come shells

Signs that the signs like you:

- probably texting u a lot
- touchy feely as hell
- will be pretty direct
- confident anywhere but around you

- will tease u
- does small but significant things for u
- makes lots of jokes
- will never be blunt

- very flirty
- constantly stalking u tbfh
- laughs like 3x harder than usual
- and probably extremely extroverted

- has deep convos with you
- asks u about UR health
- becomes a bit more clingy
- will def want to hang out with u at 2am

- prepare for showing off 24/7
- gets embarrassed if they make themselves look like an idiot
- if they REALLY like u they’ll share their insecurities
- super selfless toward u

- comes out of their shell
- may even flirt a little;)) who knew??
- lit changes their day to make urs easier
- will be very shy and flustered

- will want to be with u 24/7
- flirty and smiles lOTs
- probably plays hard to get with u
- not to forward/ direct with emotions

- one minute they are clingy and pay ALL their attention 2 u + the next they are distant n cold
- deep convos allll day
- will tease u, but reassures u it’s a joke
- has a special place for u in their heart

- literally probably will just tell u bc they love hard in the moment and cannot hide it
- NO boundaries.
- will do lil surprises for u
- so unpredictable?? Wants to take u to all their rebellious adventures

- loosens up around you
- will speak a lot about themselves, especially things that mean a lot to them
- may be shy and a bit blunt, but that’s because they’re scared to mess up
- most likely won’t tell u for ages

- looking 👀 at u all the time
- a lot of communication
- you will most likely have to look in between the lines to see if this sign likes u
- teasing

- wants to share ideas and emotions with u
- probably stares at u for a weird amount of time but only because they’re daydreaming into ur eyes
- speaks about the future with you
- cares a LOT for u

*check ur Venus and if ur a guy maybe ur mars*

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed

Vodka: When I want to come out of my shell and tell people I know the stories of how I miss you.

Cocaine: When I want to meet strangers and all I seem to do is talk about you.

Whiskey: When I sit alone and think about how sad it makes me that we aren’t together.

The jasmine garden: When I want to remember your scent that has escaped my pillow.

Cigarettes: When I want to feel you in my lungs and watch you disappear into smoke.

Poetry: When I want to write to you, despite knowing you shall never read the words.

—  Navin E. (my ingredients)
Moon sign quick notes: my observations

Moon in Aires: honest but hard time opening up about deep emotions, can be explosive

Moon in Taurus: might look to possessions or food for comfort. Need to feel secure and lots of sleep

Moon in Gemini: emotionally restless, needs change, grass could be greener on the other side types, might have sleep problems

Moon in cancer: deeply sensitive, likes to heal, be supportive, protective, hard to come out of shell.

Moon in Leo: proud and can be dramatic when emotions are not acknowledged or respected. Likes feeling loved.

Moon in Virgo: emotionally logical, but also intuitive, likes organizing details. Can feel like sensory overload.

Moon in libra: usually mild mannered, understanding and aim to please, dislike confrontation and need fairness

Moon in Scorpio: very observant, needs to get to the bottom of things, likes intensity, not fluff

Moon in Sagittarius: emotionally needs lots of variety, mobility and stimulation. Can be scattered

Moon in Capricorn: emotionally can be disciplined, likes to be useful and feel needed. Cool under pressure

Moon in Aquarius: need freedom and can read people to the extreme, reads between the lines Unseen intellect, ultimately can be a great helper

Moon in Pisces: intuitive, need stability with their easily changing emotions. Need time alone

Haha what are you doing my beautiful bias wrecker Mark?!💋💖😍😂He so random and adorable, I’m glad to see him come out of his shell more like in asc he was much more talkative, on the v app and weekly Idol he’s being more social and I’m really proud for him!💋

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Every McHanzo fic

-moody hanzo, refuses to eat with the rest of the team, practices archery by himself

-McCree “holy fuck he’s hot and I need him Right Now”

-somehow they end up practicing together, always coming out at a draw

-hanzo comes out of his shell and begins eating meals with everyone

-McCree kisses hanzo or vice versa, they then give each other the silent treatment for a week until McCree is like “listen darlin”

-they fuck and everything is good and somehow everyone else finds out and hanzo gets embarrassed


-hanzo wearing McCree’s serape

-drinking buddies

-hanzo’s “beautiful flowing hair”

-McCree asking a sassy genji for advice

-hanzo starts calling mccree ‘Jesse’


Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell →  Meeshell Mermaid

Viktor things I personally appreciate
  • His winking
  • His Makkachin merch. Fucken goals.
  • When he gets more professional because he’s so focused on the performance and then he starts talking really fast
  • So enthusiastic he lets 6 year old triplets organize an event without even really thinking about it
  • Wanted to pose nude in the hot springs to take pictures for IG
  • “Wow!”
  • Realizing he isn’t Yakov and sometimes it’s okay to praise a performance he finds less than stellar because Yuuri deserves it
  • Actually caring about Yuuri and letting him come out of his shell on his own time, as well as letting him know when he’s done something wrong while giving him the choice to fix it (and being proud when he does)
  • He’s clearly a foodie and he’s so excited about eating everything
  • “woof woof!”
  • He’s so worried about looking older yet his hair is silver
  • Fucking with Yuuri in a playful way
  • “Hii!!”
  • Silly forgetful tourism ambassador fashionista diva star figure skater of my heart

We have Punny Valentines Just in time for February 14th!

Be extra ready for Valentine’s Day this year with these cute #PunnyValentines! Happy Valentine’s Day from your public lands, brought to you by the Bureau of Land Management. Please share with family and friends. These are sure to be a hit in classrooms and work places alike!

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