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I was just wondering, from the obvious nature of the show, we know what Malcolm’s political views are- he’s clearly belonging to the ttoi universe’s equivalent of labour so he’s obviously a leftist. However, governmental politics and social politics come hand in hand. Do you have any idea of any possible social stances Malcolm takes? it would be really interesting to know your take on it as you seem to have a really in depth insight into ttoi and malcolm especially.

(as asked by an Anon)

Hi, Anon, if you’re even still out there, I bet you thought I’d never post my answer, but here it finally is!

In my post way back when about ITL Malcolm and the war, my position was and is that ITL Malcolm didn’t give a damn one way or the other whether it happened or not.  He had no personal feelings on the matter and his only concern was pushing whatever line the government was selling at each particular moment, even if that line was the exact total opposite of whatever line he’d been selling the previous moment.

I don’t think TTOI Malcolm is anywhere near that bad in terms absolute amorality, but I’m not sure we ever get much of a chance to see Malcolm’s true inner feelings about the policies he was required to sell, except on the couple of occasions in series 3 when he talked about the mental toll the job had taken on him, and then in series 4 we hear about the mental toll again in 407, which really only confirms what we’d already seen from his series 4 physical transformation into a skeleton stick-man.

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