come talk to be about gay sports

Okay - hear me out.

Bitty just got named Captain of the SMH Team right?  But he has been pretty open at Samwell about being a proud gay man.  Took a male date to his first Screw and though he didn’t date around, he never hid who he is.

Now?  Well it’s true that there are more gay athletes in college who are coming out while still on their teams, but our boy might be the first Captain of a male NCAA team who is gay and out. and his team knew before electing him unanimously captain.  

Since these kinds of stories are usually picked up by sports news, how long will it take before there are calls for interviews and reporters looking through his social media for information to write about him.  

What do they find?  Well, they will find that he was open and honest about things since his freshman year and that he also talked about never falling for a straight boy. Then in his Junior year he got a boyfriend who apparently is not in college.  

So there are two issues facing Bitty - first, he might be outed to his family if he doesn’t tell them soon and then there’s this picture on his instagram

Can you say a comedy of misunderstandings, assumptions, and wrong guesses about who his boyfriend is??  And does anyone doubt that Kent would thoroughly enjoy screwing with reporters about it?

ginny and luna as girlfriends & fwb at hogwarts because i just can’t help myself:

  • luna goes to all ginny’s quidditch teams, lion hat on her head, and makes it roar so loud every time ginny scores a goal. ginny blows kisses & winks to luna before every match, it makes her feel lucky
  • luna’s in all sorts of fringe clubs and organizations too. ginny goes to all of luna’s matches/premieres/etc and cheers as enthusiastically for her gf at this little club as any student does for a quidditch match
  • ginny even makes a little ravenclaw hat for luna’s games, though ginny’s not great at art and she gets really frustrated when her projects go wrong. it’s smaller than the lion hat but it has wings that flap and the eagle noise is super realistic, and luna appreciates the effort so much (she cried when she first saw it). everyone else is very much like, “…..what the fuck?” but who cares
  • luna spends her holidays running around the world searching for mythical creatures, she invites her father and her girl. ginny surpresses her percy-like inclination to denounce it all, and throws herself determinedly into the adventure - they never find a snorkack or humdinger but they do discover a few old artifacts………..luna’s convinced they have Powers. ginny humors her.
  • ginny winning quidditch matches and throwing herself, windswept and sweating and exhilarated, into her gf’s arms in front of everybody
  • luna sometimes cheers against ravenclaw in gryffindor/ravenclaw matches. her housemates are used to how doe-eyed ginny makes her by now though.
  • luna gets ginny, stubborn and set in her ways as she is, to try all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen when ginny visits her on holiday. most of them are pretty good, to everyone’s surprise.
  • speaking of them on holiday: endless sunny days strolling the streets/fields around the burrow and the rook, soaking up the nature, telling each other stories - some true, some fabricated…..ginny enchants the flower petals caught in the wind to dance around them; luna threads daisies into both their braids.
  • meeting the family!!!! some of the weasleys are confused about luna, but they think shes sweet and funny and lovely. xenophilius thinks ginny’s hard-headed but brave, and he loves how she dotes on luna and looks at her with stars in her eyes.
  • ginny sneaks out of the tower most nights, she and luna take moonlit walks around the dark grounds, hand in hand, talking about the stars (it doesnt matter that ginny’s failing astronomy and most of luna’s mythology is made up)

credit to @ginnnyweasleys for coming up with these with me :))) iconic sport gay and art gay girlfriends for life!

Okay, 2016 has been a crappy year. In fact, it’s been the worst year ever for some of us and it can’t end soon enough.

But can we talk about the one good thing that’s come out of this year though? LGBTQ+ Representation in TV shows.

We’ve had Philip x Lukas in Eyewitness; Malec in Shadowhunters; Dizzie and Thor in The Get Down; Frankie, Rey and Jackson are gay and Hayes is bi in Conviction; Susan and Van in Van Helsing; Charlie and Matteusz in BBC Class; Jo and Chase in Easy and several others I’m missing out on.

Plus we have Isak x Even in Skam and Victor and Yuuri as the first healthy same-sex relationship in a sports anime.

Add to that the already present characters from HTGAWM, Teen Wolf, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, OINTB, Sense8, Mr Robot, Quantico, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and so many others and you get a pretty good picture.

Are all of these characters well-written? No. Are all of these arcs interesting and cliché-free? Again, No.

It is encouraging, though, and definitely a good start, to watch a TV show and see actual canonically lgbt+ characters instead of the usual overdose of ~homoerotic~ moments that are later described very vehemently by the cast and crew by being just bromance (Okay, Supernatural. I am talking about Supernatural. And Sherlock, but mostly Supernatural).

I am SO for TV shows to finally end the damn queer-baiting and finally give us some actual LGBTQ+ characters. I am so for kids, teenagers, and even adults struggling with their gender or sexuality to turn on a damn TV show and see a character like them and feel a little less alone, a little less like something is wrong with them.

It also doesn’t hurt that many (most?) of these shows have a pretty good balance of POC in the main cast as well as some very well-written female characters, but that’s a post for another time.

the perfect boyfriend au (nicky/ovi)

prepare for a ride into my 2am mind.

aka: the Caps hire escort Nicklas Backstrom to be newly out star player Alexander Ovechkin’s fake boyfriend.

Nicky is doing grad studies in criminal psychology and running low on scholarship funds. He could ask his parents, but they’ve given him enough already to help send him to school in america. And jobs for international students that need to work around a grad schedule are hard to find. (any internships in his field are unpaid, hard to get and very time consuming. If he does one, he gets to add experience to his resume, but will slowly starve himself with the inability to take up another job to earn food money.

As with any college student down on their luck he actually looks up how to become an escort(and a porn star, but honestly he doesn’t want to do anything where his mom could one day see evidence of his bad choices) and somehow unexpectedly ends up being invited to join a really fuckin high end company. There’s a shit ton of interpersonal training they put him through, but basically they hired him because he’s pretty, foreign (but speaks very good english), and pretty smart. Their clients are after more cultured company, not just hired dates/fucks.

This is where Ovi comes in. with all the shit going down in Russia, Ovi has been secretly applying for permanent residency/naturalisation in the US. He loves his country, but at the moment, it really doesn’t love people like him. Aka v. fuckin gay. And he’s so tired of hiding. And so fucking lonely. So basically when he gets approved, he tells caps pr he wants to come out. And they’re like- oh, okay, Ovi. We can do that.

So they do.

And it’s a fucking disaster.

Russia flips, but doesn’t know what to do, because Ovi is objectively their best player (in the sense of stats and propaganda the-motherland-is-awesome), but he’s also advertising a lifestyle frowned upon by the federation’s current government.

There’s a big hooha in the NHL with people trying to say Ovi shouldn’t have come out, without seemingly like the backwards bigoted assholes that they are. Some fans are boycotting while there’s also a surge of support for the gay Russian hockey player, subverting the stereotypes of masculinity and queer men in professional sports and it leads to some talk about other players maybe coming out from the underground queer hockey player network.


There are too many people hitting on Ovi. And every time he is seen with a guy in a bar or restaurant or even just having met for the first time in the rink, there ends up being shit tons of stories about Ovechkin’s playboy ways and how his inability to have a stable relationship was just proof that gays were bad or that he was a bad influence on young gay teens.

And it’s just taking away from the hockey. It’s starting to wear on the team, and Ovi, and they really want to get on a playoff run this year. And have it be all about the hockey, not about Ovi’s love life.

So pr is like ‘we’ll get you a boyfriend!’ and Ovi is all ‘i’ve tried! It doesn’t work! No one will date me!’ and pr is like ‘no, a fake one, an actor. We’ll hire someone to pretend so you look settled and respectable gay, and we can control the narrative!’ but hiring an actor is hard because if people know that they’re an actor, they’ll start speculating on the reality, especially with all the shit since Ovi’s coming out. Eventually they get desperate and start reaching out to escort agencies on the sly and that’s where Ovi gets his ‘boyfriend’; Swedish grad student Nicklas Backstrom, who loves hockey and kids and shitty procedural crime shows. Who has never worked for a client before, so the only ones who know he’s a fake are legit the company (who are really good about staying on the dl and shit) and caps management.

And it works.

Except that the idiots fall for each other.

So there will be complications, but no angst because fuck angst. 

And they end up happily ever after with the two spending summers travelling Europe and being dorks in love, and winters in Washington, playing hockey and curling up in bed together on Ovi’s nights off and reading massive scholarly texts and watching shitty cop shows together with Ovi smiling fondly at Nicky who spends the whole time snarkily judging everything the fake cops and csi’s do. And they’re also having lots of emotional athletic feelings sex.

People talk alot about Kayla being surprised to not have a goddess as a mother but like I really doubt that. Like her Dad was such an amazing and well known archer that the god of archery had the hots for him.
Like him being gay would be VERY well-known. Also can you imagine the postivity that would come with?
The best archer in the world is a gay man. Showing once again that LGBT+ people are everywhere and belong in sports. Plus he’d be an advocate for LGBT+ equality everywhere, especially in sports and he would be heard and actually listened to. Kayla would go to with her Dad to pride rallies in Canada from when she was born. Her dad would probably joke that he’s so good even Apollo would be impressed.

Kayla would be completely aware she didn’t have a mom. Lee and Michael would be completely awear she didn’t have a mom, as soon as she said who her Dad was, along with every other archer in the camp.
Chiron wouldn’t be surprised. You think this is the first time Apollo has had kids with a guy? Or any other god/goddess has never had a kid with a mortal with the same genital. Please literally only Hera is straight and that’s questionable, wall Artemis is Aro-Ace (Or should I say Arrow Ace).
That’s only two that aren’t kinda gay.

Only non-archer campers would be surprised by Kayla not having a mom.

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Gladio talking about girls n all with Prompto for years and suddenly one day he confesses he actually likes dudes. Gladio is taken a back but quickly talks about guys when he is with Prompto even though he has no interest im them at all, just to show him he supports the other. But after doing to much research and talking about it, he becomes a little too gay and finds himself thinking more and more about the lil gunner than he will ever admit himself.

Hiyo! So, this prompt is really interesting to me. Usually when I write, I tend to avoid the issue of characters questioning their sexuality because in my happy make-believe dream land, there are no questions. But, let’s be real. That’s not how the real world works. I spent years coming to terms with my own sexuality, and I know many of my friends have, too. So yeah. Here are some Promptio headcanons about coming out, questioning, and finding some answers <3

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Why is the Victuuri kiss such a big deal?

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been in anime and manga fandoms for a long time now. And when you’ve been around for a long time, and you’ve consumed a lot of the media and you begin to understand the tropes, you know how studios work, you know the rules, you know the industry, you know how the game is played.

You know that the kiss in Episode 7 of Yuri On Ice is a unicorn. It’s more than rare, it almost never happens.

There’s a lot of slash and teasing in anime, but truly gay characters are rare and fall into two boxes; comedic relief or uke/seme archtypes. In the latter, they’re are jokes and in the former they’re more walking/talking fetish trope than fully realized character. (In general, that is.)

Anime that has fully rounded LGBTQ characters are usually ones that are ABOUT those issues. For instance, the very underrated Hourou Musuko (The Wandering Son) which is all about gender identity and sexuality. If the anime is NOT an issue show, then you can forget about getting a main character that happens to be gay.

So when Yuri on Ice comes along, which is about sports instead of sexuality, and yet still has a mature, realistic m/m couple in the forefront, it’s like a double rainbow over a pot of gold in a field full of unicorns. It’s hard to explain the magnitude of just surprising this is to someone who doesn’t really watch anime, but yeah. I never thought I’d live to see the day. 

(That’s assuming the kiss doesn’t get ret-conned next episode.)

(Also, Revolutionary Girl Utena is another one of those rare anime that has a w/w relationship but isn’t explicitly about being a lesbian if you wanna check it out.)

today at work i was having this pleasant conversation with this customer, and then she brought up the australian postal vote for same sex marriage, and talking about how she doesn’t care either way but she strongly believes that the AFL shouldn’t get involved in supporting it bcs it has nothing to do with them and i was just there like

Originally posted by maryjane-holland

and the the things that blows my mind with this kind of casual homophobia is that it never occurs to these people that they might be talking to a real live gay person in the wild. they see nothing wrong with making these comments bcs it doesn’t cross their mind the people they’re talking to might be fucking gay.

additionally, same-sex issues has everything to do with everybody. the AFL is notorious for its homophobia when any player dares come out, and in being open about its support for same-sex marriage it’s a step in the right direction for combating the hyper-masculinity and incredible homophobia within the sport - they’re supporting their own damn players. 

it just. old straight people blow my mind sometimes. their viewpoint can be so narrow. 

Viktuuri kiss vs Russian LGBT rights

Can we talk for a moment of another aspect of the Viktuuri kiss from the latest episode of Yuuri!!! On Ice? Of course, it is great that this ship is now canon and it happened in a sport anime, but let’s appreciate how it was actually brave of Viktor to show that much affection towards Yuuri and how much it means regarding him as a Russian.

Until 1993, Russian law regarded homosexuality as a crime and as a mental illness until 1999. However, although no longer same-sex sexual / romantic activities are punished, Russian society is still mostly against homosexual people. There is no law protecting LGBT people from being discriminated, moreover, in 2013 Russia enacted law which practically bans so called non-traditional sexual relations, supposed to extend further and ban also public displays of homosexuality. What means that for kissing, tender hugging or just holding hands gays will either pay fines (a few thousand rubles) or get arrested.

Because gay people have no rights and no law protects them, this anti-LGBT attitude of Russians has already led to many crimes committed against gay people, including tortures and murders. 

President Putin speaks of how much he supports equal rights, but during one of the interviews in 2014 (link) admitted that cannot say whether people are born or become gay, also in one sentence talks about “gay and pedophilia propaganda”. He claims that in some countries homosexuality is illegal – of course, but you can’t call yourself a human rights supporter if you dictate your countrymen strict standards and penalize the smallest departures from them.

Obviously, it affected the sport world, too. In general, this community is pretty severe. Sportspeople rarely come out, and each of confessions is widely discussed. For example, Sergiy Stakhovski, Ukrainian tennis player, recently stated that he would never let his daughter follow sport example, because WTA is full of lesbians, and he doesn’t want her to become one. On the other hand, we can speak of Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova or Amelie Mauresmo. Still, most of openly gay sportspeople are women and let’s notice that where they live is nowhere close to Russia or other places from the former Soviet Union.

2013 World Championship in Athletics and 2014 Olympic Games (both took place in Russia, Moscow and Sochi respectively) were boycotted by LBGT organizations. A few girls painted their nails in rainbow colors, other didn’t participate to show their objection. None of them was from Russia. Moreover, Yelena Isinbaeva, one of best-known Russian athletes, called it ‘disrespectful’ towards the host country and its law. After she was criticized for being homophobic, Isinbaeva blamed her poor English and said she was misunderstood. 2018 FIFA World Cup are still questioned whether Russia is a right place to held them.

And here comes figure skating, which in fact is no different than tennis, football or basketball, but because it tends to be called as a very gay sport, skaters are under the pressure of denying. They choose songs that can be labeled as masculine, they mention having girlfriends, they deny any connection to the LGBT community. It is a very conservative environment. Afraid of consequences, many skates were hesitant about speaking aloud about anti-gay Russian law.

I don’t want to make this post too long, just intend to focus on the most important aspects. Unless the YOI writers are going to make both Russia and the sport world very au, I hope for at least a little mention of this in the upcoming episodes. I’m curious whether we’ll see Russians reaction at Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship. But please, imagine what would happen if their kiss happened in the real world. I’m so happy about YOI’s portrayal of genders (like Yuuri training his female moves) and homosexuality, yet I also cannot stop thinking of how much Viktor is risking. Let’s appreciate it for a moment, what’s in fact another proof of how much he cares for Yuuri. 

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YO i know this might be a big request? But how do the gals on the volleyball team feel about SMH? like do March and Holster get along. Has Kelsey ever talked to mr. Jack "heterostraight" Zimmerman or has she avoided him like the plague. I gotta know

omg don’t get me started i love this fake volleyball team with my whole heart

bc i’m gonna project my own trashy ship self onto this i think holster prob doesn’t like march but not bc she’s a bad person?? he just loves ransom and is selfish w/ his best friend (AND CRUSH) so he’s constantly like salty that ransom isn’t always hanging out with him

meanwhile march is so FUCKING nice and perfect and pretty and cool and holster’s like “this would be so much easier if you were terrible” bc she is cool to hang out with he just is. sad. and ofc march doesn’t know his reasoning so she’s like “your bff doesn’t like me :((” and ransom’s like “aw no i doubt that babe!!” but march is friends with lots of girls so she recognizes salt when she sees it

kelsey has 100% had several drunken conversations with a very uncomfy jack zimmermann that she doesn’t remember at all but jack Remembers Very Much 

he literally can’t relate to her at all bc she thinks hockey is lame and boring and he’s like “?????? how” and he can watch and enjoy other sports but if someone can’t hold a convo with him about hockey he’s like “um. what else do i talk about. can’t talk about my secret bf. fuck.” and she’s like “lmao alright dude”

(when jack & bitty come out she’s like “respect”)

the whole swv team loves lardo so much and try to get her to convert to be their manager and she’s like “sorry ladies this team would literally fall apart without me” they’re all like “lol tru”

ofc they all love bitty bc who fucking doesn’t. kelsey and bitty have that weird lesbian-and-gay-dude thing where they’re both gay as fuck but can’t quite relate to each other

“god he’s cute”
“objectively, yes. not my type tho”

every time the swv team goes to a kegster at the haus kelsey and bitty get down with their cute gay selves on the dance floor to beyonce and everyone else is like “daaaaamn”

@abermb any thoughts to add about our volleyball children

If My Son Were Gay.

If my son were gay,
I’d slap him
With a nice high five.
Because coming out to your dad,
Takes balls that most men don’t have.
If my son were gay,
I’d kick him out of the house.
Because why waste June on video games,
When there are sports to played?
And just because he likes making out with boys,
Doesn’t mean he can’t tackle the shit out them, too.
If my son were gay,
I’d call him a douche.
But only because this morning,
He ate the last peanut butter cup in the house.
(The jerk knows they’re my favorite.)
If my son were gay,
I’d still give him the talk.
I just don’t have to worry about a baby in nine months.
If my son were gay,
I’d make fun of what he wears.
Because damn, son,
Those heels don’t go with that dress.
If my son were gay,
I’d tell him to be proud.
Because you’re human no matter the gender
On the other side of your mouth.
If my son were gay,
Nothing would be different at all.
Except that twenty years down the line,
I’ll be expecting a handsome son-in-law.

- Nishat Ahmed.

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How the fandom defines a "casuals"? What is it mean? I always thought it is someone who doesn't believe in TJLC or just doesn't see that obvious love.

Hi Nonny!

It’s not necessarily about whether or not they see TJLC; there are some obsessed fans who ship other ships and read the show differently than Johnlockers, and they are just as much fans as we are.

“Casuals” is such an expansive word to use for occasional viewers of the show… because you can have casuals who are in the other SH fandoms but don’t like Sherlock and know all the lore about other aspects of ACD / SH but don’t like or know about what Mofftiss are trying to do. 

To me, casuals of our fandom are just people who just watch the show once in awhile and assume it’s not a separate entity from the books and past movies and shows. They’re the mainstream audience, the media, the bigger group of people who don’t watch the show with as much dedication (obsession?) as we do. Some of us watch it nightly, casuals watch it maybe… once every a few months, maybe once a year or every time a new episode is released. Basically, they don’t know much about the fandom things… maybe they have ships, maybe they don’t. Some casuals see the Johnlock, and some don’t.

I know I joke about it, but there’s nothing wrong with casuals, honestly. I’m a casual viewer of everything other than Sherlock. There just happen to be some casuals who maybe watch the show and only see the surface reading of it and insist what they see is what is actually truth and refuse to accept anything else nor listen to what the fans say, and then choose to be vocal in or about a fandom they know nothing about WITHIN the fandom – it’s this small percentage of casuals that are troublesome to ALL parts of the fandom, not just ours.

When you’re as big a fan as I and many others are, it’s exhausting to talk about or enjoy the series when some people are consistently insisting we’re too obsessed with it and reading too much into it and “eff you they would never have a gay ship” and “we’re the media so we know better” blah blah blah. It’s the respect aspect of it, really.

Like, how is it any different than someone obsessing over a sports team, or a book, or a movie? It’s not. Just like I know nuances about individual characters from a TV show that comes out with 3 new episodes only once every two to three years, they may know all the stats and play by plays of every game of some sports star. There’s really no difference, just a different obsession under a different umbrella.

Open-minded casuals are much more pleasant to deal with. They like that you have something that makes you happy, and in turn, I listen to their obsessions and let them explain to me what it’s about. It’s all about give and take, to be honest. Just my thoughts.

Dale Scott, an MLB umpire for 29 years, has come out as gay. He talked about his decision in a thoughtful interview, saying many people in baseball already knew. 

“I think Major League Baseball has proven that it certainly isn’t an issue with them. I’ve worked three World Series, I’ve worked the playoffs consistently, I’ve been a crew chief for 12 years. Obviously, if they had an issue with my life, it would be shown in my career with lack of assignments. I am extremely grateful that Major League Baseball has always judged me on my work and nothing else and that’s the way it should be.”

Read more at Big League Stew.

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Hi, I'm agender and I wonder what it is like to have a gender identity? Can you tell me? :)

I don’t think I can.. I’m a cisgender dude, I’ve never really had to think about it, yknow? That’s kind of the inherent privilege of being cis, that there are certain aspects of just being yourself that you don’t really have to think about. 

I guess I could talk about one of the issues of being a cis straight dude, but I’m not sure if people are actually, like, interested. Toxic masculinity really fucked my shit up when I was coming of age.

I’ve never been a tough guy. i’m 6 foot 5 and I have a really large build, but I don’t fit into traditional “manly” ideals. I can’t grow facial hair, I don’t like sports, I enjoy fashion and hair products and all this stuff that, as a young dude, people told me made me “gay.”

That really affected my self-esteem for a while. Not because I was worried about being called gay, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay and I still get asked if I am fairly regularly, but because it planted the idea in my head that if you’re a straight cis guy that there’s one “correct” way to be a man, and that isn’t the case.

Gender roles are bullshit. The fact that they try to ascribe gender to activities, habits and inanimate objects is fucking ridiculous.


Do I wear pink. Not often. Is it because it makes me look feminine? No, it’s because the pastel tone and warmth inherent in pink washes out my complexion and makes me look paler. 

But the fact that they try and instill these ideas that little girls are supposed to like or not like princesses or little boys are supposed to like or not like cars is fucking wild. I like princesses WAY more than I like cars. Princesses are magical and pretty and cars are hunks of metal that cause amputations and make every douchebag guido I’ve ever met talk for half an hour answering questions I never fucking asked.

Gender roles are harmful and arbitrary and stupid. A girl should be able to keep her leg hair and have short haircuts and fucking play with whatever toys she wants without being considered less of a girl.

And god damn it, it’s getting nice out, maybe I want to wear a dress! I wont, because I inherited my mother’s latin birthing hips, but I at least want the fucking option! Dresses look like they’re really refreshing!

Sorry. This got off track.

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Why do straight people scare you?

  • they’re quite obviously more likely to be homophobic
  • have you ever seen a gay support trump
  • if they’re male they tend to talk about things i can’t relate to (even though i am one of them) like sports and cars and monster trucks and who’s your favourite slut to fuck in the pussy 2k16
  • also they’re fucking fragile
  • “ethan your basketball skills aren’t the best in the world” “you know what fuck you also i have a gun”
  • actually come to think of it it’s just straight men
  • i get along 100% better with girls and lgbt+ guys
  • i haven’t met many non-binary people but i’ve got along with them too. ~inclusion~
  • only once have i had a guy hit on me and he stopped as soon as i said i wasn’t interested. if that were a straight guy and i were a girl i would’ve probably had to block him
  • similar point: they say stuff like “what’d we be doing if we were together rn? ;)”
  • and they won’t fucking give up even if you say “not fucking. get out of my life”
  • also pachelbel was straight. tchaikovsky was not. case closed
Dan and his 'straightness'
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> Fyi i like vagina *calls self Phil trash number 1*<p/><b>Phandom:</b> Ok...<p/><b>Dan:</b> Im not gay *talks about liking sports anime more than real life sports because their is more abs*<p/><b>Phandom:</b> Dan..<p/><b>Dan:</b> no homo howell *Tweets about wanting Darth vader to force choke him*<p/><b>Phandom:</b> Just come out already jfc<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>