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spent the afternoon daydreaming about happy stydia being a couple, hanging out, holding hands, talking and sharing secret smiles, enjoying each others' company, stiles waking up early to go to school while lydia stays in bed because she doesn't need to come in until later and she's sleepy, not wearing make-up, her hair all messy, and she looks like a goddess, and stiles just smiles and kisses her on the forehead because he knows they're both so lucky to have this. HAPPY DOMESTIC STYDIA


there is someone in our apartment

.Alexander Hamilton x reader 

Prompt 16.“Come back to bed” and 27. “Did you hear that?”

AU: Modern Au (I’m sorry I always do Modern AU’S I just do it with out realizing it ) 

TW: Drunk people 

( Hey I’m sorry I haven’t posted any of my writing in a while i hope you enjoy this! It’s pretty short though )

It was getting late and you were really tired, you honestly just wanted to go to sleep but you had been waiting for your boyfriend to come to bed you two had been living together for a few months now in a nice New York apartment. At least it had everything you needed. Kitchen,bathroom,living room and two bedrooms. Though your boyfriend had changed what was supposed to be a guest room into an office but at least you had a pull out couch in the living room. 

You walked into the office and there he was writing, you walked towards him and ran your fingers through his hair “Alexander come to bed” he turned to look at you “I just have to finish this” 

“Oh come on Alex. I can’t sleep with out you” 
“Yes you can. You’ve done it before” 

you pouted and sighed “I can but I don’t like it” 

he smirked and let out a small laugh and turned off his computer and walked with you to the bedroom you two got ready for bed and once you got under the covers he wrapped his arms around you. You loved being the little spoon. 

You were about to fall asleep when you thought you heard a noise in the living room. Like something was being knocked over, you sat up and looked over at Alexander who was fast asleep you nudged him to wake him up, he opened his eyes still mostly asleep “ Alex! Did you hear that?” 

“Hear what?” 

“There was a noise coming from the living room I think there is someone in our apartment ” You got out of bed and walked towards the door 

Alexander obviously didn’t get anything you said and just mumbled “Come back to bed” 

you put you ear to the door to try to hear something. You could hear voices coming from the living room but they sounded more like whispers, you ran back to the bed and grabbed Alexanders arm “wake up!! There are people in here!” He looked at you trying to process what you said and as soon as he did he practically jumped out of bed he grabbed the lamp from the nightstand and you got a shoe from the closet, you walked by him as he slowly opened the door and ran out and you ran with him and you both stopped instantly 

in the living room were John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan and Lafayette who all looked like deer caught in the headlights 

“What are you doing here?” Alexander asked the men 

“We need a place to crash and your apartment is the closest” Hercules replied 

“How did you get in here?” You asked

“ah.. I gave John an emergency key” 

You looked back at the men “Why didn’t you just drive to one of your apartments” 

Lafayette walked towards you and put his hand on your shoulder as if he was trying to keep balance “well I am afraid it would be illegal for us” 

“ugh your breath reeks of alcohol Lafayette” you held your nose 

“Can we stay here tonight pleaseeeee? we will be on our best behavior!” 

you and Alexander looked at each other of course you weren’t going to leave them by themselves when they were this drunk 

“But we don’t have a guest room, That’s my office” 

“That’s why we have this!” You walked towards the couch and took off the cushions and pulled the handle and unfolded the bed and the three men all looked amazed when you did. You got a bed sheet and put it on the couch mattress while Alexander got extra pillows and blankets and it was a complete bed.

The guys thanked both of you and grabbed the both of you in a group hug before they all huddled together in the rather small couch bed. Once you and Alexander were sure they were going to be okay you finally went back to your own bed, “What would they do with out us?” Alexander asked as he got into bed “Crash and burn” you joked while getting under the covers. Alexander laughed and pulled you in his arms. “Good night (Y/N) love you” he mumbled falling asleep “Love you too” You were quick to fall asleep in each others arms.

(( idk idk im sorry its short but hope you enjoyed this.thank you for reading )


It would be the soft noise of the TV that would finally wake Genji, frowning as he rubbed his eyes and glancing over to see that you were no longer there beside him, raising up and wandering through the house into the living room. There you were completely asleep and sprawled out on the couch as the TV flickered infomercials at you.

His cool mechanical hand stroked your cheek and pushed your hair back off your face before Genji said in a very warm tone. “My love…” You groaned in your sleep, ever-so-slightly knowing his presence. “My love, will you come to bed with me? I miss your company.” He announced and you pried your eyes open.

“Of course.” A moment later Genji had you gathered into his strong arms and carrying you through to the room, laying you on the bed. “Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you.” You yawned. “I had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep, so I just decided to go watch some TV.” The man climbed into bed beside you and pulled you impossible close to his body.

“Next time just wake me. I would rather know that you were safe.” Genji replied before placing a sweet kiss on the top of your head. “It is nothing but a dream, do not worry. I will always be here to protect you.” You placed your head on his cheek then and hummed softly before closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift off into a deep slumber.


As you entered the bedroom you noticed Hanzo knelt at the very foot of the bed, head hung and being very still, you just watched him for a moment thinking how wonderful and how handsome that he was, mentally taking note of every single inch of his tattoo, it was a truly glorious piece of artwork.

It was clear that you had disturbed him, raising his head up and glancing over his shoulder before saying in a teasing tone. “You could never be an assassin, my love.” A giggle escaped your lips before you moved a little closer into the room and Hanzo held his hand out to you. “Would you like to join me?”

“I wouldn’t like to intrude-” The marksman cut you off and responded. “You wouldn’t be. I would enjoy your company.” You gnawed lightly on your lower lip before wandering over and taking a seat beside him, his hand found its way to engulf yours before you allowed your eyes to close and drift into a deep state of peacefulness.

When you finally came too Hanzo was chuckle as he was tucking you into bed, you blinked at him a couple of times before questioning. “What happened?” He leaned down to press a quick kiss just below your ear and then said. “You started snoring, I suppose you were just in such a deep state of meditation.” There was a teasing side to his voice which made you giggle.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You reach up to caress his cheek before leaning up to kiss his lips. “I’d love to try again sometime.” Hanzo replied with a small kiss before allowing to sleep and returning to his meditation, not much longer before he would be joining you in the warmth of the bed.


The moment you were done with brushing your teeth you placed down your tooth brush and exited the room surprised to see that Jamison had managed to turn your entire bed into a pillow fort, hearing his soft giggles coming from within. A large smile spread across your face as you approach, kneeling down to question. “Uh, can I come inside?”

“Is the ruler of kingdom really asking if they allowed inside their own castle.” The sheet was moved from the entrance way and Jamison’s head popped out with a wide grin on his face before saying. “It would be an honour.” Then you knelt down and climbed inside, it was actually a lot more comfortable than it looked.

As you snuggled up next to Jamison a giggle formed on your lips before saying. “I always wanted to make one of these, I guess I just never got around to it…” He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and pulled you extremely close, so that you could hear his heart hammering in his chest.

“Well, I’m really glad that I could be there with you for your first time.” There was a teasing sound to his voice which made you laugh before leaning up and cupping his face, pulling him extremely close and then pressing a sweet kiss to his lips before both of you settled down within the comfort of the fort - you were unsure if it would be stable to stay up the entire night but the last thing you wanted to do was take it down.


An angered noise came from the back of your throat. “Oh, screw you.” Then you slammed the bedroom door closed, a eery silence filling the house before you felt a wash of guilt cover you and you took a seat on the bed, just watching the door wishing as Jesse would come sauntering through it.

It seemed to take longer than usual before the door finally slammed open, you rose up and Jesse barged towards you, grabbing your head and pulling you into the most passionate kiss of your life, it took you by completely surprise before he spun you around and pressed you against the wall, tying your legs around his waist.

A moment later you pulled away and sucked in a much needed gasp of air and then gazing into his eyes. “I was always taught never to go bed angry and I know a great way of gettin’ rid of anger.” There was a side to his voice which made your heart race as you thighs gripped his waist tighter.

Carefully you stroked his cheek, the skin was red hot against your hand before trailing your thumb across his lip and then saying. “I don’t want to go to bed angry, either…” He was just gazing at you. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said… I just worry about you, Jesse.” There was guilt and sorrow in your voice.

The anger drained from his eyes before he dipped down and kissed your exposed throat a couple of times, then replying. “I’m not mad with you, Darlin’.” He assured you, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close to him.


You were stirred by the sound of a deep stomach grumble, rolling over to see that Mako was staring up at the ceiling, holding his rounded belly with a sad look on his face, it made a sweet giggle bubble up your throat before placing a hand on his chest and saying. “Hey, do you wanna go raid the fridge? I think I saw some good stuff in there earlier.”

A wide grin spread across his face before Mako clambered from the bed and charged around to the other side, picking you up and throwing you across his shoulder, a squeal erupted from your lips as he lead you down to the kitchen, placing you happily on the counter and practically shoving his entire body into the fridge.

You nibbled on a couple of things, perhaps it was a little too late to be eating but you loved indulging Mako, smiling as he enjoyed there different types of food that were placed in front of him. It was something that the two of you would do often, Mako would wake up feeling hungry and the two of you would end up stealing your teammates foods until you were satiated.

You were in a little world of your own, eating a cookie you had found before you felt a large hand press to your tummy before pulling you to be against his hot chest. “I think it’s time we get some sleep before we get caught.” Mako announced before once again throwing you over his shoulder and wandering back to the room you shared.

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I fell in the shower all because a spider landed on my shoulder. Along with me falling, I took the shower curtain and rod with me and a few shampoo bottles as well. I now have 8 new bruises and one cut on my ankle all because of a tiny ass spider.

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The fact that you don't address our messages with any real argument shows that you know we're right. Deacon is not transgender and you just want him to be because you think you're a special snowflake.

Why is this so important to you do you honestly have nothing better to do?
“Are you coming to bed honey?”
“Hold on a moment, Martha, some punk kid wants representation imma fuck em up.”


He couldn’t let his guard down. He’s been through hell, but then he found you. Knowing that you’re safe meant that he could take a rest from everything and focus on you at the moment. You’re so precious to him and he would protect you at any cost.

In the middle the night, you’d woke up and feel the empty space in your bed. You know that he’s probably sitting on the chair watching you rest peacefully, but he didn’t have to. You two were safe behind the walls that protected that place. Still half asleep, you’d call his name.

Rick… Just come to bed…

You couldn’t blame him, though. It was his instinct to protect the one he loved so much and cared about.

In a minute, babe.

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it's Js first sleepover and they're in like elementary school and j is scared of the dark but he doesn't admit it cause he wants to be a big boy and ty here's him whimpering at night and brings out these little glow in the dark stars and sings to j

aw ty’s such a sweetie he hugs j n sings bennie & the jets to him putting the stars on the floor so j can look at them n he lets him come in his bed “c'mere joshie, you’ll be safe up here with me!” n ty hugs him all night long telling him that he’s safe

Imagine finding Dean sleeping uncomfortably in a chair in the living room after getting into a fight with you the night before

He opened his eyes blearily, as if he could sense your presence.

“Dean, sweetheart, why don’t you come back to bed.” He eyes you cautiously for a moment, like he’s waiting for you to start yelling at him angrily again, but your face stays the same, gentle, calm. Voice soothing, a song to his ear.

Still half-asleep, he groans and stretches, rising to sit up, his back popping and cracking loudly in a way that makes you cringe. You usher him back into the bedroom and crawl back into bed opposite of him, your bodies facing each other. But he doesn’t go to sleep, not right away. Instead, he watches you, green eyes flitting over the delicate features of your face, and you slowly raise your hand from beneath the warm covers and gently lower it to his stubbled cheek.

“Close your eyes,” you say to him, voice soft, like a lullaby. He smiles at you appreciatively from one corner of his mouth, and his heavy eyes flutter closed.