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Black and White (Part 1)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group? Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Word Count: 3250

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

There’s nothing left to do for the day, and Dean’s just about to lock up when a woman walks in, walking briskly and looking a little flustered, like most people who’ve just had unexpected car trouble.

“And what can I do for you?” Dean asks, eyeing her as she sets her purse on the counter. Pretty, but a little too upscale for his taste, with her manicured nails and name-brand everything.

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Like A Disney Princess

Request/Prompt: KASKDEIWJKSI I saw your post and I just had to request something! *in my New York accent pretending to be ordering something from the corner store* yeah, so can I get a fluffy Pietro x Reader where for their first date he brings her around the world using his speed! Also, I loved that Pietro pic ‘There Is Space On Me’! K, I’m done bothering you now, bye! - @quicksoldier
Note: okay, I lovoeoeo this request but i think… i did shit at it. I don’t know if it’s too cheesy. Also I had to change the around the world bit because i had no fucking clue on how to write that shit so yahh!! I hope you like it??? Also, i fucking described him as blond when the gif i used shows brunet, wtf andrea, get your shit together girl.
Summary: a date with Pietro, nothing goes wrong, and everything is perfect? Unrealistic, right?
Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Reader
Word Count: 775

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

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Character: Lafayette X Reader
Prompt: The HamilSquad & Schuyler Sisters decide to go ice skating as the group outing for the week. While the boys join in happily, Angelica and Eliza plot to have you and your crush, Lafayette, forced to skate together.
Word Count: 3,104
W/T: Lots of teasing, some cursing, google translated French
A/N: What can I say, I’m a sucker for Daveed. He’s just so… Daveed. Hope y'all enjoy! ~SJ


“Angelica, I swear, if this is another one of your ‘matchmaker’ ideas to get Herc to skate with me, I’m not going.” Peggy pouts, crossing her arms defiantly next to you, and glaring at her two older sisters, who held a pair of car keys and eight tickets to an ice rink nearby. “Oh, don’t be such a Debby Downer.” Eliza groans, jingling the silver and gold keychain in her hand. “We always have one of these kinds of nights!” “Yeah, but it’s usually just the girls!” Peggy argues, flailing her arms in exaggeration. “You’re coming and that’s final, Margarita.” Angelica deadpans, tossing her dark swirling locks over her shoulder. “I already bought your ticket anyway.” “And besides,” Eliza interjects, quickly leaning over and grabbing you by the arm, pulling you to a standing position, “you wouldn’t want to leave Y/N as a third wheel, would you?” You smile timidly at your best friend, her eyes narrowing accusingly at you.

“Whatever.” Peggy answers hotly, pushing herself off of the couch. “But I’m only doing this because I don’t want Y/N to be alone with the guys. God knows what mischief they’ll get into.” Angelica and Eliza both squeal in excitement, spinning on their heels to rush out of the front door. “Don’t you hate how strung up they are on boys?” Peggy scoffs, her voice becoming a bit less hateful than before. “You can say that again.” You laugh, watching the two girls dressed in pink and light blue giddily hop into their car, their faces plastered with a goofy smile. “Eliza finally gets a boyfriend, and what do you know? She wants to invite him to everything that is meant to be for us.” “What? So you’re saying you don’t want to hang out with Hercules?” You tease, gently nudging her in the shoulder. “I didn’t say that!” Peggy quickly counters, pushing you away from her hurriedly, her cheeks brushed with a tint of pink now. “Oh, don’t be so sour about Eliza, Peg. Eventually she’ll get over the hype, and it’ll settle down a bit. Besides, once tonight’s over, I bet you and ol’ Herc will be on ‘better than friends’ terms, huh?” You smirk, taking in the obvious blushing of her face against her darker skin. “Oh shut up, Y/N.” Peggy whines, trying to cover her face up. “Aww, my lil’ Peggy’s in loooveeee~.” You gush, grabbing ahold of her wrist and forcing them down, that way you can watch her become more and more flustered. “Stop! Y/N stop it!” Peggy complains, freeing herself from your hold. “I can’t help it! My best friend is in love with my other friend!” You sigh, smiling happily at the thought of your two friends being an item. “And I suppose you don’t have anyone you’re falling head over heels for?” Peggy questions, raising an eyebrow at you suspiciously. Ha! You think guys like me? That’s adorable Peggy, honestly.“ You cackle, shrugging off the thought. “Uh huh. We’ll see about that.” Peggy answers, clicking her tongue.

A couple of short and not so subtle honks from the driveway indicates that you and Peggy have been standing here for too long, according to Angelica’s watch. “Come on. The sooner we get there, the sooner you get to see your boyfriend~.” You sing, grabbing Peggy by the bright yellow sleeve of her sweater and dragging her out to the awaiting car.

Almost instantly you are bombarded by some loud rap music blaring from the speakers, Eliza beat boxing while Angelica managed to spit out every line fluently. Silently, you slide into the backseat with Peggy, hoping that Angelica’s rapping wouldn’t distract her enough to get into an accident. “Let’s go.” Peggy piped up, surprising her two older sisters. Eliza quickly turned the volume down and whipped her head around the seat to give Peggy a devious look. “Oh? You want to arrive so soon?” She giggles, sharing a look with Angelica. “N-no. Y/N just said she really wanted to get to the rink already!” Peggy says nervously, pushing the pressure onto you. “And why would that be?” Angelica asks, backing out of the driveway and onto the main road. “Because I’m the best fucking skater you’ll ever meet.” You sarcastically joke, rolling your eyes at what she was implying. “I bet he’d love that.” Eliza whispers excitedly to Angelica, hitting her arm. “Excuse me?” You automatically scoff, this sudden comment catching your attention. “It’ll be perfect!” Angelica answers, her smile growing at whatever she was thinking. “Y/N will go off skating, and lil’ Peggy here will be struggling along behind. And then-” “Hercules will come bounding in, and sweep her off of the ice!” Eliza finishes, staring dreamily into the distance. “Because let’s face it, she will be on the ground more than she will her feet.” Angelica snickers, almost missing the turnoff.

You let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding as Angelica straightens out the car, continuing to babble on with Eliza about how cute Peggy and Hercules would be, not to mention their own love interests. You hope that they weren’t talking about you from the comment Angelica made, because you were here to help set up Peggy on their behalf. That’s the main reason you had actually come tonight, anyway. Eliza had begged you to help out in their plan, because Peggy would have never come if you weren’t there. Your gaze drifts over to your best friend as she crosses your mind, where her face is hidden by her hands, obviously to hide her blushing. This poor child can’t handle her feelings very well, and with all of the teasing she’s been receiving for the past couple of hours, you were kinda surprised to see how she was still managing to take it.

But you are quickly jarred from your thoughts as your momentum carries you forward, and your seatbelt jerks you back into place. A collective groan sounds off around the car as Angelica announces your arrival. The sisters file out of the car, Eliza and Angelica practically skipping towards the indoor ice rink. Peggy offers you a sheepish smile, her face still tinted pink. “Hey,” You start, noticing how nervous she suddenly was, “everything is going to be fine. Just be yourself, and if you need me, just wave me over. You can do it.” Hesitantly, she nods, gaining a bit more composure and confidence as you began to jog to catch up to her siblings. You and Peggy trail behind the two sisters ahead of you, their constant rambling seeming quieter as you got closer. “Oh, here’s your tickets.” Angelica smiles, holding out a pair of tickets to you. You and Peggy eagerly grab ahold of the blue entry passes, their paper seeming a bit thicker than the last time you came here. “Well? Let’s go meet up with everyone!” Eliza breathes, turning to open the solid metal door behind her. She grabs ahold of the handle and flings it open, the cool air and Christmas music flooding your senses.

The large sitting area ahead of you was alive with people, their conversations and laughter filling the air along with the overhead music. The far wall stood lines with a concession stand, a skate rental booth, and restrooms. The East wall was instead a clear window pane all the way across, it’s tinted glass allowing for you to see down into the ice rink, where many people could be found already skating. The other two walls sat blank, with tables and chairs lined up against them in a haphazardly fashion. The dim lighting of the lobby left you with a rather moody atmosphere, which seemed a bit peculiar. You pull your sleeves down over your hands, already feeling a bit chilly. You told yourself to wear something a little warmer, but God knows how stubborn you can be with yourself. “Look, there they are.” Eliza cries, her eyes falling upon a table towards the window. Everyone’s eyes follow her gaze until they also stop on the four familiar figures ahead of them, their laughter echoing quietly. Without another thought, Angelica grabs you but the hood of your F/C jacket, tugging you along behind Eliza and Peggy.

“About time you guys showed up.” A shorter man dressed in a grey sweater and jeans chuckles, taking Eliza in his arms lovingly, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Good to see you too, Alexander.” Angelica remarks, rolling her eyes at the two lovebirds. “Now don’t be bitter, the night hasn’t even started yet.” Another one of the males interjects, stepping forward. His low man bun and freckled face greets you and Peggy kindly before turning to Angelica, a goofy smile appearing on his lips. “I mean, we haven’t even gone to get our skates yet!” “Well we can’t skate without the proper equipment, now can we John?” You joke, ushering both groups towards the rental counter while Angelica frantically begins to hand out tickets. Alexander and Eliza practically rushed towards the booth, each already shouting their size at the worker. “What are we going to do with them?” You giggle to Peggy, who rolls her eyes in response. John and Angelica have already grabbed their skates, and began to follow Alex and Eliza towards the nearest bench, giddy to begin skating. “What size do you need?” The man behind the counter drones, his voice monotone. “11.” A deeper voice pipes, the owner of it gently pushing past you. His darker skin and grey beanie couldn’t be mistaken as he hands the vendor his ticket in exchange for his skates. His gaze turns to Peggy, who you nudge forward, her face an obvious mix of nerves. “What size?” Hercules asks, holding his hand out to take Peggy’s ticket from her. She happily hands it to him and replies, “6.”, earning a chuckle out of Hercules. “That makes your feet sound so much more delicate than they already are.” Peggy smiles boldly at Hercules as he takes her pair of skates into his arms, nodding for her to follow. Peggy tags along behind the large man, glancing back over her shoulder at you with a lovestruck smile. You smile back and give her a thumbs up, already loving the interaction between the two. “Y/N, mon ange, do you happen to have my ticket?” A thick and familiar French accent asks you, causing you to turn to the origin of the voice, a slightly tingling sensation rising in your chest.

You were greeted by none other than Lafayette, the French friend that the guys had added to their group during their first year at Princeton. His dark hair was full of kinks and curls, and tied up in its usual spot, almost like he had a puffball glued to his head. His darker skin made his teeth seem to sparkle as he stood over you, his height making him taller than you by a long shot. “Um no I don-” You start, grabbing for your own ticket from your pocket. But as you pull out the single ticket, you feel it shift oddly in your hand. Your eyes travel down to see that your ticket had split into two tickets, a small amount of tacky glue pressed against the bottom side of yours and the topside of the second one. “Those sneaky little bitches.” You breathe, still staring at the duplicated tickets. Lafayette says something as well, but you couldn’t understand his mumbling. Your eyes meet for a second, an all knowing looking passing between you two like electricity before you both turn to look over your shoulder at the rest of the group. Angelica and John are paused by the door to the rink, their own heads craning to look at you and Lafayette. As their eyes meet yours, they giggle, share a look, and duck their heads quickly as they disappear into the ice, obviously the culprits. “Well, looks like we’re stuck together for tonight.” You laugh, handing Laf his ticket. He tilts his head slightly, a small smirk etched onto his lips. “I don’t think I’ll mind, mon amour.” He laughs, handing the vendor his ticket, pointing to his size. You do the same, and he offers you his arm as you two turn to go to the nearest bench, ready to lace up.

“Have you ever done this stuff before?” Lafayette asks, struggling with finding the end of his laces. “Oh yeah. I used to go to the one in my hometown every Wednesday with a group of people I grew up with. It was a tradition then.” You laugh, your fingers flying along with your own laces, the muscle memory of doing this every week flooding back into your hands. “I can tell.” He chuckles, watching you stand up, your skates already tied. “Now you actually look of decent height.” He teases, finishing his own shoestrings. “Oh whatever, French Fry.” You laugh, staring at him as he stands. “Never mind.” He jokes, his gaze lowering to you. “Oh just come on.” You urge, rather eager to get out onto the floor. It’s been a while since you’ve actually been ice skating, so the cool air and overly musty scent of the arena are all but welcoming to you. You happily step out onto the ice, already gliding around like you used to to do, spinning around and around, creating a brisk and cold whirlwind around you. Slide out of it, back to the front of the rink, where you notice Lafayette frozen in place, his eyes locked on you.

“Come on, Laf! Why aren’t you out here?” You huff out, catching your breath slightly as you lean against the wall, looking up at the tall Frenchman. He bites his lip slightly, as if he were nervous to say something. “Laf? Are you okay?” You ask, your voice now softer and you gently place a hand against his arm. His gaze drifts down to where you placed your hand, a growing warmth kindling in it. “It’s nothing, mon amour, it’s just… I do not know how to, how you say?” He asks, gesturing down to your feet. “Skate?” You offer, it coming out as more of a laugh. “Skate! Yes, I do not know how to do that.” He exclaims, his voice drifting off in embarrassment. “Here,” you giggle, gliding around to the other side of him, holding your two hands out. “Just do what I do, it’s not that hard, I promise.” Hesitantly, Lafayette places his hands in yours, and you begin to skate backwards, towing him along. “So just move your right foot forward, and let it glide back around… There you go. And do the same with your left foot… Yeah. And just keep doing that.” You naturally instruct, speeding up slowly. Surprisingly, Laf got the a pretty good grasp on how to skate pretty quickly. “Now how do you stop?” He ask, cocking an eyebrow at you. “You use the toe of your skates, like this.” You explain, letting go of his hands for a moment and turning to skate the same way he was. You pick up a bit of speed before dragging the front of your skate on the ground, slowing you down enough to turn back to Lafayette, who was wobbly skating on his own.

“Like this?” He asks, jamming his foot into the ice much faster and harder than he needed to, causing him to end up falling face first into the ice. You manage to hide you laughter behind your hand as he manages to sit back up, slightly dazed. “How did I do?” He cheekily grins, holding two thumbs up to you. “Okay, you’re not allowed to stop without my help.” You giggle, attempting to gain your composure as you lean down and take his hand, helping him back up. “Yes ma'am.” He chuckles, steadying himself back on the skates. “I think I might need you for more than just stopping.” Lafayette admits, holding your hand a little tighter. “I’ll stay here as long as you need.” You answer kindly, flashing him a toothy smile. “Good, mon ange, because I think that everyone else is a bit preoccupied at the moment.” He suggests, pointing out a couple on the opposite side of the rink, her bright yellow sweater contrasting his darker one. “Oh my lord, look how cute they are!” You squeal, squeezing Lafayette’s hand. “Just look how adorable those two are together!” You stared, awestruck at the sight of your friends, while Lafayette stared at you, his attention directed to what he thought was cute. “God, I’ve been waiting for those two to date for ages.” You emphasize, turning back to Lafayette, meeting his gaze. “I was really only invited on this to force Peggy to come. Angelica and Eliza have been trying to hook them up forever.” “Oh really? Tell me more, mon amour.” Lafayette inquires, his smile soft and caring.

“Oh gladly.” You begin, a childish smile growing upon your lips. “Ever since Peggy met Hercules, I knew something was up. You know, it’s just kind of that best friend instinct, you know? Anyway, so I confronted her about it and she didn’t deny anything, which therefore means that she confirmed everything, because that’s how it works. And since then, I’ve teased her constantly about it, calling him her boyfriend and her love and mushy stuff like that. She’s tried to turn it around on me but she doesn’t know who likes me~.”

“Oh? Do you you have so many men after you that you can’t keep count?” Lafayette jests, nudging you slightly. “Ha! You think guys like me, that’s adorable, Laf, honestly.” You dismiss, glancing down to your feet. “Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, mon amour. I think I know of someone who is smitten for you.” He teases, smiling a mischievous smirk. “Oh? And who would that b-Gah!” You yell, tumbling forward as Lafayette drags you to the ice. You crash against him, landing on his chest. “What the hell Laf I told you not to s-” But your words are stopped by the warmth of Lafayette’s lips pressed against yours, making your face heat up. You kiss back, not aware of much you had been waiting for this. You pull away, your eyes meeting his as you pull yourself off of him, offering him your hands. He takes them gently and pulls himself off of the ice, giving you another quick peck.

“You did that on purpose, you sneaky bastard.”

Is This What Regular People Do? - Rafe x Reader

(Bonus fic for this week! Holidays inspire me, haha.)

Description: After Rafe’s parents pass away, you take him along with you to do some Black Friday shopping. However, he has never gone before and the entire thing turns out to be somewhat of a disaster…

Warnings: Mild language and violence.

Word count: 3,018 total - one shot

Read at AO3 here or below:

               “This is repellent.”

               You look over your shoulder. Rafe is holding up a t-shirt by the tips of his fingers as if the very fabric is going to burn him. The t-shirt itself is a faded brown colour with a cartoon octopus on it.

               “Why is an octopus on it?” He demands to know, as if you have designed the shirt yourself.

               “It’s just cute, Rafe.”

               He shakes his head impatiently, “No, it’s hideous. That’s why it’s on sale.”

               “Everything is on sale. It’s Black Friday.” You remind him.

               He scowls and turns away to another rack of clothes. This is Rafe’s first time dealing with Black Friday and it has been going about as well as you expected – terribly. You go every year. After you moved away from your family, it made sense to spend the day scoping out the best deals. There was no one to spend Thanksgiving with, after all, so you might as well buy some great stuff to mail to everyone.

               This is your third year. You have a schedule you usually follow once you get to the mall. By the end of the day, you are exhausted but content with your purchases.

               All of that, however, has changed this year.

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AN: Hello, I am so glad to write another imagine about Wanda! I really connect with this prompt closely, and I’ll explain at the end (so that I don’t bore you guys in the beginning XD), so feel free to read the bit at the end if you want :). I want to thank the anon who sent this in, thank you! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Wanda X Reader

Prompt: could you possibly write a wanda x reader one shot? there aren’t any of those and i feel like she needs some (: could be able any, but it could be like the reader thinks that she’s straight until she meets Wanda and keeps thinking about being intimate with her and Wanda catches the reader thinking those things and addresses her? idk you could play around with it xx thank you! p.s I know requests are closed so I don’t expect you to do this one right away, whenever you have time you can write it:)

Warning: Some suggestive themes and such. 



With your knees pulled up to your chin and your arms wrapped around them, you watched as the sun set behind the grassy hills and fields of crops. It wasn’t often that you got to witness such a beautiful sight, at least not like that. Normally, the city skyscrapers and flashing lights from the streets below you ruined the sunset. That was one of the downsides of living with the Avengers, New York City (though it was a great place) robbed you of the natural beauties that you had come to love.

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Alone (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

After spending the whole day away from Chanyeol, the effects of his constant touch were beginning to wear off. A dull ache was slowly sinking into your muscles, like you’d just done a hard workout in the gym. It wasn’t too painful to bear: you hadn’t even noticed the aching while you were at the zoo with Talia. However, you couldn’t bury your desire for Chanyeol, your thoughts always falling back to him no matter what.

Lounging in your living room after your long day, you found yourself staring at your phone; wondering if you should call Chanyeol or not, wondering if he was going to call you or not. That morning, he said he would phone you after work but did he mean that literally or was it an invitation for you to call him? You didn’t want to interrupt him in a meeting or something like that.

You reached for your phone, spinning it around between your fingers in deliberation. Sighing loudly to yourself, you threw your head back in frustration. This is why you didn’t date.

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Genre: Demon/Angel !BTS

Fandom: BTS

Warnings: Suicide mention, death, religious themes, violence.

Summary: A demon from “Hell” and an Angel from “Heaven” find you in a compromising situation and try to convince you to make the choice of either dying or living but it turns out they made a mistake. 

(A/N: I know this concept is a little different from the ones I usually do and since i’m actually an atheist I just wanted to say that none of this is my personal beliefs nor am I trying to mock anyone’s religion.)

Originally posted by jeonsshi

The wind hitting the shown skin on your body as you stood steadily on the ledge. The view starting to be engraved into your memory, the temperature that made your skin so cold, and the sound of the cars under you were all things that were keeping you in the moment. You inhaled slowly.

“Don’t. Please.”

You open your eyes, looking back to an unfamiliar voice. The young man with a light silver toned hair color stared back at you. He was someone you’ve never seen before. You step off the ledge to approach him but suddenly someone else calls out to him.

“Being as nosy as ever, huh?” The taller, blonde says to him.

The blonde comes over to you and grabs your wrist just to pull you closer to him. He leans in to meet yours eyes. 

“It’s okay, beautiful. You can look all you want. The city is pretty at this time..”

Confusion turns to fear in only seconds when you notice the fangs when he speaks. You back away from him to feel yourself stepping back on the ledge of the building. 

“I-..” Was all you could get out before the silver haired boy comes running over.

“Taehyung stop it! She’s not supposed to die yet and you know it!” He yells, covered you.

At least now you could put a name to the blonde one’s face. Taehyung scoffed.

“If she’s willing to jump then she can die whenever she wants…then I can have her pretty soul to myself. I know being an angel can be boring sometimes but Jimin, and I say this with respect, fuck off.”

Jimin grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the ledge. He looked at you with a worried look on his face. 

“If you die here he’s going to drag your soul to hell. Please, listen to me Y/N.”

Your eyes widened at the stranger knowing your name. What the hell was this? A church recruitment? 

“Let go of me! I don’t know who you are or what the hell you two are talking about but I’ll call the police!” You told them. 

Taehyung scoffed. “Now look what you did. You pissed her off.”

You reached for your phone in your pocket but it instantly appeared in Jimin’s hands. 

“I’m here to stop you from killing yourself Y/N…I’m not here to hurt you.”

“But I wasn’t going to kill myself?”

Taehyung and Jimin were left with confused faces this time. The atmosphere immediately grew silent. Another man appeared from behind Jimin like something out of a cliche movie. 

“What did I tell you about interfering with human’s lives?” He sighed, not seeming amused in the slightest. 

Jimin looked down at his shoes. “I-….but I thought she was going to get hurt! I’m her guardian angel and he keeps trying to get her killed!” He told him, pointing childishly at Taehyung.

The older one glared at Taehyung who just gave an innocent looking smile. His gazed turned towards you.

“Both of you can see the date that she’s going to die so leave it at that and stop interfering.”

You couldn’t take it any longer, bursting out at them. 

“What is going on?! Someone explain all of this!”

Jimin looked up. “I told you that I’m supposed to be your guardian angel.”

“And you expect me to believe that…?”

“uh. well you did already see me make your phone appear in my hands and Namjoon just appeared out of nowhere. What else do you want me to do?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “This isn’t fun anymore. I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” You called after him. 

He stopped. “What is it?”

“….Why would you try to get me killed?”

He walked over, pulling his shirt off. Huge black wings came from his back as he stepped closer. 

“I’m a demon so don’t take it personally. It’s just my way of having fun. Plus it’s funny to see Jiminie get so defensive. Looks like he broke rule number one with his little crush on you.”

When you looked over at Jimin he just looked annoyed. 

“Put your shirt back on, she gets the point. oh, and Y/N if you weren’t trying to get yourself killed what are you doing walking along the edge of the roof?? Do you know how much I was freaking out?!” He was practically scolding you.

“I-I’m just not afraid of heights…It’s relaxing up here.” You explained.

Taehyung laughed. “She reminds me of Jungkook. Putting yourself in danger for no reason.”

Jimin sighed. “Please…Just don’t do stuff like that anymore. It might not kill you but you could become paralyzed or worse.”

You nodded slowly, suddenly feeling sorry for this stranger to worry about you.

“Shit.” Taehyung said under his breath.

“What?” You asked.

He looked at Jimin. “Nobody has seen me and lived. I’m sure humans aren’t supposed to see you either.”

Jimin crossed his arms, thinking. “Maybe I could use her to help other humans.”

The blonde haired demon shrugged. “I mean, does it really matter? It’s not like she has much time left anyway.”

Your eyes widened and you felt frozen in fear. Not much time? There was so much you still wanted to do. What was going to be the cause of death? Would it cause you to suffer? So much was running through your head after he said those words. Jimin frowned. 

“You aren’t supposed to tell he that! For god’s sake. What is wrong with you?”

You finally felt like you were able to use your legs and you just started running. You ran down the stairs going all the way down to the first floor. You made it all the way home and slammed the door shut behind you, locking everything. You didn’t want to give anything a chance to come near you that would end up getting you killed. Jimin appeared in front of you. 

“Y/N…Locking yourself up won’t change your time on earth.”

You teared up. “J-Jimin….p-please… I don’t want to die…Please don’t let it happen.”

He held you against his chest. “I’ll try to protect you the best I can…so for now I need you to help me out. There’s another angel who can also look after you when I have to help other people. His name is Hoseok. But you need to really stay away from other demons.”

You nodded, wanting to just trust him if it meant you wouldn’t die. 

He pulled you away slightly to look at your face. You still had tears running down your cheeks. 

“How do I know what other demons look like?” You asked.

“Well. They aren’t like in the movies. They don’t have red skin with horns and a tail. They’re attractive, cunning, and hide their true motives. The ones associated with Taehyung are Yoongi, Jin, and Jungkook. I won’t let them get near you but you’re gonna have to trust me. Okay?”

You nodded again. “But Namjoon and Taehyung said it was against the rules to interfere with human lives. Will something bad happen to you?”

He shook his head, wiping your tears. “You don’t have to worry about me. You barely know me.”

“Well the same goes for you…I just met you today.”

“That’s true today I the day we first met but I’ve been assigned to you since you were born.”

You blushed. “’ve seen everything that happens in my life?”

He nodded. “Pretty much”

Suddenly now you were caught up thinking about every embarrassing thing you’d ever done and how this gorgeous and perfect person had seen it all. You walked over to the couch and sat down, covering your face in embarrassment.

“Just please don’t mention anything about the past then..” You begged him.

He smiled. “It’s okay. You’re not the first person I’ve watched over. To be exact you’re number 4. It’ll take a lot to phase me now..”

You looked over at the clock in the kitchen, seeing the time. 

“….You said you won’t always be here?” you asked.

“Yes, sometimes I have to go help other angels if I’m asked. Why?”

“Other that those times…will you be by my side?”

Jimin blushed. “O-of course. Why are you asking?”

You stood up from the couch. “Well, what if someone comes here at night? I’m a little scared to be left in my house alone now. Could you stay here tonight? I don’t know if you even have to sleep but I was just wondering if you had no where else to be I mean.”

He nodded. “Yeah, Y/N. I’ll stay here.”

Aren't You a Little Bit Too Pretty?

I swear I’m working on my actual fics lol. This is an old one shot that I decided to finally finish before I immerse myself in my work.

Jimin is Jungkook’s favorite stylist AU

Jungkook was a star that had been in the business for nothing short of five years, so it stands to reason that his stylists would change every once in awhile. But there was one stylist that when Jungkook was choosing he’d never let get away. Yes, the great idol Jungkook had a soft spot for one of his stylists and unfortunately, it was a male stylist.

The male stylist was named Parl Jimin and was one of the cutest males Jungkook had ever met. From his oversized clothing to his eye smile that enchanted more than one idol in the business, especially during shows. He was known for pretty laughs and even prettier giggles. If Jungkook were ever asked if he believed in angels he would merely pull out a picture of Jimin and call it proof that they were real. Call him biased but he wasn’t the only one that thought of Jimin as angelic, so some part of it had to be true.

“Oh Jungkook-ah!” Jungkook’s head jerked up as Jimin came into his dressing room, the rest of his stylist’s gone home hours ago meaning that they were alone.

“Why are you still here, the show ended three hours ago.” Jungkook grinned and shrugged his shoulders, feet still propped up on the vanity in front of him. Jimin had his makeup suitcase behind him with the few lights on making his silver hair glow bright.

“I had no reason to leave. Besides I knew you stayed back to talk to the other stylists and the director.” Jimin flushed prettily and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, a clear flirtation though neither of them chose to acknowledge the tension between them.

“Where’s your manager? Did he leave you here?” Jungkook finally stood up, towering over his tiny stylist and propping himself up against the wall.

“Yeah but he left my car behind and caught a ride with the other coordinators.” Jimin smiled and nodded, coming closer to Jungkook almost subconsciously and shyly looking down at his feet. Jungkook cood internally and let the quiet in the room increase, wanting for Jimin to break it first. They’d been playing this game for years. A push and pull between them that enticed Jungkook and had him thinking of Jimin in the late hours of the night when he got too lonely.

“Right.” Jimin’s voice was only a soft sigh and Jungkook thought that maybe Jimin would finally make the first move but he stepped back one step, automatically warning Jungkook that he couldn’t take it. He’d step back and they’d build tension again only for Jimin to shut it down once more. Jungkook wasn’t willing to wait anymore, his hand circling Jimin’s wrist without thought.

“What?” Jimin flushed slowly as he was pulled closer to the man he’d been with for the past five years. His breath left him in a sigh as Jungkook pulled him flush to his body, his head coming to a complete rest against the broad chest he’d watched grow as the kid got older. They’d always been close since Jimin had been the closest in age to Jungkook when they met. And then suddenly Jungkook became a man and Jimin couldn’t help but notice the muscles the young guy had developed and worked on. 

When their first staff rotation happened Jimin had already begun saying goodbye to Jungkook, the shy boy he’d watched become a man because no idol ever kept the same stylist for longer than a year. To his surprise he was on the new staff along with one other stylist named Taehyung that Jungkook also trusted. It seemed his favorites would get to stay with him another year. Jimin had been so excited to hear the news and celebrated with Taehyung, thanking Jungkook when he saw him.

It’d been night when Jimin properly thanked Jungkook, hugging him though he knew it wasn’t appropriate. Jungkook had frozen for a moment before pulling Jimin impossibly closer and tucking his head into the crook of Jimin’s neck, sighing against the sensitive skin there.

Now was the same, except that Jungkook’s head was on top of Jimin’s and there was nothing to thank him for. Jimin basked in the comfort and convinced himself that it was a friendly hug and Jungkook was just tired from the full schedule he had recently. On Jungkook’s end he felt strong emotions flow through him and shuddered at how strong his feelings for Jimin were. Jimin who had been with him through everything without complaint.

“Jimin, thank you.” Jimin tensed in Jungkook’s arms and jerked back, looking him in the eyes. His brows furrowed in confusion and his lips unconsciously pouted much to Jungkook’s utter pleasure.

“For what?” Jungkook smiled at his tiny hyung fondly, head slowly leaning down as Jimin held his breath in anticipation. His breath left in one sigh as Jungkook leaned his forehead against Jimin’s, smile still in place.

“Thank you for being with me for so long. Thank you for putting up with all of my dumbass tantrums when I was younger, for putting up with my insecurities even though you told me I was okay. Thank you for the unconditional love and support you’ve showered me with.” Jimin smiled gently, tears threatening to overflow but he slowly blinked them away in order to show Jungkook the front of strong hyung he’d been trying to go for since they’d become close.

“Of course Jungkook. I love you and I will always be by your side.” Jimin was confused as Jungkook simply shook his head and leaned closer, lips a whisper away from brushing and causing Jimin’s heart to start beating in overdrive.

“No hyung, I love you. I’m in love with you. I want you to want to be with me forever as I want to be with you. Please accept my love hyung.” Jimin quickly leaned back, surprise painting his face in hues of red he didn’t know he could become.

“J-jungkook! I-I’m a man! You’re my dongsaeng, I can’t just-” Jimin was silenced by a pair of soft lips gently pressing against his own, Jungkook’s hands framing Jimin’s face and holding him still against the more built younger. His hands had nowhere to go but the lapels of Jungkook’s jacket and he found himself leaning into the other’s body. His fingers trembled gently and he was trying his best to act as if he wasn’t nervous, which wasn’t that difficult honestly. After all, he had wanted to be this way with Jungkook for the longest time.

It felt like an eternity before they broke apart, Jimin’s mouth pouting slightly as Jungkook let out small pants. They’d waited so long for this, waited almost what felt like eons to be able to be together like this.

“Jimin, would you accept me? Would you let me protect you and would you let me hold you at the end of the day?” Gentle tears cascaded down Jimin’s small face, lips wobbling as he stared at the man he’d been crazy for since he’d been a boy. His sweet Jungkook, who he remembered watching when he was learning to dance. His sweet little Jungkook that had practiced countless hours until his voice was more angelic with every song he sang. That little dork that had come into the agency with big aspirations and a humility that made Jimin’s heart ache. Here was that sweet boy in front of him, asking him for the one thing that neither of them thought they could have. No way in hell was Jimin going to give this chance up.

“Okay. Okay Jungkook, I’ll be yours for as long as you’ll have me.” Jungkook grinned at that, nose crinkling adorably against Jimin’s own.

“Then you’ll be mine forever.”

I need you - Joker

“Come on, doll. You’re making me late”

He watched from the doorway as you tightened the screws of the new diamond earring’s J stole for you.

“Well, baby, a girls got to be fashionably late”

You smoothed out the short dress and put your favourite gun in your clutch. J looked at you with a smile, showing his silver caps as he held out his arm. You looped yours through it and the two of you walked down to the driveway.

“What car you feelin’ tonight baby?”

“I want that one,” You said pointing to the Lambo.

Frosty handed the keys to J and you sauntered  over to the driver’s side.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“What does it look like? I’m driving, baby”

“Oh no, you’re not. Now be a good girl and come sit on the other side.”

You stayed standing by the driver side and J stalked towards you.

“If you behave tonight, daddy will consider letting you drive home. But right now, I’m going to drive. So sit your pretty little ass over in the passenger side before I get angry. And you don’t want to see me angry do you, Dollface?”

You shook your head and took your seat on the passenger side. J sat next to you on the driver’s side and started the car.

The Joker had no regard for rules. He drove like a maniac. He went through lanes, ran red lights and speeded. He parked up in his designated stop outside the club as one of his henchmen went to open your door. J held out his hand for you to use to get out and led you into the club. 

The club was lively. people were dancing on the dance floor and a steady stream of drinks were leaving the bar. The two of you went into the private VIP section and J took a seat on the leather sofa as you stood dancing to the song that just started.

“Come sit down, kitten. We’ve got company” J said patting his lap

You huffed as you sat down on his lap.

“I want that song back on as soon as we’re done”

“Anything for you”

A few moments later a tall man was escorted in by Frosty.

“Mr Joker”

“I would get up to shake your hand but when something as sexy as this is sitting in your lap you don’t disturb it.”

You fake giggled at his comment. A bit pissed off that he was referring to you as an ‘it’.

“So you want me and my boys to protect you and your business.”

The sweaty man nodded as the Joker gave him his maniacal smile.

“How do I know that you won’t sell me out?”

“Do I look like I have a death wish?

The two continued to talk business as you zoned out, only responding when your name was mentioned.

“I just have one thing. A pal of mine got arrested because of the clean up.Can I guarantee that you’ll clean up properly for me?”

You felt J’s body tense under you. One hand  snaked around his neck in an attempt to calm him down while another went into your purse and flipped off the safety. You pulled the gun out and pointed it at his arm.

“Mistah J doesn’t like to leave any trace of him being there except his card. Nothing left unless it needs to be. You don’t deserve to live after that insult.”

“Let’s not go too far, why don’t you hurt him.”

“Just a little bit?” you asked putting your fingers an inch or so apart. J nodded and you fired your gun into his arm.

He laughed out loud causing the club to quieten as the man groaned out in pain. He captured your lips with his, kissing you roughly not caring that his henchmen were dealing with his injured business partner.

“Daddy has a present in store for you, kitten.”

You smiled again and settled yourself against his chest.

“J?” You asked after a few moments.

He hummed.

“I saw this bag I really liked. Can we go and get it.”

“I told you, Kitten, anything”

He beckoned for one of his minions to come and whispered and instruction in his ear. A few moments later, the song that you were dancing to started again. You got up off J’s lap and began to dance. Your hips moved in time to the beat of the song as you had the time of your life. Once the song was over you sat back down next to J. He handed you a drink which you quickly gulped down.

The Joker sat back in his seat looking like he was in deep thought. You ran your fingers through his green hair.

“A penny for your thoughts”

“Don’t worry. Now let’s have some real fun”

J downed his drink as he pulled you up off the sofa and back into his Lambo. He threw you the keys and you slid into the driver’s seat.

“Don’t crash this baby”

You rolled your eyes and turned the key in the ignition. The car roared to life and you drove out of the parking lot. Half way through your joyride a certain annoying rodent ruined your night.

“You gonna teach the bat a lesson?”

“You know it”

You let go of the steering wheel and let J take over as you slipped through the sunroof. You supported yourself with your arms and kicked off your heels

“Hey Batsy”


“Where’s the fun in that?

You felt J sharply turn into the next lane to overtake a car and nearly made you fall but you kept your footing.

“I’ve got you a surprise, doll face” You heard J say, cackling. 

He handed you a gun.

“Aim for his tyres.”

“I’d love to stay and chat, Mr Wayne, but Mistah J and I are going to be late for the next part of our date.”

You shot his two front wheels hoping that the bullets would puncture his reinforced tyres. Surprisingly they did and you ducked back into the car. J was sitting in the driver’s seat and him promised you that he would let you drive. You pulled one hand off the steering wheel and sat in his lap with your feet over the centre console.

“You said you were going to let me drive, Mistah J”

“You were dealing with the Bat, kitten”

“Seems like you have some making up to do tonight.”

J drove even faster, if that was possible, and picked you up, taking you straight to the bedroom to have his wicked way with you. 

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed and a note on J’s pillow. In Joker fashion it was written on a playing card and said 


Dealing with business today. Transferred you some money. Go buy me something to rip off you.


To most people, this sounded like something normal. A boyfriend asking his girlfriend to get some underwear. Only he didn’t call you ‘kitten’ or ‘doll’ or ‘dollface’ or any other nickname, he called you by your first name, which he only did if he was really really horny or if you had pissed him off and he was close to shooting your brains out. If it was the first reason then the note would have gone a different way, J would have been on top of you most probably, but it couldn’t be the second reason because if you pissed him off, you would have known by now. Either way, you spent most of the day shopping and you returned pretty late at night.

You expected J to be waiting by the door with a weapon in his hand demanding to know where  his doll was, but to your surprise frosty was on patrol. You walked past him and into your bedroom. J’s clothes were in the laundry basket and you could see the sleeping form of a man on your side of the bed. This was odd for J, he never went to sleep without knowing where you were and you hadn’t received any texts from him during the entire day. There was a cup on the bedside table with a trace of white powder at the bottom. A packet of sleeping pills sat beside it. You didn’t understand why he would need sleeping pills. If he was ill he would have already complained about it and if he was having nightmares you would have known about it. You tried to wake him but it looked like the pills were doing their jobs and you went to sleep, making a mental note to confront him in the morning. 

The next couple days after went like that too. J would leave way before you woke up and came home way after you were asleep. Maybe he didn’t even come home you weren’t sure. All you knew was it was like your boyfriend had gone M.I.A. You had come home after grocery shopping and the house was eerily silent. You took the shopping bags into the kitchen and heard shuffling and then J’s laugh.

“J? Are you home?” You called out.

He didn’t respond so you looked further. You walked into the living room to see J lying on the floor, surrounded by his knives and guns with him straight in the centre.

“Here she is, Y/N Y/L/N,” He said, getting up.

“Where have you been, J? I’ve been worried sick”

“No, no, no. You don’t worry about me, princess. No one does. No one should”

“What are you talking about? Of course, I should worry about you. I’m your girlfriend, I love you. I have to be worried about you”

“But you shouldn’t. I’m the Joker. incapable of love. Incapable of nurture. incapable of redemption. I am a broken man, Y/N”

“J, you don’t make any sense. Let me feel your head”

You took a step forward and he stepped back, putting a gun between the two of you.”

“I should kill you right here. You make me vulnerable. you make me weak.”


“It started as an obsession. I craved you. I craved your plump lips and your soft hands. And then I needed you. You were like my oxygen tank. I crave and I need all of you. When I’m with you, the voices are quiet. They don’t shout. they don’t scream or cry. You keep me sane, doll, you make me need you by my side.”

“Jack, baby, put the gun down.”

“I crave you, Y/N. I obsess over you, I need you. I want you. But you leave me vulnerable. You leave me open to the bat. All he has to do is pluck you like a feather and I’m done. This is why-”

He undid the safety of the gun and you heard the click of a bullet loading into the barrel.

“I need to get rid of you”

“J, you don’t need to do this. Put the gun down and talk to me, baby.”

“I already have, kitten.”

“Jack put the fucking gun on the floor”

“Stop calling me that” He roared.

“That man is dead. I’m the Joker now.”

“Then ‘Joker’ put the gun down and talk to your woman like a real man.”

He faltered for a second and that was all you needed to quickly run and pull the gun from his hand and throw it to the other side of the room. He stepped back putting some more distance between the two of you.  You didn’t relish in the fact that you were one of the only people who disarmed the Joker, in fact, it was the opposite. He let you get the gun from him. No matter who you were, he wasn’t just going to let you take the weapon from his hands.

“You got the gun from me. I have all of the others right next to me. What makes you think that I won’t use them.”

“Because you said it yourself. You need me” You took a small step forward.

“You need me to keep the voices at bay. You need me to come home to. You need me hide behind you, depend on you for my protection. You need my love, J”

You moved close enough to be right in front of him. You placed either hand on his cheeks.

“You need me to be the one that sees you without the lipstick and the fancy clothes. You need me to be Y/N. The girl that sassed you in the bank. The girl that called you a dickweed when you crept up on her. The girl who called you a highlighter at Wayne’s party. The girl that you taught how to shoot her first gun. The girl that saw you for you. You don’t need to be scared, J.”

You stared into his blue eyes and his hands soon found themselves entangled in your hair as he kissed you. He pulled away a few moments later, his red lipstick smeared. His hand travelled down to your neck and he squeezed.

“No one finds out about this. This stays between me and you.”

You nodded, your eyes watering slightly and he released your neck before throwing you over his shoulder and took you to the bedroom. Wordlessly he stripped down to his boxers and you followed suit, unclasping your bra and about to pull down your knickers when his hand stopped you. He straightened your arms upwards and put his shirt over them.

“Not tonight, kitten. Daddy just wants to sleep.”

You nodded and smiled at this newly affectionate man. You walked over to your side of the bed and got under the covers. J followed suit and held you and rubbed your head.

“I love you, J”

“I know, princess”

You helped J fall into a blissful sleep, knowing that you weren’t going to get him sent back to Arkham. He knew that you could defend yourself. You wouldn’t let yourself get caught by the Bat and neither would he.

shoutout to @paradiqe because the post you wrote on the joker and emotions really helped me write this and stay true(ish because I’m 100% sure he wouldn’t deny having sex but I wanted to end it full of fluff) to the character. Thank you!

Sunday Lazy Sunday

It was the sound of muffled speaking that ultimately drew you from slumber. You were lying on your stomach, cheek pressed against the pillow, and with the sun shining directly onto your face it was a wonder why you didn’t wake up earlier. You wrinkled your nose, willing your eyes not to close again, and let out a grumble as you stretched your toes. A hand landed gently atop your head, smoothing the knots that had accumulated through the night. His touch brought tingles of pleasure through your skin and you swivelled onto your back to flash him a groggy smile.

Sebastian was sitting up against the headboard, a bowl of cereal in his lap as he watched reruns of Friends on the TV opposite your bed. He leaned down to smack a loud kiss to your cheek. “Good morning,” he said, smiling. You shuffled onto your elbows to peer into his bowl, making a face when all that was there were frosted cornflakes. You didn’t have anything against them but you had been hoping for something a little more exotic. 

“It’s so cold,” you complained, dragging the blanket up to your chin. It was the only thing stopping you from heading into the kitchen to make some toast. You pressed closer to his side and attempted to tangle your legs between his.

“Yikes!” Sebastian yelped, snatching his legs away. “Your feet are freezing!”

You pouted. “I know. Warm them up for me.”

“Go put on some socks,” he argued.

“Sebastian,” you whined.

The two of you stared at each other, Friends playing in the background, until he gave up with a sigh and set down his breakfast onto the bedside table before getting up. “Lazy,” he muttered, trudging to the tallboy and grabbing a pair of socks from the last drawer. You had wanted him to man up and let you rest your feet under his butt, which would no doubt be hot as hell, but at least now you didn’t have to get out of bed. 

He whipped the covers off of you and you cursed at him, shrivelling into yourself to keep warm. He laughed and tugged your legs right out from under you, pulling the socks onto your feet and hugging them to his chest for a moment before letting you curl back into a ball. 

He slipped in beside you, back once again to the headboard, and lifted an arm, eyes casually trained on the TV. “Come here,” he murmured, and you felt a spike in your heart rate as you shuffled under his wing, reaching out to hug his waist. Even after a year of dating, he still had the ability to bring out the school girl in you.

You plopped your legs over his and grabbed your phone off the pillow. It wasn’t enough to just watch TV. The sky outside was glowing silver now that the sun had retreated behind the winter clouds. Cars bustled down your street, probably towards the grocery store or farmer’s market. You squeezed Sebastian like a soft toy and thought that marrying him wouldn’t be so bad if each Sunday was like this.

Here it is: the last fan fic I’m writing by request! Keep in mind I’m also undergoing a hangover as I type and this may suck. Yay! Written from Percy’s POV. Pairings: Jercy and Solangelo. Word count: 2,212.

It was at the last Gay Straight Alliance meeting of our senior year that we decided to get back at everyone. I’m not sure who came up with the idea of sending a big “Fuck you!” to the homophobic school board that controlled us for four years, but the decision was unanimous. As if we needed a reminder of why we were doing this, halfway through the meeting an egg flew on the window from the lawn outside, startling us as its shell smashed against the glass and raw yolk smeared down the length of the window. We pretended that it didn’t matter, because what else could we do? But inside I was furious, and knew the others were, as well.

<> <> <>

The end of the school year approached rapidly, and preparations for the big senior prom were well underway. Will, a likeable guy by anyone’s standards, had managed a spot on the planning committee. There was some objection from the president at first because of the nature of Will’s orientation, but one threat to involve the student court shut down the feeble protest. Through him we learned all the plans for the big night even before invitations went out. And when they did, we grimaced as we read the fine print in the bottom.

“Dates from other schools must be 21 years of age or younger,” Jason read when we met at Will’s house, “And a strict boy-girl policy will be in effect. These rules will be enforced at the door.”

Silence filled the room except for the sounds of Nico shooting things on his Nintendo DS. I suddenly felt cold, and pulled my feet up to my chest on the seat.

“I’m sorry, guys,” Will said, shaking his head sadly. “I really did my best.”

“We know,” Jason comforted him. I wanted him to put his arm around me and bury my head in his wide chest. It wasn’t fair that they thought they could control us like this. So we were a bunch of guys dating each other – so what? What gave them the right to tell us what we could and couldn’t do?

“Don’t worry,” Nico said, not looking up from his console, “We’ll find a way.”

<> <> <>

‘The way’ turned out to be a fairly simple plan, if it worked. There was a lot of secrecy involved and we even codenamed it Operation Bowtie (Jason’s idea). We tried to focus on the final lessons in class as the days to the party went by, but there was a constant anxiety in the group. It didn’t help that Jason and I nearly got jumped walking to my home together one night. It was just a bunch of stupid juniors with old-fashioned views and they were dumb to harass Jason, a big guy with broad shoulders and muscles for days, so we tried not to let it get to us. The preparations went on.

<> <> <>

My mom was in on everything, of course, as were Will’s folks. Nico’s dad wasn’t the type to get involved in prom anyways and Jason wasn’t out at his foster home, but it didn’t matter. As soon as we got everything in order nobody would need to know until it was too late for them to do anything about it.

When I filled her in mom had insisted that we have a ‘dress rehearsal,’ even though the plan was for there to be no dresses at all. I knew it was more about giving us a normal prom experience when nothing about what we’d done up to now was normal. Jason came home with me after school one day with his tux stuffed in his bag, and Will’s dad dropped him and Nico off after dinner. It was funny to help each other get dressed up, Jason struggling with his tie until finally allowing my mom to help him. Nico looked smart in a tight black suit and crisp white shirt, and Will’s blonde curls stood out on a dark navy jacket and brown leather shoes. Jason was a sight to behold, and I kissed him when he came out of the bathroom, still adjusting his light blue tie uncomfortably. It matched his eyes just right.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“Like a million dollars,” he said, and led me downstairs to join the others. Mom lined us up for a million photos, alone and in pairs, and of course as a group. When we sat around the kitchen island later eating ice cream and reviewing the photos, I fell in love with the one where we’d all posed as superheroes. If this kind of friendship and love was wrong, then I didn’t want to be right.

<> <> <>

On prom night there was a knock on my door and I tried not to have butterflies in my stomach when I heard it, but failed. Even though I knew exactly who was waiting for me, I couldn’t help but want things to be different. Mom let Annabeth in, and I heard them talk for a time while I got ready in my room.

“Percy!” mom called. “Time to go! Come see Annabeth, she’s beautiful!”

Of course she was beautiful, I knew this already. We had been friends since fourth grade, and she was my first choice in Operation Bowtie. I sprayed a bit of cologne on my neck and then ran down the stairs to meet her. When I rounded the corner to the front room, I stopped abruptly.

She was wearing a shimmery blue-green dress with jewels all over the bust. There were dangly earrings in her ears and silver heels on her feet, and with a touch of lip gloss she looked gorgeous. I leaned against the wall, smiling at her. “Hey, sexy.”

She rolled her eyes. “Come here; let me fix your tie.”

<> <> <>

Mom made us take a bunch of photos before I drove us to the events hall in the family car. It wasn’t glamorous or anything, but when we parked I pulled out a corsage for her. She’s smiled warmly as I put it on her, and hugged me. I thanked her again for everything.

We walked in walking close but not touching, and when the principal looked at our tickets at the door he gave me a suspicious look. At least he didn’t say anything. Step one of the plan was complete, now we just had to wait for all the pieces to fall into place.

Over the hour everyone arrived, and when Jason walked in with his friend Piper I wanted to run to him. Instead I waved a little, and he nodded in my direction as if nothing was up. It made my heart hurt, but I stayed with Annabeth and talked to her friends while waiters handed out baked vegetable wontons and other hors d'oeuvres. The reception room filled to the brim, until finally we were let into the main hall, where everyone dispersed to decorated tables in the dimly lit, cavernous space. Our round table held eight comfortably, and it took everything in me not to move the name tags around. We sat in boy-girl formation, the four couples coming together for the first time that night. Chatter filled the air, but we had a hard time saying anything at all.

And what could we say? That we were sorry it had to come down to this? That it was less than ideal? Everyone seated there was onboard with the plan when we came up with it, but I felt bad for using the girls to make a point tonight.

Annabeth poked me, and I turned to look at her. “You okay?”

I shrugged. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this mess.”

She rolled her eyes in typical Annabeth fashion. “I’m a grown woman, Percy. If I didn’t want to do this then I wouldn’t have agreed. Relax, this is going to be a great night.” Then she nudged me again. “You owe me a dance, though.”

When the food began coming around our spirits grew and the conversation was lively. We ate and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, even though my boyfriend sat on the other side of the table and everyone was still a little awkward. I showed Annabeth the superheroes photo on my phone, and she laughed until there were tears in her eyes.

Only when the party lights came on and music blasted from the speakers did everyone begin dispersing to the dance floor in the middle. Hundreds of sweaty bodies jumped and yelled in celebration of graduation, and I stayed back at the table alone, as if waiting for dessert. A tall dark figure approached me and sat down in Annabeth’s seat, and in the flashing blue light I saw Jason’s handsome face. He smiled at me shyly.

“We got in,” he offered, making me laugh. I wanted to embrace him, but there were too many people watching. We could ruin the whole thing before it even started.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked, looking at Will making Nico dance in the group and laughing hysterically.

He shook his head. “But it’s the only one I’ve got.

After so much dancing that everyone’s heels and jackets had come off, the DJ finally changed gears. “Alright, boys and girls,” he said in that stereotypical DJ voice, “Time to grab that special someone and bring it in for the first slow dance of the night!”

The effect was instantaneous. As a romantic tune came on the massive group split either into pairs or singles that headed off to the sidelines to watch. There must have been forty couples at least dancing closely, all swirling dresses and stiff tuxedo pants. I looked over at Jason, my stomach suddenly tied in knots. He nodded and stood up, straightening his tie for the millionth time that night. He reached down his hand towards me. “Ready?”

I wanted to shake my head no, that I wasn’t ready for this at all. Years of humiliation and getting picked on for being openly gay had made me afraid of deviating from the normal, and I didn’t want to face that on this important night. But I inhaled a deep breath and took his hand, feeling warm and solid in his grip, and I let him lead me between the tables to the edge of the wooden dance floor. I tried to avoid looking at anyone, but glimpses of stunned and disgusted faces appeared in the darkness regardless. I looked down at the floor, standing awkwardly across from Jason until he finally put his hands on my waist and I reached up to put mine around his shoulders and neck. We began to sway to the sounds of the music, at first avoiding each other’s eyes but slowly landing back in each other’s worlds. His face was so strong it made me feel brave, and I tried to stand with more confidence.

There were definitely murmurs around us, but I focused on the closeness I felt with Jason in that moment. It was my God-given right to love a human being and be loved back, and if they couldn’t deal, it wasn’t my problem.

I saw Nico and Will turning a few pairs down, and to my right Annabeth had grabbed Piper for a loveable and giggly tango. They were straight but not narrow, as they always said, and it made me smile. “A strict boy-girl policy will be in effect,” Jason recited to me in a low voice, smirking a little. “These rules will be enforced at the door.”

I shook my head at him, still unbelieving that I hadn’t seen what he had that first night. “But we’re already through the door,” I finished, and leaned up to kiss him. It was an explosive kiss, the kind that sends ripples in the stream of time and changes hearts and minds. I kissed him and a tear fell from my eye for the relief I felt, the yielding pressure to be normal, to be on the right side of the tracks, to be right. I kissed him for the fact that he couldn’t tell his parents about the boy he loved and for my supportive mom and friends. He kissed me back with a strong determination that made me think everything was going to be okay, and I let him take me away from that homophobic town in that kiss to galaxies far, far away, where nebulas were more colorful than a rainbow and black holes were just the beginning. When we landed on Earth again the song was over, and he hugged me fiercely. “I love you,” he whispered so only I could hear as a dance tune came on again and people forgot us momentarily to join the dance.

“I love you, too,” I told him, and we danced that night like we knew our lives would never be the same.

Crimson (M - Jungkook)

*I tried*

Word Count: 2,968 words 

Requestt:  Halo, cani plez have a Suga or Kook angsty smoot, where he constantly sees guys like/ comment complements onyour twitter and he gets really annoyed/ bothered and crap and wants to make sure you know who is the only one who can call you beautiful o.o

Warnings: Kinky as fuck, I kid you not

“Babe! Have you seen my– what are you two doing?” You walked in on your boyfriend, Jungkook and your best friend, Taehyung. Taehyung was in the midst of wearing your favourite lip shade ‘Midnight Rouge’ and your boyfriend had his hair tied up with some of your clips in.

“Hey, babe.”

“It’s not what it looks like!”

“On the v-vanity next to my cologne.” You walked over, picked them up along with a few other things and shut the door behind you. This isn’t the first time you saw this, unfortunately. Last time, it was your primer and glitter eyeshadow. The only thing that made it worse was Taehyung didn’t even look that bad with it, almost better that you looked with it.

You were a YouTuber, making hair and makeup tutorials since your friends always asked what products you used or how you got your hair in a certain hairstyle. Of course, you went to university but YouTube definitely helped you with your bills. Jungkook usually whined when you were up late editing a video, demanding attention by distracting you. Other than that, he was a super supportive boyfriend that wanted to help you out sometimes. You went into an empty room, setting up your camera and arranging the makeup you were about to use before starting.

“Hey guys, It’s me again! Back with a new tutorial for you guys. For this look you’ll need…” You listed the products and began going through your steps, applying as you go. You started with concealer before putting foundation, using dark shades of foundation to help you highlight the better features of your face. You highlight your cheekbones; add eyeshadow with your new brushes, put on eyeliner along with mascara before finishing with a simple lip balm.

“Babe– Oh shit, sorry.”

“It’s okay, Kookie. I was just wrapping up.” You gave your outro before ending the recording.

“I’m really sorry you had to see that..”

“You looked pretty with little bows in your hair. Cute little Kookie.”

“Can I just die of embarrassment?”

“You should have let me taken a picture; I need the world to know how much of a cute dork my boyfriend is.”

“Babe, I’m an international playboy. It would ruin my spotless image.” You grabbed your phone, finding all the pictures of him looking like a derp and showed him.

“You’ll tarnish what was already tarnished?”

“I’ll recreate it, please.”

“Babe, I thought you didn’t want people to know about us?” It was easy to become viral if he starred in one of your videos; it was Jeon Jungkook. There would be so many questions and your relationship will be out, leaving you to the sea of ARMY that love him dearly. That means you were open to people trying to bring you down for taking “their precious Jungkook” and open hate.

“You’re right…”

“But babe, what is wrong if they know we’re dating?”

“If they know, my videos and channel could blow up. They could be fans of you that love me or the tutorials, but there could be vengeful fans that hate me for dating you.”

“I’ll protect you. Besides, they should know hurting you means hurting me and I know they wouldn’t want to hurt me.”

“You’ve amazing.”

“I know.” You hit his shoulder, while he wrapped his arms around you and held you to his chest. You had your hand resting against his chest, as well as your head and he kissed your head.

“As this is, I have an video to edit Kookie.”

“What about me, babe?”


“You can do it later.”

“Kookie, we’re having dinner later. And I really want to get this done.” You slipped out his embrace, resulting in a sulky Jungkook following you to your laptop. You sat down at a desk, hooking up your camera to the computer and opening up Sony Vegas.

Jungkook sat next to you, resting his head on your shoulder as you tried not to move that shoulder too much. He nipped at your ear, his teeth nibbling at the flesh as you tried to raise the sound of your voice.


“What is it, babe? Don’t you need to get this done?” He whispered in your ear before kissing the skin behind it. He kissed your neck softly, his perfectly rose coloured lips painting themselves to be a distraction from you. You couldn’t give in, only needing to add effects and upload the video itself to YouTube.


“Y/N.” He hotly whispered; chills running down your spine and you looked at him. He took the chance to kiss you, wanting to taste the lip balm off your lips. You could taste cherries from his delectable lips, the sweet taste that lingered on the tip of his tongue made you want to leap into his arms. You almost forgotten the task at hand, he knew how you loved the feeling of his soft lips against yours and how you rarely focused on anything else when he kisses you so feverishly.

“You’re such a distraction.”

“I’m your distraction.” He added with a wink, you pinching his cheek until he begged you to let go. You somehow manage to get the video uploaded, tweeting about it to your followers and simply waited. You moved to the living room with Jungkook, his head resting in your lap, his long hair messy and his eyes locked in concentration.



“Do you want to do anything before dinner?”

“I could skip to dessert now.”

Jeon Jungkook!” Your voice was shrill as he chuckled at your reaction, sitting up and pulling you into his lap.

“Oh my god–”

“What is it?”

“My video’s getting so many comments. People think I’m pretty~”

“You’re always pretty, babe. My pretty little Y/N.”

“Kookie~” He nuzzled his head into your head, planting kisses against your shoulders as you continue to read tweets directed at you. You were surprised there were more male comments than female, considering the fact that there aren’t many guys into makeup. Although you wish there were, just out of spite for the ridiculous stereotypes that society has placed on each gender and show that makeup isn’t for women, it’s for us all.

“So sweet..” He mumbled against your skin before trailing upwards, you tilted your head towards him in hopes that he would kiss your lips instead. You felt his lips brush against yours before you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.

“What is it?”

“Just some more comments. Now, where were we?” You finally managed to get his lips to slowly crash against yours. It was like the moment before a firework, the building of anticipation before being dazzling by the loud sound and wondrous colours. He was your explosion, the small touch of his fingertips through your hair, behind your ear before fully caressing your cheek. You were entranced by him, immersed into the escalating kiss before his phone buzzed.

“Goddammit.” He whispered against your lips after he pulled away, sliding his hand into his pocket to pull out his phone. He answered it, his arm still lazily tangle around your waist and pulling you into his chest. He talked, his fingers brushing against your sides and you had to contain your urge to squeal. You almost let one out, him quickly dismissing it to whomever he was talking to and you wanted to hit him for having a smug look on his face.

“Alright, bye.” He hung up and you smacked his chest, getting up to leave him in the room.

“Babe, it’s cute watching you squirm!”

“You little–”

“I love you~” He started doing a cute little dance, acting cutely for you and you turned away from him only for him to spin you back around. He made you dance along with him, which easily replaced your displeasure with into embarrassment.

“Kookie, stop.” You whined and he did his silly hand dance, knowing he succeeded in making you happy with him. He stopped, still having his cut grin on his face and pulling you closer to him.

“Anything for you.”


You were getting dressed, picking a simple wine dress. It was knee length, a teasing slit on your left side that exposed a bit of your leg, and the silk was gentle against your rich complexion. You were sitting at the vanity, fixing your makeup and going for a more evening look. You had removed all the makeup from earlier and looked for your foundation brush. Jungkook walked up behind you, fixing an annoying strand that wouldn’t sit still.

“How did I get so lucky? My girlfriend is so gorgeous.”

“I’m not wearing any makeup, Kookie.”

“I know; you’re beautiful without it.”

“Don’t flatter me..”

“It’s the truth, I love your bare face. It’s my favourite thing to wake up to; I look forward to mornings because I wake up next to the most angelic, beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, divine woman in the world.”

“How could you be so cheesy? God, Kookie.”

“I’m not that cheesy..”

“Your cheeks are pink and that’s not because you were playing with my blush earlier.”

“Where are my cufflinks, babe?”

“Jungkook, I put them on your nightstand.” You went over to his bedside, seeing them on top and they slipped to the side of the bed. You bent over to grab the annoying silver links and felt Jungkook’s eyes on you. You quickly grabbed them, standing up and catching him staring at your bottom.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“I can’t help it, it’s just curvaceous and…” Your cheeks were burning, quickly putting the cufflinks in his hands and shoving him into the bathroom. He was biting his lip while he looked at you; you were overwhelmed by your flustered feelings. You did your makeup, Jungkook coming back and sat in the bed watching you finish up.


“Of course.” He grabbed your hand, leading you to the car and you sat in the passenger’s seat. You straightened out the creases in your dress but Jungkook rested his hand on your thigh, creating more but you had no complaints. His hand gently squeezed your skin, the hot touch directly affecting the core between your legs and he drove you to the sushi bar.

You were the first one to take him to one, immediately falling in love with the spicy tuna roll and California rolls. He loved it as much as he loved you, which was terrifying but nonetheless you ordered seafood udon and he ordered his usual. Your phone was buzzing more than a honeybee would and you checked the notifications. There were a ton more tweets about your videos, a few went as far as asking you to be their girlfriend. Creepy.

“More comments?”


“It’s just makeup..”

“Kookie, are you perhaps… jealous?”

“Me? No, I already have you. It’s like they’re going to ask you out or something.”

“Right, it’s okay to be jealous, Kookie. I’m going to check my makeup.”


“I’ll be back, whiny baby.” You said to his discontent and went to the restroom. It was luckily empty, you fixed up your mascara and lightly wiped away any sweat on your face. You sprayed a little bit of perfume before walking back out. You smiled at him, which he ignored and simply ate his spicy tuna. Your phone keep vibrating throughout dinner, him stabbing his sushi and you looked at him.

“Can you turn that damn thing off? I’m trying to eat in goddamn peace.”


“What? Are you mad that I’m not happy with your fucking fan club of boys that worship you as if you’re a goddamn goddess?”

“So, you are jealous. Just say it instead of taking it out on me.”

“You’re so fucking oblivious, it’s not even funny. You enjoy the attention, don’t you?”


“Then, why aren’t you turning off your phone?”

“I don’t take orders from people who just bark at me like a fucking dog.”

“You know what?” He paid the bill, tossing cash at the poor man and grabbed your wrist. His grip was hard, letting you stumble in your heels and he put you into the car. You sat angrily, not wanting to go anywhere with him and contemplating rolling out the car but he thought ahead.

“Unlock the doors, jackass.”

“You’re not going anywhere without me.”

“I want to go anywhere as long as it’s without you.”

“Too bad, sweetheart. You’re mine.”

“Jeon Jungko–” He pulled you out the car again, picking you up and tossing your heels off your feet. He took you directly to the bedroom, dropping you on the bed and looking through the drawers. He pulled out handcuffs, a blindfold and a vibrator.

“I’m going to remind I’m the only one who gets to call you beautiful. Only me, Y/N.” He stripped you of your clothes, leaving you in your underwear and put the handcuffs along with the blindfold on you. He placed you on your elbows, your ass sticking out and your hand planted on the bed. You listened to the sound of the vibrator, and then you felt it.

“Do you like it when there’s a vibrator against your little pussy?”


“I’ve barely started and you’re already moaning. Does my princess want more attention?”

“I’m sorry..”

“You’re sorry, aww. I’m sorry too. But bad girls deserved to be punished and you, princess have been a very bad girl. Look at these comments. ‘You’re so beautiful, marry me!’ ‘You’re the only one for me’ ‘You have an amazing body’. Look at you, getting wetter to this comments baby. You love that fucking attention, don’t you?” You struggle in the handcuffs, wanting him to stop but moans spilled out in place of your protests. You shamelessly felt yourself soaking your panties, earning yourself hard slaps against your ass and he tore your panties off you.

“You’re deliciously wet, princess.”

“A-aahh.” He touched harshly, his fingers pinching at your clit and poking at your hole. You felt his lips brushing against you, planting soft kisses before fixating on your clit. The hard flick of his tongue against your clit made your ties curl and you arch your back. You wish you could tug on his hair, your hands settling on the sheets and you cried out his name. He moved away, you whimpering at the loss of contact and he plunged the vibrator into you.

“J-Jungkook!” He pumped the vibrator into you, you feeling your walls being stretching by every push. You squirmed, his hand on your ass to keep you still. He left it inside you, watching you just squirm and you whined for him.

“Can you be a good girl for me?”


“Open your mouth.” You obeyed, feeling him slide his cock into your mouth and he moved his hips. His hands tugged at your hair as your hands gripped his thighs and he pushed himself down your throat. You kept your tongue out while he continuously fucked your throat. He pulled out, grabbing your chin as he pulled you up to kiss you. He tasted himself on your tongue, exchanging tastes and he broke the kiss.

You moaned, the vibrator still going inside you. He pushed you back down, pulling the vibrator out of you and listened to him shuffle behind you. The tearing of the familiar aluminium and you felt him tease you.

“You look so pretty, Y/N. Your makeup ruined, you moaning my name and I can see your wet cunt. So pretty. They don’t know how pretty you are like this, do they?”


“What do you want from me, princess?”

“Jungkook, please. Please, I need you inside me..”

“How bad do you want it, princess?’

“Please, I need your thick cock stretching me out, fuck me please.”

“I said how bad.”

“I want it so bad, Jungkook.” He didn’t hesitate, you felt him stretching you out better than the vibrator had.

“You’re still this fucking tight for me?”

“Only for you..”

“Don’t speak.” He slapped your ass, silencing you and you let the sheets listen to every whimper, whine, moan that escaped your lips. His hips crashed against yours, his cock pounding you mercilessly and he gripped your ass. You could hear his shallow breathing, the low cussing as he worked his hips and his nails digging into your flesh.


“Fuck.” He groaned, you clenched around him and he powered through. You grew hotter, the sweat beginning to form on your bare skin.

“C-Cum.. Jungkook-Please, oh fuck!”

“Shit.” You couldn’t properly form the question, your incoming orgasm overwhelming your senses and you felt your toes curl tightly. He cussed because of your sudden tightening and he rode off into his own high. He uncuffed your hands, took off the blindfold after he pulled out of you and gingerly kissed you. You lied down, resting your head on your pillow before Jungkook came into your view. He pulled your closer, your head resting on his chest and he softly stroked your hair, humming your favourite song to you.



“What is it, Kookie?”

“Let me be in one of your videos!”


“I could do that ‘your boyfriend does your makeup’ tag.”

“Is that why you and Tae…?”

“N-No! I tell him not to touch it and then he’s convincing me to wear it. He’s very persuasive, babe.”


“I’m serious!”

“Whatever you say, cutie.”

“So, can we?”

“Let’s start.” He threw you over his shoulder and you squealed for him to put you down but he still ran with you into the other room. He set up the camera, you grabbed your products, prepping, and he sat next to you on the bed.


“Hey, everyone! This is my boyfriend, Jungkook and we’re doing the ‘my boyfriend does my makeup’ tag. Hope you enjoy~”

~Admin Blake

Broken Promises

A Dean x Reader /  AU! angst series

Read Parts Two, Three, and Four.

A/N: I was feeling a bit angsty today, and decided to write my first angst fic, so I’m kind of nervous! This will be a series, so let me know if you like it and want me to write another part. Thank you to my love @balthazars-muse for always helping me with my creative visions. As always, like, reblog, follow, and send me feedback. I appreciate you all. xo

Song that inspired this: Hunger - Of Monsters & Men

- angst.
- break up, separation, divorce talk.
-  you might hate me when you’re done with this.

Squad tags: @aprofoundbondwithdean @king-crowley-tho @dancingdin @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @oriona75 @kayteonline @manawhaat

*gifs are not mine.

The past few weeks had been nothing short of torture for you. Days and nights blurred together, spending time on the couch in your new apartment, eating ice cream and crying your heart out. Your eyes were now red and swollen from all the tears you had shed. This small apartment felt wrong, lonely. Without Dean here, it wasn’t home.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Zayn

You and Zayn had been doing this on again off again nonsense, since him and Perrie split the first time. Being the other woman was not what you had in mind when you met him at the bar that night. You actually had no intention of ever seeing him again when you told him goodnight after walking you to your car. But here you were staring down at the beautiful specimen and you had no idea what he saw in you. He was sleeping peacefully, even though he had come over last night an emotional wreck, something about Perrie, wanting to move up the wedding date, or change the colors from red and black to silver and blue. You weren’t even sure, he complained for less than 10 minutes and before you knew it he was lost in you. There were several reasons why you knew you needed to get out of this. Number one: 2 years and 5 months was just too long being the other woman. Number two, your relationship with him was more than either of you had intended. He spent every other night with you, he made you breakfast, you went on long walks together, your family loved him, and his family even knew you. Number three, you were ready to settle down, 23 was just too old to be sleeping with a man who would be married in less than 2 years. He stirred under you and you immediately got pulled out of your thoughts. “Good Morning beautiful” he said in his thick raspy voice. “Morning Zayn” you replied. “how’d you sleep” he asked “barely any” you said softly. “why is that dear?” he asked sitting up, he could tell by the tone of your voice something wasn’t right. “I can’t do this anymore” you said quickly. His mouth dropped open. “Wha- what do you mean?” he asked, he was now facing you and you had to fight the urge to look away from him. “I mean Zayn…that I’ve waited too long on you, Crazy me for thinking that we would end up together. That the other girl could win, that I would be your exception. But in reality Zayn, we will never be together.” You said softly “but y/n I” you raised you hand to silence him, “I’m not doubting that you love me, I know you do, you love me more than anyone ever has, but that doesn’t mean you are going to leave Perrie. You haven’t and it’s been this long.” You said. “y/n I’m not leaving” he said sharply. “I’m not giving you an option, I no longer want you here Zayn” you said getting out from under the covers and walking to the bathroom to leave him alone. You sunk to the bathroom floor and took deep breathes, any moment you could have a panic attack. He knocked on the door, “y/n please talk to me.” He begged. You ignored him and walked away from the door so you would be tempted to let him in. Once you were in the shower you let yourself cry and as soon as you heard the door slam you broke down. There was no telling how long you sat on the shower floor but once you emerged from the bathroom you took to bed and stayed there.

Thanks for reading, 

K, 2015

I Don't Want to Hear it

For JayTim week, day six: redemption

rating: T

length: 3.6K


“I don’t want to hear it,” Tim says as he turns to leave, and Jason wants to grab him and hold him and grovel until Tim believes that he really is sorry, but his hands stay at his sides and Tim walks through the door, leaving Jason alone in the break room.

All Jason can think is how beautiful Tim looked in that dress and how he hopes Tim won’t stop wearing them, just because of one stupid thing Jason said.


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Letters To A Maus

“Meine Schatz,

There is not a way to write the words that rattle my heart in its ribcage, they remained trapped and yet so loose.

Hair reflecting violet light in its undertones as the eyes duck down, staring at feet with the intent to kill, you enchanted me. There’s fire in you, dearest. It warms the fingers that crave to trail the paths your veins make and tickle the invisible thoughts you create.

To trace the pink lips, feel the ridges the hills your upper lip forms.

To connect your lips with mine, I believe such a kiss could birth universes.

Beloved, do you know what it is to crave with such longing, so much that all emotions, thoughts, desires are consumed by one aching need? To simply see your face.

If I could, I would rage, I would burn through the earth’s very core to walk by your side.

To stand a thousand and one dark nights to hear you laugh.

To swallow the sea to see you smile.

To weave a second moon into the night so you’d never have to go without light.

To hold your hand so you never feel the need to cling to a shield.

I cannot battle this anymore, I surrender.

My heart will not listen to me and will not be commanded by logic.

So precious one, command it.

I consent and gladly give.

Ever yours,


“Luisa, are you coming?” Pieter asks, huffing as sweat tickles his forehead, the crowd pushing into him to walk along the sidewalk.
Tanned hands tremble, an egg-shelled envelope hovers over a graffiti covered mailbox.
A hesitation.
Jaws clench, a letter is dropped.
The blue lid shuts with a resolute clang.
“Ja, I’ll be right there.”

Beca climbs out of her car, sore muscles stretch as she walks to her silver letterbox. It’s nestled comfortably and permanently next to its identical brothers.
She hums as she thumbs through her mail.
Another bill.
A creamy envelope catches her attention.
She opens it in confusion, there’s not a return address.

“Tiny maus,

Hope you are resting your vocal chords. Can a throat as tiny as yours make a big enough sound to even be heard over the many fans chanting DSM’s name?
See you at Worlds.

Ever the best,


anonymous asked:

Can you do “I can’t believe you dragged me into this” with Peter Maximoff (X-Men, if you write for them. If not, Peter Parker is good too!)

A/N: I have a soft spot for Peter, so here you go!

“Peter, what the hell are you doing here?” You half whispered, half shouted. Outside your window was Peter Maximoff, his silver hair a mess from the wind. Peter gave you a cheeky smile and pointed to the convertible behind him.

“I came to take you out for a ride. Isn’t that what boyfriends do? They come and take their significant other away for a late night ride? Now come on, get in!” You let out a laugh and rolled your eyes, quickly grabbing your jacket before sneaking out of your window. Peter carefully helped you off your balcony, his lips still in a sly smile.

“Pete, it’s raining. Why do you want to go for a drive now? And who’s car is this anyways? You asked, slowly following him.

Peter laughed and opened the passenger door for you. “Get in first, ask questions later.” You looked at the car, then back at him. Every part of you screamed not to get into the car, but you couldn’t say no to him, especially when he looked at you with that mischievous look on his face. You couldn’t help yourself, you were drawn to his bad boy ways.

You sighed and got into the car, quickly putting on your seatbelt. “If you get me into trouble Peter-”

Peter laughed and jumped over the door into the drivers seat. “Me? Trouble? Never!” He laughed as he laid his foot on the gas pedal, speeding out of Xavier’s School.

“Peter!” You laughed, putting on the second pair of goggles he had on the dashboard. “Pete, slow down! There are always cops on this road!”

“Babe, you’re with the fastest man alive right now. If the cops come, we just ditch the car and outrun them,” Peter said nonchalantly, his silver hair shinning in the moonlight. You giggled and rubbed his arm as he drove, watching him lovingly. His smile never left his face.  

“I can’t believe you dragged me into this,” you said, just loud enough for him to hear.

“I can’t believe you came,” he said, looking over at you for a moment. “You’re such a goodie-two-shoes, I never thought I would get you out of that school.”

You laughed and kissed his cheek. “Well, what can I say? You’re just a bad influence on me, Peter Maximoff.”

Into The Fire, Pt. 4

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,564

Summary: The Reader finds out Sam is back in the life.

Warnings: Cursing. And a major cliff hanger. AGAIN.

A/N: This part contains a time jump of two years, placing it in season 3. The idea for this came from a conversation I had a few weeks ago with @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit about our favorite versions of Sam Winchester. So, my dear Moz, here is some Canon Baby Sam for you.

PT. 3

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“Where. The. Fuck?” you muttered under your breath, overcome with frustration.  

Why in the world did it seem like when you didn’t need something, it would keep popping up in the strangest of places, to the point of annoyance, but when you actually needed it, it was nowhere to be found?

“I just saw it last week, stupid fucking knife, going and disappearing on me.” You continued rifling through your bags, cursing under your breath.

You were hunting a werewolf and couldn’t find your silver knife anywhere, not in your bags, not in your car, nowhere you looked. At this point you were afraid you had left it in some random motel room somewhere along the way. Not sure where, since most of your hunts recently had been demons or ghosts, no need for silver. Silver bullets could have been an option, if you had been brave enough to run by Bobby’s for a supply run.

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Yeah... about that. Part Two.

@kissofvenom922    @fangirling-all-the-way-tbh  @sanddollarsandstars

Part One

Word Count: 1,794

Once the plane landed at Heathrow Airport, you and Steve spoke with the pilot.
“So, when do you think we can take off again?” Steve had his business face on. He was just as ready to go home as you were.
“I’m sorry, Captain, but there are storms lighting up the route and they all have to pass before I take you two up again. We’re looking at about 24 hours at least. I’m sorry. I already sent word to Agent Hill and she made arrangements for you.” The pilot went back into the front of the plane and left the two of you there to pout.
“I guess I’ll grab the bags.” You slung your red bag over your shoulder and grabbed your other two. Steve grabbed his own bags with a groan and you were greeted by an agent in an SUV.
“Good afternoon, sir,” he nodded to Steve, “Ma’am”, and then nodded at you. You did your best to smile and be friendly; it wasn’t the guy’s fault. You and Steve sat in the back of the car in silence as you were driven to a hotel. A shiver went up through your back from the air coming in through the cracked windows. You pulled your legs up and curled into the leather seat since you were too tired and irritated to complain about it. You watched the silver sky over the city, the sound of leather catching your attention. Steve reached under your arm and started to pull you towards him.
“Come here.” You gave him a quick glare and narrowed your eyes at him. “It’s fine, Y/N. Just come here.” You reluctantly gave in and scooted closer to him, now curling up against his ribs and chest. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, his heat radiating from all directions. You kept your hands clenched in a fist to refrain from any more contact. You had to admit though, you were grateful for the warmth.

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