come to australia please!


right now @gryffindored is on a plane somewhere over the pacific heading in the wrong direction. my heart is sore and sad and small and sorry. she has changed my world in a way i don’t have words for, and never will – for none are big enough. i can’t believe that this time yesterday i had her hand in mine and now she is far far away and getting further every minute. time with ashley is magic,, these two weeks have been perfect,, the world is always brighter with her in it. my beautiful girl. please come home. your room is waiting, my heart is waiting, our lives are waiting to begin. together. i am in love with you.

Calling all Australian Shipwrecked fans!

So later this year VidCon is coming to Melbourne, and it would be so so amazing if the Shipwrecked team could come! For this to happen, the VidCon organizers have to invite them as creators. If you live in Australia/Victoria/are coming to VidCon/have a free five minutes, please consider filling out this form before March 15. You can submit more than once, so feel free to suggest Shipwrecked Comedy as a whole and/or the individual members.

It would be so amazing if Shipwrecked could come to VidCon Aus, and I know it would mean a lot to their Aussie fans (including myself). Please consider submitting a suggestion, and hopefully we’ll be able to see these amazing people in person. Thanks!

Bounty Hunters Then and Now: A Guide

Legends Boba Fett: Unbeatable, unkillable, unstoppable Whitey McStubble, man of mystery, keeps killing people to upgrade his armor, trains Jaina Solo to fight Sith Lords because he’s so awesome, rules Mandalore because he’s so awesome, loves the ladies but is a Gentleman about it, once wiped out an entire Imperial base by himself, has armor with infinite gadgets, master of disguise, doesn’t play well with others.

Canon Boba Fett: He had good genes from his dad Temuera Morrison, then his dad died so he decided Revenge sounded fun, Revenge was not fun, he was raised by bounty hunters so bounty-hunting was really the Only Thing He Knew, probably gay like his father, always needs to hang out with partners because he needs someone to witness his drama, rolled a Nat 1 and fell in a giant mouth (it was a mouth), got out and is now thinking about his place in the universe.

Legends Bossk: Sworn enemy of Boba Fett (Boba Fett has no idea who he is), hates Wookiees, can’t keep his ship together, blames Boba Fett, is constantly angry at being Number Two, has Daddy Issues, takes them out on Boba Fett, skins people, wants to skin Chewbacca and Boba Fett, just can’t, perpetually frustrated.

Canon Bossk: Friend to all the children, protects Tiny Boba, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, Space John Wayne, keeps his ship together for decades because he is Good at His Job, will fight everyone in the room whose head is above his waist.

Legends Dengar: Hates Han Solo because he ruined his face and now he has to wear bandages, has no positive emotions until he meets the One Woman who doesn’t flinch from his bestial face, really wants validation so he sticks around with Boba Fett.

Canon Dengar: Um he doesn’t really CARE about Han Solo, this is a headscarf? come on guys? he just wants to do his job he’ll take the job yes his ship looks like a toilet seat why are you laughing come on please respect him he’s from Space Australia come on kids show your elders the proper respect.

Legends IG-88: Evil robot who wants to lead the droid uprising and take over the galaxy, he has some robot clones of himself to help him with that, none of them can do their job, also he becomes the Death Star.

Canon IG-88: Probably just an assassin droid Boba Fett hired to help him out with the Hoth job. He does his work. He’s a droid. Beep-boop.

Legends Zuckuss: Force-sensitive hunter who had a bad accident and now has to live with crippling asthma, hangs out with 4-LOM because Zuckuss needs help or whatever, talks in third-person.

Canon Zuckuss: 4-LOM’s husband. 

Legends 4-LOM: Protocol droid who learned to take pleasure in stealing things and began to find other emotions, hangs out with Zuckuss because he wants to know what love is, he wants him to show him, also he wants to see if he can use the Force.

Canon 4-LOM: Zuckuss’s husband.

Just a PSA with Australia Day/Invasion Day coming up:

Please consider indigenous australia’s history with ‘breed out the black’ policies when talking about cultural backgrounds and things like what 'percentage’ or 'caste’ someone is. 

We understand that words and phrases like 'mixed’ and 'white-passing’ and 'non-black PoC’ are useful in many contexts but they can be extremely upsetting considering our history and how we’ve shaped our identity within its context.

Coffee is still coffee if you add a bit of milk. 

An indigenous person is an indigenous person, whether their hair is dark and wiry or sleek and blonde.

We don’t need anyone telling us that we’re not 'full blacks’ because what they’re really telling us is that the racist policies of australia’s past - which saw our ancestors raped by white men and their babies taken away by white men to be, in turn, raped by more white men - won. 

@mightystark Okay can I please come live with you in Australia please 

there be nazis here

I’d rather face the poisonous spiders and the snakes and the heat than deal with this bullshit

I’ll start packing

I’ll be fighting ‘til I leave

anonymous asked:

hey, im loving captive prince, but someone told me its racist. can you help me articulate why its not .. I saw a post abt it but i cant find it anymore. I hope you have a nice day!

Hey anon. I’m going to try and be as objective as I can in this but, obviously, I enjoyed the books, so there’s bound to be some degree of subjectivity here.

I don’t think the books are, from as an objective point of view as I can manage, racist. There are definitely some questionable elements in the books that should absolutely be deconstructed and examined critically, but overall captive prince didn’t appear racist to me on my first read and it was only when I became part of the fandom that I was introduced to The Discourse™.

The biggest reason lots of people think that capri is racist has gotta be Damianos and the racial coding within the book because some people who read it read Damen to be a black man and that is… wrong. It’s been addressed before, but if people want to view Damen as black w/in fandom that’s fine, but it can be quite problematic for the fandom as a whole to present Damen as black 1) because he isn’t according to the author, and was never meant to be and 2) there are very real racist implications of the fandom presenting Damen as a black man enslaved to a white man, especially given the fandom’s propensity for depicting Damen in chains or otherwise as a slave. 

Objectively, Damen is not black. He’s a brown-skinned, very blatantly Greek-coded character. Whether you as a reader, or others as readers, consider him a PoC is down to you and will largely depend on your cultural perspective. But: Damen is not white. The author, CS Pacat, is not white. If anyone could throw me the link to Pacat’s twitter thread where she discusses it that would be great, but CS Pacat has explicitly said that she wrote Damianos as representation for her ethnic group. She has also discussed her race/ethnic identity before. This falls outside of the American PoC/white dichotomy which is, I imagine, where a lot of confusion comes from. 

CS Pacat in Australia is a ‘wog’ (please anyone tell me if I should be starring that out because I know that it’s considered a slur when not used by people in that ethnic group!). The meaning is different from how it’s used in the UK where it’s a derogatory term for black people and is deeply offensive. In Australia people of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern (?) descent, typically olive-skinned, experience discrimination for not being ‘Anglo’, or of white European descent and pale-skinned. 

Damianos, conspicuously, is olive-skinned. Laurent is pale-skinned. This is important as Pacat has said that she wrote Captive Prince as a book where two opposing kingdoms (one Mediterranean-coded and one Anglo-coded) and two opposing characters who represent these ethnic groups eventually come together and make peace. CS Pacat is a bisexual wog and so is Damen. The whole of Capri is her writing representation for herself and people like her and I think that’s great!

I was super confused when I was introduced to the race discourse because I’m from England and, given that Damianos is painfully Greek-coded, I didn’t view the book as racist in the slightest. To me, Damen is Greek. I mean, we make fun of the Greeks for having a shit economy, and there’s some ill feeling over stuff relating to the EU (ehem ._.) but apart from that… ? 

I feel like the book very much did not translate well into the American market because of America’s very contentious racial history and the current ongoing racist violence against PoC. This absolutely does happen in the UK and Australia as well, but to me ‘dark-skinned’ did not immediately translate to black person because of the extra layers of Greek coding that made Damen appear to me as a Greek. 

Like I said, there are absolutely problems with how race is dealt with in Capri. There’s a lot of Aryan fetishism in it that makes me deeply uncomfortable - the way Damen has a ‘type’ and Laurent’s features would make sense and could be argued away as emphasising the Mediterranean/Anglo vibe, but the fact that not only Laurent but also Lykaios, Erasmus, the slave Nikandros sends to Damen, and Jokaste (who was changed to be blonde) are so profoundly Aryan sits pretty badly with me. But the book in itself, how it was written, why it was written, and who it was written by, are not racist. 

Just to note: It’s absolutely fine for people not to want to read or continue reading captive prince because they feel uncomfortable with it. There is nothing wrong with people putting it down if they view Damen as a black man or PoC and feel put off by this because of their own experiences and because of their racial history! I get that there are a lot of people who chat a lot of shit and don’t know what they’re talking about or force their own viewpoint on others, but please don’t use this as a stick to beat people who don’t want to read the book with because that’s not okay and cultural/personal context matters.