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Kasperi Kapanen - Foreshadowing

Anon: Can you do a Morgan Rielly one about the game tonight?? Or whoever you want to write about from the leafs? BC IM JUST SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW IM SCREAMING 😍😍😍😍

A/N: I decided to do Kappy with this one because OT winner!!  

Warning/s: Suggestive stuff  

Word count: 1,341

Song: Wild Heart - Bleachers 

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Geezus Christ, there is so much discourse over this one little picture. Well I have some friends who live in Japan and one of them was happy to translate this for me. 

The original text here is Illumi talking:


Which translates to. 

Yeah. It is not a big deal but today is Hisoka’s birthday, is not it? Congrats. 

Now this scene is limited to one screenshot which has cause uproar and chaos. I have been quiet and just watching the two factions mauling at each other. One side says, “This is a sign of TRUE LOVE.” The other faction says, “It’s just a gift.”


Like I am getting tired of hearing this same excuse over and over. The other faction sounds like a broken record. 

Hisoka this, Hisoka that.

Though this is just one scene and people are making a big fuss over it. 

From some research, I did and from what 2 of my friends who know japanese have told me. 

Bouquets are like a gift you give for housewarming, birthdays, celebrations. This includes roses. Though if you look with other birthday mobage cards such as these:

Now not just Hisoka got a bouquet or flowers for no apparent reason. Though the Mobage card games and other side media not related to the main story itself is kinda not canon. It would be me saying that the side games unrelated to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Main manga is canon. Like for example. 

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses

This game. 

Or this game.

Though from what @schwing-stars told me if you ware going to use Google translate to translate something someone wrote in Japanese then of course why are you using it to see if it is Japanese if you understand Japanese in the first place. There are many types of Japanese texts such as Kanji, Hiragana etc. Though depending on how you were raised in a certain region you dialect or use of the language may be different. Now everyone is the same. As one of my friends who is fluent in Japanese has told me. If you are trying to translate with a digital app it comes out funky. I myself have a hard time talking to some of my friends who know very little english and only know Japanese exclusively. Also, why do you need to keep pushing and poking about the roses? Roses symbolize many things.

For birthdays, celebrations, love or even for funerals. This is so stupid. It’s a stupid mini that doesn’t even relate to the manga. It’s like me saying all the DragonBallZ alternate universe side games are canon. Or every weird Yu-Gi-Oh! game what was made is canon. The animes are not even fully canon. They are adaptations of the manga. Just because a company that makes the anime or the games for a certain media. Doesn’t make it canon. 

This is not even about Hisoka anymore. In the manga he hits on Machi he hangs out with Illumi. It could be friendship or business. For me I see it as acquaintances. They know one another but not to the point where it is personal. It’s lets discuss how to get the job done and lets get it done. Though Hisoka is only doing it because it works in his favor as is Illumi. 

Also I rarely talk to @nomamiposts the person who talks to her more is either @schwing-stars or @deadxxxmoon , but from what Schwinging told me they started attacking Noma because her Japanese was not up to par with them? Like holy shit, I have to use a translator to know what Noma is telling me and google translate makes japanese text all funky during translation. Even Schwinging has to use it when talking to other people in different languages. So why are you using it if you know japanese like you said. I am just sitting here watching your faction fight and then watching schwinging and nomami fight. Over a stupid screenshot that is only Illumi saying, “Congragulations on your day of birth.”

I mean the people who made it just cut and paste the card artworks into this scene. Does it have great significance? No, it’s just a stupid scene on a stupid mobile game that is not even irrelevant to the real story. 

This story.

Not the anime or the games. The book. The manga the real thing Togashi wrote. Everything that is needed is in here. This is where I get my information from. Not the anime or games. No the manga. The stuff Togashi writes himself. Also, lets not forget.

This person right here. Is a SPIDER. Who is the brother of Illumi.

You know how Illumi acted when Hisoka asked if he could kill Killua.

Illumi went batshit crazy. Now how would he react if Hisoka killed Kalluto. He would go mad because family to Illumi means a lot to him. Hisoka knows where to hit people where it hurts and now Hisoka don’t give a fuck. He is not killing people on how strong they are and sparing them because they are weak. He is now killing everyone. Weak and strong because he is unpredictable like Togashi wanted him to be. People think he is a pedophile, they think he is gay, they think this they think that.

No he is not a pedophile. He loves to fight strong people. Machi clearly explained this after she left the Heaven’s Arena. He is his own man. He loves to fight. He believes he is the best. 

‘He believes he is the best.’

How do you prove this? By fighting every strong prick he deems worthy and sparing those he sees potential in. Such as Gon and his friends. This does not make him pedo. He doesn’t want little boy’s ass he wants the pleasure of the fight. It brings him pleasure knowing he might die or getting beaten to a pulp. 

Though both arguments aside from either factions are fighting wither Hisoka is gay or not. The thing is, I talked to many people about this. Even one of them who did block me and I her. The conclusion is. We don’t know what Hisoka is. We really don’t, but what makes me mad is some fans take it to the extent that they believe anything is canon. Sure the art that was made for the Mobage card game was made for the card game. Does it mean it is canon to the real storyline? No, it is just a game that was made to entertain the fans and to suck us for our money. 

So is Illumi friends with Hisoka? It’s hard to say. That still remains unclear. Are they hardcore lovers? No, but does it matter if the fans ship them even if they are not? No it’s their way of appreciating the media. Did Hisoka hit on Machi and ask her out? Yes, he did in the manga. One thing the 2011 anime got right was that scene, but not every scene in the manga was put into the anime. Even some things were done wrong.

For example the toy box scene. This represents the people he wants to fight and kill. Illumi is included in both boxes.

Anime: In the manga Machi is suppose to be Silva, but this was a mistake in this scene.

Manga: Though as you can see Silva is in the original scene.

Now this shows the extent that the anime is not always right. Some people I talked to about this. It did raise eyebrows, Machi is not in the toybox. If she was it would mean he wants to kill and fight her. Now for example this scene from Greed Island.

Anime: Hisoka asks Machi if he killed Chrollo what would, she do? Of course she said she would hunt him to the ends of the earth. Hisoka replies with a grimace, “I like the sound of that.”

Manga: Now for the manga this scene is a little more different. Since Anime’s are adaptations. They are not always true to the manga itself. This scene Hisoka is not even grinning at the thought of Machi coming after him. He is more calm and pleased with her answer.

External image

 but one thing I did notice further on into the manga. Is that this scene is then again references in Ch. 357. Though in this scene Machi is the one with the calm yet sad face.

External image

Now looking at the scene where Machi says she would hunt Hisoka down and where Hisoka said he would enjoy that.

External image
External image

Now in these two pages, he is egging her on. He tells her if you want to find me come after me.

Now Machi did say she would go after him.

Though another scene where he pester’s Machi again is when he asks if she was impressed with his nen tactics. 

Anime: Though in the anime both dub and sub he asked if she was impressed with his tactics and also asking her out to dinner. While this differs in the manga. Though one thing that did stay true to Machi is her explaining how Hisoka is as a person. This scene is highly shown to not only explain how Hisoka is with his nen, personality and other little tidbits, but is also one of the highly recognized scenes between him and Machi which also points out to why would they even put him asking her out. They could have put Illumi there, but there did not.

Manga: Now here in the manga Hisoka doesn’t ask Machi out to dinner. He asks her to stay the night with him. When some men say this to some women. It does me stay the night with me or to sleep with me. Which is also said in the japanese version of the manga, but the translations can end up differently when converting to english.

External image

Translations: Now some places where people do read the english version of the manga can be incorrect as seen here. Different people translate from the same japanese manga, but some of the translations can be mis interpreted causing dismay and confusion among the fans. Which can lead to arguments. Now the Viz translation is the official one. While places like mangastream is done by people who volunteer to translate. They themselves are not doing it for the official manga. 

Which makes scenes like this.

When Hisoka asked Illumi if he could ‘Kill’ Killua.

Into something so great that the fans twist it into some big conspiracy where Hisoka wants to do Killua in the bum. Which is not true. The Viz translates it better then the 3rd party does. Now in this infamous scene where people believe Hisoka wants to do thing to Killua is where everything is misinterpreted. Hisoka asked Illumi if he can Kill Killua for the following reasons. Which is the most logical explaination. Not the outrageous I wanna get down with a child No, that is not right. Why do people think this is true? Cause a couple of fans said so?


One, to give away Illumi’s location. Hisoka says in his head. 

‘If it is possible to save Gon.’

He wants Gon alive so he can fight him. No Gon no big battle.

Two, It is to give a Killua a fighting chance to get Alluka to Gon to be aware that Illumi is following him. Which is why Hisoka wanted to change the map that showed where Killua was going so Illumi can go the wrong way. Though Illumi already had the map from another group of people he killed. Hisoka’s plan was there foiled. As Hisoka was hiding behind the tree listening to Illumi and Killua talking. Hisoka asks himself. To kill Killua to earn Illumi’s hate so he can fight him or to kill Alluka to earn Killua’s hate. Either way he was out only for himself during his time when he was trying to foil Illumi’s plans. He as not in it to help Illumi, but if doing so increases Hisoka’s own plans then he will do so. Such as when he helped Gon in the volleyball game against Razor. He didn’t do it for them he did it for himself to make Gon stronger so when he does fight him. He can watch him fall. Though another explanation is that Hisoka was just plan bored and wanted to buy some time before he reunited with the Phantom Troupe about the nen exorcist. Which is another logical reason to why Hisoka did what he did.

Also, to try to debunk the so call weird hand signs. Such as these.

People thing this.

Hand sign means I wanna honk your badonk. No It’s just Hisoka being a fucking weirdo. That is not the fig sign. The fingers are not in the right place.

Now this is the fig sign.

The fig sign has many meanings:

It stands for the female genitalia, to ward off evil, it can mean evil or to give someone the evil eye.

Though in Japan the fig sign is used for sex, but is has been losing it’s true meaning, but knowing the fans they like to make hardcore theories about what Hisoka’s body langauge and motives truly are. It’s fine if you debate that, but be aware Hisoka does many different things with his body and it is mostly random because that is what Hisoka is. Random unpredictable. This is a stated fact that is part of his character. Sometimes he does things not even I can explain, but the fact that this one little picture.

Can cause so much discourse. It’s just Illumi saying congrats happy birthday and whatever not like it is a big thing. I mean over a picture from a mini game. FUCKING MINI GAME?! That is not even canon. It’s just a mini game. The real canon is in the manga. 

Not the games or animes. Or even some hardcore fan’s theories. It is nice to theorize and make headcanons with your friends, but keep in mind. The card games and animes. Is just stuff. It’s not the manga. I don’t mind the card games or animes. I think it is nice stuff to have, but it’s not really the manga itself. A company can make something, but it doesn’t mean it is canon. 

Though making this post, required some research and I hope I covered some things that helps everyone out. Maybe it would stop the fights maybe it won’t. Though some fangirls will be persistent in wanting something canon so bad. I have seen this in the Bleach and Black Butler fandom. I myself go by the manga. Where is the place I get my facts from concerning Machi and Hisoka. I myself have looked at Illumi and Hisoka. Though it seems it is nothing more then a acquaintanceship. Hisoka does his thing and Illumi does his. They discuss the job and how to get it done. Sure they know one another, but not to the exist of personal. Hisoka and Machi’s scene was a lil more indepth when Machi was explaining everyone about Hisoka in the Heaven’s Arc Chapter of 56. They were also paired as a team in the YorkNewArc and then in Chapter 170 is where Hisoka pesters Machi again. Then finally Chapter 357 where Machi shouldn’t of even bothered with Hisoka but did anyway. She showed concern for him and tried to help him out. Even though he trapped her there and went on to kill the spider. Which Togashi did say he wanted to do in a old interview of his which can be read here.

Though wither Machi will die or all the spiders. Including Kalluto, is uncertain. So far two spiders have died. though what raises my suspicion is Hisoka is the only one who can unbound people from his bungee gum. So is Machi stuck there so she can be out of his way? Can she get out? Nen gets stronger if someone dies and is brought back. Hisoka’s nen certainly got much stronger. So the bondings of his bungee gum would be stronger then Machi’s for sure. She could be sadly the one who might be spared and come back with her entire troupe destroyed. Which to me would be interesting to see.

 Though since Hisoka needs to live to fight Gon and if he kills Kalluto. No doubt he will fight Illumi and Illumi’s nen is a 95. Hisoka’s nen is now in Godmode status. So the thing is it is certain we might see Hisoka fighting Illumi. Maybe he will dispatch of him, but this will show Hisoka’s true motive. He is in it for himself. Killing Illumi’s brother means nothing to him, but to Illumi the slaughter of a family member means alot which will trigger Illumi into fighting or killing Hisoka. Though Illumi said he would kill Hisoka if he killed Killua, but this time. It is not a joke. 

:0) I hope this helps. It’s quite long and a big wall of text. Til next time yo!

P.S for the one who dissed @nomamiposts I would like to add @schwing-stars‘s post from this one here so people can see it more easily.

Note by @schwing-stars

I’ve just been informed by another lovely Asian friend of mine, who’s name I won’t say for privacy reasons, that this person has spoken a regional dialect. Meaning that there are different forms of usage for the Japanese language depending on what certain areas of Japan you are residing in. Just like how in Chinese there are Mandarin and Cantonese etc. versions of that language, there are about 5 to 10 different dialects used in Japan as well as sub-dialects. So this person either is not as educated in the language they grew up with or they used it to purposely discredit @nomamiposts which is a dick move.

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Requested: can u do an imagine where you play college volleyball and it’s your big championship game and you get really nervous since it’s a huge game and shawn tells you he can’t make it but really he’s surprising you at the game?



You’ve done everything you can possibly do to prepare for this game up to this point. You’ve worked insanely hard, along with the rest of your team, to have even been able to play in this upcoming game. It is the championship volleyball game for Division 1 volleyball. You play volleyball for your University, and you’re a sophomore this year. This is the first time your University’s team has made it to the championship game in a few years, so everyone on the team is extremely excited about it, and pretty much your entire school is excited about it as well.  You’re a starter, even though you’re only a sophomore. However, last year your team only made it to the quarterfinals so you haven’t experienced this much pressure in your college career yet.

You’re headed over to event center for the game in about twenty minutes, and the thought of how important this game is and how hard you’ve worked to get here is really getting to you, and stressing you out. You’ve been trying to stay calm and not let the stress overwhelm you, but you’re really starting to freak out. Picking up your phone, you do the only thing you can think to do in a moment like this: you call your boyfriend. He answers after only one ring. “Hello?”

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I’ve Got You (part 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too much. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12,

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Lights // Hoseok

Drabble game request: Hoseok + Dim The Lights by Wild Ones | for @war-of-hormoan

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | 1,033 words

Holding onto nothing

We’re pulling our new freeways

Our youth is gone

And so we revel in the new age

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really love it! Can you write a thorin story where the reader is his one and she is pregnant and he gushes to everyone about her having HIS child and he does his best to take care of her and is really protective and things like that. (basically an everyone lives AU, I’m still in denial) Keep up the good work, love. <3

A/N: Heya sweetie! I’m glad that you like my blog. Of course I’ll do this for you, though I hope you don’t mind that I used some of my creativity and made it slightly different from your request. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, it took me all morning write it! Thank you for your request! <3 - Kat

Thorin x Reader.

Note: When Thorin finds out that his wife (you) is with child, he is over the moon! However, she only wishes for simplicity and not all of the commotion of celebrations. One day it grows too much for her and Thorin begins to understand that maybe he went over the top with his celebrations. The reader also learns the reasons for Thorin’s intense merriment. ( Shitty caption of the whole imagine, so forgive me! Read to find out more, I suppose, lovelies! ) AU WHERE EVERYONE LIVES.

Word count2,287 ( Don’t mind the length, haha! )

Warning’s: Reader has panic attack because of the attention and stress going on. Slight protective Thorin. Fili and Kili (I know that’s not at all a warning, but just letting you know). Happy Thorin. Cute Thorin. Fluff! Lot’s and lot’s of fluff. (If I have missed anything at all them just let me know!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin, Fili, Kili or the company or any other character from lotr or the hobbit: Tolkien does!

Fatigued and weary, you lay there as Oin examined your condition. You felt entirely distressed and flustered as Oin examined the most intimate area your body possessed. “And?” Thorin pried for an answer that Oin himself did not know the answer to, just yet. “Is she or is she not?!” Thorin’s gruff voice was accompanied by impatient sapphire orbs.

Thorin!” you warned, rising and leaning back upon your elbows, shooting him an uncomfortable and angry glower. “Let him do his job!” you growled, irritable as ever. This was a scene from a nightmare!

“I need to kno-” you cut him short with a risen hand, your expression showing signs of intense displeasure.

“I would also like to know, but dear Oin has to do his job.” you argued wisely. “Besides, this is definitely not my idea of spending an afternoon!” and to that you flop onto your back, face red at your blunt honesty as Oin peeked up at you.

Thorin had not considered pondering upon how you felt about having someone examine you. After all, it had been his idea once he had found out about your morning sickness, to which you had replied with: “It’s probably just a bug! Nothing more.” but even so, you were wound up to get stuck in Oin’s healing chambers and get examined for nearly everything. You were the Queen of Erebor, for goodness sake!

“There!” Oin sighed, pulling back slowly, a smile curling and stretching upon his face, drawing the quilt over your lower half. Thorin stepped forward off of the wall, his full attention upon the matter, eyes flickering from you to Oin.

“Well?” he pried once again, tone lighter, trying for your sake of this.

“All of the signs are there, she has answered all of the questions in which I asked, correctly. She’s definitely with child.” Oin smiled brightly. “Congratulations!” he beamed, bowed his head to you and his King before scurrying off to allow the two of you a moment of peace.

“I cannot believe it!” Thorin exclaimed, bounding around to your side of the bed and flopping heftily upon the cot, causing it to creak and you to jostle. You let out an exasperated sigh, a huff being thrown from your lips at the impact of Thorin sitting down. “I could not have pictured a better time to be told such merry news!” his smile was intoxicating, contagious and your displeasure of having Oin’s examination suddenly flew right out of the door. You smiled softly.

“So, is the king happy?” you inquired, standing up, fixing on your clothing.

“Of course!” he breathed, watching you with nothing more than exhilaration within his complexion: And somehow Thorin appeared a hundred years younger in that moment.

“Good, I am glad. Though, if I am allowed to be honest for a moment.” you speak quietly and quickly, pulling your hair up and over one shoulder. “I wish for this to not be blown out of proportion.” you began to which Thorin rose slowly, face back to it’s stony expression.

“Blown out of proportion? Are you saying that the news of the Queen baring my child is not of news to be celebrated?” he accused and you sighed.

“No! I am not saying such things! What I mean is: I wish for you not to boast about it to everybody that you see.” you fire back irritably, folding your arms.

“But isn’t that the best part?” Thorin’s smile curled into a large grin, reminding you of Kili.

“Yes, it is indeed, but I know that you’d go to the ends of this earth and scream it out loud! Be a bit more sensible: Tell people, but do not boast. I have enough attention on me by just being the Queen, being your wife: I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but all of this attention is still very new to me.” you wisely state.

You should have known better.

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1075) I don’t understand why so many people even in the LGBTQ community like RuPaul and drag race when he’s come out with so many transphobic slurs, he once had a section on his show where you had to guess is someone was a cis woman or a trans woman which he called “female or shemale”. When people were upset RuPaul said trans people were using their “victimhood” to cause a situation
My friends are usually so supportive but it shocks me how many people let what RuPaul get away with this - my friends still watch Drag Race. If it was racist slurs it’d be deemed unacceptable, but because it’s trans… I feel as though more people celebrate drag than they do trans people, which makes me very bitter.


“i just want to thank you so much for using our music to get through what it is that you’re going through. and even though songwriting, for me, is a time and a place for me to get from point a to point b, to help me work through something, when i come out to a show like this and play for you guys it’s a celebration that i’m in the same room with a bunch of people who decided it was worth it to keep on going at least for one more day.”

Same Birthday

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sonikvzoumm

“Happy birthday baby!” You jumped into his arms in a fit of laughter as you chirped out of happiness.

He chuckled lowly, somewhat tired from his schedule today but coming home to you was his favourite part of the day. Vernon hugged you gently while you held onto him tightly even though he was bit a sweaty from dancing most of the day.

“Happy birthday to you too babe.” Vernon gave you a kiss, smile in the middle of it.

The two of you shared the same birthday which was one of the first things that you both talked about and kind of bonded over when the two of you first met.

It’s been two years since and you both have had a great relationship together. Whenever it came to occasions, you totally freaked out over what to get Vernon, how to celebrate the occasion with him and make the day feel special and so on. Vernon could always tell how much you over thank everything. He found it adorable how much effort and though you put into making him feel special. Vernon would always tell you that you would need to calm down and he’d comfort you.

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Andre Burakovsky *Requested*

Christmas time can be a difficult time of the year for some people, especially if your family lives in a different country. The holiday season is supposed to consist of joy and be a time to kick back and relax but this year has been all but that. Since Andre’s family lives in Sweden he always looks forward to when his parents come at Christmas time. Unfortunately it had been snowing nonstop in D.C. and they have cancelled all flights coming in, therefore Andre’s family won’t be able to make it in by Christmas.

A heavy sigh pulls me from my thoughts. Today the team has a day off so Andre and I decided to spend quality time together. The day didn’t start off well, waking up to a phone call from your parents saying they couldn’t come in for Christmas can put a real wrench in your plans. Andre quietly walks into the room, phone in hand. He effortlessly falls onto the couch next to me. He rolls onto his side and rests his head on my lap.

“Hi,” I giggle leaning down to place my lips on his.

He forces a smile, “I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. It would have been our first Christmas for us all to be together, sorry things didn’t work out.”

I run my fingers through his soft brown hair, “We can still have Christmas together, we just have to celebrate it later than usual. On Christmas day you can come over to my parents house and spend the day with my family, plus you always have the guys you can hang out with.”

He reaches his large hands out to find my small one and takes them into his grasp, “I know, it is just… I had a plan and it has gone completely against me. You are right though, we can still celebrate Christmas as usual. Just because my parents won’t be here right away does not mean we shouldn’t have a good Christmas.”

I ruffle his hair and place a kiss on his warm cheek, “Atta boy, way to stay positive.”

He rolls his eyes and adjusts our bodies so I am now laying on top of him. Our lips find each other and for a few minutes we are pulled into a sweet bliss. “I love you, you know that right?” Andre whispers as he pulls away.

“No, sometimes I truly question it.” I let out a light laugh.

“Well then maybe I should make it so you never have to question it again.” he suggests raising an eyebrow.

I smile and shake my head slightly, “Woah there Burky, calm down a little. As much as I would enjoy that I think I’ll have to take a raincheck. We have things we need to do today.”

He sighs, “ Like what? Last time I checked we were going to stay home all day and cuddle.”

His words have me caught, he knows I can’t resist cuddling. “Okay, I guess we can make time..”

He shakes his head and slides my body off of his then stands up, “Nope, I have a plan for today.”

“You know you’re really annoying, right?” I smirk and reach towards him for assistance getting up.

“Lazy ass,” he mumbles under his breath and takes my hand, pulling me up.

I raise an eyebrow, “Excuse me, what was that?” I playfully shove him which causes him to stumble back onto the couch, “Big hockey player gets taken out by his small girlfriend, what would your teammates think?”
He immediately stands up, “You caught me off guard.”

“Mhm, okay.” I begin to walk out of the room, swaying my hips a bit more than usual.

He rushes after me which causes my pace to pick up, “This is war now.”’ I run up to the bedroom and quickly shut the door but before I can lock it a heavy force pushes it open. I lean my body against the door and try to keep my utterly annoying yet extremely attractive boyfriend out. His laugh booms on the other side of the door.

After struggling for a minute or two, Andre makes his way into the room and tackles me onto the bed. I am completely trapped under his heavy body, “Andre, get your ass up! I can’t breathe, you’ve gotten fat.”

“I’ve gotten what?” He takes a little weight off of me.


“Oh well,” he says rolling off of me, “Go get ready, I have something planned for today.”

The day goes by quickly and before I know it we are getting into bed. I know Andre is almost 22 but man, does he act like a kindergartener sometimes. Today he was acting extremely strange but I assume it’s the fact that Christmas is tomorrow.


Awoken from my slumber by a huge shove and loud scream, Andre sits at the foot of the bed with a wide grin and sparkling eyes, “Good morning sleepy head.”

“What time is it? It feels like we just went to bed.” I groan pulling the pillow over my head.

“The time is not important, all that matters is that it’s Christmas!” he jumps on me and kisses my lips softly.

I shove him off of me, “Time does matter. If it is before 7, good night.”

“Come on! I can’t wait for you to open what I got you.” Andre throws the covers off of me and picks me up by the waist, practically throwing me over his shoulder.

I groan a bit but decide it is best not to fight it, I already know I would not win that battle. He walks into the living room and throws me onto the couch then grabs a small box which he hands to me.

“Open it.” he says excitedly.

I do as told and begin taking the wrapping paper off, small words that read “Tiffany&Co” are on the front. This wakes me up real fast. I look up at him in disbelief and open the box. To my dismay, it is completely empty.

“What?” I ask confused.

“You have always said you wanted to wake up Christmas morning with one of their boxes.” he starts laughing.

“I really hope you know I hate you.” I smile but cannot help feeling disappointed.

“Alright, the fun is over, here you go.” Andre hands over a small box with a pretty red ribbon around it.

I open it to reveal a pair of beautiful elegant earrings that I had been looking at for weeks now but did not get only because of how expensive they were, “Andre, you really didn’t have to do this. Thank you so much, I love them.”

“Nothing but the best for you,” his tall figure moves behind me and wraps me in his arms, “I love you.”

I turn my head to place a kiss on his lips. While his lips connect with mine I feel one of his arms move off of me for a split second then readjust. Andre pulls away slowly and only for a second I can see a scared look in his eyes before it changes back to normal.

“Everything okay?” I kiss his cheek.

“It is perfect.” he gives a forced smile.

“Okay, I can’t wait for you to open what I got you.” my voice squeaks from excitement.

“Before I open that I have a few more things for you.” he moves away from me and goes to find whatever it is under the tree. I give a puzzled look but figuring it’s him, I am soon to dismiss it. “Hey, can you go grab me a water?”

“Uh, sure.” standing, I walk towards the kitchen. I can hear Andre whispering something to himself back in the ling room, I make it out to be “smooth” but can’t understand the rest.

Before I can step foot in the kitchen Andre decides he wants to change his mind, “Oh wait! Nevermind I don’t need water.”

I hear a slight shuffling then silence. I turn around to find my boyfriend of 3 years on his knee.

“Andre…” I am stopped dead in my tracks.

“Y/N, you know I’m not good with these types of things,” he whispers which makes us both laugh, “We have been together for a while now and I feel like the time is right. When we met all those years ago there was something about you that I couldn’t get out of my head. When I finally worked up the courage to ask you out I had almost talked my self out of it because I thought you would say no yet here we are three years later. I love you with all of my heart and I could go on and on about that but you would probably tell me to shut up. I love you and I am so grateful to be with you. Will you continue this crazy journey with me and marry me?”

“No.” I say with a shake of my head but a small smile creeps onto my lips. I really hope he will pick up on my joking.

Andre’s face falls, “I…um… I’m sorry I just thoug-”

I cut him off by attaching my lips to his. He smiles into the kiss, realizing I didn’t actually mean it. “Of course I will, ya dork. I love you so much.” I pull away and shoot him a huge grin.

“You got me,” he laughs.

“Good. Payback is hell, honey.”


a very important femlock fic rec list for every single potential one of your femlock needs

1. even in another time by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (4750 words)

A Greek mythological au in which Sherlock and John are the goddesses Artemis and Athena, respectively.

2. like pressing on a fresh bruise by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (2357 words)

After an argument with Watson, Holmes attempts to take her frustrations out in the boxing ring. It’s not quite as effective as she’d hoped.

3. jane watson and the room of requirement by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (2084 words)

Sherlock figures something out about a particular room on the seventh floor that only sometimes seems to exist. She shows it to Jane. Fortunately it’s a good place for figuring things out.

4. here comes the bride by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (2368 words)

Jane and Sherlock took a case in Vegas, and took a night to celebrate its completion. The morning after, Jane wakes and finds a ring on her finger. Of course she does.

5. time does not bring relief by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (1814 words) 

Jane Watson and Sherlock Holmes knew each other once already. Jane bumps into Sherlock in the park, lets her get away, and then moments later realizes she’s died in a car accident. And then Jane Watson wakes up.

6. how thick about us root by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (2510 words)

Though Sherlock had never been the sort to believe in a higher power, she constantly wished there was someone in particular she could blame for the four letter word she had ‘tattooed’ over her ribs. Obviously she had disdain for the idea of soulmates as a whole, but much of that was the fault of the fact that the first word her supposed soulmate was apparently meant to say to her was, “What?”

7. miss a train or a plane to meet you for coffee by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (2443 words)

Jane meets Sherlock at a coffee shop. They fall in love. They bake, they kiss. Jane doesn’t miss any trains or planes, but she does nearly miss work.

8. she never will be all mine by queerwatson @lavendersmenace (1396 words)

When Joan braided Sherlock’s hair, sometimes Sherlock would stay quiet and lean back against the couch a little instead of complaining, and those were Joan’s favorite nights. They’d never talk that much - mostly it was just comfortable silence unless Joan forgot herself and started to hum or sing. Sherlock, though, for her part, usually didn’t say much at all.

Requested by Anon

Imagine Tommy trying to impress/date shy reader.

Warnings: fluff, implied violence.


Thomas Shelby wasn’t used to being rejected, or ignored by pretty girls. But you, you posed a challenge. At first, he thought you were being haughty and snobbish. But after a some unsolicited advice and insight from Ada he knew he had to step up his game.

“Tommy, she’s not some spoiled brat who won’t give you the time of day. She’s shy, she’s just a mousy little thing, really. That’s all. When I first met (Y/N), she was like that, you just can’t be so ‘brooding’ and intimidating all the time”, Ada rolled her eyes and bit into the pastry Pol had bought for tea time.

Tommy stubbed out the last of his cigarette and excused himself from Ada.

Thomas first laid eyes on you two weeks ago at the library where Ada works. He turned the corner of a book shelf and walked into you, the books in your hands tumbling everywhere. It was quite cliché really.

Since then, he had made several attempts to ask you to an afternoon picture, or to lunch or simply have a conversation with you. But each time you either turned him down, or evaded him. Tommy thought back to how you reacted to him, stuttering, nervously looking around, avoiding eye contact, you were indeed being shy. Tommy felt a fool to think that you were being a snob.

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Prompt:  hello love! i would like to request a sebastianxreader fic where the reader and Sebastian have been dating for a while, and they go to a night club. at the night club a jerky guy touches and harasses the reader on the dance floor despite her protests, and Sebastian steps in and like punches him or something. I just thought a jealous/protective seb would be so cute! xx

Word Count: 625


Authors Note:

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BTS Reaction on having a crush on you and you admit they are your bias in an interview

Anon Requested:  Hi! I don’t know if you have reaction requests open but if you do can you write one (BTS and BIGBANG) have a crush on you (an international star) and then you are in an interview and you say they are your bias? I’m sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thank you so much and I love your blog 🙂

Okay these are really long so sorry about that.

Jungkook:  Back in his dressing room Jungkook was flipping through the channels that were streaming on the tv that was connected on the way. Jungkook froze when he saw you, his attention diverted to you who was sitting down in a chair in front of a man who was laughing with you and asking you questions. Subtitles appeared on the bottom of the screen once you and the interviewer starting talking.

“So (Y/N), anything new in the love department? Have an eye on anyone?” The man smiled warmly at you. You couldn’t help but laugh and nod slightly.

“I mean there’s this one guy I think is really cute. But we don’t know each other exactly.” You lightly laugh, cheeks lightly reddening at the embarrassment. “He’s a star in Korea and he’s in this boy band called BTS. I think he’s really cute and he’s my age so that’s nice too.” You admit, hands slowly rubbing against each other. 

Jungkook didn’t need to hear his name to know it was him who you were talking about. The moment you said he was the same age he knew it was him. Jungkook smiled, not making a huge spectacle about your announcement in the dressing room. He looked back at the screen to see the interviewer continuing to talk to you and seeing the tint on your cheeks still evident. 

“She likes me.” 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

V: Taehyung heard that you were going to be on a Korean radio show so he had to listen to it. Finally finding the channel he turned the volume up and listened, he knew you spoke some Korean from prior interviews he had watched you on. He listened on and felt his heart stop when he heard the interviewer mention himself to you.

“So I assume that you’ve seen the interview with BTS’s Kim Taehyung, right?” The man asked you and you slightly laughed and nodded your head. 

“Yes I have actually, I think I saw it a day after it aired. Honestly it shocked me because I didn’t know he even knew about me.” You admitted.

“But you knew about him before the interview?” 

“Yeah I’ve been a fan of BTS for about a year now so I definitely knew about him.” Taehyung’s heart began to speed up hearing the words leave your mouth. She knew about me? She knows me?

The interviewer continued to ask you questions about how you felt about Taehyung’s crush on you, you answered honestly smiling with each answer you gave. “I mean he was always my favorite out of the group, I can’t say I like him since I haven’t really met him before but he is very charming and would love to meet him.” The interviewers smile grew wider as he called for his assistant to grab his phone.

“I mean I can’t magically have him appear here for you to meet him but what about talking to him? Would you want to?” The interviewer clicked Tae’s contact in his phone and began ringing him. Taehyung didn’t know a single thing going on since all he could do was listen but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. Without looking at the caller i.d he picked up.



Originally posted by jjks

Jimin: Jimin was on weekly idol with BTS, he never expected that he would be asked about his prior relationship or even if he liked anyone else. Usually he’d just be asked about the recent album and do fun games like before. When asked he answered truthfully, saying that he was much better after his break up from his ex and that he had his eye on an international celebrity. What you didn’t expect from watching this episode of weekly idol was that the international celebrity Jimin was talking about was you. You knew Korean from the past years of studying it so you knew what he was saying.

“She’s from America, her name is (Y/N) and I’ve always been interested in her from her debut.” Your heart stopped for a second, your breath hitching in the back of your throat as Defconn continued to speak. 

“Well maybe we should get her down to Korea to meet you! That’d be a fun episode.” He laughed. Jimin just smiled, not saying anything after. His other members just patting his back and laughing with the hosts. “Well what do you think (Y/N)? If you’re watching us right now let us know!” And without even thinking about it you grabbed your cellphone and called your manager who you find out had already made plans for you. “Oh what’s this?” Defconn’s voice broke out from your computer screen. “Looks like you’re going to get to meet (Y/N) sooner rather than later Jimin.”

Originally posted by parkjiminz

J-Hope: You were clicking through your mentions on Twitter when multiple links showed up in a row. They were all the same and everyone who had put the link in the message told you that you just had to watch this and watch it immediately. Clicking on the message you were brought to a Korean interview with a group of boys. You clicked on the option for English subtitles and began watching the interview. 

“Her name is (Y/N) and she’s an American singer.” One of the boys said. The woman sitting across from them began to speak soon after. 

“Does she know who you are? Does she know that you like her?” 

“Wait what?” You say out loud, eyes widening. You look back at the boy who was once speaking and see him shrug his shoulders. Your mind is racing with questions and thoughts. 

“I actually don’t know, I don’t know if she’s into K-Pop or even likes our group. I’ve just always been a fan of hers.” The boy admits. You scroll down from the live interview and click on your phone to translate all the words to English so you can read the words. 

“Okay so which one is he?” You ask yourself. “Is this Suga? Or maybe he’s Jin, no he can’t he doesn’t look like a Jin.” You quickly pulled out your computer, still leaving the interview on your phone so you can continue to read the subtitles. You googled his group and typed in BTS. “Ah there he is! J-Hope!” You cheered, happy to find out who this mystery boy is. You looked back over to your phone to continue to read the subtitles.

“So you like her? You like her alot?” The woman asks again, and J-Hope nodded with a smile on his face. “Well maybe we should get her down here some day.”

“I’d like that a lot actually.”

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Rap Monster: “So Namjoon did you see that an international star has a little crush on you?” The woman interviewing him and the rest of the group asked. Namjoon shook his head, slightly confused on what she was talking about. “What? Really? It was all over the internet all last week.” She said baffled.

“I saw it.” Suga admitted.

“So did I.” V added. 

“I’m pretty sure we all did.” Jungkook spoke up. “How did you not see it? I would’ve thought you’d be the first to look at the article seeing that it was (Y/N) who said it.”

Namjoon’s eyes widened and looked at all of his bandmates. “What?” All of the boys including the woman nodded.

“(Y/N) totally admitted that she had a crush on you dude.” Suga said laughing at the leaders expression. Namjoon couldn’t feel his fingers, he was numb at the news that was just presented to him. He couldn’t help but crack a smile looking at the camera then back at the boys. 

“She likes me?” He asked. The interviewer chuckled and nodded at his big smile.

“She likes you.”

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Suga: You were friends of many groups in the kpop industry, you were especially good friends with members of BTS so how fun would it have been to make a surprise appearance to one of their interviews? Well it would’ve been a lot more fun if you weren’t in such an embarrassing situation. It was a simple surprise to see your friends but the interviewer just had to ask the boys about who they were crushing on. He went down the line of boys starting with Jungkook and ending with your closest friend Yoongi. The answers from the boys were typical ranging from Sana from Twice, Hyuna from 4 minute and Goeun from Cheese in the Trap. You expected to hear someone like those women from Yoongi, what you didn’t expect was your name to come out of his mouth. 

Obviously the man interviewing the boys didn’t expect that either, especially because he had to introduce you to the boys in a few minutes. “Well um, Suga! You say your celebrity crush is (Y/N)? Aren’t you two pretty good friends?” Yoongi nodded with a small smile. “Does she know you like her?” 

Yoongi shrugged casually. “I mean I’d think she would get a hint, the guys found out after maybe a week of us being friends. Though at the time I’d deny it because I didn’t think I had feelings for her at the time.”

“When did you know you liked her?” The man asked, you had to squint but you could see a slight smirk on his lips as he asked the question. He knew you were coming out and wanted to get more out of Yoongi before then. 

“I admitted it to the boys only about a month ago but I kept it to myself for 2 months prior.”

“So what do you guys think about it? Are you as close with (Y/N) as Suga is?”

“We’re all really close with her.” J-Hope spoke up. “We kept pushing him to tell her but he would always say no thinking it’d ruin the friendship.” Yoongi nodded at that smiling a bit more at his best friends words.

“Well I did say we would be having a special guest.” The man said. “Everyone please welcome (Y/N).” You looked at the screen showing all of the boys and the cameras focused on Yoongi’s face. His big smile dropped and eyes widened. He didn’t speak out loud but you could see the faint words of ‘fuck’ that left his lips. You sighed and walked out to the boys, praying that this interview would go by quick.

Originally posted by sugutie

Jin: “So sources tell us that a certain member from a popular boyband in Korea has admitted to having a crush on you, have you heard of this?” The man interviewing you asked. Completely baffled your eyes widened and shook your head. 

“What group?” You asked instantly, it’s no secret that you were familiar with k-pop music, you’ve admitted to listening and being a fan to it in recent interviews. What shocks you is that someone actually knew who you were. 

The male interviewer chucked and pointed to the television that had a video clip paused. “Just watch.” He clicked play on his little remote he had on is desk and set it down once it started. 

A video clip of BTS played and your eyes widened, tripling in size. Your heart dropped once Jin’s face popped on the screen, he was smiling admitting that he had a crush on you, your smile mimicked his once the video ended. You faced the man once again, smile still evident on your face.

“So (Y/N), what do you have to say about that? Do you know who he is?” You nod slightly, still managing to get your words out.

“Well he has always been my favorite in the group.” You smiled still trying to get over the fact that Jin admitted to liking you. “I’d say the feeling is pretty mutual, if not more.”

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ishqbaaz 14.04.17 lb

Happy Vishu, Puthandu, and Vaisakhi to all! May the new year bring you all lots of joy and luck! 💖💖💖

Though I’m not celebrating this year, I went out to spend the day with my cousins and their puppy. Any day with lots of puppy kisses is a good day in my book! 😊😊😊

  • look what you’ve done now, kameeni. you’ve made shivaay use his growly voice. it’s never good when the growly voice comes out. just cut your losses and fucking LEAVE already. 😒😒😒
  • time for bhai-behen bonding, bhari public mein. 🙄🙄🙄
    • is it killing anyone else a little on the inside to hear the obro theme music being played now? not that i consider prinku’s bond with shivaay suspect or anything, but just coz… i miss my boys being together soooooo much. i missssss my boyssss. 😭😭😭😭😭
  • time for dadi to offer platitudes. ugh. 😑😑😑
  • lmao shivaay’s shifty eyes at pinky’s question. 😂😂😂
  • mahi ve has more coherence waking up from a mini-coma than i have waking up from a mid-day nap. what a champ. this man deserves so much better. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • oh ho mahi ve, there’s a giantass window leading out to the pool area that anika uses to jump out of everytime her husband tries to sex her. use that naa. 😗😗😗
  • i love how shivaay’s excuses for doing ANYTHING basically boil down to:
    • my family. 👪🏽👰🏽👵🏽👦🏽👦🏽👧🏽👨🏽👩🏽
    • my stock prices. 📈📉
      • that’s it. the man has no other motivations in life. 😐😐😐
  • oh good. mahi ve heard my telepathic instructions to him. 😊😊😊
  • … so do you throw a party every day your sister is safe? basically, every day? 🙄🙄🙄
    • why haven’t you thrown the fucking media outttt already??? 😣😣😣
  • um… the fuck? shivaay has black cat commandos out for mahi ve? like… seems like a bit much (the black cats are kinda like india’s version of the US navy SEALS, the most specialized of armed forces), but also knowing shivaay and his Extra™ ways, i am not at alllllllll surprised. 😌😌😌
  • also, lmaooooo, he’s whispering to keep this on the down-low, but they’re entering through the fucking front door?!?! how is the media not paying attn to this????????? 😕😕😕
  • why does HIS suit have a tracker??? 🤔🤔🤔
    • ffs, shivaay needs to hire me as his security and safety strategist. 😒😒😒
  • mahi ve, just remove the fucking jacket and abandon it and runnnn. like… there’s no need to put the tracker on real shivaay and escalate this situation. 😩😩😩
  • anika’s overconfidence is both adorable and troubling. 😟😟😟
  • aw man. foreshadowing and angsty looks. oh babies. 😥😥😥
  • mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii veee, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. 😫😫😫
  • yikes. creepy to see both of them togetherrrrr. 😖😖😖
    • nakuul mehta’s face is really something that’s better in contained and limited doses. too much of a good thing and all that… 😗😗😗
  • lmaoooooo, shivaaay ka toh pappuuuuu ban gaya. 😂😂😂
  • oh anikaaaa. your shivaay-dar is hella brokennnnn, girl. 😐😐😐
  • the TOUCH is what’s gonna set her alarm bells ringing. coz she’s not gonna feel The Haseen Dard™. 😆😆😆
    • haaaaaaaa, called it! 😂😂😂😂
  • mahi ve be like “abbe yaaar, fuck these two and their bullshit ESP (Extra-Sensory Pyaar™)” 😂😂😂😂
  • lmaoooooo, mahi is me, stress eating sweets in time of crisis. 🤤🤤🤤
  • ouff, how much time-waste in slo mo running. 😒😒😒
  • shivaay is acting mostttt un-shivaay-like, at a moment where he needs to act MOST shivaay-like. 🙄🙄🙄
  • anika is having a major paro from devdas climax waala moment. 😐😐😐
  • shivaay so amazeballs, he beats up BLACK CAT COMMANDOS. 🙄🙄🙄
  • “hum kaise maan le?” 
    “kyunki main keh rahi hoon. main inki patni hoon. aur patni apne pati ko pehchaane mein dhoka nahi khaa sakti!”
    • lol but you did? for like a good week you didn’t realize that this WASN’T your husband???? 😕😕😕
  • basically, this scene: 

    • except not half as entertaining or hilarious. 😑😑😑
  • lmaoooooo everyone’s facesssss at the two shivaays. 😂😂😂
  • oh ho mahi ve, why did you have to give it awayyyyyyy? 😑😑😑
    • i am sumo, just so fucking exhausted of being caught up in this family’s apeshit daily drama and wondering how to break free of them once and for all. 😔😔😔
  • lo yeh kameeni abhi tak gayi nahi yahan se. 😒😒😒
  • such a contrived situationnnnnnn, having anika stand all faaaaaaaaaar away and walking over to him in slo mo. 🙄🙄🙄

anonymous asked:

Do you think that there is a chance that characters in code from the framework such as ward or trip might come back to the real world? BJ keeps using the phrase triplives in his Instagram to celebrate even though so far he's just been in the framework

Hi Anon!

Since we have the Book of Evil and now Project Looking Glass in the mix I won’t rule anything out at this point.  Though based on Hypable it looks like we’ll finally learn what on earth AIDA is up too tonight.

  • I’m still going with some sort of portal that will bring things from the Framework to the real world or something terrible from Robbie’s Hell Dimension.  IE the Darkhold promised to make AIDA a real girl if she built the thing so the scary thing that lives inside it can get out.  Bonus…it’ll use Gravitonium or something else from Season 1.

Sadly, even if the Looking Glass would allow it I don’t think that Trip would be one to come back for good.  BJ had another pilot and the was filming that at the same time/right after he filming with AOS.

Ward, I hope not.  Now no one freak out on me for that one.  Though I’m super leery of him and am expecting a plot twist or something big with him tonight (he might not make it through tonight), I have liked this version of Ward.  For me, its been a nice balance.   I also really liked him as a villain and wish that Season 3 had going more in to him being the Head of Hydra vs bringing in Malick and Hive.  But that being said I think its too much for him to come back for good, again.  

The ones I can see them getting out of the Framework…if that’s even possible…is Hope and Madame Hydra in some shape or form.  Thought neither Hope nor Madame Hydra are listed on the press release for 21 (Mallory is but as AIDA).  

A little difference

Summary: Due to a special reason, Sam invited Dean and you out for dinner. While Dean was already unhappy with not being allowed to eat a burger, you made sure he would have a even worse time with teasing him. When the two of you finally ended up in the bedroom, you decided to do things a little different than usual.

Words: 1840

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Oral Sex (giving and receiving)

A/N: So this is my entry for @ilostmyshoe-79 ‘s SPN-Sutra Challenge and my position was 69, so enjoy reading! Also there is plot to it, cause just the position would’ve been too little content :) (thanks to @itsemmyb for helping me out)

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From (July 2014)

I Met Ezra

It’s been over 2 months now that I met Ezra Miller. Yes, our Ezra miller. Most fangirls would take to the internet immediately and start rehashing every detail, and considering I am the owner of his fansite (the first one ever on him) you would think I would be no exception, and probably the most excited fangirl ever.

The truth is that I am still processing everything. It doesn’t seem real to me. The situation was so coincidental and random that it really made me put a new perspective on Ezra, celebrity, fan sites, and myself.

I have been making fansites for a DECADE now, and one thing I realized is that the ‘myself’ category is rarely, if ever, there in this world. The webmasters (or webmisses, which seems to be the norm), rarely ever mention themselves in their posts, except to apologize for taking a hiatus. Their ‘job’ is to write down the celebrity’s every move, new photo, new project, new appearance, new quote, new rumor. They are always in service to this person, and the payoff (at least for me) has been the excitement of seeing these new career projects and appearances transpire, competing with other fansites, collecting photos (like Pokemon, you gotta catch ‘em all), and lets face it — living vicariously through this person.

Back in 2004, there was creativity, possibility, interaction with the fans like you don’t see as much today. Today it is too easy. Before you had to go to different sites and gather pieces of code and create something unique. Today you can set up the website in 5 seconds with WordPress, slab a few photos on pre-made templates, and call it your own. I have fallen very much victim to this laziness.

In 2004, you had to research the web high and low for ‘information’ on your celeb, had to go to your CVS and scan through all the teeny-bopper magazines, heart racing at the site of your him or her, then tear the page out when no one was looking and fold it in your Dickies purse in a way which wouldn’t bend it, scan it when the computer coast was clear, and then put it up on your site and call it exclusive. Now you can find said scans all over, and photos are reblogged, tagged, untagged, downloaded, uploaded, screenshotted, and photoshopped so much that nothing can really be ‘yours’ anymore. Fansites continuously steal from each other, when the original image belongs to someone who belongs to someone who belongs to someone anyways. The fun was in the finding, the searching, the creating.

But now the celebrities themselves tweet left and right and up and down and new photos and tweets come out several times a day. They almost normalize themselves to the level where you feel like they are your true friend, yet they are still revered and put on even higher pedestals.

There is almost something odd about knowing so much truth to the people that you idolize. Some things you don’t want to know. Sometimes you don’t want to know they are human. Sometimes you do … [really? You went to Oxford, you look fab in every picture, and you everyone likes you — can you please do something wrong? (well you’re actings only sub-par, but that’s besides the point).]

It’s come to the point where I’ve started to not like some of the celebrities I used to admire. There’s nothing interesting about perfection, and there’s certainly nothing exciting about a good role model (though it’s a good excuse to add legitimacy to your fan site, instead of just having one on someone you think is cute/hot/adorable/stylish/god-like). The more human these celebs are, the more likable they are. Anna Kendrick is probably one of the most likable celeb out there, and at the same time the most relatable, open, and honest. It’s as if she’s embarrassed about her celebrity. I met her after an episode of Craig Ferguson taping in L.A. where I was in the studio audience. I saw her after the show and blurted out that I ran her fan site (also the original Anna site 😉 )She was so nice and open, and genuinely excited about it. She said I could of course take a photo with her, but the planets were aligned in the wrong way and I realized that the security guards had taken all of our electronics away before we entered the set. Instead I hugged her and then ashamedly scampered away.

With Ezra, technology cursed me once again, yet the planets still aligned. I was literally having one of the worst days of my life. I was in New York city visiting with my boyfriend from out of the country. My boyfriend was doing touristy stuff, and we had just gotten kicked out of our hostel a day early, so I decided to go on a literary drinking tour of Greenwich village. I was running late and joined the tour at the White Horse Tavern, just as the woman was rehashing the infamous Dylan Thomas drinking story, where Dylan Thomas claimed he could drink sixteen shots of Whiskey before he passed out. On the way to the next venue, I trailed behind the group and took in the hipsterish Greenwich village. As a ‘webmiss,’ I am very aesthetically oriented, and make sure not to miss any detail. Greenwich village is sensory overload, and there is so much to look at in terms of parks, pooches, fashion, storefronts, subways, cafes etc that it got a little distracting. One store front had a sign that said PUPPIES. How the hell can you not stop? I stopped, fawned for a few seconds, and then when I looked up again, my tour group was completely gone. Instead, there were mobs of tourists, hipsters, new yawkas, and everyone else. I simply looked around and realized I was in the middle of a crowded city and didn’t know what the fuck i was doing or where I was going. I called the tour group and there was an answering machine. I called the bar and they yelled at me. I called my boyfriend and then my phone died. I wandered around and went to a park to sit in the grass and cry. Just as I was walking on the grass a lady jumped out and said I wasn’t allowed to walk on the grass. I didn’t know grass was just for looking at. I just wanted to be alone and so I ignored her and walked backwards on the grass in the opposite direction. She cornered me with her other old lady friend and they started yelling about how I wasn’t allowed on the grass. “Do you own this grass?” I asked. “Yes,” they said. I leaned down and grabbed some. “It’s just grass! Now leave me alone!” Then I looked up and saw the name of the park was the same as my last name — an old German name, pretty uncommon. Had to be a sign, right? I went somewhere else to cry privately. A quiet, colorful alleyway near a cutesy Mexican restaurant seemed perfect. That’s when I saw an adorable little dog and two hipsters sitting on the side of a graffitiied wall. I did a double take and looked at one of the hipsters — he was wearing purple heart-shaped glasses and had a mass of black hair with some white wisps. I recognized him before I asked the question, shocked — “Are you Ezra Miller?” He laughed and admitted that he indeed was.

“Wow, I wasn’t stalking you — I swear!” (I actually was surprised I wasn’t!).

Then I stomped my foot when I realized…

“Dammit, my phone just ran out of batteries.”

“Well, you’d be a bad stalker then,” he laughed.

With the threat of unwanted snaps out of the way, I believe he patted to a spot next to him and his friend and encouraged me to sit down. I could have imagined this, but someway or another I was sitting down next to them and we were all chatting. I’m usually a shy person, but the one exception is when i’m around celebrities. Even though I spend so long blogging about them, I can’t stop talking about myself when I’m around them. I told Michael Cera I was in lesbian with him. That’s another story. At any rate— i’m pretty sure I even interrupted Ezra a few times to talk about myself. He asked if I was really crying before I came there and I said yes, and told him the story about how I got here.

And then I knew I needed to admit that I had a fan site about him. And to tell you the truth, I was ashamed. Because, as I said, a fan site doesn’t require work like it did back in the day. A fan site now means I drool over photos of you and write about your every move. I didn’t want to scare him away, but I knew I had to tell him, because it wasn’t fair to pretend I didn’t ‘really’ know him. I prefaced it by saying there was someone thing weird that I had to say — but it wasn’t as weird as that one guy I read about in an interview that wrote to him about collecting his hair or whatever. They said whatever it was couldn’t be worse then what they were already both thinking it could be at that point. I hesitated, took a deep breath, and was about to admit it, when, conveniently, another tour group came by with some eclectic dude playing the violin and crying. Ezra said “Hey, I think I found your tour group. I assured him that that wash’t mine. I told him I had a fan site on him and there was what seemed like a long pause. And then he said “Which one?” and I told him He laughed and said “Oh, the organization?” And I told him a little bit about the background. He and his friend were both trying to quit smoking and told me they were dying for a cigarette (not sure if the craving was a total coincidence to the timing of my revelation). I asked him what he was doing lately and whether he fired his publicist because there hadn’t been any news or photos lately and he said no he’s just been taking it easy and enjoying his time off, but things will start up again soon with Madame Bovary promotion.

When I wasn’t shaking on the inside, I did manage to pick-up a few things that Ezra actually said. He said he thinks we (the fans) idealize him, build him up to be G/d like. That we should focus our energy on something greater than him. He thinks we made him up to be something that he never really can be. He thinks we (myself included) should focus energy on the real G/d or a greater form of art — why not make a cool personal blog? he suggested.

He said I should steer the conversation towards what he’d doing, and his campaigns (like with the Arctic). He wants it to be about his art, and what he believes in, but not about himself.
He said he didn’t want it to just be about girls gawking at how ‘pretty’ he was.

In many ways I completely agree. I told him that, even having a fan site on him was better than one for, say, Miley Cyrus, because it gets “kids” to look at his interviews and watch movies with a point, that they wouldn’t otherwise.

His friend assured me that my hobby wasn’t weird — if it made me happy, I should do it. I said I guess I thought it was weird because I didn’t know anyone else in person who made fansites in real life — just online.

Another fan spotted him from a few feet away and asked for a pic and he said no. She said he liked his work. He talked about how once one person notices him, it’s like they all did. I mentioned that his glasses were off now, and he put them back on. He said other celebs do the whole hat and glasses thing.

I asked about the fan site dilemma. Did he want be to take the site off? Did he want an official fan site (hey — it was worth a try!)

“No, no. I don’t want any of that.” He said to keep the sites, but respect his privacy.

(And I swear after my little boasting rampage of a story about how we met I will really start respecting it!)

He seemed to be very vexed about the idea of celebrity, and gave a great quote from Patti Smith’s memoir by Patti Smith. The problem, he said, was that the actors always wanted the fans and the press to concentrate on their work, but the fans and press always want to concentrate on the celebrities personal life.

I may have had tears in my eyes, he instructed me to pet his friend’s dog — that the dog was nervous. “Just cause she’s getting emotional doesn’t mean you have to also,” he comforted the shaking chihuahua mix.

Fangirl moment: SO SWEET!!!!

We talked about e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. Ezra and his friend gave up on their 30-minute break and got some cigarettes from a non-suspecting passerby. I tried to tell him not to smoke, that us fans wanted him around for a while. I TRIED. For the record, I asked if he did hard drugs too (I was a little skeptical after the frog-in-the-pocket premiere look), and he genuinely said no — he was way passed that. He offered me his watermelon and coconut juice! (I said no, I didn’t want to contaminate it).

I told him that I knew he was nice, and everyone knew and was impressed by how well-spoken he was, but I didn’t realize how generous he really was. I am still in shock by it. [Celebrity or not, he really is an amazingly, sweet, generous, human being.]

I gave him my number on a dollar bill that I had. I didn’t have a pen in my purse so I used my favorite sparkly black eye liner. For a second I hesitated to use that, but then I remembered it was EZRA MILLER, and he had ASKED ME FOR MY PHONE NUMBER! (But just in case he needed to speak through the masses and get something across in some sort of fan-copalypse).

He said everything happened for a reason and everything was connected, and that I met him for a reason.

He said that now I knew him for real. I didn’t really know him before — I had (we all had) an idealized image of who he was.

Now I do know him for real, now I do know he is human — and I can vouch that Ezra, along with his friend are some of the greatest humans you will (well…I :p) will ever meet. They offered me comfort and companionship when I really needed it. They could have been weirded out by who I was and what I did (or not hid it so well) and treated me like the sub-human that I felt like. But they treated me like equals.

I will try and value Ezra’s privacy, and do my best to keep the site focused on his work and his campaigns. If you really love Ezra, you will do the same.

Fans, and especially fan site owners — I’d really be interested in your take on all of this. Please comment. Lets bring back the creativity, the conversation, and the community that there used to be in this ‘world’. Let’s focus on the ideas, and what these celebs bring to us through their art, not just swoon over their looks (but Ezra, I don’t know if you can really stop us from doing that at all, frog-in-pocket or not 😉 )

imagine the car ride over to the grocery store with pearl, garnet, lapis, and peridot though

peridot: why couldn’t amethyst come with us?
garnet: the last time we brought amethyst to the grocery store she freed the lobsters from their tank and forced them to fight each other for off-brand chocolate chip cookies.
lapis: i don’t understand half of what you just said.
garnet: trust me. if we had brought amethyst with us, the possibilities would not have been… good.
pearl: alright, what are we picking up from the store again, guys?
peridot: OOH! get a cake! steven’s a human just like andy and steven loves cake, so by default andy must love it too!
lapis: that sounds right. didn’t he say something about marriage? should we get him one of those too?
pearl: that’s not how marriage works, lapis.
lapis: well then how does it work? i thought humans could buy anything with money. that’s why they all want it so bad.
garnet: marriage is an earth celebration of love.
peridot: a celebration? that must be what andy wants! i’ll look up a list of human celebrations on my tablet!
pearl: why did you bring that.
lapis: a death celebration? why would humans celebrate the deaths of other humans?
garnet: there are a few humans i’d celebrate the deaths of.
peridot: wait, do you guys hear that? … HOLY SMOKES! THE CAR IS TICKING! IT’S ABOUT TO EXPLODE, WE ALL HAVE TO GET OUT NOW!!
pearl: wait peridot that’s just the TURN SIGNAL CLOSE THE VAN DOOR WE ARE ON THE HIGHWAY
garnet: i saw all this coming.
lapis: why didn’t you stop it?
garnet: i though it would be funny. …. i was right.


Hey all Alyxa here, this week for your Wednesday we have decided to talk about lgbt celebrities or characters that where influential in us realising our identities or coming out.

In my case I struggled to restrict it to just one celebrity so I am going to be talking about two, Miles Mckeena (mileschronicles) and Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (Lead singer of PVRIS).

The first person, Miles, was extremely important in my id-ing as nonbinary, before I discovered Miles I did identify as nonbinary but I didn’t think it quite fit as I knew I was very feminine aligned (even though they aren’t), Miles’ coming out video is what made me realise this was valid and even though i have now started to id as trans for the period of time I thought I was nonbinary they were extremely helpful.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was also very influential in me being who I am, for a very long time I was worried about coming out to anyone because I was worried that I would be judged and wouldn’t be able to live my life the way I was, this changed when I started listening to Pvris and found out that the lead singer of a successful band was publicly gay and still able to do what she wanted with life, I also owe my style to her, she is the person I model my style after lol.

So yeah I hope you guys enjoy learning more about my past and who made me the person I am today, if you guys have any lgbt celebrities that have been influential in your life’s tell us, we will post any submissions and asks we get on the topic all day today.


Edit: Since I wrote this I realised that maybe I’m not quite as nonbinary as I thought so I did edit my Miles Mckeena post but I may have made a mistake so sorry if it’s not quite grammatically correct