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Hi! It's sweetie anon here!! I'm sorry o haven't been able to send anything tumblr is being mean and won't let me. So my request is for the boys reaction to their child running up on stage during a concert. Thank you!!.😇

Hello there! Long time lol

Alright, let’s get on with the request :D


He would find it so cute that his little girl ran on stage when she saw her dad up on stage having the final speech with his group. He would be a bit startled but he would none the less find it adorable, letting her play with on of the toys the fans gave him.

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He was singing his part, being all immersed in the feeling of the song when he heard a high pitched “appa” coming from the side of the stage and recognizing the voice of his little one, a smile breaking on his face despite the emotional tone of the song.


He is an emotional MESS! He is so overwhelmed by the sight of his little one running towards him, he is so happy that he turns immediately into jello because he is always weak for his child. He would then open his arms to his baby and twirling her around.

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His child ran on stage during a fan meet, the fans melting at the sight of the cute baby. He would see his little one already when the child was in the audience with his wife Keziah and he would acknowledge them in some way to let them know that he is well aware of their presence.


Sunshine appa mode activated x10000!!! he gets super hyper, turning up the aegyo and the playfulness for the child, also mindful that he needs to keep an eye on the little one as they’re on stage until his wife or manager comes take them off the stage safely.

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Despite he is usual playful and derpy self, he would get oddly emotional at the sight of his child calling out his name as they run on stage. He would get all shy and flustered but nonethelss happy. After getting over the quick emotional moment, he would revert to his derpy self so that the little one could have fun with daddy on stage for a little bit.

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He is a giggling mess! He didn’t expect his child to come bursting out on stage and cutely start trying to dance to his daddy’s group songs. He is loving every second of it, seeing how some dance moves are actually not bad, definitely inherited from him!

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I hope you enjoyed! I haven’t done one of these in a long time so I hope this doesn’t suck lol

Peekaboo || Baekhyun

Father!Baekhyun X Mother!Reader

Summary: Its not always easy being away from home sometimes. Especially when you have to leave your family behind.


Giggles erupted from the young boy’s mouth as he watched his father pull all kinds of weird faces at him, clapping his hands in pure delight.

“Aiii my handsome boy you’re so cute~” Baekhyun laughed as he smiled fondly at his son. “Who’s appa’s favorite little boy??” The baby boy smiled and pointed at himself. “Hanu!” He laughed bubbly. Baekhyun smiled and nodded. “That’s right Haneul, it’s you! Appa’s favorite person in the whole wide world!”

Suddenly Baekhyun heard a voice calling out to him from somewhere else. 

“Awww, I thought I was you’re favorite.”

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Future Kids 3: 01

pairing: hoseokxreader
length: 993 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids. 
comments: it’s a day late, but happy birthday hoseok! 

hoseok | yoongi | seokjin | namjoon

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“Eomma, I want to sing happy birthday to appa when he calls.” Your daughter smiles brightly coming into the room. She pulls herself up onto the bed sitting next to her little brother, her 2-year-old brother who was soundly asleep next to you. Every now and then you would run your fingers through his soft hair just to make sure he was still there.

“But baby I don’t think appa will be calling until later. You’ll be tired and grumpy in the morning.” You really didn’t want your daughter to be staying up late, it was almost already 9 in the evening. All fan meetings and concerts were unpredictable about time, Hoseok could be calling you 5 minutes from now or 5 hours from now.

“Appa said I could before he left.” Your daughter pouted at you reminding you of Hoseok’s face that went into a shape of ‘ㅅ when he was angry. She was just like him, you couldn’t help but smile at her as she pulled that face to get her own way.

“Okay, you can sing happy birthday to him.”

Two hours had gone by and you were still waiting for Hoseok’s call, well you weren’t on the laptop just for that reason. You had also been doing work and looking through news articles anything to keep your mind busy. “Eomma… when is appa coming?” You looked down to your droopy eyed daughter, she was already rubbing her eyes. She was ready to sleep.

“I don’t know baby… eomma already told you this.” You whisper, you spoke to her in a gentle and soothing voice because there wasn’t any point in trying to tell her off. She just missed her father, it was understandable. Hoseok was here for everything he could possibly be involved in, she was just upset when he had to leave for long periods of time. “Go to sleep and I’ll wake you up when he calls.” Her small pink lips turned into a frown, but she didn’t disobey because she was already falling into dream land.

You were too falling asleep when it came to waiting up for Hoseok, but the loud noise of your laptop startled you. Accepting the call, you tapped your daughter. “I kept you up… I’m sorry. I should have called from the stadium so you didn’t have to stay up.” Hoseok sighs a little. If had called from the stadium though he wouldn’t of gotten to speak to you for long or alone. You smiled softly at him, “How are the kids?”

Your daughter opened her eyes then sitting up slowly, “They’re okay. D/N wanted to sing happy birthday to you, but she fell asleep. Well she’s awake now.” You look to her pulling her to the computer screen so she could see Hoseok. Her face lit up without a hesitation when she saw him.

“Appa!” Her sleepy self whispered.

“Have you been waiting long for me?” Hoseok asks, “I heard that you wanted to sing happy birthday to me, shall we sing it together.” Your daughter nodded her head rubbing her eyes, on the count of three all 3 of you started to sing happy birthday to Hoseok.

“Come back soon.” Your daughter whispers before she fell back to sleep on your arm, you smiled at her knowing that she was missing her father; you missed him as well. 

“Sleep well.” Hoseok mutters to you daughter, a smile falling onto his face hoping that he would be able to come home to celebrate his actual birthday. It just depended on flights now and whether he could get one, of course this would be a surprise to all of you. “You need to rest too.” Hoseok whispers.

“I know.” You smile back at him, his caring words always made you feel easy. “She’s right, come back soon. I love you.” You tell him, he knew very well that you loved him. He loved you too, he was glad he had asked you to marry him. If it wasn’t for Yoongi setting him up on a blind date with you, who knows where he would be right now.

“I love you too, sleep well.” Hoseok ended the video call on you dozing off on the webcam, he was happy that he was able to speak to you before he got onto the plane. It meant you wouldn’t be worrying about his whereabouts because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

As you woke up in the morning, you expected your son to be jumping on top of you. Telling you to wake up so he could watch tv before he had breakfast, but strangely he wasn’t. Turning over, what startled you was Hoseok right there, his arm resting on your waist. You weren’t dreaming right? He wasn’t supposed to be home until the weekend.

“You’re awake.” He whispers.

“You aren’t meant to be here until the weekend.” You reply but all the more glad he was here in front of you, he pulled you into his arms. Kissing you on the head before he told you the reason he had come home early.

“I’m a surprise, my birthday gift to you.” Hoseok smiles. The surprise was more than you expected, how could your news top his surprise.  

“This isn’t fair, my gift isn’t equally as good as yours.” You sat up in bed so you turn to face him pouting a little, Hoseok returns with a chuckle and sat up also.

“I’m sure it isn’t. What is it?”  

“We’re pregnant.” It was a surprise to you too, but it happened. You were going to become a family of five, Hoseok wrapped his arms around you. He was crying tears of happiness and he couldn’t be any more thankful because this was a birthday gift he had always wanted to receive and you had given it to him. But to him also, his family was the best birthday gift he could ever receive.


What the hell? You asked yourself as men led you from your room and into a dark room with a single light.

They had woken you up, forced you to get dressed and only told you that this would be part two of your initiation. What was part one? You thought to yourself. You looked at the men that were standing on either side of you with skepticism. What is this, a television interrogation? You asked as they ushered you into the room. You sat down at the table and silently looked around. The walls were bare and there was a one way mirror that you knew people could watch you from. The entire placed mirrored the interrogation rooms you saw on TV for crime series where the cop is screaming at the criminal. Sighing, you placed your hands on the table and twiddled your thumbs. Without warning the door opened.

Stand up and state your name. The voice called and you stood up. Looking around, you scratched your forearm nervously. It was at that moment that you wondered if they were trying to mimic a true interrogation.

Y/N. You responded to the command and the intercom buzzed.

Please sit. The voice rang through the room and you sat. You wondered if the person interrogating you would be some terrifying, hulking creature, but then Jin walked in. Your eyes looked at him skeptically. He was wearing a suit, his hair was mused and his face was in an unnatural scowl. He sat down in front of you with a file in hand and opened it casually. Looking at you across the table, you saw his eyes flicker slightly and for a moment you felt calm because it was the same guy you knew from the past couple of days. But the tough façade came back.

Y/N, when was your date of expiration? He asked without giving you a lick of explanation. You looked at him and didn’t answer right away. He stared at you, but something inside of you was telling you to stay quiet. Y/N? He asked and you looked at him.

What are you talking about? You replied. Jin gave a small smile and chuckled. Throwing a hand through his hair.

What do you know about the Society of the Expired? When he asked this, something clicked. He was pretending. He wanted you to reveal secrets so they could fail you.

Society of the what? You responded, a smirk gracing your face.

Without warning, Jin reached for your arm and you snatched it away. Holding it to your chest, you looked at Jin skeptically. Jin chuckled and shook his head. Giving a thumbs up to the one way mirror.

You did good. He said and you smiled.

Does this mean I passed? You asked and Jin nodded.

But someone wants to talk to you. He responded and you sat back in your chair. More lights turned on in the room and you sighed, thinking that one of the guys would be walking in.

It’s probably just Namjoon or Jimin. You thought to yourself, but then the door opened. A man with a tuft of gray hair walked in. His eyes were hidden behind glasses and he was wearing a simple black suit. He walked over to the table and sat down in front of you. His face seemed to be etched with wrinkles and a lifetime of stories.

Y/N? He asked and his voice is what threw you for a loop.

Appa? You responded. A smile spread across his face as he reached out across the table. You took his hand. How did you get here? You asked and he gave you a sad smile.

Y/N, you need to know a few things. You looked at him and then all of the guys started to filter in.

That’s her dad?! Hobi asked as Yoongi pushed him to walk into the room.

Just shut up and listen to him. Yoongi responded and your father cleared his throat.

Y/N, what do you remember from the day of my expiration? Your father asked and you closed your eyes. It was a difficult memory to cope with and it had been almost 15 years that you had tried to suppress it, but you started to remember.

It was early in the morning and your mother shook you awake.

Y/N, we have to go. C’mon. She said as she picked you up.

But eomma, sleepy. You mumbled back as she grabbed a few things from your room.

Well we have to go, my love. She whispered back. The extinction crew is coming. She said more to herself than to you. You would later learn that the extinction crew came after everyone’s expiration to collect the body. It was required under law that the only person allowed in a house when the extinction crew came was the expired body. C’mon, my love. She mumbled into your hair as you tried to wake up. Your tiny hands wiped the sleep out of your eyes.

But what about appa? You asked, your tiny voice pleading as your mother looked at you with tears brimming her eyes.

We have to leave him behind. She murmured and you shook your head.

No, we never leave family behind. You told her, wriggling to get out of her arms.

Y/N. She said in a stern voice and you shook your head. Tears spilling out of your eyes as you tried to fight your mother’s grasp.

NO, NOT APPA! APPA COME TOO! You screamed and your father made his way into the room. Appppaaaaa. You cried and looked at him in distress. Your body reached for him, but he stayed in the doorway. His head hanging as he shook it lightly.

Put her down. He said in a low voice and your mother complied, placing you on the ground, you ran to your father.

Appa, we go with you. We are family. You told him and he gave you a small smile.

Y/N, you and eomma are family now. He replied and your eyes blurred with more tears.

Appa, no, you come too! You said as your tiny hands grabbed at his shirt, trying to pull him with you. But he stayed in the same spot.

I will see you again. I promise. But you have to leave. He said and picked you up, handing you to your mother as you screamed.

BUT APPA! FAMILY NOT LEFT BEHIND! APPA! Your mother tried to hush you as she drove away, but you continued to wail as the car drove farther and farther.

You sat there, hearing the sniffles and choked sobs of the guys standing behind you. Your own face was stained with tears as you recounted the horrific story. You turned around to see Jimin huddled into Jin’s shoulder as the two cried, smiling a little, you looked at your dad.

That’s all I remember. You said and your dad nodded.

Well, I think you deserve an explanation. Your father said and squeezed your hand. So why don’t I start from the beginning?

BTS REACT: To their young son not feeling well and crying

Anonymous said:
hello~ can i have a bts reaction to their young child (preferably their son) coming to them crying because they don’t feel well?? thanks a bunch <3

Forgive me for taking so very long! Life gets at you in so many ways *sigh* But here it is -finally! Hope you like it and thank you for requesting!

Rap Monster: 

Namjoon Jr.: “Appa…” waddles over to his father with tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong little man?” 

Namjoon Jr.: “My stomach hurts.” cries harder.

“Ah…tissues…medicine…Y/N-ah!” runs around frantically because it’s the first time his son came to him for help.

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Jin: Jin would be so good at handling this situation. When your son goes to him crying because he isn’t feeling well Jin would be all over it.

“Is my little boy not feeling well? Kisses will help, how about some soup too?”

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When your son rushes to his father crying and whining about the pain Suga would probably try to approach things logically to figure out what kind of medicine to give.

“Where does it hurt? What kind of feeling? Did you eat something you shouldn’t have?”

In deep thought as his son explains why he isn’t feeling well.

Why is parenting so hard?

In the end.

“Where’s your mum?”

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J-Hope: As jumpy as he is and as panicky as he can get, I feel like he would be one of the calmer ones in this situation. When your son starts crying because he suddenly feels ill J-Hope would try to get to the cause of the problem (a bit like Suga) to see if it was mild enough for him to just give some medicine at home. If your child continued crying he would take him to the hospital.

“Don’t cry, come here and tell appa how you feel.”

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He would do whatever it took to get his son to stop crying and distract him from the pain while you got the medicine for tummy aches.

“Look S/N-ah! Appa got you a cake as cute as him!”

This hamster…

V: He’d be calling you immediately to let you know he was taking your son to the hospital.

Y/N: “But Tae it’s just a tummy ache just give him some medicine.”

“No way, what if it’s serious? S/N-ah, it hurts a lot right?”

Tae Jr.: “Mmmhmm.” while he munches on the ice-cream Tae bought him.

Expect to come home and find your son being endlessly spoiled by Taehyung. New toys and tons of treats. And a mess for you to clean up.

Y/N: “What in the world happened? I thought he was too sick to play!”

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“Well how else is he supposed to feel better?”

Y/N: “Tae!”

Tae Jr.: “Umma you be the princess, appa’s playing the monster -I’ll be the superhero.” runs around in a superhero costume, clearly feeling better.

To which you would give in.

Jungkook: If you weren’t around to help, Jungkook would be a little lost at what to do. He’d probably end up calling one of the hyungs to help him out because he wouldn’t want you to worry.

“Should I take him to the hospital hyung?” turns to his kid “Does it hurt really bad?”

Jin: “Just call Y/N!”

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Their child comes in late at night and asks if they can sleep with them (BTS)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Rap Monster: -even though it was late at night Namjoon was still up watching tv when your daughter came in. When she asked she gave puppy dog eyes which instantly won him over- “I guess one night won’t kill us will it”

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Jin: -he loved it because your daughter produced a lot of body heat and cuddled into him when you wouldn’t. So he kinda looked forward to her wondering in- “of course babygirl just come cuddle with appa though”

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Suga: -when your son would come in to ask he never properly asked he just climbed in beside Yoongi. Some days he would catch him and other days he wouldn’t- “can you not sleep Y/S/N?”

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J-Hope: -Hoseok was half asleep when his son walked in and asked to sleep in your bed. Hoseok would wake up slightly to talk to him before he would just let them crawl in- “did you have a bad dream or anything or do you just want to cuddle?”

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Jimin: -Jimin would get home kinda late from the practice and when he would come into the master bedroom only to hear his daughter’s little feet against the ground. He would ask why she was up and she would tell him that she wanted to sleep with them- “yeah baby go get into bed and I’ll join you and mommy in a couple of minutes”

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V: -since he was half asleep when he walked in, he only heard some of the words that left his son’s mouth but when he checked the time he knew why he was in there- “just don’t wake your mother up when you get in alright”

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Jungkook: -he would be walking back from the bathroom when he caught your daughter walking into the your bedroom. He would accidentally startle her but she would make him pick her up and then ask if she could join- “I mean I’m already holding you so I guess that’s fine” 

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The War’s End ~ Chen x Reader   (War!AU)

Father!Chen x Mother!Reader  

Summary: You, along with your son and baby daughter, have been waiting for a very special someone’s arrival back home from a war that seemed like ages to you.

This is another story take from my Wattpad as well… Hope you like it <3

(y/n) means your name, (s/n) means your son’s name and (d/n) means your daughter’s name….

“Eomma….” (s/n) said as he tugged on your dress and looked up at you with wide, (e/c) eyes. “When’s appa coming home?”

You smiled down at your son as you ruffled his black hair that was so similar to his father’s. “He’ll be here soon (s/n). We just have to be patient and hope your appa hasn’t fallen asleep anytime sooner or fell down a hole….” You said in your gentle motherly voice with a chuckle. Your three year old giggled and nodded, running off and began playing in the grass, ripping up handfuls and then tossing them in the air like pieces of confetti.

You smiled softly and stood guard, making sure your son didn’t do anything silly that could hurt himself as your arms were being weighed down slightly by a small two month old baby in your arms. Looking down at your daughter, you smiled at seeing her peaceful sleeping face and rock her gently back and forth.

“Eomma!” You turned to face back at your son to see him running up to you. “Lower your voice please (s/n), your sister might wake up.” You said nicely as you bent down carefully while trying not to wake up your baby and gave (s/n) a kiss on his forehead. He smiled apologetically and then his smile came back on his face. “Look what I found!” He said with his huge grin as he held out his hand to show you what he found. You leaned in to take a closer look, and to your dismay, it was a beetle.

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Can I request a Leo scenario where he take care of his babe (1-3 years old, you're choice ) because his wife is out of country to work for like... I don't know... A week? Sorry for my english Love uuuu~ Chuuu~ It's my 5 time asking something here -s

aww thank you for the cute request, s!! i’m so glad you enjoy my work ^^ i hope you like papa taek! ~admin fuzzy

               “Say appa, say appa!” Taekwoon cooed to his 10-month-old daughter, holding her tiny hands in his own large ones. He sat on the floor with her in front of him. “Well, you’ve said it a few times already, but it’s just so cute.”

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Surprise Arrivals | Oh Sehun

RATING:  Fluffy Fluff (Daddy Sehunnie!!!)




“Eomma! I’ve put my crayons away; please can I come and help you now?” Areum’s faint voice called out to me from the living room. Sitting at my study, I looked from my laptop to see her small figure stumbling in through the doorway.

“Hi honey, sure you can. Come here” I smiled at her as she ran towards my table.

“What are you doing today?” She asked, staring at the word document as I wound my arms around her and continued my typing.

“I’m just working on something. How bored are you? You never come into the study unless you’re planning a prank with appa or something” I chuckled placing a light kiss on the side of her head as she shrugged. After a few minutes of silence passed before she decided to speak up whilst leaning against my arm.

“I miss him…” She sighed, sticking her bottom lip out as she turned to me. My eyes softened at her expression and I kissed her cheek to comfort her

“I miss him too honey but you’ll see, these next three weeks are just gonna… Fly by” I reassured myself more than her.

“Hmm… I hope they do. I really do miss him” She admitted, staring out of the window. A small knock on the door snapped us both out of our sad places, making us stare at each other with wide eyes. “Who is it?” She cautiously spoke and I let out a little giggle

“I’m not sure… Why are we whispering?” I whispered back, picking her up and walking to the door.

“What if it’s appa?” She wondered, and I couldn’t help but marvel at her hopes of seeing him so soon. Missing him was one of the hardest things for her, yet she fought through it like the strong girl Sehun and I raised her to be.

“Aww honey, I really wish it was. But I don’t think there’s any way they could cut the promo-” My sentence was cut short when I saw the person who was standing in front of me.

“Guess who’s home princess?” Hearing Sehun’s voice after a whole month sent a wave of joy through me.

“APPA!” Areum exclaimed, leaping into his arms as he instantly dropped his bags by his sides, taking her into his arms.

“Princess!” He repeated with the same amount of enthusiasm, smiling at me through her hair as she snuggled into the warmth of his arms once again.

“I thought you weren’t going to be home for at least three weeks!” I cried, going up to him and wrapping my arm around his torso.

“Oh yeah that seems about right. Well, I guess I should go back then” He chuckled, turning to walk through the door.

“Don’t you dare!” Areum and I shouted at the same time as he began to laugh hysterically.

“My two favourite people in the world” He sighed, taking me back into his arms as he kissed both of our cheeks. “I got off early because the dates were pushed back, and I decided to come back home to you two. And what better way is there to come back home than to seeing you guys so happy?” He cheered as we walked through the door and into our house, hoisting Areum up in the air in the process.

“I missed you appa” She kissed Sehun’s cheek, making the biggest smile spread across his face. Deciding to finish off my paper, I tried to slip back into my office.

“Um hello? Where are you going?” Sehun asked, propping her on his knee as he looked at me with his puppy dog eyes.

“I uh need to finish off a report, but I’ll be with you two in a while okay?” I reassured, sending them a little smile.

“Jagiyaaa… Stay with us for a bit, I just got back” He requested, walking up and wrapping his arms around my waist, giving me his classic pouty lower lip. I giggled, reaching up to link my hands behind his neck as I played with his hair. “Please” He mumbled, lowering down to capture my lips into a chaste kiss and I melted into his arms as it was the first kiss we’d shared in a month.

“Hmm, fine” I gave in, putting another huge smile on his face “Let me just warm up some lunch for you” I said, straightening the shoulders of his shirt as I untangled his arms from me. As soon as I turned to leave for the kitchen, he began to trail behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and placing his chin on my shoulder.

“Appa come here and look at my drawing!” Areum exclaimed from the living room.

“You’re needed mister Oh” I smiled back at him and he eagerly nodded before placing a soft peck on my cheek and making his way to the living room.

“That is absolutely wonderful Princess” I heard Sehun gasp from the room. I popped a box of chicken in the microwave before silently padding over to the doorway, leaning against the doorframe and watching Areum’s small frame tucked into his protective arms and showing him her multiple masterpieces. Smiling to myself, I slowly strode to the sofa and sat with them, Sehun instantly placing himself in between my legs and beaming up at me with the corners of his eyes crinkling up.  

“Appa look! This is you holding hands with eomma and there’s me in the middle wearing that pretty dress you got me for my birthday” Areum explained, pointing her little fingers across the sheet of paper.

“It looks great princess” He cooed, scooping her up in his arms and showering her with kisses. The moment seemed perfect and Areum’s beautiful giggles filling the room had just heightened the joy of our moment, making the best memories that would help us get through the times when Sehun wasn’t with us. 

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A/N: I’m still debating over whether that gif is appropriate. Ahhh! Daddy Sehun is back <3 I gave the daughter a name so I hope you guys don’t mind, I really liked that name and sometimes (Y/D/N) kills the fluffy mood (no offence to those who use it, all due respect) I hope the anon who requested liked this, I’m sorry this turned into a drabble hehe. Thank you all for reading :) P.s I’m still up for messaging if any one needs to talk (Till 5 GMT+1) <3

~Shazz xx


Hey None of That Now (T.O.P)

Type: Fluff

Request: Ohhhhh baby mood!!!! Can I have a lovely t.o.p dealing with his twins!!

Summary:  Mini T.O.P’s in training already causing trouble 

Chulmoo and Haneul his twin sons are very important to him. But they were both constantly in need of attention or supervision, today you need a break from the loud 2 year olds and Seunghyun gladly said he would take them. Downside is if one gets something the other one had to get the same thing. So Seunghyun picked up Chulmoo and Haneul began to pout. It made Seunghyun sigh and pick up the other. 

They managed to get to YG with pretty much no problem, he soon put the twins down onto the ground and they took off running around the large lobby before Seunghyun had to chase them around. “Come back here right now” he said as he caught one holding him like a football while he went to get the other one. “Haneul come here now or appa will leave you here and won’t tell you were he’s going” Seunghyun demanded making the young boy stop and pout once more and walk up to his dad. 

“Down appa” Chulmoo whined as Seunghyun kept him under his arm as they made their way to the elevator he hit the button “I don’t wanna go on it” Haneul said scared of the elevator “the recording room is way up there buddy” he told his son as he picked up the little boy burring his face into his father’s neck. The next few minutes were peaceful as the elevator dinged letting them all off and he made his way to the room they had to be in. “Hey” Jiyong said noticing the awkward situation Seunghyun was in “you ok there?” Seungri asked noticing the tired look on his hyung’s face. “I don’t know how she does this everyday” he said putting the little boys down onto the ground and they took off to their uncles.

“I can take them at home but public, there’s so much more places they can run off to” Seunghyun said sitting down onto the couch burring his face into his hands for a second “appa” Chulmoo said. Seunghyun looked up at him “yes buddy” he said “hi” he said with a smirk as he climbs up onto his father’s lap “hello” he says with a smile before another little body pushes against him. “They’re so jealous aren’t they?” Jiyong asked taking a picture of the 3 “they’re my children. I get jealous when they spend too much time with their mother than me” Seunghyun tells them. “Phone?” Haneul asks as Seunghyun sits awkwardly and pulls his phone out which now had multiple kid games on it now.

“No give me” Chulmoo said trying to grab the phone from his twin “no” Haneul shot back clutching the phone. Chulmoo tried to climb off of his dad’s lap before a phone was given to him by Daesung as the small boy smiled happily clicking on an app. “I downloaded games after the last visit over” Daesung told him “thank you, you just saved my phone” Seunghyun said laughing as he put the little boy beside his twin.

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Aang is a pacifist him being violent is OOC. I am a pacifist myself but I only get violent if you push me too far but aang doesn't have a bad temper like I do.

He does when it comes to Appa!

Maybe Gene should have had Zuko twist all six of Appa’s arms behind his back. Then he could have had Aang freaking out and trying to murder some Firebender Bacon-Face without all that dumb stuff with Roku.

Someone please fanart Zuko trying unsuccessfully to twist all six of Appa’s arms behind his back while Gene Yang shouts encouragement from the sidelines. For bonus points, maybe Katara could be standing next to Gene saying, “I could just do it, I’m double-jointed.” And Aang is all, “Anyone but Appa! Anyone but Appa!” with tears in his eyes.

(I’m much better at dumb fanart ideas than I am at writing epic fanfiction.)

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Swag Suga, hyperactive V and golden maknae have been invited to their daughter's tea party. Their behaviour?

Suga: the cute dad

Yoongi would sit there on the floor, watching his daughter as she arranged the little tea sets on the table. He would watch her with a smiling face, asking questions here and there, like what cup should he use? or say something like: “Should daddy change into a suit? This looks like a formal dinner than an afternoon tea party!”; complimenting the little girl’s “hosting” skills.

Her daughter would rant about etiquettes: how he should sit, how to hold the teacup properly, and Yoongi would oblige happily, obeying her commands like the good dad he is. <3

V: the playmate

Taehyung would be so into this and he might even go as far as to playing dress up with her. The little girl would be wearing this pretty dress while Tae Tae would put one of her little crown on his head, acting all girly and cute. 

The tea party would go on for hours with the two of them drinking tea, munching on some cookies, and faking British accents to make the experience more authentic. The little girl would cackle at her dad’s attempts at being a girl; raising his deep voice to a higher pitch and holding his teacup with his pinky finger raised. lol

“Appa~” his daughter would say after a few hours of playing.

“Yes, baby?” he’d say in that high pitch voice of his.

The little girl would chuckle then yawn, tired from hosting their little party. Taehyung would sigh with a smile as he lifts her up from the floor and carries her off to her bed. “I love you, princess.” he’d murmur before planting a kiss on her head.

Jungkook: the boss who knows he’s boss

Yep, Jeon Jungkook knows how to be a guest and he’d probably act like he’s the queen at her daughter’s tea party. His daughter would prepare everything as he watches with fascinated eyes, his hands crossed, his lips forming a smile. Once the party begins, his daughter would ask: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes please.” Jungkook would say, straightening up. “I’d like honey with that too.”

Hs daughter would frown, “We don’t have that appa… Would sugar cubes be okay?” 

Jungkook would act all sassy, “If you must.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Jungkook would be immersed in the life of the party, making conversations with his daughter and her stuffed toys. “Mr. Pooh Bear,  how’s the honey business coming?” he’d ask and then lean in, nodding as if the bear is answering him. “He says it’s doing well. You should get some honey from him, sweetie.”

“Why do you like honey so much, appa?”

“Because honey is sweet.” he’d grin as he pokes her nose. “Just like you.”

Right before the party ends, Jungkook woudl hold up his tea and announce, “his has been fun. I’d like to thank everyone for coming to my—”

“Appa!” his daughter would yell. “This is my party!”

Jungkook would chuckle at her reaction, causing a little bit of water to slip out of his mouth. “Sorry darling, I got carried away. Go on.” he’d grin as he wipes his mouth, listening to her daughter give out the closing remarks.

lol Hope this was okay, anon :) Thanks for requesting!


Exo reaction: When you(wife) leave them alone with the kids

Exo reaction: When you(wife) leave them alone with the kids

Anon Request: Can you do a reaction when the boys are left at home with the kids. THANK YOU


You slowly put your baby girl on the bed , covering her with the blanket , next to xiumin. You kiss her forehead and walk over to xiumin side . You shake him a bit and he wakes up , smiling at you.
He looks at his little girl and brings her closer and kisses her head.
Xiumin-“my princess and my queen”

You-“well the queen has to go to work so you are all alone Appa”.
You kiss his lips but pull away when you see your daughter waking up.
You-“good luck”
Your one year daughter starts to get up as you walk away.
Xiumin-“oh shoot”.

You walk holding your papers in your hand , ready to leave to work when you see luhan. Luhan is eating cereal with our son and they both are watching soccer. You walk up to your son and kiss his forehead.
Son-“good morning ma”.
You-“good morning baby”.
Luhan-“does Appa get a kiss too?”
Before you could kiss him , your son kisses his cheek.

You smile and kiss his lips right after. You grab your keys and walk to the Door.
You-“I’ll be back at 3 , have fun you two”
Luhan-“ wait you are leaving me with him!”
You-“you wanted to be a dad”
Luhan-“oh no”

Looking at the time , you look over to kris and your two boys and your daughter. They are all playing video games , eating snacks and having a great time.
You had to visit your mother so you walks over to your husband and leaned down.
You-“I am going to my mom house , wanna come”
Kris-“baby I am playing with the boys
You smile and kiss his cheek as you both look at your boys and girl

You-"I’ll be back at 8,make sure they take a bath”
You wave bye to them and close the door.
Kris looks at the boys and looks back at the door
Kris-“I think I have made a terrible mistake”
daughter-“NO I DIDN’T! ”
Kris-“a horrible mistake”

Grabbing your bag , you walk to your baby room. You smile at your daughter and pick her up.
You-“are you exicted to go out with appa today”
She giggled as you took her to your room. You place her on his sleepy chest and kiss him.
He smiles and start making cute face to his girl.

You-“okay so her doctor appointment is at 12 , and her play date is at 3 . I’ll be home at 4”.
Suho-“Wait , What!”
You-“ugh Junmyeon I told you , I have to do errands . You promised to take care of her”
Suho-“okay I will , how hard can it be ”.
You-“love you and it will be super hard”
You shut the door and Suho looks at his daughter, but she suddenly starts to cry.
Suho-“This day is going to challenge me”

I looked at the time and waited for lay to get out of the shower. I looked down at my daughter and started to comb her hair. I looked at lay as he walked out with his boxer shorts . He walks up to us and kisses me . I smile and kiss his cheek , as i hand him our baby.
Lay-“Hello Beautiful ladies , what are we going to do today”
Daughter-“Appa !”

You-“Well i have to go babies, i have to go for a interview”
Daughter-“NO MAMA”
Lay-“Don’t leave me please”
You-“You will be fine , love you”
Lay and daughter-“NOO MAMA”

Son-“mama I will be with Appa all day!”
You smile as you make them sandwiches. You will stay home with your daughter , who is sick. The boys are going on a field trip with his school , and your son volunteered us. I couldn’t go so it would be Baekhyun and him by themseleves.
You-“Baby be nice to your Appa , He is so happy to go with you”
Baekhyun-“Hello family ”

Son-“Daddy are you ready for the field trip?”
Baekhyun-“That is today!”
You smile and kiss him , handing him their lunches.
Son-“Come on Appa, LETS GO!”
Baekhyun-“I am going to die”

After a full day of interview , chen walks inside his house to see you and your kids , cooking dinner,. He smiles and runs up to his little girl and twirls her around.
Daughter-“Appa! you are so silly”
Chen-“I am baby”
You-“Hello Jongdae, Are you hungry”
Chen-“Of course, if my girls made it i will eat it”
Son-“What about me!”
Chen-“You too”

You-“Well we ate already but i need to pick up his medicine , so i’ll be back”
Chen-“Wait i am going to stay with them alone”
You kiss his cheek and grab your purse. He gives you a mean glare as the kids start to pull him away

Son-“Mama , Appa I am bored”
You put down your book and nudge Chanyeol ,so he wakes up. Chanyeol looks at you and smiles and looks at his son.
Chanyeol-“Hello buddy , come with appa”
Your son smiles and crawls on top of the bed and hugs chanyeol. You cuddle up next to them as chanyeol holds your son up like a plane.
You smile at your family moment but look at the clock.

You-“Oh no i have to go ”
You jump up and run to the bathroom to get ready.
When you are done , You see chanyeol and your son sleeping. You walk up to them and shake chanyeol a bit.
He opens his eyes and gives you a smile
You-“I will be back in a couple of hours ”
Chanyeol-“Wait you are leaving ”
You-“Yes and remember he needs to be at soccer practice , and he needs to eat ”

You are holding your newborn baby girl when DO walks in with the baby supplies. You smile and walk up to him. He smiles as he grabs his new baby . He holds the baby , looking happy. He bounces , singing a little music song to her. You look in the grocery bag and grab a bottle . I looked at DO and started to laugh at when she smiling .
DO-“Aww my babygirl”

You-“Yah! DO where is the formula? where is the diaper i asked for? DO where is the baby wipes ”
DO-“Oh shoot , i forgot those things”
You groan and grab your car keys. You walk up to DO and kiss your baby girl. You nudge your man and hit the back of his head. He groans and rolls his eyes.
You-“I will be back , take care of her DO”
DO-“I can come”
You-“No you are in daddy duties because of your mistake”.

You are running around , chasing your son , trying to put on his shirt.
You-“Yah! Come here now”
Your son runs to your bed room and jumps on your bed. You smile as you see Kai jump and look scared. He jumps up and looks around , looking at you holding a shirt.
You smile at Kai , who is shirtless , trying to grab our kid.
You-“You both act like crazy brat , both shirtless and driving me insane”
Kai-“Driving you insane with love i hope”

You-“Of course my monkeys”
You hand Kai your son his shirt , and you grab your husband a shirt as well. You give him a shirt and grab your sweater.
You-“ I am going to pick up some food for us , you handle him”
Kai-“I don’t think i can baby”.
You-“Yes you can ”
Son-“APPA! ”
Kai-“I can’t!”

Tao-“Honey , where is our baby”
You-“She is in her room , Zitao , i think she is still sleeping”.
Tao-“In that case , How about we-”
Daughter-“appa , I love you”
Tao sighs and kisses your cheek , but he puts a big smile and looks at her. She smiles as he holds his arms out to hold her.

Tao-“And i love you”
You-“I love you both but I have to go do a shoot”
Tao-“Why do you need to model today”
You-“Well , I have to make some money for all that gucci , I have to buy her. You spoil her to much”
Tao-“Well she deserve the best.”
You-“Okay i have to go”
You grab your stuff and kiss her cheek. You wave at your baby and she starts to cry.
Tao-“Wait take me instead”

You sit down with Sehun ,sitting on the couch, watching T.V. He grabs my hand and pulled me to his lap. You smile and kiss his cheek, but he is being sneaky.You smile as he rubs circle around your back.You hug him and you two hold eachother. You both hold eachother until you hear your son cough. You groan and pick him up from the bedroom. You smile as you lay him right on sehun laps.
Sehun-“Aww he is sick, He is so tired”

You-“I am going to pick up some of his favorite soup and i am going to pick up some medicine”
Sehun-“Alright , I’ll grab the jacket for him and-”
You-“No you have to stay , He is sick. Darn it Sehun!”
Sehun-“Okay , sheesh evil woman”
You-“I love you , be back”
You kiss their cheek and walk out , but as soon as you leave , you hear sehun groaning.
Sehun-“I can’t do this”.



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Ahh I'm in love with the idea of the boys as parents 😊 how would they react to some of the major milestones in their child's life? Like first word, first time walking, first day at school? Your writing style is really good!

Warning! Really long unproofread post written during the midnight hours. 

First word

“OOOHH, jagi did you hear that? Was that really our child’s first word?” S.Coups would say with his eyes wide, snapping his head to your direction but would immediately look back in case the little cutie decides to speak again (he definitely does not want to miss out on any special moments of your child’s life). His eyes would be filled with so much adoration and it would be so cute to see.  

Jeonghan’s mouth would form into the shape of the letter ‘O’, slightly marveling at the fact that he witnessed his child’s first word. “Yeobo, I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch any important events because of my hectic schedules, but look at what just happened!” His face would glow due to happiness and amusement, “Wah, so cute!” 

Remember Joshua freaking out in their ‘Where’s my friend’s island?’ show when he saw that a pack of peppers is only 800 won (around $0.7)? Imagine him being so hyped up like that but because he heard your child say an actual word, “OH MY GOD JAGI THAT’S THE FIRST WORD RIGHT?” he’d say while looking at your baby with bright and proud eyes

Jun’s eyes would widen and would quickly look at you to check if he really heard your child right. “Was I just hearing things or did I really hear our baby’s first word?” When you tell him you heard an actual word from your child too, his jaw would drop and he’d head to the two of you. He’d crouch down to meet your child’s eyes and smile widely, “Say appa! Ppalli ppalli!” 

Hoshi would unintentionally show you why he’s called as the amazing 10:10 hoesh by smiling widely, causing his eyes to disappear. “Yeobo aaAAAHHH!” He’d be so, so happy to hear his child’s first word, “Our baby is so cute!” he’d hurry over to the smiling baby, “Omo you are so cute.” He’d cup your child’s face with his hands and laugh, making the child giggle and coo. 

Wonwoo would have this really proud smile on his face, but I swear to God you have to stop him from making puns because your child is starting to learn how to speak and might pick up a few of the bad jokes Wonwoo would drop. “Wah, my jaegi is so amazing like my jagi!” He’d giggle, and you have all rights to punch his arm because S T O P.

Woozi would be more of a ‘so what do we do next’ dad. He’d try to look up what he should do after this milestone, afraid of messing things up (saying incorrect words or following the wrong training pattern if ever one exists, for example). He’d be all, “Okay, so this is what we should and should NOT say or do…” He’d be too engrossed in studying that he’ll miss the next time your child says another word. 

D.K. would repeat your child’s first word a few more times in hopes of hearing your baby say it again. I can imagine him sitting on the floor, lightly clapping his hands as he repeats the word while he stares at his and your child. “Come on, say it again! Appa is listening!” His smile would be one of the brightest you’ve seen so far, and seeing his expression will inevitably bring a smile to your face, too. 

Mingyu would be really ecstatic and would engulf your child in a hug (he’d also make you wonder who the kid really is between the two). He’d kiss the child’s cheek and would look around your kitchen. “This calls for a celebration; you like this, right?” he’d ask the child with baby food and utensils in hand, but he would be too happy to even wait for a reply. 

The8 would be surprised at first, but would feel relieved right after because he’d realize that the era of pointless childish babbling and sudden crying outbursts is starting to end. No more bawling because of miscommunication means less stress for him and you. He’d let you do your motherly things and would be content with just watching you interact with your child. 

Seungkwan is the dad who is ready to fight you, his wife, on your child’s first word. “Stop being delusional, he said appa first and not eomma!” he’d whine and turn to the oblivious kid, “You said appa, right? Say it again and in front of your eomma’s face!” He’d take your child into his arms, pretending to shield his baby from you (chuckling while doing so), and would keep on repeating ‘appa’.  

Vernon would probably call his parents about this, “Mom, Dad, I think our child is going to be bilingual too!” He’d try to be more careful about his word choice because it might confuse the baby if he uses two languages at the same time, though he’d try to teach both of them once your child is older so his mom would be able to have a conversation with the kid. 

Unlike his The8 hyung, Dino would actually be all, “This is amazing of course, but the next thing we know he’ll be exchanging swear words with his friends!” and you would have to calm him down with reassurances. Once he has come back to his senses, he’d move over to you and your child for a hug, “Ah, whatever. What matters right now is the present. I’ll just enjoy this moment together with the two of you.” 

First time walking

S.Coups would be the dad who says the generic “Omo, come to appa!” while he holds out his arms and patting his lap from time to time. He’d have this excited look as he watches his child try to walk to him, but when the little cutie turns to you instead (most likely because the kid likes you better than papa coups), his jaw would drop in disbelief. “Hey you ungrateful brat, I changed your diapers one time!” 

Let’s be real, Jeonghan would chuckle when he sees your child fall and would only move when you scold tell him to. “Yeah, yeah, I was just kidding.” he’d say as he moves over to lift your child up to his arms, “You’re doing really great, your appa and your eomma are really proud of you.” He’d be really caring after though, never letting his child’s hand go while leading the smiling baby for another try in walking. 

Guys, can we all be silent for a moment and imagine Joshua playing his guitar on the sofa and then your child’s first walk is towards him because of the sweet tunes your husband is playing? Like, the two of you are slightly engrossed with the guitar and then you look up when you hear a high-pitched giggle followed by the sight of your child trying to walk to the two of you–he’d definitely be really surprised and would be speechless for a few seconds. 

Jun would run really fast to your room to get the camera because he doesn’t want to miss documenting your child’s milestones in life. He’d take videos of the child trying to walk with a huge grin on his face (and would maybe say “come to baba” like coups), then he’d send them to the members of SEVENTEEN and his family. He’d also post snippets in his SNS accounts because he is just so proud of his child’s achievement. 

Hoshi would be really cute. While your child is walking, he’d pretend to be a sports announcer, “The fastest runner in the world is near the finish line! Prep your vocal cords…” he’d say in an MC kind of tone, “…aaaand there he goes! Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed a new world record!” He’d lift your child up in the air as the prize for ‘winning’ (don’t you dare sing the Lion King song I will slap you). 

Kind of similar to Joshua, the kid would surprise Wonwoo by repeatedly hitting your husband’s legs with tiny hands while he’s sat on the living room’s sofa, reading a book he has been dying to read for months. He’d smile softly and would lift your child up, making the baby sit on his lap while he tries to reach a book for children placed near him. “So have you ever heard of the story of a guy who is so proud of his baby…” 

I can see Woozi relaxing on the sofa, almost falling asleep because he’d be so tired from work, but he’d notice his child come to him before his eyes close. He’d make an effort to wait for the baby to reach him, and he’d tiredly smile when small hands touch his legs. He’d pick the child up for a hug, “Appa will work hard for you because you are definitely worth every pain.” 

D.K. would be really playful. He’d sit down at one spot, coaxing his child to come to him, but would suddenly move to another that is slightly farther than the last one. He’ll only stop when he senses that the child is about to cry because of frustration, “Aigo! Okay, okay, appa will stay in one place this time so no crying, alright?” He’d sit on the ground and pat his lap while lightly giggling at your child’s focused expression. 

Mingyu, similar to Jun, would open up SnapChat, Instagram, or Twitter to take a video of his child walking. “Everyone you are watching my child’s first steps!” he’d say excitedly, posting it on his accounts so his fans would see. He’d be clapping his hands to get the baby’s attention and would extend his arms out once he succeeds. “Come here!”

The8 would be more on the protective side, “Careful now,” he’d say, alert and ready in case your child falls, “Do it slowly, baba doesn’t want to see you get hurt.” Like Jeonghan, he’d have one of the child’s hand in his, never letting go until the child stops. His free arm would be behind the kid’s back for safety precautions because he heard that even a little blow might be bad for a child. 

I know it’s a bit overused, but I can still imagine Seungkwan being a bit of a diva (in a funny way, of course), dropping dialogues like “our child is going to be such a great dancer like his father someday” or “I can already see myself going on stage to receive my child’s ‘Best Athlete’ award”. Nevertheless, like the others, he would be pretty hyped and proud for witnessing a milestone of his child’s life.

Vernon would be hyped as well and would compliment your child a lot, “You’re doing a really great job!” He’d throw in a few motivational cheers too, even though the baby can’t understand him, like “Keep on going!” and “Just a little more and you’ll reach me! Come on!” He would be really pleased and happy just like the rest of the boys. 

Dino would cover his mouth in shock, “Whoah, our baby is walking! Jagi our baby is walking!” He would probably be the most giddy out of all the members, his jaw dropping when he realizes his child is waling towards him. His heart would melt seeing his most precious baby try really hard to go to him and would just be a really cute dad. 

First day at school

S.Coups would lean down on one knee and smile at the excited kid, “Go and do your best, you hear me? Make lots of friends and snatch awards,” he’d say as he pats your child’s head. Before any of you two react, he’d swiftly kiss the cutie’s cheek and pretend to be hurt when the reaction he gets is a huff. He’d have one of his hands clutching his chest, playfully saying “Yeobo!” 

“Ah… this reminds me of my kindergarten years.” Jeonghan would say when the three of you reach your child’s first ever school. He’d have this far-off look in his eyes while he reminisces his past, and eventually think of your family’s future too. He’d then send a loving look at you as he gently grasps your child’s small hand, “We’ve come so far, haven’t we?”

Joshua would probably try to practice greetings with your child because social communication skills are pretty important. “So you say your name first, your age, and then your interests like your favorite food, favorite drink, favorite parent…” with a teasing wink directed towards your direction. He’d whisper “It’s me, right?” loud enough for you to hear.

Jun would be more focused on giving his child tips on relationships as a joke because he knows it irritates you a bit. “Our child is just four years old for pete’s sake, Junhui.” you’d roll your eyes and he’d return it with a playful snicker, “What? It’s only natural for me to give pointers this early since this future model right here inherited both of our good looks.” 

Hoshi is a rise-and-shine dad. I can imagine him being very cheerful to lighten up your child’s mood because (1) it’s the morning, and; (2) school is in a few hours. He would also be the type to share a special goodbye handshake with the kid, ending it with a handsome pose or something. I guess it’s safe to say your child wouldn’t have much of a problem making friends right away.

Wonwoo would be the one to bring his child to the school grounds from your house even though his work the day before was highly exhausting. He’d talk to the kid about his experiences with school while he drives, and would probably sing along with whatever is playing on the radio. Once they reach the school, he’d pat his child’s head and say, “Have fun and be nice, okay?” 

Woozi would be drinking his second coffee of the day as he watches your child prepare for school. I can imagine him stopping the nervous kid from walking to smooth out the tiny creases that formed on the child’s school uniform while moving around. “Don’t be so nervous, you’ll do just fine.” He’d smile to calm your child down. 

D.K. would motivate your child a lot. “I know you’ll do well today!” he’d say with a fist pump and a smile, “Just enjoy yourself and make lots of friends. Don’t forget to obey your teachers though!” He’d send your child off with a tight, fatherly hug and a wave. He’ll chant the kid’s name and would repeat “Fighting!” as he sees the child go.

Mingyu would make sure that his child has everything needed for school, double checking the contents of your kid’s backpack and the lunch box the two of you prepared (he kind of insisted on cooking something alongside you). “Okay, you’re all set to go,” he’d pinch the child’s cheeks after he crouches down, saying, “You’re growing up so fast and I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.” 

The8 would probably be a bit like Mingyu, making sure everything is a-okay before he lets his child enter the school’s campus. “It’s okay to be nervous on your first day,” he’d kiss the kid’s forehead, “I was nervous too but I graduated, so I know you will. You’re strong like your father.” With a pat on his child’s shoulder, he’d stand and wave as the excited (but still nervous) kid run towards the school’s gates.

Seungkwan would be the sentimental dad. “Time flies so fast…” he’d sigh, “Look at you growing up. Soon you’ll be introducing your first, and hopefully last, significant other to us…” You’d have to slap his arm lightly to get him back to the real world, and he’d lightly slap your arm back because no one gets away from Boo Seungkwan. “Hey, I was just thinking about the possibilities!”  

I think Vernon would be pretty chill about this matter. “Good luck on your first day,” he’ll say while reading the newspaper that was just delivered in the early morning, “Just do your best and you’ll be fine. I’ll wait for you to come home, okay?” He’d give the kid a thumbs up with a mini fist pump right after your child boards the school bus. With a warm smile, he’d watch the bus drive off and disappear. 

Dino would feel bad for his child because I feel like he’s one of the members who resent going to school, mostly because he debuted while he’s still a student plus the fact that he didn’t get to go to school trips adds into his kinda bad memories. “Hang in there lil’ buddy. I know you’ll survive just like I did.” he’d whisper, oblivious to the confused look of his child as they stand in the middle of the school’s entrance. 

- Jagi: A term of endearment used by couples.

- Jaegi: A crossover between ‘jagi’ and ‘aegi’ (baby).

- Yeobo: A term of endearment used by wed couples.

- Appa: Korean word for ‘dad’.

- Eomma: Korean word for ‘mom’.

- Aigo: Korean expression equivalent to sighing, ‘ugh’, or ‘gosh’.

- Omo: Korean expression equivalent to ‘oh my God/OMG’.

- Baba: Most common way of calling one’s father in Chinese.

- Ppalli: Korean word for ‘hurry’.

I’m really sorry for taking an unannounced break ㅠㅠ I finished summer class last week (and I was dying due to finals and dem crap a week before that) and I kind of took a break because I thought I deserved one. I wrote the three things anon gave as examples for a mini comeback lol. I’m back to writing, so send in your requests! Tbh I could have done better with this request (plus that pun… do you guys know how much I cringed while searching for a good one but I found none that was suitable for the situation so I made my own? And it sucks lol I’ll come up with good ones next time). I tried to not mention the child’s gender for your imagination so I’m sorry for the redundant “child” lmao. Thank you for waiting patiently and I hope y’all like this really long answer! 

P.S. Thank you to my cutest dongsaeng Juniela Wen for giving me ideas! 

P.S.S. Joshua held a menpa earlier but I didn’t get a reply hahaha

Having children with Onew would include:
  • “Come to appa baby. Appa wants to see you walk to me”
  • Wanting to have many kids 
  • “I want to have all boys Y/N”
  • “I can barely handle you what makes you think I could handle an army of you”
  • “We need a future generation of SHINee baby”
  • “You have group members”
  • “But they won’t have as pretty children as us”
  • Him buying matching outfits if you have a son 
  • Him worshiping the ground you walk on for having his children
  • Having one of those awkward strap on baby carriers because he thought it would be cute to carry your baby around in
  • “Jinki let our daughter go”
  • “No”
  • “It’s her first day of school let her go”
  • “No she’s my baby she’s not allowed to grow up”
Runaways - One shot

This is sort of a sequel/one shot following from my epilogue of Coffee Shop. I couldn’t resist writing a little bit more of the future of these two. 

SCENARIO - Chanyeol and his hard-to-control twin children! 

Read coffee shop here


You looked up in surprise as you heard the sound of excited children’s voices. You eyes widened in shock as you watched two small toddlers sprinting across the coffee shop to where you were sat, their small legs thumping their way across the wooden floors. 

Your children reached you and flung their tiny arms around you, and you laughed in surprise, looking down at where they were grinning up at you with large gummy smiles. You reached down from your seat to lift the nearest child onto your lap, and leant to kiss the other on the top of head where he was clinging onto your leg. Your daughter giggled, as she sat happily on your lap, wrapping her arms around you neck with a gummy grin.

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genre: fluff

“Jungkook, honey, I’m just leaving for 1 hour. That’s all, you can take care of our son for one hour. Have some faith in yourself baby. You’re the golden maknae after all.”, I told my worrying husband. “Babe, that was ages ago, I’m a dad now, not very maknae of me to be a dad before most of my hyungs.” “It’s not your fault you got married before them.”, I laughed in response. “I’ll be back before you know it.”, I smiled and left our home.

Jungkook most definitely loved his child but had never taken care of him on his own. He has helped you when you were also around but leaving him on his own with the child was a first. “Ah, what do we do Yonggukie-ah? Your dad isn’t the best with children, uncle Tae is.”, he said to the sleeping boy. “You’re amazing you are, you’re mine, my baby. You make my world, Gukkie-ah.”, Jungkook smiled and he brushed his son’s cheek.

Moments later, while Jungkook was scrolling through his phone, Yongguk woke up, he stood up and held onto the side of the crib. He shouted at his dad to get his attention as he could not yet speak. “Is my boy awake?”, Jungkook smiled as he picked the child up and carried him into the kitchen and sat him in the high chair.

“Hmm, do you want some strawberries? Your mother said you like those.”, Jungkook cooed as he cut up some strawberries for his son to eat/mash up. Jungkook made himself some pancakes and Yongguk a small one. “Here, dad’s made you a pancake as well, I’ve cut up for you to eat, as well.”, Jungkook smiled. He moved the high chair to the dining table so that he could watch our son, and he knew that Yongguk got worried whenever he couldn’t see at least one parent’s face.

As soon as the two of them were done eating and cleaning up, Jungkook sat down with Yongguk who was still learning how to walk. “Hey, Gukkie-ah, why don’t we play with some toys?’, he asked as he waved some toys in front of his son’s face. Yongguk happily responded and took the toy from Jungkook’s hand. “Yongguk-ah, play with Appa, come on.”, Jungkook insisted. Right when the two of them had started playing, I walked back into the apartment.

“How was that then honey?”, I asked. “Easier than expected, our son is the golden child.” “Just like his father then.”, I smiled as I sat down with the two of them. Yongguk crawled over to me and pointed at his father, “That’s right, that’s Appa, say Appa.”, I told the one year old. “Ah-ah-ah, ah-pa.”, he said and Jungkook picked him up and spun him around. “Oh, I love you.”, he smiled and sat him back down with a flustered look on his face. “Look at him now.”, I laughed as I held onto my husband’s arm. “I love both of you so much.”, he chuckled.