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All these parties I attend
But never know the celebration
I let you do what you want
No need for explanation
You go through my mind all day
All night, it feels like immigration
One of these days I’ll fuck around
And book a flight up to Manhattan
Don’t wanna see you go but I’d do the same as you
Don’t see why you would go back to seein’ me when you
Didn’t wanna hurt my feelings but I couldn’t get a clue
Didn’t wanna seem perceivin’ ‘bout the things that you pursue

I was just thinkin’ 'bout you
And it made me think of colors of the space
70 miles up in my coupe
And not a thought 'bout steppin’ on my brakes

I done seen you glow like that I must say that I’m proud
Thinkin bout the times when you would go into my house, hey
Had to let you go like that I’d say it fucked me up
You live in my head without a doubt


Happy birthday my favorite seiyuu, singer, and entertainer from the land of my dream, Mamoru Miyano❤ Thank you for being born. Thank you for all your hardwork. Thank you for the songs, fantastic album, and amazing concert with your blessed voice. Thank you for always put smile and laugh on our face. Your smile, your laugh, your humbleness, your dedication, your personality, all of them never stop amaze us from time to time. You always caring towards other so much, so friendly as well, you get your success in such a young age but you keep down-to-earth. Oh really, I can’t describe how much I adore you and love you until now. Now you become one of my dreams. I’ll go to Japan someday and meet you. To tell you how much you always amaze me since 5 years ago, how much you already become part of my life, and how much I love you until now and then. Once again, happy birthday my dearest Mamoru Miyano-san. Never stop showing your amazing work to the world. So more people will know how talented you are, how amazing your voice, and getting more love and support because you really are deserves that. Open your wings wider and fly higher. You have your tour outside Japan for the first time earlier this year, so I hope you can come to Indonesia someday. I love you, 宮野真守. And this love will never change. Now and forever.

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You gUYS I LITERALLY JUST HAD A SHAWN CONCERT DREAM AND ITS BASICALLY A TRIPPY ONESHOT i dreamt that for some reason my dad got tickets but it wasn’t a real show, it was extremely intimate (like 50 people tops) and i didnt even know i was going until that day. I remember pushing against the masses with my brother and running to the front row (we ended up getting to sit jn the front row) and for some reason in the dream, Shawn had like a little room to himself and it was right across out little corner so we were able to see him get in and out of the room before the show started (so i basically got access to his dressing room but i couldnt get in but for some reason in my head he was hot pressing t shirt prints not even his own merch just prints lmao im wildin)
And he played lil playlists and for SOME REASON UNBEKNOWNST TO GOD he likes the angus, thongs & perfect snogging soundtrack and he has a dog who’s a lil female pup and when he plays good songs she dances and he talks adoringly to her and he’s all like “oh, you like this song, don’t you?” while picking her up (ik he’s allergic but the man of my dreams is a dog kinda man)
And he sees me watching the lil moment and he blushes and looks down but notices me mouthing the words and he looks at me curiously. Then we exchange little moments (bc for some reason the show wasnt gonna be another hour or so and he was literally just chillin in our corner, by his own dressing room) (also he had a white bike? That he didn’t use? But it was propped up against the wall so?)
AND i dont remember much of the words i said to him but i remember me and my dumbass who couldnt contain her banter and had to subtly jokingly insult him AND I TOUCHED HIS ARM (TWICE) (altho for some reason he was a lil skinnier in my dream than in irl i hope all is good and he’s not losing unhealthy weight)
And then i take a toilet break bc my family being my family brought way too many snacks and then finished everything before the show even started. When i came back, my dad was asking me to help clean up the mess my siblings made and he was talking to shawn!!!
My dad: “don’t you get tired, what with tour and everything?”
Shawn: “yeah, but I always get so excited because my home is nothing compared to traveling everywhere and seeing the things each new place brings, especially here. I mean come on,” (i live in Indonesia and for some reason i just knew he was talking about Bali)
And while this is happening im cleaning the trash like a fucken modern day Cinderella ok wtf but its all good cuz my dad then helps me and shawn walks away a little bit but then turns around (im convinced he does this w everything) and asks “can I help you with that, guys?” And my dad says yes, obviously.
Im nervously apologizing for my siblings who eat like absolute horses and he’s all smiling and amused eyes and he’s like “nah, i totally get it.” while picking up Indonesian candy wrappers.
I also distinctly remember the nerves i got, i was so excited my heart actually hurt and it felt like it was a lil sea urchin (like a ball with spikes tryna stab at me from different directions all at once)
Then the show starts (before the show he gives his dog a bowl of water 😭) and the stage was literally only like 2 meters away from the front row it wasnt even a proper concert hall, it was just an indoor plaza. So obviously we could make eye contact while jamming but i didnt rlly try as much anymore bc i just wanted to enjoy it and stop passive aggressively trying to make Shawn Mendes fall in love w me lol . The show was hella short and the mic stopped at one point so he just screamed out w his guitar and i’ve never heard anything better, even in my sleep
So anywho the show ends and my dad is literally like “lets go. I’m hungry. We need to eat. Now.” And i was trying not to rip my hair out in frustration like UGH dad! I’m trying to linger here until Shawn realizes that he needs my number!! Hello?!
But my dad being my dad decided to be a total cockblock and usher me into the car. I strapped myself in the front seat and we drove to the minimart right next to the venue. At this point my dad’s ordering street food to go (Martabak, for those of u who are indonesian or who just wanted to know. Its delicious, look it up) and its taking a long time, obviously. By then the venue was clearing up and i could see families drive away in their cars. I remember kinda just melancholically resting my chin on my crossed arms that were propped up on the dashboard of the car, me looking out through the huge front window.
“Do you think Shawn digged me?” I sighed, asking my siblings. (Also apparently dream me only speaks in 90’s slang idek).
My lil brother, bless him, was all like “i don’t know, totally possible!!”
We went back to comfortable silence until my dad opens the door to hand me all the food. He takes his time and he’s lecturing me about not dropping it because apparently i’ve done so twice before (i’ve never dropped a single piece of martabak in my entire life) but his voice becomes background noise as i look up and see Shawn coming out of the lil mini market in a white hotel robe and slippers (as if he wasnt on the fucking side of a jakarta street jesus white people).
Im holding my breath as he passes by my car but i can tell he’s trying not to let the familiarity wash over his face as he recognizes my dad’s voice (who is still going on and on abt that time i dropped martabak, dont know why my subconscious thought this was important) and much to my dismay i see him continue to walk away so i look up at my dad from my seat and nod at him, focusing on the food so i dont ruin my dad’s only hope of me not dropping the damned thing.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i see shawn’s head pop up beside my dad’s shoulder (he’s leaning, he’s a fucking giraffe compared to my asian self) and he’s got that searching look on his face and it makes him look kinda dumb but so so cute and i could see that his hair was real glossy, like Pantene commercial glossy, and that it was a chestnut brown (like the exact color of the sole dark brown crayon you would get back when we only bought a 24 crayon pack) and that his cheeks were a lil less rosy in the jakarta heat but his skin was hella white, esp for me who’s used to seeing asian or mixed kids, and he’s got a bit of texture around his cheeks, near his mouth and nose, a telltale sign of how young he actually is. His brown eyes (same color as mine, kinda gold in the light, but no actual gold flecks) find mine and he gives me that signature Nice smile (which was so much goofier in real life, well dream at least im so in LOVE) and he’s about to open his mouth and ask me for my number or twitter handle or insta acc or someTHING but i literally jolt awake bc someone is ringing the hotel room doorbell and im scrambling in the dark bc its still 6:00 am in Bali and i open the door to find none other than,,, my dAD. This man actually cockblocked me in real life!!!!!! I tell him that Shawn was just abt to ask me for my number and he ruined everything and mumbled grumpily while crawling back into bed.
Ok y'all, hope u liked that literal godly dream i just got, congrats if u’re still reading this. Im a psycho. Goodnight/morning :-)

studeeblurr VERY LATE Introduction

Hiii!!!! Before i start my introduction, i will explain why this is a “very late” introduction. Around september/october/november 2015 ( i forgot.. hehe😅😅), i created this blog. But, before this username is ‘studeeblurr’ my old username was ‘trishaatan’. I had ever made an introduction before, but it is when my blog still ‘trishaatan’ (actually, if u want to check my disgusting introduction, u can scroll down). But, now i decided to make a new introduction! So, it is kinda very late, because i already made this blog 2 years ago, but i just make my “serious” introduction now.

My name is Trisha Tan. My nickname is Trisha .My birthday is at November 12th 2003. I’m turning 14 this November. I’m come from Indonesia. And i’m going to be a 9th grader in this month! It means this is my last year at Junior High School. 

I love reading novels. And i am a BIG fan of Harry Potter…! And I’m sorted in Hufflepuff!! I can play piano and ukulele. I love stationaries SO MUCH, such as pens, markers, highlighters, washi tapes. And i also have a lot of blank notebooks and i don’t know what should i do with it. Because, every time i see a cute notebooks, i will buy it 😂😂

Since 2015, i am interested to be a studyblr, but now i want to be a REAL studyblr! Because, before, i’m so lazy to be active in my blog… But, now i will very active!!

Why i want to be a studyblr?? And what is my goals??

Because, i found out that studyblr is a motivation for me to study more and more. Also to be a more productive, creative, hard-working, and organized person. I also want to create more friend with this studyblr. In studyblr, i can know some study tips, others’ experiences, informations that i don’t know before, and also to be more productive (not just sitting in the bed and playing my phone all the time, because that is what i’m doing before). I want to post (original) oftenly or maybe weekly… and i also want to challenge myself with 30 days challenges, productivity challenges, etc.

And also this is why i want to be a “real” studyblr starting today! Because of you that inspired me! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INSPIRATIONS!

@academla @studyinglawdaily @tbhstudying @studylikeaslytherin99 @elkstudies @studyign @emmastudies @copperscholar @coronastudies @studeebean @hayley-studies @fuckstudy @areistotle @universi-tea @studyquill @studyandtea @sushi-studies @surgeon-studies @studyplants @inspire-to-study @college-cafe and so much more!! 

And i’m still searching for inspirations, so if you are studyblr, just like / reblog / follow me / all (if you want to) and i will follow you.. (if i’m not following you yet)

Thank You SO MUCHH!!! Hope i can be an active studyblr and a better person!! And feel free if you want to message me…!!




Ok… New Pokemon announced and what I see is a hybrid of a komodo and a Balinese Barong, which is… Both come from Indonesia XD.

But that’s still cool! The komodo is a four legged dangerous dragon nicknamed lizard while a barong is a creature to vanquish evil spirits in Bali.

Just explaining coz I love the design and I love I found the realization

Taeyong Fanboard Event Replies (July 15th, 2016)

Trans by: yourtrace_ | screenshots by: tytrvck | Compiled by : jaehyun_970214_      

Translating to a 3rd language is OK! Go ahead and do so! No need to ask for permission but remember to credit appropriately. Please respect my work and do not re-upload this post anywhere else.  It took me hours to gather all the data together and translating them.  

There is a total of 41 replies from Taeyong to fans for this event. Although i searched high and low i was unable to get the remaining 2 comments that he left. If you see them do mention me so i can include them in this post!! Thanks to mentioned parties for compiling most of his replies ^^

Screenshots of the replies can be downloaded from this link.

The photos are numbered on par to the translations posted below. Fan questions will be bolded and his answers are underneath it. However, from #29 onward i apologized as i couldn’t find screenshots of the replies and only a post compiled from a fan ;;

Thank you and have fun reading them ^^

Taeyong’s post-fanboard message

Hello I am NCT Taeyong.

Being together with all of you at Osaka today was really fun haha
Being able to hold this fanboard event although we are far made me really happy~~
Tomorrow we, NCT, will work hard for the show~~
Please anticipate us always!!!
We will continue to be a hardworking NCT, thank you!

Replies starts here 


Taeyong ah please answer me once so that I have the will to do my work  It’s good to take it easy with your work haha Health is the most important!!!!


Taeyong ah I have been waiting for a week to see you on fanboard
I too waited every day, nice to meet you!!

Taeyong oppa!!!
Im here haha Hello~~

Taeyong ah weren’t you nervous appearing on Dream Concert for the first time right after your debut?
Getting to be on the same stage as many seniors that we respect!! It made us, NCT feel very happy being on the same stage as them.


Taeyong ah do you know what ‘wo ai ni’ means?
It means “I like you” right!!

Taeyong ah you are here now right? I right?…
I am here hahaha don’t always be worried

Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! I’m a male fan. It feels good to have a male fan right?
Nice to meet you friend ^^ I like it ~

I caught an eye sty. please tell me to get well soon once…
Wash your eyes and hands cleanly always!! Be careful of catching a flu too~~


Taeyong oppa please say be strong to me
Fighting on your exam!!

Taeyong Taeyong Taeyong recommend one song!
Roos Jonker – Soon

Taeyongah do you like turtles? I like it
Wartortle (t/n: it’s a pokemon character that looks like a … turtle)

Taeyong ah are you happy?
Its good if everyone is happy, I am happy  haha

Minhyeong ah can’t you switch places with my younger brother? I don’t need him…let’s change
I think I’m becoming a bit sad

Taeyong please congratulate me, I topped my grades!

Taeyong leader I really like you…
I feel secured with the fans and members together haha

Taeyong ah don’t be sick and let’s always meet on the stage
For lifetime

Taeyong ah what is your favourite Japanese food?
Miso ramen, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and chocolate all kinds I like everything! The best!!

Taeyong ah what does ‘Aishiteru’ means
I love you (t/n: I’m not exactly sure why he use 흥항해… I will check again - ok it is a term only TY, alone, use to say 사랑해 haha)


Taeyongnim please give me strength
I shall give you strength super po—————————————wer

Taeyong ah do you like chocolate or jelly more?
Chocolate ha

Taeyong oppa please say something in English!!
Mark says thank you (t/n: in english)

Taeyong-ah thank you for  becoming an idol. Being able to meet Idol Taeyong made me really really happy
I will work even harder to be fans’ idol always, thank you!

Taeyong oppa!! Please recommend a song that is good to listen before going to sleep!
Busta rhymes – decision
Everyone the time is already up haha Have a good night while listening to the song!

Taeyong oppa knock knock are you there?
Knock knock

Taeyong ah don’t leave……. I want to be with you always always…
Haha I will always be by everyone’s side like a CCTV~~ I’m watching you haha

Taeyong ah recently what movie did you watched please tell us
I recently watched Zootopia twice

Taeyong-ah I want to be Ruby for a day T_T
Haha if I want to brag about Ruby, he is like an angel

Taeyong how is it, going to Japan?
I really like Japan. The sky today is really pretty haha

Taeyong ah I have a wish while I’m still alive…
Soyeon ah hello haha

Taeyong ah, Vietnam fans are pretty right?
Yes haha I really liked it when I went to Vietnam!! If there is another chance  I would like to go again haha

Taeyong oppa as a leader is really assuring
I feel very assured because all of you are here too

Taeyong ah fighting for tomorrow!! Health is important!
Tomorrow too, the day after too, anytime I will do my best!!

Taeyong ah the reactions for Mad City are really good!!
Please look forward to more in the future ^^

Mark did you like the berets you wore during The 7th sense?
I really like it haha (t/n: idk why he answer this lol)

Taeyong leader fighting! I will love you forever NCT LIFE IN BALI PLEASE~~ COME TO INDONESIA!
Thank you I will work hard!!!!!

Do you type fast?
I want to give my all but I am reading all of them haha

Taeyong ah during the mention party I didn’t get a reply at all, even a dot would be good
Hello!!! This is Taeyong from Osaka

Taeyong oppa entering a fansign is my lifelong wish
We will definitely meet haha

Taeyong ah say my name!
Jiyeon ah hi~~~


Sorry for the extremely long post! Please inform me of any errors and i will fix asap!

Pond updates

The cardimine i brought online went funky in the post. I’ll see if it come good but a lot of the leaves were boiled / rotted.

I’ve brought from that seller before without trouble but the parcel ended up taking longer in the post this time for some reason and as a result with the hot weather the plants suffered a bit.

Im trying to avoid introducing snails to the pond so ive been verry picky with where i get my plant stock.

Now the big one, the fish! !!

We missed the shipping dates for this month so the fish are being sent in next months shipment (October)

The fish are coming from Indonesia.

And have to go thru quarantine before they are sent to me.


Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth

Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth Frederick mostly known as Vanka or Thalia Kecil (Thacil), means Little Thalia, is a member of Idol Group JKT48 2nd generation who come from Jakarta, Indonesia. Vanka officially become a member of Team J alongside with Rachel (now in team K3) at “JKT48 Musim Panas Handshake Event” 23 February 2014.

Full Name : Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth Frederick
Nickname : Vanka, Thacil
D.O.B : 29 Juni 1999, Jakarta
Nationality : Indonesia
City : Jakarta
JKT48 Member : 2012 - now

Senbatsu Sousenkyou:

#16 (Senbatsu) – Pemilihan Member Single ke-13 JKT48 (2016)

anonymous asked:

This might sound like a dumb question, but does working in the animation industry require you to live where the companies are? I have a growing interest in animation but I don't think I could move so far away. I was just curious if they ever hired people who couldn't be there physically.

Hey, this is actually a very insightful and good question. I wish I knew the best answer for this, but all I can tell you is what I know, or what I can gather.
Generally, there’s truth when people say they have to move because of where the animation industry takes them. You’ll often hear advice like “be prepared to move locations for a job position within the industry”, and yeah - its probably the most common thing that will happen when you are in the industry. It’s true though, be prepared to make some big decisions! Its kind of like studying abroad to a school you’ve always wanted to attend!

I do feel like most jobs do require you to be around that area not just animation, but because the animation industry is a fast moving roller coaster with ups and downs, it happens ever so often. Therefore, people are constantly moving around; I think that’s why that saying is so much more common.
Hell, some studios don’t like hiring people who require the studio to pay that person’s corporation. (Some people with O1 visas cannot be paid directly, they have to be paid by a corporation/company that individual forms. So how it works is, studio pays person’s company, person takes off money from his/her company’s account)

So in a way, yeah it is a requirement because some studios just prefer working with talent that’s basically there.
However with the internet and other scenarios, you can work from home. Actually, I left the United States because I didn’t make the work visa lottery, so I did have to do my own relocating to back home - and now I am freelancing for other places. I’ll tell you this: it is hard to find freelance within the industry that is willing to work with you a sea away. I got an offer recently, but they wanted me to move to Bangkok quickly. One of my friends who didn’t make the lottery last year, actually got disney to still offer him freelance work to him - while he was at korea. Considering he could just stay in korea while work for a company in the US, it was a very ideal situation for him! (plus, the money he was making with disney was not affected by the US tax - therefore he was also making bank!) Some studios do work with people who can’t be there physically. A lot of big studios don’t really like doing that, and prefer to work with their in house talent. They can make exceptions, but its rare. If the studio likes you as an employee and likes your talent, that could help your exceptions - but I’d say always be prepared to make some decisions.
I guess it also boils down to your position too.

One of my friends is moving to japan to work for a studio that was just formed there.
Another had to come to the US with an O1 sponsored by the studio (which actually fucking sucks because if that person gets laid off, he/she has to go home fast!)
I got offered a position at Titmouse, but they wanted me to come back from Indonesia in 4 days (i was flying out of the US in a day)

I wish I had more to say about this, since I’m sort of still trying to find my way around without an american visa. My only advice is to be prepared for the big changes you might have to make because of the job offers given.

Although the online community for work is slowly but surely growing.

Holidays are coming up in Indonesia! Will you be enjoying the sunset by the sea in Lengkuas Island like geniesvnnd? How will you spend your holiday?

Thanks for the submission!


Proud Indonesian