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everyone memeing about the boys and the cold ones seems to be ignoring that strong bad nailed this meme 15 years before its time.

This Day in 1D History - June 3


  • Narriam get in some golf at the Medinah Country Club outside Chicago
  • …while Louis and Eleanor opt for mini golf (and shopping :))
  • Liam Payne, human dictionary (lmao)


  • the boys announce their ticket competition with Coles!


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Edinburgh, UK 


  • ‘Reunited with an old friend !’ (via Louis’ Insta)
  • *ok emoji* *100 emoji* *flame emoji* *sunglass emoji*


  • Nouis take on Day 3 of training!!
  • and get suited up by Reiss (bless)
  • “Missed this lad !” on Louis’ Insta (*LOUD SNIFFLING*)

took a break with reading earlier by drawing BABES WITH ARMS aka HOTTEST COUSINS EVER iwa and goto <3

young forever.

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I'm worried fans aren't going to come through on Friday. I know not everyone is on tumblr or twitter but judging by the re-blogs, re-tweets it looks like the same people will be tweeting. I really hope fans on twitter and tumblr understand this is our LAST CHANCE to save Pitch. Matthew A Cherry loved the show. Think he'll help spread the word?

We know everyone is worried about squandering our last bullet in our gun but historically, Pitches do not show up and show out on Twitter. 

We can only do the best we can. 

We can ask yall to tweet we cannot force you. 

Worry about you showing up. Rally your friends to join us and tweet a bit on our behalf. Use your tumblr to encourage people to show up as much as possible in the few days we have leading up to it. 

There are the core people that we know will show up but we hope we’ll have SO MANY new faces. Encourage your friends (even the ones who are not Pitch fans who are on Twitter) to come thru and tweet tweet tweet!

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Hey Jen, just read the notes on that one post with the drama about stalking etc. and that is why I do not want to be you lol people are dumb

I mean… you know what they say about opinions being like buttholes, right? Everyone’s got one. :P (I think I would also add that you’re usually better off not posting yours on the internet, haha.) I do think it’s a little ironic, though, that the comments on that post just prove what I said in the post about our fandom not actually being as respectful as our reputation would have other fandoms believe.

I think… the last thing I’m going to say about it is this: if someone asks you politely and repeatedly not to do a certain thing to them, then you shouldn’t do that thing to them. Full stop. That’s what respect is. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them, it doesn’t matter if you think they should expect it, or if you believe you ought to be considered an exception, or any other argument you could possibly come up with. If they ask you not to treat them a certain way, and you do it anyway, you are disrespecting that person’s boundaries, and that is not okay.

It seems pretty straightforward to me. I know that there are so many things about life and relationships with people that are not black and white, but this thing is. Ed and his team have made a perfectly reasonable request, and they have made it over and over, and no one has the right to decide for them that it’s silly or stupid or invalid or unimportant or only applicable some of the time or in certain places… it has nothing to do with anyone else, you know? It’s their decision, and disregarding it or telling them they are wrong about it is the definition of inconsiderate and disrespectful. It’s baffling to me that anyone would not be able to understand this immediately… but I don’t think it’s because they are dumb. I think it’s because when you want something, sometimes it is hard to see another person’s personal boundaries as a legitimate reason not to go after the thing, even when that thing is the other person and they have already said no. I get that. But you’ve got to know if you let your own desire for contact take first place over the boundaries of the other person, you are doing something wrong.

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This was written by emilydoesthething. Sending it to you guys because I think it's really valuable: If everyone who has ever used the #PickUpPitch hashtag gets 3 new people to tweet on Friday, we’ll trend–if everyone who has used the hashtag in the past 5 days gets 9 people, we’ll trend. This is doable! We can make it happen! Don’t be afraid to ask people to help!

Everyone invite 3 friends to the trend tomorrow! BIG push tomorrow remember. 


1.06 || 4.12 
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130602; Tweet about Jimin

[V] 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV

[BTS_Official]  #방탄소년단 동갑내기 친구사이 #V RT @BTS_twt: 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

#BTS Same age friends #V RT @BTS_twt: Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV