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I’m all for Candice continuing to come out of her shell and being more interactive on social media! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ You go, girl! Lol.

I love the extra pep and candice’s step now. she has garnered so much respect and admiration her fans that the good sis can drag antis and the cw for their lack of black folks on set and they can’t do nothing to her because the media, the fans, and everybody in wakanda will drag them for filth if they fire or kill off the queen. #blackgirlmagic

LMAO LISTEN!!!! She’s been so happy and active lately and it makes me the happiest. She seems really happy and like the panels from DC in DC really grew her confidence! 



I never imagined I would even be brave enough to post my art on Tumblr, and even when I worked up the courage, I never thought I’d make it this far, this fast. I’m absolutely proud of myself and also hella thankful for those of you who gave me a chance in the first place? I know I can be really inconsistent with my updating, but I’m going to do my best to improve on that.

And, I really owe a big heckin’ thanks to @molded-from-clay who was one of the first people I actually reached out to on here? And she was super sweet and it definitely helped me come out of my shell and I really appreciate that so much even if I’m like…the worst at communicating it. I’ll definitely try not to be tagging you in things every five seconds ^^;;

Um… I don’t know what else to say, other than thanks so much! And there’s a version without the text for whoever would like a lil Pocket Holly for the fun of it!  And if you’d like an….extra treat… You can click this link to check out a new post on my second account but it is nsfw, so beware!

Anyway! Thank you so much! I love you guys!

Hi, lovelies! My name is Morgan. I’m 21 and from the U.S. (Texas)! I’m really interested in finding a snail mail pen pal, but I’m also open to just tumblr messaging, skype, snapchat, etc!

Likes/A little bit about me:

  • I’m incredibly introverted/shy, but I really come out of my shell when I find people I can be comfortable with
  • I’m currently a junior in college, majoring in psychology (originally a photography major)
  • I love spending time at my local record/thrift store(s), working on bettering my embroidery skills and photographing friends/people
  • I have an [unhealthy] obsession with Life is Strange (this game has literally ruined me, but I still love it so much)
  • I have 6 pets (4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 bearded dragon)
  • I have a music playlist on my blog if you’re interested in knowing my music taste (Wolf Alice, Lydia, Bright Eyes, Lorde, Daughter, BØRNS, Phantogram, etc.)
  • I’m fluent in English, but took 2 years of French in High School (I probably remember nothing at all) and am in the process of learning American Sign Language!

Dislikes/Pet Peeves:

  • When people fail to use their blinkers while driving
  • Unkind people
  • Bullies/any form of bullying 

As far as snail mail goes, I’d love to send artsy/creative letters and other cute stuff like stickers or random things I think you might enjoy! *Before getting to snail mail, I would like to just talk/get to know each other and make sure we have common interests first.*

I’d prefer people who are between 20 - 25 (close to my age). Other than that, I have no other ‘preferences’. Just be kind and be yourself! 

Random fact: Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) came to my university and I got to see him in person! It was pretty cool.

If you’re interested in being pen pals, please contact me via my blog:

I look forward to meeting some of you! xo

ive been thinking that it’s surprisingly easy for rick to make fact laugh and smile because he just knows him so well and loves him enough to actually make it a priority. like you’d think that fact is alway this pissy grumpy serious nerd at heart but rick probably helped him come out of his shell in a way. usually being smothered in smooches and huge bear hugs from rick does it for him. rick also makes fact very happy by just being a fucking silly dork in front of him or buying/making him his favorite foods. rick just loves to see him smiling and having a good time when it usually seems like he never does. they’re such good boys and happy fact is such a blessed thing

Happy birthday to the school idol that encouraged and inspired me to come out of my shell!!

Hanayo has helped me improve in a social setting, has encouraged me to dance in front of others in my Love Live dance group, OTONOKI Stars, and so much more. You’ll always have a special place in my heart!!!! I love you Pana!!! D-Dareka Tasukete~!!

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I read a fic where Neil and Andrew foster and eventually adopt, and I don't remember much else, but I do remember their kid had a service dog and knew asl. Do you know the title? Or something about it??

Hi, I think this is it! :) 

“Call me Marcus; he’s strong and noble.” by AroPeterWam (E | 6,899 | 1/1)

“Which one is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson? And why does he have a long name? I like the name King Fluffkins, but isn’t that too many noble titles for the cats?” Marcus, slowly coming out of his shell reached under the coffee table for one of the cats.

In which Neil and Andrew come across a boy who might not be like any of their stray cats.

/Graphic Depictions of Violence, /Rape/Non-Con, /Underage 

“Why did you name it Burrito?’ by AroPeterWam (Not Rated | 6,828 | 1/1)

“So, is this language barrier ever going to end?” It was Dan who spoke, seemingly entertained by them as she rubbed her temples.

Marcus meets the Foxes and other issues his dads help him through.

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IM SORRY IM CURRENTLY DEAD FROM SQUEE. OUR HUSBAND?!!?!?? I can’t handle this level of adorable. I loved the innocent Tony coming out of his shell to give orders in bed. I loved Steve’s dirty talk... and Bucky’s lol. He will revel in all that innocence, blushing and stuttering! I can’t wait to see how he and Tony are together!

Ahhhh I love the little bit of dirty talk from Steve! Like it barely qualifies as dirty talk and tony still cant handle it! and then when Buckys like YEE HAW DIRTY TALK steve has to tell him to calm down lolol so funny!!!

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Prompto couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he went from shop to shop getting your favorite foods and gifts for the big night. The big night is your birthday and 2 year anniversary with him. Between occasional rides on Chocobos to being serenaded by Prompto’s smooth voice, you couldn’t imagine your life being any better. Of course, Prompto felt the same way. You helped him come out of his shell, learn to love himself a little more and, in turn, he made your world a little bit brighter. (1/?)

Running back to your apartment, Prom used the spare key the get in and start decorating the living room. You were gonna flip~After a long day at work, you wanted to do nothing but take a nice long bath, call up your sunshine boy and have a movie night. After taking off your shoes in the foyer, you started to make your way into the living room before you notice the soft music playing in the background. (2/?)

“Did I leave Spotify on?” you asked yourself before looking down and seeing rose petals making a path towards the couch. Sitting on the said couch was your precious sunshine boy surrounded by some of your favorite foods, wrapped gifts and a bouquet of carnations and daffodils. (3/?)

You couldn’t stop the smile and a few tears from spreading on your face before Prompto got up and gently kissed your plush lips while wiping your tears away. “Baby, don’t cry. This is all for you. I love you so much and if I could give you the world, I would.” You laughed a little and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “Prompto, you nerd. I don’t need the whole world when I have you, sunshine. I love you too and thank you.“ (4/?)

This was one of the best birthdays ever, and hopefully, there will be more to come, together with your eternal sunshine. (5/5) 





deep, rooted fear

Aries: powerlessness, losing a sense of their own self, never achieving their goal, losing their  flame, being seen/described as incapable and being underestimated, life being dull, plain and grey - and they are a part of it

Taurus: losing what is most important to them (materialistic/security/loved ones), never being able to expand themselves and being stuck on something they don’t want/think they don’t deserve, not reaching a higher level and worries A LOT about the future and how it might look like 

Gemini: being ‘caged’ in their own mind, being seen as stupid or of unsound mind, having no real connection to anything and anyone, being scattered and all over the place (internal), being judged for their words/intellect

Cancer: the future, never forgetting past trauma/overcoming sadness, not being able to let go, being used, showing their soft side, showing their real selves and coming out of their shell, having no home

Leo: being exposed to every flaw and insecurety they have, never being able to shine and show their true self, being lost, having no energy/optimism to go on, trusting the wrong ones too easily, not having the life they always wanted/admired

Virgo: being a failure to themselves and anyone else, losing control over their life, not being able to go on anymore, paranoia of everything that could go wrong, exposing themselves too early/easily

Libra: never finding the one, feeling no fulfillment deep within, feeling like a ghost/having no real face, not being satisfied themselves,giving too much, being hurt/forgotten, being completely alone

Scorpio: being hurt/exposed, letting the wrong ones in, (past) trauma, never healing scars, love (loving oneself and being loved), opening up, becoming the demon and the demons of the world/life, losing

Sagittarius: being trapped and caged, never being able to feel life, being exposed to their feelings and showing their caring/loving side, never being able to win (due to running away from their problems), never being truly content

Capricorn: being stuck on lower grounds, always losing, never winning, their hard built up reputation being shattered, losing what’s most important for them, inner conflicts and hidden emotions - not being able to express them and compensate for it, 

Aquarius: being the madman and not the genius they wish to be, being lost in the world, an inner standstill, having no one by their side, being alone, being judged for what they are inside, not knowing the answer/being completely hopeless

Pisces: never being able to truly love/be loved, being lost in their own mind/trauma, afraid of being hurt and used, an inner trance that they can not escape, a martyrer that is shamelessly sacrificed and will never be recognized, no understanding for their view/opinions

rising signs when drunk
  • Aries: loud af, super fun, changes the music and dances by themselves, sometimes a bit of a dick (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE), makes everyone dance with them, the one usually to come up with an idea to ride down a hill on some cardboard they found (SO FUN), probs will steal a sign
  • Taurus: probs drunk eating or hanging out in the kitchen, always on the look out for food or a snuggle, really well dressed and presented, super touchy and affectionate (often they're not super affectionate), SUPER giggly lmao, almost a mom-friend but if you're not a CLOSE friend they rly will not give a fuck, will very likely take off their clothes bc they feel so restricted
  • Gemini: giggly as hell, absolute SHIT talker, could probably win a debate with their confidence when drunk, tends to like run away, ditzy and off the planet entirely, somehow manages to talk with everyone at the party, doesn't really remember their names, accidentally flirty but only bc they are on their own level
  • Cancer: Super mom-friend if you're a close pal, will not give a fuck if you're not close, really loves food, tends to be super fun and captivating, really social and flirty, doesn't take it anywhere though so when it gets more than flirty they kinda just... leave that situation, can get offended rly quickly but also as quickly is laughing in the centre of the room
  • Leo: the organiser, lights up the party when they walk in, everyone is playing drinking games around them, always dressed on-POINT, laughs really loud, NEVER empty handed, always chatting to a group of people really animatedly, will find/swap clothes with someone by the end of the night, first one to get everyone to do shots for the night, forward rolls away from a bad convo, life of the party
  • Virgo: tries to look after everyone at first, makes sure they're comfortable, really sweet and caring, then gets absolutely smashed, talks shit and gets super direct, tells people they're wrong and corrects them in a hilarious way, doesn't shut up when they get started, makes sure everyone is super drunk and having fun, will be the one to hold back hair even if they just threw up
  • Libra: will touch EVERYTHING, super flirty and huggy, friends with everyone in a charming way, has control of the music ALWAYS and will complain when it's shit, somehow has everyone's details by the end of the night, HILARIOUS, talks really fast when they get excited, makes people chug their drinks and starts a chant off, usually ends up hooking up with someone at the end of a night
  • Scorpio: magnetic as hell, super dark and sarcastic at the beginning, cynical and observes, then decides who the fun people are at a party and gets LOOSE AS HELL, seductive and a smooth talker, will definitely bring someone home with them, gets someone's number, dances on the tables, sings/raps a song surprisingly perfectly, charming and witty, super funny
  • Sagittarius: omg life of the party with leo rising, does literally their own thing 100% of the time, gets on their own buzz entirely, makes a brand new friend group and runs off with them during the night, might just run off in general, makes a speech early in the night, makes the FUNNIEST jokes, can talk about politics and also absolutely nothing within the same conversation, always with a drink
  • Capricorn: witty and observant at first, then comes out of their shell and a completely different side to them emerges, will leave mid convo if it's boring, is sarcastic and loud, starts running around and somehow gets the energy of 5 billion condensed suns, gets really confident, speaks and laughs loudly
  • Aquarius: SOCIAL AS HELL, big arms and wild movements, always dresses so uniquely and cool, deeply involved in all drinking games, always ends up scoring more alcohol somehow (it's often given to them), takes a heap of selfies but immediately deletes them if they look slightly bad, will not ever stop talking
  • Pisces: absolutely wildly silly, laughing super hard on one side, and then mid-conversation sprints into another bc they like what they're talking about more, sometimes has a break where they suddenly get sad or mad, but then immediately reverts back to their cloud 9 state, gets a shitload of energy, meets everyone in the party and almost immediately forgets their name, always gets super drunk, passes out, wakes up and keeps going

I was inspired by the beautiful pastel lavender pink sunset I saw tonight. 💖


hey, kid. you look like a discerning young customer person.

you wanna learn some cool facts about animals?

I think you dooooo. c’mon back here into this completely unsuspicious alley for some absolutely legal dealings.

meet the Conch (pronounced kONK, because why not), a large marine sea snail found throughout the Caribbean. you can probably recognize them from their shells:

found in every beach-themed restaurant and etsy store on the globe

the actual animal is a foot-long snail with a habit of peeking out at the world in the manner of a man who wants to sell you the full set of counterfeit ginsu knives hidden in his trenchcoat.

available cheap, this week only!

unfortunately for the snail, their shifty ways and general gross snail-ness are no match for the fact that they are completely fucking delicious.

wait, what

prized in the Caribbean for it’s lustrous shell and delicious delicious meats,  the Conch is now threatened in most of its natural range.

look buddy, are you gonna buy these watches or what?

thankfully, some protections are now in place for nature’s scalpers. it is our genuine hope that they continue to hawk dubious goods at humanity for decades to come.

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, itโ€™s difficult to understand you. Many people donโ€™t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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WKM - What happened?

I’m going to cover all of this mess in this post. It’s just what I think could be the truly amazing story behind this amazing video series. 

There are LOTS of questions in my own head and I’m gonna try answering (hopefully) most of them! Here we go!


The biggest question raised is, obviously, who killed Markiplier? From what we could gather throughout the series, demons are likely to exist in this scenario.

Even the newspaper gives a hint that the mayor might have been a “demon in disguise”. So there are spiritual, supernatural things happening here. I, for one, can not answer the biggest question out of all, how he died and who he was killed by. I can only make one assumption; here’s my theory.

We know that Mark’s body went missing at some point. Where exactly is never shown or hinted at, but I have a likely theory that Mark himself was the one to hide his own body in form of his spirit. Or just, behind all that was happening in general. However, what we do know is that Mark, I quote (Damien): “(He) trapped us here in this broken shell and we had no way out.” 

It seems established that, during the time we were outside to talk to the gardener, Damien and Celine tried to reach out to Mark(’s ghost), hence she wanted to “talk to the dead”. During that time, Mark took the chance to inhabit Damien’s body and trap him inside his own, dead shell that could not be used anymore. Whilst doing so he either accidentally killed Celine by possessing her first, her not being able to hold the soul inside her body, OR Celine did not die and let Damien inside her body to save him from being thrown into the corpse, which would explain why she was red and blue in the end sequence of Chapter 3. She also appears to be having two pairs of eyes above her head at one point. Possibly a hint that she’s two in one at that point?

Either way, we know that Damien represents BLUE and Celine represents RED thanks to the ending of Chapter 4:

Which is why it could very well be that She kept Damien’s soul inside her body for a short while to save his life. And of course Damien was PISSED after that, betrayed by whom he cared for, who he fought Will for and whom he thought was a good, a childhood friend he could trust. That’s for the angry step towards us, the angry stare. He looks at us, knowingly. He chooses his victim that very moment.

We are told to run. The door closes and Celine does not come out. Her shell possibly broke and both souls were set free without a shell, or she kept it up and waited for the right moment to talk to us. 

The right moment being the time Will shot us.

And here is the thing; We did NOT die. If you listen closely, you can hear a faint heartbeat in the background during this very scene. They both tell you to believe them, tell you stories to make you feel sorry for them. Which, of course, you do. Damien seems pissed and loses his temper once more, like he did with the Colonel before, and shouts angrily that Mark walks around in his body. Which is why I think that part is true. He couldn’t take his anger in. He can’t, he has a low temper, that’s just it.

But Celine reminds him that he “can’t do this right now”. Reminds us to believe them. What you’re told is that Mark trapped both of them inside his old, dead body and that they brought you there so you have a chance to survive. Damien tells you that you can’t survive on your own and Celine says she can bring you back the same way she brought you there. But what Damien says afterwards is the most important clue.

He says: “But you can’t survive on your own. You’re .. dead, after all. (…) I know this all sounds crazy. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But I know that I trust Celine. And if you trust us … let me in. We can fix this.”

Gathered: Damien lies to you after all this time of actually being genuine. He was betrayed by Mark, knows that you trust him, wants revenge and is angry. He lures you into a false sense of security, tells you you can fix this together. He makes you feel like a friend by telling you that he feels the same way about all of this. And then, he mentions that oh so beloved trust of his. That one thing he completely lost thanks to Mark. 

Also important to note; It is ONLY DAMIEN that inhabits your body after all of this. Why is that?
Celine states that she can send “you” back, not “us”. She says “you” have a choice. And Damien ends his sentence with “let me in.” Not let us in.

You trust Damien and he tells you that it will work, he promises.

And it does work! You wake up in your own body, get up, meet the Colonel who is completely out of it by now.

He does not recognize us as a “Dark” or “Damien” because we don’t look like Damien yet and Dark doesn’t exist yet either. Damien, at this point, is inside our body and trying to take over. 

We listen to what Will says and see him, in desperation and utter confusion, try to find his dear friends he lost.

Once he’s away, only THEN do we walk over to the mirror. And here is where it gets interesting.

We take Damien’s cane: Take a look at the hands.

A thin, female and young looking hand (possibly Amy wee i love her), but then something happens.

The hand changes, transforms into a different one. Into a hand similar to Damien’s. Because Damien is inhabiting your body by himself. Celine is likely still in Mark’s body or, as I mentioned earlier, never died to begin with. It’s Damien who was so fed up, he had to use you to get what he wants. And he gets it alright:

A body. A shell to use as a puppet. He transformed your body into a copy of his own. Mark likely still uses actual Damien’s body, but Damien had to make you look like him to finish this with you. 

Then this happens.

And sad music plays in the background all throughout this scene and it broke my heart - but why did it break my heart? Because that right there is a representation of broken trust, my friends. Damien threw us out of the body he stole from us and trapped us either behind our screens or in that mirror (hence the weird noise light inside the crack). He used us. He manipulated us. We were his first victim.

And he feels bad about it at first. Note how Dark’s look changes after he throws us out? Because now we can see what he truly is; a broken man. He had so much trust in Mark, in us. He was a genuine, good and kind hearted man. He neglected his other friends for Mark only to then find himself betrayed by Mark or whatever he had unleashed that day. He is troubled, his emotions are a whirlwind and all the while he has to keep his anger inside. After all, Damien has a short and low temper. Guilty about what happened, he looks up at you.

Reminds himself that he has a goal now; take revenge. Looks at you now with almost disgust to make you feel even worse. This is a reflection of his own emotions that very moment. We are supposed to feel exactly what Damien felt. Betrayal, fear, loneliness. An end. The mirror itself is a genius metaphor for this.

He then leaves us. Clearly guided by rage and hatred and you can FEEL that, I get goosebumps just thinking about this. (@markiplier frickin amazing acting, dude!) Anyway, here he makes up his mind to take back control over what is rightfully his. Mark; his own body.

We are then left in darkness, questioning and clueless, sad and quite literally broken. 

Dark’s origin, ladies and gentlemen.

(just my take on this. It’s probably, like, super wrong lmao also sorry for the long post ilyall)

BTS in Relationships (Based on Astrology)

The three relationship/love houses are the 5th, 7th, and 8th houses. The 5th house is the dating/crush phase. It’s the early stages, how love blossoms, light-hearted affection and flirting. The 7th house is where things gets serious. it’s commitment, long term relationships, and marriage. It’s the honey moon phase, and also how you cooperate with a life long partner. The 8th house is the deeper side of love. The familiarity and comfort a lover gives you, and the everlasting bond you share. On the steamier side of things, the 5th house is casual/fun sex while the 8th house is the binding of souls and bodies, more intimate. 


  • Cancer 5th house - approaches love and dating a bit guarded, maybe even shy. seeks serious, committed, and emotionally deep partners. not one for casual flings. prefers dates at home rather than out, nothing is better than cuddling. love nurturing and caring for their s/o, protective of them. v v affectionate 

  • Virgo 7th house - another nurturing sign. more grounded and pragmatic than when you first start dating, but still as selfless. into the small tasks and chores at home. wants perfection in a relationship. can get wrapped up in and stressed out by work/perfecting things, needs someone with calming energy

  • Scorpio 8th house - connects with his partner on deeply emotional levels. bares his secrets to them and expects them to do the same. sex is seen as something spiritual. can be possessive and dominant 

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  • Cancer 5th house - approaches love and dating a bit guarded, maybe even shy. seeks serious, committed, and emotionally deep partners. not one for casual flings. prefers dates at home rather than out, nothing is better than cuddling. love nurturing and caring for their s/o, protective of them. v v affectionate 

  • Libra 7th house - more social and outgoing than at the start, he comes out of his shell. approaches a long term relationship with fairness and balance. wants peace and harmony. likely to get married quickly as the idea of marriage is very appealing

  • Scorpio 8th house - connects with his partner on deeply emotional levels. bares his secrets to them and expects them to do the same. sex is seen as something spiritual. can be possessive and dominant 

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  • Leo 5th house - approaches dating with endless enthusiasm and energy. very open and grande with affection. likes to show s/o off. likes nights out on the town together, partying and clubbing. extremely loyal and passionate. loves attention/needy for his partner. wears his heart on his sleeves

  • Libra 7th house - just as social and outgoing as always. approaches a long term relationship with fairness and balance. wants peace and harmony. takes the idea of marriage very seriously, sees it as something sacred

  • Sagittarius 8th house - again, an optimistic lover. wants to learn life lessons with his s/o. seeks a spiritual connection, binding of mind and body. adventurous in and out of the bedroom. more lighthearted than other lovers and doesn’t take himself too seriously 

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  • Aries 5th house - approaches dating with energy. loves spontaneity and activity in a relationship. would like dates that involve exercise like biking or hiking. likes someone who challenges him

  • Taurus 7th house - a sensual committed man in long term relationships. the type of husband to like candlelit dinners and bubble baths. extremely loyal. can be very possessive 

  • Cancer 8th house - wants a deep emotional bond with his partner. he’s a nurturer and likes to take care of his s/o. can be very protective. definitely not one for casual flings 

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  • Scorpio 5th house - approaches dating mysteriously, intensely, with passion. loves steamy touches and eye contact. very flirtatious, but once he finds his “prey” he focuses on only them. jealous and possessive. gives his partner his heart and expects the same from them 
  • Capricorn 7th house - once again, extremely committed and loyal in a long term relationship. you’ll see a much more mature side of him emerge. likes to be in charge. wants someone who he can build a foundation with
  • Aquarius 8th house - although he is committed he still appreciates a sense of freedom in the relationship. encourages self expression in his partner, never judges them. into some kinky shit

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  • Taurus 5th house - has a slow and steady approach to dating. doesn’t rush a relationship, takes his time to fully commit but once he does it’s forever. very sensual, will wine and dine you. has a calming serene presence around his partner. likes luxury displays of love like gift giving and very affectionate physically
  • Gemini 7th house - approaches marriage with a youthful touch. loves discussions and learning new things with his s/o. tends to keep topics light and may gloss over conflict. can be a bit scattered but a lot of fun
  • Cancer 8th house - wants a deep emotional bond with his partner. deep down he’s a nurturer and likes to take care of his s/o. a bit possessive or sensitive 

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  • Aquarius 5th house - approaches dating like a friendship and most likely will date a friend. may be attracted to unconventional people. likes the right amount of freedom and hates to feel suffocated. may take time to realize his feelings or officially call it a relationship but is loyal and loving nonetheless

  • Aries 7th house - likes to keep a long term relationship fresh and exciting. never loses that feisty teasing nature he had when the relationship just started. loves to be challenged by his partner. lots of energy  

  • Taurus 8th house - shows love/comforts his s/o primarily through physical ways (hugs, kisses) rather than verbal. very sensual and intimate. almost psychically in tune with his partner’s thoughts and feelings. 

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