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'To The Moon...' (Soulmate!Michael) Imagine

Request: “Could you do a soulmate!5sos imagine with michael, idk like you’re front row at a concert when yall meet and "just know” idk. Thanks a bunch love ☺️"

warnings: mild language kinda 

A/N: thank you you beautiful anon because this was so much fun to write and i think i’ve become a michael girl now after writing this so.. oops ?

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In all honesty, it wasn’t your fault that you hadn’t found your soulmate. You had tried to meet new people and be social but nothing you did ever led to finding the one. So you watched as everyone you knew met their soulmates and began to show off their small intricate soulmate tattoos that always appeared when you first met your soulmate while you waited and hoped that you would be the next person to find their soulmate.

Because you felt so alone, music became your solace. Music transported you to a place where finding your soulmate didn’t matter and you never felt empty. One day while listening to Y/F/B’s latest music video, you spotted a video entitled Try Hard by 5 Seconds of Summer. Out of sheer curiosity you clicked on it. You were pleasantly surprised at the raw talent of the group. They wrote amazing songs and the more you began to watch their music videos and the other videos on their YouTube channel, you were hooked. - It had been a year since you had discovered that first music video and 5 Seconds of Summer’s music had quickly became your life. Their music was the only thing that kept you happy as each day passed without meeting your soulmate. But As the days slowly began to pile on, your hope of finding your soulmate dwindled. There had been several cases of people not finding their soulmates so you made peace with the inevitable theory that you would become another number in that minority. Even though you were fine with being alone, that didn’t mean you didn’t fantasize. After all, 5 Seconds of Summer were gorgeous. You loved Ashton’s muscles, Calum’s dark brown eyes and Luke’s tallness. But Michael, he was another story. What you felt for Michael was completely different from anything you had ever felt for anyone. You couldn’t help smiling every time he giggled in an interview or uploaded a selfie on Twitter. He was everything you had ever wanted or dreamed of in a soulmate. The more that you watched 5 Seconds of Summer grow and achieve so much, you couldn’t help wishing that you could be by his side to experience this with him. But these feelings you had were meaningless. You knew that it was hopeless to have feelings for him because not only was he way out of your league, but someone that you had no chance of meeting. - It was a stroke of luck that you were able to see them in concert. Today was the day of the show and your hometown was buzzing with excitement. Giggling tween girls decked out in 5sos merchandise had been coming in and out of the restaurant you were waitressing at all day to grab something to eat then rush out the door in the hopes to see one of the massive black coach buses that carried the boys. You had sighed in defeat. Each time you saw more of the boys’ fans come into the restaurant, the more you heart sank at the realization that you were working and would have no chance to see them live.  It was halfway through your shift and you had been reorganizing the desert counter when your best friend, Y/BFFS/N barreled into the restaurant squealing with excitement. “You won’t believe what I just got!” She screamed, startling the customers who were eating quietly at the counter.  “Whoa, whoa, Y/BFFS/N calm down! What’s going on?” You asked as you whispered a quick apology to the customers she had scared. “K109.5 had a last minute radio contest to win front seats to the 5sos concert and guess whose got two thumbs and won the contest? This girl!” She shouted, causing the two customers at the counter to shoot her an annoyed expression. “No. No way! We’re actually going to see them?” A sob caught in your throat and the tears began to leak out of your eyes. You couldn’t believe it. I’m actually going to see them. “Y/N get ahold of yourself!” She joked, “You can love me and pay me back for this later but we need to go now!” Y/BFF/N demanded. At this point, your boss had peaked his bald head out of the kitchen door and was watching you and your best friend’s conversation with a look of confusion. Before you could beg your boss to let you finish your shift early, he motioned for you to go. You yelled a “thank you” as your best friend grabbed your hand and pulled you out the door of the restaurant. - “Wait! Y/BFFS/N, what about my clothes!” You motioned to the grease stained apron and black shirt you were wearing and your hair in a sloppy bun. “Ha!” She scoffed “You didn’t think your fairy godmother would come empty handed now do you?"  You raised your eyebrows in suspicion. Before you could ask her what was going on, she had led you to her tan 1973 Ford Festiva and pulled out a white shirt, floral skirt, and straps brown sandals and a hairbrush. Your jaw dropped in surprise. "Y/BFFs/N, I-you-what-” Y/BFFs/N held up a hand to stop you mid-sentence. “Let’s just focus on making you drop dead gorgeous before the show okay?"  - Before you knew it, you and Y/BFFs/N were walking into the arena arm and arm, barely containing your excitement. Your seats were just as incredible as you could’ve hoped. You were right in front of the stage. If you reached out your hand you could’ve touched one of the many amps that you knew the boys would probably be standing on later. Then, the lights dimmed and you began to hear powerful electric guitar chords as you saw the shadows of each boy from 5 seconds of summer begin to appear on the stage. The screams from the audience grew louder and louder as each figure appeared on stage.One of the boys was right in front of you, which caused you and your best friend to add to the deafening screams around you, All you could make out from this figure was a pair of black combat boots. Oh sweet Jesus in heaven please let this be Michael.Your eyes widened in surprise to see that once the lights had come on, your wildest dream had come true. In the flesh, stood Michael Gordon Clifford.  You felt a shove to your ribs from your best friend who was beside you and mouthed at you oh my god! This boy that you had fantasized over and had pined from a computer screen was within an arm’s length from you. Watching Michael sing along with Luke and Calum to Try Hard almost made your heart give out. You knew he was good at guitar but damn. Michael’s eyes were closed in concentration as his fingers effortlessly shredded over the guitar. In the midst of the song, you had been glancing back at Ashton and being mesmerized by his drumming skills when you felt a pair of eyes on you. - You were frozen in shock as your pale Y/EC eyes locked with Michael’s gorgeous blue-green ones. His eyes hypnotized you because you had the unwavering feeling in the pit of your stomach that you knew him. Not in the sense of how you had learned about him and gotten to see how he interacts in interviews but like you had known him for years. Suddenly, a sharp pain laced through your left bicep which caused you to double over. Looking down, you saw ”…and back" inscribed on your arm in a cursive black font along with today’s date. You looked up to see your best friend’s eyes wide with shock. As you open your mouth to ask her what was wrong, your thoughts were cut off by a familiar voice scream in pain too.  Turning your attention to the stage, the band was in shambles. Ashton hadn’t realized that the song had been cut off till a few short moments later so the sound of his drums still faintly echoed throughout the arena. Calum had put down him bass and was being held back by Luke who was whispering something in Calum’s ear, causing his expression to change. Michael was bent over in pain and his guitar was haphazardly placed next to him. His face was twisted in pain as his hand clutched his left bicep. “Michael! What’s wrong?” Luke asked, his voice laced with concern. The mic reverberations of Luke’s question to Michael hung in the air for what seemed like hours. But after a few beats, Michael stood upright and with a shy smile, lifted his hand that was covering his bicep to reveal a tattoo with an identical font to yours that said “to the moon..” Audible gasps were littered throughout the audience. “Oh my god guys! Our little Mikey has found his soul mate!” Ashton screamed into the microphone causing several cheers to spring up from the audience. “Shh! Shh.. Guys I said shh!” Ashton giggled. Ashton tried to compose himself from the look that Luke was giving him. “This is serious! Yes it is Luke! Don’t give me that look!” He jokingly scolded Luke who held up his hands in mock defeat.  "Now would the unfortunate er I mean fortunate girl who is Mikey’s soulmate please make herself known!“ Ashton quickly corrected himself after Michael had given him a glare "Yeah, can we uh get the house lights up a bit so we can see? I don’t know about the other boys but I can’t see shit.” Calum wondered, creating a visor to shield his eyes from the harsh stage lights. “Calum! We have small children present! Don’t fucking swear!” Luke shouted into his mic. “Oh wait.” Luke began to laugh which made the other boys on stage laugh as well. “Okay, in all seriousness, I’d really like to know who my soulmate is.” Michael spoke anxiously into the mic. Several screams of“Mikey I love you!” And “Me!”  sprang up in the audience which made Michael’s eyes dart through the crowd.  “Hey! She’s over here!” Before you could register what was happening, Y/BFFS/N grabbed your still tender arm and began waving it in the air. All four of the boys’ heads snapped towards you and Michael’s face broke out into an earth-shattering smile, which made your mouth morph into a smile that matched his. “Hi, so I don’t wanna wait to meet you so is there any way we can get her on stage?” Michael said, speaking into his mic.   Your eyes widened in alarm and you began to silently mouth a please no to Michael. The audience roared with excitement and encouragement as the boys’ bodyguards ushered you to the side of the stage. You could feel the eyes of every person in the audience eyeing you with jealousy as you shakily made your way over to Michael. Although he was drenched in sweat, you couldn’t help grinning at the talented, giggly, red-headed boy who quickly closed the gap between you two.  “Hi, I’m Michael. I’m sorry to put you on the spot like this but I really wanted to meet you.” He blushed, obviously embarrassed.  You gave him a small smile in return. “I’m Y/N.” Michael grinned and turning back to the mic said, “In honor of my beautiful soulmate, Y/N I’d like to dedicate this song to her. This one’s called ‘Beside You’ and I hope you guys enjoy it! Especially you.” He murmured to you as he gave you a quick wink. “Michael, we’ve got a show to do! You can make out with her after the set!” Luke chuckled. Michael responded by flipping him off as you walked off the stage, laughing and shaking your head at the beautiful idiot who was your soulmate.