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Derek x Reader

Requested By @dontyouwishyouhadlove

You smiled at the little gift Derek had sent, it was a picture of the two of you, a few Hale siblings and cousins were squished in as well, you could never remember all their names. It was just like Derek to add to your hoard of photos, in fact you wondered if he sent you the pictures so they’d survive, he was forever bending or accidentally washing photos and bits of paper so it wouldn’t surprise you.

When you pulled up in the drive your front door swung open and your brother launched himself down the porch so he could yank open the door.

“I’ve missed you so much!” Scott sighed and you chuckled as you ruffled his hair.

“You saw me at gradation.” You chuckled and he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah and then we’ve had to wait for months so you could finish up there and come back home.” You groaned as he yanked you out of the car and into the house.

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Family of Strays

Originally posted by waywardimpalawriter

Summary: You sneak something into the bunker that Dean disapproves of. Sam helps you hide it, but what will Dean say when he finds out?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: None, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: This is my fic for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge! Thanks for a great challenge, Mimi! I made it as fluffy as possible! My prompt was “I can’t control her any more than I can control the weather” and is bolded below.

A/N/N: Okay, guys, I swear to god that I had the whole name thing as an HC before Jensen named his son… 

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Welp, I needed to make this post anyway.

ALRIGHT. So. I should have probably touched on this much much sooner, but, here are my thoughts on Link’s age in the present day for BOTW. Some spoiler warnings for those who haven’t collected all the memories!

I believe that prior to that game, the 100 years in the past, Link was no younger than 17. Here are screenshots from the game to prove that: 

Zelda is referring to Mount Lanayru and the fact that she’s waiting until her 17 birthday to get pray at the shrine. Link accompanies her. So…ergo Link is/was 17 at least.

Me personally? I believe Link is 18 just for the fact that he has so many responsibilities and from how we see him act in the memories, he’s just very mature. [[Needless to say, in my fics he IS of age just to clarify!]]

Flashforward, a hundred years later. And then we get this tidbit, CANON, in game.

Now that can be taken at a grain of salt, but I believe that is Link’s interpretation of his own age. My point is, please stop throwing around the “Link is only 15/16″ posts, especially if you haven’t played the game and are just assuming stuff.  And if people are offended because they think Link is ‘young’ why am I not seeing posts for how many people hit on Link throughout the game???? 

Also, if I see one person reblog this and try to start drama, you’re getting blocked. No fighting. 

Everyone Has A Weakness - Part 1

Request from @sborrinkBucky X Reader smut where the reader and Bucky get really competitive when they spar. The reader is good at trash talk and teasing and Bucky only knows one way to shut her up (kissing, but discovers kissing her neck renders her speechless as well.). Things heat up from there.

Bucky x Sparring!Reader

Words: 2,169

Warnings: Mentions of blood and injuries, swearing, smut and unprotected sex (wrap it up!). Maybe slight dub-con too? Let me know if I have missed anything. NSFW.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

“Come on old man! I know you can do better than that!”

You and one James Buchanan Barnes should never spar together; not only did both of you end up walking away with a multitude of bruises but you were far too competitive and instead of a session lasting the normal length of an hour long yours would continue until one of you simply put your hands up and surrendered.

From an outsider’s point of view it would look like you both loathed each other, would be more than happy to see the other lying unconscious in a gutter somewhere, but everyone in the tower (even down to the receptionist you spoke with two times at the most) knew there was quite the opposite going on between you. The sexual tension whenever you were together forced even the most strong-minded of agents out of the room.

They also knew that you were both stubborn and the likelihood of that tension being released anytime soon seemed slim….much to their annoyance.

“How do you know I’m not just letting you win doll?”

The brunette laughed to himself as he wiped away a line of blood from the newly acquired wound on his lips.

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Prompt: You knew walking home alone was a mistake. Now you’re cornered and there’s no escape, or is there?

Pairing: Mike x Reader

Warnings: Troy and James.

A/N: So i’ve started watching Stranger Things again since season two comes out within a week, and I am literally so excited. And watching it again made me realize how much I love Mike Wheeler, so because of that, this happened. Oh! This also takes place before Will’s disappearance.


You were a quiet kid. You didn’t really like to put yourself out there, mainly because of your fear of judgement. You did have friends though, and honestly you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike were the best friends you’d ever had, and it didn’t even matter to you that they were all boys. All the girls your age judged you for your different tastes.

You weren’t one for skirts or dresses, you didn’t really like the things girls your age liked. You’d rather spend your evening playing Dungeons and Dragons than chatting up whatever the girls your age did. That is why you spent most of your time with Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas. It’s also why you got teased relentlessly.

It’s also how you found yourself cornered by James and Troy, your very own annual bullies, after school.

You’d known walking home alone was a mistake, but you hadn’t wanted to bother the boys because you distinctly remembered them saying they weren’t going to meet up after school. And you didn’t want to be a hassle. But now you seriously regretted that decision as the two boys before you stepped threateningly closer.

You felt extremely small in that moment, back pressed up against the schools wall in panic as the leered at you. 

“Oh look, it’s the freak.” Troy spat, narrowing his eyes dangerously at you as you remained silent. You were quiet, which meant you weren’t really good at standing up for yourself. While the girls in your grade teased you for being too boy like, James and Troy went after you because you were an easy target. If caught alone they could spit whatever insult they’d want at you, shove you to the ground, hit you and you wouldn’t do anything.

“Where’s the whole freak show, huh?” James asked, only further making it sink in that you were alone. “Seems you’re all alone, Y/N. No ones coming to help you.”

Yet again you said nothing, only closed your eyes in shame and tried to push back the tears that threatened to spill. You looked around yourself for any chance of escape or maybe a teacher that would walk by, but it was after school; the teacher’s only break from kids and every student rushed home the second the bell rang. And not only that, but they had you completed cornered; with the both of them there’s no way you’d be able to run away fast enough.

“You do know you’re weird right?” James asked yet another question, as Troy picked up his hand to flick you harshly in the forward. 

“Do you even know how to speak?” Troy spat, and the two of them step even closer to you. You felt your breath grow frantic, and you felt panic welling within you as they closed in on you. “Hey!” Troy suddenly raised his voice, making you jump as he pushed your head harshly into the wall behind you. “Stop ignoring me. Where’s frog-face? You two are always together.”

“D-Don’t call Mike that.” You whispered, hating when they insulted your friends. It stung when they called you a name or pushed you around, but you hated when they spoke ill of your friends; especially Mike. Those boys had never done anything to deserve such cruel treatment. “Y-You’re just j-jealous.”

Troy laughed as if you’d said the most odd thing in the world as James elbowed him in enjoyment. You didn’t regret defending your friend but you knew you’d pay for that comment.

“So. She can speak.”

Troy raised his hand, smacking it into your shoulder harshly making you groan out slightly in pain. “You got a crush on Mike?” He asked, pressing his hand further into your shoulder as James shot out his foot to kick at your feet. Suddenly you were tumbling to the ground, your butt hitting the concrete beneath you harshly. “Aweh, freaks got a little crush of frog-face.”

You hugged yourself as they harshly kicked at you, closing your eyes tightly in terror. Every kick stung and every insult felt like you’d been shot.

Then you felt someone in front of you, and opening your eyes you saw Troy. Taking a single digit, he placed it against your forehead and pushed on it. “Well listen, you freak, Mike ain’t coming. I bet he hates you as much as everyone else does.”

James laughed obnoxiously, “definitely!” And then he paused, as if shocked by your stricken expression; “oh, you don’t know…? You don’t know that the entire school, including your idiot friends, hate you?”

You bit your lip, feeling your eyes shine with unshed tears as they laughed loudly into your face. You’re sure it would’ve continued, but both James and Troy’s laughter stopped abruptly when a voice called out; “you sure about that?”

Your eyes snapped open in shock, and looking past both Troy and James you found Mike.

“Looks like we were wrong, James.” Troy spoke up, straightening and stepping away from you to take a step near Mike. “Frog-face really does care.”

“Seems they’re made for each other.”

“Just leave her alone, Troy.” Mike sighed, tilting his head in annoyance. “Y/N’s done nothing to you.”

“She’s fun to tease.” Troy shrugged, “the freak doesn’t know how to speak.”

Mike only rolled his eyes and suddenly he was walking forward; you sat up straighter yourself, unsure of what he was going to do. He ended up trying to walk right between Troy and James but they both grabbed ahold of him, effectively stopping him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Y/N, get up!” Mike called, looking at you as he struggled against the grip holding him back. “Just go, i’ve got this.” You felt your heart spike, your hands falling beside you as you found yourself unsure of what to do. Though before you could make a decision, Mike surprisingly lifted his right arm, bashing his elbow directly into James’s chin and knocking him back.

There was a split second of shock before Troy recovered and shoved Mike back harshly. You flinched when James came back and kicked at Mike’s feet, making him fall to the ground harshly and smack the back of his head against the concrete. Your eyes widened in surprise as he groaned out in pain, and your gaze immediately flew to the others boys as they laughed, as if knocking a boy to the ground was something to be proud of and moved forward to do something more.

Looking beside you in panic, you grabbed the nearest thing to you, which happened to be a rock and flung it towards the two boys. It smacked Troy in the back of the head, and he stumbled back in surprise. “What the fuck!” You wasted no time in scrambling up, using their surprise to your advantage and aggressively shoving past them.

“Mike!” You called, grabbing his hand. “We gotta go, come on!” You yanked him up from the ground, running away from the two advancing on you. “Your bike?”

“This way!”

It didn’t take long for the two of you to reach Mike’s bike, and right when he jumped on, you situated yourself behind him. Glancing behind you as Mike begun peddling, you smirked slightly as Troy and James stopped in defeat and wrapped your arms around Mike’s waist for support. Though Mike didn’t stop peddling until you reached his house, and you two didn’t breathe out in relief until you were in his basement. 

Panting slightly, you turned to look at Mike. “You okay?” You asked softly, making your way over to him. Mike stared at you with wonder as you made your way behind him, and pushed his hair out of the way to glance at where he’d hit it his head. Reaching forward, you touched the wound as Mike hissed in pain and frowned at the blood that latched onto your fingers. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s okay.” Mike shrugged, turning around to smile at you; that same sweet smile that you loved and grasped the same hand in support. Mike paused but you watched his eyes stay focused on your forehead, and you flushed in embarrassment. “Is something…?”

“No.” Mike instantly denied. “No it’s not that-” Reaching his own hand forward, he brushed a strand of hair away that had fallen into your face in the midst of everything and his fingertips softly touched the red mark Troy had placed on your forehead. “What were you doing alone? Why didn’t you tell anyone that you needed a walk home?”

You looked away in shame; “I didn’t wanna be a bother.”

Mike’s face fell in surprise and he frowned. “You could never be a bother Y/N… Never to me-… or anyone! Anyone! We don’t mind and it’s okay if you need help or- or anything! And you’re not a freak at all-” You interrupted the boys nervous ramble by leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss against his cheek. He paused in shock, staring at you with wide eyes as you leaned back with red cheeks.

“Thank you Mike.”

Your idiot (ft. Jeongguk)

Originally posted by bangtan

Drabble Game Prompt 49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

→ cardiopalps!jk, boyfriend!jk, cardio surgeon!jk, aka disgusting amount of fluff, sequel to cardio palps twoshot
→ 2k words, requested by my soulmate @yoongihime <3 

A/N: I highly suggest reading the twoshot first! Plus, there might be another member’s story coming out of this au “might!!1″ wink wonk enjoy

If looks could kill, Jeon Jeongguk would be on the ground and frothing at the mouth right now. 

But instead, he was smiling down at the bitch who was busy rubbing her tits all over his arm as he walked over your way in the cafeteria. Her arm was looped around his, as she hung like a koala onto him, her chest on his bicep as she hugged it toward her torso and giggled along with the other nurses who were busy chatting with your man. 

Said boyfriend, oblivious to the daggers you were mentally stabbing into his eyeballs, was in the line for the hospital lunch. It wasn’t technically all his fault for being cute. It was the reason you decided to keep him, anyway, among other things. But it bothered you a ton when other girls noticed it. 

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The Arrangement (Part 15)

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Summary: You have an encounter with Mark, and Dean shows up just in time. The next morning, the two of you talk things out. Sam arrives with some news.

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,300

Warnings: physical/sexual assault (minor, no injuries or anything but I know that can be a trigger), language, general angst, low-grade physical violence, little bit of smut… some of everything in this one

A/N: Buckle in, this one is long and jam-packed…. also I think there’s only two more parts left, guys… which makes me SO sad. Thank you all for your continued love for this series, I cannot believe how it’s taken off. You’re all awesome. Also picking a gif for this WAS SO HARD because there are so many Dean moments I wanted to show. But I went with angry because reasons…

Catch up on the series HERE

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Too Much - Jaehyun

Ch.1  -  Ch.2  -  Ch.3  -  Ch.4  -  Ch.5

Suggested: Highkey need a Jaehyun scenario where he is a cold, ruthless and flawless assassin and runs into oc in some hilarious way and she refuses to believe he’s dangerous much to his dismay. I just need a super bad jae who goes from cold to annoyed to cute.

A/N: This should be a drama [there prolly is one like this already].
I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure how to go with this?? It’s one of those plots that need a lot of time and development, but- 

Word Count: 1,185

You smiled at the sight of the young girls teasing each other as they folded their clothes across the shop.
The scent of lavender tickled your senses, making you scrunch your nose. The warm tones of the setting sun splashed over the shops tiles and walls.
You gaze darted back to the novel you held, deeply engrossed. Your ears perked as you heard the distant chime of the bell, signaling the earlier customers had left. The silence granted you tranquility, allowing you to escape into the enthralling novel once again.

Several hours passed, the silent clock ticking with each passing moment. It was nearly time to close.
The bell clamored noisily, quick steps making their way toward you.

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Operation Happy Jeff™ - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can I request an angsty/cute Jeff x Reader where he’s having a relly really crappy day and nothing seems to cheer him up so they do all these cute things to make him feel better. Can you also add the promt “There’s that smile” to it?”

A/N: Beware the grumpy Jeff. Sulky and adorable.

The room was so dimly lit that you were struggling to see. In fact, it took you a good few minutes to make out Jeff’s cocooned figure in the corner. You sighed. You knew something was up. He’d been acting strange over text and refused to let you call him when you asked. So, you did what any good friend would do and risked a speeding ticket driving over to his place as soon as you could. You did what any best friend helplessly in love would do.

The first step in what you were now calling; ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’, was to get some sunlight in. Jeff still hadn’t acknowledged your presence, but you swaggered over to the windows and violently pulled the curtains nevertheless.

“Ow fuck!” He squinted. “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” He remained curled in the corner shielding his eyes.

“I’m taking you to Disney-world.” You crossed your arms earnestly.

“Fuck off are you taking me to Disney-world.”

“Well, no. You know my monthly income wouldn’t even cover a day trip for one person, but that’s not the point! It’s metaphorical. The point is that by the end of the day you are going to be so ecstatic that you’ll feel like you’re in Disney-world.”

“I don’t think that’s-”

“Come on! Get up!” You yanked up the complaining Jeff and coaxed him downstairs.

“Your piece of shit car couldn’t get us to Disney-world anyway.” He muttered under his breath. You hit him round the head.

“Talk shit about Herman again and i’ll leave.” You crossed your arms, watching as he sat at the kitchen counter. Despite his protests, he didn’t really want his best friend to leave, he was grateful when you’d turned up.

“I’m not going to make you talk to me about it until you’re ready.” Your tone had softened now. Step two of  ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  was now ready to be set in motion. Wildlife Watching.


“No. No?” He protested after you’d told him the plan.

“Why not. It’s a great way to relax and the sun will release your endorphins.” You stomped out into Jeff’s garden, him dragging his heels behind you.

He rolled his eyes. “But it’s so boring!”

“That’s what a boring person would say.”

“We’re not going to see anything from my garden anyway.”

Half an hour later, you’d seen a few birds, and a worm- but Jeff was still not impressed. ‘Did you know the brown stuff in their bodies is their poop?’ he’d said with disgust. Time for Step Three you guessed.


“How is giving you a piggy back meant to make me feel better again?” Jeff grumbled, walking you around his coffee table.

“You’re helping others!”

“But you can walk.”


“No way-”

“GALLOP.” You pulled at his t shirt slightly as though it were reins.

He gritted his teeth and galloped lacklustredly round the table, warranting a loud cackle from you.

He put you down and turned to you. “You’re just making me feel like an idiot.”

“My favourite idiot.” You placed a hand on his cheek and wobbled it slightly. He rolled his eyes again.

“Look, Y/N, it’s pointless. You might as well give up now.” He threw your hand off of him.

“I’m not giving up on you Jeff.” Your eyes bore into his, more serious now.

“I wish you wouldn’t say crap like that.” He slumped on to the couch.

“Why? You know how much I care about you and how I hate seeing you like this?”

He shook his head, trying to prevent himself from saying something stupid. Sensing his discomfort, you flopped down on the couch next to him. Step Four.

“Guess it’s time to watch Mulan then.”

Mulan was Jeff’s favourite, he could never not sing along, and the funny bits sent him into fits of laughter. Not this time, though. You were growing more and more concerned the more stuff you tried that would usually cheer him straight up. Nothing was working. You stopped the film halfway through, it was useless.

‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  Step Five really had to pull it out of the bag. Making Cookies.


“Now, is the butter at room temperature?” You asked, mindlessly playing with the whisk.

“Uh, I don’t have a temperature stick thing…you know the…”

“Thermometer? You don’t need one, silly.” You chuckled. “Just tell me if it looks kind of soft.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jeff shrugged, handing you the tub of butter. He didn’t seem much happier, but he’d definitely put his focus into baking these cookies.

“Measure 125g on the scales.”

He scrunched his face up watching the numbers on the scales, causing your heart to lurch and uncontrollably smile. He was too cute.

“Okay.” He nodded, handing you the bowl. You poured the butter into the sugar.

“Hold the whisk at the top here.” You pointed to the spot above your own hand. “We’re whisking this bitch together.”

You thought you may have caught him in a small smile, but it was so fleeting you weren’t sure.

The whisk buzzed on and you and Jeff moved your hands together in circles, making sure the butter and sugar were creamed. Jeff was so close you could smell him, in all his minty-vanilla glory, and his big hand overlapped yours slightly. You added the eggs and vanilla with your spare hand, and continued to swirl the mixture. Jeff readjusted his grip, brushing your hand slightly.

“That’s done.” You stated, realising that had been a bad idea. “I’ll measure the flour, you can do the chocolate chips.”

He nodded, moving to the other counter to do the chocolate chips.

You poured the flour into the bowl. “Jeff?”


“Do you want to whisk it while i grease the trays?”

“Uh, yeah.” He nodded again.

It all happened pretty quick. The whisk was on full blast and you’d forgotten to tell Jeff to fold the flour in first, and he ended up spraying flour all over the room. All over himself. All over you.

“Oh my god!” You squealed, laughing. Jeff looked shell-shocked. You lobbed the lump of butter in your hand at him, hitting him in the nose.

“Fuck off.” He growled, wiping the butter from his face and lobbing it back at you. Your mouth fell open as the cool substance hit your neck. You shook your head in disbelief, immersing your hand in the bag of flour before running toward him and coating him in another handful. He blew through his mouth, creating a flour cloud, which hit you in the face. And, seeing you coated in flour and grinning at him, his mouth twisted up into a gorgeous beam, his teeth standing out white even against the flour.

“There’s that smile.” You bit through a grin. He looked down at you warmly.

“You did it, you cracked me.” You were so close that his voice was soft and quiet, but still audible. “It should be illegal for you to look so cute covered in flour.”

You scoffed. “I can’t believe Mulan didn’t work but throwing flour at me did.”

“It wasn’t just the flour, really. It was the whole day. I know I complained but I can’t believe you really did all this for me.” He shrugged.

“You know I would do anything for you, Jeff.” You urged.

“That’s part of the problem.” He backed away and leaned against the kitchen counter, wiping his hand down his face. The smile had gone.

“What? I’m sorry I’m… confused.”

“Well part of the reason I’ve been in such a funk today was that for some reason my baseball game was completely off, I really could not play. Realising why was the other reason.” He sighed.

“Why?” You edged closer to him.

“It’s been ever since I saw you and Zach yesterday, I can’t get it out of my head.” Admitted Jeff.

“What do you mean?”

“I couldn’t stand the thought of my best mate with the girl I love.”

You froze. What? What? Were you hearing this correctly?

“Fuck.” He muttered, kicking the counter.

“Jeff I really don’t-”

“I’m gonna regret this.” He inhaled, swiftly moving over to you and cupping your face in his hands. Dry, floury lips were pressed to yours in an instant, shocking you. It took a few beats to register that this was actually Jeff, and press your hands against his warm chest. His heartbeat was fast against your hands, and his own hands warming your cheeks. The way flour met your tongue was kind of gross, but you couldn’t care in the slightest. His right hand moved to your waist, pulling you flush against him. His mouth opened hungrily providing room for your tongue, but instead you bit down on his bottom lip sensually.

He breathed what resembled fuck, and you smiled into his mouth.

“I concur.” You whispered, breaking off and resting your forehead against his. Both of you were breathing roughly and heavily, holding on to the other for stability.

“I guess this is better than Disney-world.”


The morning found Jeff’s arm slung over you, and the success of ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’ .

|| jealous ||

{summary: what happens when your best friend knows about a certain spiderboy’s crush on you?}

a few readers want me to start sinning by doing n-fw peter parker headcanons tomorrow and i just promised another reader to update mafia!bucky’s series on saturday…so before i sin with all of these n-fw and sm-tty posts, let me post this one imagine that features my oc, David Pennington, again [♥]

keep in mind, just because dave is in this story, it has nothing to do with ||love like a comic book|| [♥]

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, if you don’t include a jealous!peter parker ;) ;) ;)

oc mention: dave pennington; reader’s best friend who has blond hair and blue eyes. for me personally, i picture him as looking kinda like dave strider ((from homestuck)) but you readers can imagine him as appearing like harris-n -sterfield (sorry for the weird formatting on his name, i just don’t want this story to appear in his tags [♥] )

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


David Pennington always knew that Peter Parker had a thing for his best friend and sister from another mister, [Full Name], he just had to do something to make that nerd confess to her once and for all.

He absolutely loved [Name] and would do anything to protect her, which was why he wanted that Peter guy together with her. For starters, he wasn’t a total fuckboi, or a pompous and rich asshole like Flash Thompson. Earning the title of being [Name’s] best friend meant that he had to do everything in his power to look after her.

And if he had to set her up with a good boy like Peter Parker by using dirty means, then so be it.

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Bigfoot (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

word count: 5336 (its a big one) 

warnings: swearing (but yall probably knew that already)

YALL im so sorry for how stupid the premise and majority of the dialogue is in this,,,,but tbh im rlly proud of it 

and AS ALWAYS: i live and breath bc of feedback, so dont b shy!! tell me what u think abt this pls !!!!

You leaned against the side of Jared’s car, checking the time on your phone every five seconds as you grew increasingly impatient. He always drove you home, and if either of you were late getting to the car it was typically you.

Okay, it was always you. If nothing else, Jared was punctual.

Usually, at least. This Thursday, he was ten-no wait, eleven-minutes late, and as you stood in the heat you began to consider the thirty minute walk home.  The parking lot had mostly cleared out by now, just a few cars left and even though you knew they weren’t, you couldn’t help but think the underclassmen still waiting for their parents were judging you.

You sighed, checking the time again and rolling your eyes before you heard the slapping of shoes against pavement. You looked up, seeing Jared running towards you.

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Tension (Dean x Reader) - Smut

Summary: Tensions rise between you and dean, and you find him fucking your irritation right out of you. literally.

Word Count: 2192

A/N: NSFW (obviously), choking kink, swearing, and over all just smutty smut smut.

Could be another part to this, inbox me and let me know if you want more!!
Who wants to be on my smut tag list!? Y’all know a Bucky smut needs to happen.

You walked into the dingy motel, throwing your bag on the bed, Dean and Sam trailing behind you.

“What is your issue?” Dean snapped. You whirled around, not even remotely close to wanting to have this argument.

“I don’t have one.” You spat back at him.

Sam carded his fingers through his hair, obviously uncomfortable.

“Uhhhh I’m gonna go to the local library and try and find some records.” Sams voice trailed off as he closed the door behind him, you glared after him.

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For The Pack

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy almost New Year, everyone! And happy Thirst Party Saturday! I give you, my first attempt at an A/B/O installment, involving wrestlers who played football and looked damn nice doing so. Tagging the usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes! Enjoy!

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❝ You saved a man!! ❞

Plot: You’re one of Korea’s top surgeon and there’s an accident in Big Hit Bulding and you’ve to perform an emergency surgeon in front of the guys. 

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: “Real life”?? 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. Y/N’s older than Jimin because she couldn’t be one of Korea Top Doctor if she was Jimin’s age. 

It was two years that you didn’t see Jimin, either because of his schedules but also of yours. You were dating for a few months when you were teenagers, but your crush hadn’t diminished over the years and despite the distance, you were left in excellent relationships.  

So when he asked you to see you, because he knew you were back in Korea after two years of absence because of your work, your heart had made a deadly leap and the smile had no longer left your face.  

You were older than Jimin, to tell the truth, was your younger brother the person who had made you know, but he had always been more mature than his age and it was for that reason that you had developed feelings for him.  

Despite the agitation of that day, you had decided in less than twenty minutes what to wear and you were extremely satisfied with your outfit. Nothing too sexy but not too chaste, yes you wanted to win him over somehow because you still liked Park Jimin.  By checking your phone you wrote a message to him, telling him that you were out of the building and that you couldn’t get in as they had perfectly made you understand it wanted the pass.  

You watched in the reflection of a showcase nearby, wishing to have put less lip gloss and wondering if those shoes matched the skinny jeans you wore at that time.  

“To Hell, I’m fine so…” You murmured when a hand tapped on your shoulder and his reflection in the showcase smiled at you.  

And that was another blow to the heart for you because you didn’t know how it was possible but he had become a thousand time handsome than you remembered.  

Slowly you turned and his smile became even more gentle and especially bright, as he opened his arms and allowed you to hide among them. It was a hug full of meaning, of words that didn’t need to be said. You laid your chin against his shoulder, with heels you could reach his height, forcefully clenching your arms around his waist and fully inhaling his scent that still had some effect on you.  

“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered!”  

“And you even more inclined to flirt.”  

Jimin burst to laugh, moving little to be able to look into your eyes while moving a strand of hair behind your ear.  The butterflies in your stomach have begun to dance, you can even feel your legs shaking and your hands, pressed gently against his back, tremble in the same way as your legs.  

“Can we g-go inside..? I wouldn’t want your fans to think anything strange if they see us… ”  

He simply nodded and loosened the grip on you, transforming the hug and leaving only a hand resting against your back in order to guide you. You didn’t remember that jimin so at ease, but you liked it because for once his shyness didn’t interrupt any kind of contact.  

You followed him quietly, observing the building and listening carefully to what he told you and remaining fascinated by the fact that they had just moved and the achievements they reached. Obviously, you know them, you’re a fan of BTS even if you never admitted it with him and at the bottom of your heart you always knew that they would achieve a worldwide success.  

Jimin continued to speak, without ever leaving your side and especially without moving the hand from your back when two people almost jumped in front of you, making you just wince.  

“YAH! JUNGKOOK-AH! HYUNG! ” Jimin screamed, covering your with part of his body almost wanted to hide you from two of his bandmates.  

The youngest smiled at you immediately, despite the slight redness on his cheeks made you realize that he was extremely embarrassed. While the other moved Jimin and took your hand, pretending a kiss on your hand and making you blush immediately.  


“Jimin-ah, you have so charming friends and you don’t tell us???”  

Namjoon smiled at his friend, obviously, it’s all a joke at that time and in his gaze, you noticed something different. The way he watched Jimin when he kissed your hand makes you realize that there is something you don’t know, something the latter hid from you, and curiosity was already starting to pop inside you.  

“Nice to meet you.” You murmured with a little bow, seeing Jungkook observing you with the same smile that Namjoon had addressed shortly before to Jimin.  

“Our pleasure, Noona. Jimin told us a lot about you! ”  


That confession could do nothing but please you, while you mentally began to dance a kind of victory dance. If he had spoken of you, there were extreme possibilities that your crush wasn’t one side type.  

Together with the other two, you started walking in the direction of the rehearsal room, where the other four were simply chatting as they had finished a heavy day of rehearsals.  

“Finally!” Yelled Taehyung, who you immediately recognized thanks to his characteristic smile, as he approached you and vigorously shook your hand with joy.  At that time you understood why him was so tied to Taehyung, they were practically two cupcakes disguised as sunbeams.  

“Guys, she’s Y/N.. My childhood friend, do you remember? ”  

The other three greeted with a nod of the hand and a huge smile, but suddenly a strange roar echoed all over the floor and caught all eight of them by surprise.  

“What the heck..” Seokjin and Yoongi murmured in chorus while screaming outside the rehearsal room began to make you realize that something had to have happened.  

Without waiting and ignoring the “where the hell are you going y/n?” by Jimin, you ran to the door and opening it you found yourself in front of a cloud of dust and smoke, while some people were screaming to call the rescue immediately. The building was new but apparently, a non-bearing column had collapsed, causing all that dust and maybe some injured.  

“Where are you going? We stay in the rehearsal room until the rescue arrives. ”  

Jimin’s voice was shaken, trembled and you could feel it perfectly but you weren’t instructed to remain helpless in those situations. You smiled to reassure him and you started walking in the midst of the smoke, knowing that he wouldn’t follow you because that of the unknown was a rational fear of every human being, and he didn’t know what was expected in the midst of that cloud of dust.  

Cloud that immediately began to dissipate thanks to the perfectly functioning ventilation systems, so your view was more facilitated in following the groans of some of the wounded. With a clinical look, you realize that no one seemed to have really hurt when a moan different from others took your attention.  

You paraded your shoes and ran towards that voice, biting your bottom lip forcefully when the boy who was looking for help was on the ground with a metal bar stuck into his abdomen.  

“Hey, I’m Y/N. I’m a surgeon and you’re in great hands.. But I’m telling you now that this bar will have to come with you to the hospital unless firefighters saw it. ”  

Your voice was sweet and kind, one of the first things they had taught you was to reassure the patient in any way. The more nervous the patient was, the more was the risk of aggravating any condition.  

A middle-aged man came up to you, coughing lightly, and you asked if the rescues had already been warned and his affirmative answer gave you more security and peace of mind.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Lu.. L-Lu.. ” He began to say but immediately began breathing with wheezing, almost as if he had something stuck in his throat.  

It was an alarm bell for you so you immediately bent your head backward and opened his mouth, recovering in the meantime from your bag a small portable flashlight. By making light in the oral cavity you noticed a huge amount of soot, caused by the fall of the column, and some pieces of concrete that obstructed the airways. And it was certainly not the best news for you at that time.  

“Don’t talk, try to stay conscious, all right?” You ordered to him, but his breath became every second ever more strenuous, while his heartbeat decelerated rapidly.  

He would be suffocated if you hadn’t intervened promptly. Luckily the bar in his abdomen, somehow, stopped the bleeding and wasn’t the main problem. You turned to the man next to you and ordered him to find any kind of knife and a lighter, causing an absolute confusion in man.  

“DAMN IT, MOVE!” You screamed, however, keeping the calm and the cold blood, while the man nodded and began to run in search of the objects that you had just asked.  

“Y/N what are you doing???” Jimin asked after reached you along with the other six, while you started poking around in your purse finding what you needed.  

You didn’t love vodka, but that little bottle found in your hotel room’s mini bar would have been incredibly helpful. With fast and precise gestures you would remove the tip and the barrel with the ink from the pen found in your bag, starting to pour over half bottle and thanking the man who had just returned with a small kitchen knife and the lighter. It had passed a few moments but no one could be wasted, so you took the knife and spilled the remaining transparent liquid on the blade and then repeatedly pass the flame of the lighter on it, trying to sterilize it as much as possible.  

“Is she going to do what I think..?” Hoseok asked, with a distraught tone, while Jimin was blocking your hand and observing you as if you were crazy.  

“Y/N; It’s not a movie. ”  

“Exactly and if you keep holding my hand, this boy will die. ” You hissed in a cold tone, the surgeon who was in you had just come out in the open, yanking gently your wrist and rid from his grip.  

With precise moves, you swipe your finger on his Adam’s apple, until you reach the cricoid cartilage. You had taken that action so many times that you could have done it even with your eyes closed. Two deep breaths, made by holding the pen ledge between the teeth, and you started practicing a small incision of an inch, pressing forcefully to make the cut as deep as its length.  

Immediately the cricothyroid membrane showed up in front of you, in all its horrible appearance, so effortlessly you practiced the second incision albeit smaller, putting without problems the straw of the ballpoint pen.  

The beating of the boy, you had tightened his wrist a second before, was slowly increasing and bending toward him you blew twice in the straw, hoping that he will automatically resume breathing. The compressions were not a useful action at that time because with the compressions you risked of moving the metal bar and aggravating his conditions.  

One, two, three, four, five, you were almost at the sixth second when the boy’s chest began, again, to rise and fall and a sigh of relief will escape you from your lips, while you are sitting backward.  

“What the hell is this, a Grey’s Anatomy episode..?”  




The voices of the six Bangtan arrived soon after, while your gaze rested on the boy next to you who hadn’t distracted his eyes from you even for a second. You were dirty with blood on your blouse, on your hands, and maybe even on your face, but he was looking at you in a way that could, incredibly, make you blush.  

“How the hell did you do it..?”  

“You never asked me what I did to live, Jimin..” You murmured with a smile, controlling in the meantime the young man’s heartbeat. It was slow but stable and luckily the rescues came right at that time.  

“Who has practiced this tracheotomy?” one of the men asked, observing you and then laying his gaze on your dirty clothes; “Who gave her permission, Miss? You could kill him. ”  

“I’m a surgeon.”  

Showing your badge made the paramedic open wide his eyes, whispering to his colleague “She’s Y/N Y/L/N, unbelievable…”  

“You should bring this man to the hospital right away, you’re not here to whispering silly things.” You hummed slightly annoyed and they immediately nodded, bowing with reverence and checking the boy’s vital parameters, deciding how to act because of the metal bar.  

In slow steps you walked away, going to slam against Seokjin who was watching you with admiration, though he hadn’t yet pronounced a word.  

“Noona.. Are you a surgeon?? ”  

“Yes, Jungkook.. I was abroad to take a specialization, but let’s say I graduated very early. ”  

“Daebak” all seven murmured in chorus, making you blush slightly.  

“Y/N.. You opened that man’s neck. ”  

“He couldn’t breathe jimin..”  


“GUYS IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL” You exclaimed, embarrassed because of their looks when all of a sudden, all seven encircled you, hugging you with a loud screams of pure joy.  

“G-Guys, I can’t breathe!”  


“Hey, let her, you can’t touch Her!” Jimin almost seemed to smoke with jealousy while he was pushing them away, who began to tease him jokingly and pinching his side.  

“May I ask you something, Y/n?”  


The wait wasn’t one of the things you loved most, but knowing him you knew that however shyness was part of him so maybe you had to give him time to formulate the phrase in the best way.  

But without saying anything he leaned towards you and grazed your lips with his, for a handful of seconds, leaving you completely shocked. The whistles of approval arrived almost immediately, while two of their managers came running to tell them to leave the building but your gaze couldn’t move from Jimin’s, who was blushed as much as you.  

“Will you give me a date, doctor?”  

“Surgeon, please. And yes, I waited all these years only for this. ”

Invisible, Chapter Seven

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1650

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By Your Side ~ Fred Weasley imagine

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Hi! Can I request a fred weasley imagine where he and the reader are taking the poly juice potion to look like harry but fred doesn’t want the reader to take it but she convinces him she’ll be okay? And Professor Lupin is both her protector and father but instead of george getting hit can it be the reader? Just fluff and really long please Oh and if you can can you include the death eater attack at bill and fleur’s wedding? Thank you so much I love your writing!

Mentions of blood

~~By Your Side~~

You were scared.


That was an understatement.

You were terrified out of your mind. The order was moving Harry to the burrow, but to keep him safe, everyone was taking a Polyjuice Potion to look exactly like him, including you.

The twins walked in and you were relieved. You’ve known those two for as long as you can remember, and being around them always calmed your nerves. You went over to them, gave them each a hug, and stood by them.

As soon as everyone arrived, Professor Moody stormed into the room, and began to tell everyone the plan.

“Harry, you’re still underage, which means you’ve still got the Trace on you,” Mad-Eye said, looking over at him.

“The Trace?” Harry asked.

“You sneeze and the Ministry will know who wipes your nose. Point is, we have to use those means of transport the Trace can’t detect: brooks, thestrals, and the like. We’ll go in pairs. That way if anyone’s out there waiting for us – and I reckon there will be – they won’t know which Harry Potter is the real one.” Mad-Eye pulled out a bottle from his jacket.

“The real one?” Harry looked puzzled.

Moody opened the bottle with a mischievous grin. “I believe you’re familiar with this particular brew.”

“No! Absolutely not!” Harry argued, furrowing his brows.

After the argument, that was quickly ended by Hermione just ripping a piece of hair off of Harry’s head, everyone prepared to drink the potion.

“For those of you who haven’t taken Polyjuice Potion before, fair warning. It tastes like goblin piss,” Mad-Eye states, walking over to you, Fred, and George.

“Have a lot of experience with that, do you, Mad-Eye?” Fred joked, taking the potion from him.

Professor Moody gave him the angriest glare.

“Just trying to diffuse the tension,” Fred added awkwardly, taking a sip of the potion. You stifled a giggle and Fred gave you a quick wink in response that made your heart leap.

You didn’t always have a crush on Fred. You used to only see him as a friend. But slowly, you began to fall for him and his antics and pranks. The night you had detention with Umbridge when she was in charge, he comforted you and held you when you cried. He was always there for you.

“Come on, (Y/N). Bottoms up,” George said, handing you the potion after he had taken a sip.

You caught a whiff of the scent from the potion and gagged. You held your nose and quickly downed a sip of the concoction, shuddering as it went down. You passed it to the next person.

Finally, everyone had taken a sip, and morphed into Harry.

Everyone had stripped down and changed into clothes Harry would wear and Mad-Eye began pairing everyone up. You were paired to leave with your father, Remus Lupin.


It was time to leave, and you became scared again. You began to walk out of the house but someone grabbed your hand. You looked back and saw Harry.

Well, everyone looked like Harry.

“Who are you?” You asked.

“Are you (Y/N)?” the clone questioned back.

“Yes, who are you?” You repeated.

“It’s Fred!”

“Oh, hey, Freddie. Everything alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine… I just…uh…” he paused, looking down towards his feet.

“Be safe out there, yeah?” He murmured, placing a hand softly on your shoulder.

It was a weird yet sweet moment, considering you both looked like Harry. You gave him a smile.

“You, too, Freddie,” you said gently.

At the burrow…

On your way to the burrow, you were hit on the side of your head by one of the Death Eaters, leaving a nasty gash on the side of your face.

You were knocked out, and Remus had to apparate the two of you to the burrow. Remus stumbled into the house, holding you in his arms, tears running down his face.

“Bring her here,” Molly said, her hand shaking as she pointed to the couch. Remus gently laid you down on the sofa. He checked you neck for a pulse before letting out a sigh of relief.

“She’s alive,” he announced, holding onto your hand. Mrs. Weasley placed her hand on her chest. “I’ll go get some cloths,” she said, leaving the room.

Finally, everyone had arrived, the last two being Arthur and Fred.

The potion wore off on everybody as Fred walked into the house. He searched for your face, and his heart dropped when he saw you laying on the couch covered in blood.

“Oh, my god,” he mumbled, running to your side next to Remus. He took your other hand in his.

“(Y/N), please d-don’t be dead. There’s so much I haven’t told you. Get up, please,” Fred stammered, tears starting to well up in his eyes.

Fred liked you. Hell, Fred loved you. He loved how he could come to you whenever he was stressed and you’d be there for him, and he loved how you two would plan out pranks together. He loved you.

But, of course, he’d never tell you that.

“Fred, she’s okay. She’s just unconscious,” Remus interjected, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Was unconscious,” you croaked, opening your eyes. A smile grew on everyone’s faces.

As you tried to sit up, the pain in your head began to pound, causing you to wince.

“Woah, (Y/N), lay back down, darling. It was quite a hit you took,” Remus said, carefully laying you back down.

Your vision was blurry, but you looked over and saw Fred and that dashing smile of his.

And you were okay.


You sat at the table, allowing Mrs. Weasley to fix your wound, while Fred sat across from you, gazing at you.

“Alright, dear. All patched up,” Mrs. Weasley smiled, gently placing a hand on your uninjured cheek.

“Thank you, Mrs. Weasley,” you smiled back, putting your hand over hers.

She packed up her kit and left the room, leaving you and Fred alone.

“Glad you’re not dead, (Y/N),” Fred grinned.

“Well, me too,” you laughed. Fred laughed along.

“In all seriousness, (Y/N), I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’d probably be so lost. Who would help keep you out of trouble?” You teased, playfully shoving him.

“Oh, please. You’re the trouble,” he teased back, causing you to giggle.

He gazed at you as you laughed.

~A few days later…~

The passed days were calm, and today was Bill and Fleur’s big day: their wedding day.

You looked absolutely beautiful in your knee-length dress in your favorite color with flats to match.

The twins were helping set up the tent for the wedding, and you walked over to join them.

“You two need help?” You called out, walking closer to them.

Fred turned around and as soon as his eyes reached you, his jaw dropped. George quickly noticed his twin’s reaction and began to put the pieces together.

Before Fred could speak, George cut him off.

“Actually, yes, we do need help. Will you get those flowers and put them on the tables? I have to talk to Fred for a moment,” George said, pulling his brother aside. You gave him a thumbs up and walked off. George waited till you were out of earshot before speaking.

“Fred, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you fancy (Y/N),” George smirked, turning behind him to look at you and back at Fred

“Well, you’d be wrong there, brother. We’re just friends,” he answered, glancing behind George.

“You sure don’t look at her like you’re ‘just friends’. You’re totally in love with her,”

“I am not! Even if I was, it’s not like she’d feel the same way. Why would she want to be with a git like me?”

“Freddie, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but
(Y/N) definitely likes you back,”

“How would you know?”

“She laughs at all your jokes, you two are always together when I’m not around, and bloody hell, Freddie, do you see the way she looks at you?”

Fred looked over George’s shoulder once more to catch a glimpse of you. He saw you smiling as you and Ginny we’re gathering up the bouquets of flowers, and smiled himself.

“Have you seen the way you look at her?” George added, waving his hand in front of Fred’s face.

“What do I do, Georgie?” Fred sighed. “I want to tell her, but what if she doesn’t feel the same?”

“Tell her at the wedding tonight. They’ll play a slow song, and you’ll ask her to dance, and then you’ll tell her. It’ll be perfect, trust me,” George ended, putting an arm around Fred.

“What if you’re wrong?” Fred asked, crossing his arms.

“Well, if I’m wrong, then the bloody world will end, because I’m never wrong,” George quipped with a grin.

“Ooh, I guess it’s time to kiss the world goodbye,” Fred retaliated with a smirk.


The wedding was beautiful and it was time for the reception. Everyone danced to the music that played and all was well.

You saw Fred and George standing off to the side and you quickly ran over to them.

“What are you two doing?! It’s a party! Come dance!” You shouted, yanking on both of them.

The twins exchanged a look before turning back to you.

“Actually,” George began. “I have to go-uh-check on something. But, Freddie here is completely and totally available.” George shoved Fred towards you, causing your bodies to be pressed up right against each other.

Fred’s cheeks began to turn red, and so did yours. He turned to glare at George, who gave him a wink and a thumbs up.

“Come on, be my dance partner, Freddie!” You smiled, taking his hand and leading him to the dance floor.


After an eternity of joyous party songs, the band finally played a sweet and slow song.

You looked up at Fred but quickly looked away as soon as you felt heat rise up your cheeks.

Fred jokingly cleared his throat and dramatically held out his hand, getting down on one knee.

“(Y/N), may I have this dance?” He said loudly, gazing up at you.

You let out a giggle. “Why, of course!” You responded, following his joke, and placing your hand in his.

He stood up and placed an arm around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck.

Fred suddenly smiled.

“What’s so funny, Freddie,” you asked, a small smile growing on your face.

“Oh, nothing’s funny. I’m just remembering the first time we’ve done this,” he answered, pulling you slightly closer to him.

“At the Yule Ball. I remember that,” you grinned, reminiscing in the memory. “My date ditched me for that Slytherin girl and you swooped in like a hero.”

“God, I don’t know what you saw in that guy,
(Y/N)! He was so… How do I put this gently? Obnoxious.” Fred divulged.

“Oh, like you’re not obnoxious!” You teased.

“Well, yeah, but when I do it, it’s cute,” Fred responded with a smirk. You let out a laugh and placed your head on his chest.

“Yeah, that guy was a mistake.” You stated.

A smile grew on Fred’s face. He looked up and saw George across the room making kissy faces towards you and Fred.

“What if I had asked you to the ball?” Fred asked.

“That would have been magical,” you smiled to yourself.



The two of you quietly swayed to the music for a bit. Fred broke the silence after a few moments had passed.

“(Y/N)? Can I tell you something?” Fred began to summon up courage.

“Of course, Freddie. What is it?” You lifted your head off of his chest to look him in the eyes.

He felt his heart leap as your eyes locked. He cupped your face with his hands, not breaking eye contact.

“(Y/N), I-I’m in love you,” he stammered.

Your cheeks turned completely red, but a wide smile grew on your face. “Are you really?” You asked, trying to process everything.

“No, I’m Fred. But I really do love you.”

You let out a soft giggle. Fred’s hands moved from your face back to your waist as you placed a hand on his cheek.

“I-I love you, too, Fred.”

Fred let out a sigh of relief and pulled you into a tight embrace. Your arms were around his neck and he spun you around, making you laugh.

When you both pulled away, you locked eyes. Slowly, the two of you started to lean in. You could feel his breath on your skin as you got closer and closer. Your lips were about to touch before there was a loud crashing sound behind you, causing you both to stop. Fred quickly pulled you closer to him and away from the sound.

The crash was caused by a blue orb in the center of the room. Everyone was dead silent as they watched it.

“The Ministry has fallen…” the orb spoke. “The Minister of Magic is dead… They are coming… They are coming…”

The orb then disappeared and everyone began to panic.

That’s when it happened.

Death Eaters started crashing into the tent. They attacked the people, set the room on fire, and did anything they could to cause havoc.

People pushed and shoved to escape. You held on to Fred, making sure you didn’t lose him in the crowd.

“(Y/N), go! Get out of here, please!” Fred begged, taking out his wand to fight back.

“No! I’m not leaving with out you! You’ll be killed!” You cried, keeping a tight grip on his arm.

“Fred! Get out of here! Both of you!” Remus shouted to him.

“Keep her safe!” Remus looked at Fred and then you. Fred nodded and grabbed your hand.

“Wait! Dad!” You called out, but he couldn’t hear you.

Fred quickly apparated the two of you to his room in the burrow.

“I have to go back! I have to help him!” You began to make your way towards the door.

Fred grabbed your hand. “(Y/N), I told him I’d keep you safe. I can’t let you go out there,”

“Fred, let me go!”


“I can’t just let him die!” You cried. You slumped back down onto the floor, crying into your knees. Fred sat down in front of you, lifting your chin up so that you were facing him.

He wiped away the hot tears that streamed down your face, cupping your face in his hands.

You gazed into his eyes as he started to get closer to you. “Everything will be okay,” he murmured softly, resting his forehead against yours. He lifted your chin up once more and brought your face closer to his. You felt his breath against your face again before feeling his lips brush against yours.

Suddenly, your lips met. You placed a hand on his cheek, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity. You both finally pulled away, gazing at each other for a moment.

“I love you, (Y/N),” Fred whispered.

“I love you, too, Freddie.”

“(Y/N)!” Said a sudden voice. Then, you recognized the voice.

“Dad…” you said quietly. You both ran out of the room. You ran down the stairs and immediately into your father’s arms.

“I’m so glad you’re safe,” Remus said, holding you close to him. “Thank you, Fred.”
Fred gave a respectful nod.

You pulled away from the hug, looked back at Fred, and smiled.

All was well.

~The End~
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Daddy’s Toy (M)

A bright, yet shy smile painted across your face as soon as you read those precious words- “That’s my girl.”

Standing from your comfy little spot on the couch, you stretch out slightly just before you began to strip. 
After removing your top and panties; you were grateful you hadn’t worn a bra that day, bra’s were the biggest hassle in your opinion. The dimmed, orange tint of the light enraptured you, making you look like a glowing goddess.

The moment you made your over to the front door, you got on all fours and patiently wait for Namjoon with your head down; just as he had taught you before. 
Thankfully he didn’t take long to arrive, as soon as he stepped through the door you could hear his pleased chuckled as his gaze loomed over you. 

His leather shoes were the only thing in your sights as your head stayed low; knowing that if you did anything at this point without permission he’d be completely merciless when it came to your punishment, though you weren’t sure if he’d have much mercy on you now.  

“Such a well trained little pet.” Namjoon cooed as he crouched down beside you, his fingertips grazing your nipple ever-so-slightly before trailing down your side then down to your ass. His hand then swiftly came down on your bum cheek drawing out one of your short, muffled whines. 
“Not uh, little girl-” He purred. “Let me hear you. You know Daddy loves to hear those precious sounds you make.” His hands roughly groped that backs of your thighs before giving them hefty swats of their own. 

This time you allowed the loud, pained moans to freely flow out of you as the stinging pain from his hits sent tingles throughout your body. 
Suddenly, his hand wrapped around the back of your neck; yanking you up onto your knees. 
“Come on, little girl..” He harshly growled, pulling you up onto your feet as his hand moved from the back of your neck to your hair. 

“Daddy wants to play with some rope, kitten, I might even gag you. I always love how pretty you look when you're bound and helpless.” 

“You know what? I think I’m even going to use that vibe that you hate so much. I fucking love watching you squirm and seeing tears run down that pretty little face of yours.” 

“You’ll be my little toy tonight, understood? Daddy’s going to fucking destroy you.” 

There’s No Crying In the Club - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: Anonymous - Hey ❤ I loved “Can I be her” so much i love your writing ! I was wondering if you could do an imagine like a part 2 of it but it’s not the part 2 more like an inspired imagine of it (i don’t think you understand me haha) where the reader told Tom about her feelings and he rejected her for an another girl and they don’t talk since that, but one day at club Tom sees the reader really close with a guy and gets jealous so he tells the reader. but she starts being angry at him. Sad Tom at the end please 😚

Warnings: mentions of drinking, and heartbreak

Word Count: 1,580

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Inspired Imagine, feedback is always more than welcomed : )


Why did he have to break your heart by choosing her. It was like the minute you opened up about how you felt about him, he dismissed it with a simple no. This wasn’t how you thought it was going to end up. You were suppose to get your happily ever after with your one true love, but this wasn’t a fantasy, this was reality and it smacked you right in the face.

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