come on you lets dance

When you miss your blue elf boyfriend so much that you

Do a physical activity OUTDOORS 

Picnic with some healthy sports candy 

….and go on a fancy candlelit dinner date with an imaginary fly in his place 

And when the backflipping bae finally comes home, you’re so overjoyed that you let him dance with you 

…..this episode is pure sportarobbie gold 


Part 6!

(Oh. So I was able to do part 6 today… umm.. surprise!!..?)

You have an ancient knowledge flowing through your veins. That otherworldly yet familiar feeling is the whisper of a memory that wants to come back to you. Do not be afraid. Let your spirit dance with the flames of eternity. Remember the lives you have left behind.
—  Chelsea Skye

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

we can glide over the oceans
we can hover across the clouds
where ghosts arent allowed

we can kiss under the stars
and we can kiss on planet mars
in our heads
in our heads

and i glance over at you
i can see right through you
cause youre a ghost
a spooky ghost

and you glance over at me
you can see right through me
cause im a ghost
a spooky ghost

as ghosts we dont sleep
but that doesnt mean that we cant
and lie around

we’re in a ghost romance
so lets haunt the ballroom dance
come on lets take a chance

you can be a ghost with no legs
you can be a ghost with no arms
you can be a ghost with no teeth
you can be a ghost with no head

and ill love you
and ill love you
it doesnt matter
cause nothing matters

and ill love you
and ill love you
forever forever
forever forever

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets take the bed sheets off of our heads
lets fall back together in our bed
and kiss each other
like humans.

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Otohime Haato de Rabu Kyuuden
Lily white
Otohime Haato de Rabu Kyuuden

Otohime Haato de Rabu Kyuuden | Lily white

It’s an ancient fairy tale, that within a legendary palace
A gentleman who fell in love
Could never return (it was told)
Tonight’s story, will revive that legend
I’m certain you’ve fallen in love
That’s right, you’ve come just for me
Forget everything else, let us sway and dance

First Dance


Author’s Note: I’m in love with One Dance by Drake so this happened. - Haley xx 

Dean: The hunt was a difficult one and had taken its toll on you. You and Dean headed to the nearest bar while Sam went back to the motel, you all had to recover from this job. The bar was stuff and crowded and when the jukebox switched to an upbeat song, it seemed like more people filed inside. You got up and were heading towards the door, not bothered to tell Dean you were leaving, when someone caught your arm. You turned around and found Dean holding onto tight. “Dance with me,” he said. You and Dean were not a couple, and you two never danced, “Come on, let’s forget all about the hunt. Dance with me.” You smiled and took Dean’s hand into yours, letting him lead you to the dance floor.

Sam: School dances were awful and you had no idea why you even came. Your date had ditched you as soon as you all came in to go be with another girl, the heels hurt your feet, and the punch was disgusting. You sat on the sidelines with a bunch of other girls who didn’t have any dates and watched the couples, including the asshole who left you, dance. You looked down to smooth you your dress and when you looked back up, you saw Sam. Sam was the new kid in school and you were surprised he even showed up. “May I have this dance?” he asked you, smiling. You smiled back and took his hand. “I can’t believe I get to dance with the most beautiful girl in school.”


Prompt: Flipping your humanity switch with Stefan.

Pairing: None

Warnings: Blood, mentions of sex,grinding

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How lord of the flies goes
  • Ralph: So here is this extremely well planned system of running things and we'll have our own little society where everyone works and everyone gets food
  • Jack: lol bitch i wanna kill the pigs
  • Ralph: but we need shelter and fires and everything else too
  • Jack: did i fucking stutter
  • Later
  • Jack: so here's my plan: fuck everything. just murder everything. burn down this whole damn island
  • Ralph: that's stupid you're gonna all regret this
  • Jack: Everyone I sing high c you must follow me come let us do our tribal dance
  • Everyone: kill the beast cut its throat spill its blood
  • Simon: Lol are you guys high or something
  • Jack: no
  • Jack: kill him he knows too much
  • Later
  • Island: -is being completely destroyed-
  • Jack: shit son ralph was right
  • Officer: wtf is going on here wow boys are so immature and savage; men would never reach this low
  • Officer: as soon as you boys get home I'm going back back to massively slaughtering humans for a pointless war that caused this whole book to happen
  • Officer: I'm doing such a right thing man humanity is great

Jason: “Hi beauty, I see your friend is already gone. What keeps you here?”
Olivia Lilly: “Myself Jason, I can have fun by myself.”
Jason: “I understand. But I think it is always more fun when you have good company. Come on lets dance with me or will I make your boyfriend angry?”
Olivia Lilly: “I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.”
Jason: “Oh, I’m sorry. Than you shouldn’t be alone, it makes you sad. I will keep an eye on you.”

Pose | by @beverlyallitsims | [X

  1. Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran (1958)
  2. I Wonder Why - Dion & the Belmonts (1959)
  3. Oh Boy - Buddy Holly (1957)
  4. Personality - Lloyd Price (1959)
  5. Come Go With Me - The Del Vikings (1956)
  6. Sh-Boom - The Chords (1954)
  7. Sea of Love - Phil Phillips (1959)
  8. Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino (1956)
  9. I’ve Got A Lot To Learn - Kenny Rogers (1958)
  10. Stupid Cupid - Connie Francis (1958)
  11. Keep A Knockin’ - Little Richard (1958)
  12. Do You Wanna Dance - Bobby Freeman (1958)
  13. Come On, Let’s Go - Ritchie Valens (1958)
  14. Sincerely - The McGuire Sisters (1956)
  15. The Stroll - The Diamonds (1958)
  16. At The Hop - Danny & the Juniors (1957)
  17. Rockin’ Robin - Bobby Day (1958)
  18. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley (1956)
  19. Since I Don’t Have You - The Skyliners (1959)
  20. Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka (1959)
  21. Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & the Imperials (1958)
  22. The Great Pretender - The Platters (1955)
  23. Rocket 88 - Ike Turner & Jackie Brenston (1951)
  24. That’s Why I Love You So - Jackie Wilson (1959)
  25. When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver - The Jive Bombers (1956)

Art for the adorable fic There Are Worse Things I Could Do… by @karadanverss for the Stucky Big Bang 2016

Featuring a fanmix of 1950s songs since this fic is a Grease AU

I also made a YouTube playlist where you can listen to the fanmix

Monsta X Reaction: You dancing sexy

Shownu: He would look at you being lost in thought “Wow, and I thought I was good

Jooheon: Stare at you licking his lips, when you turn around you meet a fierce gaze “How much sexier can she get?”

Kihyun: The poor baby would be surprised and have a confused look on his face “…”

Wonho: He would most likely want to join you and have a ‘Sexy Dance Battle’. “Come on Jagi, lets see who is the best dancer”

Minhyuk: Smiles and starts clapping when you finally notice him. “Can I see more of this?”

I.M.: Begins to stare and walks towards you wrapping his arms around you. “Damn baby, the more I see you, the more sexier you get.”

Hyungwon: When you are in your own world dancing, he is also in his own world thinking about how you learned to dance like that. “Maybe I should ask Y/N to teach me how to dance…”

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neonghostwolf  asked:

I'm so jelly about you playing persona 5!!! how was it ( can't weit to get my hands on)

Waa no no! You don’t need to jelly me, I just played it a little bit faster than you only but you will sure play it eventually too~ May be English version is better than Japanese version^^*smile**
This game is awesome, especially the system and stylist menu UI and animation. If you are Persona fan, must be enjoyable of it!

Thank you cutie! 
Stay happy and wait P5 to come! let’s dance~

Request: Tig loves you ❤️

Request: Tig is dating a girl and he tells her he loves her for the first time (maybe after a night of sex or something)

[Hello! 😃

Do we have a Tig imagine again this morning? Yes we do!

Enjoy! Love you amazing people!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: Smut

Originally posted by northernbluetwo

First time you were invited to a SAMCRO party you were nervous; you just sat by the bar, slowly drinking your beer and looking around. Soon, a tall guy with black hair and gorgeous blue eyes was by your side, smiling.

“Hi doll”, he said, “Why are you sitting here all alone? You don’t like the party?”

“I do”, you said and pointed to your friend dancing with Juice. “I came with her, but I guess I’m not as funny as he is”

“Oh yes you are”, he smiled, leaning closer. “Come on. Let’s dance”

Tig held your hand, walking to the middle of the clubhouse. He spun you around, put his hands on your hips and pulled you to his body. Your back was against his chest, he was nuzzling on your hair and neck, moving slowly with the song. You found yourself enjoying that, maybe a little too much than you should.

You could feel his boner, his hands were on your waist and Tig was mumbling nonsenses, lips on your neck. You knew this could be a mistake, but as you stayed there, song after song, you got more and more into him. He was licking your neck, your hands around his and your breasts pressed against his chest. Tig hit a spot right behind your ear with his tongue, making you moan loud enough for him to hear.

“Baby girl”, he said looking at you and swallowing hard. “Please”

You knew what he was asking for and you couldn’t resist. You took his hand between yours and stood on tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Which way?” He smiled and guided you to the back of the club, right to his bedroom.


You thought it would be only one night stand and one SAMCRO party, but after missing two parties you were there again, dragged by your pissed off friend.

“I swear to God”, she said walking to the clubhouse. “If I listen Tig asking about you one more time, I’ll kill him”

She was dating Juice and never missed one party. She had told you Tig was asking for you and had ignored the crow eaters, just sitting by the bar and drinking. Truth be told, you were missing him too. 

Your friend left you as soon as she saw Juice. You looked around and smiled at some people you knew, but Tig was nowhere to be see. You walked towards the bar and then you found him. He was behind it, knelt, looking for something.

“It was supposed to be here”, he said to Chuck, who was trying to help. “I can’t believe”

“This must be a very good drink”, you said. “Pour me some when you find it”

Tig looked up to you, a wide smile spreading on his face, “You came”.

“Apparently you were asking for me”, you said. He got up, walking around the bar to stay in front of you.

“Yes I was”, he said, leaning to kiss you. It was breath taking. He nuzzled on your neck, whispering in your ear. “Come with me”

You let him hold your hand and guide you through the crowd, going to his bedroom again.


You never missed another SAMCRO party after that; and when you notice you were dating Tig. He was wonderful, treated you like a queen, but your relationship gravitated around clubhouse parties and sharing his bed there.

He didn’t used to come to your house for more than just to pick you up for a party and you barely got involved into club business, though Gemma liked you and had asked for your help more than once.

You knew there was a party that night, but you decided to stay at home. You took a shower and put on your robe, getting ready to watch a movie and relax. That was when you phone started to ring. It was Tig.

“Where are you?”, he snapped as soon as you answered the call.

“Home”, you said.

“Why?”, you could hear the clubhouse noise through the phone.

“I’m tired Alex”, you said. You heard his breath on phone, frustrated. He said okay and hang up. “Jesus Christ!”

Your hot chocolate was ready, that was what you needed after a long day and that disappointing call from your boyfriend. However, you didn’t have time to enjoy it, because your doorbell was ringing. You looked through the peephole before opening the door and Tig was standing there, looking dangerous and hot as hell.

“Hi”, you said opening the door and, as always, he pulled you close to him, kissing you until you both were breathless. He walked inside the house, kicking the door behind him. You pushed him. “Alex”

“What?”, he said still trying to pull you closer.

“Stop”, you said, taking a step back. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you”, he said. “You said you were tired, I wanna make sure you were okay”

“I’m okay”, you said, taking a deep breath.

“It doesn’t look that way”, he raised his voice a little.

“Okay”, you huffed. “It’s always like this and nothing more. We go to a party, we have fun, and we end in your bedroom. I’m not a part of the Samcro family”

“Yes you are”, he said, frowning.

“Really?”, you took a step forward, “’Cause all I feel, it’s like I’m just a new and interesting pussy for you to fuck. Soon you will get tired”

“It’s not like that baby girl”, he took a step towards you too, looking angry, “You are more than just a pussy, though I love to fuck you”

“Oh Christ!”, you cursed, ready to say more, but he silenced you with his lips. Tig was pulling you closer, his arms around your waist. You tried to push him, hitting his chest with your fists, but he ignored you. Your feet left the ground, your back hit the wall and Tig opened your robe, looking down at your nightie, a black one.

“I’m glad I came by”, he laughed and wrapped your legs around his waist. His lips were on your neck, you could feel him getting hard and it made you moan. Tig laughed against your skin and ripped the nightie, exposing your breasts to his mouth. You started to unbutton his shirt, desperate to touch him.

Tig walked towards the couch, putting you on the floor just time enough for you both take off your clothes. He hugged you again, sitting on the couch. He held himself lined up with your entrance, touching your clit with its tip, teasing.

“Come on doll”, he whispered, his pupils large with desire for you. You lowered onto him, moaning loud as he filled you up. You put your hands on the wall behind the couch, Tig held your hips firmly between his hands, “Slow baby, take it slow”

“We need to talk”, you said, breathless.

“Yes”, he hissed. “We are going to”

He held you close, his mouth around your breast, sucking it while you rode him. You were getting closer, Tig felt that and slowly laid you on the floor, the rug scratching you back a little. He spread your knees, holding your thighs and thrusting hard inside you.

“Oh God!”, you arched your back, tightening around him. “Please Alex!”

“Shit!”, he rubbed your clit increasing the pleasure, through the haze all you could hear was him saying your name like a prayer while he climax too. You heard him laugh, “I never will get tired of this”

He laid next to you on the floor, both trying to catch your breaths. You look at the ceiling, hating yourself for doing that and ruin the moment, but you had to.

“Alex…”, you started, but he interrupted you.

“I love you”, he said. You mouth hung open as he propped his body over an arm to look at you. “I love you baby girl. I’m sorry for made you think the opposite. I’m trying to protect you for being too involved with the club and get hurt, but at the same time I can’t let you go, you are under my skin”

“I love you too Alex”, you said seeing his eyes widen.

“You do?”, he asked, smiling like a little boy, his thumb caressing your cheek.

“Yes, I do”, you smiled. “People tell me stories about you Alex and I know you think you don’t deserve happiness, but I don’t care. I love you just like this, crazy, intense… All of you. We will make this work”

“I’m yours doll”, he said and kissed you.

“Good”, you said and got up, walking to the kitchen to get your chocolate, now cold.

“Where are you going?”, he said looking at you as you walked back to the living room. “What do you have there?”

“I have chocolate”, you said putting your finger into the cup and licking the chocolate in it. “And I’m going to the bedroom”

“I love chocolate”, he laughed getting up and following you.

I think about you when I cum, pt.1

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word count: 2,3k

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

A/N:  So me and @parkjiminsprincess decided to do a collab and this is what we ended up with, you can find pt.2 at her blog!

Summary: You meet Yoongi in a club and you go home together, the first time you end up just sleeping. But the second time you decide to do something more exciting.

Part 2 is here!!

The club was quite loud. You didn’t really like the whole club life but your friends told you to come out with them since you hadn’t been out since the breakup. It took hard on you, but you were telling yourself to have fun and just let it go. You were a strong woman.

Your friends were dancing, talking and drinking. Their smiles made you happy and yes, this was going to be a good night.

”Y/N come on let’s go dance!” Alex dragged you up from the couch and on to the dance floor, you hadn’t been this excited in months, you had a couple of drinks too so that might’ve affected your decision making.

You heard someone cackle loudly from across the dance floor and you suddenly turned around to see a group of men, 7 of them in fact. ”Alex! Long time no see, how are you?” A tall man shouted and you had to glance around Alex to see who it was.

”Namjoon! I didn’t expect to see you here, it’s been so long.” Alex shouted and pointed to some seats in the back of the club. You all went to sit down and she introduced you to them.

”This is Namjoon, we went to school together, aish Namjoon, how long has it been now? 3 years?” Alex gazed at Namjoon the way you gaze at someone that you had a fling with and you finally understood that this was the guy she’s been talking about for a long time, the guy who helped her through school when she had a rough patch.

”Nice to meet you, i’m Y/N, i’ve been friends with Alex forever now it seems, how come i’ve never met you?” You avoided saying that she had talked about him a lot before, you didn’t wanna bring anything of that up right now, maybe it just wasn’t the right thing for you to say anyway.

”Well, after school we kinda drifted apart so to speak” Namjoon said. ”But I would not say no to start up our friendship again” his eyes drifted over to Alex who looked over her shoulder to see more faces she knew.

”Oh are you here with the whole group? I haven’t met them in so long!” Alex looked so excited, like she had won the lottery. She waved them over and they all smiled and walked over with drinks in their hands.

”ALEX!” A voice shouted. ”I haven’t seen you in so long!”

Alex stood up and embraced the taller man in her arms and hugged him for a long time. ”Taehyung! You never responded to my texts so I thought you didn’t wanna talk to me” Taehyung looked at Alex and said ”I changed my number, dumbass” He smirked and jabbed his elbow lightly onto her arm.

Alex introduced them all to you and they seemed like a pretty cool bunch. You were happy that Alex was happy, her face was smiling from ear to ear and you knew that this was going to be one of those great nights that you hadn’t had in a long time.

”We’re missing someone though” Alex stated. ”Where’s Yoongi?”

”He’s on his way, he just texted me” Namjoon responded. ”He’s just a block away!”

Who was this Yoongi you thought for yourself, Alex hadn’t mentioned him before. You’ve only heard of Namjoon, Taehyung and the others, Yoongi was a new name to you. You peered over at Alex who was joking with Jimin, her laugh could be heard all over the club but you didn’t want it to end, you loved her laugh.

”Ah there he his.” Namjoon waved over a chestnut haired guy to the table. ”Where you’ve been? You’re late”

”Aish, i’m never late, you’re just so damn early all the time” Yoongi stated. He waved to the others and let out a lazy laugh. ”I’m gonna get a drink, anyone else who would like something?” He glanced over the table where you all sat and his eyes locked at you. ”Hey, you want something?” Your glass was empty so why not. ”Sure, take a pick” You said while he gave you the thumbs up and walked up to the bar.

Those were the deepest darkest eyes you’ve ever seen, if he had been anywhere closer you would’ve drowned in them. He was very attractive and there was something mysterious about him. He wasn’t that tall but taller than you, chestnut brown hair and eyes dark as the night, the way he dressed made him even more attractive.

He came back with two drinks and gestured to the guys to move so he could sit beside you. ”Here’s your drink, I got you my favorite, I hope you like it too” He smirked and you could feel your face get warm and flustered, thank god this was a club and not a café in the middle of the day.

”I’m Min Yoongi, i’ve known Namjoon for years and he introduced me to Alex some years ago” He took your hand and shook it, his hand was warm and soft and you didn’t wanna let go.

”Y/N, nice to meet you Min Yoongi, i’ve known Alex since birth and i’ve heard her talk about you guys before so it’s nice to finally meet you all” There was a white lie in that since you never heard about Yoongi which was both good and bad you thought. He was even more attractive up close and you didn’t wanna take your eyes off him.

As the night went by you had way to many drinks and your head was feeling kinda dizzy, you said to Alex that you were leaving and she nodded in response, you didn’t know if she understood you since she was quite under the table herself but you stood up and grabbed your purse. You felt a hand grabbing your wrist as you were getting ready to say bye to the group.

”I’ll walk you home, I don’t want anything to happen to you, some people are crazy out there” A pair of dark eyes stared at you with huge determination. He wasn’t going to let you go home alone, well you thought that it was for the best, there had been bad things happening around town lately.

You grabbed his hand and you walked out of the club.

You breathed in the fresh air after being inside a crowded club for so long, your head was spinning and you stumbled forward. You felt a hand around your waist that stabled your steps and had you up on your feet again.

”Thanks I guess.” You said looking flustered, you actually felt safer with him, his arm wrapped around your waist.

”I don’t want anything to happen” His words came out quite uneven and with some hiccups. He was quite drunk but so were you.

You arrived at your apartment and you dug through your purse to find the keys, it took longer than you cared to admit. Stumbling inside you threw your shoes off and when you turned around you met his dark gaze, you didn’t expect him to still be here.

”So, are you gonna let me crash here?” His words came out sloppy and you said without hesitation ”Well since you’re here, you can stay I guess.” He glanced over your shoulder to look at the apartment. It was more on the smaller side but still liveable. You had made it your own with your cute figures and paintings.

”I’m gonna get you a toothbrush, i’ll be right back” You turned around in a haste and your head spun even more, but you just shook it off.

When you got back with a toothbrush he was nowhere to be found, you looked around and noticed some clothing leading to your bedroom. Peeking inside you saw Yoongi laying on your bed, totally out of it. ”Oh well, at least he’s not out in the streets” You thought for yourself.

The clothing were quite easy to remove even thought you were quite wasted. Your dressed slipped off your hips and onto the floor and you peered over to see Yoongi sleeping in your bed. He looked so calm and you just thought to yourself ”I guess we’re calling it a night.”

The sun was shimmering through your sheer curtains. While you turned around you had totally forgotten that there was an attractive man sleeping in your bed beside you. ”What happened last night?” You said low.

You swung your legs off the bed and you checked if he was awake, he wasn’t. ”Well I guess I have to wake him at some point.” You mumbled. With lazy steps you dragged yourself out into the kitchen to get a glass of water and some pain reliever, your head was slightly pounding.

Fifteen minutes later you were out the door because you knew that you didn’t have any breakfast at your place, that had slipped your mind when Alex called last night to ask you to come out and have some fun.

You picked up the usual, some yoghurt, sandwiches, some vegetables and fruit. ”If he now stayed the night I can give him a proper meal when he wakes up.”

The keys rustled in the lock and Yoongi slowly turned around and looked quite disoriented. ”Y/N? Is that you?” His voice was low and raspy. ”Yes, I got us some breakfast, get dressed.”

Yoongi almost waddled out the kitchen, he still looked quite drunk but damn was he attractive, his brown locks was all over the place and you couldn’t help to smirk a little.

”You want some Advil? You look awful.” You said with a smile. He nodded and you went to grab some.

”Take some breakfast, you’ll need it to feel better.” You put the Advil in his hand and gave him a glass of water. ”What happened last night, did we…?” Yoongi tilted his head and didn’t really wanna meet your gaze. ”Well I went to get a toothbrush for you and the next thing I know you’re sleeping in my bed.”

He raised his eyebrows and turned his head away, you could see that he got a little embarrassed.

”It was nice of you to walk me home though, I felt safer and well I got home so that’s good I guess.” You smiled at him and he met your eyes and gave you a smile. A smile that could melt any girls heart, that you were sure of.

”So can I stay for a while? Until my headache has gone?”

”Sure, I don’t have anything planned, you wanna watch something while we eat?” You looked at the tv and then back at Yoongi.

”Yeah, that sounds good.” He began walking towards the couch but turned around as quickly. ”Maybe I should grab something so you don’t have to carry it all.”

”It’s alright.” You put everything on a tray and pointed to the couch. ”Go, i’ll be right there with the food.”

You turned around while Yoongi slumped down on the couch, how did this man end up here, you were sure there was some other girl because how could someone as attractive and nice as him not end up breaking a few girls hearts.

You shook your head, he’s here now, let’s just enjoy the company. ”Do you want coffee?” No answer, you turned around just to see that he had fallen asleep on the couch already. ”Coffee it is then.”

While the coffee was brewing in the pot you took out some bowls and cut up some strawberries. You could at least treat him to a proper breakfast, he did walk you home even though he didn’t know you that well.

The coffee was done and you poured it up into two big cups, you walked slowly into the living room and put them down on the table. ”Yoongi?” you said low. He opened his eyes slowly and looked confused at you. ”Yeah…? Wait did I fall asleep again? I’m sorry….”

”Aish, it’s alright, I just wanted to know if you want milk in your coffee?” You smiled at how small and vulnerable he looked. ”No I take it black.” He smirked while you went out to get the bowls of yoghurt that you had prepared. ”Yes black as those dark eyes that I seem to drown in.” You said to yourself.

”Aigo, you didn’t have to do this, it tastes amazing though” Yoongi commented. ”Thank you.”

You smiled as you met his gaze, this was a good start to the day, it was better than the last couple of weeks when you’ve woken up alone. Yoongi seemed calm and the fact that he didn’t imply that he wanted to do anything except actually getting to know you, it felt soothing in some way.

The clock turned four and Yoongi sat up on the couch. ”I should go, i’ve overstayed my invitation, it’s been very nice being with you though, thanks for the breakfast and the company.” You smiled at him while he walked towards the hallway. He turned around fast and looked at you. ”I need to brush my teeth, like real bad.” You pointed towards the bathroom. ”I put the toothbrush besides mine, it’s the blue one.”

He freshened up and put his shoes on, ready to leave he took your hand and said ”Let’s meet again soon, you seem like a nice girl, I wish Alex had told me about you earlier.” He looked down at his shoes and you could feel his hand getting warmer. ”Yes I wanna see you again, here’s my number.” You put a note in his hand and he unlocked the door. ”I’ll text you, bye Y/N.”

You closed the door and walked back to the couch, this could be the start of something new you thought. You could feel the lump in your chest but it wasn’t as bad like it was some weeks ago. It was time for you to finally live a little.


Steve Rogers:

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Steve had accompanied you to one of your friends weddings and was determined to get you out on the dance floor with him for at least one dance. You’re really shy and are not too comfortable with dancing in public even though the two of you dance around your house all the time together. “Come on y/n let’s go and dance. I know you love this song.” Steve said while pulling you towards the dance floor. You nervously shook your head while pulling him in a different direction. “I think we should dance in the garden where no one can see my horrible dancing.” You spoke with a slight chuckle as you lead him down the pathway towards the garden hidden behind the stage where the live band was playing. Steve had somehow convinced you to spend the rest of the evening dancing with him which later lead to laughing at your two left feet.


Originally posted by awhyou

Thor may seem like a pretty serious person but when the two of you were alone he was always goofy and doing everything in his power to make you laugh. He would often turn on your favorite songs even though he didn’t really know them and make you drop whatever you were doing to dance along with him. He knew that doing that always brought a smile to your face so when you were having a rough day or wasn’t feeling like yourself he would spin you around the room and try to sing along to the songs as best as he could that were playing. On the very rare occasion he would actually get a line or two correct which would surprise you and only make you happier.

Pietro Maximoff:

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Pietro was all about speed throughout his day but one thing that truly surprised you when the two of you first got together was his love of slow dancing. You never imagined that the speedster would enjoy doing something slow let alone constantly trying to persuade you to join him. He would find all kinds of opportunities to make you dance with him like when the two of you were on a mission and luckily were undercover as a couple attending a party. He had pulled you onto the dance floor and began to twirl you around as you two continued to spy on the hydra agents who were also undercover.

Tony Stark:

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You loved to dance and just be silly which often led to Tony mocking your moves but you knew that he was always joking. He loved how free you were and how you weren’t afraid to be yourself when it came to dancing so when he was dancing with you he also became more carefree and would dance right along with you. The two of would often dance along the beach to the sound of the waves and nothing else because it was so comforting and peaceful for the two of you.


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Everyone always expects Loki to be rough and dangerous but you were the only one who got to see the real Loki behind the walls he had built up over the years. You brought out the kind and gentle side of Loki even though it was often just when you were alone with him. The others could see that you were slowly turning him into a better man especially when you got him to openly dance with you while everyone was out exploring the city together. A street performer was doing a cover of the song you two loved the most and you immediately grabbed his hand and dragged him out onto the street to dance with you. Without a second thought Loki was already twirling you around like he had so many times before in the safety of your home.


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You and Bucky were each others rock and when either of you were having a bad you would hold each other and sway gently to some songs that he used to listen to before he became the winter soldier. The music always brought him a sense of comfort as it reminded him of the times before hyrda had gotten a hold of him and now it also made him think of you and all the joy you brought him. Sometimes you two would be up all night just basking in the silence and comfort of being in each others arms.

NaLi after Lisanna comes back
  • Lisanna: Hi Natsu let me teach you how to dance—
  • Natsu: *is kidnapped by Erza*
  • Lisanna: Hi Natsu u said we're gonna get married when we get older right, look at me now wearing a wedding gown and—
  • Natsu: *is nearly killed by Lucy's weight*
  • Lisanna: Hi Natsu what are you doing in a cell with me naked omygod don't look—
  • Natsu: *is footslapped in the face by Lisanna*

Imagine Tom holding his hand out for you, he wants to dance but you protest. “No Tom, I can’t dance.” You blushed. “Come on darling, let me show you.” He pleads. You hesitate but end up taking his hand and dancing slowly around the dance floor to your favorite slow song. “See, I told you it wasn’t that hard.” He teased. 

35 & 40-Bucky Barnes

35. “There goes my innocence.”
40. “Is there a reason you’re this close to my face?”

“Come on, doll,” Bucky persisted, “Let’s dance!”

You smirked shyly as you sat at the bar, beer in hand. He had been asking you to dance all night, but you just weren’t in the mood. Sure, Sergeant Barnes was more than attractive, not to mention a gentleman, but you honestly felt more comfortable by the bar.

You wouldn’t have showed up had it not been for Peggy, a close friend of yours. You knew she wanted to dance with Bucky’s best friend Steve. So, you went with her. Your plan to stay out of sight was a little more than unsuccessful. After all, you and Peggy entered an army bar. Bucky just happened to be the only one who had persisted in asking for a dance.

“Please,” he asked, “Just one dance. After that, I’ll leave you to your drink.”
You bit on your lip, nerves going haywire. “Alright,” you replied slowly.
Bucky’s eyes lit up. “Really?”
You nodded. “Yes, Sergeant Barnes. I’ll dance with you.”
He gleamed. “Call me Bucky.”
“Y/N,” you introduced yourself.

Holding onto your hand, he pulled your from your chair and onto the dance floor. Giggling, you danced with Bucky across the small floor. The jazzy tune kept your spirits high. The gorgeous soldier spun you around several times before pulling you close. The two of you were having such a great time that you failed to notice your best friends leave the area.

When you were done dancing, Bucky sat down with you at the bar. The two of you talked about whatever came to mind. Each of you admired the glint in the other’s eye when they spoke about something with passion. You found yourself wondering why you hadn’t agreed to the dance earlier.

You grinned before turning to chug the rest of your beer. When finished, you faced Bucky. You quirked a brow when you noticed there was very little distance between the two of you.

Is there a reason you’re this close to my face?” you asked quietly.
He licked his lips. “I would like to ask if it would be okay for me to kiss you.”
You smirked, eyes changing to a different tone. “Is that all?”
Bucky’s mouth opened slightly. He chuckled. “I wouldn’t object to anything further.”
“Well now,” you drawled, “there goes my innocence. And to a Sergeant no less.”

Before he could retort, you stood up. Grabbing his hand, you pulled him from the bar. It wasn’t long until Bucky began to lead you with glee. You giggled with him giddily. Sergeant Bucky Barnes was a gentleman all around.


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Monsta X reaction to you dancing to BTS Fire


He finds you adorable even though your dance doesn’t make sense.

“Come here, cutie, let me teach you the dance moves” He says, as he warms up beside you.


“Wonho, let’s dance together” You shout when you see Wonho looking at you. 

He nods, thinking ‘Why isn’t it All In?’


“Are you challenging me?” You hear Minhyuk say from behind. 

“I’m just bored, Minhyuk –”

“You are so challenging me” 


“Hah!” Kihyun says, as he makes a loud clap when he sees you dancing. 

“Why are you dancing to Fire?” 

“Change the song to All In now”

“Don’t make me do it”

“Why are you still dancing??”


He looks at you for a long time, making you stop dancing. You blush when his eyes are still on you, a little suggestive, a little playful.

“Well? Go on” He tells you, still eyeing you.


“Stop dancing” 

“No” You immediately shut him down, dancing crazily around him.

“If this is what you want, then fine, let’s see who is the better dancer”

“Jooheon, I didn’t mean it that way–” 

He playfully pushes you away by the hips as he starts to dance to Fire.


“Your dancing really fascinates me” You turn around to see Changkyun looking at you.

“It’s great, isn’t it?” You compliment yourself, a smirk plaster on your face.

“It’s crazy” He lets out a laugh, making you roll your eyes. 

‘His laugh is crazier’