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A restaurant in Japan that SHINee likes, and from where Key uploaded that pic of he and Jjong eating, has dedicated their favorite table to them with a plaque and SHINee merchandise, and has renamed their favorite dish, “The SHINee Set.” They have also had photos taken of them eating in the restaurant for what appears to be the new SEEK magazine.

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humans more like ew-mans am i right


everyone memeing about the boys and the cold ones seems to be ignoring that strong bad nailed this meme 15 years before its time.

This Day in 1D History - June 3


  • Narriam get in some golf at the Medinah Country Club outside Chicago
  • …while Louis and Eleanor opt for mini golf (and shopping :))
  • Liam Payne, human dictionary (lmao)


  • the boys announce their ticket competition with Coles!


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Edinburgh, UK 


  • ‘Reunited with an old friend !’ (via Louis’ Insta)
  • *ok emoji* *100 emoji* *flame emoji* *sunglass emoji*


  • Nouis take on Day 3 of training!!
  • and get suited up by Reiss (bless)
  • “Missed this lad !” on Louis’ Insta (*LOUD SNIFFLING*)
BBC One’s Tweet

Thought: It has been 7 months since S4 finished airing.

Now BBC ONE tweets a gif of John asking about the “color of mirrors” and tagging it “#thursdaythoughts.”

Remember how in S4, E2 we saw that billboard (being carried past) announcing a new series set to air “March 8″, and we waited for March 8, and it came and went?

March 8, 2018, is 7 months from now…on a Thursday.

sheith reincarnation au
  • Keith gets cursed by some quintessence druid thing to live super long (maybe forever?)
  • they can’t fix it, but what they can do is (somehow) make it so that Shiro reincarnates over and over so in theory Keith won’t be alone for all that time (or maybe there’s some kind of weird quintessence thing going on with him too idk)
  • anyway this happens and Keith watches as all his family and friends and everyone he loves die off one by one 
  • he goes off to explore the universe with the Red Lion
  • (Red will never leave him, at least)
  • one day, years and years and years and years down the line, he happens to run across new, reborn Shiro somewhere
  • (he knew he would eventually, but the day comes when he least expects it, and his dark world suddenly has starshine again)
  • this new Shiro is young and doesn’t remember him, but it’s undoubtedly his Shiro
  • and Keith can’t help it, he immediately forms a friendship with this new Shiro
  • then, slowly, comes the romance
  • the first time they kiss, suddenly Shiro’s recollections of his past life with Keith come pouring back
  • they go back to how things were between them, and they travel the universe together, or settle down on Earth 
  • but Shiro ages in a way that Keith can’t, and eventually he dies again, leaving Keith once again alone
  • the cycle starts again. Keith finds Shiro. They live happily for awhile. Shiro dies. Keith is alone. Rinse and repeat. 
  • it’s not ideal. They have problems. 
  • Shiro is usually an Earth human and Keith finds him pretty easily but one time they go like 400 years without finding each other?? 
  • and when Keith finally finds him, Shiro doesn’t remember Keith again and as soon as he does he dies in Keith’s arms 
  • but he knows they’ll meet again
  • (does Keith think about just ending it all? absolutely. but he thinks about what it’ll be like to meet Shiro for the first time all over again and always stops)

When I got back, I was so restless I started dancing. The Saitou of today (yesterday) was full of energy and life. Already took a bath too, off to bed now.
Good nighttt!!
(Photo I took some time ago. Forgot to use flash.)

28.08.2017 Eunki’s Instagram and Twitter update

caption: 안녕하세요 , 곤 엔터테인먼트 소속 응기방기 홍은기입니다.
6년이란 길고 긴 연습생 생활이 끝이 나고 드디어 ‘레인즈[Rainz]’ 라는 팀으로 여러분 덕분에 데뷔를 할 수 있게되었습니다. 내가 이 길을 가는게 맞을까? 정말 이 꿈을 이룰 수 있을까? 라며 하루하루가 불안했던 시간들이 엊그제 같은데, 어느덧 프로듀스 101이라는 프로그램에 나와 좋은 사람들을 만나 좋은 모습으로 여러분들 앞에 서게 되었습니다. 어릴적 음악으로 많은 힘과 위로를 받았던 저에겐 이 꿈이 너무나도 간절했습니다. 제가 음악으로 인해 치유받은 것 처럼 내 음악으로, 춤으로, 내 연기로 많은 사람들에게 힘이 되어주고 싶었습니다. 하나의, 한 줄기의 따스한 위로의 손길 같은 존재가 되고 싶었습니다. '사람을 살리는 아티스트'가 되고 싶어 끊임없이 달리고 또 달려왔습니다. 그리고 마침내, 그 꿈과 조금씩 더 가까워질 수 있었습니다. 한발 한발 서툴지만, 좋은 모습 그리고 멋진 모습을 보여드리기로 한 약속 꼭 지키겠습니다. 아직 많이 부족하고 어설프지만 더욱더 열심히 해서 사람을 살리는 아티스트가 되보려 노력하겠습니다. 지금까지 연습생 홍은기를 응원해주시고 저와 함께 걸어주신 모든 분들께 너무나도 감사드리며 앞으로 아티스트 홍은기를 응원해주시고 함께 계속해서 걸어주시면 너무나도 감사드리겠습니다. 꼭 보답하겠습니다. 국민 프로듀서님! 데뷔를 꿈꾸던 연습생을 하나의 아티스트로 만들어주셔서 감사합니다! 사랑합니다❤️ #홍은기 #은기 #곤엔터 #편지 #레인즈 #데뷔 #감사합니다

translation: Hello, this is Gon Entertainment’s Amazing Eungibangi Hong Eunki!
Six years of traveling the long road of trainee life has ended and finally everyone, I am able to debut with the team named ‘Rainz’. Am I right to go this way? Can I achieve this dream of mine? These days seems to be the same days that I felt restless every day, but I was in this program called Produce 101 and met good people and now standing in front of you all in good shape. When I was young, I am so earnest with this dream that I receive strength and comfort through music. As I was healed by music, I also want many people to receive healing through my music, acting and dance. Only, I wanted to be a kind of warm and comforting touch. I ran and ran continuously because I wanted to become an “artist who saves people”. And finally, I could get closer to that dream. I might be a little clumsy, but I will keep my promise to show you a good and wonderful appearance. So far, I am still lacking and lame, but I will work harder and exert efforts to be the artist who saves people. Until now, this is trainee Hong Eunki and thank you so much for everyone who supported me and walked with me, and from now on this is artists Hong Eunki and thank you for everyone who cheered for me and continuously walked with me. I will surely repay you all. National Producers! Thank you for making the dream of a trainee to debut as an artist! I love you ❤
translation credit: @ulthyunvk

young forever.

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