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Ok… New Pokemon announced and what I see is a hybrid of a komodo and a Balinese Barong, which is… Both come from Indonesia XD.

But that’s still cool! The komodo is a four legged dangerous dragon nicknamed lizard while a barong is a creature to vanquish evil spirits in Bali.

Just explaining coz I love the design and I love I found the realization

pataponzen  asked:

heyo! i'm coming from indonesia, and i'll be staying in LA for around 2 weeks i think. i googled a bit - you can buy a card to pay the bus fares and top it up? where is this place that i can buy this card? i'm a-okay with walking, just... not the 2-hours nonstop walking type :'D (or if any of your followers can help - any info re: LA public transportation is appreciated!)



i translated this video (bahasa indonesia -> english) for practise purposes!

Difference between Indonesian fans and Korean fans?

Jinjin: Fans from Korea and Indonesia give us the same amount of support. However, the difference is the way they show support. Rather than giving gifts, Indonesian fans give us support by encouraging us. The fans from both countries equally idolise and support us, however, with different ways.

Word which first comes to mind when hearing “Indonesia”?

Moonbin: Fruit which is tasty!

Sanha: Indonesian Aroha!

MJ: (Taman) Safari!

Jinjin: Rendang! (A dish)

Eunwoo: Warmth

Jinjin: We will leave Indonesia. Because of our schedule, we cannot try many things in Indonesia and we feel sad because of that. We didn’t get to go to Taman Safari (Safari park).

Rocky: We will work hard to become to become famous and come back to Indonesia. If we have time, we will go to Taman Safari and try many tasty foods.

Which Indonesian foods do you like?

Eunwoo: Yesterday after the showcase, we ate fried rice and satay in the hotel. It was very tasty! In particular, Moonbin ate with greed!

Message for Indonesian Aroha?

Eunwoo: Before this, we had never been to Indonesia, we were worried… “what if there are no (fans)?”. But now we won’t worry about that again. The fans gave us spirit at the showcase and also the hi-touch yesterday. We are very moved and we are very thankful. If there is an opportunity, we will come back to Indonesia. We are very happy.

translations may not be 100% accurate.

please credit me if taking out any excerpts.

p.s if you want any video/interview of astro in indonesia translated, let me know!! (it needs to have indonesian CC))


proofs 5sos loves indonesia so goddamn much

•they LOVE bali so much
•ashton said at soundcheck slfl jakarta “when i’m old i’ll be living in bali”
•at soundcheck they literally argued about nasi goreng (fried rice)
•they were so excited to come back here, they said indonesia made them feel like home
•ash said “actually, indonesia and australia is not that far you know” at soundcheck

((sorry if the gifs are ugly as fuck my hands were shakey recording them and alot of people were pushing me in the pit, and i am very tiny))


Dear Taylor,

Hey taylorswift! We, represent all of Indonesian Swifties, from the deepest of our heart asking you to come back to Indonesia for 1989 World Tour because we really really need you and we want you to be back here, Tay! We want to sing every single of your lyrics with you, dancing with you and having the best night of our life with you.. making the best memories and also the best experience we would never had if it wasn’t with you..
We wish you would come back, Tay.. We wish miracle does happen for us to have another chance to meet you and experience the incredible 1989 Tour.. Indonesia Needs 1989 World Tour, Tay.. We really really love you and we miss you sooooo much!!

PS : to my fellow tumblr families and all swifties, we would very much appreciate it if you could help us, Indonesian Swifties, to spread the words and make it to Taylor’s dashboard so she can read this petition.. it will mean the world for us if Taylor read this ‘love letter’ and think about it.. you guys have the power to make our dreams come true.. we could have a chance to dance with Tay and make our best memories same as you guys, who had the chance to meet and sing along to her songs.. From the deepest of our heart, we ask for your help to make our wildest dreams come true, our swifties family!

Best Regards,
Melissa Yunita Lauw
(represent all of Indonesian Swifties)

[Photo Credits : @tswiftsby @taylorswiftidcom]

Holidays are coming up in Indonesia! Will you be enjoying the sunset by the sea in Lengkuas Island like geniesvnnd? How will you spend your holiday?

Thanks for the submission!


Proud Indonesian

“ … long live #olicity”

one of my favorite Indonesian singer, author and songwriter (yes, she’s that talented) just tweet about olicity and I’m loosing my mind.

This is the first time I saw someone famous from my country tweet about arrow and olicity. I really hope this means arrow (and olicity) love began to spread in Indonesia. maybe now is the right time for arrow cast and crew to visit us

hint…hint… marc guggeinheim

I come from Bandung, Indonesia.

I was EyeEm Festival 2016 finalist category the jurnalist, I am interested in fine art, street photography and black and white photos.

I use several cameras loan proceeds: D, Sony A65 and still my main camera Ricoh analog A-50 and a camera from my phone.

I like know a variety of people who could be invited to a discussion of photography, from whom I could learn and exchange viewpoints.


Dear my beautiful, drop dead gorgeous role model taylorswift. Let me start this with introducing my self a little, so my name is melanie. I’m 15 and i’m coming from Indonesia and i’m so proud to call you as my idol. I’m really thankful that God has given me the most beautiful angel from heaven to look up to:) I’ve been a huge fan of you since quite a while now. I had been liking your music since ages ago but I became a swiftie since last year (may 2014) and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’m a “new” swiftie. However, I have to be honest I didn’t really sure about letting you know this.. I mean some people here have been dedicated to you and your music since 2006.. They have been a fan of you since forever. But i believe that it’s not about who comes first, it’s about who would stay and support you until the end and I can tell you that I’ll keep on supporting you as long as I can because I don’t know where I would be without you and your music. Your music has changed my life, it makes me stronger than ever. You.. You have changed me. You’re an incredible role model Taylor. You’re the person who I look up to. Your music has always been there for me and whenever I feel happy, sad, depressed etc I’d just put my headphones on and listen to your music. And omg Taylor I don’t know if you could remember but you noticed me 5times on instagram. I’m extremely happy and so grateful that my ador(k)able role model, idol, Taylor Alison Swift noticed me 5times. You liked 4 of my posts and commented on one. So I wrote something like “my role model. Ilysm Tay! good night” and then you said “Ilysm back!!!!” I screamed so hard and woke my mom up lol I didn’t expect it at all. I was dying for a comment but I didn’t know you would comment on that post. You liked 3picts of your amazing candids, liked my selfie once and commented on a pict of your amazing candid. I’m so grateful. Like what? The person who I look up to, the writer of all the amazing songs that I hear everyday, has noticed me 5times? That is so crazy tbh. I can’t even thank you enough Tay for making me feel so special. I love you so much.. We’re bestfriends right? lol. We totally are! Well because we are bestfriends and I trust you a lot, I have something to confess.. I have a social anxiety, Tay. I’m not like the others. Making friends, ordering food at the restaurant, walking down the street, going to school, those are probably the eassiest things ever…for normal people but for me, they’re the hardest things I could ever do. I can’t tell a jouke bc I’m scared no one will laugh. I can’t order a food by my self bc I’m scared and I have no idea why. I get scared easily. But don’t worry, my anxiety is getting better Tay hehe:)) I have my internet bffs that help me with my anxiety. Everytime my anxiety attacks me I’m just gonna pray and then talk to my internet friends because they know how to make me feel better. I actually have one internet bestfriend that I really really adore named Carly: Carly is literally my sunshine. She’s like the Karlie to my Taylor. She understands me so well and she makes me feel so grateful for what I have. She makes me laugh, a lot. And I’m so grateful to have her in my life. God is amazing and I love Him so much. I have the most incredible, understanding parents in the whole world. They know how much I love you and they always let me buy your merch and now I have pretty enough tswizzle merch and I’m so happy. So a few months ago you announced the 1989 tour Asia and Indonesia wasn’t on the list and it broke my heart into pieces but I realized that Singapore was and it gave me a lot of hope. I asked my mom if I could go to the tour and she said yes. I cried so much when she said yes, and then I found out that there would be a pre-sale tickets and I was so worried. I thought I couldn’t get the tickets. And then the pre-sale started and I saw the tickets was sold out for the pre-sale and I cried. I told my mom about it and she made me feel better. I prayed so hard so I could get the tickets.. And then on june, 30th I finally got the tickets thanks to a friend. I was so happy. I cried. I was so grateful. I was so excited and I told Carly about it and she freaked out and she was so excited for me. She was being so supportive and she made me feel so happy. So yes I’m going to watch you performing live at the 1989 tour Singapore yay! I would be at section PA1 Row 7 Seats 16&17. Well, sorry if I’m using the wrong english or anything.. my english sucks xX I love you so much Tay. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you for helping me handle my anxiety with your music. Thank you so much Taylor. I love you to the moon and back.


@shfly3424: Maps Pictorial.. 📷 coming June !!  Indonesia Terimakasih !! 🚣  
Trans: Maps Pictorial.. 📷 coming June !!  Indonesia thank you !! 🚣
@yesung1106: Maps Pictorial .. 📷 coming June !! #Indonesia #maps#yesung #Terimakasih #파이이야기 #포토상훈
Trans:  Maps Pictorial .. 📷 coming June !! #Indonesia #maps#yesung #ThankYou # LifeofPi #PhotoSanghun