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Chris&Eva #20

“Why do you keep pushing me away? ” Chris asked, whilst loading groceries out of the cart and into the shopping bag. It wasn’t unusual for him to accompany Eva grocery shopping…Or to the dentist, or bring her homework to school because she forgot it on her desk, being to caught up in their  morning makeout sesh.Come to think of it, there wasn’t much that they didn’t do together these days .

“What do you mean?"Eva asked,her brows furrowing.Damn, only Eva could look cute and sexy at the same time."I have never pushed you away. Oh, wait. There was that one time, when I tried to push you out of the bed. Unsucessfully, since you managed to make my mom feel incredibly uncomfortable with your half-naked body,” she said, with a laugh. Chris grinned at the memory as well.

“Please, she loved every second of it,"he said, playfuly showing her in direction of his Mercedes. He unlocked the door, by the time he loaded all of the grocery bags into the car, Eva had already turned the heaters on and was turning radio volume on because "I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd was playing and she had been obsessed with this song for a week now.

Chris swiftly pulled out of parking lot and turned over to look at Eva, who was typing something on her phone, probably texting one of her girl squad members. She was softly murmuring the lyrics and again, Chris felt this overwhling sense of longing.This excruciating  need to be able to call Eva his. His girl, his significant other, his friend, his everything. William didn’t think that what he felt for her was real, but Chris could swear that it was the realest thing he had ever felt in his life.

“Eyes on the road.I know I once said that I wanted to die young, so I could look hot in the casket, but I would like to particiapte in the Russefeiring before I die,” Eva said and playfuly punched him in the shoulder. 

“Don’t you even joke about death,”Chris said through gritted teeth. Even the smallest thought of Eva being hurt made his stomach clench.

“I am not. You just never know,” she replied.


It was 7PM, dishes were done, Eva and Chris were lounging on the sofa. Eva was focused watching “Before I Fall” but Chris was more focused on playing with her hair, since it wasn’t the first time that Eva had insisted  on watching that movie.

“I feel so bad for Sam. I don’t think I would be able to handle reliving the same day over and over again, and not go crazy,”Eva said, nuzzling closer to Chris. 

“If there is someone I feel bad for, it’s Lindsay. Imagine being so unhappy, broken and insecure and having to tear others down just to make yourself feel better.

Eva let out a laugh,”Please, like you have never done that.”

“Nope. Never needed to, I always knew that I was pretty special,”Chris said and playfully bit Eva’s exposed shoulder, she struggled to against him half laughing, half shrieking.

“Why am I even hanging out with you? You are so conceited ,”Eva said. 

Chris wanted to say that he would like to know answer to that question as well, instead he said, “Because I am good in bed, that’s why.”

A dark look passed Eva’s features or maybe he imagined because the next minute she was leaning towards him, “Yeah, that must be it.” 

Eva’s lips touched his and every thought he had disappeared,, all that mattered was this right now.

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Imagine, you and Tyler are well let's say not on friendly terms, because you're both stubborn 20 year olds, and you're getting into it one night and he just in the middle, his hands roughly grip your face and just push his lips against yours and you want to push away but you don't and that's how the two of you end up making out in the hallway and get caught.

:O i….magi…ne… th…at.

That’s so hot??? That’s SO HOT THATS SO HOT WOW SEE OKAY THERES PART OF ME THAT KNOWS I WOULD CALL HIM OUTNFOR THE TALKING ABOUT BEING VEGAN ALL THE DAMN TIME (it’s… all. The. Damn. Time.) and we would just know how to get under each other’s skin ya know? And it would be a heavy make out like his lips are latched against my throat and I am in my own little world and suddenly, @newjapan WOULD POP OUTTA NOWHERE, CLEAR HER THROAT AND GIVE ME YHE LOOK AND I’D BE LIKE ?????? Shut up bc she would’ve predicted it honestly

Hello everybody I am posting from beyond the grave with this shitty selfie of me and Bob, we chatted about his favorite storylines and he said his fave was Jaha and Murphys search for the city of light, he almost slipped up and said he hated his season 3 storyline but then decided to say he liked it because it forced him to look harder at Bellamys motivations but he wished they spent more time looking at bellamys psyche, Jazz unfortunately couldn’t come to the autograph sesh but we did get a photo together with bob but I look shitty in it so I didn’t post it lol. Anyways I’ll now be blogging as a ghost cause I died today

This was a shit video, but I liked the clip. This is from the contest I won by @sadhippieslut.

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Darcy/Steve, 2

for @typhoidmeri

2. “Don’t go.”  

Steve paused, his hand on the door.  “You know I have to.”  

Darcy scoffed, “Nah. You don’t.  Not really.  They can do without you for a day.  Play hooky.”

He chuckled, hesitating for just a moment before shutting the door again.  “Not sure if it’s called ‘hooky’ if it involves the Avengers.”  

“Come on.  Like none of the rest of them ever miss a training sesh.   Come back in…let’s go back to bed and stay there all day.  Play nookie with me.”  She winked and stood up, making her way back to the bedroom.  

“You’re a bad influence…” Steve teased, following her.  

“Yeah, yeah…get in here and take off your pants, Rogers.”