come on you were all thinking it


“No, sorry Lance I can’t hang. I’m out of town for the week. Sorry dude.” Pidge sounded far away on the phone. That was alright, she was always busy anyway. He’d called Shiro then.

“Nope. Sorry Lance. Keith and I are out of town.”

“For how long?”

“About a week?” That was cool. They were probably sucking face anyway, he didn’t need to be there for that.

“Allura do you wanna go to-”

“Lance, stop calling everyone. They told you, we’re out of town.” She cut him off rather harshly. Lance could hear someone say her name in the background to which she responded with a “what?”

“Wait, where are you guys?”

Allura came back to the phone and answered him as if he should have already known. “On a cruise. We’ll be back in a week. Lance we’ve been planning this for a month so if you could–”

“WAIT YOU LEFT ME OUT OF A CRUISE?! WHAT THE HELL ALLURA?!” Lance yelled into his phone. “Put me on speaker.” His mind ran in circles over all the reasons they left him out of a trip.

“Lance, can you chill? We didn’t think you’d want to come.” He could practically hear Keith roll his eyes.

“What gave you that impression?” Lance caught his voice wavering with each word he spoke. He was upset they left him out of a cruise and didn’t even tell him they were going in the first place. They purposely did this to him.

“Well we’re going to Cuba and we know how much you complain about the heat and bugs so we just thought you wouldn’t want to go.” Keith answered.

Lance nearly dropped the phone. He was in complete and utter shock.

He put the phone back to his ear and started cursing them out in Spanish feeling his fingers cramp from clutching the phone so hard now.

“Woah- Lance slow down what are you saying?!” Shiro’s voice was clear.

“I WAS BORN IN CUBA YOU DICKS.” He finally said with the tears choking him. He wheezed and coughed. “I have family in Cuba! And you’re going on a fucking cruise?! You didn’t ask me!”

“Lance we didn’t know-”

“BECAUSE YOU NEVER ASKED. Hunk knew– Wait where’s Hunk?” Lance had realized Hunk was the only one who hadn’t spoken to him.

“I’m right here Lance. I asked them why you weren’t coming and they told me you didn’t want to. It was odd but I didn’t call you. I’m sorry.” Hunk tried to explain but everyone knew he was just as guilty as the rest of them.

“Some fucking friends you are.” He almost hung up before he heard Keith one last time.

“Why the fuck are you so upset? Look, we’re sorry, we didn’t know. You can’t blame us–.” Lance never hung up the phone so fast before in his life.

He was angry, he was sad, and most of all he felt abandoned. They didn’t know where he was from despite him always talking about it, they didn’t think he’d want to come because he’d complain?

It doesn’t matter. He’s got other friends he doesn’t need them anyway. He doesn’t…

It would have been great to see Alex Drake in our world a few more times. If you lined up the timelines, Alex was aware that the Pretty Little Liars existed, but Charlotte wouldn’t let her come to Rosewood in Season 5. It was too dangerous. I think for us just to stay sane, we did one “A” at a time. As we knew one “A” was coming to an end, yes, we would start to think about the next. For me, it was a very clean mythology just to say this “A” stole the game. Our big “A,” Charlotte, stole the game from Mona, and then “A.D.” came and started the game all over again, to punish the Pretty Little Liars for Charlotte’s death. It felt very clean to me to say they are separate games, for very different reasons.  And you really understand why they were motivated to play this game. They’re well-rounded villains. They all have souls. They all have pain. And Mona really did win the game. She wins it back from Alex Drake, which is fun.
—  Marlene King
{ flower child | levi x reader }

Originally posted by jupiter-fox

Word count: 1744

You were that girl. The one that seemed to always be smiling, always happy and cheerful. Many pondered on the thought of you joining the Survey Corps, better yet, the military in general. But they couldn’t argue that you were a fierce cadet under that gorgeous exterior. In the beginning a lot of the cadets underestimated you due to your level of cuteness and your height but they quickly learned to get rid of that idea when the saw you in action. Many of the boys have sparred with you thinking it was going to be rainbows and cupcakes and they all got their ass handed to them. A lot of people compare your skills to Mikasa, some say even better, but you quickly dismiss the idea when you hear it.

You had a signature look. Everyone knew you were coming when they see the pretty flower crown resting on your (color) locks. Various colors such as red, white, lavender and yellow always seemed to be woven to perfection into your hair. The flower crowns, your pink lips, your big (color) eyes and the slight flush of pink that always seemed to be on your cheeks left the boys enchanted. But you honestly had no real interest in any of them.

Eren is cute but Mikasa would probably slit your throat. Jean is pretty handsome but he can be a little mean sometimes. Armin is adorable but he seems to be more into books than a girlfriend. Reiner can be a little …overbearing but his muscles are nice though. No matter what Connie says, he’s totally into Sasha. And Bertholdt is too shy for his own good.

But there is one guy that sparked your interest but he would never-

You were snatched out of your thoughts by someone taking off your crown. You turned around to see a very smug looking Jean. You stood up from your spot in the mess hall and tried to take it from him but he held it in the air.

“Jean, give it back!” You pouted. You tried jumping up to get it from his grasp but it was no use, you were too short.
“What do I get in return?” Jean said cooly with the same smirk. You tilted your head to the side with the face of confusion.

“Well, what do you want?” You asked in the cutest voice.
“I don’t know, Reiner. What do we want?” Jean said then tossed your crown behind you. You quickly turned around and bumped into another tall body. You looked up to see Reiner holding your crown high in the air like a prize.
“A kiss from the short, flower crown princess herself.” He said with a shit eating grin. You blushed a bit at his comment but continued to try to reach for your crown.

“Oi. Braun, Kirschtein. Do you two want stable duty while the rest of us have dinner tonight?” A low and stern voice asked. A voice that everyone feared but you seemed to get butterflies when you heard it. Captain Levi. It was so ironic how you had lovey dovey eyes for a man that was the polar opposite from you. Nonetheless, every time you saw him it made your day a bit brighter.

“No, sir!” They said in unison.
“Then give back her shit!” Levi ordered. His voice was almost like venom and it shot right through the boys. Reiner quickly gave back your crown and you had a satisfied look on your face as you placed it on top of your head.
“Thanks, Captain!” You beamed happily while giving him a salute. A piece of your hair fell in your face and you blew it away refusing to break the salute.
“Tch. Don’t let it happen again. I don’t have time to save your sorry ass.” He said before walking off. You felt a little discouraged but you quickly shook it off keeping in mind that he talks to everyone like that.

You sat back down and noticed Sasha and Mikasa were now sitting beside you. Mikasa in sitting across and Sasha to your left.
“What was that about?” Sasha asked before stuffing her face with bread.
“Jean and Reiner being meanies. Captain told them to stop” You replied.

“Maybe they just wanted to sport your crown.” Mikasa said quietly with a hint of amusement in her voice. You giggled lightly and started to eat.
“No, really (Name). Anyone would love to wear one.” Sasha said in between chews.

Your eyes lit up when you thought of a plan. A beautiful, flowery plan.

Later that day

You were so unbelievably tired. After a long day of training and chores you headed out to a field just outside of HQ with a basket. You sat there for hours weaving together flower crowns for every in the Survey Corps. No two crowns were alike and you did your best to correspond it to the receiver. You smiled to yourself as you put the final flower into the last crown you did. You put it in the basket with the others and soon heading back to base.

The Next Day

Levi woke up feeling shittier than usual that morning. He had about three hours of sleep the night before and the rest was just mindless shitty paperwork. He prayed for a day where he could just relax and actually get a full night’s rest. Levi got out of bed that morning and did his usual routine by getting dressed and heading to the mess hall to get his tea. Everything seemed normal until he seen multiple cadets AND superiors wearing flower crowns. Levi furrowed his brows in confusion. Turning a corner he saw Eren talking with Armin and surprise surprise they had flower crowns on. Eren’s was decorated with large orange, red and the occasional white flowers and Armin’s was made with teal and yellow flowers.

“Jaeger! Arlert!” The two boys looked in Levi’s direction and gave him a quick salute.
“Sir!” They both said in unison. Levi waved the salute off.
“Where did you two get those flower crowns?” Levi asked with the same monotone voice and bored expression. Eren and Armin kind of looked at each other.
“From (Name), sir.” Eren said.
“You’re dismissed.” Levi said. Eren and Armin hurried away thanking the gods that they weren’t in his presence anymore.

Levi entered the mess hall he saw if not everyone, almost everyone, wearing a flower crown. His eye twitched slightly as he went to go get his tea. Walking past the superior table he even saw fucking Erwin sporting a green and red flower crown.

‘What in the fuck? Why does everyone else get a shitty crown and I don’t?’ Levi thought as he poured his tea. It was safe to say he was a little jealous.

Levi headed back to his office after he was finished pouring his tea to finish the last bit of paperwork he had. He was particularly pissed off that everyone at his table was flaunting the fucking crown that he didn’t have.

Levi was in deep thought scribbling at the papers in front of him when he heard a soft knock at the door.
“Name and business.” He said. A familiar yet soft voice answered.
“Cadet (First) (Last)…I’m here to give you a gift.” You said clutching at your basket nervously.
“Enter.” You sighed hoping to get your nerves out but it failed. You turned to doorknob and pushed the door open entering his office. You looked around and noticed it was more organized that your life. You stood in front of his desk.

You got instant butterflies when you saw his bored, steel gray eyes on you. The blood from your body rushed to your ears and dusted your cheeks with a light shade of pink.
“Captain, I made this for you,” you reached into your basket for the final crown that had been in there. You pulled it out and smiled at your work because you had actually made this special for him. The crown was woven beautifully with large green, white and black flowers and a pink bow in the back of it.
“I hope you like it.” You smiled softly handing the crown over to him. He reached over his desk and looked at it. You couldn’t tell if he was happy or unamused because he had the same facial expression: Bored.

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You shifted slightly.
“Well, cadet. I am very…pleased with this. Thank you.” His voice had the slightest hint of happiness in it and it was enough to make you extremely happy.
“You’re very welcome, sir!” You beamed and started to head toward the door.
“Wait, (Name).” He called and you stopped in your tracks. You turned around with a slightly confused look and you were a bit surprised that he called you by your first name.

“Yes, sir?” He stood up walking towards you. You dry swallowed as he got closer and the same heat on your cheeks was growing larger as he looked down at you.
“… Do you think you could… help me put this on?” He asked awkwardly while looking down at the crown and rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled.
“Of course, Captain-” You gently took the crown out of his hands.
“Call me Levi.” He corrected you.
“Levi.” You smiled at the way his name felt rolling off your tongue.

He was a few inches taller than you so you stood on your tippy toes and gently put the crown in place. It fit his head perfectly. Levi watched you closely, low key admiring your beauty. He felt vulnerable inside when he saw your lips slightly parted, your eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration and your cheeks had a tint of pink to them.

“There we are!” You smiled clasping your hands together looking at your Captain with a flower crown on his head. The Lance Corporal, Levi Ackerman had on a fucking flower crown and it was beautiful.
“You’re a good kid,” He said and you smiled bashfully. “Thanks for the gift, brat.” Levi leaned over and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. You felt your eyes widen and your hand touched your cheek as you looked up at him.
“T-Thanks, Ca- Levi.” You thanked him, not for the compliment but for the kiss.

Maybe you should give him gifts more often?

Most of the time, you might feel just fine. But there are some times, those feelings settle in. Where you start to tell yourself that you’ll never be as beautiful or radiant as them or you’ll never possess that kind of confidence. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or even your phone’s self portrait mode and for a second you think…”is this really all there is to me?” For some, this feeling comes with how we look externally, and for others, it’s internal. Either way, that feeling that we are somehow not all that special or worthy or beautiful is far more common than it needs to be.

Whether it was the night you saw him with that other girl,
The day you found out you were not going to get what you hoped for,
The moment you realize you really won’t qualified for the job,
The second you started to feel like things might never change,
The morning you woke up and didn’t feel right,
The afternoon you checked out when everything went wrong:

In all of these times, you were still beautiful. You were still a God-breathed creation with a purpose-filled heart that was still on a journey to where God wanted her to be. Even if in the moments you didn’t feel loved or enough or interesting—you were still in the hands of the One who made you, who formed you in your mother’s womb, and brought you to life.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
-Psalm 139:13-14

How wonderful is it that we are knit together by God? How incredible is it that we are a part of His incredible work? The work that stretches from the Grand Canyon to the Northern Lights? From the harbor of Rio de Janeiro to Mount Everest? The same God, who made those wanders thought that you were worth bringing to life.

Knowing this, let no person who undervalued you and no feeling that haunted you steal the joy of celebrating the wander in which you were made. No matter what, you are still beautiful because you were made by a Maker who makes no mistakes.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Klance - Shopping in Space and Gift Giving

So, this is a headcanon that I got reaaaally carried away with. Big thanks to @treasuredbuns for giving me the prompt and bearing through the ridiculous number of messages the headcanon came in!

Since I’m only my laptop, and this is a VERY long headcanon, I will put it below the ‘keep reading’ to save you from having to scroll forever if Klance and ridiculous amounts of fluff is not your thing.

Prompt: Voltron team goes shopping for new clothes at the space mall

Apologies for any mistakes, and feel free to give prompts!

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Everything You Ask For

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 2,177ish
T/W: Smut! 
A/N: For Anon’s request: “Philip x reader imagine where they go to a ball together and Philip becomes incredibly annoyed/jealous because a bunch of different guys come up to the reader and ask her for a dance, and while the reader thinks it’s adorable how jealous/protective Philip is of her, he can’t tolerate the looks and requests the guys are giving so he takes the reader back to his house and stuff happens (if ya know what I mean😉😉😂)” 
I gotchu ;) (Set in Hamiltime!) Philip biting you in public?

You were beyond excited that you were actually going to a ball! And best of all with your boyfriend Philip, who treated you just like a princess. About three weeks before the ball Philip’s “Uncle” Hercules made you a dress, and on the day of the ball it was perfect! You had picked out a gorgeous colour, the top rested just under your collarbones, revealing your shoulders. The bottom poofed out magnificently, but not obnoxiously. You really felt like an absolute princess!

“You ready, Philip?” you called from behind a closed door.

“Ready!” he responded from outside.

You stepped out of the room, attempting to hide a smile as Philip’s jaw dropped a little and he raised his eyebrows. Walking closer to you, he took your hands and gave you a twirl. Once you were facing him again, he brought you into his arms. 

“You look beautiful,” Philip whispered, leaning his forehead down against yours.

You giggled a little as Philip kissed your cheek. For a moment you almost forgot you were at the Hamilton’s house, until you heard someone clear their throat. Both you and Philip turned to face the direction of the sound, only to see Alexander, Philip’s father, standing there. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you stepped away from Philip, pushing your hair behind your ear nervously.

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e-d-e-l-w-e-i-s-s  asked:


Slightly based off my actual dad


  • He is the actual definition of “the chill parent”. So long as his kids don’t kill anyone he will just leave them be, unless they want his help in which case he’ll give them all the help that he can provide
  • Will send memes and gifs to his kids when texting them, so just picture in the middle of class their phone goes off and old scotty boy just sent them a rare pepe. This will cause interesting talks with the guidance teacher (They’re like guidance counselors? I think.)
  • During football season he will hog the TV, What’s that? You were watching something? Yes, he knows you were waiting for the football to come on so that you can watch it with your favorite dad~
  • I hope you like take-out, because when he doesn’t want to cook (75% of the time) He orders a Scampi and chips, or if they don’t like meat then salty chips and when i mean salty I mean worse than England’s attitude.
  • Really hopes they get into pipe band; even if they’re only teners (They just swing fluffy drums sticks about and don’t actual hit the drum) he will be overjoyed. If they are interested in highland dancing as well he might actually cry with happiness.
  • Is also that dad that picks them up from school with Scottish tunes blurting out the speaker, especially the punk rock pipes so he seems like he’s in with the hits. If he’s at home though, It’s even worse with historical Scottish punk rock. (Don’t. Look. It. Up.)
  • Loves to take them hill-walking, he’ll drive from Edinburgh or Glasgow (6 hour drive btw) all they way up to the highlands just to hill walk, might even have a cheeky swim in a loch.
  • Bedtime stories are amazing, he loves to gloat about his battles, myths and folktales. He could go on for hours about the haunted side of Edinburgh or the wonderful things his nation has invented over the years.
  • Would never smoke or drink in front of his kids. If he needs a smoke he will go outside into the garden and when he gets back in he’ll spray some lynx on his clothes to get rid of the smell. As for drinking he’ll make bedtime 11 pm so that he can have an hour of whiskey time.
  • Is a sneaky dad. If he thinks something is wrong he’ll find out what, without their knowledge. So it’s very common to walk into the house and hear “So, ye and that lad/lass were ‘aving fun. Aye?” and the rest of the UK bros will have to physically hold him down so he doesn’t kill them…or worse.

Dad rating: Ye wanker ‘tay away from ma family.

PLL 7x20… #pllgameover

“…and it’s real, and it’s solid… I never knew how badly I wanted that”

The genuine theme behind this episode summed up in a couple of words. Before we dive into the finale, let’s just take a moment to remember our characters for the way they were. As much as this is just a show, you can still appreciate where these girls have come from and how they have grown as people. For the haters, why do you watch the show if all you want to do is knock it down? Just enjoy it for what it is.

Now then, after 24 hours and me watching this episode countless times, I think I am ready to give my take on this FINAL episode.

First off, not really happy about the whole twincer ending. Don’t get me wrong, it fit and it was a twist from the book, but I’m just not satisfied with it. To me, I think we should have had a character we all loved be A. We made it be Spencer but not really because we wouldn’t want to alienate any of the fans. So the mystery, story-telling lover inside of me is screaming at how they went the safe route. But still on the whole, I loved this episode because of the relationships and how they were portrayed on screen. To be honest, it was like getting to be a part of their world and watching them go through their daily lives and getting to see them just be normal. Now most would say it’s just a show, but if you were a true fan, these characters are almost real to you. You care about them.

Things I loved…

Spencer and Melissa
For so long, we sat and wondered if Melissa was really a bad guy. If she really secretly hated Spencer. I loved that the writers got to show us how their relationship was mended and that they could become real sisters. This was important because for 7 years I thought Melissa was shady af. Sorry Melissa, I can admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong.

Everything about emison in this episode has been what we have wanted to see. The idea that they could be a happy normal family with friends that supported them, isn’t that what we all strive for in life?

Friendship dynamic
The idea that Aria can’t have children and the girls telling her that she should talk to Ezra about it before the wedding. Once again, the writers hit it on the nail, because if you have ever had a group of friends this tight knit, this is exactly what would happen. We would all be sitting in our pjs trying to figure out what was best.

Spencer and Toby
Spencer and Toby are just sweet. Them playing scrabble just shows how their relationship is. Spencer understanding where he is because of the death of his wife, being there but not pushing – I mean come on, that’s just gives me a toothache.

Alison and Pam
Even though their scenes were small, they were huge. You have to understand, Alison has always taken what she has wanted and not cared what anyone has thought. The fact that she went to Pam, shows number one her respect for Pam, number 2 her love for emily, and number 3 how much she has grown as a person. I know it’s reading alot into 2 scenes that were maybe less than a minute, but it had to be put in and I am grateful that they had them.

The moms
Come on, this is just pure gold. I have always loved the moms and them being around each other makes you see what these girls will look like 20 years down the road.

Hanna and Caleb
The one couple that should be flying high, yet the road is not as smooth as they thought. The way they stick by each other even when they have every reason to walk away, this shows growth people. Hannah is supposed to have it easy, yet she’s the one who wants to conceive but is having a hard time and has the perfect husband, but is harboring her disturbed friend. I loved that they weren’t perfect yet they managed to find solid ground.

Come on, Mona is Mona. Her winning the game just seems fitting. I have always said, sometimes it takes a little crazy to catch crazy. Give it up for Janel Parrish, because she did an awesome job playing the wounded animal/crazed maniac.

Things I hated…

It fit, but still I feel like they went the safe route. Still a good story, but I feel a little cheated.Some of my questions are still answered and so instead I am just going to chalk it up to Alex was just crazy and that’s why she did that. Sometimes there is no rationale behind crazy.

My take…

I loved this episode but that’s because I wanted to see what was going to happen to all my friends in Rosewood. I loved that we got to see all of them, including Jenna and Melissa, and how they fit into this new world.

I have never doubted this show when it came to tellling the human aspect side of the story, and they delivered. There are a lot of bad things in life and sometimes I would like to just see some good come out of it. So I would prefer to focus on all the good points of this show, all the happy relationships, how they made us smile, laugh and cry.

Pretty Little Liars you will be missed but not forgotten, and that my dears, is immortality…

Yugyeom As Your Boyfriend

Yugyeom As Your Boyfriend

Request: Yugyeom as your boyfriend please😄

*warning: this is just my opinion. obviously, i have never met got7, but this is an evaluation based on mere observation of their personalities. your opinion may vary, and that’s okay. we all think differently. so please enjoy, and no hate. just love.*

•he’s tall–like really tall, so i feel like there would be a ton of teasing. like he would call you “little” all the time or “shorty”.
•i feel like he would be the type to ask you to reach something on a high shelf, just to be a little shit. but then he’d come to your aid if he saw you were having trouble.
•this is considering you were shorter than him–because i think he would like shorter girls–wearing his sweatshirts/shirts would be the best because they’d be so big on you and you would wrap yourself in them comfortably. he absolutely wouldn’t mind.
•takinf pictures with him ALL THE TIME, and he’d post them on social media talking about how great you are and how much he loves you.
•he would love taking care of you and even sometimes giving you piggy back rides when you’re out together.
•when he back hugs you, he’d probably purposefully use the top of your head to rest his chin on.
•the other boys in the group will probably tease him(!) telling embarrassing stories when you’re around. he’d be so embarrassed, begging them to stop and you’d just laugh.
•a great listener and someone who can easily offer you comfort. like, it wouldn’t be a burden if you wanted to talk to him for hours about your day.
•he would hold you when you were feeling upset, and it would tear him apart to see you cry.
•leaving little text message on your phone throughout the day when he knows you’re busy, maybe even throwing in some silly selfies for you to have a nice laugh.
•is really shy around you, whenever he isn’t being a little shit(!) teasing you.
•he would praise you for literally everything
•"jagi, these eggs are delicious!” *eats happily*
•"yeom, i burnt them…”
•"well, still.”

please don’t take these too seriously, i don’t know got7 personally and this is just my opinion. so i hope you enjoyed this and please submit requests of the members you want to see next.

thank you!



So I have some sad(?) news for ya’ll.

I’m going to be dropping FTGKMH. I no longer enjoy the game or care about it anymore. I’ve never been passionate about fairy tail as perhaps some of you all are so I can’t keep forcing myself to play or write updates for it. So of course this means I’ll no longer be updating my spreadsheet, answering asks about the game or writing up announcement posts anymore. I think a lot of you have seen this coming for a while but I didn’t want to just stop playing all together and quit the game without letting you know. 

Starting this game is something I’ll never regret. I’ve made some good friends through this but I’ll also understand that if you were only following me for the ftgmh updates then by all means unfollow if that’s what you want to do, I dont mind. 

Monsta X: Kihyun taking his s/o to their first date spot, and...(continued below)

he tells them that he doesn’t want to be their boyfriend anymore. They get really upset, thinking he’s breaking up with them, but he’s actually proposing. 

(There’s no way that would have all fit in the title XD I’d screen shot the requests, but I write from my computer and can’t do it T-T)

I hope you like this!! I feel Kihyun would be a little awkward and nervous when it come to proposing so I tried to include that XD

You were sitting at the dinner table with Kihyun. The restaurant was really empty, and everything was quiet. It was the same restaurant you’d had your first date in, though it was much different from that time. Kihyun quietly ate while you sat awkwardly, wondering what was going on. 

Kihyun had been in a weird mood all day. He was quiet and nervous and acted distant. You were beginning to feel really worried and upset as he hadn’t hardly said two words throughout the entire dinner. You couldn’t hardly eat or drink because you were beginning to feel so awkward.

Kihyun, meanwhile, was an absolute nervous wreck. He felt the little ring box in his pocket, waiting to be revealed. He tapped his feet quickly, eating his food and trying to gain the courage to actually propose. You were being really quiet and weren’t eating, so he felt even more nervous. 

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lilemmadilemma  asked:

Hello! I love your theories, by the way. They're so intricate I don't know how you come up with them! Do you have any theories of who "Those who are older" are? How Cassie has written about them and around them gives me the sense that they'll be important later on, probably QoAaD rather than TWP.

Thank you!

I think the ‘old ones’ refers to the faeries—Wikia: “The faeries are older than the Accords, older than the Nephilim, and are said to even be the oldest among all races of Downworlders.”  

The Riders of Mannan were supposed to be some of the oldest fae in existence. In LoS (pg527): “I am Airmed, son of Manna,” he said. “We are the children of a god, you see. We are much older than the Wild Hunt, and much more powerful.” Emma realized then what it was that she’d heard in their accents. It wasn’t distance or foreignness; it was age, a terrifying age that stretched back to the beginning of the world.

I don’t know if mythologically faerie have a different pantheon of Gods than the God that created Angels and Nephilim. It sounds like it. It could be why their magic is so different. Love to hear other people’s thoughts on this!

piggiesaregreen  asked:

29 captain canary

29. “I thought you were dead.”

“I was. Now I’m not,” he said, and Sara kicked herself for her statement. She had died, after all, so had the entire team, some more than once. There was no question on if Leonard Snart had died, it wasn’t the question she wanted to ask. 

“Okay,” Sara said, thinking of how to rephrase it. What are you doing in the year 2450? Why didn’t you look for us? Did you ever think about me? Or the team? Or Mick - why didn’t you at least come back for him? How’d you come back?” is what she settled for instead. 

He leaned back into his chair and stretched his legs out onto the table. “I was gone. There was…” he took a pause, and when he spoke again, his eyes looked past Sara and his voice lost the slow drawl. “There was nothing.” He seemed to remember Sara then, and the drawl came back. “And then I was in 1986. Then 3021, then 4382, then a whole bunch of medieval eras, then in the Jurassic era watching Raymond of all people building dolls.” 

“Wait,” Sara interrupted. “You saw Ray? Why didn’t you go to him?” 

Leonard gave her a small look before continuing. “I tried, but I took one step and-” he snapped his fingers. “And here I am, in 2450.” 

“You’re jumping through time,” Sara stated. “That’s why you never contacted any of us.” 

“You’re a genius,” Len said sarcastically, and he pulled out a small, jewel encrusted necklace from his pocket and placed it on the table. “Give this to Mick. Tell him to give it to Lisa. It’s no fun robbing places when you’re gone after about 10 minutes, but I kept this on hand.” 

“All right,” Sara nodded, and she blinked, a sudden voice blaring in her ear. 

Sara, where are you?” came Jax’s voice over the earpiece. “You were supposed to check in 5 minutes ago. You need backup?” 

“Crap,” Sara muttered. “No, Jax, I’m okay. I just - I found Snart, I’ll explain it all on the ship but he’s here and we can -” she turned to look back at Leonard, hoping he could somehow help her out because how was she going to explain what happened to him, but she was met with an empty seat and a table that was bare except for the necklace on top of it. 

Did you say Snart is with you?” 

Sara sighed. “Not anymore,” she muttered. “I’ll explain on the ship. Meet me in five minutes,” she said, muting the earpiece. She walked over to the table and gently picked up the necklace.

“We’ll find you, Leonard,” she said, her words echoing across the empty room. “We’re going to figure this out.” 

8abbott-of-odd0  asked:

If Starscream were to make a move on Windblade, how meddlesome do you think Bumblebee would be when it comes to making sure Starscream doesn't totally screw it all up?

Oh, man…

He’d be following Screamer at all times, giving him advice like crazy at the point of being kinda annoying for the poor birb and confusing him way more than he already was.

Also, I can’t help but imagine the scenario:

Starscream trying hard to be charming in front of WB, and Bee is just there, beHIND her, making all kind of elegant gestures and facial expressions to guide him and give him more “confidence”, while a frustrated Screamer just wants to SHUT him UP but can’t and ends up receiving weird looks from Windblade who’s like…

“ya alright..?”


Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Can we get an imagine where the reader and Shannon have babies?

sidenote: Y/S/N = your son’s name; Y/D/N your daughter’s name

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was peeking through the curtains and you were all snuggled up to your husband. Then you heard little footsteps coming towards your bedroom. “I think someone found out how to open their crib.”, Shannon whispered, still half asleep. You chuckled, and got up to go pick up your 3-year-old. “Good morning, baby.”, you kissed his cheek. “What are you doing, wandering around on your own?”, you asked. He rubbed his eyes and hid in the crook of your neck. “How about you wake up daddy, hm?” He smiled and you put him on the bed, where he crawled towards Shannon. “I’ll go check on Y/D/N.”, you let Shannon know, who was already playing with your son.
You quietly entered your daughters room, in case she was still sleeping. She was only 9 months old, so there were still times when she didn’t fully sleep through the night. You stepped closer to her crib and saw her wide awake looking at you, with her beautiful eyes. You picked her up, “Morning beautiful. How did you sleep, huh?” You sway from side to side, making her smile. You went to change her diaper and then made your way downstairs to the kitchen, where Shannon and Y/S/N name had started to make breakfast together. “Mhm, this smells good, can I have some?”, you asked your son. “Not ready, mama.” “Okay, I’ll wait.” You went to the fridge to get your daughter’s breakfast. “So, what do you want to do today, little man?”, Shannon asked Y/S/N. He looked like he was concentrating hard, trying to think of something he wanted to do. “Drums!”, he suddenly exclaimed. Shannon and you laughed. “Maybe later, I thought you might want to go to the playground.” “Oh, yes, that.” He was too adorable. Shannon took your daughter from your arms, as well as the baby food and fed her. It was quite funny to watch, he made silly faces, trying to get her to open her mouth. You finished making pancakes with your son. “Chocolate sauce or syrup?”, you asked him, after y’all sat down at the table. “Chocolate”, “Okay.”, you smiled at him.

After breakfast, you and Shannon dressed your kids, ready to go to the playground. You put your daughter in her stroller. Shannon and your son were holding hands, otherwise he would run off. He was full of energy.
At the park Y/S/N immediately ran to the slide and Shannon followed. You and your daughter stayed behind, going over to the baby swing. She loved it. You spend a few hours at the park. Time flew by when you spend most of your time chasing a 3-year-old.
After you left the park, you went for ice-cream. Unsurprisingly, you son’s face ended up covered in ice-cream.
Back home, your son reminded you that he still wanted to play with the drums. So, Shannon got his headphones and went to his music area in the basement. You put your daughter to bed for a nap and set up a baby monitor, so you could hear if she was crying, while you were downstairs. You joined your boys in the basement. Shannon was sitting behind the drums with Y/S/N on his lap. He was holding his own drumsticks and was ‘playing’ a song. It was adorable. Y/S/N and Shannon were so similar, you loved it.
Family-Sundays were the best.

anonymous asked:

hey~ for the ship post. what about luffy and law from one piece? if you dont like that ship maybe lance and keith? thank you :D

lol it took me a minute to figure out which post you were talking about, I have a bad habit of reblogging posts like that and then forgetting all about them xP

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

For this one I gotta say that Luffy is the werewolf and Law is the hunter, cause I don’t think Luffy would make too great of a hunter lmao. But then again Luffy not being a good hunter could make a great story… he comes across an aggressive grouchy werewolf and knows that he has to kill it, but he gets attached and decides not to so he smuggles him home and chaos results.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Again I feel like the obvious choice is that Law’s the fisherman and Luffy’s the mermaid, but again, mermaid!Law almost being eaten by Luffy for lunch and having to bargain for his life with fish. They get this great deal going where Law gets Luffy fish and bolsters his business and Luffy brings Law things from the human land

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Law’s the wizard and Luffy is his familiar who is super powerful, but it can be ridiculously hard to get him to actually do what Law wants him to do. So he’s a bit of a wild card really

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Luffy’s the barista and Law’s the coffee addict. It’s gotten to the point where Law hardly tastes what he’s drinking anymore so Luffy started a bet with Usopp to see how many crazy flavors he could give Law before he notices. He doesn’t and Luffy and Usopp are forced to stop when their manager finds out what they’re doing and threatens to fire them

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

I have to say that Luffy is the professor and Law’s the TA cause that’s just a world of hilarious possibilities. Luffy’s the chill professor that everyone loves cause he doesn’t ever make them do the assignments so his classes are always packed cause he’s an easy A class. And then Law comes in as the TA and then suddenly o shit everyone has to work cause Law gives no shits and takes no prisoners

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

please please pleeeeaaaseee Prince Law and Knight Luffy who goofs around all of the time and is far too chatty and carefree for someone who’s supposed to be defending the prince of their kingdom. Law doesn’t like being assigned to Luffy, but one day when he’s traveling to a foreign country for negotiations there’s an assassination attempt and Luffy d e s t r o y s them. Law doesn’t doubt Luffy’s protective abilities ever again after that

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

I like the idea of Law being the teacher of Luffy’s many, many children (the straw hat crew? xP). Law is lonely and Luffy’s practically dead inside from working 2 full time jobs and managing a house full of children of various ages but when Luffy invites Law over for a family dinner, Law finds that he actually doesn’t hate it and against all odds they end up becoming friends and Law eventually comes to think of them as family

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Luffy writes children’s books that are incredibly popular since they’re essentially being written by a big child. Law’s half the reason Luffy’s books are so popular cause Luffy might have good ideas but his execution of them are terrible. Law lowkey prides himself on being the only person able to translate the stories from Luffy Speak to English

Warm Surprise (Prentiss X Reader)

Originally posted by mikhailbakunins

Title: Warm Surprise (Prentiss X Reader)

Request:  A prentiss x reader which is really fluffy and cute?? Maybe Christmas themed?? Plot’s up to you love xxx

Pairing: Prentiss X Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 541

A/N: Hope you like it! I think this one’s really cute J Keep em’ coming! Xoxo


The air outside was literally freezing you to death as you made the trek across the parking lot towards your car. All you could think about was getting home safe and sound and sitting in front of the warm, glowing fireplace with your girlfriend.

Emily Prentiss was the absolute love of your life and the only one you wanted to be with on this tragically cold Christmas Eve night.

The engine started hesitantly and you sped out of the parking lot of your workplace and began the journey home. Shops on the streets were lit with red and green lights. You smiled remembering how much Emily loved to walk along the sidewalk and just enjoy the Christmas spirit while sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

As you pulled up to your house, you noticed Emily’s car wasn’t in the driveway and you bit your lip in disappointment. Despite the fact that you two were dating, you didn’t actually live together. The two of you hadn’t really gotten to that point in your relationship.

You snuggled into your thick winter coat as you scurried towards your house, key in hand, but the door suddenly swung open. You leaped back in surprise. The smiling face of your girlfriend greeted you from behind the rusty screen door.

The two of you did, however, have keys to each other’s houses.

“BOO!” She giggled. You rolled your eyes and let out a sigh of happiness and relief.

“Didn’t scare you too bad, did I?” She laughed again. You yanked the screen door open and gave her a playful shove as you stepped inside and slammed the door shut.

She grabbed your hand, with a sheepish grin on her face, and pulled you into your living room. You sighed happily, seeing that the fireplace was lit up and the crackling flames gave such a warm and romantic ambiance.

“Coffee, tea, or my chocolate?” Emily giggled once again. She looked so happy and so angelic in her pajamas, skipping around your house like a schoolgirl.

”Hot chocolate please, babe,” you answered, not being able to stop grinning. You took your coat off and plopped yourself in front of the fireplace, the heat instantly defrosting your fingertips.

Her arm snaked around your waist as she seated herself next to you.

“Merry Christmas Eve, baby,” she whispered softly in your ear. You turned around to face her and cupped her face in your hands.

“I love you Emily,” you said. You pressed your lips against hers, not giving her a chance to answer. You melted into each other, kissing passionately and embracing each other, showing all the love you had for one another.

Emily broke the kiss suddenly. You looked deep into her beautiful brown eyes as she stared back at you.

“I love you too, Y/N.” She spoke breathlessly. You smiled before once again kissing her and falling into her arms, hoping to stay there forever.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for mentioning author's intent! We fans get so engrossed in stories and characters in all fandoms we forget they are not real and don't exist outside the author, everything they do, feel comes from author and is decided by author. We need to think about what the author is trying to convey with a scene instead of trying to dissect character's every word or action with tumblr buzzwords as if they were a real person. unless author puts skeletons in character's closet, we won't find them

You know anon, I think about a good portion of this fandom doesn’t have critical reading skills or understands nuance, authorial intent, character development/character regression. Tokyo ghoul has a multitude of issues with its writing (i.e., ishida sui’s lack of descriptive plot, heavy usage of time skips, glossing over serious issues and not talking about them etc.,) it’s just really frustrating for someone reading this to deal with all of this and then come back to see pseudo- English majors coming up with literal theories pulled out of their asses. Like I’ve always had doubts about the intelligence of some of the readers but at this point, I’m just unsurprised at the amount of people who literally take one scene out of context to make a huuuge issue out of it.

Bulletproof Monk

Witnessed in my friend’s campaign.

Friend of mine asked the GM if his friend could join our campaign. Graduated with a bachelors in fine arts and my friend thought he would bring interesting role-play to our games. So all of us start thinking to ourselves “this guys gonna be at Bard” but we were all surprised to find he actually was a Monk.

And not just a monk. The Bob Ross of monks. The nicest yet simultaneously the most terrifying character we’d ever witnessed. This is the story of how he beat the first serious boss of our campaign.

We were pinned behind cover vs a Gunslinger.

Gunslinger: “Come out. Come out. Wherever you are SO I CAN SHOOT YOU!”

Party talks about what to do and Monk is silent.

Then, as we are talking, he yells, “Ok. I’ll come out, but you better make that shot count!”

Monk OOC: “So there’s about 40 ft between me and him right?”

GM: “Yeah, and your speed would let you get there.”

Monk OOC: “Ok, but I deliberately want to walk slow enough so he gets a chance to shoot me.”

GM: “Uh, ok. Sure.”

Monk going towards him slowly: “Show me what you’ve got.”

Gunslinger: “You’re some kind of stupid, boy!” *Shoots*

GM: “That’s a hit. You take.”

Monk OOC: “I use Snatch Arrows.”

GM: “Wait…does that work on bullets?”

-One Rulebook Check later-

GM: “Ok so the rifle goes off and *Monk* reaches up faster than any of you can see and catches the bullet with two fingers. *Gunslinger* turns white as a sheet.”

Monk then proceeds to walk up and take a seat next to the guy, putting an arm around his shoulders while holding the bullet in his other hand.

Monk: “Hey, friend. Looks like you almost lost this. Good thing I grabbed it for you, huh? Why don’t you put the gun down before you lose any more?”

Monk OOC: “In case it’s not clear that’s an intimidate.”

GM: “Ok, roll for me.”

Nat 20

GM: “Of course it is. *Gunslinger* immediately puts his gun down in front of him and actually starts crying.”

Monk patting Gunslinger’s back: “Aw, there, there buddy. You almost got me. Why don’t you come with us now? Hands behind your back please. I’d hate to have to chase you.”

Our Wizard OOC to my friend: “So why did you never tell us your friend was Ace Ventura?”