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this scene resonates with me times a million. imagine what she must’ve been feeling. imagine never having seen the neon lights of an “open” sign, a sweet young love holding hands as they make their way down the sidewalk, or a child smiling at his sprinkled ice cream cone as he comes out of the shop. imagine never having tasted the crisp morning air of a downtown, or never having felt a gentle breeze running its fingers through your hair as you listen to the soft bustles of life and the chimes of bells on doors. everything that isn’t a cold and bare room painted in the blandest white is new and enticing. mike looks onward, and he’s used to this—eleven’s eyes can hardly keep up with everything there is for her to look at.

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Imagine Barba, Carisi and kids going to an ice cream parlor. Tons of flavors to choose from, homemade waffle cones. The place smells like sugar, there's jars of candy on the wall. Also I'm curious what their favorite flavors are (mine is actually Cardamom ice cream).

Ooooh, but I bet there are some serious ice cream/gelato places on Staten Island down by where Sonny’s parents live that are all owned by these super old dudes originally from Italy, and that Sonny swears to this day are vampires because they’ve looked the same age since he was a little kid and would come into their shops after little league games.

But Sonny of course has one shop in particular that he considers his favorite, less for the ice cream specifically, and more for the old man that owns it.

He’d been a friend for Sonny when he was younger, when Sonny would walk to his shop every Friday from his house with two dollars that his mom had given him to spend because little Sonny didn’t have a lot of friends who asked him over for sleepovers or play dates on Friday nights that would bleed into the weekend.

And he’d sit with Sonny, and talk with him for hours on end, and that old man was someone that little Sonny could actually call a friend.

His ice cream parlor is the first place besides his parents’ house that Sonny takes Rafael to when they visit Staten Island for the first time together.

And then, a few years and many visits later, Sonny brings his baby girl – Rafael firmly attached to his side, of course – to meet the older gentleman.

And a few years after that, they make their first visit to the ice cream parlor as a little family of four – a few years later when all Elisa has to do is yell, “Hi, Mr. Vinny!” and the older man knows her little voice by heart and is already making her favorite cone before they’ve even stepped all the way through the door.

(Oh, and the family’s favorite ice cream flavors? Rafael’s is honestly anything indulgent, like a dark chocolate, but he’ll eat coffee, too. Sonny loves mint pistachio because he’s a fucking weirdo. Elisa’s is strawberry. And Ollie’s is moose tracks because peanut butter).

Hello folks. I have kinda run out of female clothes. And I don’t want to buy more clothes because I’ve also run out of space to store them. If you know about crossdressers, you know how we usually treat those like trophies, so, I don’t plan on donating or selling anything for now, they will stay here.

Also, I’m not exactly short on money, but the clothes I’ve been purchasing I’m only wearing for about an hour or so, like, once. That’s a waste, isn’t it? And that, coupled with the lack of space, is making me wanting to close my wallet a bit.

Due to this situation, I’ve decided I will not post new outfits for the next months or so until I fix this (or until I do some impulse shopping, whatever comes first). But, don’t panic, I will still post new photos, but from previous outfits. Whenever I take photos when dressed, I take A LOT of them, so there’s still a lot of material left.

I’ll be choosing the photos in the next days, so if the blog seems a little dead after today, you already know what’s going on.


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

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Me: Okay yes but also THEY WENT SHOPPING IN BARCELONA!!!! *explodes in a pile of fluff*

On Love: Agape | Welcome to the Madness

Yurio: Slayed

My edges: snatched

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AU where Victor is a painter and he has this small gallery in a lonely part of the city, his paintings mainly express his depression and nobody actually buys his paintings but he still does them. Then someday Yuuri who is an art student at the local university comes in at his shop and is surprised by the amount of not sold paintings so he buys one of them. Victor obvs falls madly in love After that his paintings get brighter and he wishes to see that stranger again.


Café Cram

H2OVanoss Coffee Shop AU because there will never be enough of them. Enjoy!

There were two times that the palpable excitement filled the air of the small campus; the day the college students moved in, and the day they left. It was the blissful moments before the stress of classes began, or the relief that the weight of thesi, assignments, and projects had been lifted off of their shoulders.

Evan Fong had just moved into an apartment right off of campus with his two best friends. It was his senior year, the last year before he received his degree and was sent off without a paddle into the real world. And while it was a terrifying thought, Evan couldn’t wait to really start his life.

His roommate, Tyler, was waiting for him outside of the only café on campus. Café Cram, affectionately known as The Cram, was notorious for their late hours and strong coffee. Students flocked to the small shop for an early morning pick up, or a late night caffeine rush before one of many all nighters they would pull that semester. Evan was a frequent customer, his caffeine addiction solely credited as the only thing that had gotten him through the past three years.

Tyler greeted him warmly, pulling him into a hug and patting his back firmly. “Get everything unpacked?”

Evan nodded as he held the door open for his friend. “Mostly. Just have to organize my clothes.” They stood in the already sizable line of students waiting to order. “The rest of my stuff should be here in a few days.”

“I can’t believe we’re graduating this year.” Tyler shook his head solemnly. “We’re gonna have to get big boy jobs.”

“Lucky for the both of you, I have a big boy job.” A bespectacled man rushed past them, delivering coffee to the tables around the room. When he came back their way, he kissed Tyler and headed back behind the counter.

“Barista is not a big boy job, Craig!” He called after him.

The man glared at his two friends and roommates before returning his attention to the cappuccino he was making.

Behind the register was a new man that Evan had never seen on campus before. The college was small, a private university on the outskirts of Los Angeles with less than two thousand students, so everyone either knew each other, or of each other. He was tall and thin, his face hidden by the brim of his uniform hat as he bowed down over the machine.

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This Mom Is Thanking A Girls’ Clothing Store For Making Her Gender-Nonconforming Child Feel Welcome (x)

In her post, Sirois explained that her 10-year-old had been wanting to shop at Justice, a chain that markets its clothing as “just for girls,” since he was 4. Often he ended up enviously watching his older sister shop there.

One of the store’s managers, Stephnie, assured the family that “everyone is welcome at Justice.” Sirois wrote that on the Friday afternoon they arrived at the store, her son’s eyes were “huge and overwhelmed with possibilities.”