just out of his reach.

Ciel eventually gives up, red faced and irritable, and turns away from Alois with a huff.

“Forget it, I’m not going to beg like a dog for something as simple as a-”

Alois cuts him off with a hard kiss, as he throws his arms around Ciel’s waist and lifts him only an inch from the ground with ease and smiles against his lips.

Ciel hates feeling so small, and for a moment he writhes within his lover’s hold, struggling to break free; but his lips feel so nice… so warm and inviting, that he goes still and lets his arms drape around Alois’ shoulders. 

princess--alice--xxx  asked:

Writing requests about a cinnamon roll OC human obsessed in the the supernatural and finds out Chrys is an Angel and he is annoyed but can't shoo her of because of an odd resemblance to Ciel and maybe him moving on OK that last part is not likely But Nari would ship them and maybe borrow some of her brothers aphrodisiacs

Ohhhh myyyy godddd I got so into this, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna write a follow-up to this >o<

“There’s always been something strange going on with that café… Hmm…” Sat opposite the café in question was a woman, looking in through the windows with a curious look in her eyes. “It has an odd atmosphere, and there always seems to be a different server for each customer that goes in… No café should have that many employees… And not to mention the people working there don’t wear uniforms, and they all act really… weird.”

She continued looking in, before one customer who walked out with one of the workers made her gasp with surprise. “That’s the weather guy! But… why is one of the café workers leaving with him? It’s only been open for thirty minutes so far today!” She then frowned, and decided to make her way over to the doors. Moments later, a purple-haired man stormed out of the building, followed by a woman with the same hair colour. With that, the person watching over the café hid behind a tree to see what was going on.

“Seriously, that Ciel… She just had to go out with that damn guy! She does know that she should be working now, and that she can only leave when he’s in trouble!”

“Chrys, calm down… Remember, she’s allowed to do that… You may be the boss, but your boss is her grandmother… And she is set to take over after her grandmother…” The woman sighed, until she shook her head. “You know what, fine… chase after Ciel if you want… Don’t come crying to me when you walk in on her kissing Lucas though!” The woman then giggled, and skipped back into the café and settled herself down on a chair behind the café.

So… the purple haired man was the café’s manager? Maybe he would have answers on as to why the café was so weird!

She started following the man quietly as he mumbled to himself. She was confused as to why he had to walk into an alley though… Yet, she still followed him and watched him.

He threw his fist at a wall, before growling as he shook his hand off. There were no grazes or blood from the punch… It was just a tiny bit red. She gasped with surprise as he then punched the wall with even more force than before.

“Fucking Ciel! I wish that human would have just stayed dead when I got him! She- She- She should be mine!” As he hit the wall once more, there was a sudden bright flash, and the woman’s jaw dropped.

Huge. Wings. On. His. Back.

“Oh my god-!” She jumped out and stood in shock as she stared at the ‘man’, before she stepped back as she started pointing. “Y- You- You have-!”

He turned to face her, and his eyes narrowed. She was wide-eyed as he then started walking towards her, muttering something under his breath. Once he had finished muttering, he started to smirk. She tried to run as he reached out for her wrist, but… “M- My feet! Wh- Why can’t I move my feet?!”

“Because I cursed you. You unfortunate thing. Humans aren’t supposed to know about our existence unless they have a guardian of their own…” He then pulled her into the alley with him, and glared. “Now, human… When I let you go… You have to promise me one thing, or else you will regret it.” He took hold of her chin, and pressed his forehead against hers. “You must tell nobody that angels exist… If you do… I will personally make sure that you lose your soul. Understand?”

The way in which his icy blue eyes pierced into her own dull green ones… They sent shivers down her spine, so she ended up nodding. “Now… I have to go and find a runaway employee.” He snapped his fingers, and simultaneously, his wings disappeared as she regained the feeling in her legs.

He then started walking to leave the alley, before he smirked. “And don’t believe that I won’t be able to find you if you do reveal our existence, Selena Bevan.”

She froze as he then left her line of sight… How did he even know her name?!


“There’s no point. I’m not going to be able to find Ciel, damn it…” Chrys had given up after two hours after initially heading out to find Ciel, and he angrily sat down in the café’s staff room. Nari glanced at him for a moment, before rolling her eyes.

“That’s odd, you’ve never given up this quickly, big brother… Hmm, I wonder what’s going on~”

“Just fuck off, Nari…” Chrys growled as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge in the room, before sitting back down. It was true though… He had given up earlier than he normally would have done. It wasn’t his fault that stupid human who had witnessed him changing forms had been playing on his mind. Normally though, he would simply have wiped the human’s memory if they witnessed him changing… But why did he leave that Selena alone, and just threatened her instead?

Maybe it was her similarities to Ciel in appearance…

Where Ciel would have had dark green eyes, this Selena had a pale green, with slight flecks of brown. Selena also had dark hair, but it was threw up messily rather than down her back, like was the case with Ciel… And not to mention the faces she pulled when he confronted her… They were so… Satisfying to him.

“Damn that human…” He then stared back up at the ceiling, until finally, Ciel walked into the room and groaned.

“Ugh, it’s just you in here? I’ll have to get Nari to come in with me then…” She growled, until Chrys shook his head and slouched further into his seat. “Tch, what’s the matter with you? Normally you would have pinned me against a wall by now getting pissed off that I’m not dating you. Are you ill or something?”

Chrys mumbled something quietly as Ciel then went over to the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of cola. “A fucking human noticed me change form.”

“Oh. Well, nothing you can do about that…” Ciel sighed, before giving him an odd look, and leaving the staff room. As she opened her bottle of cola, she went right over to Nari and pointed towards the door. “Is something wrong with your bother? He… He didn’t try to force himself onto me, which was… odd… and we had something almost like… a conversation. I’m scared!”

“He’s been acting odd all day… I’m concerned for him too.” Nari then sat down, and glanced out of the window. “Maybe… something happened?”

“He said that a human watched him change forms… Maybe… that’s what the matter is with him?”

“Hmm… Just leave it to me, I’ll do some investigating! Nobody knows my brother better than me, after all!”


“Angels… They actually exist… B- But I thought that they were all white robes, white wings, and halos! N- Not casual clothes, grey wings, and creepy glares like that guy! And not to mention he knew my name…” Selena had retreated to her apartment after her run-in with Chrys, and she was taking some time to let that sink in. “And if angels exist… Would that mean that demons exist? Ghosts?” Shivers went down her spine, before she went and turned her television on.

“And there’s that weather guy who was with the woman that angel was after!” She then changed the channel quickly, and she lay down on her sofa. “There’s like… no escape from them…”

Suddenly though, there was a knock on her apartment door. It made her flinch, because she feared that it was the landlord after overdue rent or something. She turned the TV off, before she quietly approached the door and peered through the letter box. There was a woman there… A familiar one.

The woman knocked on the door again, before she bit her lip. “Excuse me…? Is this where Selena lives…? I need to ask you something…” She then suddenly kneeled down, and realised that Selena was looking at her. “Hey there! Can we speak for a few minutes?”

Selena shrieked, and moved backwards away from the door. Holy shit, that was the woman she had seen speaking to that man before! She took a moment to pull herself together, before she then stood up and slowly opened the door. “Wh- What do you want…?”

“I need to ask you something… Am I allowed to come in for a few minutes? I’m Nari, by the way…” She whispered, before smiling as Selena slowly nodded and let her in. “I am so sorry about my brother… He threatened you, didn’t he?”

Selena was silent for a moment, before her eyes widened. “B- B- Brother?! Does- Does that mean you are an angel too?! Oh my god!” She continued staring at Nari as she snapped her fingers, and a pair of blue wings appeared on her back. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of shock and delight.

“Yes. We are angels. Everybody who works at that café is one… But that isn’t what is important. Chrys, did he… Did he do anything to scare you?”

“He said… That if I revealed the existence of angels… He would personally make sure that I lose my soul… Before he said my name, even though I never told him what it was… It was mysterious…” She then started messing with her fingers, and bit the inside of her cheek. It seemed that she was hiding what she really wanted to say to Nari.

The angel groaned then, before shaking her head and sighing. “That idiot!” She then fell silent, before giving Selena a solemn smile. “I tell you what… I’ll get him to apologise. Come to the café tomorrow, at about 10am. He’ll be waiting with a drink and to apologise…” Selena’s face turned bright red then, but she nodded.

Selena was anxious as she stepped into the café the next day, scared that Nari was really just setting her up to be taken out by that ‘Chrys’. However… Nari was waiting there with a smile on her face.

“Good! You’re here!” She then laughed, before she pointed to two drinks on the counter. “Unfortunately… My brother is being as stubborn as hell, and is now refusing to leave his apartment upstairs because he’s been acting strange since his run-in with you… So can you carry those two drinks? I’m going to make him apologise, and the two of you can talk over a drink.”

Selena bit her lip but nodded as she took hold of the two drinks, before Nari gestured for her to follow. “Now, in the staff room… Other angels will be in there, and in that room, we all take on our true forms, so don’t be afraid if you see people with wings there. They probably will ignore us too, so don’t feel afraid.”

The human nodded, before Nari led her through a door, and into the staff room which she had mentioned. There weren’t too many people in there, so it did ease Selena’s worries somewhat. But no wonder she felt something was up with this café, it was ran by angels!

Eventually, Nari stopped outside a door and started hammering on it. “Okay, you pain in the ass! If you don’t come out, I’m breaking the door down and sending that human you ran into yesterday in!” She shrieked, before suddenly, the door swung open. Chrys was stood there in a bit of a mess, with his hair tousled and his clothes ragged. His wings were also dragging across the floor.

Then… his eyes fixated on Selena, and they grew wide. Not to mention his cheeks became flushed. “Wh- Why have you brought her here, Nari?!” He then glared at his sister, until Nari pushed Selena forward with the two drinks.

“You two are talking things out. Chrys, you’ve been acting odd since yesterday. Both me and Ciel, as well as many others, are actually scared because of that! Just chat with her, kiss and make up and all that jazz!”

Once Selena was pushed up onto the stairs leading into Chrys’ apartment, Nari laughed and closed the door. Then she barricaded it. She then sat down on the sofa, and started laughing.

Ciel stared at her from across the room, before raising an eyebrow. “What have you done?”

Nari stopped laughing, before she smirked. “I know my brother, and it’s pretty damn obvious he’s crushing on that human. Whereas with you, it was an unhealthy obsession… I think he genuinely had ‘fallen in love at first sight’.” Nari then crossed her legs, and started grinning. “Not to mention I visited that Selena last night. Her language implied fear… But her body language implied longing. I mean, she started blushing when I mentioned her having a drink with Chrys!”

With a sigh, Ciel walked over to her friend and sighed. “No, I asked what. Have. You. Done?

“I laced their drinks with aphrodisiacs.”

Oh my god.”

“So… your name… is Chrys?” Selena questioned as she sat down in the lounge of Chrys’ apartment whilst he was pacing back and forth, running his hand through his hair. “It’s a nice name…” She muttered, her eyes watching his each and every movement.

“Yeah, that’s my name. Now shut up for a moment, I’m trying to think.” He continued walking about, until he finally groaned and sat down beside her, and reached out for his drink. “Damn sister… If our parents were here, they’d have had something to say about this…” He then took a sip, and he froze. “Human… Are my wings still visible?”

“Huh…?” Selena peered at his back, before her eyes widened. “No.”

“SHIT!” Chrys stood up, before he stared at the drinks. “Nari’s laced it with something! I could tell when I tasted it that something was wrong!”

Selena then panicked, and spilled her drink on her lap. Then she winced because of the heat, and and she started shaking. Chrys stared at her for a moment, before he groaned. “Gah, come with me!” He then led her into the bathroom, before he started running cold water from the tap. “Grab a cloth and put that against your burn or something. I need to have a word with my sister…”

Carefully, Selena went and did as she was told, before Chrys returned to the bathroom with his fists clenched. Then, his hands relaxed, and he went and took over holding the damp cloth against her leg. “My sister has barricaded us in… We’re stuck in here until whatever she spiked our drinks with wears off, because I can send you home then.”

“Oh…” Selena whispered, before she then suddenly shivered. Though the burn was painful, the feeling of his hands sent shivers down her spine. “O- Oh…”

“Don’t make stupid sounds like that.”

“Don’t t- tell me what to d- do…” Selena mumbled, before Chrys had a thought. She was being very sensitive to his touch… would that mean… He then moved a bit closer to her, and wrapped his arm around her torso. She fidgeted quite a bit then, and his eyes widened.



“An aphrodisiac. That’s what Nari laced our drinks with…” He then stared at her, and took in her appearance. She did look good… Much better than Ciel… “Basically… It makes you feel much more aroused than usual, and makes it easier to turn you on…”

“Wh- What?!” Selena’s face was bright red as Chrys then stood her up and made her face him.

“You’ve for a choice… We stay far apart until the effects wear off… Or we risk all sorts happening if we remain near each other.” He took hold of her chin, and stared straight into her eyes like he had done in that alley. She didn’t seem able to answer his question. “And if you don’t make up your mind… I’ll decide for us.”

That human Lucas could have Ciel… He’s got his Selena now.

“Time’s up. And I’ve chosen staying near each other. I can’t just let a cutie like you slip through my fingers when I have the chance right here and now, can I?”