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Louis on the X Factor UK, 12/10.

I’m so sorry this would have looked so much better if I could erase ink.

young forever.

took a break with reading earlier by drawing BABES WITH ARMS aka HOTTEST COUSINS EVER iwa and goto <3

urata and pancakes

@uratasama:  うらた「明日パンケーキたべよ」 さかた「LIVE終わるまではむり!!!!!」 うらた「お願い致します」 さかた「むり」


urata “Let’s go eat pancakes tomorrow”

sakata “Until the (USSS) LIVE ends, it’s impossible!!!!!

urata “I humbly request”

sakata “No”

@sakatandao: うらたぬき「一緒にパンケーキ食べよ」 ってライン攻撃されてる!!!女子か!!!!!!!!!!!!


uratanuki “Let’s go eat pancakes together”- is what I’m being attacked on LINE by!!! Are you a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

@uratasama: @sakatandao パンケーキ食べない?

urata: You don’t want to eat pancakes?

@uratasama: パンケーキを食べる旅にでそう

urata: It is likely that there’ll be a trip taken to eat pancakes.

130602; Tweet about Jimin

[V] 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV

[BTS_Official]  #방탄소년단 동갑내기 친구사이 #V RT @BTS_twt: 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

#BTS Same age friends #V RT @BTS_twt: Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV


1.06 || 4.12 
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I have this horrible feeling that when Larry comes out Tumblr is going to crash and we’re all going to have to rely on twitter for our information.

Y’all Zayn changed his twitter bio and now there is no more @Zaynmalik1d on twitter as well as the one direction link in his bio. Is this what it feels like when your kids live home at the age of 18? Cause I feel so abandoned.

1D Hiatus: Day 221

* HitsDailyDouble publishes an article about Liam signing with Capitol UK

* Liam tells us via Instagram and Twitter that he’s signed a deal with Capitol UK 

* #OneDirectionIsOverParty and #Sorry1DNotThisFandom trend on Twitter; no, the boys are not breaking up

* Liam’s sister Ruth chats to fans on Twitter, says Liam’s solo project won’t affect the boys’ future as a band

* Liam changes his profile picture and cover photo on Facebook

* Liam puts a link to his new website in his Twitter bio

* America’s Got Talent official Instagram account posts a picture of Louis and Simon Cowell

It’s Jul 21st, 2016.