come on. this was adorbs

Someone should draw Castiel going cross-eyed watching himself get booped on the nose.  Because 1) he needs a nose boop, and 2) you know he’d watch the finger come in to do the booping and that would be fucking adorbs.

I Have Learnt It For You

I have learnt to hear the word, Love, without running.
I have learnt to believe. To hope.
To wish for better things than I was prepared to receive,
And be thankful for the lessons they sometimes bring.
I have learnt it for you.

I have practiced saying sorry with tears choked beneath,
each syllable, for all the times I might hurt you.
I have practiced soothing hurts that might  just be smarting,
from past cuts and new bruises springing on old memories.
I have learnt it for you.

I have memorized the number of heartbeats in minute,
ready to count them as they skip. Irreverent,
unwilling to keep pace with the thoughts that whirr through your head.
I have learnt to measure sleep in heartbeats.
I have learnt it for you.

I have written down sentences and words, trying to make
sense of contradictory emotions. Penning thoughts,
unwilling to be tamed. I have written graphs of memories,
we could not do without. Happy. Sad. Angry. Defeated. Hopeful.
And I have learnt to make sense of it.
I have learnt it all.
For you.


(Pssst… guess what today is? :D)


Suggested a couple scene in my drawing suggestions box. I sat down and thought of Couples and coupely things they could do, I chose the 4 best sketches.

I love the Nyx one the best :D Those two are adorbs. She comes home from work and hes like I gots to go create some darkness in the light and sweet tender moments before Erebus departs. <3

anonymous asked:

"He pokes out his bottom lip, sets his eyes to maximum hound dog...." No, he doesn't. The eyes just ARE that way. That kind of adorbs doesn't come with a brightness slider!

I was going to round up some gif examples of Logan’s levels of hound dog, but I don’t have that kind of time.  Trust me on this. The boy can work his face.