come on you lets dance

When you miss your blue elf boyfriend so much that you

Do a physical activity OUTDOORS 

Picnic with some healthy sports candy 

….and go on a fancy candlelit dinner date with an imaginary fly in his place 

And when the backflipping bae finally comes home, you’re so overjoyed that you let him dance with you 

…..this episode is pure sportarobbie gold 


Part 6! (Oh. So I was able to do part 6 today… umm.. surprise!!..?)




Winter Ball

George Washington x Reader

Request:  Could I please request a GWash x reader where people don’t realise they’re married and Ham/Tjeff says something that y/n disagrees with so she starts verbally decimating them? And GWash is just all smug and proud and comes up afterwards? Thank you!

“Darling are you ready yet? The carriage is outside waiting!” you heard your husband calling you from the front room.

You gathered your skirts and walked down the stairs, greeting your husband with a hug.

“I’m here George, have no fear. Now, shall we be off?” you asked him. He smiled at you and kissed your head, taking your hand and helping you to the carriage.

The winter ball this year was being held at the Schuyler estate.

“Isn’t Mr. Jefferson supposed to be home now?” you asked George as the carriage rumbled across the gravel.

“Yes, this is doubling as his official welcome home party if you will. I haven’t seen him in a couple years, he’s been off in France,” he told you.

“No doubt chasing women’s skirts,” you mumbled under your breath. George laughed and kissed your hand.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too George.”


The ball was in full swing by the time that you got there that evening. George was immediately dragged away by some of his cabinet members and old friends. They stood in a corner discussing… whatever.

“Y/N!” you heard Eliza call as you walked over to your friends. “How are you?”

“I am just fine my dear Eliza. How are you and Alexander?”

The two of you chatted while everyone else milled around you.

All of the sudden you heard something that made your blood boil.

“Washington is not a very good president at all. He can’t do his job correctly.”

You spun around seeing a man in a frilly purple suit trash talking your husband.

“And you could do his job correctly? I mean this is the first time that anything like this has been around, give him a break!” you sassed him back.

He looked at you with a smirk on his face.

“Careful,” Eliza whispered to you. “That’s Thomas Jefferson.”

You didn’t care.

“So what if it’s brand new? Come on, he could work harder couldn’t he?”

“Work harder? You say he doesn’t work hard?” you questioned, feeling nothing but disdain for this man. “He won the war for us and didn’t want anything in return. But no you Mr. Jefferson, were too busy chasing women’s skirts in France to do anything about it. Maybe the only mistake George made was asking you to be his secretary.”

Jefferson huffed angrily.

“Who exactly are you, miss?” he said condescendingly.

“That ‘miss’ happens to be my lovely wife Jefferson,” an unhappy voice said.

The two of you turned around to see George glaring at Thomas.

“Mr. President I-”

“Stop. I don’t care what you say about me but please just leave my wife out of this. She doesn’t need it. Y/N are you alright?”

“I’m just fine George, you needn’t worry about me.”

He held you in his arms, staring at you with a loving smile. He gave your forehead a kiss and turned away.

“Come, let us dance.”

He lead you onto the dance floor, all of the past comments leaving your mind.

Alexander walks by Jefferson, smirking.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have Washington on your side?”

Request: Speak now

Request: hello =) can you write an imagine in which you broke up with juice like 5 years ago and now you are getting married and he finds out when you go to TM to give Gemma her invitation for the wedding and he tries to cancel the wedding?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: angst and drama, a lot of drama

Originally posted by redwood-orginals

“I can’t do this anymore Juice”, you cried, finally giving up, “It’s like you don’t trust me and I can’t live with your jealousy anymore, your punches on the walls and silence”

“Baby…”, Juice begged, a tear running down his face.

“I’m sorry Juice”, you whispered and grabbed your bag. You didn’t look back as you walked out the door.


Juice woke up feeling his heart pounding inside his chest and sweat covering his skin. He always woke up like that after a nightmare, but he hand’t had one, it had been very real memory from five years ago. He lived with that memory hunting him and though he always felt bad after it, at least he could see you again, even if it was only in his mind, in a dream. You weren’t living that far but for you two that meant worlds apart.

Five years ago, Juice wasn’t in a good place. Club was going through a tough time, problems and lockdowns. It took a toll on him and there were things going on in his life he couldn’t tell anyone. Juice was distant, trying to understand what was happening and it affected your relationship. He couldn’t open up to you though he was afraid you would leave him if he didn’t. His jealousy was worst and everyone was a threat in his eyes. He knew you would leave him, it was just a matter of time, and one day you really did. Juice lost his mind one night, punching a tree because he was too jealous of your friends and you going out with them to, finally, have some good time. You packed and left the next morning. You stayed in Charming for a while and he tried to talk to you, but you wouldn’t talk to anyone but Gemma. Soon, you found a job in Stockton and moved out. Juice haven’t seen you since then.


“I’m glad we finished this early lad”, Chibs sighed as they hopped on their bikes. Jax had sent them to do some errands and it was supposed to take them all day. Chibs was looking forward for a movie night with his new girlfriends and decided they should split up to finish it earlier. Juice agreed with his brother and they rode together back to the clubhouse. They were walking toward the garage when Juice saw Gemma leave her office and freeze on the door.

“Are you okay Gemma?”, he asked as Chibs narrowed his eyes, also noticing the queen’s odd behavior. Gemma was about to answer him when another person walked out the room, bumped into Gemma. The woman froze too as Juice felt his heart skip a beat, “Y/N?”

“What are you doing here lass?”, Chibs asked. No, he didn’t hate Y/N, but he had seen how bad Juice got after their breakup and only meant to protect the boy who was almost like a son to him.

“She came to talk to me”, Gemma hissed and wrapped an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, escorting her back to the car.

Juice just stood there, speechless, as he watched Y/N walk away. He loved her. He still loved her so much it hurt. Y/N glanced at him over her shoulder, but Gemma just kept pulling her toward the car. Y/N left TM and Juice felt Chibs patting his back.

“You should forget her boy”, the Scotsman sighed.

“I can’t”, Juice whispered.

“Listen to him”, Gemma said as she passed by them on her way back to the office,”She came to bring me her wedding invitation. She moved on. You should do it too”


“Go away!”, Juice yelled when someone knocked on his door for what seemed to be the tenth time.

“It’s Chuck. Gemma told me to bring you some food”, Chucky said in a scared, barely audible voice.

“I’m not hungry Chucky, thanks”, Juice sighed.

“Let me talk to him Chucky”, someone who sounded like Tig said, “Hey Juice I heard what happened. Come on boy! Come outside, let’s drink and let a crow give you a lap dance. You’re gonna feel better”

“You’re an idiot”, Kozik joined the group outside Juice’s door, “The love of his life is getting married and you just told him to get a lap dance!?”

“Nobody asked your dumb blond ass’ opinion”, Tig grunted, “Love of his life? God you sound like a schoolgirl”

“Shut up!”, Juice yelled, opening his door, “I’m not hungry Chucky, thank you. And you two… Stop whining like two schoolgirls outside my door! That doesn’t help!”

“Actually, I was coming here to offer help”, Kozik said, making all eyes turn to him, “Sounds crazy, but we could go to Stockton if you’re up for a ride”

“For what?”, Tig creased his brow.

“Talk to Y/N”, Juice mumbled, still looking at Kozik, “I-I don’t think that would work Kozik”

“Well, if you change your mind…”, his brother handed him a piece of paper and Juice saw it was a copy of Y/N’s wedding invitation. “I sneaked into her office while she was having lunch”, Kozik shrugged.

“I hope she notices it and you get your ass whipped”, Tig said as Juice closed the door behind him, looking down at the paper. Should he try again? Or should he move on like Gemma had said?


Juice tried to call Y/N a million times, but he hadn’t had the courage to speak when she answered the phone. On the last call, Y/N had talked to him though.

“I know it’s you Juice”, he could hear Y/N taking a deep breath, “Stop calling, please. You must know I’m going to get married and I beg you to stop calling and don’t try anything. We lost our chance years ago. Please, don’t call me again”

Juice cried after she hang up and spent the whole week feeling miserable. It was Y/N’s wedding day and there was nothing he could do. Juice woke up and walked to the garage. Gemma was there and handed him Y/N’s wedding invitation and his keys.

“I’m not going to that wedding”, Gemma said as Juice stared at her, “But you should go”

“But…”, he started.

“Forget what I said”, Gemma cut him off, “Just go”

She didn’t have to say it again. Juice hopped on his bike and drove as fast as he could, heading to Stockton. He parked across the street and looked at the church. Everybody was inside, but he still had a few minutes. He knew Y/N was somewhere inside that church and he had to find her. Juice looked around and finally found an open door. Silently, he walked in and opened every door on his way, trying to find Y/N. Suddenly, he heard voices and a door being closed. A bridesmaid was walking away and Y/N should be in that room. Juice took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Kelly is…”, Y/N turned around and froze when she saw him, “Juice? What are you doing here?”

“You look beautiful”, he couldn’t help but admire her on that wedding dress. She looked absolutely stunning.

“I was fearing it, I knew you would try something stupid”, Y/N sighed, “Please go away Juice”

“I can’t”, he sadly smiled, “I need you to listen to me okay? Please don’t marry him”

“Juice…”, she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Juice got closer and took her hands in his. Y/N opened her eyes again and stared at their hands together. “I still love you Y/N”, Juice whispered.

“Please Juan”, Y/N looked up at him, tearing up, “I’m gonna get married”

“Do you love him?”, Juice squeeze desperately her hands, “Look in my eyes and tell me you love him. Tell me you don’t feel anything when I’m close to you. What we have is epic baby”

“It is not”, Y/N walked backwards, “It ended”

“I know and I’m so sorry”, Juice grimaced, “It was my fault”

“Yes it was”, she cried, breaking his heart again, “You wouldn’t open up and talk to me. It was suffocating! I was trying to understand, but I desperately needed a break and you exploded when I just went to the movies with my friends! Damn I knew you were jealous, but you lost your mind Juice! I couldn’t take it, I had to leave”

“I know baby”, Juice was crying too, “And I’m so sorry, I regret it every single day. I hurt you and you were right to leave, but I dreamed you would come back to me someday. I know it’s probably too late but I have to try. I beg you. Do not get married”

“He’s good to me”, she said.

“I will be better”, he stepped closed again, “I won’t let anything get between us again. Club is in a better place…”

“Oh God, you club!”, Y/N hissed, “I tried to come back, but the club got between us as always”. Juice just stared at Y/N as she spoke, “I came back but Clay told me to forget you, said you didn’t need me and I was a distraction. I stayed away, I worked hard to build a new life Juice and I found a good man. I had to at least try to leave that life behind”

“Clay is dead”, Juice clenched his jaw hard, angry for what he had let happen to them, “He thought he could use me as his puppet, but you, only you baby, gave me strength to keep fighting. That living hell was finally over but you were in Stockton and you had a new boyfriend. I should have talked to you sooner”

“Juice…”, Y/N’s whispered.

“Please baby”, Juice got closer, holding her hands again. He was about to kiss Y/N when the bridesmaid came back.

“Y/N we are…” the girl stopped and stared at Juice, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“He is leaving Kelly. Please, he’s leaving”, Y/N gently pushed him away, “Please Juice, please leave”

“Y/N”, Juice begged again.

“Go”, she mouthed as the bridesmaid hovered over her to fix her makeup.

“I will be outside if you change your mind”, he said before the bridesmaid close the door. Juice clenched his fists as he walked out the church. He sat on his bike, heart beating fast as he waited for Y/N to come running back to his arms. However, what he noticed next were the bells ringing and a distance song. She was walking down the aisle to get married to another man. Juice cried. He had lost the woman he loved.

First, he thought it was his imagination, but through the tears he could see someone running across the grass. He wiped the tears and saw her, Y/N, holding her dress as she ran. Juice hopped off his bike and met her in the middle of the street, wrapping his arms around her.

“Take me home”, Y/N whispered before he kiss her.

“Where is it?”, he asked, thinking she meant her place in Stockton.

“Charming”, she smiled and kissed him again. Juice held her hand tight in his and helped her hop on his bike. Y/N took off her veil and let it go on the wind as Juice sped up his bike, heading home.

Note of the author: Sorry, I had to include Tig and Kozik as a comic relief. I always try to give Juice a happy ending, unless you request otherwise. I hope you liked it.

Barduil Mini Bang - Art for @thraaaaaaaanduuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiil’s ‘Under the Flowers’ (A03 - Under the Flowers by chissprincess)

“Come on,” Bard said. “Let me show you one of our dances.”

Thranduil’s other eyebrow shot up to join the first. “What?”

“Oh, come, don’t be shy,” Bard said. He wiggled his fingers and grinned. “You know you want to. I saw you dancing.”

Thranduil huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “You spied on me, you mean,” he said. “Apologize first or I will refuse.”

“I was not –“

“Apologize,” he repeated. His tone was deadly serious, but his eyes had a mischievous sparkle to them. “Or risk inciting a horrible incident between our two kingdoms.”

“Oh FINE,” Bard huffed. He gave Thranduil a deep bow and said, “I am DEEPLY sorry for having spied on you, Oh Elvenking, and I hope you can forgive a mere mortal his curiosity.”

Hope you enjoy all the flowers.

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Imagine all 13 members of Seventeen asking you which is your favorite part of the music video and which member you thought looked the best for this comeback.

Head over heals

A/N: THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE! Requested by an amzing anon! I enjoyed writing this! Thank you so much! I did take some inspriation from the song Satisfied from the broadway musical Hamilton.

Pairings: Lucifer Morningstar x Reader

Warnings: Bit of Language

Summary: Love is hard, especially when you are in love with the same person your best friend is currently fawning over.

Originally posted by black-little-demons

“Y/N we are going to be late!” your best friend, Sarah, yelled at you. You sighed to yourself and threw your hair up in a simple pony tail. You personally didn’t like going out to night clubs at all but it was Srahs birthday so you kind of had to do it just this once.

“Coming,” you shouted as you grabbed your small hand bag and cell phone. Your heels made a loud clicking noise as you walked down the stairs. You pulled at the terribly short and tight dress that Sarah made you wear aggainst your will.

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I love you, which is to say:

I’ll let you hear me laugh so hard I’ll snort;
I’ll sit close to you on days where I feel sweaty and gross;
I’ll hold your hand as long as you’ll let me;
My eyes will soften when they see you;
I will not dread the winter as much, knowing I’ll face the cold with you;
When the stars arise, it’s you I want to sit next to;
I’ll learn every new thing you want me to;
I’ll try (most) foods for you (let’s be honest you’re more adventures than I am);
I’ll laugh until I cry a lot;
I’ll let you see me cry;
I’ll tell you all the tales of my broken heart;
I’ll be vulnerable with you and not flinch;
I’ll be safe here;
You’ll be safe here;
I never wish to part from you in this moment.

I love you, which is to say:
Come and dance with me forever, I’ll let you step on my toes.

Got7 as dads - Yugyeom

A/N - We’ve finally come to the last part of this series! I can’t quite believe that it’s the end but I’m excited for other series to take place over this one. I hope you all enjoy seeing what I think Yugyeom would be like as a dad~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam

  • Kim Yugyeom who is destined to be a kid forever would be such a confused dad
  • like, he would have no clue what he’s doing
  • but he still does an amazing job!
  • he would love his kids with all of his entire being but he would just have no idea what he should do in certain situations
  • which is where he relies on his spouse to help him
  • but even though he’s not sure about what he’s doing, he really wants to give his kids the best
  • if they should an interest in anything, he will let them do it as much as they want to
  • they want to learn piano? they can learn piano
  • they want to write a book? he finds a creative writing club for them
  • but if they ever want to learn to dance like their dad
  • then this boy will be in his element
  • his face would light up so much and he’d be all like “of course daddy can teach you how to dance! come on let me show you something”
  • and he’d get up and show off them moves
  • if his kids were fairly young, they’d be watching in awe and they’d be shouting “I want to dance like dad!”
  • but if they were a bit older, preteens kind of age then they’d just get embarrassed
  • “daaaaaaad stop dancing please”
  • and he’d only dance more
  • he’s definitely the kind of dad to embarrass his kids in public
  • he doesn’t care about his own image so why not ruin his kids’
  • god forbid one of his kids brings home their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Yugyeom will the the one to pull out the baby photos and will share as many embarrassing stories as possible
  • and it’s not to scare their partner away, it’s literally just to embarrass his kid
  • but no matter how much he embarrasses them, they still love him lots
  • bc who doesn’t love him
  • he would absolutely love it when they tell him that too
  • especially if they were getting older and saying it less often
  • then it’d hold even more meaning and he might even tear up, causing them to cringe bc their dad is so emotional and soft aw bless

weathergirl1  asked:

Blake being clingy on Yang ps you have tattoos?

No I don’t not have a tattoo though I wish I did. ANYWAY!

Ruby: Hey Yang. Have you noticed anything… Different with Blake lately?

Yang: Huh? What do you mean?

Weiss: So you haven’t noticed Blake being more clingy since your hot guy friends started to hang out with you?

Yang: Say whaaaaaa? Weiss, you crazy. Blake hasn’t been clingy.

Weiss: Okay first. Never talk like that again. Second yes she has.

Ruby: Its true Yang. Remember when you first introduces them to Blake? She instantly wet to your left side and wrapped around you arm. The one that can’t come off.

Yang: Uh, It’s freezing outside Rubes. And my arms heater is busted.

Weiss: Then how about her joining us to go you that club despite hating going clubing the moment she learned those two guys were coming.

Yang: It’s called being a good girlfriend.

Ruby: Or how about she wouldn’t let ANYONE come close to you on the dance floor?

Weiss: Plus, while in the booth she kept pushing the table closing to them so that they couldn’t get closer.

Yang: We like dancing. Also, the booth was tiny.




Yang: Uuuuuuurh! You guys are being ridiculous! Blake has not been clingy. Look. *Yang then whips of hair back revealing Blake.*

Weiss/Ruby: DAAAH! BLAKE!?

Ruby: Jinx.


Blake: Since before you two have walked in.

Yang: Hey babe. They think you have been clingy because of my guy friends hanging out with me lately. Are you being clingy or territorial?

Blake: I would say the second one.


It’s Me (Part 2)

Hi Everyone! So glad you enjoyed the first part of this story. Here is the next part which takes place immediately where it left off! I’m leaving this open for the possibility of other one, so you will get closure in this story but if you would like other part (Maybe her conversation with Peta? Or something else), Let me know! Like/Reblog! And keep the comments coming :) I love reading them! 

After she had gotten dropped off at her house, instead of going inside-Sharna got right in her car. Peta had told her that he wasn’t home but she knew where she would find him. She drove to the dance studio where he and Normani had been having most of their rehearsals. She saw the light on in the corner studio and felt her heart rate pick up. She parked the car and got out, running towards the door. She walked up all four flights of stairs and slowed herself as she approached the door. It was open and she could see him inside, alone, running through his choreography , assessing each move. She poked her head in “Hey.” 

“Hey!!” He said excitedly. “What are you doing here?”

“Came to find you. Thought you might be here.”

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Voice Acting - Undertale
Voice Acting - Undertale

{{Along with my new FC (I just didn’t have enough Niko, though I still have his icons in case I decide to RP him) I have the voice-acting~!}}

Mad Dummy (@pinksweatergettingbetter): 0:00 - 0:25

Muffet (Also @pinksweatergettingbetter): 0:26 - 1:06

Undyne (@myuzux): 1:07 - 1:39

Chara (My Own Choice): 1:40 - 3:02

Asriel (Also My Own Choice): 3:03 - End (As I said, VERY LONG.)

Let’s Get Outta Here..

Requested by justcallmecinammon : Could you do a reader x killer croc oneshot where reader is a member of the suicide squad and them as a squad [go] to a club. Reader is having fun and [is] good at dancing and so Waylon surprises her by dancing with her to Oui. After they dance, they go back to her place and smut with gentle yet dom killer croc then he admits he really likes her? Pretty please? (Also reader is short and good friends with Harley and Katana. Everybody ships them together even Joker and oddly Waller.)

Authors Note: Sooo I couldn’t bring myself to do KC smut.. and I apologize 110%.. but I will still make it flirty and cutee. <3 don’t hate me

Warnings:  Alcohol usage, swearing.


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sunshine.   tag dump once again because tumblr deleted nearly all of them.

You have an ancient knowledge flowing through your veins. That otherworldly yet familiar feeling is the whisper of a memory that wants to come back to you. Do not be afraid. Let your spirit dance with the flames of eternity. Remember the lives you have left behind.
—  Chelsea Skye
Sweet Heart

Originally posted by mnkxv

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: cute playful fluff
A/N: @ifindyourlipssokisssable I’m so sorry this has taken me so fucking long! You have been so incredibly patient and sweet, you are actually the best!

Sweat pricked the skin just above your furrowed eyebrows as you took a deep breath, glancing up from your position you saw Dean with a smirk on his plum lips. Cocking an eyebrow, he gave you a wink before taking a drink of his beer.

It seemed like the whole world had slowed around you, letting out a breath your hand slid forward making the pool cue hit the ball. You bit your lip in anticipation, watching as the ball ricocheted off the side of the pool table and into the hole, making you win the game.

“Ha!” You shouted jumping up, sticking your tongue out, and pointing a finger at him. Dean leaned against the table, watching as you danced around the pool table relishing in your one victory to his three.
Your shirt rode up a little bit, exposing your Anti-Possession tattoo and the branded scar that almost covers it. Chuckling softly, Dean set his beer down and wrapped his arms around you and pulling you into his chest.
“Good job, sweetheart” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead.
“I was good wasn’t I?” you asked, cheekily, smiling brightly. A chuckle left his lips as he threw his head back and laughed; a sound so pure and genuine that it made your heart swell.
“Come on, lets get out of here.” Grabbing your hand he pulled you out of the dingy little bar and drove you back to the bunker where Sam had been reading up on a new case.

You hated being undercover. You hated pretending to be things you weren’t, and you definitely weren’t a wealthy trophy wife who needed to attend a charity banquet in hopes of catching a very sneaky vampire. You had to wear a gown and heels and pretend that you knew how to keep up conversation about art with these pretentious snobs.

Sighing, you barely escaped conversation with Constance over how the board is under paying her surgeon husband, to meet Dean at the open bar for a drink.
“Hard night?” he asked, raising an eyebrow when you took his whiskey out of his hands and laid your head on his shoulder.
“They’re all so… so.. boring” you whined, smiling when he wrapped his arms around you.
“Come on, lets dance.” It was completely out of character for Dean to ask you to dance, but you figured that A) you were undercover and had to pretend to fit in with everyone else and B) you didn’t get this chance too often so you were going to take it.
With one hand in yours and the other on your hip, Dean swayed your body with his on the dance floor.
“You look beautiful tonight” he whispered quietly in your ear.
“Oh yeah?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow, looking up at him.
“Yeah,” he smirked, lightly tapping his forehead on yours.
“Do I look better tonight than I usually do?” you asked teasingly; giggling when he scoffed at you and rolled his eyes.
“No, I like normal you better”
“And why is that?” He gently spun your body out and then brought you back into his embrace.
“’Cause you wear these really form fitting jeans and leggings and I can just stare at your ass all day” he growled the last part in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Yeah well, yours isn’t so bad either” you giggled, watching as his cheeks turned a light pink. 

The case took a turn, and when things became too much it was already too late; there was a knife in your thigh and a vampire about to sink its teeth into your skin. Before you could really think to do anything, the head of the vampire was clean off and Dean was pulling the body off of you while Dean held you in his arms.
“How bad is it?” you asked, clutching onto the tight black shirt on his body.
“Not even that bad, sweetheart,” you could hear the uncertainty in his voice.
“Yeah, Y/N, just a scratch” Sam smiled, opening the car door so Dean could slide you in. Sliding in behind you, Dean laid your head in his lap, stroking through your hair slowly.
“Hey Dean?” you asked, closing your eyes to relish in the serene feeling of his fingers in your hair.
“Do I still look pretty?” you asked. You could feel the small rumble eliciting from his chest as he chuckled softly.
“Yes, sweetheart, you still look pretty.”

Monsta X reaction to you dancing to BTS Fire


He finds you adorable even though your dance doesn’t make sense.

“Come here, cutie, let me teach you the dance moves” He says, as he warms up beside you.


“Wonho, let’s dance together” You shout when you see Wonho looking at you. 

He nods, thinking ‘Why isn’t it All In?’


“Are you challenging me?” You hear Minhyuk say from behind. 

“I’m just bored, Minhyuk –”

“You are so challenging me” 


“Hah!” Kihyun says, as he makes a loud clap when he sees you dancing. 

“Why are you dancing to Fire?” 

“Change the song to All In now”

“Don’t make me do it”

“Why are you still dancing??”


He looks at you for a long time, making you stop dancing. You blush when his eyes are still on you, a little suggestive, a little playful.

“Well? Go on” He tells you, still eyeing you.


“Stop dancing” 

“No” You immediately shut him down, dancing crazily around him.

“If this is what you want, then fine, let’s see who is the better dancer”

“Jooheon, I didn’t mean it that way–” 

He playfully pushes you away by the hips as he starts to dance to Fire.


“Your dancing really fascinates me” You turn around to see Changkyun looking at you.

“It’s great, isn’t it?” You compliment yourself, a smirk plaster on your face.

“It’s crazy” He lets out a laugh, making you roll your eyes. 

‘His laugh is crazier’

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

we can glide over the oceans
we can hover across the clouds
where ghosts arent allowed

we can kiss under the stars
and we can kiss on planet mars
in our heads
in our heads

and i glance over at you
i can see right through you
cause youre a ghost
a spooky ghost

and you glance over at me
you can see right through me
cause im a ghost
a spooky ghost

as ghosts we dont sleep
but that doesnt mean that we cant
and lie around

we’re in a ghost romance
so lets haunt the ballroom dance
come on lets take a chance

you can be a ghost with no legs
you can be a ghost with no arms
you can be a ghost with no teeth
you can be a ghost with no head

and ill love you
and ill love you
it doesnt matter
cause nothing matters

and ill love you
and ill love you
forever forever
forever forever

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets take the bed sheets off of our heads
lets fall back together in our bed
and kiss each other
like humans.

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Prompt: Flipping your humanity switch with Stefan.

Pairing: None

Warnings: Blood, mentions of sex,grinding

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