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Hey! :) I really like your story! I was wondering if you had any favorite writers or stories?

 sorry for the late reply ! 

i’ve finally found the time to compile a list..  it’s quite short but this is what i’ve read recently/ am reading right now ! please go read all of them and cry ^^

the nudist & the prudist by @gxtsmxt  ♡ ♡ ♡  (jjk x reader)

this !! fic !! i love this fic SO much but i love iggy x100 more

if you love yourself pls also go and read when a ladybug meets a spider (taehyung x reader) and every possible fic of hers that comes out in the near and distant future !! follow her !! stan talent !!

grey area by @blushoseoks (myg x reader)

i’m reading this series at the moment ! i LOVE angst and i love soulmate au fics, so this was EVERYTHING i wanted and more !! i really like everything about it but i think it’s gonna make me cry :’( but i know the pain will be worth it !! 

obsession by @eureka-its-zico (jjk x reader)

ceo!jungkook …… igtg this ruined me. i love ceo!bangtan and this fic sated my thirst. i also can’t believe there’s gonna be a part 2… 

a whisky by any other name by @jiminslolli (pjm x reader)

switch!jimin smut that’s really well written… and did i say switch!jimin??

intuition by @vivacioustae (ksj x reader)

i mean… i could tell you to read all of her fics and you wouldn’t be disappointed but jin came out of nowhere and fcked me up >.< (i thought it was really interesting to have jin written as an asshole/fuckboi instead of the sweet guy he’s usually portrayed as!)

also i can’t wait until doctor jimin comes and ends my entire existence thx

where the lines overlap by @chinnychimchim (pjm x reader)

i loved this story so much !! i thought it was a really interesting and well written take on the whole soulmate!au + friends to lovers trope ! the smut was also A+ i recommend 

(also i’ve never talked to the writer so i wonder if it’s okay if i mention them?)

clueless by @ofsunandstars (pjm x reader)

yes!!! this was so hot i needed a breather i love one shots with slow build ups and this fic delivered i love it i love jimin i love everything

suga daddy by @drquinzelharleen (myg x reader)

i love yoongi as a dom! sugar daddy; this series got me feeling some type of way… i love dom!yoongi so much and best friend! taehyung too !!

+ i’m cheating bc i didn’t read these recently but they need to mentioned bc they are life changing

like a porn star by @kstopping (jhs x reader)

queen of smut !!! porn star!hoseok aka the thing i never thought i needed in my life. if you read this you will never be the same again. go read through the entire masterlist and cry tears of thirst. u may or may not thank me afterwards (+ you can also start w/ cinnamon sugar bc who doesn’t want a threesome with sugar daddy!namjoon and party boy!tae)

everything  get mine, get yours by @thotmi (pjm x reader)

mariana has blessed us all with quality smut fics so do yourself a favor and read all of them. all. of. them. 

ilysm i will never thank u enough for these fics esp lifted (my current inspo for the j******* fic i’m planning)

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Hi! I'm not sure if this is considered a request, but I was wondering if you know the name of this fic? I can't remember it! It's a future fic where three teens come to Detroit to be mentored by Viktor, now retired, but it ends up as Yuuri teaching them, and they were really confused at first. I know that he is adamant about them waking up at 7am for training, and in the beginning they end up oversleeping and being late for practice. It was multichaptered and incomplete. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for finding the fic @daiyanodumpster !

It’s Who is Coach Yuuri? by glitteryimagay and you can find it here!

Regarding College AU questions:

I get super stoked to answer questions for it, please ask anything any time! I love to talk about this ‘verse with people! :)

BUT sometimes I don’t answer for 2 reasons: 

1. I’ve already answered the question multiple times (ex. What’s the endgame ship? It’s Mc/Hanzo. )

2. The answer is coming up in future updates and I don’t want to completely spoil it. 

Usually if the asker is off anon I can let them know there’s more info in the future, but when it’s on anon I don’t want to keep clogging people’s dashboards up with a million posts saying “check back later” since there’s no private answering there. So if you’ve asked me something and I never got back to you, I’m really sorry! I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t have a means of telling you I’m working on something similar to what you’re asking. All I can say for now is thanks for being patient with me!

Also, thank you to everyone who’s sent me such sweet and kind messages, they make me so happy and get me excited to work on stuff. I really appreciate them so much, and I hope everyone who’s sent them has a really good day!

Look, I’m not saying “put positive energy out in the world and it will come back,” because I don’t know the future, and literally everything can go to shit. But damn, I’ve been there for years, putting out plenty of negative energy, and all it got me was more negative energy.

Like, when our new Republican President was sworn in, my heart sunk. I remember seeing the trailer for the new Stranger Things, and it said Halloween. Fucking HALLOWEEN? How are we supposed to make it to Halloween?

But then I joined an Indivisible group here in the area. Started organizing. Planning. Doing some work. Talking to others who were organizing and planning. Seeing people stand up. The night the first Muslim Ban went into effect, seeing all those protests, those lawyers… that was the start for me.

And now it keeps adding up. Reistence to DeVos. Another Muslim ban blocked. The ACA repeal thwarted. Work getting done. I’m working on our Indivisible website! All that stuff.

Yeah, positive energy. Fed my brain with positive stories, hung around people doing positive work, thinking inspiring things, finding ways to help and love…

Been saying this for years, but finally practicing it; objects in motion stay in motion.

(due to the success and participation from this week, I defintely think I’ll be doing this next year at the same time, and hopefully it will become an annual thing for as long as the Silmarillion fandom survives. Since i’ve got a year to plan, I’ll definitely try to reach other platforms (DA, livejounrnal, fanfiction, etc.) so in futures to come, it will be a very large Tolkien event (not that it wasn’t large to begin with), and as always, i’ve you have suggestions hmu). 

Anyway, keep posting! your works are all so amazing! And don’t be afraid to bug me if i’ve missed you! The tags aren’t working as nicely as I’d like, so a lot of people are coming into my inbox and letting me know! Feel free to do just that! 



So maybe this isn’t the right audience for this book, but idk. Some of you might like it? 

I just finished reading a YA graphic novel, the first in a series. It comes out on Tuesday. I’m a big fan of fantasy stories in general, as well as graphic novels. But I’m totally used up on post-apocalyptic dystopias. 

But this book? Post-apocalyptic Africa. The only white character in it was a monkey who had white fur. This book is full of gorgeous artwork, and is the story of a brother and sister trying to survive after their parents abandon them and the sister, Boetema, finds out she can astral project to other planets. The characters are delightful, the artwork is gorgeous, the story is just frickin’ cool, and I can’t wait until the second one comes out. 

tl;dr - a post-apocalyptic ya fantasy graphic novel set in future Africa full of cool other planets and awesome characters. It comes out on Tuesday. The title is Afar by Leila Del Duca (illustrated by Kit Seaton). It is here on goodreads. 

She also likes green colors and don’t see why her Godess can’t be a green unicorn.

She do art. Very personnal art.

Week 4 drawing challenge : Willenaide again with watercolor. I’m not very sure how I should put my color, and I’m bad a this (or, at least, I’m not happy with my color). So, futur experiment are coming ! I want to improve my watercolor technique.

And My scanner is bad, it should feel bad ! :(

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prompt 80 with Michael where the reader is someone's daughter/sister

“Does he know about the baby?” Jeremy asked looking over at Michael who was currently screaming at his computer monitor.

You rubbed your stomach softly, “I was planning on telling him tonight. I’m making dinner kind of making it romantic. Setting the mood.”

“Are you telling him he has a baby or making another one?” Jeremy teased.

You shoved his shoulder, “Gross, you’re my brother!”

“Hey, if I have to know how that baby got in you then I can make those kinds of jokes,” he laughed.

“So are you guys going to keep talking about future child or come join us?” Michael shouted.

“Wait. You know?” you asked, wide eyed.

“Yeah. Your five feet from me talking about it. I’m blind. Not deaf,” he joked. “Plus I saw the pregnancy test in the bathroom.”

Michael held his relaxed facade for another moment before rushing over to kiss you, “You’re really pregnant right?”

“Oh yeah. We’re going to have a baby,” you reassured.

I hope it will be better
for us in the coming future:

with about words, their
meanings. Like come together,

to say. To come is to say
oh yes
, goodnight without

such continuous shame.
Bodies can at least sleep

there. With difficulty, some pain.
Often we resist with nothing

at all. We resist naked. Life is
resistant there, to terrible

change. With meager words.
Meager attempts of guidance.

A drag. This life is. Needing
smallest reinforcements:

even with gods the beds,
the mirrors, the cream on

your skin. A hat on your head.
To look fine tomorrow. To say

farewell and see you.

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So I'm new at writing and the type of writer I want to be is a screenwriter. My trouble is I'm having such an hard time on how to start it off. I have a lot of ideas here and there for an indie film I just don't know how to put it on paper. Help me please!!!!! Lol

Before you even start a story, there are a few simple but labor intensive steps you need to take–not taking them is like hitting the road on an empty tank of gas. And FYI, the only thing I know solidly about screenplays is that the formating is very finicky, but a story is a story, so I’m just going with general prep on this one. 

1. Brainstorm. You’re going to come up with a LOT of ideas. Most of them are crap. Eliminate them and you’ll be left with a handful that are original, strong, and doable. Record them for future reference and come up with a simple plot. You can create your characters as well at this point if you wish.

2. Outline. After brainstorming, you should be left with a rough plot for your story. Now you need to deepen it through an outline. You can outline scene by scene or chapter by chapter–whatever works best for you. List out the story events, connect your plots and subplots, and get rid of your holes.

3. Sit yo’ butt down and write. Fairly self explanatory: start your story! Keep your outline nearby and if you get stuck, use it for reference. Remember that you need to write horribly to write well and try to set aside time everyday/every week. You’ll have a manuscript on your hands in no time!

Hope this helps! 

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Here’s a few pictures I took of the West Virginia Penitentiary and the Adena burial mound this weekend. I was passing through Moundsville, West Virginia and stopped to take a look. There’s a very odd and eerie feeling surrounding this place. Standing in between the mound and the prison had a very intense energy. It was exciting to go back to this place again, I didn’t go inside and take a tour because I didn’t have the time but hope to come back again in the near future.

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Notes(from yr favorite pink gremlin)

Dear Pyxis,

Did you kiss F that person you love yet???

Check one:

[                           ]

Yes, because I’m very brave

[                          ]

No, because I’m a sapling

[[A doodle of a pink stick person with a sword and a green stick person with a staff holding hands. There’s a black cat (?) beneath them.]]

your future ???


@elenathpyxis please come slap your friend soon.

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Hey giggles :D been catching up on watching your glorious fmab liveblogs. Also I keep seeing others just being all (:D heh it's a spoiler) on Pride. In that case, I'm also looking forward to thaaat and other things to come in the future.

hi spoon! and yeah, Pride is getting hella hyped and i’m getting really excited and fearful to meet whoever they are!!!!!!!

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So I'm a 15 y/o trans boy and I live in a verbally / emotionally abusive household. I'm having a very hard time because of the abuse and the fact that I'm still in the closet (I'm only out to a few friends)- and constantly being called by my birth name and wrong pronouns is really wrecking my mental health. I want to come out, but I'm worried that my father might hit or even beat me, since he's hit me before. What should I do?

I’m so sorry your stuck in an abusive household. That’s a terrible situation to be in. And I hope you will be able to find a way out of it in a soon future.

Whether you choose to come out or not is always, or at least should always be, your decision. So it’s not one I will make for you. But I will tell you my thoughts about your situation.

If you think your dad might get violent if you come out, I would personally not risk it. I know that being closeted sucks, that it does terrible things to your mental health, but your physical safety is also very important.

You could perhaps also tell the friends you’re out to about how much your family situation is draining and hurting you, even if you don’t want to mention the abuse specifically. They might be able to find a way to help you feel more validated and safe while you are with them, without outing you to your family.

Doing [the spy thing] might also help the misgendering and deadnaming feel slightly less painful?

If any of my followers have any other advice for anon, please feel free to add to this post.

    Yanno, I feel like Drac comes off as kinda depressed in her Future timeline. In her Ascension one, she certainly is because it’s not been that long since people started disappearing from her life(especially her recently lost would-have-been fiance), but in the Future one, she is actually okay, just rreaallllyyyyy nervous about making friends with anyone outside her immediately family or the old ones she has. She also takes her job really seriously because she is afraid people will not take her seriously if she acts like…well, herself~.

      Now at home? I think Leia and Josiah’s cheerful personalities and childish mannerisms tells all (frankly, though, Gage will have a very…different personality, you will see sparks of childishness in him, and he is actually quite optimistic… just really does not like bad people thanks to what he is and his origins~) – Dracula is still a sunshine child, loving and kind; takes on too much and ends up messing up, but picks herself up and tries again~. She is a good mommy who loves and cares for her babies and has done everything to give them the discipline, courage, and good character they need to survive, and takes care of her remaining friends and family.

     What happens is, you may catch her with her armour down when she misses the people left behind when she is alone, but not all her alone time is like that. In fact, it’s not improbable to find her bopping to some obnoxiously loud playlist while she crunches numbers for Covenant Co. ~. A finance person her day job may be, but she is not a boring one, for sure~. ;D

     As someone gets to know her, she will prolly let her armour down and be her ditsy, cutesy self, but it takes a whole lot of time and effort because she has gotten good at backing people off for, in her mind, their own sake. Take time and effort to get her to be her friend at this point… but on the bright side, Drac is a good who will love and care for you, so it may be worth the effort~.

    And yes, she still loves frilly dresses and soft toys~. @ameasureofpower can attest, what with that bunny named after him~. He will be tormented by that blue bunny for the rest of his life, poor Simons~. ;D

new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.