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We used to play whatever kind of music we liked at my store (so long as it wasn't super inappropriate or had bad words). One day I didn't work an old person complained to my manager about the music, that it was suggestive and too inappropriate for kids. The song wasn't even bad! It just suggested a romantic encounter! So for a while we were playing 50s music, and I realized how suggestive THOSE songs were, but old people would come in and be like "THIS IS MY JAM" and start dancing to sex songs

The more things change the more they say the same. I wonder if the parents in the 50′s and 60′s complained about all the sex in the songs too. There was one my father loved that was a song by a guy claiming to be 18 trying to “hook up” a 16 year old girl. But I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. (I stopped listening to my parents version of oldies long before my generations music was considered oldies).


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I just wanted to say that I love your fics so much! You're one of my inspirations and one of the reasons I started my own blog to post fics. The only thing is that I feel like mine aren't doing so well so I was wondering if you had any writing tips or ways to get people to notice me?

omg! heck ya!

the big one is grammar of course! nothing turns me off from a fic more than the following:

“  writing dialogue like this” said hope
“Or Even Like This” said hope
-And this isn’t even a dialogue line, people, come on

“This is how sentences should look,” I say, “Especially with dialogue!”

of course, nailing your character and not being ooc is another big hurdle to tackle! if you’re writing for loki, here are some posts to help you with our greasy weasel’s character! click me, and me and me!

tagging is your best friend – seriously! don’t be afraid to load your tags with things people will search for, but keep in mind the FIRST 5 are the only ones that will register in tumblr’s site wide search bar.

something that’s purely aesthetic is using small text – you can do this by selecting your text and then hitting alt + shift + - yeah? it’s useful if you want things to look a little cleaner!

i’m trying to think of anything else but i’m coming up blank… if you have any other questions, feel free to pm me anon!

The Killing of a Sacred Deer was my last film post for this year, as i’m heading off to India very soon (words cannot describe how excited i am about it) and wont be back home till after New Year. Will likely post photos from India, but as far as films go, this was it for 2017. And it seems that when i’m away i’m gonna reach 10.000 followers on tumblr which is surreal and i’d like to thank all those that care about cinema and it’s nice to hear from people who actually share similar interests. Even if it’s not about film necessarily. You’re the reason why this blog exists (especially the feedback) and why I still find motivation to do this. Wishing everyone a wonderful holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and may all your 2018 wishes come true (mine is not a secret, finding love). Have a good one, folks! 

((Hello, my lovely still-followers, which are still so many, holy shit oO

I know, I literally don’t have any ground to demand anything of you, when I was away for so long… but I missed all of you a lot and I wondered if there still are people around, who would like to RP again.

I’ll have a fairly lonely December and Christmas and I want to rain at least some people with some love. So if anybody of you is still interested in RPing with this asshole here, I’d love you forever if you left a like on this post.

I’ll come back to you and I’ll ask every single one of you, if you’d like to plot, have some ask memes or just write dumb shit with me.

Thanks a lot and I hope you are having an amazing time <3

Love you all to bits,



I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)

One day you will come across someone who will leave you completely in awe of them. Their kindness, their sincerity, their heart and the beautiful soul that you will get to know will leave you speechless. You will be shocked that people like this exist too. People who you only read about in books The kind of people who are just filled with good vibes and positivity. The kind of people who make you laugh, smile and regret that you didn’t meet them earlier. You will look at them and wonder how it was possible that someone else didn’t see what you see. How it was possible that someone let them go without digging in deeper to find a beautiful universe within them? You will ask yourself how you got the opportunity to meet someone this amazing and those before you didn’t notice their light in the way that you do. Or perhaps they did but they didn’t look any further. And one day when you come across someone like that, who is the definition of every single thing that you’ve ever been searching for, you’ll feel glad that those before you didn’t know what they were losing. Because you do.
—  Ruby Dhal

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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*sun & moon my angels (maybe rising too)* 

Aries You know it’s not always going to be like this. You will get out, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But every day that passes brings you closer to where you are supposed to be. Stop listening to people that say you are too childish or too intense or intimidating. If they could see life through your eyes they would find a person with a sophisticated balance between work and play. Don’t let anyone bully you into submission, that is not your place. You are meant to work hard for success, and you can never please everyone. Be the one with compassion for the lost souls and a voice for those who have been silenced. That is your power, own it. 

Taurus Your pain is one of the deepest ones, because it cuts right into your bones, spreading through your entire body in seconds. I know you would rather stay numb but your love is far too important, you have too much to give. You carry everyones weight along with your own, and you do it with so much dignity. You truly love when you can touch the lives of others, but you can’t go on like this with your heart in pieces. Self care is not selfish, you have got to love yourself first. Look inwards, determine what you need to feel loved and love yourself that way. And remember, what you do to numb your pain does not make you a bad person. Today you leave your guilt behind, you don’t deserve it. 

Gemini You’re constantly changing, evolving yourself and your beliefs. Which is a very ambitious trait, for you it’s second nature. You would rather sell your soul to the devil than to stay the same your entire life. But since it’s second nature, that means it’s also your survival instinct. You leave people behind easier than a femme fatale in a 70’s indie film with a head scarf wrapped around her head, driving off into the desert in a Mustang convertible. But believe me when I say you can’t outrun your demons. Seek closure, because in life we leave pieces of ourselves with every person we interact with. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day with a crack in your mask. Confrontation is worth not being haunted with feelings you don’t remember. 

Cancer Oh baby, I see you. Everyone saying you’re so dainty, so fragile that you start to believe it. Someone once said there is bravery in being soft, bravery most people couldn’t even muster if they wanted to. But don’t you ever mistake your softness for weakness, and don’t you dare let other people tell you how to feel. Be as big and as bold as you want. Don’t you ever be ashamed of what you need out of life, or love for that matter. Even if it’s too much, or maybe nothing at all. Realize, and do this as quickly as you can, that you do not need anyone to feel whole. You are already whole, you have an entire home inside of you. Take care of yourself as such because you are a treasure. Also get a house plant, it will calm your soul when it dances in the sun. 

Leo Oh my dearest. You do realize that no matter the colour in your eyes the light from within you shines like Superman’s goddamn laser beams. Or at least I hope you realize. You have the advantage of a very strong sense of self. Knowing yourself is very important to you. What you need is to never become so jaded that you won’t let yourself change. Otherwise you’ll become a faded version of yourself, addicted to the memory of who you used to be. Baby you just gotta be. Change is natural, and it’s wonderful. You become wiser and you feel deeper. Stop worrying because not everybody you meet is judging you. You are so pure hearted, believe in good intentions. Sometimes all it takes is a little faith. And I have faith in you. 

Virgo My prima ballerina, I see that look deep in your eyes. The pure terror of never achieving your true potential, the way you strive for perfection in everything you do, and at the end of the day you come home and search for solace but you find nothing. Because you’re completely hollow. Stop picking yourself apart in the mirror, don’t you know that success has no face? Everyone around you looks at you in wonder, how a person with this much talent would make themselves so small. Don’t look for the perfect thing or “the one”, because there are many “the ones”. Take your time to find what you are passionate about, and don’t keep pouring yourself into people that take your efforts for granted. In an imperfect world, you are the closest thing we have to perfection and don’t you ever, ever forget that. 

Libra Your pain is standing in a crowd with white noise ringing in your ears. You wonder where you lost yourself, or to who. And you never let it show, because you don’t want to let others know that the laughter has stopped. But you have to go below the surface, even if it hurts. You need to realize that not letting everybody into your life that wants in is a form of self love. Not everyone deserves the sheer adoration that comes with your love. Learn to listen to your own voice, the one that has reduced itself to a whisper. Let it roar because if you don’t put yourself first, no one else will. Choose your friends carefully, practice loyalty, smile at yourself in the mirror because you are that bitch. Take yourself on a date, tell yourself you’re fantastic because honestly, we all wish we could be as effortlessly charming as you. Own that shit. 

Scorpio You put in all this work, all this energy and at last you feel comfortable. Until you feel restless again. You are so volatile, sometimes you don’t even know what you want. All you know is that you want something else. You run on energy. You’ve got that clairvoyant instinct, trust it. Bet everything you have on it. Because when it comes down to it, rock bottom has only one way. Up. The excitement of being alive is to great for you to ever give up on yourself. Be fearless in your mistakes, let the experiences shape you. You’ll know when it’s right. You’ll feel it in your entire body, as your blood stops vibrating. 

Sagittarius I know how it feels to be so empty you are scared nothing will ever be able to fill the void. Determination with no purpose. You always move so fast, but you don’t have to be so afraid. Slow down, take control of your breathing. Feel the force of your heart pumping life into you, the life you always wanted. Practice turning loneliness into solitude, do it for the sake of your heart. Put on your favourite underwear, put on lip balm, live for the light and read more. I know it’s hard but start small, like The Little Prince. Let him take you to places you never thought you would go. And then further. You have to learn who you are outside of others, and you do that by spending time with yourself. Don’t rush, take your time. All that determination will wait for you, until you find the purpose within yourself. I promise. 

Capricorn If anyone can do it, it’s you. You are disciplined, gorgeous and smart, if they don’t like you they respect you. Because you’re not here to start fights. You’re here to start your life. But business is about humans, and humans need trust and connection. Trust yourself, those who love you sure do. Like Virgo, remember success has no face, so leave it out. This is about you and what makes your heart pound harder than anything else. So put on your warrior paint and work until you can ask the bitch from your old school why her boyfriend is your number one fan. 

Aquarius Hi you. Yes you. You are not alone in this world. I know you feel like a ghost amongst the living but you’re not. You are us, all of us. You are what drives us, you and that delirious little brain of yours. I know that you think you are either genius or psycho, but believe me you’re both and it’s excellent. Now, stop treating the masses like they are the birds you put out seeds for in the winter. Get out there, with your empathy and your honesty. You preach that most of the people in this world are good hearted, now it’s time you start believing it too. Start gracing them with your divine presence, and take a chance. Because you are one of those people that can effortlessly interact with people from all walks of life. Unite us, we’ll wait for you. 

Pisces You are whip-clever and slightly nuts. You sometimes find it hard to pin down your own feelings, leaving you a bit confused. Nothing to stress about, just… confused. You sometimes wonder if you are two souls in one body. One wants something extraordinary, and the other wants something else, but just as extraordinary. Try to merge your lanes, make compromises on either side. It will ease your mind as you try to sort out the mess that is your personal life. Now listen to me, if you feel your feelings they are valid, because they are your reality. Have more empathy for yourself, give yourself credit for your efforts and don’t let people take advantage of you or discredit you. The opinions of toxic people simply don’t matter. Also, try to keep your promises. And you know what, sometimes it’s okay to be sad. Watch Romeo + Juliet, stay inside for a few days and try to see a silver lining, like how lucky we are to be able to experience life this deeply.

I fell in love with my best friend.

Well, he is not my best friend anymore.

When people point at someone in a crowd of people, a blurry image of strangers, a blizzard of nostalgia and say: “that is my ex-best friend”, is much more hurtful than saying “that is my ex-boyfriend”. I sometimes sit down and wonder how did everything go downhill, how I never saw it coming, and how I never actually thought of the possibility of such a tragedy that I am still paying for its consequences. I miss him; it is hard to say goodbye to the only thing that was right in my life. Our friendship was one of a kind—in my mind it still is.

I saw him the other day, walking by the liquor aisle. I knew I shouldn’t have been there while he was looking at bottles of wine, or how he likes to drink red wine at night just because it used to be his mom’s favorite. I stood there watching him—never in a second did I think of his reaction to why I was there in the first place—I just stood there and studied him. I took in every single detail about him, from his tired eyes to the veins bulging on his knuckles upwards his strong arms, flexing every time he held up a bottle of wine and read it. It was like he was not sure about which wine to get, or even his life choices. Call me a psychological freak that studies body language of her first love but this used to be one of my favourite pastimes.


New York Times is tracking everyone that has been accused of sexual misconduct that is facing consequences and fallout since the allegations against Harvey Weinstein broken on October 5th. 

There are 34 names on their list right now. There are many many more who have been accused, and who have resigned, but this is the high profile ones.  

You might notice some similarities between the members of the list: there are some clear trends. For instance, every one of them is a white male. 

Then there are the differences, usually in the response. Some are apologizing and immediately looking for ways to make amends, others are vehemently denying the accusations to the point of insulting their accusers. 

This list is going to get longer as more people find the courage to come forwards. As long as the country continues to listen to those that step up to speak, and as long as society continues to trust them, this list will keep getting longer. 

And that’s a wonderful thing. 

BTS replaced you. - pt.3

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“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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People tend to think that growing up asexual in a conservative Christian home is simple. Your parents don’t want you to have sex, you’re not going to have sex. Simple.

When in fact, it still fucks you up, just in a much subtler way.

Conservative Christians are actually obsessed with sex. It’s no wonder, because sexual feelings are a natural part of the human experience for many people. You have to work hard to do away with something that is a natural part of you. You have to shove it into a little box and every time it slips out (cause it will, you’re human) you have to shove it back in. And then beat yourself up for letting it slip out.

It becomes this mystical force that will ruin your life, unless you let it out at the right time. When there’s a ring on it and not a moment before. Unless of course you’re attracted to the same sex, and in that case, Never.

Everyone knows that puberty is when sexual awakening starts. And if parents want to nip it in the bud they have to stay on top of that shit, and this is the time when most teenagers start considering sex. If you’re a “normal” sexual individual starting to get those urges, you have to sneak around your parents boundaries to pursue or even learn about this stuff. Your parents know that, and are waiting around corners to catch you with promise rings and pamphlets about STDs and passages in the Bible that say “don’t have sex”.

When you’re asexual, you’re watching all this from the outside. You see your peers sneaking round corners, and you don’t really care. When you were twelve your parents said “don’t have sex!” and you said “Ok!” and went back to drawing dragons. Nothing has changed since you became a teenager. But your parents are watching you with hawk eyes, and they’re even more frustrated when they see you showing no interest in sex at all. EVERYONE has sexual urges they have to curb, so you must just be really good at hiding it. So they watch you closer and closer and closer. You saunter round the corner your peers would be sneaking round, and your parents pop out and scream “Were you having sex!?” and you scream “No?!” because you were startled by this ambush and the idea of sex that couldn’t be farther from your mind but they take your vehement denial to be a sign of guilt and they keep pressing and pressing and pressing…

It gets even weirder when you’re assigned female. Cause you can say “I don’t have sexual feelings at all” and your mother will say “you’re a woman, of course you don’t. No woman does.” But they’re still waiting round those corners for you to slip up and do the sex. And they give you this picture of the future that “you’re a woman and you don’t want sex, but men NEED sex they NEED IT SO BAD so it’s something you’re going to have to do to keep your man happy”. If you’ve got a somewhat progressive mother she’ll add, “don’t worry, you’ll love it you’ll have so much fun once you’re married” to keep it from becoming a creepy lay-back-and-think-of-England thing, but it still becomes this thing that people will do TO you. You don’t need to have feelings at all on the matter, it’ll just happen.

Not to mention there’s the idea that marriage is the highest of achievements cause like, God is both male and female so when a male and a female marry they are basically the closest to God they’re ever gonna get. It’s ultimate happiness AND you FINALLY get to have the sex that’s been denied you and how on earth does a kid tell their parents they don’t want what is, for them, the greatest prize in this life?

All these messages are weird as fuck for an asexual kid. You don’t really care about this mystical force, but your parents, your pastor, your church peers, are always shoving it in your face as something awful and wonderful. So you get the idea that it’s something super important you never got the memo for. Just like in mainstream society, where sex is the Best Thing Ever, no one believes you when you say you don’t want it.

All of this has, for me at least, led to severe anxiety surrounding the topics of sex and marriage. It may be different for other people, but I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t simple for any of us when it comes to a heteronormative, sex negative and yet sex obsessed society.

I wonder how much of that classic sense of, “I can have high expectations for how other people are treated, but view myself as trash,” comes from getting a lot of one’s basic lessons in love and empathy from books instead of peers

Like, I had almost no friends as a child, so I sat alone at recess, not playing with other children or being treated as worthwhile or interesting. The part of my brain that was supposed to encode my own personal experiences of being loved and treated well grew cobwebs while I was around other kids. So I brought library books out onto the playground with me.

Books saved me—books taught me that there were worthwhile friendships out there, and what they were like. I could tell when the characters deserved better. Books were like an author bottling up love and attention for me so I could open it up when I needed it. So I was kept entertained and learned what they looked like for other people.

But that didn’t change my own circumstances. Reading about someone being comforted when they were sad was very different than feeling someone else’s arms around me when I was crying. No matter how fiercely I wanted my life to be like the books I read, it wasn’t.

So I learned: There is a reality of love and care for other people, and there is a reality of loneliness and sorrow for me.

So no wonder I had a double standard for a lot of things in my life. My education in love was strictly bifurcated, and the important dividing line was whether a scenario included me, personally.

If true, this has all kinds of implications when it comes to treating the lonely love-starved bookworm, so I wonder.


I’m going to have a giveaway for some of Mark’s merch. I’ve already bought one of the new sweaters for one of my friends on here, and I just thought about how the holidays are coming up and how I know there will be people here who wont even get presents or anything at all for Christmas. And if there is one thing Mark has taught me over the years, is that you should always give more than you take.

This is my way of giving back to this wonderful community. :)

Here are the prizes for this for giveaway!

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That’s it! Giveaway ends on December 10th, 8PM PST. 

EDIT: I will ship to any country and pay for the shipping myself. There is only one winner for this contest who will win all three prizes. Not one prize per winner.


Here it is…the AU I’ve been hinting at lately!!

It’s called Tied Dimensions! I’d give you a basic summary but it’s all already written out below, so you can just read that and get the gist :’) I just think the whole concept is super exciting so.

Read and enjoy!! (It’s from Keef’s POV btw)

My world ended about two hundred and fifty years ago.

We call it World’s Terminus. An unexplained phenomena that plunged the world into darkness and terror, without any prior warning. Nobody saw it coming. Therefore, nobody was prepared. There isn’t much one can do when the world begins to fall apart around them, except run and cower and hide—that is, if you can even make it that far.

I’m what comes after World’s Terminus—what remains of humanity from our planet’s collapse. Billions of people were wiped out from the incident, and the rest were left to rebuild society and start anew. Not that it was easy, considering everything important had been destroyed in the turmoil.

The one really sad thing about my existence is that, even though the world’s population is alarmingly low and needs all the life it can get, I was abandoned. Cast out. Not needed.

I live at a dingy old orphanage on the edge of a broken town, along with the rest of humanity’s unwanted. We’re a gang of angry, depressed misfits who curse what our world has come to, and wonder where it all went wrong. Not that we’d be able to change the outcome, anyway. It’s way too late for that.

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top ten rwby semblances (as voted by my followers)

tied 5. raven branwen - portal creation

“you can bond to certain people. and when you do, you could create a portal that takes you straight to them. you’ve got one for dad. one for me. and you’ve got one for qrow.”


this is the photography!harry piece based off of this request:  

hello! can you do where harry is a photographer and he needs a model for an upcoming project or something so he asks y/n since he couldn’t find anyone. and during that process, both developed feelings towards one another.

Y/N liked to sit alone in the dining room. She didn’t like to watch people eat or have others watch her eat. And, she definitely wasn’t a fan of small talk. Or talking at all. She didn’t like it because she wasn’t good at it. She wasn’t good at it because she didn’t do it. She didn’t do it because she didn’t like it. It was a vicious cycle, really. 

This wasn’t to say that she didn’t have any friends because she did. Those who bothered to stick it out past her social awkwardness and the unnecessarily high walls she built around herself usually were there for life. Said friends, however, refused to wait for her to get out of class and went to eat somewhere else without her. Since she didn’t have a car she was left to fend for herself in the dining room. Which she didn’t mind as long as she was left alone. 

Apparently Harry Styles didn’t get the memo. He was this real sweet kid she saw around in the arts department a lot. They were both fine arts majors, but she specialised in painting and sketching while he specialised in photography. In their first couple years they had a few general ed classes together, so she was friendly whenever they came into contact with each other but they weren’t friends. That was why his sudden presence at her table was so perplexing. They were wave from across the hall close not sit with each other at lunch close.
She looked up from her plate, slowly finishing a mouthful of carbonara, eyeing him suspiciously. “How… may I help you?”

He flashed a big, bright smile at her which was honestly a bit off-putting. “How are you doing, beautiful?”

“I’m fine… just, ya know, trying to get some ATP.” He looked at her with a blank expression. “Adenosine triphosphate… Like, cellular energy… that comes from– ya know what? Never mind. I’m a nerd. Why are you trying to butter me up?”

He sighed. “I know we don’t talk often.” She raised an eyebrow at him. “…Or, at all, but I need to ask you for a favour.”

She patted around her mouth with a napkin in an attempt to stall time. She wondered why he couldn’t ask one of the other million people he knew. Why did it have to be her? Why couldn’t her friends have waited for her to get out of class? She figured hearing him out wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, though. “Well, I can’t guarantee I’ll do it, but what is it?”

“I’m working on a project, and I need a model. My last one flaked out on me.”

Her eyebrows drew together. “Why?”

“She found out I wasn’t paying,” he pouted.

She puckered her lips. “Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Anyway, I’m doing, like, a modern recreation of renaissance art. And, I really really really need your help.”

She squinted her eyes at him. There had to be something he wasn’t telling her. She was more than certain that he could convince any other girl to model for him. She knew at least three girls who had a legitimate crush on him, five girls who wanted to get in his pants, and really any living creature could be charmed into doing it once he batted his eyes in their direction. The dude was beautiful. “What aren’t you telling me, Styles?”

He winced at the question before blowing raspberries into the air. “Are you… familiar with… The Birth of Venus and Venus of Urbino?”

“Of course I am,” she responded immediately. When he didn’t say anything, she thought back over what he just asked her until the gears in her brain were fully turning. Her eyes widened. “You want me to pose nude?” she whisper shouted. 

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Together at Last

Hello friends! :) 

This is a christmasy request!! 

Picture isn’t mine which was to be expected tbh.

It was safe to say that Harry was crazy about her. Everything she did and every word she said enchanted him in a way he hadn’t known before. 
Harry found himself sighing with relief whenever she entered a room, just as if he’d been waiting and looking for her from the moment they parted until they were reunited again. Didn’t matter if that distance laster a month, a week or an hour or even a minute. And once his eyes found hers there was a wide smile decorating both of their faces and their bodies would almost glow with light.
Sometimes, especially after a drink or two, Y/N would walk towards him instantly, almost as if she were as drawn to him as he was to her, and if she was particularly brave, Y/N would cuddle herself in his lap and he’d lean down to kiss her cheek.
The way they interacted with each other didn’t really fit into what was deemed to be the norm of two best friends and it had earned them some confused looks or silly comments from others in the past, but all in all, Harry was happy and Y/N was too.
He spent a lot of time with the person he cared for the most, and even if he wasn’t allowed to kiss or hold her like he was itching to, it was just as he’d written in a song once: “A little bit was all he was asking for.”

Things were particularly hard in December, though.
The nights were long and cold, leaving a burning sensation in his chest as well as goosebumps all over his arms. The want for someone to hold on to, specifically for her, grew and grew, to the point where it almost hurt and there were many morning he left the bed without having slept for a moment. 
The days weren’t much better, either. It snowed constantly and the sun left London’s cloudy sky shortly after 4 in the afternoon. And with all the lights decorating everybody’s home and the Christmas songs playing on repeat no matter which radio station he happened to be listening to, Harry’s heart hurt with the disappointment over how lonely he always was. 

“Earth to Harry.”

Her voice pulled him out of his thoughts and upon looking at her, his heart fluttered. She was breathtaking. He recognized the jumper she was wearing as one he’d gotten for her, well, technically he’d gotten it for himself but when he’d shown it to her she’d loved it so much he’d gifted it to her without a second thought. It suited her better than it would’ve suited him anyway, and to see her all cozy and comfortable warmed his heart.
Her body lay comfortably on his couch, her socked feet propped up in his lap and when his eyes locked with her pretty ones, she gave him the sweetest smile a person could wear. 
It’s unfair, Harry thought, she didn’t for a minute give me a chance to not fall in love with her.

“Is everything alright, H?” Even her voice was soft. Harry sighed.

He nodded and when his fingers found her feet to slowly massage them, she stifled a giggle, all worry leaving her expression. 

“M’fine, love. A little caught up in my head, but… s’all okay. What about you? Comfy?”

“I’m good,” Y/N replied, before holding out one hand for him to take, a gesture he happily complied to, “I’m always good when you’re around.” 

The second phrase she uttered quietly, a little as if she hoped he couldn’t hear. His heart dropped and with flushed cheeks his eyes left her face and instead focused on her fingers.

“What’s got you all stuck in that head of yours?” Y/N pressed on. 

Her fingers felt warm in his grasp and he loved how the tiniest hint of a blush crept onto her cheeks when his thumb drew a small heart into her palm. The closest he’d ever got to tell her how he felt, Harry thought grimly.

“I’m wondering why you’re not going to be with me on Christmas.” 

Y/N winced.
It was an unpleasant topic for either of them, one that brought a lot of unspoken disappointment and let down to the pair. In fact, when she’d first said no to his invitation for Christmas eve, he’d been so baffled that he’d had to ask her to repeat herself and after hearing her rejection a second time, he’d found it difficult to talk to her for the rest of the evening.

“I’m sorry.” 

The quiet words tumbling from her lips made him feel like crap. His constant whining had painted a frown onto her pretty face and when her eyes went as far as getting glossy, he pushed himself up with a sense of guilt so strong it made him sick. Harry’s body got dangerously close as he let himself fall on top of her chest carefully and between her open arms.

“No, I’m sorry,” he hushed, “You’ve got that thing with your friends and I shouldn’t be an arse about it. S’just… I’d really like it if we’d be together whilst celebrating, you know? It’ll feel wrong with you not around and to be honest m’a bit bummed out by it.”

“I know,” Y/N sighed, “I am, too, Harry, and honestly I would so much rather be with you than with my friends. But we made those plans ages ago and I can’t just bail on them.”

“You’re a good friend.”

“I think your point was that I’m a shitty friend,” she giggled softly, then added, “We can meet up the day after.”

She sighed upon feeling his nod against her neck and hear chest tightened when he laughed against her collarbones.

“Of course, yeah. We’ll meet after.”

And just like that, they were once again in a position other best friends probably wouldn’t end up in, and when Y/N slung her arms around Harry’s shoulders, it was clear that they wouldn’t be moving out of each other’s reach anytime soon.


There were moments where it annoyed Y/N how ridiculously crazy she was about her best friend. But who could blame her? 
Whenever she walked into a room, she could be certain to have his eyes follow every move she made, every breath she took and once she let her own orbs find his, they would both find themselves smiling uncontrollably. 
The people around them knew as well. Hard not to nice since it wasn’t everyday you saw two people give each other the kind of looks and secret glances that held nothing but pure wonder. Their expressions were ones of surprise, not because they couldn’t understand why their hearts had decided to fall for the other, but because their chests ached with the amount of love they felt. They cared about the other so deeply, at first it had come almost as a shock to their systems. Harry blushed at the mere thought of her while Y/N’s heart jumped whenever somebody mentioned his name.
Why they didn’t just confess to each other nobody in their friendship group understood and there’d been plenty of plans to play secret match maker with the two, but after years of friendship they also felt like it wasn’t their choice to make for the pair.

And it was because of that affection she held for him, that Y/N wished she would’ve agreed to spend Christmas at Harry’s. That, and because her friends never showed up.
The party they were meant to attend was set in the north of London and in a club Y/N had never been to before. It was packed with people and the moment she’d set foot into the venue somebody thrusted a drink into her hand and about three others offered her something to smoke. 
The cigarettes she declined and the drink she set down on one of the tables.
She wasn’t naive enough to consume something she’d been given by a stranger. 
It wasn’t at all the christmasy party she’d expected and hoped for. People wore reindeer antlers as well as red Santa hats and there were remixes of Christmas songs blasted through the speakers, but other than that it was nothing like she’d been told it would be. It wasn’t cozy, it wasn’t small and above all, there was nobody around that she knew.
Y/N hated it. This wasn’t how she wanted to spend Christmas. 
Close to tears Y/N did the only thing she could think of doing, the only thing she hoped would help her flee the uncomfortable situation. Shakily she pulled out her phone and began dialing the familiar number, before pushing her way to the very back of the club and into a narrow hallway where it was somewhat quieter.

She knew he was having a small get together himself, that his sister, his mother and several friends of his were over. So him noticing her call was unlikely and a desperate attempt that promised little help. Y/N whimpered and brushed her free hand over her forehead. 
She would leave a message, she decided, one he would hopefully hear before tomorrow. Oh god, what was she supposed to do all alone at a club full of wasted strangers?


Y/N could have cried with relief upon hearing his voice.

“I didn’t think you’d pick up.”

Harry chuckled lowly. “I’m the shitty type of son who doesn’t switch of his phone during Christmas.“

There was the sound of laughter in the background, probably his mother, and Y/N’s heart sank. She was ruining everything for him.

“To my great luck,” she sighed and before she knew it the first tears spilled over and onto her flushed cheeks. 

“What’s up, baby?” Harry cooed playfully, unaware of just how upset his best friend was, “Already regretting saying no to me and instead going partying with you friends? Or are you calling me to rub it in my face that you’re having a great time without me?”

“As if,” Y/N hiccupped, “They never showed, Harry. And now I’m stuck in a club I don’t know and I’m alone and there are so many drunk people dressed up as santa and I- Harry, I know it’s Christmas and I’m so sorry but could you please come pick me up? I’m a shit friend to even ask and you’re busy, but please, I don’t want to be here, Harry.”

Y/N was full on sobbing by this point. Her voice was shaking and some of the words she said didn’t even sound right and were swallowed by a sob. Harry already reached for his keys. When he spoke next his voice was tense and heavy with worry for her.

“Of course, Y/N, absolutely. M’on my way, alright? Don’t you worry. Message me your location and I’ll be there.”

Harry glanced at his mother. She was standing by his side and up until now she’d been chatting with one of his bandmates, but now she was looking at him with worry in her eyes. 

“It’s Y/N,” Harry explained without hanging up the phone, “She needs me to go get her. I’ll be back in a bit. Sorry, mom.”

He kissed her cheek quickly before making his way to the door, already pulling on a jacket. One glance at his phone told him that Y/N was a good twenty minute car ride away. He even knew that club.

“I got your message,” Y/N heard Harry say, and when he added that he would be with her in twenty minutes, probably fifteen, more tears fell from her eyes. This time they were happy ones, at least.

“Thank you. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for, Harry. Truly, you are.”

Harry sighed and momentarily his eyes squeezed shut. “M’getting into my car now, baby. Okay? And m’on my way. Please just- please don’t cry, love, yeah? You’re not going to be in that situation for much longer. I’m coming for you, yeah?” 

“Yes, okay,” he heard her say quietly, “I’ll meet you by the entrance?”

“Perfect. S’it okay if I hang up? I got to focus properly whilst driving. Snow and all.” 

“Sure,” she nodded, a smile making the tears disappear from her face, “see you in a bit then.”

“See you in a moment, love.”

It took him half the amount of time he’d expected to reach the club where his girl was, partly because it was Christmas Eve and people were home with their families and not driving around London, but also because of how he was pushing the tempo limit. He knew he ought to be cautious, but knowing that Y/N was in distress, he could’t help himself from pushing his foot onto the gas.
His heart ached at the thought of his Y/N afraid and alone in a club full of drunks. 

Y/N’s stomach fluttered and her heart-speed increased when she recognized the black car pulling up and her feet hurried towards him the moment he stepped out of his vehicle. He already held out his arms for her to jump into. 

“Thank you,” she sighed into his neck and another sob fell from her trembling mouth.

Harry didn’t reply, but wrapped her up and pressed her to his chest, utterly relieved to see her safe. His lips found her temple, her forehead and finally her cheeks, warming her soul.

“I’m sorry I made you come and get me, Harry.”

He shushed her quietly. “So glad you rang me. M’always just a phone call away for you, Y/N. And I’d come get you no matter what time or day it is.” 

Her hold around him tightened and he whimpered when her lips found the spot right below his ear and when she even dared to poke the skin with her tongue, his knees weakened. 

“Can I come to yours?” Y/N whimpered against his ear, “Or has the offer expired?”

A chuckle shook his chest. “Of course you’re still welcome to celebrate Christmas with me.”

Upon stepping into Harry’s warm flat, Y/N was greeted with hugs and kisses on both of her cheeks. Harry’s mother handed her the cup of tea she’d prepared for her and held ready and his friends reached out to greet her and engage her in their conversations. 
Nobody commented on her late arrival, her flushed cheeks and puffy eyes or on the fact that Harry was holding on to her the whole time. When they entered the flat, he’d been holding her hand, fingers intertwined loosely and when he had to let her go so she could say hello to everyone, his hand remained on her back. The moment she sat down on his couch, he followed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Y/N didn’t seem to mind, of course she didn’t, and when she leaned into his body or stole a kiss to his cheek, most of their friends turned to look away, the moment too private and innocent as that they felt comfortable enough to stare at them.
Harry’s chest could’ve burst with golden butterflies symbolizing how incredibly happy he was. 

They ate dinner with everybody settled on chairs around the small Christmas tree, shared jokes and at some point Anne told parts of the Christmas story, simply because it was a tradition.

“You’ve got a lovely tree, H. Love how colourful you decorated it!” 

“Thanks, Kate,” Harry smiled at his friend, “But the compliment should really go to Y/N. She did all the decorating and was the one who picked out the tree in the first place.” 

“Oh, so you two are finally a couple, then? Took you long enough to tell her, mate. Jeez.” Jim, Harry and Y/N’s mutual friend, spoke casually with his eyes fixed on the biscuits he had on his plate, completely oblivious to the numerous stares of shock and amusement that were set on him as he was busy deciding which he would eat next. “And Y/N? You’re awful at hiding your feelings, love.”

It was as if somebody had emptied a bucket of ice water over her head and Y/N hid her burning cheeks in Harry’s neck, who, for some reason, felt nothing but joy. 
Of course he was in love with her, and of course none of his friends had stayed oblivious to it. And frankly, Harry was sick of not having Y/N as his girlfriend.

“Thanks, mate,” Harry replied lightly, “Know I should’ve told her ages ago.” 

And when his arms cuddled Y/N further into his chest and their friends quickly changed the subject, one of them even swatted the back of Jim’s head, Y/N felt herself relax as well. 
Harry hadn’t disagreed with Jim, hadn’t laughed or shrugged it off. He’d… admitted it hadn’t he?

“I really do fancy you,” Harry muttered into her ear, soothing the tiniest bit of doubt in her mind, “And maybe it’s the christmas spirit that got to me or it’s because m’so damn happy you’re here after all, that I don’t mind you knowing.”

“I reckon it’s the eggnog you drank,” Y/N joked quietly.

Their eyes met, the red painting their cheeks darkened and when she leaned up to press her mouth to his softly, they pulled apart with a shy giggle. 

“I fancy you, too, Harry.”

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Christmas Harry

ALSO for all u gays who are planning on making up a boyfriend to shut ur family members up, here are a few ideas:

chad: kinda an asshole, but you love him :) on the football team, really likes sports, said i love you once when he was drinking (even if he was underage) and he wont go shopping with you. he usually pays for dates though and you guys go hiking together or something.

michael: nerdy quiet boy. you might know this guy irl bc hes a twink but ur aunt carol doesnt know what that is so he makes a great beard. he likes theater and you guys go get coffee together all the time. helps you do yoga. possibly a dancer, but Definitely A Straight Guy :)

tanner: gym rat. you have been on multiple juice cleanses with him. you cheated on all of them but never told him. he plays lacrosse or something and is the team captain. only going to college if he gets/got a sports scholarship, so he goes to some tiny private school in flyover country. you guys met on a dating app, but one of those ones that isnt tinder bc hes too good for tinder.

tyler: a stoner who definitely deals but u dont tell ur family that they just know it. super chill guy, thats pretty much his only characteristic. skinny as shit, might be one of those white guys with dreads if ur family likes racists (you decide if its right). definitely believes in reverse racism and uses the n word.

andrew: senior class president of his preppy ass high school, always dresses like a frat boy trying to impress the dads of the three girls he is dating (read: fucking) at the same time. takes u to fancy ass restaurants and bought u a necklace that was way too nice (bc he stole it from his mom). definitely a business major whose daddy owns a yacht, a huge republican who thinks gay men are gross but lesbians are hot

stefan: artsy guy ur parents disapprove of (but hes a guy so they dont disapprove THAT much) but he plays the guitar in public whenever people dont want him to. calls himself a male feminist bc “free the nipple.” has a really big and kinda gross beard. is a music and coffee snob.

will: asshole philosphy major. probably a libertarian. u guys literally have nothing in common but ur dating him for some reason. ur relatives dont know why. the secret reason is bc ur gay but str8 people date people they dont like all the time so no one questions it

anyway those are my ideas for fake boyfriends. if ur wondering why they are all shitty its bc men are shitty and im trying to be realistic here. feel free to mix and match ur fave names and characteristics to come up with the perfect fake boyfriend for you!

if u like this post, let me know if u want similar ones for explaining to ur grandparents how and undercut isnt gay, actually, or how to flirt with girls in front of ur parents without them realizing its gay. thanks for reading!