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can i just remind you all that even when you are not talking to a trans person directly to still respect their name, gender and pronouns. the only exceptions are if it is a dangerous situation or the person is not out to them.

also please do not out a trans person to someone, it is their choice and that personal information should not be passed on without permission.

ziam cheer-up post

alright so its happened, stuff has gotten to me and this is why stunting exists, to shun us and undermine our support for the boys..

but hey im pakistani and we’re resilient as fuck. so here’s a tiny cheer-up post about all things ziam

lets start with fetus ziam

you know why liam

and then they took it up a notch

and i mean really took it up a notch

then they proceeded to get married and kill the rest of us who were by some miracle still alive

so its safe to say ziam are here and they are still going strong

and that none of us really have anything to worry about because our boys are safe and together wherever they may be and definitely in love

and thats just how it is

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First Convention of 2017!

Hello all! Thank for coming out to support us at our first convention of 2017! Anime Shogatsu was a blast and we look forward to returning! We introduced our $20 mystery bags and hope they can be part of our regular line up!

We are so excited to share with you our inventory line up that will be coming in over the next few months! Stay tuned!


Erik Gudbranson: The LGBTQ community is a huge part of our fanbase. Ya know, obviously, this is something that we want to come support as well, and cheer them on for the day and for years to come. 

Jake Virtanen: A lot of these people in Vancouver support us and ya know, they give us the best support, watching our games, and no matter what they help us out. So I think coming down and supporting this is a great thing to do, and ya know, Guddy coming out as well, it’s pretty cool. 

Gudbranson & Virtanen at Vancouver Pride Parade

Robron: In Character

Can we all just bask in the glory that Robert is going to confess to Aaron because he can’t bear being intimate with him on the incident bed? Robert and Aaron don’t even kiss each other when there’s something important to tell the other person.

I know Robert and Aaron have kissed and had sex since Aaron’s been out of prison. But I truly believe as panicked as Robert is at the thought of losing Aaron; he also believed he shouldn’t tell him the truth then, due to his fragile state of mind.

Danny said that Aaron has his suspicions and already works out the truth as Robert is confessing. My bet is that he’s had his suspicions since Chas and Robert’s prison visit. That is how well they know each other. Aaron knows Robert better than anyone else. He probably overlooked those suspicions out of denial or because he had other things he needed to focus on after his release.

I hate Robert for hurting Aaron this way. But I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the level of unconditional love and understanding the two of them have for one another.

I know it’s hard to forgive Robert because of everything Aaron has been through. Aaron is the last person in the world who deserved this kind of pain. But sometimes couples need to go through really heartbreaking stuff, in order to come back from it that much stronger. I think (read hope) that is what Emmerdale is intending to show us.

Aaron is never going to have it easy. IM confirmed that. He never has had it easy. So being with someone else. Someone who isn’t the absolute love of his life (because like it or not that is who Robert is to Aaron) is not going to cause him less pain or make his life better.

Aaron fighting for his relationship and love, despite this devastation, does not make him weak. It makes him strong, determined and whole. It’s such beautiful growth as a person. It’s the growth we’ve waiting for in him. It doesn’t mean he’s okay with what has happened. He shouldn’t be. I don’t want him to make it easy on Robert and I don’t want a quick fix to this.

So for god’s sake, stop hating on people for supporting Robron, and especially stop hating on Aaron fans who support Robron.

Robron isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

To those wondering why fans “left, ignored, and hated” Hello back in 2013;

NU’EST debuted with a song about fighting back bullying, about gaining confidence to stand up to bullies. This was a new scene for kpop as a boygroup singing and showing actual bullying. Face was an instant hit; NUEST was more popular than exo, btob, and bap (imagine that). Then Action came not long after debut. Another societal issue song. Not so much a hit, but kept with a theme of standing up to whoever is putting you down. This seemed to keep previous fans still on boat the nu’est waves. Then nu’est came to around october of the same debut year with a fan video of Sandy and Not Over You; both songs of the same album of Action. Cute- and completely different than its title track counterpart- you could see how people didnt like their shocking new image. Two title tracks of fighting back, with cute surprise videos? Not much hype went on unless you were an international fan who genuinely loved the way they portrayed the song with the surprise videos. I mean, one video was about them hanging out and buying their fans things the entire day! What was so bad about it? 

Then…the wait for Hello. No one knew this song was going to be a hit for genuine fans, and I mean genuine because…well…you’ll later read on.

Teasers, photos, etc etc was hyping up tumblr LOVEs. This song was going to give nu’est a new breakthrough. This was going to give them more popularity than the last. Same year debut groups were doing cute videos while older groups were doing more hip hop and serious love damaging songs and videos.. Nu’est wasnt hopping on trend and instead, was coming out with a ballad still true to their actual name “NU Establish Style Tempo” (emphasis on NU and STYLE). nuest, no matter what song, has always had a similar beat to every song before Hello, and to this day, continue the same beats that make a nuest song be…well…nuest. An almost soft dubstep beat. Go ahead, listen to all of their songs and pay attention to the beat. Hello was a ballad, but carried such a beat along with it that made it different than other ballads. At least to me that is. But even though the song was a nuest song, with its beat screaming NUEST, fans in Korea and even international fans, didnt like it.

Hello became the downfall. Fans around the world (a lot, but not enough to tear nuest and us down!) began to complain. Hello wasnt a song about fighting societal issues. It was deemed to be like any other love song. Boring. Same as everyone. Not NUEST. But, that was the thing about being a nuest fan. What even IS nuest? Does their acronym not mean new style of music? From what I remember….

NU'EST stands for ‘NU(New), Establish, Style, Tempo’, signifying how they are creating a new style to the music.“ 1TheK description on debut song FACE.

From my point of view, NUEST WAS NEVER MEANT TO STAY THE SAME. Changing, always changing. That is nuest. And because of such a drastic change from anti-bullying and taking actions towards those against you to losing a woman they loved, this brought harsh declines in sales. Hello was the first to bring hardly any album sales out of the two already out. This was the turning point. Fans left, ignored, and hated Hello. People who were not fans but followed nuest, left to see them fall to the ground.

Again, this was not a nu’est song. From what I remember back in 2013, people justified this song as the complete opposite of what nuest IS and should be. Blaming pledis and the boys for doing a song not usual to their two other albums. My argument since 2013? NUEST was never meant to be the same all of the time. We should have expected them to change, just like how every other group on this earth changes styles. Why was nuest the only exception to not being able to change? Well, to “fans” in that era, it was reasonable. And since then, nuest has still been changing with every song they come out with, doing everything they can to please us who are already supporting them, while trying to reach out to their homeland and gain fans there as well. nu’est never stopped for anyone. They kept going and going and fighting on despite the decline in every song they came out with. Of course Overcome was the turning point to show a better and improved ‘nuest’ to the public, but it was still never the same like before Hello.

I rambled on so much I dont know how to end this. but here you go. What I believe and remember from what happened during the time that Hello was a forgotten soul of a song. And why its so important to listen to the remix that came out today, because of its history and deep depth of hurt that it caused our boys. This song has resurrected and it has slayed.

I don't know how to say this...
  • But, guys, I need help. My girlfriend and I aren't safe in either of our homes, and we can't do this alone. I hate asking for help, it isn't in my nature because it makes me feel weak.
  • But, I am tired, tired from working two jobs just to buy food, gas, and medicine for my girlfriend and I's mental health issues. My father has mentally abused me since I was little, and mentally and physically abusive towards my mother all my life. Recently, the physical abuse has started on me.
  • My girlfriend is in a house with a Step Father that has been caught filming her in the shower, and a mother who doesn't believe her, and mentally abuses her daily.
  • We just want a safe place for us, a lesbian couple, without the cost of our health.
  • We are only reaching out for help, because we have no one else to go to. Our families don't support us, and my girlfriend has come out to her mom, while I haven't out of fear.
  • We have been looking for apartments for us, so any and all donations will be going towards that, the first few months of rent, and food money, my two hosting jobs just aren't cutting it, while I am still paying on outrageous school bills, and 'owe' my parents money for helping me and her out in times of need. They take about 50 dollars out of my check every two weeks.
  • If you can help, I am dropping a at the end of this post. Thank you, to those who donate, or boost, it means the world to us.

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Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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We are performing a mini set at the Cat’s Meow Spring Fever Music Festival this upcoming Sunday March 5th, please come out if you can to give us your support or just give us a reblog if you can’t make it! Our own set starts at 6PM EST, but the actual festival starts at 2PM if you’d like to catch the earlier acts as well! We’d really love to see you there if you can make it! (sidenote: Mae isn’t here because she couldn’t make this performance sadly, but she’ll be here next time!)

Check out the full event details @thecatsmeowbarandgrill

Bombshell - Part One

Characters: Jason Todd (Red Hood), Reader (You).

Requested by: @umbreonxespeon

Synopsis: Jason gets to know a stripper he frequently requests.

Warnings: Sexual themes.

A/N: I feel better about this than the last thing I wrote.
Y/F/N: = Your First Name.
Y/L/N: = Your Last Name.
Hope you like it!

She is always so beautiful and great every time I see her, but there is determination in her eyes and not the ‘putting myself through college’ determination, no. Something else. I just can’t put my finger on it.

I request her again tonight.
She approaches me with a seductive smirk on her face that turns into a genuine smile when she sees that it’s me again.
She sways her hips in a metallic silver outfit, as always, revealing. Men don’t take interest here much if they can’t see most of what you have to offer.
“Back so soon?” She purrs as she enters my booth ready for a private dance. She tugs the curtain shut.
“Why wouldn’t I be back to see my favourite bombshell?” I smirk.
She blushes as she gets up onto the platform with the pole in the centre.
She twirls around it, then leans in as close as she can get to me without letting go. “Damn right I’m your favourite.” She takes a sip of my beer than places it back down on the small side table.
I chuckle at her.
She starts to grind against the pole, ready for her usual routine.
I watch, but not focusing on the routine. Focusing on the determination I’ve seen. There is something that pushes her to do this. I want to know what.
She crawls across the ground flirtily to me. She pushes my knees apart and goes between them, roaming her delicate hands around my thighs, up my torso, then back down to the thighs. She stands and straddles me, my eyes in perfect viewing of her breasts. But it starts to feel wrong. I place my hands on her hips and give her slight push to indicate for her to stop.
She looks panicked. “Did you not like it? Do you want a new routine? Would you like me to bring in a friend?”
That last offer was tempting, but no.
“No. It’s none of that-”
“What is it?” She croaks then composes herself, realising she isn’t being professional. “So, what is it you would like?” She bites her lip and twirls a strand of hair around her finger.
“To know why you do this.” I state, bluntly.
She freezes. “I-”
“I know it’s probably none of my business. It’s just,” I try to think of the best way to word it, “there’s something there. Something that drives you. You don’t seem like the other strippers here.”
Her faces flushes bright red and she covers her face with her hands.
“Oh, you don’t have to tell me.”
Then I hear quiet sobs. “I’m sorry.” She mutters.
“What for?” I extend a hand to her and she takes it, still not letting me see her face. She sits on the platform.
“It’s-It’s the fact I have kids.”
I get a little taken aback. “What?”
“I have two children.” She wipes her tears away and looks at me. “One 4 year old girl and one 3 year old boy. I hardly see them because I’m working so hard to support them. But I can still barely afford my own rent. They stay my sister, their aunt.” She reveals her whole story to me. “Their father was an ass. I had the girl when I was 18. I was 5 months away from graduating high school when I found out. You can imagine how I looked. Graduation robes and a pregnant belly.” She laughed. “He said he’d support us. Not long after I had her, I was knocked up again. He claimed there was no way the baby was his when I’ve never slept with another man in my life. And he left. I should’ve seen it coming. For someone who said he’d support us, he was always out with friends.” She reaches over to my drink and takes a big sip. I pass her a tissue I had in my pocket. “Thanks.” She wipes away the smudged make-up. “He just engaged last week. To some girl with fake tits the size of Greenland.”
I look at her, my heart shattering. She looks so young still and everything she’s been through…
“You must never want to request me again, huh?”
“No. I mean yes. I mean-” I give up and place her hands between mine, “What’s your name?”
“I thought we settled on bombshell.”
“No. You’re real name.”
She hesitates before saying “Y/F/N Y/L/N.”
“One day you’ll be able to leave this life and live your life with your kids and find a man who treats you well, Y/N.”
“Thank you.” She smiled sadly at me. “I hope so.”

It was probably wrong of me to use the Bat-Computer to find her address, but I needed to do this.
I sat in my car as I waited to see her go to the mail boxes of a run down apartment building near Crime Alley.
There she was. She looked so different. She looked so pure and innocent. Y/N had her hair up in a messy bun. She wore an over-sized ‘Star Wars’ shirt and gray sweatpants. To see her in the morning light… she deserved everything good that came to her.
I saw her nose scrunch up in confusion at a letter. Hurriedly opening it, once she read the contents her eyes widened and her hand shot to her mouth in surprise. I could see the tears building.
She ran through the glass door to the apartment complex and looked around.
She made eye-contact with me through my open car window and mouthed “thank you” at me.
I flashed her a smile and gave her a nod before driving off, leaving her mouth hanging wide and tears of joy falling from her eyes at the large sum of money I gave her.

a reminder that everyone has their ships and of course a lot of people want to be with them, but if one of them or maybe more (who knows, perhaps no one) happens to not be straight and come out to the world, please support them no matter what! they are trusting us with something very hard to admit, especially for someone who lives in a country like south korea. their sexuality isn’t going to change them, it’s probably going to even make them more honest and true to themselves. they can finally be who they are.

im not saying that they aren’t in fact straight, im just reminding you that if this happens, please send as much love (or even more) as you send now! :)


I’m Noah, an illustration student at Lesley and an (aspiring) arts organizer. I’m also a trans man in a gay relationship. My friend Boon and I are curating an LGBTQ art show to submit as a proposal to Boston LGBTQIA Artists Alliance (BLAA), in response to their call for show proposals. 

We’re looking for trans and queer artists who are interested in exhibiting their work with us here in Boston this summer or fall. Please message me or email if you’re interested!


EDIT 7/27/17:

We’ve assembled a lineup of artists, our proposal has been accepted, and we now have a location and a rough date! We’ll be exhibiting at the Distillery Gallery in South Boston this November (2017.) Our show is titled Sanqtuary. At this point, we are still open to adding a few more artists, but we have very limited space. We are prioritizing femme-identified artists and local Massachusetts artists.

I’ll be posting updates on Sanqtuary here and on instagram @ngrigni. Come out and support us in November!

naomi-campbell13-deactivated201  asked:

hiii, i was wondering if you could write about Y/n being famous too and she meets harry for the first time and he asks her out

I had a few requests for something where the girl is famous too, so here’s what I wrote. I decided to write it in first person and gave her a name.

Meeting Harry Styles

My sister had taken me to a One Direction concert. Neither of us were particularly huge fans, but I’ll admit I’d been known to sing along to a few of their songs on the radio. When she originally told me about the tickets I raised a brow, but ended up agreeing to join her, thinking it would be a fun night out with my sis. I’d recently wrapped up filming for my latest movie, and between that and press and promo for my previous film that was opening in a few weeks, we rarely got to spend time with each other anymore.

Halfway through the show, and a few beers later, Nora let the cat out of the bag. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the sheer excitement from the crowd, but with her arm looped through mine she informed me she’d always had a crush on Niall. I giggled at her as I leaned my head on her shoulder, watching the four boys on stage. My eyes, however, were not focused on the Irish one, but rather the tall, long-haired one in jeans so tight you could practically see-

“Mia!” Nora shouted in my ear, interrupting my dirty thoughts. “Did you see that? Oh my God, he’s so cute! That smile!”

“Yeah,” I grinned. I knew she was referring to Niall, but I wasn’t.

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Hey shapeshifters!

We’ve been hard at work this past month getting ready to make the next steps towards taking this business of ours from a couple folks sewing stuff out of their dining room to some sort of official company-type thing!

Exciting things are happening, and with all of these changes comes a new logo! Not too different from the last one, but we heard your concerns about readability and took them to heart, so this new logo is simpler and hopefully easier to read for folks with reading troubles. We appreciate any and all feedback with this new logo on ways to make it more accessible in future revampings!

Thanks for all your support!

-Ark & Poppy

PS Be sure to come out and see us this weekend at GKE New England in Hartford, CT!


addicted15 day 4: favorite parent-child relationship // ryke & sulli

Then I take Sullivan in my arm, her orange onesie printed with tigers and giraffes. She runs her tiny hands along my unshaven jaw. Her smile grows like Daisy’s. 

“Don’t quit the fucking things you love, sweetie,” I tell my daughter. It’ll kill you inside. 

When I become older—when I’m fucking gray, she’ll be able to recall all those times her father climbed. She’ll have watched me, seen me, doing what I love. I never want her to give up on the pieces of existence that make her her . 

I want Sullivan Minnie Meadows to race one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour. No brakes in sight. Don’t be afraid of the unknown in tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of death. There is no worse life than a hollow one. So be alive every second of every fucking day. That’s what I hope she’ll do.

For as long as I fucking live, I’m never letting anyone put out your light. They’ll have to crawl over my dead fucking body. (insp.)