come to jesus talk


PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older sibling. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: the reader’s relationship with steve grows and they become closer. 

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing, Spoilers, Billy.



That day you didn’t eat lunch with Nancy and Johnathan. Nancy told you her and Johnathan really needed some time to talk and, you were always someone to give people privacy so – you didn’t ask questions. You decided to keep Steve company. You sat down in the cafeteria with him. Munching on whatever sandwich your mom had shoved in your face that morning. You looked to Steve, struggling to eat his food.

“ What happened? ” You asked.

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I just want to turn to God for the answer

daryl hasn’t smiled in a long time. right now he’s in a very dark place and no one would understand exactly what he’s going through. imagine jesus sees him and the vengeance in his eyes, knowing that the time they kept daryl as a prisoner has blinded him from showing mercy. daryl’s vengeance comes from a place of fear, he never wants to go back to feeling powerless and pathetic again, and every time he sees himself he sees that man who was stripped of everything and backed into a corner, he still feels guilty for all the deaths lost because of him. imagine that during a fight with jesus daryl breaks down and tells him this. daryl not realizing that this is exactly what he needs, he needed to share his pain to someone strong enough to hear it without looking at him as though he was fragile and needed protecting. instead, jesus looks at him as though he’s never met a stronger man in his entire life, all the while telling him that because he knows daryl is strong, he knows he’s strong enough to show the mercy they don’t know that he’s capable of. 

the garrison is sketchy

so pre-kerberos shiro is a chill dude right….but he’s got a medal

and if u look at iverson’s uniform he doesn’t have one

which means that shiro was awarded a military medal at some point

so what did shiro get it for? how and why did he get it? does this mean he’s been to space before? also kerberos was supposed to be humans’ first encounter with aliens

so why was there a space-oriented military division before the kerberos mission that shiro was able to be awarded a medal from?

these r questions that can stand alone in their own post BUT since the military division already existed, kerberos might not have actually been humans’ first encounter with/evidence of aliens

u know who literally has an alien mom?

ya boy keith

if the government/the garrison caught wind of aliens living on earth (keith’s mom) and were unsure of their intentions and numbers, they could’ve made a galactic military division out of fear, which would be more than enough reason for keith’s mom to leave

tl;dr for some reason shiro has a military medal, which means that there was a galactic military division before the kerberos mission, which means that alien presence has likely been detected on earth before, which most likely included keith’s mom, and that would be a reason for keith’s family to break apart, which means that we have a lot of questions

  • Jungkook: I’m just so tired.
  • Jimin: Tired of what?
  • Jungkook: I don’t know. That’s the point. I don’t know what this is or what to call it. I’m just tired. Tired of the way I’m living.
  • Jimin: You’re not making much sense.
  • Jungkook: I’m just tired.
  • Jimin: You said that already. Dammit, are you going to say something that makes sense or just repeat yourself over and over?
  • Jungkook: No, I’m trying-
  • Jimin: Well you’re just wasting my time currently. Are you going to say something or what?
  • Jungkook: I'M TIRED OF BEING YOUR SECRET. There I said it. I;m tired of being something you keep behind closed doors. I’m tired of being your whore. I’m tired of only spending time with you when no one is around to see us. I’m tired of that. I’m so tired of worrying all the time that someone will find out.
  • Jimin: ... I thought we went over this. I’m not ready for others to know-
  • Jungkook: I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I know how you feel about these things. Forget I said anything, please.
  • Jimin: Don’t do this now.
  • Jungkook: Do what? Look I’m sorry I brought it-
  • Jimin: Stop. Just stop. You’re acting like this is nothing. Like you didn’t say all of that. Why are you so quick to dismiss it?
  • Jungkook: I don’t understand. I thought you were angry at me for bringing it up, I thought that’s what you wanted me to do. I’m sorry okay?
  • Jimin: So you’re willing to forget everything you said about you being tired of the way you’re living? I don’t understand. If you’re so unhappy with things why don’t you just end it?
  • Jungkook: BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU OKAY! There. You get all my secrets tonight. I can’t end it because I’d rather be with you and have it hurt like it does than be without you.I’m fucked up, I know, like a freaking drug addict but it’s true. I can’t be without you. Even if we’re secret and locked away.
  • Jimin: *silence*
  • Jungkook: Look, I really shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry. I’ll leave if you want, I’ve already ruined everything. You, um, won’t ever have to hear from me again. I’ll… I’ll g-ge-t over you.
  • Jimin: No, wait-
  • *crash*
  • Jimin: What was that? Are you still there?
  • Jimin: Can you hear me?
  • Jimin: Please say something!
  • Jimin: Are you okay? Please answer me. What’s happening?
  • Jimin: Please, I’m so freaking sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I-I thought you were okay with it too.
  • Jimin: Just say something!
  • Jimin: Tell me you’re okay!
  • Jimin: NO!
  • Alternate endings:
  • - Jungkook is injured and Jimin meets him in the hospital after he was found by the ambulance. Jimin was also searching the streets himself, trying to find Jungkook.
  • - It turns out he was hit by a car, and although his injuries were critical his condition became stable. Jimin was able to apologize for everything that he’s done.
  • - Jimin wants to start a new so he takes Jungkook on so many dates, showering him with love, telling everyone who he knows that he loves Jungkook so much. They live a beautiful and wonderful life together.
  • - OR
  • - Jungkook dies in the ambulance and Jimin didn’t even get to say good bye. He is overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, and none of his friends or family know why.
  • - He attends Jungkook’s funeral and is hit even harder with the consequences of his actions when someone asks him how he knew Jungkook because no one knows what they had together.
  • - When everyone else has left it goes to a scene with him kneeling before Jungkook’s headstone apologizing for everything he has ever done to the boy. It ends with Jimin saying, “If I could I would go back and redo everything. I’m sorry that I kept you my dirty little secret.”
  • - OR
  • - After the call fails, Jimin runs out of his house, searching the streets for Jungkook, finally he hears a big commotion and turns the corner to see the scene of a car crash.
  • - His heart jumps painfully in his throat and his hands shake as he approaches the scene. Someone is calling to police and others are huddled around the car. His stomach drops when he sees a huddle of people around something on his ground.
  • - He doesn’t want to believe that this is real, but it really sinks in when he stops Jungkook’s phone lying to the side, the screen cracked just down the middle. He drops to his knees next to the huddle of people, who part when they notice him. The first thing he sees is blood. Then his eyes move to a face.
  • - “Jungkook,” he chokes out, reaching up a hand to touch Jungkook’s bloodied face. Glossy eyes look back up at him, holding too much pain and heartbreak.
  • - “Hyung?” The voice is cracked and shaky.
  • - “I’m so sorry Kook,” he whispers back, not knowing what to say. “This is so messed up. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.” Jungkook’s smile is all too sad and broken, and it makes, even more, tears run down Jimin’s face.
  • - “Don’t cry, Hyung. Don’t worry. It will be okay.” Jimin wants so desperately to believe it, but Jungkook’s eyes are closing, and the grip he had on Jimin’s hand has gone weak and everything’s happening all too fast because Jimin didn’t get to tell him how much he wanted to go back and do it all over again.
  • - He didn’t get to tell him how much Jungkook’s mattered to him, how much he needed him, how much he cared for him. He didn’t get to tell him that he was falling in love with him, even if it scared him so much, he couldn’t go without Jungkook’s smile or laugh.
  • - He didn’t even get to tell him that he didn’t care what the others thought anymore. He didn’t care as long as he has Jungkook. As he pressed his lips to Jungkook’s forehead he thought of Jungkook’s words. It will be okay. Nothing would be okay, he thought.
  • - Nothing would ever be okay again.
  • - OR
  • - Jimin finds Jungkook alone in the street, the car that run into him seems to have been a hit and run. Jimin fumbles for his phone, before calling the ambulance. They assure him that they are on their way, and tell him to wait.
  • - His shaky hands place the phone aside, moving them to cup Jungkook’s cheeks. He tries to ignore the blood gushing from Jungkook’s wounds, tears dripping from his eyes.
  • - Jungkook’s eyes open slowly, blinking up at him. It makes Jimin’s breath catch in his throat, when he sees Jungkook’s eyes, so full of pain, reminding him of all his mistakes.
  • - “Hey Kookie,” he says softly, his voice breaking.
  • Jungkook tries to say something but he breaks off into terrible coughs. Jimin hears the sirens, wailing loudly in the darkness of the night.
  • - “It’ll be okay. They’ll fix you, Kook.” Jimin holds Jungkook’s face ever so gently. “I’m so sorry for everything.”
  • - The ambulance pulls to a stop and the paramedics pull him away from Jungkook. He is allowed to ride in the ambulance.
  • Jimin is allowed to see Jungkook the next day, and Jungkook is awake enough for Jimin to be able to apologize for everything and tell Jungkook about how he felt. Jimin begins to have hope again.
  • - On the third day of him staying at the hospital, the doctors come to him with sullen faces. Jungkook is in a critical condition and his internal injuries were much worse than they originally thought.
  • - He is currently being prepped for surgery, but there is not much that they can do for him at this stage.
  • Jungkook dies on the operating table.
  • - Jimin loses his hope.

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me
I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard my voice
I know the tears have outnumbered the praises lately

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me
I know we haven’t walked together on the same path lately
I know it’s been a while since I let you hold my hand and lead me like you did when I was a young girl

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me
I know it’s been a while since I’ve lived like I am deeply loved I know I haven’t trusted you lately

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me
I know the shadows of my doubts and fears have crowded out your love and grace lately
It’s been a while since I’ve felt your joy

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me
I know its been a while since thankfulness and praise flowed from my mouth
I know I’ve become fluent in cuss words and harsh words and complaints lately

Papa are you there?

Papa it’s me I just want to say I’m sorry

Papa are you still there?
Papa it’s me

I’m yours if you’ll have me
This tattered heart is all I have to offer
This head filled with doubts and questions and confusion is fighting with that old tattered heart

Papa are you still there?
Papa it’s me

Can I come home?
Can I come home now?

I Meant It

A Shawn Mendes imagine


Y/N, come on, open the door. Please just let me explain. I know you saw the video and I know how freaked out you probably are.“

Shawn was pleading on the other side of the door, knocking every once in a while. I sunk down to the floor against the door, pressing the restart button on the YouTube clip, running my hands through my hair.

"Alright, Shawn. Hard hitting question we’ve got lined up for you.” The interviewer spoke, crossing his legs and looking up from his card at Shawn. Shawn made a goofily nervous face to hide his real nerves, cheeks blossoming in red as he ran a hand through his hair. “You and Y/N Y/L/N grew up together, is that right?” The interviewer started. Shawn swallowed and nodded.

“Yeah, she was my neighbour. We’ve known each other since we were four. Is that your hard hitting question?” He joked, laughing nervously. The interviewer laughed and shook his head.

“It gets worse. You and Y/N are very active on social media, and are always seen together on each other’s accounts and out in Toronto. We’re wondering if there’s anything about your relationship that you haven’t told the public? Or if anything’s happened in the past with you guys? I’ve noticed both of you are supposedly single, and there’s a lot of hand holding in these pictures.” He continued. Shawn looked visibly uncomfortable as he thought out his response.

“Y/N has always been someone I’ve admired and felt completely comfortable around no matter what. We’ve helped each other through so much and grown up together, right? That kind of history makes you close to someone. I’m very fortunate to have her in my life.” He replied. The interviewer raised an eyebrow.

“And are you just friends, or is there something more?” He asked, although Shawn was evidently avoiding the question.

“We’re not dating, if that’s what you’re asking. We’ve never dated in the past, either. I mean, my relationship with her has always been complicated in some way because people don’t think guys and girls can be friends. We’ve both had significant others that have broken up with us because they thought we were together. It must be the way I look at her or something, but yeah, I understand the confusion.” He replied. The interviewer jumped at him.

“The way you look at her? Care to elaborate on that?” He asked. It was obvious that Shawn hadn’t realized that he said that, and the blush he had grew to the tips of his ears.

“Well, y'know, I do love her. And not just as my best friend. I think that kind of honesty can always be seen in the way someone looks at someone else.” He shrugged.

I turned off the video and stood up, pacing up and down my front hall for a moment before stopping at the door and opening it quickly. Shawn stood at the other side, his sullen expression turning into immediate worry as he opened his mouth to explain, but I cut him off. “We need to talk about this for a sec. Jesus. Come in.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief and leading him to my room.

Shawn took a seat on the edge of my bed and watched as I paced in front of him, muttering under my breath. “Shawn, people are freaking out! I’m freaking out!” I cried, stopping in front of him. Shawn ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. “I had to turn my phone off because it was glitching from all the notifications. Everyone is flipping shit. Have you talked with your publicist yet? That fucking interviewer just kept pushing and pushing until you said what he wanted to hear. How the hell do you explain that to everyone on planet earth and have them understand?” I continued. Shawn grabbed my wrist to stop my pacing, and I turned to him.

“Wait- that’s what you think happened? You think I just said that to get him off my back?” He clarified. I stared at him, my mind going a million miles per hour.

“Is that not what happened?” I asked. Shawn let out a small laugh, running his hand over his face.

“Why do you have such a hard time accepting that people actually genuinely like you?” He laughed, “I confess my feelings for you accidentally on live television, and you automatically think it was fake.” I blinked, stared at the top corner of my room, then looked back at him.

“It wasn’t fake?” I said dumbly. Shawn let out a breathy laugh and leaned his forehead against my stomach before straightening out again.

“No, Y/N, Jesus. I meant it. I love you as more than a best friend, Y/N. I look at you differently because I love you. I actually honest to god really love you. I just didn’t mean to say that for the first time aloud in an interview, I didn’t mean for you to find out that way. I wanted to say it in person. I love you.” Shawn said earnestly. I took a deep, shaky breath, not looking at him.

“Oh.” I breathed. Shawn laughed again. “You love me. What the fuck, Shawn? You love me?” I said in disbelief. “Me?”

“Yes, Y/N, I thought we established this. I love you.” Shawn laughed, his callused thumb rubbing my hand as he held it.

“What the fuck.” I breathed, still in shock. “I’ve literally had a crush on you since second grade. But all this time you’ve been this weird, unattainable fantasy for me. You’re way out of my league. How could you possibly love me when you could have anyone on the planet?” I asked. Shawn’s eyes were bright as he smiled up at me.

“You’re out of my league, Y/N. Are you serious? You’re my best friend. You’re this witty, hilarious, passionate, beautiful girl. It would be impossible not to love you. No other girl can make me laugh like you do, or support me like you do, or know me like you do. And I don’t even want to bother trying with them, because I want you. Every single day of my life, Y/N.” he said, standing to his full height and looming over me, his hand finding the side of my face. I was awestruck. He really loved me.

“But, Shawn, we’re best friends. If we start dating, we either get married or break up. Those are the only two options. And if we break up, then what? Our families are friends, we live next door to each other. That could ruin it all.” I worried. Shawn tilted my head so I could look at him, and licked his lips. I was distracted by them for a moment.

“Y/N, I’m not going to propose to you right now. Not yet. And I know the thought of it all scares the shit out of you, because it scares the shit out of me too, but I love you. Through and through. And I don’t think I can ever stop that. You might stop feeling the same, but I don’t think I could ever stop loving you, Y/N. Even if we break up, I’ll still love you, and I wouldn’t let any of that get in the way of our families or anything like that, because I’d still be dying to see you everyday. I love you. Do you understand?” Shawn was near tears by now, and so was I. I searched his eyes and found the special way he looked at me. I found the honesty.

“I love you too, Shawn. Ok.” I said finally. Shawn barely gave himself time to smile before swooping down and pressing his lips to mine. Every inch of me tingled and my mind went hazy as we kissed, my hands on his neck and his wrapped tightly around my waist. I fit perfectly into his mold, flush against him. I didn’t ever want to not be kissing him. When we pulled away, we were breathless and giddy.

“I love you.” He breathed.








log off. close ur laptop. delete ur tumblr app for a little bit. walk ur dog. pick ur nose. make ur bed. organize ur movie collection. go on a hike. read a book. download the headspace app bc that helps me clear my mind. play catch up on the news. find out a way to better ur grades bc theres always room for improvement. get on stardoll. watch chalkzone. look at kim k’s instagram. listen to some classical music. fluff ur pillows. make some guacamole. smoke some weed. organize ur makeup. take a shower. doodle on ur homework. take a bubblebath. find out if u can make home made BATH bombs. stop n smell the roses. watch something narrated by morgan freeman bc u can’t deny is velvety voice. brush ur cat. change the sheets on ur bed. throw out expired food in ur fridge. smile in the mirror. or cry. create a plan for whent he apocalypse comes. have a talk with jesus. make ur mom a card. look at hair color ideas on pinterestbc change is always a stress reliever. just settle down for a second and stop giving a fuck about ppl who shouldn’t be on ur radar. i say this with zero malice .. relax. 

Christ is the One who brings about the fullness that we need in this life. We can’t win without Him. He is the head, and it is through Him that we find that balance and stability we are looking for. It is Christ alone that will center us!

So remember this today when you find yourself:

1. Comparing your progress to others
2. Constantly thinking about that one guy who takes forever to text back
3. Worrying about your finances and how God could possibly provide when you have so little
4. Wishing you were somewhere else
5. Wishing you had someone to talk to about what you’re going through
6. Reminiscing about the past and the way things used to be
7. Getting stressed out thinking about everything you have to get done today
8. Completely not in the mood for work or other tasks
9. Unmotivated and discouraged
10. Looking for validation from other people

When you start to feel that way, don’t forget The One who has extended His arm to you to give you all of the love, security and comfort that you need today. It is not a sin to desire earthly things or earthly relationships, but don’t for a moment take your eyes off the Eternal Love that comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Talk to Him today. Don’t overlook overlook the opportunity to talk to Him about both your troubles and your dreams. You don’t win without Him! You need Him! Remember the beautiful truth that He is looking out for you, but He also wants you to be looking to Him!

And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. - Colossians 1:18

Written by @morganhnichols for #qwcdevos
'American Gods' Star Talks Finale and Her Powerful "Come to Jesus" Moments
Yetide Badaki tells THR about Bilquis' journey from sexually-empowered goddess to a victim of oppression, and what's next for the character.

“Someone reached out and said, just as a dark-skinned black woman, seeing that represented on screen was life-changing for her. That being a sensual being had never been something that she had never seen ascribed to someone like her before. I never expected that wonderful of a response. And it goes through the whole gamut, from that, to every once in a while a guy reaching out to go, “Whoa. I am scared of you. That was awesome, but I am scared of you.”  


Right so Jake being involved in the Criminal Underground along with he and Mako being estranged threw a wrench in some of my initial theories… BUT, I still think the PPDC has gotten corrupt. Look at all of that sleek branding! Eagle logos on EVERYTHING, even a BUILDING. And furthermore the PPDC uniforms have gotten darker- almost black. Also if you look at Mako in the ‘Resevoir Dogs’ shot with Newt and Jing Tian’s character Liwen Shao she looks really conflicted. Like morally troubled, not “HERE COME THE CAVALRY”. Also because of that elegant, fresh white dress and her air of command, I’m referring to Liwen Shao in my head as “Madam Director”. I think she might be our villain… and she’s shown later in a jaeger con pod. Is she the pilot of one of the combatants in the jaeger vs. jaeger fight shown later in the trailer? 

It was hinted that Newt and Hermann aren’t working together, which is again partially supported by their trailer costuming: Newt is rolling in like a rock n’ roll douchebag in a burgundy slim-cut suit, collar tips, bit ole’ sunglasses, and a gaudy ass ring suspiciously on his wedding ring finger (I’m just chalking this up to peacocking). Hermann’s very much still involved with the PPDC and it’s again said that he has more funding for his research, but is still the impoverished researcher. Look at his clothes. The shift to black works with the overall darker tones of the PPDC uniforms and they look like fatigues or castoffs on him- whereas Newt, who’s been working in the ‘private sector’ is all garish flash. I think with the absence of Tendo Choi (WHYYYYYYYYYYYY) good ole’ Doc Gottlieb taking over LOCCENT is a logical progression (he spends a lot of time there in Pac Rim). I still think he and Mako are whistleblowers or staying with the PPDC in hopes of steering it in the right direction. Think about it, Mako was in the PPDC from a really young age and even after the death of Pentecost, it’s her family. If you look, her uniform doesn’t have a lot of the fruit salad the other officers have. Which is interesting…

According to some panel highlights one jaeger hasn’t been released in toy form, one called “The Scrapper” constructed from old jaeger parts. I think this is at least partially the work of Amara, whose shown in nonstandard pilot armor in the trailer and referred to as a jaeger hacker. I think she and Jake are there to fuck shit up.

Here’s my theory: The Breach hasn’t reopened. There are new kaiju- but the Breach hasn’t reopened. I think the Breach is a red herring and these new kaiju have been genetically modified or cloned thanks in part to corrupt PPDC, private firms, and Newt- who I don’t think is evil, but used to make new kaiju with the promise of research funding and the fame he so thirsts for. The kaiju get loose, the new jaegers go haywire, it’s up to the rebellious new kids, led by Jake, to save the world essentially from itself. Jake’s rousing speech to the small group of new pilots is done on the street and really points to ‘we did this and we’re going to stop this’. I think the new pilots steal, hack, and pilot new jaegers bodged together to stop the corrupt PPDC or private firms, hence the jaeger vs. jaeger fight.

I think a rebel PPDC rises to support them with Mako and Hermann and later Newt once his husband ex-lover partner gives him a Come to Pentecost Jesus talk. I also think Hermann’s going to be the one to unravel this whole thing thanks to his connection to the original kaiju, which was mentioned in the panel highlights as deeply affecting him. I think when our villain organization claims the Breach has been reopened he’s just like “UM, NO, IT HASN’T. I KNOW it hasn’t.” and they rough him up (split. lip.).

THERE IS A LOT GOING ON. And honestly it’s a combination of John Boyega’s  heavy involvement, Guillermo del Toro’s approval of Steven deKnight, DeKnight’s obvious love of the series (he went to the NYCC panel in a PPDC OFFICER UNIFORM, THE DORK), and the enthusiastic participation of ‘legacy’ actors like Burn, Rinko, and Charlie that has me (cautiously) optimistic.

computer what the fuck

anonymous asked:

I’m having an awful time staying true and honest with God & myself. I’m really lonely & whenever I meet a new guy, I quickly become attached, regardless of if he’s a Christian or not. I lie myself into thinking I’ll be his “Christian friend”, but then I say/do things that compromise my beliefs because I want the guy to like & date me. I go silent on topics like abortion when I know I should speak up. Im a mess.

“Contd: I go silent when the topic of sex comes up because I feel ashamed. I don’t talk about Jesus that much (even if I want to) because I’m so afraid of offending the guy into leaving me. I become this lukewarm, bleeding heart, weak sort of Christian who agrees with whatever the person I’m taking to is saying. This happens with both guys and girls (friends). I’m not firm in my faith; I have almost no courage.”

Hi friend,

I. Feel. You.

I’ve been where you are. And it’s hard. It’s so so hard. Blending in–not speaking up–is always going to be easier. 

First of all, I’m proud of you. Proud of you for reaching out now and proud of you for being aware that all of this is going on. That’s the first step. And secondly, I think what you really need right now is Jesus. And I know we all need Jesus, but I mean that what I think you need–and this is going to be extremely difficult–is to force yourself to not focus on any of these boys. Lean into God, friend. Talk to Him about this. Tell Him you’re sorry. Ask Him to change your heart. 

And then?

Work at it. Work harder than anything you’ve ever worked at in your life. Meet Him halfway. Pray. Read your Bible. Try to speak your mind just once. (This part isn’t anything you have to do right away. It will come with time, and God will be right there with you, guiding you, giving you strength.)

I believe in you, and I know that God is greater and that He can transform minds and souls. 

You’ve got this, friend. One step at a time. Keep me posted, okay? And know that I’ll be praying for you. <3

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9

All my love,


I’ve basically gone zero-homework in my English 9 class.

So imagine my rage at kids who STILL won’t complete tasks in class.

Like, no amount of cheering, tough love, choice boards, pragmatic tasks, threats, come-to-Jesus talks or creative tasks is working with some of these kids.