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just some random headcanons about Peter growing up on Yondu’s ship
  • Yondu teaching Peter to fly and pretending Peter messed up when he didn’t (“No NO, you shouldn’t have pressed that button, boy!” “WHAT?!” “It’s the self-destruct one, all Ravager ships got it!”  “You should have told me; I didn’t know! What do we do!” *Yondu cracks up* “Just  playing with you, take it easy, kid.” “YONDUUUUU!!!!!”)
  • Yondu taking Peter to all sorts of cool planets and pretending they’re there for practical reasons but he actually just wants Peter to see them cause he thinks he’d like them.
  • The crew celebrating Peter’s birthday and Kraglin making a birthday cake which comes out really messed up (like, frosting melting and layers sagging and shaky writing) but it means a lot to Peter even though everyone makes fun of it
  • Peter finding an old jacket of Yondu’s that he really likes but it’s too big so he resolves to work out until his muscles get big enough for it to fit and that’s the real reason he’s so in shape
  • Yondu teaching Peter to shoot and regretting it when Peter uses some of his dashboard figurines for target practice
  • But then Peter feels really guilty and buys him some new ones
  • Yondu always thinking up something to critique when Peter tries to show off to him so Peter always thinks Yondu wasn’t impressed but then one of the crew members mentions how Yondu’s always bragging about him when Peter’s not around
  • So Peter doesn’t let Yondu hear the end of that for weeks
  • Storytime with the Ravagers - Peter retelling (and sometimes reenacting) movies from Earth. “So this one’s called Indiana Jones…”
  • Peter wanting to have some Earth food, only they can’t find all the ingredients and then one day Tulk brings back the coveted ingredient of **PEPPERONI** and they have a pizza party
  • Peter exaggerating how much parents on Earth buy for their kids because every time he talks about it he seems to find some new piece of tech in his room which Yondu always denies is from him (“Me? Why would I buy you a new blaster? You’re plenty spoiled already, brat.”) but Peter is totally onto him
  • None of the crew can sing but they all know Peter’s music and whenever he’s in a bad mood someone conveniently starts humming one of his favorite songs and it’s so bad it always makes him laugh.
  • Peter sneaking a pet onboard and everyone keeps it a secret from Yondu because he has a strict no-animals rule but then one day he comes in to find Kraglin and Peter playing with it and they both totally freeze up (Kraglin starts stuttering an explanation and Peter tries to hide the animal) but Yondu agrees to let them keep it (pretending to be angry about it even though he doesn’t really mind) as long as they clean up after it and don’t let it cause any trouble. He takes care to leave them with the impression that he’s doing them a huge favor and he’s not happy about it.

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“i have a secret”

the loud laughs from geoff who was sitting across the table, could be heard throughout the restaurant.

shawn decided he wanted to take his team and family out for a nice dinner to celebrate the end of his tour, and of course you came along. as soon as you arrived you excused yourself to use the washroom before anyone started ordering and that’s where you were currently.

you stood in front of the mirror, trying to come up with an excuse for why you couldn’t have any type of alcoholic beverage tonight. you were sure shawn would notice something was wrong, you never turned down alcohol.

you had just found out this morning that you were pregnant but you wanted to keep it from shawn for a bit. even though you were married, and the two of you weren’t not trying to have a baby, you weren’t sure how he would react.

unfortunately, you forgot about the dinner he had planned for the night.

“y/n,” aaliyah’s small figure opened the door. “are you okay in here?”

she opened the door all the way, he mother following behind her. they entered the small bathroom before you could hide the test in your bag.

“is that..?” aaliyah asked, taking the
stick from your hands. “no way! everyone was wondering why you were taking so long in here, i guess i know why.”

karen’s eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the two pink lines, “does shawn know?”

you shook your head, taking the test from her and hiding it at the bottom of your purse.

“oh y/n, you have to tell him soon. he’s going to be so excited!” karen says, “i’m so excited”

“i know you are, i am too but i have a secret, so do you. you can’t say anything, okay?”

they nodded before all of you headed back to the table, where the waiter was already taking drink orders.

you smoothed the back of your tight dress before taking your seat next to shawn, luckily aaliyah and karen was sitting across from you.

everyone was ordering some type of wine, except for aaliyah of course, and someone was going to notice something was off about you.

shawn rested his hand on your thigh under the table as the waiter took his order.

“and for you ms?” he asked, flipping his note pad to the second page.

“she’ll have the same thing as me.” shawn butted in before you could place your order.

“what did you get?”

“red wine, why?”

the waiter looked between the two of you before you spoke up again. “it’s okay, i’ll just have some water.”

he nods before walking to the next table to ask for their orders.

everyone returned to their own conversations, aaliyah and karen had a quiet conversation between themselves while shawn fixed his gaze on you.

“y/n, is something wrong? you never turn down wine.”

you sent him a reassuring smile, “i’m just not in the mood for wine tonight, that’s all. don’t worry too much, okay?”

you pecked his cheek before shawn’s crew turned their attention towards you.

“unless, y/n you aren’t pregnant are you?” brian asks with humour in his voice. the rest of the crew laughs with brian, while karen and aaliyah just look at you.

the table eventually went silent once everybody noticed that you, karen, and aaliyah were the only ones not laughing, along with shawn who continued to stare at you.

“how funny,” you nervously laugh, you weren’t sure how to get out of this.

“y/n,” shawn breaks the silence. you look away, suddenly becoming interested in the wood floors. he placed two fingers under your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“are you pregnant?”

you slowly nodded, trying to find a hint of expression in shawn’s unreadable face.

“you’re kidding.”

slowly, the biggest smile crept on to shawn’s face as he pulled you in to his arms. it was easy since you two were on the booth side of the table.

“i’m gonna be a dad!”

brain, who was sitting next to shawn, patted his back while congratulating him.

shawn kissed the top of your head multiple times, whispering how happy he was and that he loved you.

he finally released his grip on you, and repeatedly kissed you as the rest of the table playfully gagged.

“so there’s a baby, in your stomach, right now?” he asked, placing his large hand over your abdomen.

“small, but yes.”

you leaned your head against his shoulder, as you answered questions from everybody about your news.

“you know what this means?” geoff asked, “shawn can wear dad hats for real now!”

“yes!” shawn cheered, high-fiving geoff.

you laughed at him, “believe it or not babe, i’m gonna wear them all the time now.”

Hellenic Wheel of the Year

Disclaimer - While I do not personally agree with using someone else’s specific holiday to worship  different gods (Lughnasadh is for the gaelic god Lugh and *to me* it would be rude to take a lugh festival verbatim, with actions specifically for him and just replacing the god honored etc) However, there are very similar festivals, with similar actions and aligning them to the wheel might be handy (maybe the only other pagan friend you have irl celebrates the wheel and you want to be able to do things together)

Or maybe melding the two different traditions is just how you roll. You do you, I’m not here to judge. This is a question i see brought up frequently but seldom answered, how to adapt the wheel of the year to the worship of hellenic gods. So we’re going to be looking at the time points and the concepts that are imbibed in the wheel of the year and try to match their concepts with the appropriate gods OR, align them with similar fesitvals that were held around the same time. Ok, that said, lets go…

Wheel Holiday - Imbolc. Feburary 1-2
This is one of the four quater gaelic holidays, typically the goddess Brigid is revered on imbolc.
Associations - rebrith, renewal, The promise of coming spring, divinations
Hellenic holiday - Lenaia or Anthesteria
Lenaia was a Dionysian festival celebrating the aspect of his rebirth after being torn apart by titans. This was held in the month of gamelion which was roughly January/February so you could certainly celebrate this on Feb 1st if you so choose. Historically it was celebrated with theatrical contests. Movie marathon or improv parties would be a great idea here.
Anthesteria was also a Dionysian festival (Seeing the theme here?)  It celebrated the beginning of spring, particularly the maturing of the wine stored at the previous vintage. Social order was cast aside for feasts and revelry as wine casks were opened. Everyone joined in the feasts and libations were given to the dead ancestors. There was a solomn aspect to this festival in that regard where after the reverly, respects would be paid to the dead and to Hermes as the guider of souls. offerings of fruit were popular.
Hellenic gods -  Dionysus, Hermes 

Wheel Holiday - Ostara/ The spring equinox - March 20th
Typically associated with the germanic goddess Eostre.
Associations - fertiity, new growth, balance, the first of spring
Hellenic holiday - Anthesphoria
Anthesphoria is a celebration of spring, a festival of flowers. it marked Persephone returning to the land of the living, being returned to her mother Demeter. Flowers are gathered and woven into crowns. Aphrodite and Hera were also honored. It was a celebration of the beauty of spring. 
Hellenic gods - Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera

Wheel Holiday - Beltane/May day - May 1st
Another gaelic quarter day, a celebration of the aos sidhe and the sun god Bel
Associations - Fertility, the first of summer, fruitfulness, sexuality
Hellenic holiday - Thargelia
Thargelia was typically celebrated on may 6th or 7th. It was a celebration of  the birth of Apollo and Artemis, largely an agricultural festival. The first fruits of the season were offered to Artemis and Apollo for a bountiful and mild summer. Offerings were given to Demeter as well as the seeds were sew. olive branches, wrapped in wool were hung over doors for prosperity and to ward off evil. Festivals and singing were held to honor the gods. historically sacrifices were made on thargelia. In modern times I feel this would be a good time to cast the darkest part of you (symboloically) into a fire, pick something about yourself you want to change or cast away, write it out and cast it to the fire to cleanse yourself of it.
 Bonfires are a Beltane staple so honoring Hestia and Hephaestus would also be appropriate. A fertility day, dancing and fruit could also be offered to Pan, dionysus and the nymphs of the land. 
Considering the fertility aspect of may day along with it being close to the northern american celebration of Mothers day, I would argue that Leto would also be good to honor.
Hellenic gods - Artemis, Apollo, Demeter, Hestia, Hephaestus, Pan, Dionysus, Leto nymphs and spirits of the land.

 Wheel Holiday - Midsummer - June 20th (summer solstice)
The time when the day is longest, the sun reigns, sometimes called Litha. Night time is also used to celebrate the fae and those of the otherworld
Associations - abundance, virility, sun celebration, strength, mystery, the fae
Hellenic holiday - Lampteria,  Klidonas (Not usually in june but may due to regional differences in seasons)
Klidonas is the greek celebration of summer. Typically bonfires are lit which are jumped over. Maidens also perform divinations to see who they will marry. The olive branch charms and may wreaths that were made before are cast into the fires. From a divination aspect, Apollo could be honored here 
From a hellenic pagan standpoint this day can be used to celebrate gods associated with the wild, virilty, sun and sexuality, like eros, aphrodite, helios, pan, dionysus, as well as the nymphs and spirits of the land. I would even say Zeus and Poseidon since this is also rather close to fathers day which is when I give honor to Zeus and the ocean is heavily associated with summer in modern times. Summer vacation is also a time for travel, so Hermes as well, its all down to who you feel closest to
Lampteria does not have a fixed date, but pomegranteanddivy said that she places it around this time and has a beautiful post on how she associate and celebrate it. This would be great for midsummer night, honoring the darker aspects of the otherworld.
Hellenic gods honored - Apollo, Eros, Aphrodite, Helios, Zeus, Poseidon, pan, Dionysus, Hermes, Nymphs and spirits of the earth.

Wheel Holiday - Lammas, Lughnasadh, first harvest - August 1st
The festival itself is named after the god Lugh. It involved great gatherings that included religious ceremonies, ritual athletic contests, feasting, matchmaking and trading.
Associations - feasts, contest, marriage, trade, the first of the harvest.
Hellenic holiday -  Hermaea,  Aphrodisia
Hermaea was the festival of Hermes. Traditionally this was a time for athletic competition, much like the celebrations at Lughnasadh. Some areas celebrated it with a upturn of social order. Games that require wit or strategy. Feast and gifts of food or necessities for the homeless would be a wonderful way to celebrate.  
Aphrodisia was a celebration of Aphrodite. In Cyprus, participants who were initiated into the Mysteries of Aphrodite were offered salt, a representation of Aphrodite’s connection to the sea, and bread baked in the shape of a phallus. This is similar to the modern wiccan practice of making an offering of men shaped bread for lammas.
Considered a fortuitous time for marriage, it would be appropriate to honor Hera, as well as Aphrodite.
In the modern times, this usually marks the start of school back and students prepare for the next year. a combination of this, plus the abundance of contest in hermaea would also make Athena appropriate to honor.
Hellenic gods honored - Hermes, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena

Wheel Holiday - Autumn Equinox, Mabon - September 23rd
The name Mabon is derived from the welsh god of the same name
Associations -  Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance
Hellenic holiday -  Koris Katagogi
Koris Katagogi  was a festival specifically to celebrate Persephone’s descent, where other festivals tended to focus on her ascent more than anything else. Demeters daughter departs from the world and descends to the underworld to join her husband Hades and take back up her Iron crown. Some tales say its Hermes that guides her on these journies. 
This is also around the time of wine harvest so libations to Dionysus would be appropriate too.
Hellenic gods - Demeter, Persephone, Hermes, Dionysus.

Wheel Holiday -   Samhain (eve)/Halloween - October 31st - November 1st
last Gaelic quater day. considered a liminal time where the spirits of the dead and the fae roam and must be placated. 
Associations -  The dead, the underworld, ghosts, fae, offerings
Hellenic holiday -  None on that day but in october-  Pyanopsia,  Thesmophoria and stenia.
Pyanopsia was a festival for Apollo as a ripener of fruits and protector. Stews were made and branches were wrapped in purple and white wool as tokens to gaurd against evil, along with offerings of honey, pastries and wine. In this regard it shares some tradition with the old traditions of halloween and samhain as far as creating wards against evil and honey was often offered to placate the fae and dead. I dont think it would be too much of a stretch to do these during the day of halloween before night fell.
Thesmorphoria and stenia are rather complex and illusive festival, nearly six days in total honoring Demeter and her daughter persephone.
When it comes to celebrating Halloween and Samhain though, I like to use that time to honor the dead, Hades, Persphone and their retinue. Usually with a mute meal and offerings as the sun falls. Once the sun sets and night sets, it becomes, for me a festival of Hekate, both as mistress of ghosts, necromancy and witches, but also, as a protector of children as all the young ones go out trick or treating.
Hellenic gods - Hades, Persephone, Apollo, Demeter, Hekate and her retinue. 

Wheel Holiday - Midwinter, Yule - December 21st
The longest night of the year, many similarities with christmas
Associations -  darkness, coming light, gift giving, joy, cold, introspection, feast
Hellenic holiday -  Rural Dionysia
rural Dionysian is a wine fesitval of Dionysus. Processions were made with girls carrying bread, wine, water and other offerings. After that there were contests of dancing and singing, following by performance of choruses (not unlike caroling) also theatrical performances held (christmas movie marathon heyo). Dionsysus also had a miracle birth after his mother died, myth says that Zeus took her womb and stitched it into his own thigh to carry Dionysus until he was born so this can also be used to celebrate his birth.
 Offerings can be made during this time to Helios and apollo, for prosperity in the coming year and the quick return of the sun. Artemis may be offered thanks for the game meat you may eat during this time, also since this is in the middle of hunting season. As this is also the longest night of the year, some may want to use this time to pay their respects to Nyx
Hellenic gods - Dionysus, Helios, Nyx, Zeus, Apollo, Artemis.

There, whew! If anyone has an additions, feel free to reblog and add. I tried my best to stick to things that fell around the same time or has similar connotations. I realize a lot of recon’s hate the idea of incorporating the wheel of the year (a neopagan concept) into hellenismos but since I see so many people asking about it, I thought I’d at least give it a shot. I’m not here to tell anyone else how to worship

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A Bakugou x Fem reader AU-ish prompt?: All bnha main characters (class 1-a,b, support group, etc) are 3rd years and the school is throwing a kickass Halloween masquerade ball. Bakugou's been trying to find his s/o all night not able to tell cuz of the masks while everyone else is talking about some beautiful girl that he ends up complaining to throughout the night about not finding her, she convinces him to dance towards the end and he doesn't find out its actually his s/o till its over!

You’re prompts are always some on my faves~ Gosh this was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :)

Bakugou Katsuki:

“It’s the perfect opportunity!” Kaminari chuckled, pointing to the mask covering his face. “We basically have a clean slate tonight guys! No one knows who we are, nor do we know who they are!”

“It’s pretty cool, though I worry that this might cause issues later.” Sero mumbled, adjusting his tie.

“It’ll be fine! We’re all going to have a good time!” Kirishima cheered. “It’s our last Halloween together guys and UA is throwing a huge party for us to celebrate. So let’s enjoy it and not worry about anything!”

The three cheered and got ready to leave Kirishima’s room, only to pause when they realized that their fourth and loudest member was suddenly quiet and out of character.

“Bakubro? You coming?” Kirishima called out to the ash blonde who was still leaning against the wall, his orbs hidden and his scowl even missing. He looked like he was trying to fall asleep.

Bakugou blinked one eye open and glared at Kirishima. “This is fucking stupid…”

“Then why’d you get all dressed up, buy a ticket and even get a mask?” Kirishima asked then turned to the sounds of snickering.

Kaminari was laughing loudly, Sero trying to contain his own giggles.

“It’s pretty obvious why he’s going…” Sero began.

“(Name)’s gonna be there~” Kaminari finished and made a kissy face to Sero

Awe Katsuki! Please dance the night away with me!” The electric boy bowed to Sero.

Of fucking course my princess! I’d kill anyone for you!” Sero attempted to imitate Bakugou’s voice.

“Oh that’s right! You have a big crush on her, don’t you!” Kirishima turned back to a raging Bakugou.

“I do not! She’s just some shitty girl who’s been in class with us since we were 15! Just cause she has an annoying smile and laughs like a nothing I’ve ever fucking heard before does not mean I like her! I mean have you fucking seen her? Who would want to date that?”

The three boys exchanged looks. Yeah… he was enamored by her. Kaminari nodded to his comrades, ready to make sure of this mentally agreed statement.

“Well if you don’t like her, then that means I can ask her out.” He played it off, only to have his collar grabbed a second later. How Bakugou got from one side of the room at the click of Kaminari’s tongue was a mystery.

“Touch her and I’ll fucking kill you!” He shook the blonde and Kaminari gave him a thumbs up.

“He loves her.” Kirishima chuckled.

“He totally does…” Sero nodded.



“Let’s stay fucking together… I’m going to grab some punch… I’ll be back after dancing with her…” Bakugou mumbled, shoving past people as he made his way towards the balcony where he could get some fresh air and clear his head.

As soon as he and his so called friends had entered the party, all three were gone within a second. Kaminari was of course trying to dance with some girls he found cute, Kirishima was chatting with some others by the DJ area, and Sero had gotten thirsty and wandered to the refreshments.

Leaving the most anti-social of their squad to fend for himself. Luckily since he was emitting such a pissed off aura no one dared come try to talk to him. Now he was resting and looking out over UA’s campus, ignoring the terrible pop music playing in the background and the itch this shitty mask was giving him.

The air was calming, a smell of roses coming from the bushes of them growing towards the side pushing down some of his tense and angry emotions. At least he could be alone with his thoughts out here and not be bothered

He should have just worn his hero mask… but Kirishima said it was ‘too recognizable’. Hell if his hair didn’t already give it away that it was him, then his personality would. He really hated this…

His mind wandered to her pretty smiling face and over hearing her tell Round Face & Frog Girl that she was excited to attend the party. He bought his ticket that day, this terrible emotion called love forcing him to act like such an idiot. He hadn’t even seen her of course.

He thought he would for sure know her frame and body language when he saw her, but with so many people and each moving rapidly it was hard to spot her, let alone focus on one person.

“Not a party person either?” A figure asked and leaned on the railing next to him. It was a girl, her hair tied into a bun and her dress the color of the softest red roses, the same color as his tie. Her mask was covering most of her face, it resembling some type of bird, its colors being red, yellow and orange with feathers coming off on one side.

“It’s supposed to be a phoenix.” She spoke up again, obviously noticing him taking in her attire.

He clicked his tongue. “I didn’t ask.”

She chuckled. “You didn’t have to.”

He rolled his eyes and she chuckled. “You remind me of someone… maybe you are him.”

“That would fucking take away from this whole fucking thing.” He spat back.

“I suppose you’re right. Anyway, what are you doing out here stranger?” She asked him, this time turning her whole body to look at him.

“Got fucking tired of nothing going my way, so I left.”

“What hasn’t gone your way?”

“Why do you ask so many damn questions?”

“Humor me stranger. For all we know this will be the only time we ever see each other, so what’s the harm in telling a mysterious girl what’s on your mind. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge you after all.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue, mulling over her words. She was right, but why should he rant to her anyway? Fuck it… she was better than anyone else and like she said… he’d most likely never see or know who she was.

“Fine. I’m-”

“Not so fast.” The girl cut him off and he growled at her. Of course there was a fucking catch. “I don’t mind listening but I want you to dance with me.”

“Dance? You want me to fucking dance?”

“I came to dance and you are the perfect partner mister. So would you be ever so kind as to allow a lady a dance?”

She held her hand out to him and bowed. Bakugou groaned and moved away from her.  She stood up again and looked around for him. Did he really just walk away? Her stranger really did act strange.

Just as she was about to go looking out on the grounds again she heard him come back, a two roses torn from a bush in his hand. He was fiddling with one trying to put it in his jacket pocket.

“Here.” He spoke and tossed her the other one.

“What’s this for?”

“All the other couples have matching flowers!”

“That’s because they came together. So if you wear a matching one with me, it means-”

“FUCK!” He cried at the realization and tried to smash the rose, only to have his actions stopped by her hands.

“Don’t” She scolded him and placed the rose on his chest with a bobby pin. “Let’s continue this: our story is that we’ve been dating for 3 years. You are a prince from a far off land who fell in love with a simple maiden. The only way we can see each other is in secret. Except for the night of the masquerade ball, which happens to be tonight. These roses are the only way we can tell that’s it our lover.”

Bakugou blinked as she moved away and fixed her own rose on her wrist. He felt his cheeks light up from such a ridiculous story and her childlike attitude to it.

“That’s fucking stupid…” He barked and grabbed her hand and moved towards the dance floor. “So just shut up and fucking hold my hands and move to the music or whatever…”

She didn’t say anything about how obvious it was that he was nervous. Was this the first time he had ever danced? Slow danced at such at large party at that.

“Like this.” She moved one of his hands to her waist, the other remaining in hers. She placed her free hand on his shoulder. “And you lead.”

“I fucking know that!”

He didn’t but was too prideful to thank her from saving him from looking like a fool.

The two danced in silence for a moment before she spoke up once again. “So why are you so upset about tonight?”

He scoffed and sucked his teeth, his lips lifting in disgust. “The assholes who call themselves my friends fucking ditched me the second we got here.”

“Hmmm while I also think it’s shitty… its normal. I came with 4 others, the only difference being I didn’t have a date and they all did. So the minute we got in, they started doing couple things.”

“That’s pretty shitty.” He twirled her and pulled her back in.

“Guess we both were left alone tonight stranger.”

“At least I wasn’t a fucking third wheel or in your case a fifth wheel.” He chuckled at her expense and to his surprise she laughed back with him. He smiled a bit, liking how this girl could take his harsh jokes and not get upset by them.

“I suppose I am the more pathetic of the two of us. But I have a feeling that you’re letting up on something that makes you more lonely than me…” She winked at him and Bakugou’s grip on her hand tightened.

“Calm down. I’m joking.”

“Well you’re fucking right…” He trailed off.

“I am?” She sounded surprised.

“The whole fucking reason I came was to find this girl I’ve liked since first year… she makes me feel so weird… I thought that maybe if I could dance with her… then I could figure it out.”

“And what are you trying to figure out?”

He blushed and looked away from her. “My shit friends always fucking claim I’m in love with her… but how am I supposed to know?”

“Hmm… you’ll know.” She nodded as the song came to a close. Bakugou looked at her in confusion. She bowed to him, thanking him for the dance. “Trust me Bakugou, you’ll know.”

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to ask her a question. How did she know it was him? Did she know him? Who was she? He had to know!

She turned around from him and moved away, the crowd separating him from this girl faster than he wanted. He shoved past people to catch up to her again, but she was gone.

He stood still, his hand still out stretched from when he was attempting to grab the girl in the rose red dress and the bird mask. But instead he was staring out at a crowd of people that wasn’t her.

“Bakubro!” Kirishima called out from his left side and the boy turned his attention to the three figures approaching him. “I didn’t know you knew how to dance.”

“I don’t.” Bakugou answered and pushed past the three away heading towards the exit. Tonight had been a bust: no (Name) and now he might be in love with someone else entirely.

This night was fucking terrible.


The dorms were still quiet, as he had come back before anyone else had. As he slammed open the front door he scowled at anything and everything. His mood had majorly fouled as he walked back.

Damn her! One dance and he suddenly had his answer! He was in love with her and not even a name! Not even something that he could use to recognize her!

He was as good as screwed when it came to her!

“Oh Bakugou-kun.” (Name)’s familiar voice called to him from the kitchen. She was at the sink, filling up a small glass of water. She was dressed in a large t-shirt and some sweats. Her hair was down and appeared to have been tied up earlier. “Welcome back.”

Bakugou scowled and felt his chest bubbling up at her smiling face. Fuck! He was in love with two girls! How much worse could this night get?!

“What are you fucking doing?” He called out to her and she shrugged, reaching behind her.

“Just wanting to keep it alive for a bit longer. Do you want a glass for your rose as well?” She asked, showing off the rose in the cup, its stem torn unusually.

“Wait…” Bakugou blinked and glanced at the nearly crushed rose on his chest, still held together by the bobby pin. Don’t tell him, no way in fucking hell. “W-where did you fucking get that rose?”

“Huh this? A prince from a far off land gave it to me. It’s the only way we’ll be able to recognize each other after the night is over.” She smirked and walked past him, carrying the rose cup carefully.

“H-hold on a fucking minute! That was you the whole fucking time?!” He shouted as he watched her retreat to her side of the dorms.

“What was me?” She teased him again. “All I did was dance with an angry strange who told me he was in love… I sure do hope he tells her. As I’m sure she feels the same way.”

Bakugou blinked, his hand shaking and his mind processing what the hell just happened and what the hell just came out of her mouth.

“DON’T FUCKING WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TALK TO ME, YOU LIL’SHIT!” He hollered and dashed up the stairs after her, making sure the rose on his chest was still attached to his heart.

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Sanders Sides Appreciation Month: Roman’s Week

Wow!! I just have no words!! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped appreciate Logan this week! I know its not over yet, but the amount of theories, posts, memes, art, fanfictions, poetry, puzzles everyone made was just…All I have to say is great work!!! We were even noticed by @thatsthat24! And its all thanks to you guys who made the start of this month so spectacular!

Just a recap on the progression of #sanderssidesappreciationmonth here are the dates for the next weeks that have yet to come:

July 31st-August 6th : Logan/Logic (Almost finished)

August 7th-August 13th : Roman/Princey (Next)

August 14th-August 20th : Patton/Dad/Morality

August 21st-August 27th : Virgil/Anxiety

August 28th-September 3rd : Joan and Talyn (Because they do so much for Thomas!!!!!)

Sadly as all weeks end on sunday, so must Logan’s, but that just means its time for a new star to shine! As Logan’s week transitions into Roman’s, just keep the teacher in your thoughts and focus your attention on the one who craves it!

Again, you can celebrate these characters in any way you want to! But, I have created a challenge calendar for each week that is completely optional and will definitely make this month more entertaining.

(If you don’t like these sets of challenges, please feel free to make your own! After all, everything points back to the brilliance of Thomas and his friends anyways. This month is all about them and respecting and enjoying what they have created.)

On the saturday night before each week starts I will post a series of optional challenges all relating to the character of the week! Each day will have a title, and then three challenges that correspond to the day. By no means do you have to do all three of them, but they are there so everyone has an option. This just helps everyone’s creative juices get flowing! 

Without further ado, Here is Roman’s Challenge Calendar:

Day 1: Monday August 7th - A grand entry!

a. Prince Roman changes Thomas’s mind palace into a Castle for a week! How do the other sides react?

b. Edit a video to make one of Roman’s entrances look as epic as possible In any way, shape or form!

c. If Roman were to wield a different weapon other than a sword, what would it be?

Day 2: Tuesday August 8th - Disney Day


          GO!!! (Try to use as few Pixar movies as possible)

b.       Roman wishes upon a star. What does he wish for? What happens?

c.       Change a Disney movie’s storyline to incorporate Roman!

Day 3: Wednesday August 9th - Romantic Gestures

a.       SHIP DAY with Roman. (Princality, Logince, LAMP, Prinxiety. Your choice) (Could be art, fanfic, poem, ANYTHING!! Be creative.)

b.       Thomas must woo another guy. In what grand ways does Princey come up with to impress him?

c.       Princey is cursed to be clumsy in everything he does for one whole week! I wonder how that plays out.

Day 4: Thursday August 10th -  A Creative Approach

a.       Change a song’s lyrics to fit right in with Roman’s character! (If you feel so daring, sing it for us!)

b.       Draw Roman in a different time period or style (could be steam-punk, goth, futuristic, even ancient Egypt. Be creative)

c.       Make Roman into as many memes as you can! GO!

Day 5: Friday August 11th - A battle waged

A.      Have Roman fight a creature of some sort!!! (Even if it’s something as ridiculous as a house fly or a fish!)

B.      Roman’s empire is under attack! How does he and the other sides react?

C.      What would happen if Princey’s ego was destroyed? How would he bounce back from his pride being torn down? Or would he bounce back at all?

Day 6: Saturday August 12th - A Victorious Celebration!

a.       Roman invites the rest of Thomas and his sides to a fancy ball!  If Roman had to design their outfits, what would they look like?

b.       Roman wins a challenge against one of the other sides. Does he rub it in their face? Or is he more humble about it?

c.       Celebrate with Roman by showing your prince, princess or non-binary royalty cosplay!

Day 7: Sunday August 13th - Coronation Day

a.       Prince Roman is crowned King!! How does he react? Is he still the same egotistical teddy bear we all know and love? Or has he changed his demeanor slightly?

b.       Have Roman humble himself to strengthen his friendship with any of the sides or even Thomas himself.

c.       Patton’s week is next! Maybe have Roman and Patton hanging out or poking fun with each other, so we can Celebrate the end of Roman’s week with a nice transition. Deep down inside we all know Roman does love the rest of Thomas. He just refuses to say it out loud.

 Even though you’re week will come to an end as well Roman, know that in the words of Thomas: “People still love you.”

When you post a challenge to your wall, all I ask is you put what day it is and which challenge you are doing followed by using the tag: #sanderssidesappreciationmonth . Again these are only optional! I’d love to see what everyone else decides to do!

Even if you decide not to participate, all reblogs are appreciated so that we can all get the word out there and celebrate the Sanders Sides Appreciation Month together in Unity!

Again thank you to everyone who participated and I can’t wait to see whats next!


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Thank you again everyone and we love you THOMAS, TALYN, AND JOAN!!!


Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 5,130

Warnings: Angst, character death, depressing thoughts

A/N: Okay, this is my first piece of writing I’ve ever published. I’m not pretending to be amazing at writing so if you read it and you can think of anything I need to improve on, please tell me, I’d appreciate the feedback. I also need to say a massive thank you to @imlikepadfoot for giving me the little boost of encouragement I needed to post this. The title, Lucida, means the brightest star in a constellation, but it was a quick translation so it might be wrong. Anyway… hope you like it! :)


Most of your time in Hogwarts was spent in the Astronomy Tower, looking at the stars. Despite already being surrounded by it, there was just something so much more magical about them than anything else that left you in awe. The idea that, you were a tiny detail in the never-ending wonder that was space. For you, that’s what the stars represented. Forever. Too many of them littered against the night sky, it would take a forever to count them all. Only a few people knew you came up here so often, and Sirius Black was one of them. Sirius Black, your best friend, who you had loved since your third year. Yet every week, he was kissing a new pair of lips. You had told yourself that he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, because you hadn’t told him you had loved him, but it didn’t make the pain any better. Although, on nights like these, when the full moon shone bright, white light and the stars were most visible, you laid on the floor, the cold breeze causing you to shiver. Complete silence but for your breathing surrounded you and you were reminded why you dealt with the pain; Sirius was out there now in his Animagi form, risking his life for his friend. Maybe, you’d just have to wait a little longer.

Early morning approached, and the cold winds became warmer. Unbeknown to you, Sirius had left the Shrieking Shack early, going to meet his best friend. The sun made the sky appear like it was aflame, the bright orange lighting the features of your peaceful face. Prodding you, Sirius tries to wake you up, though he has to do it a few times. Jolting, you spin around, looking for the cause of your disturbance. You shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Mornin’, Y/N/N.” Sirius chuckles. “Sleep well?”

“Oh yeah, just fab,” you glare at him but he only smiles. Your sarcasm was one of the main things he liked about you. You rub your eyes, attempting to wake yourself up more. The only thing Sirius notices is how cute you look when your face scrunches up and how your hair looks adorably wild that he has the urge to run his hands through it. So, he does. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for the both of you. You would nearly always be up here, snoring softly, though you would never remember when you actually did fall asleep, and Sirius would join you, braiding your hair for you.  

“So, how’s Moony?” You ask after a while.  

“He’s okay. No new scars to report tonight.”  


When Sirius finishes plaiting your hair, he scoots over to you so you can both watch the sun rise together. Today however, there’s something more on both of your minds. You were both in your final year at Hogwarts, and with the N.E.W.T’s already completed, there wasn’t that much time left until you went home forever.

“We’ll stay together won’t we?” Sirius bursts out, breaking the silence. “I mean, you’ll visit everyday?”

“Of course, Pads.”  


Me and James are having a little party to celebrate Harry’s first Christmas. It starts at 5 and only a few people will be there. I know Pete, Remus, Marlene, Frank and Alice are definitely coming. Even Sirius will be there. We’d love it if you could come, it feels like we haven’t actually seen you in ages, what with all the stuff in the Order you’re doing. Let us know, anyway.  

Lots of Love,


You skim over the letter again, eyes lingering over ’Even Sirius will be there.’ Though you had never told Lily about your feelings towards Sirius, she managed to figure it out for herself. Unsurprising, really. Lily Potter was the cleverest witch you knew. When she told you on your last journey home on the Hogwarts Express, you became instantly anxious because, what if he found out? But she promised you that she wouldn’t tell anyone, not even James.

Now, you were debating on whether or not to go. Overall, the fact that you had been really busy with the Order recently, influenced your decision. You could do with a little break and you also felt bad for not keeping your promise to Sirius about visiting everyday. Shuffling over to your desk, you grab a piece of parchment and a quill.  


I would love to come. It’ll be nice to see you all again.



Christmas Day finally arrived, and you were just finishing getting ready to apparate to the Potter’s household. You were wearing a dark red, knee length dress with natural makeup. Grabbing the presents you bought for everyone off the side, you close your eyes and picture their house. A sudden rushing feeling crashes over you and suddenly, you’re standing in front of the door to their house. You knock three times, and Lily opens the door, wrapping you in a tight hug once she sees your face smiling up at her.  

She doesn’t let go for a while, and when you try to escape her arms, she only holds on tighter. “Hiya to you too, Lils,” you giggle.

“Well aren’t you coming in?” Finally letting you go. “Unless of course, you want to stay outside in the snow?”  

Rolling your eyes at her, you step inside and close the door behind you, following Lily to the living room. Sat on the sofa, was James, laughing at a black dog, as Harry tried to grab its tail. You begin to join in the laughter, and the dog’s ears lift up. A second later, the dog transforms into Sirius, who has a mischievous smirk etched onto his face.  

“Why, hello. James, who’s this stranger?” He jokes.

“Sirius,” you laugh, “stop it! I haven’t seen you in weeks and you act as though you don’t even know who I am anymore.”

Sirius hesitates for a moment, pretending to think about who you were, before he grinned widely. “Y/N!” He shouts, lifting you up and twirling you round.  

“Woah, Sirius,” you exclaimed, playfully slapping his back. “Put me down!”

Reluctantly, Sirius lowers you down until your feet are firmly flat on the ground. However, as soon as you are, you go back for another hug, this time your arms wrapped tightly around his waist. “Missed you, Pads.”

Sirius smiles, but continues to play around with you. “I know…I missed me too.”

You instantly let go of him. “Sirius, you absolute git!”

Sirius and James break into laughter, and then there’s a knock on the door. Lily, and Marlene went upstairs to get the presents, Frank and Alice were in the kitchen preparing the food and James and Sirius were too busy having a laughing fit, so you were left to get the door.  

When you open it, Remus and Peter are stood there; Peter in a coat too big for him and Remus in his usually fluffy jumper. Smiling, you open the door wider and let them in. Peter smiles at you, but Remus goes to hug you. Remus and you were like brother and sister. At the end of the first year in Hogwarts, you had discovered his secret and had given hints to the other Marauders, knowing they wouldn’t abandon their friend. As you predicted, James, Sirius and Peter found a way to help his transformations; turning into Animagi. Remus, however, still needed someone to talk to, a job you happily accepted.

When you let go of each other, you both returned to the room where everyone was now talking and laughing, the Christmas spirit obviously high. You took a seat next to Sirius, watching as Harry opened his presents from all of you. James, you and Sirius were the only one’s drinking, and as the night went on, your proximity to Sirius only became closer.  

Everyone began to leave at around 11, Lily politely mentioning that Harry needed to sleep. You, however, stayed to help Sirius clean up.  

“No star gazing tonight then, Y/N?” Sirius asked.

Unable to stop yourself from smiling, you look up at him. “Of course. When do I not?”

His mouth opens and closes, as if he’s lingering on unspoken words, but he just shrugs and goes back to picking the wrapping paper off the floor.  

Sirius uttered his next words so quietly, that if even one person spoke, you wouldn’t have heard him. “Mind if I join you this time?”  

His eyes are already locked on yours, and butterflies erupt from your stomach. “Sure.” Perhaps it was just the drink talking, or maybe you would’ve accepted his offer anyway.

Taking Sirius by the hand, you dragged him to the back garden. Once you’ve summoned blankets to lay on, you tell Sirius to lay down. Not allowing the nerves to get the better of you, you lay next to him, head resting on his outstretched arm.

This felt so right to both you. You could hardly calm your rapidly beating heart, though he began talking to you about the stars, so you knew he mustn’t’ve noticed.

His head turns to face you, your hair tickling the side of his face. “See that one there?” He asks, pointing upwards towards a star.  

Following the direction in which he was pointing, you see a star, outshining all the others. You became quite confused as to how you’d never seen it before.

“That’s Sirius,” he noted.

Your attention turns back to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, and you smile, snuggling in closer to the real Sirius.

Hours and hours, you both stayed like that, until you eventually fell asleep. When you woke up, you woke up alone. You were glad you hadn’t told him how you felt last night, as he obviously didn’t return the feelings. Still, you would fondly remember the previous night for the rest of your life.

It would be one of the only good nights you had in a long time.  

How? How could he have done such a terrible thing? Your best friend, seemingly loyal to a fault, had betrayed James and Lily. Your best friend, who cried when he ran away from home and was so full of love and kindness, had joined the Death Eaters. You didn’t want to believe it, but the evidence was there. A picture of him from his cell in Azkaban flashed across the newspaper. His appearance was scruffy, and he looked completely deranged. If you looked long enough, you could almost hear his maniacal laughter leaving his lips. Again, you found yourself grateful that you had not told him your feelings towards him. You were sure now that he only would’ve used it to his advantage, manipulating you for information. Throwing the newspaper away into the fire, you sit down in your old armchair. You refused to remember him like that. No. To you, Sirius would always be your sarcastic, smirking best friend, and you would not know him any other way.

Hatred for the man you thought you knew spurred inside you. Four of your friends had been lost in one night. Three of them were dead, their blood on his hands. And the fourth was Sirius himself. Alive still, but not the same.  

You apparate to Godrics Hollow, and enchant a sign so people could write on it. You didn’t leave a message. There would be too many words and it would take up the entire sign. Instead, you went to the front door and left a single white lily. You don’t return to the Potter’s home after that.

12 years had passed agonisingly slowly, and you had not looked at the stars since that awful Halloween night. In fact, you rarely left the house at all. Remus was the only company you got now, though it wasn’t really much, he was suffering from the loss of all of his friends just as much as you were. Silences and sorrow was the only thing you could give one another, but it was enough. Only yesterday did he tell you that Albus Dumbledore had come to find him, offering him the place of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Happy that Remus finally had something he could look forward too, you encouraged him to take the job, with the condition that he’d write to you about Harry, and if Hogwarts had changed at all. And like that, Remus was gone, leaving you alone in the world once more.

Innocent. All this time you thought he had good as murdered three of your best friends and it turns out it’s Peter, who you mourned over for 12 years. You were ashamed. Ashamed that you had not trusted your best friend, as he would’ve done for you. Why would he ever forgive you, when you had left him in a cell to rot, alone with grief? How would you ever be deserving of the man who had been wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit. The answer was never. Never would you deserve Sirius Black.  But, you had to see him to apologise, consequences be damned.

Refusing to believe Sirius had returned to his old home, you checked all the places you could think of. But, Sirius had gone into hiding, and he had left no trace of him behind. As a last resort you tracked down Remus, who you heard had returned to his apartment.

When you get there, you knock on the door and it’s not two seconds before Remus lets you in. He must have been expecting you to visit.

“I don’t know where he’s gone, Y/N.”

You sigh. You should’ve expected as much. “Well, if you do hear from him you’ll let me know, won’t you?”

“You’ll be the first to know.”

With that, you leave Remus’ apartment and return to your own home, anxiously waiting for any news of Sirius Black.

He was always reckless. Being locked up in his old family home, which he detested, only made it worse. Throwing himself at every dangerous mission the Order offered, only to become more agitated when everyone denied it him. Unfortunately, with Lord Voldemort returning to power, you rarely had time to even see Sirius, and when you did it was to discuss tactics for the Order. During the meetings, when anything about Azkaban was mentioned, sometimes you swore you could see his face turn as white as a ghost, terror struck and eyes glazed over. Dazed, he often tried to play it off, but you were watching, and you knew. He was remembering his time there. 'I’m out now, Y/N, I don’t worry about it anymore.’ Obviously, you had seen right through his lie, having known him for so long. But if that’s what he needed to tell himself to help him get through whatever he was dealing with, you would gladly go along with it.  

Arthur, Molly and Lupin had joined you and Sirius at 12 Grimmauld Place after Christmas for tea. You were in the kitchen, in charge of preparing the food whilst everyone else was sat at the table, talking about Harry. Aside from getting visitors, hearing about his godson was one of the few things that genuinely made Sirius smile. He loved hearing tales of the boy, especially from Lupin. About how Lupin woke up on the train and thought he was James. Listening to how excellent he was in Defense Against the Dark Arts and how he always stuck up for his friends. Of course, Sirius had quickly found out just how much Harry was like James already, from his Quidditch ability to his apparent attraction to trouble. But Sirius was a convicted murderer, meaning he could never walk into Hogwarts and see it for himself. So, he always enjoyed learning about the stuff he could never find out for himself. Another reason you loved Sirius: his love for his family (his true family, not his prejudiced mother), was admirable.  

After everyone had finished their food, Arthur and Molly left, leaving only you, Sirius and Lupin. It reminded you of your time back in Hogwarts, when you and Lupin were in the library studying, only for Sirius to come up to you and inevitably drag you along to play some prank on Snape or Filch. Reminiscing the memories, you sat for an hour, laughing and drinking like your lives were normal again.  

Eventually, Lupin got up. “I’m er- I’m going to go clean up. I’ll come back soon.”

The two of you sat quietly for a while before you got an idea. When you rose from the sofa, Sirius gave you a questioning look. Darting your eyes to Sirius then to the door, you step outside and wait for him, knowing he got your message. Sure enough, two minutes later, you feel his presence. When you look back at him, your breath hitches. He’s stood with his legs crossed, and his elbow leaning on the door frame, almost carefree. For the first time in a long time, he looked like the Sirius you knew before. Shaking your head, you grab his hand and pull him forward.

“Lay down,” you whisper.  

Following your request, he lowers himself onto the ground, with you joining him.

“See that one there?” You say, pointing upwards towards the star, exactly as he had done before. Repeating it all made the memory seem real again, despite knowing every last detail of the already. “That’s Sirius.”  

He chuckles quietly, a look of awe etched upon his face. But he wasn’t looking at the star… he was looking at you. The one who had comforted him, and felt guilty for leaving him. The one who knew what to do when he broke down, just like you were doing now. His heart sank every time he thought about it because you deserved someone better than him, someone who wasn’t damaged on the inside and out.

Oblivious to Sirius’ piercing gaze, your attention stayed on the glittering night sky, only now aware of how much you had missed them. This was the most relaxed you had been in a long time, and you couldn’t shake the feeling that you belonged here, in Sirius’s arms. Almost as if you were returning home.

Your eyes to flick up to meet his. “You see, the thing about Sirius is, is that it never notices how it makes the rest of the sky light up and it never knows it’s the brightest star in the sky. It forever thinks he’s not worth as much as the rest of them, but he couldn’t be more wrong.”

“He?” Asks Sirius.  

First you think you’ve fucked up and you tell yourself that he’s not going to want to talk to you anymore. Seconds feel like hours as the silence drags on… and on, and on. Until finally- “I didn’t know stars had genders.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, you shoot him a playful glare. “Oh, shove off, Black.”

Everything was okay, his playful demeanor proof of that. “Seriousl- no!” He groaned, realising what he’d said.  "Don’t laugh, I mean it!“ Though Sirius had already joined in with your snickering. He buried his face in his hands. “Ugh, that joke is so old, Y/N.”

“Old but funny,” you retort.  

He glares at you. “Y/N, I was trying to be sincere.” Giving your best 'listening’ expression, you motion for him to continue. “Anyway… I was just saying that I… I really do appreciate everything you do for me and it makes me the happiest person alive to be able to have you in my life.” Sirius had wanted to say so much more but for some reason he held back, afraid of what you might say.

Blood rises to your cheeks, thankful that it was dark out so he couldn’t see your blush. “You’ve been my best friend for years, Pads, it’s what I’m supposed to do.” Would he ever know how desperately you wanted to be more than friends? If it weren’t for the fact that he was a convicted murderer, Sirius could have any girl he wanted. And if he wasn’t, why would he choose you?

That was the problem with falling in love with your best friend: he would never see you as anything more. You ignore the sinking feeling you get in your heart and try to enjoy your time with Sirius. You’d have to return to the Ministry before long.  

All too soon, the night was over, you and Lupin left, and Sirius was alone once more.

Numb. That was the only word that could explain how you felt. Anger and sadness coursed through your veins, unsure of your own emotions. Because Sirius could not be dead. You would deny it until he came back. He would. He would come back.  

Remus had not left your company since he found you. He wasn’t even sure you had noticed his presence. He had learnt how you felt about Sirius soon after he got put in Azkaban, and though he himself was shocked and deserted by his best friend again, he knew you were in a worse state than he was. Positioned in a way so that you were half kneeling, half laying, your body shook as you cried and screamed.  

Somehow, you both felt agonising pain, and nothing all at once. You wanted it to end. You wanted him to come back and wrap his warm arms around you, soothing you and telling you that he was right there. But he wasn’t. There were arms around you though. But they felt different, not unfamiliar but not the ones you needed either. In the distance, you heard a voice call your name. It sounded far away, too far for you to care. The arms around you lifted you up, but you didn’t even feel your feet leave the floor. Suddenly, a realisation dawned on you, and you wanted to curl up into yourself, to be undisturbed by anyone ever again. It was your fault Sirius was dead. If only you had ignored Kingsley’s order. You should’ve gone down to the fight, you would’ve been able to save him. It was your fault.

Remus had picked you up now, though you were still shaking uncontrollably. You were muttering inaudibly, but he managed to catch a few words and phrases. “S-Sirius…” You sobbed. “…’m sorry. My faul- Sirius, please. Come b-back.” It almost broke Remus to see you like this, he was scared you might do something stupid, as grieving people often did. He was scared he’d end up with no one. There was nowhere to go except headquarters, a place he knew would not be even slightly comforting to either of you.  

You realised too late that your surroundings had changed and that you were no longer in the Ministry. Panic swept over you; you thought you had been taken by a Death Eater that had managed to escape. Luckily, when you look over your shoulder to glimpse the person carrying you, you see Remus. However, you were worried. What if Sirius came back and you weren’t there to help him? You begin to protest against Remus, clawing and reaching for something to hold onto that could release you from his grip. All rationality had left your brain, you were so desperate to return to Sirius, wherever he was, you forgot you had a wand.  

“Rem,” you croaked, your voice sore from the shouting. “Remus, put me down! Sirius. He might- we have to go b-back.”

He ignored you.

“REMUS! Listen to me! He’s not dead. He’s… he’s not.”  

Again, Remus acted as though you hadn’t even opened your mouth. You’d had enough.  

“REMUS JOHN LUPIN! Your best friend is in trouble, he is not dead! Don’t you care?-”

Immediately, you were dropped to the ground, Remus was looking at you with more anger in his eyes than you had ever seen. “OF COURSE I CARE, Y/N! BUT HE’S DEAD! DEAD, AND THERE’S NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT!”

His chest is heaving, out of breath from shouting and releasing all of his anger and frustration. Frustration at the unfairness of the world, because why, why did it have to be the one person everyone cared about so much. You only must register the truth: Sirius wasn’t coming back. No matter if you returned to the Ministry or not. You both break down at the same time. Tears streaming down your face, you rush back to Remus’ side, hugging him so tightly so he couldn’t leave you.  

Your face is leaning on his shoulder, buried in his shabby coat, causing your cries to sound slightly muffled. “Moony, I- I’m so sorry. I cou- should’ve helped. It’s my fault he’s dead.”  

“No. It’s not, Y/N. It’s no ones. Not yours, not Harry’s. It’s Voldemort, Y/N. He’s caused all of this pain and loss, and there’s going to be so much more.”

Neither of you cared at that moment in time that you were in an open street, lit only by a far-off streetlamp, open for anyone to attack you. You just held on tighter to each other, scared that you’d lose the only connection to Sirius the both of you had left.  

Grimmauld Place echoed a lot. At least to you it did. Echoes of Sirius’ laughter and witty retorts. Echoes of the conversations the both of you shared. At first, you thought it was too much; to remember Sirius but not actually have him be there. Soon though, you began to seek the echoes. You were afraid you forget his bark-like laugh and what his voice sounded like when he had only just woken up. So, you had stayed shut up in Grimmauld Place since Lupin brought you here. Dumbledore came to tell you that Harry said he didn’t have an issue with it. He’d also told you that Sirius would be upset to see you like you were, but you didn’t really hear him.  

Needless to say, you hadn’t spoken to anyone since Remus brought you back here. When your feet finally decided to respond to your minds wishes, you went straight up to his room and hardly ever left his bed. Molly and Remus were the only people to come to you (Molly less often than Remus). It eerily reminded you of the time when Sirius was sent to Azkaban, and it was only Remus and you, left together to keep each other sane. Sometimes, you deluded yourself into thinking that is what had happened, and that soon, Sirius was going to burst through the door, declaring he’d escaped yet again. But no such thing ever happened, and you were forced back to the truth that the man you had loved for so long, was gone. That, was your biggest regret. You had never told him how you felt and even though you told yourself that you had reasons not to at the time, they all seemed insignificant now.  

Weeks went on like this. Molly eventually had to stop coming, too busy looking after her own kids, leaving only Remus to talk to you despite you never replying and bring you food which you hardly touched.  

With your resistance to do anything, you were certain that you were slowly going insane. Remus had just left, the door slamming shut. You decided to get up. There was nothing more that could hurt you, you had practically lost everything. Looking through Sirius’ belongings could not make your suffering any worse.  

How very wrong you were.  

You went through pictures, school books, records, clothes and objects from Hogwarts: magical and non-magical alike. There was a large Gryffindor banner which he had stolen from the common room after a party and a mobile with thestrals on, which you presumed used to hang over his crib when he was a baby. You did your best to return his room to a normal looking state (his room had become trashed when he left home, and he said he never had the effort to fix it).  

You understood why. Before the room even began to look tidy, it was already evening, and now you were organising everything, the moon had appeared and the stars were starting to appear.

Whilst you were making the bed, you lifted a pillow, from which an envelope lay underneath.  There was no name or address on the envelope, though it looked different from the rest of his possessions in the room. Everything else so far looked old, dusty or worn, whereas this… this looked new.  

Curious, you opened the letter and read it.

'Y/N Y/L/N,

I’m writing this on the night that we watched the stars together here. There was so much I wanted to say that night, Y/N. And you’re not here now, so this is so much easier to say but…

I love you. I have for a long time.

I really hope I actually gain the courage to give you this letter, but knowing me, it’ll probably just stay wherever I put it.  

You are the most amazing, kind, funny, accepting person I have ever met. And I’m lucky enough to have you as my best friend. But I’m selfish, Y/N. I want more with you but I know you deserve someone much better than me. That’s why I’ve never told you. But every day I see you, I come closer and closer to telling you, because no one else knows you like I do, Y/N/N. All your little quirks. I know not to even try talking to you when you’re reading your favourite book, I know you only have your hot chocolate with the white marshmallows in and I know how much you love the stars.

To me, you are impossible to comprehend in the most beautiful way because the things I love about you are never-ending.

I will forever cherish every second I get to spend with you.  


Eyes starting to water, you read it again and again, until you can’t bear to read it anymore. After everything, all the worry that your love was unrequited, and he said he had loved you.

Overcome with emotions, you run outside, back to where you watched the stars with him for the second time. You had never imagined coming to look at the stars ever again, you thought it would be too painful to have the good memories flooding back to you. Now, you couldn’t care less. You laid in the exact same spot as last time. If you closed your eyes, you could almost picture him lying beside you. Scanning the sky, you try and locate the brightest star in the sky. And with a pang in your heart, you noticed that Sirius shone a little brighter.


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really love it! Can you write a thorin story where the reader is his one and she is pregnant and he gushes to everyone about her having HIS child and he does his best to take care of her and is really protective and things like that. (basically an everyone lives AU, I’m still in denial) Keep up the good work, love. <3

A/N: Heya sweetie! I’m glad that you like my blog. Of course I’ll do this for you, though I hope you don’t mind that I used some of my creativity and made it slightly different from your request. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, it took me all morning write it! Thank you for your request! <3 - Kat

Thorin x Reader.

Note: When Thorin finds out that his wife (you) is with child, he is over the moon! However, she only wishes for simplicity and not all of the commotion of celebrations. One day it grows too much for her and Thorin begins to understand that maybe he went over the top with his celebrations. The reader also learns the reasons for Thorin’s intense merriment. ( Shitty caption of the whole imagine, so forgive me! Read to find out more, I suppose, lovelies! ) AU WHERE EVERYONE LIVES.

Word count2,287 ( Don’t mind the length, haha! )

Warning’s: Reader has panic attack because of the attention and stress going on. Slight protective Thorin. Fili and Kili (I know that’s not at all a warning, but just letting you know). Happy Thorin. Cute Thorin. Fluff! Lot’s and lot’s of fluff. (If I have missed anything at all them just let me know!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin, Fili, Kili or the company or any other character from lotr or the hobbit: Tolkien does!

Fatigued and weary, you lay there as Oin examined your condition. You felt entirely distressed and flustered as Oin examined the most intimate area your body possessed. “And?” Thorin pried for an answer that Oin himself did not know the answer to, just yet. “Is she or is she not?!” Thorin’s gruff voice was accompanied by impatient sapphire orbs.

Thorin!” you warned, rising and leaning back upon your elbows, shooting him an uncomfortable and angry glower. “Let him do his job!” you growled, irritable as ever. This was a scene from a nightmare!

“I need to kno-” you cut him short with a risen hand, your expression showing signs of intense displeasure.

“I would also like to know, but dear Oin has to do his job.” you argued wisely. “Besides, this is definitely not my idea of spending an afternoon!” and to that you flop onto your back, face red at your blunt honesty as Oin peeked up at you.

Thorin had not considered pondering upon how you felt about having someone examine you. After all, it had been his idea once he had found out about your morning sickness, to which you had replied with: “It’s probably just a bug! Nothing more.” but even so, you were wound up to get stuck in Oin’s healing chambers and get examined for nearly everything. You were the Queen of Erebor, for goodness sake!

“There!” Oin sighed, pulling back slowly, a smile curling and stretching upon his face, drawing the quilt over your lower half. Thorin stepped forward off of the wall, his full attention upon the matter, eyes flickering from you to Oin.

“Well?” he pried once again, tone lighter, trying for your sake of this.

“All of the signs are there, she has answered all of the questions in which I asked, correctly. She’s definitely with child.” Oin smiled brightly. “Congratulations!” he beamed, bowed his head to you and his King before scurrying off to allow the two of you a moment of peace.

“I cannot believe it!” Thorin exclaimed, bounding around to your side of the bed and flopping heftily upon the cot, causing it to creak and you to jostle. You let out an exasperated sigh, a huff being thrown from your lips at the impact of Thorin sitting down. “I could not have pictured a better time to be told such merry news!” his smile was intoxicating, contagious and your displeasure of having Oin’s examination suddenly flew right out of the door. You smiled softly.

“So, is the king happy?” you inquired, standing up, fixing on your clothing.

“Of course!” he breathed, watching you with nothing more than exhilaration within his complexion: And somehow Thorin appeared a hundred years younger in that moment.

“Good, I am glad. Though, if I am allowed to be honest for a moment.” you speak quietly and quickly, pulling your hair up and over one shoulder. “I wish for this to not be blown out of proportion.” you began to which Thorin rose slowly, face back to it’s stony expression.

“Blown out of proportion? Are you saying that the news of the Queen baring my child is not of news to be celebrated?” he accused and you sighed.

“No! I am not saying such things! What I mean is: I wish for you not to boast about it to everybody that you see.” you fire back irritably, folding your arms.

“But isn’t that the best part?” Thorin’s smile curled into a large grin, reminding you of Kili.

“Yes, it is indeed, but I know that you’d go to the ends of this earth and scream it out loud! Be a bit more sensible: Tell people, but do not boast. I have enough attention on me by just being the Queen, being your wife: I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but all of this attention is still very new to me.” you wisely state.

You should have known better.

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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 7)

((A/N: As promised, the next chapter ASAP. It’s getting rather intense, for those who haven’t noticed. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going. There’s also the potential for a ‘spin-off’ of sorts, depending on how it’s received. This one I loved writing. I love it all, but this is bananas. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.3k 

Warnings: Language, awkwardness, alcohol use. Also: hilarity. 

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6//))

Ares wasted no time in getting to you, that was for sure. He moved with the speed Hermes had endowed in him without much care for the fact that he was likely on Zeus’ radar at this point. There was a feeling of need and fear as he made his way to you as fast as his feet could take him. He saw you, in his mind’s eye, and felt your pain. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was seeing, but he knew it was the beginning of the explanation for why Zeus was so terribly interested in you.

The wonderful part about gods on earth, all of the Pantheon had found, was that they could blend with ease. In truth very few humans knew the real forms of the gods and those that did were said to have been under a spell when approached. It was how Ares was able to run towards where you were in time to watch the fire burn out.

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It just keeps getting better and better.

We’ve had new authors join the mix, and received updates to some of the amazing authors who are turning the prompts into multi-chapter fics.  We even got new Vampire fics to read.  Seriously - you are all amazing.  Thank you so much for your contributions, whether that’s writing, reading, cheerleading, etc.

Here are the stories written for Week 3: Taste:

(In no particular order)

Summer Vacation - Chapter 3: Dessert by - @dmichellewrites - Rating: Explicit - Felicity and Oliver have dinner. Then dessert. Then dessert.

I Will Always Trust You - Chapter 3: Sunshine in a Pretty Blonde Bottle by @felicityollies - Rating: Explicit - Oliver and Felicity are in love and are going to be together forever. And forever is a long time when you’re a vampire, so they both need to sample their favorites.

Olicitiy Hiatus 2017 Prompts - Chapter 3: Taste. by @diggo26 - Rating: Explicit - Oliver’s sleeping, but Felicity just wants a taste.

Tastes like pure joy by @wherethereissmoak - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity’s hard up for cash so she volunteers to be a blood donor for vampires. On her last night, who else would show up needing to feed?

Kiss Me by @laurabelle2930 - Rating: Explicit - Felicity is a demon hell-bent on tempting an angel. Oliver Queen is an angel drawn to a demon in ways no angel should. Artwork by @mel-loves-all

One Last Time - Chapter 2: Taste by @wetsuiton - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity tries to make an omelette. It goes about as well as expected.

It’s a Matter of Taste by @hope-for-olicity - Rating: General Audiences - Moira informs the board that Oliver will be bringing his girlfriend Felicity to the company retreat. The problem? Oliver and Felicity are definitely not dating.

Suspenders and Stripping to Power Ballads by @imusuallyobsessed - Rating: Explicit - Oliver gets slightly jealous of Felicity watching Magic Mike. He can do that, too.

Dinner with the chef. by @bitchwhwifi  - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity is hungry but incapable of cooking. Oliver is a chef. They meet in a grocery store.

Like the Deserts Missed the Rain by @almondblossomme  - Rating: Not Rated - Felicity struggles with the breakup. She just misses him. Everything about him.

Blue Eyed Angel - Chapter 2: Taste by @tdgal1 - Rating: Mature - Oliver is determined to get Felicity Smoak to go out with him. Maybe an invitation to dinner will work.

Aafreen (alluring) by @crazycrystal10  - Rating: General Audiences - Police detective Felicity Smoak tries to make her husband, billionaire Oliver Queen understand the need for security.

some fairytale bliss - Chapter 2: kiss me (in sweet slow motion) by @callistawolf  - Rating: Teen and Up - The team lands in Star City and Oliver and Felicity are left alone… at last. Will they be too unsure to pick things up where they left off before?

the taste of tears by @dreamsofolicity - Rating: Mature - Oliver comes to Felicity a few days after the Undertaking.

Every now and then - Chapter 3: Sour Taste by @madhaj  - Rating: General Audiences - Oliver is injured and all he can focus on is the taste in his mouth.

Of Easy Words and Faithful Friends by @thatmasquedgirl  - Rating: Mature - Someone tried to burn down the bar owned by Oliver’s favorite vampire. He’s going to find out who.

Blessings in disguise by @gypsyfire1066 - Rating: General Audiences - At a tasting for their wedding planning, Oliver and Felicity make a decision.

by @xblondepiratesopheeex

Most Secrets Come With A Price - Chapter 3: Taste by @diggo26  - Rating: Mature - Felicity’s at a Queen family dinner pretending to be the girlfriend of Oliver Queen. Things don’t go well.

nothing feels like you - Chapter 5: all i want by @releaseurinhibitions  - Rating: Teen and Up - They have to trick Slade Wilson. It’s all a trick. Or is it?

A Queen by @missyriver  - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity gets mugged and Oliver and company need to make sure she’s okay.

Taste! by @onceuponanolicity  - Rating: Mature - Sara and Oliver open a restaurant after their time on an island, but they don’t have enough staff. That’s okay though, because Sara’s friends with one Felicity Smoak.

To Savor While You Taste by @arrowfan437  - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity is in the Army and has to be separated from Oliver for two years. What do they think about while they’re apart?

I Could Use a Drink by @laureningall  - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity joins the Team in the bunker to share some exciting news. Too bad she missed out on the first round of the celebration. That’s okay though, because Oliver has some sharing in mind.

(a taste of) a different side of you by @bokayjunkie - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity is the exception to all of Oliver’s rules. Even the one against breaking and entering.

Hyperbole by Izzyface - Rating: Mature - Felicity needs the baby to come desperately. She’s tried everything. Well, maybe not everything..

You Had Me at Hello - Chapter 2: Taste by @tdgal1  - Rating: Mature - Felicity and Oliver’s nighttime plans get ruined by work.

Never Truly Over by @cruzrogue - Rating: Teen and Up - Adrian’s last play is to bring back Tommy with the Lazarus Pit. And Tommy sets his sights on Oliver’s girl.

And our fanart submission for the week by @rua1412:

Don’t forget to let me know if I missed yours somehow and I’ll get it added!  I swear it was inadvertent if I did!


@missyriver @almondblossomme @spaztronautwriter @wherethereissmoak @felicityollies @cainc3 @wanhani @dust2dust34 @cruzrogue @hope-for-olicity @babblekween @dmichellewrites @callistawolf @the-queenfamily @angelalafan @bokayjunkie @moonbebesworld @scu11y22 @jamyjan @crankyandbitchy @geniewithwifi @smoakingskye @writewithurheart @some1foundme @xxlisaxxx @nerdyandturdy @aussieforgood @imusuallyobsessed @leonie1988 @miriam1779 @diggo26 @amphoteros @tdgal1 @queensoverwatch @jedichick04 @walker-oliciter @squidbillybritt @green-arrows-of-karamel @uhhmanderrmitch @overwatchqueens @smoakmonster @ourwritinginvein @pls-moi @spacemomnephmoreau @gypsyfire1066 @creativelylisa @sharingmyworld @laurabelle2930 @overwatchandarrow @pennedbyv @dinzbinz @jlr1224 @crazycrystal10 @ccdimples88 @perfectlittlesoul @mariposablue9 @rua1412 @dreamsofolicity @quiveringbunny @thearrowandhisgirlwednesday @mammashof @eilowyn1 @xblondepiratesopheeex @1106angel @onceuponanolicity @fallingmeleth @mel-loves-all @releaseurinhibitions @purselover2 @thatmasquedgirl @babblingblondegenius @bitchwhwifi @faeriefantasy @olicitysmoaky @lover4eternity @a-w-mouse @rynflo @c0bra5nak3 @wetsuiton @charlinert @laureningall @herskirtsarentthatshort @madhaj @arrowfan437

I’ve Got You (part 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13,Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21.

Originally posted by 5sosfam-phandom

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Drabble game request: Hoseok + Dim The Lights by Wild Ones | for @war-of-hormoan

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | fluff | 1,033 words

Holding onto nothing

We’re pulling our new freeways

Our youth is gone

And so we revel in the new age

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5. “Please let me help.”

A/N: y’all. I’m seriously living for all the love on these little oneshots. You sure do know how to make a girl feel loved. ALSO - this is for the anon that sent me “pls gimme a angsty bechloe oneshot” Unfortunately, angst is my specialty. (so is fluff tho? like that makes no sense) I’ve also noticed I usually sway toward writing from Beca’s POV, but I think that’s just bc I’m so much like Beca it’s easier for me to write more naturally and less forced, but idk. Gonna give Chloe’s POV a shot.  i’m hoping to write a ton and just queue it up for y’all since I’ll be a smidge MIA for close to the rest of this month. love you mucho, lets get this show on the road xx

Here be the list
1. Oh my god, you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time
4. I just had to see you

Three days until Valentines Day

Chloe had spilled the beans to the DJ about her feelings last week and all Beca did was stutter, “I uh.. um. I hav-” start sweating, and then walk away.

They haven’t talked about it since and Beca had been avoiding Chloe like a teenage boy avoids doing any physical activity: hardcore.

She wasn’t replying to her texts, which she sent daily, so the only way they would talk or communicate was face to face - that is, if Beca didn’t completely ignore Chloe’s presence entirely.

Chloe walked into the kitchen to get her first cup of coffee for the day, Beca had been sitting at her laptop working on something and avoiding contact or any acknowledgment to the fact that Chloe even walked in.

“Morning, Becs.” Chloe said after she’d filled her mug.

“Hey.” still no eye contact.

“Any midterms today?” Chloe leaned up against the counter across from Beca and took a sip from her mug.

“Nope.” popping the p.

“Lucky. I have three.”

Beca just nodded.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go get ready. See ya later I guess.” with no reply.

She felt like she had done something wrong, like Beca hated her. Chloe usually had a pretty good sixth sense for all things Beca Mitchell, but this one thing was eating her alive even more so because she couldn’t figure it out.

“Stace. I literally told her, ‘Beca, I love you’ after I made her dinner on Thursday and then she just stuttered some incoherent nonsense and then got up and walked away. She won’t even look at me.” Chloe had burst into Stacie’s room, completely ignoring the fact that Lilly was playing darts with a dart board that was mounted on the ceiling above her bed…

“Maybe she’s just a little freaked? I mean come on, it’s Beca. Episodes of Game of Thrones even gets her freaked.” Stacie was half paying attention to Chloe’s ranting and filing her nails. 

“How the hell am I anything like Game of Thrones?” 

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Requested: can u do an imagine where you play college volleyball and it’s your big championship game and you get really nervous since it’s a huge game and shawn tells you he can’t make it but really he’s surprising you at the game?



You’ve done everything you can possibly do to prepare for this game up to this point. You’ve worked insanely hard, along with the rest of your team, to have even been able to play in this upcoming game. It is the championship volleyball game for Division 1 volleyball. You play volleyball for your University, and you’re a sophomore this year. This is the first time your University’s team has made it to the championship game in a few years, so everyone on the team is extremely excited about it, and pretty much your entire school is excited about it as well.  You’re a starter, even though you’re only a sophomore. However, last year your team only made it to the quarterfinals so you haven’t experienced this much pressure in your college career yet.

You’re headed over to event center for the game in about twenty minutes, and the thought of how important this game is and how hard you’ve worked to get here is really getting to you, and stressing you out. You’ve been trying to stay calm and not let the stress overwhelm you, but you’re really starting to freak out. Picking up your phone, you do the only thing you can think to do in a moment like this: you call your boyfriend. He answers after only one ring. “Hello?”

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I saw a post earlier today about mage social justice in a modern AU Thedas, and it reminded me:

I was thinking in the shower about my modern AU (as one does) and I suddenly got this vivid picture of Anders being super irritated when a book or true story gets adapted into a movie and a mage character is played by the hottest celebrity of the month, regardless of whether or not they are a mage (spoiler alert, they usually aren’t).  I can totally see a modern Thedas using CGI to make a mundane actor cast pretty magic spells rather than casting a mage actor, even though there are tons of talented ones out there.  The studios would claim using real magic is too “dangerous” (another mage stereotype), but really it’s because they think the audience won’t come out in droves so see mages.  Magerasing as it were.

What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

if you could give any message to someone starting to stan ariana now what would it be

Dear New Stan,

I have so much to say but absolutely no way to put anything into words; it’s been a rough few weeks. One thing I can tell you is that Ari isn’t like normal celebrities. She is a homebody and she likes to sit in her house with her dogs and her friends and compose musicals about rat infestations. She would rather be at Whole Foods than at a club, a sentiment not shared by most celebrities (or even a lot of 20-somethings living in LA). But despite her quirks (or perhaps because of them) the depth with which she loves her fans is incomparable. Even if things have been a bit quiet over the past few months, Ari’s fans know her for her impassioned speeches on stage, her twitter sprees, and her 200 second snapchat stories of her dogs or whatever movie she is watching that night. To understand her relationship with her fans, all you have to do is watch any one of the dozens of livestreams she has done over the years (my personal favorites are those where she goes against her management’s wishes and leaks her songs before they come out because she is just itching for her fans to hear her new music). Ariana’s strength is incredible, which I’m sure you noticed, as you are considering stanning her in the aftermath of the Manchester attacks, but it has been brewing within her for a long time.

In terms of us, the fanbase you are entering, I’d like to think we are some of the most supportive people around. It may have to do with how small our fanbase is, but I never go a day without seeing loving tags on my posts and others’ where people admire and celebrate others’ talents. Even though my parents always told me not to talk to strangers, reaching out to others in the community has made me some of the best friends I could ever ask for, people I can just send all my shit posts and terrible memes and screenshots of tweets too without facing judgment for stanning so hard like I would in real life. Our tag is filled with love and cute pictures and the most hilarious text posts and memes and I could not be luckier to be a part of it. So… welcome. I don’t know how many of you there are about to be, but I sure as hell will do everything I can to make you feel at home here, just as I’m sure everyone else will as well. 

Love, Dana

My Muse, My Constant Muse

a poem in celebration of Benedict’s 41st birthday

by sobeautifullyobsessed   photo edit by mouseymodesty, used by permission

I am forever fixed in his crystal blue gaze.

Though his eyes are not meant to speak to me,

They do so all the same.

I am lost,

Lost and lonely,

But his eyes are a beacon.

A beacon bidding me,

‘Hide your lonely sorrow,

Come out and rejoin the world.

There is wonder and beauty you’ve yet to see,

To taste,

To know.

You are not meant to be forever alone.’

I would thank him if I could–

For though I can never touch his unique beautiful,

And though my days remain quite solitary,

There’s now some beauty at my fingertips,

In the words and sentences he inspires me to make.

I personally don’t get why ppl were mad at lgbt community being happy that Harry said he doesn’t label his sexuality in lieu of dancing around the answer. I mean…..that’s something ppl in the lgbtqia community have said in their lives or that’s how they feel rn. They say they don’t use labels because for them, they don’t feel in just one direction (no pun intended) therefore they don’t put themselves in a singular direction. Anyone who is straight will say they are straight if they were asked that question because they are sure that is how they work. (Even though they shouldn’t be asked it anyway because that’s invasion of privacy) And if you use the “you only think he’s gay cause you wanna sleep with him” bullshit you can honestly chew bricks because if you truly think that’s why it’s very transparent as to how you think lgbt people think. And don’t act like straight ppl haven’t literally cried, bitched, and moaned over a celebrity coming out of the closet because they were sexually attracted to them. Don’t try it.

charm me (1/2)

Fandom: Skam
Ships: Noora x William and Chris x Eva
Summary: It’s a given that Noora will spend the Easter holiday at Hogwarts. Spending it with William – that’s more of a surprise.

Another Hogwarts AU, set loosely between x and x. For the anon who requested Noora and Eva running into William and Chris in Hogwarts after curfew – I know this ended up straying a bit from your prompt, but I hope you still like it! <3

Eva kept almost tripping over her own feet. Then almost tripping over Noora’s.

Steadying an arm around Eva’s shoulders, Noora guided her best friend—her currently smashed best friend—down the corridor. She did her best to hush their steps. Prefects were not supposed to be out of bed after hours, sneaking classmates into the kitchens after they drank a bit too much firewhiskey to celebrate the beginning of Easter holidays.

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“i just want to thank you so much for using our music to get through what it is that you’re going through. and even though songwriting, for me, is a time and a place for me to get from point a to point b, to help me work through something, when i come out to a show like this and play for you guys it’s a celebration that i’m in the same room with a bunch of people who decided it was worth it to keep on going at least for one more day.”