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Any suggestions on where I can purchase humanely sourced specimens ? I love in the city and don't come across much. Thanks !

Well, before I could answer that question I’d have to know what your definition of “humanely sourced” is.

“Humanely sourced” is one of those phrases that, like “ethical”, varies from person to person.

Do you mean animals that were killed quickly and as painlessly as possible? That would leave a lot of options open. There’s a chunk of eBay sellers, many Etsy sellers, big fur and bone websites like Moscow Hide & Fur, Facebook bone/hide/oddity seller groups, local furrier stores or oddity shops in your area, and then some who could offer animals who were killed in a humane manner. If you can find out the animal’s country of origin that would probably be your best indication, since you’ll be able to look up the country’s animal cruelty laws. Avoid anything coming from China, where there are currently no animal welfare/cruelty laws in place. (note: most stuff coming from China wasn’t necessarily killed in China, as they tend to be a larger buyer and processor of furs, however “it’s better safe than sorry”)

If you want to know that the animal lived a good life, I’d recommend getting to know farmers and maybe even pet breeders or websites that sell scientific specimens and may source from veterinarians and see what ones fit your needs and if you’d be willing to support them. I know Promise Land Tannery (also known as Furries on Etsy) often has farm-sourced animals, for example. You could also just stick to wild-caught animals, since you know those animals lived in the wild. Not necessarily “humane” in many situations (as there is always the threat of starvation, predators, exposure, etc.), but many people tend to view a natural wild life for animals as a good one. That would open up the door to buying from almost anywhere, so long as they sell wild-caught specimens. Just make sure to ask if the animals are wild or farmed, and know what species/variations are only found in captivity.

Do you mean animals who only died of natural causes, or as accidents like roadkill? That limits things a lot more. I’d recommend going to Etsy and checking out different shops. WolfTea comes to mind when I think of people who strictly work with salvaged animal parts, though there are definitely others out there. Another place to find them would again be on Facebook, especially in the Vulture Culture groups on there where you can specifically ask for people who work with found/salvaged specimens. Of course, the oddity groups can and do offer animals that fall into this category of “humanely sourced” as well. And don’t forget to look for sale posts here on Tumblr, too!

If you’re looking for animals that are plentiful and thus whose populations would not be harmed by harvesting them in any way, you’ll need to look into the particular animals you’re interested in collecting. For example, seahorses are currently doing very poorly, even though you can buy dried specimens and buy wild-caught seahorses as pets. There is, however, one and only one seahorse breeder located in Hawaii who would be an ethical source since their seahorses don’t have any impact on wildlife, and in fact by supporting them you are giving your money to the only breeder out there standing between seahorses and certain extinction by providing pets to the market. Likewise, foxes tend to be abundant in many places, however if you really wanted to do the most good you could choose to only buy foxes from Australia, where they are an invasive species and taking a large toll on native wildlife. Wolves in Canada are more plentiful than wolves in the lower 48 US states. Buying a ranched mink has no negative effect on wild mink. And so on, and so on.

There’s also other options, such as purchasing from thrift stores/second-hand stores, where you know your purchase will not be supporting the fur trade or any kind of black market directly in case that’s where your ethical qualms are. A good number of second-hand stores are also charity operations for various causes. You won’t know the cause of the animal’s death or how it lived though, so if that’s what you want to focus on you should probably avoid purchasing from these stores.

I hope one of those categories covered what you were talking about! Sorry I can’t give more specific names, there’s simply too many to cite and I’d hate to miss out on good ones that I just personally do not know.

for the love of god don’t ever use Chinese characters if u don’t appreciate our culture at all…. it’s so infuriating idc if u know what it means lol it doesn’t justify ur use of our language it doesn’t hide the fact tht u’re only using it because it looks Oriental And Cool™. nvr understood the whole yin yang trend and the shirts with chinese characters trend lol u white ppl and ur ugly trends. ur so-called knowledge of Chinese culture is probably just knowing who Bruce Lee n Jackie Chan are lmao,,,, and tht we eat rice as staple food n have strict parents n study everyday n have small eyes. yup dem basic stereotypes,, mhm

bet yall white people rushin to cover up ur western-centric views of us Chinese n deeming it as ur so-called knowledge of our culture,,, so u can proceed to use our culture as ur aesthetic haha

basically dont ever use another language as ur aesthetic without trying to appreciate their culture it is v demeaning and belittles their entire history. languages r integral to a race’s culture AND history, hence dont ever be insensitive abt it lol

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Today i want to send big hugs to everyone who is lgbt+ and lives in or comes from China. 

It can be tough to live openly everywhere as there are sadly hateful people everywhere - but some places make it especially tough and China is one of them. 

With this letter i want to not only send a “I see you, i believe you” message to chinese lgbt+ kids, i also want to shine a spotlight on the problems that many of you face*: 

- No anti-discrimination laws, neither in employment nor anywhere else (including anti-hate-speech laws)

- No legal recognition of same-sex relationships or marriage 

- “Conversion therapy” 

- a ban of lgbt+ relationships on tv 

- many people view lgbt+ as a mental illness

- changes in birth certificates not allowed 

- lgbt+ are expected to enter fake hetero relationships/marriages

- high suicide rates 

* Please note that those may depend on where exactly you live in China and may, as in many countries, be worse in rural and/or more conservative places

Let’s not forget that there are lgbt+ people everywhere and so the fight for lgbt+ rights is not over until we can live happily and safely everywhere! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

I was gonna start a comic but then i remembered how bad i am at keeping up with these things so screw that

It’s based on the song Kusanagi by ODESZA btw, it’s a really nice track :^)

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Hey what are your ace/aro/a-spec headcanons I'm looking for more to add to my Collection

*rubs hands together*  Well since you asked…

The Eleventh Doctor(Doctor Who) as aro/ace - it’s pretty much unspoken canon honestly

Sherlock Holmes as aro/ace - half the stuff he says about romance proves he is aro/ace

Tony Stark(disney Marvel movies) as hetero-grey-romantic ace - I read a really good fanfiction where he was that and he has been ace to me ever since.

Elsa(Frozen) as aro/ace - While I would not be at all disappointed if she got a girlfriend in the second movie, to me she is aro/ace or homoromantic ace

Mulan as ace - surrounded by all dem buff army men and still only thinking about saving China?  Come on, you kno she ace.

Rey(Star Wars) as ace - it just makes sense to me :)

Newt(Fantastic Beasts) as demiromantic ace - this one is a new, but I was thinking it the whole movie ^_^

I’m sure I have more but this is all I can think of right now!  Enjoy the headcanons!

APH Vietnam: Hong Kong, come with me.

APH China: Hong Kong, you will do no such thing.

APH Vietnam: I am trying to help Macau with something and I need Hong Kong.

APH China: Oh, very well, you may have him. Have him back in an hour, though.

APH Hong Kong: My God, I’ve been traded.

APH Vietnam: Thanks for the lovely peasant.

Best Digimon encounter in the wild ever

Hey guys, second admin here.

So to set the stage, I was in class today and we had a girl from China come over and study english with us.
But the real story begins when she asks me out of the blue

“Do you like the anime, Digimon???”

It was so weird because almost all class, no one could get a word out of her, but here she was asking ME if I liked Digimon. She must have seen my phones wallpaper (which is when all the digimon are annoying Leomon). So I say,

“Yeah, I love digimon”

Her face lit up with delight and she began to ask me a ton of questions. She asked who my favorite human and digimon were, she asked me what my favorite season was, and if I had seen Tri.


She then asked if I liked the Japanese theme song, Butterfly. Of course I said yes (I have that shit in my car, I listen to it all the time).

SHE THEN STARTS TO SING IT OUT LOUD!!! Everyone looked at us. It was at this moment that I knew exactly what to do… I pulled that shit up on my phone and sang along.
EVERYONE WENT WIDE EYED. No one had been able to get more than 2 sentences out of this supposedly shy girl. But now she and me were singing butterfly in class. Even our teacher was in shock.

Anyways, that’s my little story of a digimon encounter in the wild. If you guys have any stories, send them to me!


Previously: Ep. #1 | Ep. #2 | Ep. #3 | Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul (Part 1): Jongdae’s birthday is coming up but can’t celebrate with the kids due to busy schedules, so Yixing goes to them to find out what they’re planning to give to Jongdae, but Yixing comes to the realization that their family may be a little dysfunctional due to some hate and negativity. Yixing decides not to show Jongdae what he recorded and decides to take him out instead, maybe sing him a song or two, claiming that he worked on them with the kids, or do a little dance performance, not aware that the staff decided to show Jongdae the tape anyway.

I gave in and decided to do one for Jongdae’s birthday. This is all one big horrible joke that is NOT to be taken seriously. I love love love NCT China line and I love love love Yixing taking care of them and being protective of them as well. In the little world that is HOCS, Jongdae is protective of his kids and will stop at nothing to get haters, and nasties, away from NCT China line and Yixing as well. They don’t need the hate and negativity, they need praise and love and all the support they can get. This is sort of some tribute to that. If you don’t support ot9 or any of the nct China line kids, back the fuck away or Jongdae will find you. I also wanted to make Kun one sassy as hell kid on here. So please please please don’t take it seriously. I know he’s one of the nicest kids on NCT. Please support him and the others as well.

And to Jongdae, who is precious and amazing and an all round secret super hero, defender of everything that is nice and good with a touch of sass here and there, happy birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day that is full of love and kindness and food and lots, and lots, and lots, of cake and balloons. Thank you for being the Kim Jongdae that you are today. The kind, full of love, and sunshine smiles, and high notes, that make everyone’s day so much better. Thank you for teaching us that kindness is not overrated and should always be around no matter what. I love you Kim Jongdae! I seriously hope you have an amazing birthday! ^^

**I, in no way condone to voodoo-ism(?) and should never be used against anyone or anything. Unless you’re into that, then go ahead I guess. I just did it to do it which makes me a piece of horrible person. Sorry. I may do one for Yixing’s birthday or may not, I hope not, but if I do and you’ve been enjoying these so far, thank you so much. If I used your video to screen cap, I really am sorry. I’ll take it down right away, just let me know. Bye. (This last part is not needed but you never know if people think that I or any of the kids featured on this thing, do voodoo at all. It’s seriously not to be taken seriously. At. All.) Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. **

Character Appreciation Post: Leo de la Iglesia (Yuri on Ice)

Originally posted by shiiemis

This little cutie here is an amazing skater. He somehow failed at the Cup of China, coming in last place, but let’s go back to the first event for the Grand Prix series: Skate America.

Just look at that! He’s in the middle. He won first place. That means he beat Otabek. Powerhouse Otabek, who right after his senior debut stood on the podium with Viktor at Worlds earlier that year (placing bronze).

Not only that, but Phichit came in 4th at Skate America. Leo beat Phichit! He beat two GPF at Skate America. This boy deserves some credit.


  • Alarm Clock: *starts beeping*
  • 2p!Japan: *tries pressing the snooze button without getting up*
  • 2p!Japan: *still trying to press the snooze button*
  • 2p!Japan: *gets up to unplug alarm clock*
  • 2p!Japan: *throws Alarm clock out window*
  • 2p!Japan: *angry* WHERE THE HELL IS IT COMING FROM- ...
  • 2p!China: *crouching by bed* BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Ep 8

so i have this headcanon for ep 8 in which our boys come back home from china only to find their rooms rearranged by yuri’s parents to make one big bedroom for the both of them and yuri gets all flustered but victor is like beaming thanking yuri’s mom in the best japanese he can muster ‘arigato, okasama’ and kissing her hand slav style ‘cos he knows that it means they accept him and are happy for them and i’ll be in my corner bye

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Do you think you could do the 2p's reaction to hearing someone talk smack about their 1p?

2P: *hears someone talking bad about his counterpart*

2p!america: what the fuck did u just say about alfred yOU THINK YOU CAN TALK SHIT HUH??? ohHHH come here ur dead kiddo

2p!china: lmao you should see him in the morning doing his weird morning dances omfg he’s so old and lame i love him

2p!england: *looks cautiously from side to side, then slowly leans in, whispers discreetly* …, and have you seen his COOKING ???!

2p!france: well that’s a first….. i thought like, everyone loved him or some shit

2p!russia: *sighs* i agree, he may be childish and immature, but strangely i harbor these protective feelings regarding him and i would appreciate it if you did not speak so wickedly of him,, at least when i am around thx

2p!italy: ikr ??

2p!germany: whoa whoa wHOA what in the fuck bruh ludwig is the greatest ok shut ur whore mouth

2p!japan: excuse u *glareglareglare*

2p!canada: ………,, i’ma give u 5 seconds to run

2p!romano: *waves cheerfully* HI HATER *gets in close to face* YOU A JEALOUS BITCH

2p!austria: *nods* tru

2p!prussia: *listens but is too insecure to speak up, turns away* ……. *malfoy voice* my 1P will be hearing of this

Hetaween 2016 - part 9
  • America: hey, have you guys seen China or Japan?
  • Germany: oh, I received a text from him that he's coming-
  • South Korea: ladies and gentlemen, this amazing group will win the costume contest, with...
  • Taiwan: Valor~!!
  • Japan: Mystic.
  • South Korea: INSTINCT!!
  • Hong Kong: Go!!
  • America: WHOAH OMG OMG OMG!! CANADIA LOOKIE!! OMG! OMG! *fangirls*
  • England: you lot are Pokémon Go characters?? Wait, where's China?
  • China, from the corner: NO!!!
  • Taiwan: hehe, you look amazing, come on~ *drags China out*
  • South Korea: we present you, female Go! Or GoGo!!
  • Male countries: ... you actually look good with shorts...
  • China: *cries*