come to me and i'll make you tea

A few ideas
  • Zayn on the balcony of their shared flat in London, so early the sky is still grey and there’s dew on the railing, Liam watching him through the kitchen bay window making tea, knowing that in three minutes, Zayn’ll come back inside and wrap himself around Liam, demanding to be snuggled until sufficiently warm.
  • Zayn and Liam, with beanies and sunglasses enjoying the (rare) morning London sun in a park with their dogs, Zayn’s head falling onto Liam’s sun-warmed chest, Liam playing with the freshly cut hair of his nape. 
  •  Their walk in closet is a mess, they tried to make sides but after a while they realized that they couldn’t remember whose t-shirt this one was (”Wait, I have a picture of you in it” “You slept in it last night Zayn”). 

  • The only clear sides are for jewelry and accessories, with trays upon trays of cheap, chunky rings for Zayn and simpler rings for Liam, that gold chain Liam brought back from LA, passed around Zayn’s neck with a kiss on the corner of his jaw before Zayn left for Paris. Zayn smirking when he sees the boxings gloves right before take-off. 
  • That golden bracelet that Liam wore from months, now safely locked inside it’s cushioned box of their Bel-Air house, replaced by fresh ink on the back of Liam’s hand, filling the banners of the proud eagle.