come out and celebrate with us though

just some random headcanons about Peter growing up on Yondu’s ship
  • Yondu teaching Peter to fly and pretending Peter messed up when he didn’t (“No NO, you shouldn’t have pressed that button, boy!” “WHAT?!” “It’s the self-destruct one, all Ravager ships got it!”  “You should have told me; I didn’t know! What do we do!” *Yondu cracks up* “Just  playing with you, take it easy, kid.” “YONDUUUUU!!!!!”)
  • Yondu taking Peter to all sorts of cool planets and pretending they’re there for practical reasons but he actually just wants Peter to see them cause he thinks he’d like them.
  • The crew celebrating Peter’s birthday and Kraglin making a birthday cake which comes out really messed up (like, frosting melting and layers sagging and shaky writing) but it means a lot to Peter even though everyone makes fun of it
  • Peter finding an old jacket of Yondu’s that he really likes but it’s too big so he resolves to work out until his muscles get big enough for it to fit and that’s the real reason he’s so in shape
  • Yondu teaching Peter to shoot and regretting it when Peter uses some of his dashboard figurines for target practice
  • But then Peter feels really guilty and buys him some new ones
  • Yondu always thinking up something to critique when Peter tries to show off to him so Peter always thinks Yondu wasn’t impressed but then one of the crew members mentions how Yondu’s always bragging about him when Peter’s not around
  • So Peter doesn’t let Yondu hear the end of that for weeks
  • Storytime with the Ravagers - Peter retelling (and sometimes reenacting) movies from Earth. “So this one’s called Indiana Jones…”
  • Peter wanting to have some Earth food, only they can’t find all the ingredients and then one day Tulk brings back the coveted ingredient of **PEPPERONI** and they have a pizza party
  • Peter exaggerating how much parents on Earth buy for their kids because every time he talks about it he seems to find some new piece of tech in his room which Yondu always denies is from him (“Me? Why would I buy you a new blaster? You’re plenty spoiled already, brat.”) but Peter is totally onto him
  • None of the crew can sing but they all know Peter’s music and whenever he’s in a bad mood someone conveniently starts humming one of his favorite songs and it’s so bad it always makes him laugh.
  • Peter sneaking a pet onboard and everyone keeps it a secret from Yondu because he has a strict no-animals rule but then one day he comes in to find Kraglin and Peter playing with it and they both totally freeze up (Kraglin starts stuttering an explanation and Peter tries to hide the animal) but Yondu agrees to let them keep it (pretending to be angry about it even though he doesn’t really mind) as long as they clean up after it and don’t let it cause any trouble. He takes care to leave them with the impression that he’s doing them a huge favor and he’s not happy about it.

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“i have a secret”

the loud laughs from geoff who was sitting across the table, could be heard throughout the restaurant.

shawn decided he wanted to take his team and family out for a nice dinner to celebrate the end of his tour, and of course you came along. as soon as you arrived you excused yourself to use the washroom before anyone started ordering and that’s where you were currently.

you stood in front of the mirror, trying to come up with an excuse for why you couldn’t have any type of alcoholic beverage tonight. you were sure shawn would notice something was wrong, you never turned down alcohol.

you had just found out this morning that you were pregnant but you wanted to keep it from shawn for a bit. even though you were married, and the two of you weren’t not trying to have a baby, you weren’t sure how he would react.

unfortunately, you forgot about the dinner he had planned for the night.

“y/n,” aaliyah’s small figure opened the door. “are you okay in here?”

she opened the door all the way, he mother following behind her. they entered the small bathroom before you could hide the test in your bag.

“is that..?” aaliyah asked, taking the
stick from your hands. “no way! everyone was wondering why you were taking so long in here, i guess i know why.”

karen’s eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the two pink lines, “does shawn know?”

you shook your head, taking the test from her and hiding it at the bottom of your purse.

“oh y/n, you have to tell him soon. he’s going to be so excited!” karen says, “i’m so excited”

“i know you are, i am too but i have a secret, so do you. you can’t say anything, okay?”

they nodded before all of you headed back to the table, where the waiter was already taking drink orders.

you smoothed the back of your tight dress before taking your seat next to shawn, luckily aaliyah and karen was sitting across from you.

everyone was ordering some type of wine, except for aaliyah of course, and someone was going to notice something was off about you.

shawn rested his hand on your thigh under the table as the waiter took his order.

“and for you ms?” he asked, flipping his note pad to the second page.

“she’ll have the same thing as me.” shawn butted in before you could place your order.

“what did you get?”

“red wine, why?”

the waiter looked between the two of you before you spoke up again. “it’s okay, i’ll just have some water.”

he nods before walking to the next table to ask for their orders.

everyone returned to their own conversations, aaliyah and karen had a quiet conversation between themselves while shawn fixed his gaze on you.

“y/n, is something wrong? you never turn down wine.”

you sent him a reassuring smile, “i’m just not in the mood for wine tonight, that’s all. don’t worry too much, okay?”

you pecked his cheek before shawn’s crew turned their attention towards you.

“unless, y/n you aren’t pregnant are you?” brian asks with humour in his voice. the rest of the crew laughs with brian, while karen and aaliyah just look at you.

the table eventually went silent once everybody noticed that you, karen, and aaliyah were the only ones not laughing, along with shawn who continued to stare at you.

“how funny,” you nervously laugh, you weren’t sure how to get out of this.

“y/n,” shawn breaks the silence. you look away, suddenly becoming interested in the wood floors. he placed two fingers under your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“are you pregnant?”

you slowly nodded, trying to find a hint of expression in shawn’s unreadable face.

“you’re kidding.”

slowly, the biggest smile crept on to shawn’s face as he pulled you in to his arms. it was easy since you two were on the booth side of the table.

“i’m gonna be a dad!”

brain, who was sitting next to shawn, patted his back while congratulating him.

shawn kissed the top of your head multiple times, whispering how happy he was and that he loved you.

he finally released his grip on you, and repeatedly kissed you as the rest of the table playfully gagged.

“so there’s a baby, in your stomach, right now?” he asked, placing his large hand over your abdomen.

“small, but yes.”

you leaned your head against his shoulder, as you answered questions from everybody about your news.

“you know what this means?” geoff asked, “shawn can wear dad hats for real now!”

“yes!” shawn cheered, high-fiving geoff.

you laughed at him, “believe it or not babe, i’m gonna wear them all the time now.”


It just keeps getting better and better.

We’ve had new authors join the mix, and received updates to some of the amazing authors who are turning the prompts into multi-chapter fics.  We even got new Vampire fics to read.  Seriously - you are all amazing.  Thank you so much for your contributions, whether that’s writing, reading, cheerleading, etc.

Here are the stories written for Week 3: Taste:

(In no particular order)

Summer Vacation - Chapter 3: Dessert by - @dmichellewrites - Rating: Explicit - Felicity and Oliver have dinner. Then dessert. Then dessert.

I Will Always Trust You - Chapter 3: Sunshine in a Pretty Blonde Bottle by @felicityollies - Rating: Explicit - Oliver and Felicity are in love and are going to be together forever. And forever is a long time when you’re a vampire, so they both need to sample their favorites.

Olicitiy Hiatus 2017 Prompts - Chapter 3: Taste. by @diggo26 - Rating: Explicit - Oliver’s sleeping, but Felicity just wants a taste.

Tastes like pure joy by @wherethereissmoak - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity’s hard up for cash so she volunteers to be a blood donor for vampires. On her last night, who else would show up needing to feed?

Kiss Me by @laurabelle2930 - Rating: Explicit - Felicity is a demon hell-bent on tempting an angel. Oliver Queen is an angel drawn to a demon in ways no angel should. Artwork by @mel-loves-all

One Last Time - Chapter 2: Taste by @wetsuiton - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity tries to make an omelette. It goes about as well as expected.

It’s a Matter of Taste by @hope-for-olicity - Rating: General Audiences - Moira informs the board that Oliver will be bringing his girlfriend Felicity to the company retreat. The problem? Oliver and Felicity are definitely not dating.

Suspenders and Stripping to Power Ballads by @imusuallyobsessed - Rating: Explicit - Oliver gets slightly jealous of Felicity watching Magic Mike. He can do that, too.

Dinner with the chef. by @bitchwhwifi  - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity is hungry but incapable of cooking. Oliver is a chef. They meet in a grocery store.

Like the Deserts Missed the Rain by @almondblossomme  - Rating: Not Rated - Felicity struggles with the breakup. She just misses him. Everything about him.

Blue Eyed Angel - Chapter 2: Taste by @tdgal1 - Rating: Mature - Oliver is determined to get Felicity Smoak to go out with him. Maybe an invitation to dinner will work.

Aafreen (alluring) by @crazycrystal10  - Rating: General Audiences - Police detective Felicity Smoak tries to make her husband, billionaire Oliver Queen understand the need for security.

some fairytale bliss - Chapter 2: kiss me (in sweet slow motion) by @callistawolf  - Rating: Teen and Up - The team lands in Star City and Oliver and Felicity are left alone… at last. Will they be too unsure to pick things up where they left off before?

the taste of tears by @dreamsofolicity - Rating: Mature - Oliver comes to Felicity a few days after the Undertaking.

Every now and then - Chapter 3: Sour Taste by @madhaj  - Rating: General Audiences - Oliver is injured and all he can focus on is the taste in his mouth.

Of Easy Words and Faithful Friends by @thatmasquedgirl  - Rating: Mature - Someone tried to burn down the bar owned by Oliver’s favorite vampire. He’s going to find out who.

Blessings in disguise by @gypsyfire1066 - Rating: General Audiences - At a tasting for their wedding planning, Oliver and Felicity make a decision.

by @xblondepiratesopheeex

Most Secrets Come With A Price - Chapter 3: Taste by @diggo26  - Rating: Mature - Felicity’s at a Queen family dinner pretending to be the girlfriend of Oliver Queen. Things don’t go well.

nothing feels like you - Chapter 5: all i want by @releaseurinhibitions  - Rating: Teen and Up - They have to trick Slade Wilson. It’s all a trick. Or is it?

A Queen by @missyriver  - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity gets mugged and Oliver and company need to make sure she’s okay.

Taste! by @onceuponanolicity  - Rating: Mature - Sara and Oliver open a restaurant after their time on an island, but they don’t have enough staff. That’s okay though, because Sara’s friends with one Felicity Smoak.

To Savor While You Taste by @arrowfan437  - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity is in the Army and has to be separated from Oliver for two years. What do they think about while they’re apart?

I Could Use a Drink by @laureningall  - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity joins the Team in the bunker to share some exciting news. Too bad she missed out on the first round of the celebration. That’s okay though, because Oliver has some sharing in mind.

(a taste of) a different side of you by @bokayjunkie - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity is the exception to all of Oliver’s rules. Even the one against breaking and entering.

Hyperbole by Izzyface - Rating: Mature - Felicity needs the baby to come desperately. She’s tried everything. Well, maybe not everything..

You Had Me at Hello - Chapter 2: Taste by @tdgal1  - Rating: Mature - Felicity and Oliver’s nighttime plans get ruined by work.

Never Truly Over by @cruzrogue - Rating: Teen and Up - Adrian’s last play is to bring back Tommy with the Lazarus Pit. And Tommy sets his sights on Oliver’s girl.

And our fanart submission for the week by @rua1412:

Don’t forget to let me know if I missed yours somehow and I’ll get it added!  I swear it was inadvertent if I did!


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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 7)

((A/N: As promised, the next chapter ASAP. It’s getting rather intense, for those who haven’t noticed. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going. There’s also the potential for a ‘spin-off’ of sorts, depending on how it’s received. This one I loved writing. I love it all, but this is bananas. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.3k 

Warnings: Language, awkwardness, alcohol use. Also: hilarity. 

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6//))

Ares wasted no time in getting to you, that was for sure. He moved with the speed Hermes had endowed in him without much care for the fact that he was likely on Zeus’ radar at this point. There was a feeling of need and fear as he made his way to you as fast as his feet could take him. He saw you, in his mind’s eye, and felt your pain. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was seeing, but he knew it was the beginning of the explanation for why Zeus was so terribly interested in you.

The wonderful part about gods on earth, all of the Pantheon had found, was that they could blend with ease. In truth very few humans knew the real forms of the gods and those that did were said to have been under a spell when approached. It was how Ares was able to run towards where you were in time to watch the fire burn out.

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Geezus Christ, there is so much discourse over this one little picture. Well I have some friends who live in Japan and one of them was happy to translate this for me. 

The original text here is Illumi talking:


Which translates to. 

Yeah. It is not a big deal but today is Hisoka’s birthday, is not it? Congrats. 

Now this scene is limited to one screenshot which has cause uproar and chaos. I have been quiet and just watching the two factions mauling at each other. One side says, “This is a sign of TRUE LOVE.” The other faction says, “It’s just a gift.”


Like I am getting tired of hearing this same excuse over and over. The other faction sounds like a broken record. 

Hisoka this, Hisoka that.

Though this is just one scene and people are making a big fuss over it. 

From some research, I did and from what 2 of my friends who know japanese have told me. 

Bouquets are like a gift you give for housewarming, birthdays, celebrations. This includes roses. Though if you look with other birthday mobage cards such as these:

Now not just Hisoka got a bouquet or flowers for no apparent reason. Though the Mobage card games and other side media not related to the main story itself is kinda not canon. It would be me saying that the side games unrelated to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Main manga is canon. Like for example. 

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses

This game. 

Or this game.

Though from what @schwing-stars told me if you ware going to use Google translate to translate something someone wrote in Japanese then of course why are you using it to see if it is Japanese if you understand Japanese in the first place. There are many types of Japanese texts such as Kanji, Hiragana etc. Though depending on how you were raised in a certain region you dialect or use of the language may be different. Now everyone is the same. As one of my friends who is fluent in Japanese has told me. If you are trying to translate with a digital app it comes out funky. I myself have a hard time talking to some of my friends who know very little english and only know Japanese exclusively. Also, why do you need to keep pushing and poking about the roses? Roses symbolize many things.

For birthdays, celebrations, love or even for funerals. This is so stupid. It’s a stupid mini that doesn’t even relate to the manga. It’s like me saying all the DragonBallZ alternate universe side games are canon. Or every weird Yu-Gi-Oh! game what was made is canon. The animes are not even fully canon. They are adaptations of the manga. Just because a company that makes the anime or the games for a certain media. Doesn’t make it canon. 

This is not even about Hisoka anymore. In the manga he hits on Machi he hangs out with Illumi. It could be friendship or business. For me I see it as acquaintances. They know one another but not to the point where it is personal. It’s lets discuss how to get the job done and lets get it done. Though Hisoka is only doing it because it works in his favor as is Illumi. 

Also I rarely talk to @nomamiposts the person who talks to her more is either @schwing-stars or @deadxxxmoon , but from what Schwinging told me they started attacking Noma because her Japanese was not up to par with them? Like holy shit, I have to use a translator to know what Noma is telling me and google translate makes japanese text all funky during translation. Even Schwinging has to use it when talking to other people in different languages. So why are you using it if you know japanese like you said. I am just sitting here watching your faction fight and then watching schwinging and nomami fight. Over a stupid screenshot that is only Illumi saying, “Congragulations on your day of birth.”

I mean the people who made it just cut and paste the card artworks into this scene. Does it have great significance? No, it’s just a stupid scene on a stupid mobile game that is not even irrelevant to the real story. 

This story.

Not the anime or the games. The book. The manga the real thing Togashi wrote. Everything that is needed is in here. This is where I get my information from. Not the anime or games. No the manga. The stuff Togashi writes himself. Also, lets not forget.

This person right here. Is a SPIDER. Who is the brother of Illumi.

You know how Illumi acted when Hisoka asked if he could kill Killua.

Illumi went batshit crazy. Now how would he react if Hisoka killed Kalluto. He would go mad because family to Illumi means a lot to him. Hisoka knows where to hit people where it hurts and now Hisoka don’t give a fuck. He is not killing people on how strong they are and sparing them because they are weak. He is now killing everyone. Weak and strong because he is unpredictable like Togashi wanted him to be. People think he is a pedophile, they think he is gay, they think this they think that.

No he is not a pedophile. He loves to fight strong people. Machi clearly explained this after she left the Heaven’s Arena. He is his own man. He loves to fight. He believes he is the best. 

‘He believes he is the best.’

How do you prove this? By fighting every strong prick he deems worthy and sparing those he sees potential in. Such as Gon and his friends. This does not make him pedo. He doesn’t want little boy’s ass he wants the pleasure of the fight. It brings him pleasure knowing he might die or getting beaten to a pulp. 

Though both arguments aside from either factions are fighting wither Hisoka is gay or not. The thing is, I talked to many people about this. Even one of them who did block me and I her. The conclusion is. We don’t know what Hisoka is. We really don’t, but what makes me mad is some fans take it to the extent that they believe anything is canon. Sure the art that was made for the Mobage card game was made for the card game. Does it mean it is canon to the real storyline? No, it is just a game that was made to entertain the fans and to suck us for our money. 

So is Illumi friends with Hisoka? It’s hard to say. That still remains unclear. Are they hardcore lovers? No, but does it matter if the fans ship them even if they are not? No it’s their way of appreciating the media. Did Hisoka hit on Machi and ask her out? Yes, he did in the manga. One thing the 2011 anime got right was that scene, but not every scene in the manga was put into the anime. Even some things were done wrong.

For example the toy box scene. This represents the people he wants to fight and kill. Illumi is included in both boxes.

Anime: In the manga Machi is suppose to be Silva, but this was a mistake in this scene.

Manga: Though as you can see Silva is in the original scene.

Now this shows the extent that the anime is not always right. Some people I talked to about this. It did raise eyebrows, Machi is not in the toybox. If she was it would mean he wants to kill and fight her. Now for example this scene from Greed Island.

Anime: Hisoka asks Machi if he killed Chrollo what would, she do? Of course she said she would hunt him to the ends of the earth. Hisoka replies with a grimace, “I like the sound of that.”

Manga: Now for the manga this scene is a little more different. Since Anime’s are adaptations. They are not always true to the manga itself. This scene Hisoka is not even grinning at the thought of Machi coming after him. He is more calm and pleased with her answer.

External image

 but one thing I did notice further on into the manga. Is that this scene is then again references in Ch. 357. Though in this scene Machi is the one with the calm yet sad face.

External image

Now looking at the scene where Machi says she would hunt Hisoka down and where Hisoka said he would enjoy that.

External image
External image

Now in these two pages, he is egging her on. He tells her if you want to find me come after me.

Now Machi did say she would go after him.

Though another scene where he pester’s Machi again is when he asks if she was impressed with his nen tactics. 

Anime: Though in the anime both dub and sub he asked if she was impressed with his tactics and also asking her out to dinner. While this differs in the manga. Though one thing that did stay true to Machi is her explaining how Hisoka is as a person. This scene is highly shown to not only explain how Hisoka is with his nen, personality and other little tidbits, but is also one of the highly recognized scenes between him and Machi which also points out to why would they even put him asking her out. They could have put Illumi there, but there did not.

Manga: Now here in the manga Hisoka doesn’t ask Machi out to dinner. He asks her to stay the night with him. When some men say this to some women. It does me stay the night with me or to sleep with me. Which is also said in the japanese version of the manga, but the translations can end up differently when converting to english.

External image

Translations: Now some places where people do read the english version of the manga can be incorrect as seen here. Different people translate from the same japanese manga, but some of the translations can be mis interpreted causing dismay and confusion among the fans. Which can lead to arguments. Now the Viz translation is the official one. While places like mangastream is done by people who volunteer to translate. They themselves are not doing it for the official manga. 

Which makes scenes like this.

When Hisoka asked Illumi if he could ‘Kill’ Killua.

Into something so great that the fans twist it into some big conspiracy where Hisoka wants to do Killua in the bum. Which is not true. The Viz translates it better then the 3rd party does. Now in this infamous scene where people believe Hisoka wants to do thing to Killua is where everything is misinterpreted. Hisoka asked Illumi if he can Kill Killua for the following reasons. Which is the most logical explaination. Not the outrageous I wanna get down with a child No, that is not right. Why do people think this is true? Cause a couple of fans said so?


One, to give away Illumi’s location. Hisoka says in his head. 

‘If it is possible to save Gon.’

He wants Gon alive so he can fight him. No Gon no big battle.

Two, It is to give a Killua a fighting chance to get Alluka to Gon to be aware that Illumi is following him. Which is why Hisoka wanted to change the map that showed where Killua was going so Illumi can go the wrong way. Though Illumi already had the map from another group of people he killed. Hisoka’s plan was there foiled. As Hisoka was hiding behind the tree listening to Illumi and Killua talking. Hisoka asks himself. To kill Killua to earn Illumi’s hate so he can fight him or to kill Alluka to earn Killua’s hate. Either way he was out only for himself during his time when he was trying to foil Illumi’s plans. He as not in it to help Illumi, but if doing so increases Hisoka’s own plans then he will do so. Such as when he helped Gon in the volleyball game against Razor. He didn’t do it for them he did it for himself to make Gon stronger so when he does fight him. He can watch him fall. Though another explanation is that Hisoka was just plan bored and wanted to buy some time before he reunited with the Phantom Troupe about the nen exorcist. Which is another logical reason to why Hisoka did what he did.

Also, to try to debunk the so call weird hand signs. Such as these.

People thing this.

Hand sign means I wanna honk your badonk. No It’s just Hisoka being a fucking weirdo. That is not the fig sign. The fingers are not in the right place.

Now this is the fig sign.

The fig sign has many meanings:

It stands for the female genitalia, to ward off evil, it can mean evil or to give someone the evil eye.

Though in Japan the fig sign is used for sex, but is has been losing it’s true meaning, but knowing the fans they like to make hardcore theories about what Hisoka’s body langauge and motives truly are. It’s fine if you debate that, but be aware Hisoka does many different things with his body and it is mostly random because that is what Hisoka is. Random unpredictable. This is a stated fact that is part of his character. Sometimes he does things not even I can explain, but the fact that this one little picture.

Can cause so much discourse. It’s just Illumi saying congrats happy birthday and whatever not like it is a big thing. I mean over a picture from a mini game. FUCKING MINI GAME?! That is not even canon. It’s just a mini game. The real canon is in the manga. 

Not the games or animes. Or even some hardcore fan’s theories. It is nice to theorize and make headcanons with your friends, but keep in mind. The card games and animes. Is just stuff. It’s not the manga. I don’t mind the card games or animes. I think it is nice stuff to have, but it’s not really the manga itself. A company can make something, but it doesn’t mean it is canon. 

Though making this post, required some research and I hope I covered some things that helps everyone out. Maybe it would stop the fights maybe it won’t. Though some fangirls will be persistent in wanting something canon so bad. I have seen this in the Bleach and Black Butler fandom. I myself go by the manga. Where is the place I get my facts from concerning Machi and Hisoka. I myself have looked at Illumi and Hisoka. Though it seems it is nothing more then a acquaintanceship. Hisoka does his thing and Illumi does his. They discuss the job and how to get it done. Sure they know one another, but not to the exist of personal. Hisoka and Machi’s scene was a lil more indepth when Machi was explaining everyone about Hisoka in the Heaven’s Arc Chapter of 56. They were also paired as a team in the YorkNewArc and then in Chapter 170 is where Hisoka pesters Machi again. Then finally Chapter 357 where Machi shouldn’t of even bothered with Hisoka but did anyway. She showed concern for him and tried to help him out. Even though he trapped her there and went on to kill the spider. Which Togashi did say he wanted to do in a old interview of his which can be read here.

Though wither Machi will die or all the spiders. Including Kalluto, is uncertain. So far two spiders have died. though what raises my suspicion is Hisoka is the only one who can unbound people from his bungee gum. So is Machi stuck there so she can be out of his way? Can she get out? Nen gets stronger if someone dies and is brought back. Hisoka’s nen certainly got much stronger. So the bondings of his bungee gum would be stronger then Machi’s for sure. She could be sadly the one who might be spared and come back with her entire troupe destroyed. Which to me would be interesting to see.

 Though since Hisoka needs to live to fight Gon and if he kills Kalluto. No doubt he will fight Illumi and Illumi’s nen is a 95. Hisoka’s nen is now in Godmode status. So the thing is it is certain we might see Hisoka fighting Illumi. Maybe he will dispatch of him, but this will show Hisoka’s true motive. He is in it for himself. Killing Illumi’s brother means nothing to him, but to Illumi the slaughter of a family member means alot which will trigger Illumi into fighting or killing Hisoka. Though Illumi said he would kill Hisoka if he killed Killua, but this time. It is not a joke. 

:0) I hope this helps. It’s quite long and a big wall of text. Til next time yo!

P.S for the one who dissed @nomamiposts I would like to add @schwing-stars‘s post from this one here so people can see it more easily.

Note by @schwing-stars

I’ve just been informed by another lovely Asian friend of mine, who’s name I won’t say for privacy reasons, that this person has spoken a regional dialect. Meaning that there are different forms of usage for the Japanese language depending on what certain areas of Japan you are residing in. Just like how in Chinese there are Mandarin and Cantonese etc. versions of that language, there are about 5 to 10 different dialects used in Japan as well as sub-dialects. So this person either is not as educated in the language they grew up with or they used it to purposely discredit @nomamiposts which is a dick move.

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if you could give any message to someone starting to stan ariana now what would it be

Dear New Stan,

I have so much to say but absolutely no way to put anything into words; it’s been a rough few weeks. One thing I can tell you is that Ari isn’t like normal celebrities. She is a homebody and she likes to sit in her house with her dogs and her friends and compose musicals about rat infestations. She would rather be at Whole Foods than at a club, a sentiment not shared by most celebrities (or even a lot of 20-somethings living in LA). But despite her quirks (or perhaps because of them) the depth with which she loves her fans is incomparable. Even if things have been a bit quiet over the past few months, Ari’s fans know her for her impassioned speeches on stage, her twitter sprees, and her 200 second snapchat stories of her dogs or whatever movie she is watching that night. To understand her relationship with her fans, all you have to do is watch any one of the dozens of livestreams she has done over the years (my personal favorites are those where she goes against her management’s wishes and leaks her songs before they come out because she is just itching for her fans to hear her new music). Ariana’s strength is incredible, which I’m sure you noticed, as you are considering stanning her in the aftermath of the Manchester attacks, but it has been brewing within her for a long time.

In terms of us, the fanbase you are entering, I’d like to think we are some of the most supportive people around. It may have to do with how small our fanbase is, but I never go a day without seeing loving tags on my posts and others’ where people admire and celebrate others’ talents. Even though my parents always told me not to talk to strangers, reaching out to others in the community has made me some of the best friends I could ever ask for, people I can just send all my shit posts and terrible memes and screenshots of tweets too without facing judgment for stanning so hard like I would in real life. Our tag is filled with love and cute pictures and the most hilarious text posts and memes and I could not be luckier to be a part of it. So… welcome. I don’t know how many of you there are about to be, but I sure as hell will do everything I can to make you feel at home here, just as I’m sure everyone else will as well. 

Love, Dana


Requested: can u do an imagine where you play college volleyball and it’s your big championship game and you get really nervous since it’s a huge game and shawn tells you he can’t make it but really he’s surprising you at the game?



You’ve done everything you can possibly do to prepare for this game up to this point. You’ve worked insanely hard, along with the rest of your team, to have even been able to play in this upcoming game. It is the championship volleyball game for Division 1 volleyball. You play volleyball for your University, and you’re a sophomore this year. This is the first time your University’s team has made it to the championship game in a few years, so everyone on the team is extremely excited about it, and pretty much your entire school is excited about it as well.  You’re a starter, even though you’re only a sophomore. However, last year your team only made it to the quarterfinals so you haven’t experienced this much pressure in your college career yet.

You’re headed over to event center for the game in about twenty minutes, and the thought of how important this game is and how hard you’ve worked to get here is really getting to you, and stressing you out. You’ve been trying to stay calm and not let the stress overwhelm you, but you’re really starting to freak out. Picking up your phone, you do the only thing you can think to do in a moment like this: you call your boyfriend. He answers after only one ring. “Hello?”

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5. “Please let me help.”

A/N: y’all. I’m seriously living for all the love on these little oneshots. You sure do know how to make a girl feel loved. ALSO - this is for the anon that sent me “pls gimme a angsty bechloe oneshot” Unfortunately, angst is my specialty. (so is fluff tho? like that makes no sense) I’ve also noticed I usually sway toward writing from Beca’s POV, but I think that’s just bc I’m so much like Beca it’s easier for me to write more naturally and less forced, but idk. Gonna give Chloe’s POV a shot.  i’m hoping to write a ton and just queue it up for y’all since I’ll be a smidge MIA for close to the rest of this month. love you mucho, lets get this show on the road xx

Here be the list
1. Oh my god, you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time
4. I just had to see you

Three days until Valentines Day

Chloe had spilled the beans to the DJ about her feelings last week and all Beca did was stutter, “I uh.. um. I hav-” start sweating, and then walk away.

They haven’t talked about it since and Beca had been avoiding Chloe like a teenage boy avoids doing any physical activity: hardcore.

She wasn’t replying to her texts, which she sent daily, so the only way they would talk or communicate was face to face - that is, if Beca didn’t completely ignore Chloe’s presence entirely.

Chloe walked into the kitchen to get her first cup of coffee for the day, Beca had been sitting at her laptop working on something and avoiding contact or any acknowledgment to the fact that Chloe even walked in.

“Morning, Becs.” Chloe said after she’d filled her mug.

“Hey.” still no eye contact.

“Any midterms today?” Chloe leaned up against the counter across from Beca and took a sip from her mug.

“Nope.” popping the p.

“Lucky. I have three.”

Beca just nodded.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go get ready. See ya later I guess.” with no reply.

She felt like she had done something wrong, like Beca hated her. Chloe usually had a pretty good sixth sense for all things Beca Mitchell, but this one thing was eating her alive even more so because she couldn’t figure it out.

“Stace. I literally told her, ‘Beca, I love you’ after I made her dinner on Thursday and then she just stuttered some incoherent nonsense and then got up and walked away. She won’t even look at me.” Chloe had burst into Stacie’s room, completely ignoring the fact that Lilly was playing darts with a dart board that was mounted on the ceiling above her bed…

“Maybe she’s just a little freaked? I mean come on, it’s Beca. Episodes of Game of Thrones even gets her freaked.” Stacie was half paying attention to Chloe’s ranting and filing her nails. 

“How the hell am I anything like Game of Thrones?” 

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I’ve Got You (part 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13,Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17,

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really love it! Can you write a thorin story where the reader is his one and she is pregnant and he gushes to everyone about her having HIS child and he does his best to take care of her and is really protective and things like that. (basically an everyone lives AU, I’m still in denial) Keep up the good work, love. <3

A/N: Heya sweetie! I’m glad that you like my blog. Of course I’ll do this for you, though I hope you don’t mind that I used some of my creativity and made it slightly different from your request. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, it took me all morning write it! Thank you for your request! <3 - Kat

Thorin x Reader.

Note: When Thorin finds out that his wife (you) is with child, he is over the moon! However, she only wishes for simplicity and not all of the commotion of celebrations. One day it grows too much for her and Thorin begins to understand that maybe he went over the top with his celebrations. The reader also learns the reasons for Thorin’s intense merriment. ( Shitty caption of the whole imagine, so forgive me! Read to find out more, I suppose, lovelies! ) AU WHERE EVERYONE LIVES.

Word count2,287 ( Don’t mind the length, haha! )

Warning’s: Reader has panic attack because of the attention and stress going on. Slight protective Thorin. Fili and Kili (I know that’s not at all a warning, but just letting you know). Happy Thorin. Cute Thorin. Fluff! Lot’s and lot’s of fluff. (If I have missed anything at all them just let me know!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Thorin, Fili, Kili or the company or any other character from lotr or the hobbit: Tolkien does!

Fatigued and weary, you lay there as Oin examined your condition. You felt entirely distressed and flustered as Oin examined the most intimate area your body possessed. “And?” Thorin pried for an answer that Oin himself did not know the answer to, just yet. “Is she or is she not?!” Thorin’s gruff voice was accompanied by impatient sapphire orbs.

Thorin!” you warned, rising and leaning back upon your elbows, shooting him an uncomfortable and angry glower. “Let him do his job!” you growled, irritable as ever. This was a scene from a nightmare!

“I need to kno-” you cut him short with a risen hand, your expression showing signs of intense displeasure.

“I would also like to know, but dear Oin has to do his job.” you argued wisely. “Besides, this is definitely not my idea of spending an afternoon!” and to that you flop onto your back, face red at your blunt honesty as Oin peeked up at you.

Thorin had not considered pondering upon how you felt about having someone examine you. After all, it had been his idea once he had found out about your morning sickness, to which you had replied with: “It’s probably just a bug! Nothing more.” but even so, you were wound up to get stuck in Oin’s healing chambers and get examined for nearly everything. You were the Queen of Erebor, for goodness sake!

“There!” Oin sighed, pulling back slowly, a smile curling and stretching upon his face, drawing the quilt over your lower half. Thorin stepped forward off of the wall, his full attention upon the matter, eyes flickering from you to Oin.

“Well?” he pried once again, tone lighter, trying for your sake of this.

“All of the signs are there, she has answered all of the questions in which I asked, correctly. She’s definitely with child.” Oin smiled brightly. “Congratulations!” he beamed, bowed his head to you and his King before scurrying off to allow the two of you a moment of peace.

“I cannot believe it!” Thorin exclaimed, bounding around to your side of the bed and flopping heftily upon the cot, causing it to creak and you to jostle. You let out an exasperated sigh, a huff being thrown from your lips at the impact of Thorin sitting down. “I could not have pictured a better time to be told such merry news!” his smile was intoxicating, contagious and your displeasure of having Oin’s examination suddenly flew right out of the door. You smiled softly.

“So, is the king happy?” you inquired, standing up, fixing on your clothing.

“Of course!” he breathed, watching you with nothing more than exhilaration within his complexion: And somehow Thorin appeared a hundred years younger in that moment.

“Good, I am glad. Though, if I am allowed to be honest for a moment.” you speak quietly and quickly, pulling your hair up and over one shoulder. “I wish for this to not be blown out of proportion.” you began to which Thorin rose slowly, face back to it’s stony expression.

“Blown out of proportion? Are you saying that the news of the Queen baring my child is not of news to be celebrated?” he accused and you sighed.

“No! I am not saying such things! What I mean is: I wish for you not to boast about it to everybody that you see.” you fire back irritably, folding your arms.

“But isn’t that the best part?” Thorin’s smile curled into a large grin, reminding you of Kili.

“Yes, it is indeed, but I know that you’d go to the ends of this earth and scream it out loud! Be a bit more sensible: Tell people, but do not boast. I have enough attention on me by just being the Queen, being your wife: I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but all of this attention is still very new to me.” you wisely state.

You should have known better.

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I personally don’t get why ppl were mad at lgbt community being happy that Harry said he doesn’t label his sexuality in lieu of dancing around the answer. I mean…..that’s something ppl in the lgbtqia community have said in their lives or that’s how they feel rn. They say they don’t use labels because for them, they don’t feel in just one direction (no pun intended) therefore they don’t put themselves in a singular direction. Anyone who is straight will say they are straight if they were asked that question because they are sure that is how they work. (Even though they shouldn’t be asked it anyway because that’s invasion of privacy) And if you use the “you only think he’s gay cause you wanna sleep with him” bullshit you can honestly chew bricks because if you truly think that’s why it’s very transparent as to how you think lgbt people think. And don’t act like straight ppl haven’t literally cried, bitched, and moaned over a celebrity coming out of the closet because they were sexually attracted to them. Don’t try it.

I saw a post earlier today about mage social justice in a modern AU Thedas, and it reminded me:

I was thinking in the shower about my modern AU (as one does) and I suddenly got this vivid picture of Anders being super irritated when a book or true story gets adapted into a movie and a mage character is played by the hottest celebrity of the month, regardless of whether or not they are a mage (spoiler alert, they usually aren’t).  I can totally see a modern Thedas using CGI to make a mundane actor cast pretty magic spells rather than casting a mage actor, even though there are tons of talented ones out there.  The studios would claim using real magic is too “dangerous” (another mage stereotype), but really it’s because they think the audience won’t come out in droves so see mages.  Magerasing as it were.

What do you guys think?


Drabble game request: Hoseok + Dim The Lights by Wild Ones | for @war-of-hormoan

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | fluff | 1,033 words

Holding onto nothing

We’re pulling our new freeways

Our youth is gone

And so we revel in the new age

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“i just want to thank you so much for using our music to get through what it is that you’re going through. and even though songwriting, for me, is a time and a place for me to get from point a to point b, to help me work through something, when i come out to a show like this and play for you guys it’s a celebration that i’m in the same room with a bunch of people who decided it was worth it to keep on going at least for one more day.”

Azriel/Elain Friendship Fic

I know there has been a lot of arguments about the Elriel and Elucien ships, and I don’t really want to add to the fire, but honestly I really enjoyed writing this. There isn’t really any romance, just two of my favourite characters bonding while out for a day in the city. More parts to come.

It had been four days since the Inner Circle had left to go to the human realms and Elain was bored.

They were re-locating the humans who had been evacuated before the King of Hybern and his army had attacked. That war still haunted Elain’s thoughts more than she liked to admit, her nightmares suffering the most. She didn’t understand how the others did it. How they lived, laughed and loved after experiencing horrors worse than she could ever imagine. Although perhaps she would go through the same later on in her life that now would last for centuries. Longer.

It had been months since she had been forced into the cauldron yet it was still hard to get used to being Fae. Just a few months ago she was planning for a life with a mortal man that was expected to last for a few decades before she perished. Now she didn’t know what to do with her life.

She had a dream of becoming a gardener somewhere far away, having a simple life where there was just her and her flowers. She would live somewhere the seasons would pass and the sun would shine. Elain enjoyed the Spring Court weather but she knew that she couldn’t live in the same season forever.

Sitting in her garden that was in the space set aside by her sister she pondered the days ahead of her. She tried not to get too carried away with her thoughts but it felt so natural. Perhaps because of her knew abilities to see into the future she found more comfort in her mind than anywhere else, despite that Elain usually tried to ignore the nagging voice in her head that told her of things she had trouble to understand. Being a seer was like having part of her conscience set aside to be controlled by thoughts of what was to come. And it scared her.

Elain sat up from her seat, which had no legs and was lifted by chains that allowed it to swing, and put her gardening gloves on. She only had a small amount of weeding to do until it would be perfect. Nesta had told her of a way to enchant the earth to restrict any foreign weeds from growing there but she refused, mainly so there was more work to do in the garden and more time she could have to herself.

Just as Elain was beginning to set to work on an empty patch that was yet to have something planted in it Azriel appeared. He had chosen to stay behind to keep an eye on the city, yet she had an idea that wasn’t all that he planned to keep an eye on. During the past four days he had merely been part of the background to her, though he assisted her with housekeeping and offered his company.

When the others were here Azriel often seemed smaller, despite his large build, yet when it was just the two of them he seemed to take up an entire room. He had a gentle character though and was never suffocating.

“Hey.” He offered, moving in a way that made his dark blue wings shimmer in the sunlight. Elain merely smiled, and set to work on the empty patch of earth that she planned on filling with some sort of flower. Maybe a tulip.

“Do you need any help?” the shadow singer asked.

“No thank you.”

He sighed, and to Elain’s slight surprise moved to sit down on the seat she had just occupied. He breathed in the scent of the rose-tinted air and for a second she half expected him to close his eyes and fall asleep. He didn’t though.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out and see Velaris. Everyone is coming back at around dusk, just before Starfall, so if we leave now we could be back well before they get here,”

Elain had forgotten about Starfall, the annual event that was the biggest celebration in the Night Court. She supposed that was silly of her as it was happening that night, but  It was hard to get used to new festivities.

She contemplated the shadowsinger’s offer, glancing back the weeds that were almost gone.

“I heard there was a greenhouse somewhere that had amazing plants. Could we go there?”

Azriel grinned at her response.

“Of course.”

It was a sunny day for Velaris with a clear sky, perfect for the upcoming Starfall. The streets were bustling with people getting ready for the evening celebrations and Elain wondered if today was a bad day to come. She had had multiple days at home yet she chose the busiest of them all to finally see the city.

Azriel, who was standing by her side, diminished any doubt she had by taking her down a path that was relatively quiet. The Illyrian warrior wasn’t talking much but his stance and facial expressions were laid-back, which comforted Elain. She immediately decided that he made excellent company.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked inquisitively, though she trusted that it was somewhere nice. It was strange that she usually had so much trouble trusting others but this part of her was almost non-existent by Azriel’s side.

“You wanted to see the greenhouse. Unfortunately, it isn’t open until another forty-five minutes so I was thinking we could stop somewhere to get something to eat, then go just as it is open to the public.” He explained.

They turned a corner and the pleasantness of the street they left was replaced by the steady hum of the crowds around them. It was lined by various shops that were all advertised in the theme of Starfall. Although it was busy it was far from mayhem, Elain noticed, which contradicted her experience of market places. The people of Velaris were not those to create chaos when all together. No, despite the many children playing and adults shopping, they created peace.

Azriel guided her in the direction of a café and to her surprise took her hand. It was warm and large, exactly how she would have guessed. He gently tugged her to help them weave through the crowd without being separated until finally they reached the place they were to eat at.

The bells by the door jingled with their entry and the lack of noise was almost shocking. Elain realised that the walls and windows were soundproof, and almost laughed at the absurdity of it. It made sense, of course, but it was unusual.

They sat down at a two person booth and read the menu, exchanging polite talk while they did so. They both decided on a cinnamon roll so Azriel got up to buy two of them. When he brought them over Elain smiled at the sweet scent that filled her nose and knew instantly that this was a perfect idea.

Azriel seemed to have the same reaction as he lifted his plate up and breathed in the scent almost comically, which earnt a small laugh from both of them. The cinnamon rolls tasted as good as they smelt and Elain almost forgot about the male’s presence when she tried it.

“Where did you found out about the greenhouse?” He said, breaking her out of her slight trance.

“Nesta told me about it. She went on a few wonders through the city by herself,” Elain answered.

Azriel nodded and proceeded to tell her about it. It was the biggest one in the night court and was often busy, but apparently, it wouldn’t be as much on the day before Starfall because people were too busy to drop by. She was surprised by his extensive knowledge of the city but she supposed it made sense. This was his home and had been that for longer than the life-span of a mortal.

“How did you become interested in plants?” Azriel asked her. She had to think for a moment to answer as it had been her passion for so much of her life. It had started, though, when her family was still wealthy and her mother alive. Elain had spent time accompanying the servants when she was bored and had befriended a woman who taught her about gardens. However, the interest had not been taught but discovered in her youth.

She told him such. Azriel’s interest in her words was comforting and she found herself greatly appreciating his presence. He did everything in a gentle way, as if he was always prepared to be of assistance to somebody else. She supposed that told a lot about his opinion of himself.

Eventually they finished their cinnamon rolls and left, the male offering to pay the bill. She knew that neither of them had to be particularly concerned about money as it was supplied to both of them generously by her sister’s mate.

It was a short walk to the greenhouse from there and Elain gaped at the sheer size of it. The construction sat in the centre of a green courtyard that was surrounded by well-kept hedges and trees. Birds of every colour occupied the area, their chirping along with the slight rustle of the leaves the only sound that awaited them.

Azriel smiled when he opened the door to the greenhouse for her in anticipation of her reaction. An even wider smile took over Elain’s face when she took in the sight of the interior.

The walls were made of glass panes that came into an arch at the roof, filling the vast space with sunlight. Rows and rows of flowers and plants were lay out in an orderly manner and it seemed that the place was bursting to the seam with colour. Vines snaked up some posts covering them with leaves and flowers and fruit, like nature’s maypole. The petals were of extraordinary shades of vibrant and pastel colours.

It was beautiful.

Even as Elain stood there basking in the beauty of the plants around her she had trouble comprehending what she was seeing. Despite the awe of it having little effect on Azriel, his smile matched hers, the female being delighted and him being pleased with her delight.

“Thank you,” She managed to croak out. He nodded modestly.

She then began to wander down the aisles between rows, closely observing each individual plant. The swirls of colours that splattered the petals of the flowers were wonderful. Many of them Elain hadn’t seen before, the place lacking many ordinary species, but she recognized a lot of the names that were scrawled onto signs on the pots. There were ones from all over Prythian, gathered together waiting for her judgment.

Elain then noticed that there were prices on some of them too. She could get one. Azriel came over to her and saw her glancing at the tags, his wings curling behind him as he positioned himself by her side.

“You can get one if you want to. I saw that there are still parts of your garden that are yet to be occupied.”

She teared her gaze towards him and saw his beaming expression.


He nodded his head and she threw her arms around him, the action surprising her as much as it did him.

“Thank you so much!” she said, almost squealing. At first he was a bit taken aback, but then the shadowsinger returned her embrace.

They stood there for a few moments before they finally pulled away. Elain scanned the flowers, no longer to wish but to choose. Her attention was drawn to a simple but elegant flower, with oval petals that were coloured by deep swirls of blue and black. It simmered in the sunlight and perfectly matched the colour of Azriel’s wings. That one.

She walked over to the flower which was placed in a ceramic pot. She glanced back at Azriel unsurely, and his smile made her beam inside. She picked up the pot and the shadowsinger walked with her to the desk around the corner to pay.
The man there seemed nice enough, his hands rough and stained with dirt. He praised her choice because apparently the species was perfect for the climate in the Night Court. It wasn’t long until Elain and Azriel were walking out of the greenhouse and back to the house.

The whole walk back she held the pot with both hands, like a child with a new toy. The loveliness of Velaris was suddenly amplified. Elain made polite talk with the male who took her to the greenhouse and she came to enjoy his company more and more. It took a while to get back to the house and she wondered if Azriel had taken a detour just to enjoy the moment longer. Judging by how much she enjoyed strolling through the city with him, she would have done the same.

By the time they got to the front steps it was nearly dusk, and the Inner Circle were probably going to be there any minute. Before opening the door Elain turned to the male beside her.

“Thank you so much. For everything,” She said whole-heartedly.

Azriel reached for the door knob.

“It was my pleasure.”

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Hello!! Could I have sole headcanons for Gyro, Johnny and Giorno as husbands and fathers? Please and thank you, I love tour blog ^^

[ I’m so glad you asked this. At first I was like oh no idk what to write and now that I’m done im just like oh no thats adorable i want to marry them all.]

✖ Gyro Zeppeli ✖
- He’d be the kind of husband that if you we’re to complain about any work aches, he’s already giving you a back massage telling you to just relax, even if he himself just came home from a long day at work, he’d still place your comfort over his
- Gyro would be one of those husbands where you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to see his hair tied up as he cooks you breakfast in the kitchen as he sings his own song. Or be really cheesy about it and ask you to come over so he can feed you those scrambled eggs he just made. “ Do you like them? I woke up early just so I could cook them for you!” 
- Though because of his upbringing, Gyro would probably be the kind that wants to have a lot of kids, he thinks a big loving family is the best thing and at the very least will have two children, he doesn’t want his child to ever get lonely.
- There’s nothing he loves more than coming home after a long day of work to his partner and kids welcoming him home. It just fills his heart with pride knowing that his family is always there for him.
- He’d also try to bring the whole family out on vacation once every two years maybe to travel Italy or even visit his friend Johnny in America. The Joestars and Zeppelis would be quite close.
- If you have a daughter you bet he would be the one doing the hair braiding instead, he loves it if his daughter was to end up tying his hair instead. If she wants a tea party sure as hell he was going to sit down with Mr. Fluffles and talk about how nice the air tea is.
- If its a son he’d be the sporting kind of dad bringing him out to look at horses or continuing the Zeppeli tradition and teaching him about the medical uses of the Spin from a young age.
- Gyro would also be that dad you see cheering the loudest at school sports carnivals or anything the parents can attend. He is supportive dad number 1 and even if his kid doesn’t win he still celebrates like they came in first.
- Though when it comes to academics he always tries his best to teach his children whatever he can, if they were to ask him any nonsensical questions, why the sky was blue or why does grass grow, no matter how busy he is he would try to sit down and explain to them never brushing off their curiosity. 

✖ Johnny Joestar ✖
- Johnny would be the kind of husband that’s more like a best friend, he’d pull small jokes on you at home every once in a while like scare you out of bed in the morning or switch the salt and sugar before your morning coffee
- He’d love to feed you whenever you guys get to eat together, he finds it adorable and loves teasing you with it to like offering you a spoonful before eating it himself and laughing.
- He does have bad days though, [bad flashbacks to the Steel Ball Run] so there’s some days where its just quiet nights with him sitting beside you, leaning into you for comfort. Running your fingers though his hair and telling him how you won’t ever leave him is the only thing that makes him feel better. He cherishes you dearly for that.
- Johnny would try his best to be a good father, but there’s always the residing fear in the back of his mind that he’s going to end up like his own father. [ When you assure him he’s doing a good job though he just can’t help but to smile]
- He’d always be trying his best not to make the same mistakes his own father did, he makes sure to never downplay any of his kid’s efforts, always being as supportive as he can with whatever they do.
- If his child is proud of something he is to, today’s the first time the horse let you pet it? We’re celebrating. He wants to make sure his kids know they’re loved.
- He’d make a super big deal out of their birthdays too, who cares if his child is only 10, he’d buy them their first horse. He just tries so hard to be the Best Dad™
- Johnny would probably be satisfied with having one child though if you wanted more he wouldn’t complain, he’d just get nervous hoping favouritism won’t ever be a thing, but when you assure him that you’d keep him in check he’ll calm down.
- He’d love to teach his children the beauty of horse riding though he wouldn’t push them to it if they didn’t want to. So from a young age he’d bring his kids to visit the ranch and to teach them the very basics of taking care of horses, so even if they didn’t pursue a career in it, you bet they all do ride in their free time.
- If its a girl, Johnny might end up spoiling her, he just loves his daughter so much he can’t help but try to give her anything she wants, so its up to you to play the bad guy here and lecture her when Johnny can’t bear to.
- If its a son though Johnny is probably stricter with them, wanting to make sure they don’t end up like he did in his younger days, as a playboy wasting his life away.

✖ Giorno Giovanna ✖
- Your husband is the Don. You want something, you get it. Unless you really wanted to work, he would be fine with you just being a housewife, being around him in Passione would make him happy enough.
- Giorno would be one to bring you out on dates once a week to some expensive restaurant making sure you only eat like royalty and he’ll pamper you to bits.
- When it comes to official D & D events in the mafia, expect him to bring you around, he’d love to buy you gorgeous gowns or tuxedos and show you off to everyone. 
- To most people in the Mafia, you are well known as Passione’s Consigliere. An outsider yet it was because of your cool that Passione’s power just continues to grow, if you’re seen in a meeting between gangs they know it will go well for both sides. You we’re not only the wedded partner to the Don but now a mother hen to the whole of Passione too. Everyone trusts you as much as they trust Giorno.
- Everyone even out of Passione know not to mess with you as Giorno himself would personally wipe an entire gang from power if he so hear’s they threaten you. He would do anything to ensure your safety yet make sure you didn’t have your freedom taken away from you.
- When you both finally have a child, Giorno would be the happiest dad. Making sure they had the best childhood. Education came from only the best private tutors, with Giorno being the Don he didn’t want to risk the child getting kidnapped thus making sure they were homeschooled
- Giorno would only want one kid, being part of the Mafia he felt it was unfair to bring a child into such a dangerous world, but yet he’d still want an heir so for him, one is enough.
- Though he would still want to make sure they had friends, so if any other members of Passione had children expect to see them out on play dates a lot, with the Don himself overseeing their playtime if he’s free.
- Although he’d try to keep his children out of the mafia, if its a boy, eventually when they reach their late teens, Giorno himself would expose them to the mafia, assuming they inherited a stand, he would teach them self defence too.
- If it was a girl, she would eventually grow in popularity amongst the boys in the mafia, known as Passione’s Principessa it took Giorno’s personal strict teaching to ensure she wasn’t spoilt by the amount of suitors she gets. 

[ Oh shit I got too carried away with this omg i typed so much??? but its so cute though I like the idea of these precious jjba boys as parents]

bagpipes5k  asked:

Prompto/Ignis prompt :) First line: Somehow, they'd made it out alive.


Post chapter 9 spoilers.

Uh. Grab tissues?

Heh. Heh?

Word count: 1007

Somehow, they’d made it out alive. Looking around at each civilian, though, with sad eyes and broken hearts, that hardly seemed like something to celebrate.

In hindsight, Prompto wished that for once he had been wrong.

There had been so much blood and raw skin. Sure, he was used to getting beat up and seeing his comrades come out wounded from battle. This…this had been so much worse.

He remembered screaming, remembered scooping him up and clutching him to his chest and screaming for Gladio. Cuts and other abrasions covered his arms, but he cared not about his own well-being, and he tried not to make a fuss about Ignis being taken from his arms.

It was just the three of them, now. Gladio had taken the quiet as a sign to call Iris. In all honesty, Prompto was thankful for the privacy as Noctis slept in the bed nearby.

He had thought, as he scooted across the floor and closer to the couch, that Ignis had been asleep, too. Gently, he rested his forehead on his knee, and wrapped his hands around one of his. Bandages still covered his eyes, and he wondered, if he had been conscious, if Ignis would be able to tell it was him just by touch.

A tear slid down his cheek. Then two, until they became a steady, silent stream. One battle, and there was so much pain. He considered himself lucky to be as intact as he was, and placed a soft kiss to the back of Ignis’s hand.

Lunafreya was dead; the coroner’s office confirmed it earlier that afternoon. Ardyn and Ravus were MIA. Noctis was barely alive after his fight with the Hydrean.

…and Ignis…

Prompto wasn’t particularly religious, but he prayed with every fiber of his being that Ignis would be able to see again. He had seemed optimistic about it when one of the Altissian doctors spoke to him, but Ignis also had this uncanny way of pretending to be fine when things were downright awful.

It drove Prompto mad.

“You’ve been so quiet.” The sudden break in silence startle him, and Ignis tilted his head, looking down in Prompto’s general direction, not quite able to pinpoint his exact location. “I’m sorry. Had you fallen asleep?”

Prompto sighed, heavily, pressing another kiss to his hand and then nuzzling his palm.

“No. I’m awake.”

Silence, then, “You are…sad?”

More silence. Prompto searched for the words to say, anything. He wanted to be strong, for Noctis, for Ignis, for himself, even, but it was damn near impossible. A quiet sob slipped passed his lips and he nodded against Ignis’s hand, which immediately stumbled to caress his cheek and wipe away his tears. At first, Prompto allowed it, allowed Ignis to take his pain away as he had done so many times before. It had been so easy to hand it over to him in the past.

Reaching up, he smacked Ignis’s hand away and backed off, turning his face away with a hint of shame and anger. Why the hell was he letting Ignis console him? He wasn’t suffering. He wasn’t in pain. But here he was, crying because he felt weak when his friends…his lover…needed him to be strong where they could not be.

Ignis retracted his hand, setting it back in his lap with a deep frown, as though Prompto’s lashing out had burned him. The room was growing stuffy, uncomfortable. There was so much that needed to be said.

“I should have been there,” Prompto whispered, finally. It wasn’t that he blamed himself, but maybe…maybe he could have taken some of the burden. Maybe Ignis wouldn’t have to suffer alone. “I was so scared when I found you, face down, in a pool of blood. Your blood.”

“Prompto – “

“Let me finish.” He cut Ignis off, and he was going to say everything that he needed to. “I don’t know what happened to you. I don’t know if I want to know. What I do know is that you’re alive. You’re still here. We conquered Leviathan, and the only thing we have to show for it is death, despair, and destruction.”

Prompto choked, and he covered his eyes reflexively, shielding himself from Ignis unnecessarily. Waves of emotions continued to crash down on him, and the harder he tried to steel himself, the harder they came, and the more his shoulders shook and the harder he sobbed. The soft motion of Ignis patting the cushion beside him caught his eye from between his fingers and he faltered before giving in. Quickly, almost desperately, he slid against his side, burying his face in his chest, and allowed himself this one last time to really cry. He clutched the loose shirt that hung from his shoulders and Ignis held him tightly as tears soaked through it, his fingers threading through his hair.

“I was also scared,” Ignis admitted. “I was terrified that the Hydrean would be the end of us all, and that I would never get the chance to be with you like this again.” There was more he had been afraid of, Prompto knew, but the selfish part of him was grateful that Ignis didn’t bring up the other reasons.

“But here we are. Our wounds might still be fresh, but they will heal in time, as all things do.” Ignis’s voice was so soft, so calm, despite everything he had been through. It almost made Prompto feel worse. “We have tonight. Let us just take that moment to rest. Perhaps…it will put us both at ease.” Kisses on the top of his head made Prompto flush, or perhaps it was from the tears as they began to ebb away; he couldn’t be sure. Still, he relished in the idea of sleeping beside Ignis, and they shifted to a more comfortable position, one where Prompto could feel the beat of Ignis’s heart against his wet cheek.

Tomorrow, Prompto would be stronger. For now, he would be thankful that they were still alive, and still together.

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Grand Opening Event! ♥

CHEMISTRY : Mixology Lounge & Bar

Wednesday, February 1st, 10PM - 12AM EST
Goblet Ward 11, Plot 35

Our team at the CHEMISTRY Bar & Lounge is proud to announce our grand opening event! We’re a science-themed venue specializing in creative cocktails, mixology, and molecular gastronomy. For visitors feeling more adventurous, our official drink menu offers a variety of laboratory libations, flasks of bubbling concoctions, frothy brews in beakers, gelatin shots served in feeding syringes, and test tube drink samplers. Everyone is welcome to come chill out, sit with friends, and try something a little different from other PUBs and taverns.

In celebration of this event, all drinks will be on the house. The names of three lucky guests will be randomly drawn at the end of the night, and they’ll each receive a Mog Station code for a free Phial of Fantasia.

  • All visitors will be asked to leave their weapons at the front desk in order to help us maintain a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. (( Please keep them hidden and refrain from using combat abilities within the locale. ))
  • Anyone may visit ICly or OOCly, though we kindly ask non-RPers to be courteous and mindful of those who are actively role playing.
  • This is a private estate, so please don’t spark any drama or issues. All fighting and scuffles should be taken outside. Particularly disruptive antics and trollish behavior within the reception will be reported.

Event Conacts: Lio Desmond, Koh'sae Issusha, Saren'a Auronus

* UPDATE: We’d like to remind everyone that this is not an ERP event, nor is our estate intended to accommodate lewd interactions. We are not a brothel or strip club. If anyone displays inappropriate behavior, they will be promptly asked to leave. Players who refuse to respect our house rules despite being warned will be reported for sexual harassment.

Same Birthday

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sonikvzoumm

“Happy birthday baby!” You jumped into his arms in a fit of laughter as you chirped out of happiness.

He chuckled lowly, somewhat tired from his schedule today but coming home to you was his favourite part of the day. Vernon hugged you gently while you held onto him tightly even though he was bit a sweaty from dancing most of the day.

“Happy birthday to you too babe.” Vernon gave you a kiss, smile in the middle of it.

The two of you shared the same birthday which was one of the first things that you both talked about and kind of bonded over when the two of you first met.

It’s been two years since and you both have had a great relationship together. Whenever it came to occasions, you totally freaked out over what to get Vernon, how to celebrate the occasion with him and make the day feel special and so on. Vernon could always tell how much you over thank everything. He found it adorable how much effort and though you put into making him feel special. Vernon would always tell you that you would need to calm down and he’d comfort you.

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