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I Have Learnt It For You

I have learnt to hear the word, Love, without running.
I have learnt to believe. To hope.
To wish for better things than I was prepared to receive,
And be thankful for the lessons they sometimes bring.
I have learnt it for you.

I have practiced saying sorry with tears choked beneath,
each syllable, for all the times I might hurt you.
I have practiced soothing hurts that might  just be smarting,
from past cuts and new bruises springing on old memories.
I have learnt it for you.

I have memorized the number of heartbeats in minute,
ready to count them as they skip. Irreverent,
unwilling to keep pace with the thoughts that whirr through your head.
I have learnt to measure sleep in heartbeats.
I have learnt it for you.

I have written down sentences and words, trying to make
sense of contradictory emotions. Penning thoughts,
unwilling to be tamed. I have written graphs of memories,
we could not do without. Happy. Sad. Angry. Defeated. Hopeful.
And I have learnt to make sense of it.
I have learnt it all.
For you.


Suggested a couple scene in my drawing suggestions box. I sat down and thought of Couples and coupely things they could do, I chose the 4 best sketches.

I love the Nyx one the best :D Those two are adorbs. She comes home from work and hes like I gots to go create some darkness in the light and sweet tender moments before Erebus departs. <3


  • hmmm…the type to bring you to countries in Europe and its rlly big scale
  • oh and also it will either be backpacking style or 5 star hotel style.. there’s no in between
  • probably bring a selfie stick wherever you two go and maybe vlog??
  • or maybe a camera
  • he is that one boyfriend that takes witty and unexpected pictures of you that both of you laugh at after the trip
  • he loves recording you trying out new food, how your expression changes when u bite into something u love or absolutely disgusted at
  • he wants to capture all these beautiful memories
  • he’s eye literally pops out when enjoying the food and u just feel so happy cause HE IS TOO CUTE
  • randomly turns to stare at you esp if you are enjoying the scenery or what not cause you are the most beautiful view to him cheesy but
  • and when u guys are returning home on the airplane, he will plant a small kiss on your cheek
  • “i hope there are more trips like this to come, babe”


  • the type to definitely bring you to somewhere quiet and chill OH and it will be during autumn or winter
  • cause come on… wonwoo looks adorbs in turtleneck and wrapped up in thick scarfs
  • somehow manages to find unique tiny lil bookstores from his thousand of researches
  • u two will probably go to cute cafes and have your morning coffee before setting off to the rest of your events each day
  • you will snap a picture of him sipping on his coffee and yes that will be your phone lock screen from then on
  • wonwoo will not want to stress during traveling so he would prepare the places u guys would visit beforehand
  • he is so well prepared that you would be surprised
  • secretly takes a picture of you whenever he can cause he thinks you’re the prettiest when you’re being yourself
  • and yes hes lock screen is also you..sort of
  • well its actually a picture of your hand intertwined with his #aestheticswonwoo
  • will want to hold your hand whenever you guys are


  • the type to most likely to take you to places in jeju island??
  • the most detailed out of the 4 when packing so honestly you’re 100% safe with him
  • LOVES going to tourist-ish places esp famous landmarks
  • seeking out all the famous local delights and insists in eating em all
  • traveling with this boy might almost be like on a mukbang trip instead
  • will feed you during eating
  • enjoys taking selca with you before each meal or just pictures of both of you each holding up your spoon/fork preparing to devour the food
  • makes you do funny faces when taking pictures cause that is going up his insta feed for sure
  • if u ever get sick from eating too much NO WORRIES (maybe he have alr seen it coming)
  • he will bring u back to the hotel and make sure u eat the medicine he bought from the local pharmacy
  • “jagiya rest well so we can eat more!!”
  • “what?! no more gyu no more”
  • u guys would still have fun thou…and he would call for room service :)))


  • the type to go to places that literally screams city life
  • you guys will find yourselves just roaming around the street and experiencing it just like a local would
  • “i heard the locals go here often, lets go too”
  • he would sling his arms around your shoulder when u two are walking
  • enjoys having small conversations with locals or store owners
  • he just wants to experience and understand the culture of the country so much
  • he finds your presence extremely comforting and feels blessed to have you on the trip with him
  • hence beware of random “u know what? i love you” “aish i’m so glad you are mine”
  • probably take you to the top of the hotel at night to see the city lights
  • and both of you will just have a decent conversation while enjoying the night breeze
  •  traveling with this boy is just simple but very very very fulfilling

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why are mcu ship names so weird tho like there's STUCKy and STON-y and PEPPERONY and i haven't even gone to the superhero-ship-names like iron widow or frost iron and idek what else

WELL I actually love the ones like ironwidow, frostiron, thunderfrost and so on? (and SCIENCE BOYFRIENDS <3333) I mean I think they’re v. inventive and adorbs 90% of the time (like come on bruce/steve is AMERICAN PI and clint/bruce was angry birds rotfl) and tbh I’d rather have that kinda ship name over the smushes which 90% of the time to me sound… really…… horrible…… (I mean t*hrobb and ric*star are legit the only ones I use without cringing inside at least a little xD)

Are You My Dad? Reaction


  • Jamie?! They took Jamie?! Is nothing sacred?!
  • I like your house for crabs, Pearl.
  • Man, poor Sour Cream. Poor Barb too.
  • Ah, so there’s the small Gem. She’s cute. Pretty adorbs. British too.
  • Pearl, come on. ‘You can’t draw a circle’, geez.
  • Connie…don’t no, not Connie…
  • Ah, so that’s a Topaz. Man, I was way off.
  • And the little one’s an Aquamarine. And also kind of a prat.
  • Wait, ‘my dad’…’my dad’GREG! STAY AWAY FROM HIM

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Do the thing about Ju-Lee from Korra.

lmao “do the thing” i’m assuming the ships thing. i haven’t watched korra since it came out so here we go. i’m on her wiki page to remember some stuff. 

  • My NOTP for them
    her and kuvira oh my god. nope. NOPE. 
  • My BROTP for them
    her and asami needed so much more time together. lbr they were both running their respective companies since varrick is …. not always facing the correct direction, so these two great basically-CEOs running the show and being bffs? come on.
  • My OTP for them
    okay varrick’s proposal was adorb they are a really cute ship
  • My second choice pairing for them
    zhu li + the bechdel test
  • My fluffy pairing for them
    uuhhh, zhu li plus like, being respected by her boss lmao but no really 
  • My angsty pairing for them
    i’m blanking does she actually interact with anyone in an angsty way? i guess that betrayal arc for a bit
  • My favorite poly ship for them
    korrazhulisami. done. new ship name. 
  • My weirdest pairing for them
    ……….. yeah no that’s… that’s all i got there. her and the blimp. 

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