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I’m reading all these reblogs on @breeeliss’s post about how not to talk to fic writers and quite frankly I’m astonished and appalled.

“If your art is not perfect, it’s garbage”??

Wowwwwww, take literally ten thousand seats.

First of all: this is fanfiction, written for free, during someone’s free time.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as perfect art. Come the fuck on.

“A matter of respect to the reader?” You’re not entitled to anything.

And “since when you you have to kiss someone’s ass to tell someone they fucked up a verb”?

You don’t? You just don’t have to be an asshole about it?

Don’t give me that bullshit about English not being their first language and therefore the tone didn’t come across the right way. The language of condescension is universal.

And this person is a dick.

Here’s what’s so weird to me. Most people wouldn’t correct a fan artist on getting a nose a little wrong, or drawing a hand a little weird, or drawing eyes a little wonky. 

Like putting things like whitewashing aside (because the equivalent would be writing something similarly cringey), you would be hard pressed to find people reblogging art with minor mistakes and telling the artist every little thing wrong with it.

So why is it ok for people to nitpick at fanfic but not fanart?

It’s not. It’s not ok.

This sense of gross entitlement some readers have for content they get for free really disgusts me.

Just a reminder, kids. This is fanfiction, created during spare time, for free.

You’re not entitled to shit. And it costs $0 to be considerate and conscientious.

For fuck’s sake.  

Tae destroying JK's plans on V-LIVE: since 2016
  • Jungkook: okay, Jimin’s here, music’s on, lights off
  • Jungkook: this is gonna be a perfect night :)))
  • ----
  • Jungkook: good, so now I’ll just wait for Jimin to come and scold me for loud music
  • Jungkook: and then we’ll spend nice time broadcasting, just the two of us
  • Jimin: *comes*
  • Jungkook: :))))))
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: ...why are you like dis :((

quintis wedding countdown:
day two - favourite s2 episode: 2.18 the fast & the nerdiest

I made one last monster bet. I’m gambling that a skinny, moderately good-looking pain-in-the-neck like me can land someone like you. It’s the biggest gamble of my life.

Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 9

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 9

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You deal with the aftermath of Rosita’s discovery.

Warnings: SFW, no smut but there’s a lot of anxiety and paranoia here. If you are easily triggered by such, please don’t read.

Original Idea by: @babyblues915

Note: Quite a dark chapter? I guess? There might be a lack of Negan in the next part though, need it for further plot development lol. I’ve got things outlined until like Part 14 and you guys better prepare because we are heading towards the climax! Anyway, hope this part’s still enjoyable to read!

“But at least I’m not the one sleeping with the enemy.”

You betrayed everyone.

“Remember that the next time you fuck Negan.”

You betrayed Glenn, you betrayed Abraham. You betrayed your family and everyone else. Everything seemed perfect and then you just had to break it. Initially, you thought it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. It’s the end of the world and you were craving for companionship, for intimacy and out of all the people you could sleep with, it had to be Negan. It was a mistake. The first time was always a mistake.

But there came a second and a third and it happened over and over again. It wasn’t a mistake anymore.

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anonymous asked:

so I've seen some debates about whether tony would be better with a cat or a dog but I have a better idea: Crow. I mean, a crow would be perfect. They're fiercely independent, scary smart, and have balls the size of the sun. Also, they can fly. So, for your consideration, Tony helping a crow out and it just follows him home, and now he has a bird friend. (tree anon)

No matter how many times he tried to shoo it away, the damn thing just kept coming back.

Tony didn’t get it. The tiny baby bird was just… it had needed some help, and Tony had seen it, so he’d given it some. But that didn’t explain why the stupid crow had started following him around like a lost… a lost crow!

“Are you ever going to quit it?” He muttered one afternoon, as he neared the main entrance of the tower and, sure enough, his little friend suddenly appeared out of nowhere in order to flutter down on his shoulder, claws digging into his finest Armani suit without a care.

The bird just re-adjusted it’s feathers a little and pecked Tony’s hair. He huffed and jerked his head away grumpily, careful not to dislodge it entirely in case it caused further injury. 

“You’ve got to get off now,” he told it firmly, as his hand closed around the door.

The bird looked right at him, and kept that eye-contact as it slowly began to perch on his shoulder. Like a fucking challenge.

A baby bird was challenging him.

Well. He was Tony Damn Stark. He wasn’t about to be intimidated by a fucking crow.

“Shoo!” He said again, jerking his shoulder a little.

Stupid Crow didn’t even look away for a second.

Tony stared at it hopelessly for another moment, hoping it might fly away of its own accord. When it did not, he sighed.

“Okay. Okay then Satan. You want in? Fine. But if you misbehave, I will drive you down to Brooklyn and leave you to fend for yourself, understood?”

Of course, the crow did not reply. That truly would have been odd. (He’d seen odder. But still.)

Tony huffed again, but walked in with the bird on his shoulder all the same. “People are gonna judge me for this you know that right? I’m gonna be the crazy bird dude- and that role is supposed to be Barton’s only.”

“What about Barton?” And suddenly someone warm was pressing up against his free shoulder, hand taking it’s rightful place in Tony’s own as they walked together.

“I am telling my new admirer that I’m about to take over his role as crazy resident birdman,” Tony said, leaning his head back and pointing toward the black ball of feathers that was staring intently at Steve.

Steve, bless him, didn’t even look surprised. He just sighed. “Another one, Tony? Really?”

“Yeah, but this one wasn’t even my fault! It was the one that picked me!” Tony argued defensively.

Steve laughed, leaning over to give the little guy a better look. “Babe, I know you want to help them all, but we’re currently housing seven different strays, are you sure-”

“This is a bird, Steve, it’s not going to be that much hassle” Tony interrupted. “It’s just until it gets better! Please,” he did his best puppy-eyed expression, pouted his lips and coked his head a little. because Steve had not yet ever been able to resist that look.

Eventually, Steve just huffed out an exasperated but fond laugh, and shrugged. “Your tower. Let’s go tell Barton he’s been usurped, then.”

Tony clapped his hands. “you’re the best.”

“Oh, I know.”

Blood (Batmom x Damian Wayne)

Originally posted by sixofclovers

Request:Hi! :D a Batmom request where Damian meets Batmom and doesn’t accept her motherly love towards him until some paparazzi commented something about how she feels knowing Damian isn’t her blood son and is Bruce’s blood son. Like Batmom says some inspirational stuff about blood doesn’t define family. I mean, she knows Bruce wasn’t in consent..but I’m sure the press doesn’t know that part of the story.

I totally stole that “family don’t end with blood” from Bobby Singer from Supernatural. Oops.

Tagging: @crazyfangirl1810

You had been dating Bruce for two months before you met his kids. 

It wasn’t on purpose, you’d just been visiting the manor to return Bruce’s coat to him. He’d lent it to you on a cold night on one of your dates.

Tim was on the couch with his laptop, drinking what was probably his 6th cup of coffee that day. Damian was in his room doing God knows what. Dick was visiting and he stood in front of Damian’s door, attempting to get him to play a video game with him.

A very loud “GO AWAY GRAYSON” startled you as you walked through the door. It probably wasn’t a good idea to come here uninvited. 

Alfred had been the one to open the door but he quickly walked off after excusing himself. By the delicious smell that wafted through the manor, you assumed he was cooking.

“Uh, excuse me?” You said timidly. Tim looked up for the first time and he gaped like a fish. If you weren’t so nervous you would have laughed at his face. 

“You… You’re not a slut?” He whispered, but you still heard. You were confused and unsure if you should be insulted. A loud TT startled you and you looked behind you to find a young boy, no older than 13.

You assumed it was Damian and smiled lightly. “Don’t be so quick to assume, Drake.” He said cockily. “She could still be a whore.”

You were flabbergasted at his language and rudeness. Had the 13-year-old son of the most amazing man you’d ever dated just call you a whore? 

You stood there, shocked. An older man who stood beside the boy nervously chuckled. You assumed he was Dick.

“I’m terribly sorry. Damian has.. well, no filter.” He said quickly. You brushed it off, not wanting to make a bad impression. Too late, you thought bitterly.

“It.. It’s okay.” You managed. Dick gave you a dazzling smile and charm radiated off of him. “I’m Dick, this is Damian and Tim,” He said, pointing at respective persons. 

Damian just scoffed. “What are you doing here, harlot?”  

You nearly fell over from shock. This kid seriously had issues.

“I-I’m here for Bruce. I wanted to return his coat.” You lifted it up as proof.

Bruce finally arrived after you stuttered that out. “Apologies, I was in my study.” He rushed toward you. “Y/N, these are my kids.” He smiled.

You stood there shell-shocked for a moment before smiling lightly. “We met.” You say, a bit of an offended tone to your voice.

You seem to remember what you came for and lifted up his coat. “I, uh, brought your coat,” You let out a shy, cute smile. You handed it to him and said your goodbyes quickly, ignoring Damian’s glare as you said goodbye to him.

After that, you made it your mission to get Damian to like you.

You tried everything. You made him breakfast, which he threw into the trash immediately because he “doesn’t like blueberry pancakes”. You tried to get into what he liked, which was swordplay apparently. You studied for weeks, and he had you beaten in seconds. He insulted you and pointed out your flaws. You were embarrassed, but you didn’t give up.

Bruce offered to speak to him about his behavior but you declined. He’d never like you if you had Bruce talk to him.

It had been 3 months after you met and still, nothing changed.

Until one night. You were attending an auction with Bruce and he had brought Damian along.

Bruce had been answering some questions and you were getting desperate for a drink. You walked over to Damian, hopeful. “Hi, Damian.” You greeted brightly. 

He didn’t answer, he just looked away. At least he didn’t call you a harlot.

You didn’t give up. “Come get a drink. Non-alcoholic, of course.” 

He looked back at you, rolling his eyes. “You’re lucky I’m thirsty.”

You nearly jumped for joy but instead smiled and made your way toward the bar. You were interrupted by a reporter. 

“Y/N, you’re dating the Bruce Wayne, aren’t you?” She questioned quickly. You smiled nervously, not prepared. “Yes, I am.” 

“What’s it like? How do you feel about his children?” 

You were growing uncomfortable but answered anyway. “It’s amazing. He is a perfect gentleman. His children are wonderful.” 

Damian was growing annoyed. “Is that all?” He snapped. The reporter looked at him as if she just realized he was there. 

An idea popped into her head and she smiled cockily. “How do you feel about Damian? After all, he isn’t your blood child but he is Bruce’s.” 

Damian nearly started to verbally attack the woman but you answered. “I think of Damian as a son. He might not be my blood, but blood doesn’t make family.” 

You continued, “Family doesn’t end with blood. Family’s got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family. And I consider the Wayne’s to be my family.”

Damian and the reporter looked at you, shocked. Bruce, who was lurking, smiled. You really were perfect.

“Well, I think we should get going.” Bruce smiled at the reporter as he guided you and Damian out of the building.

When you got to the manor Bruce excused himself, leaving you and Damian alone.

You were about to go upstairs when Damian spoke up. “Did you mean that? About family.” 

You turned and smiled at him lightly. “Every word.” 

He nodded, walking away and going up the stairs to his room.

The next morning you were making breakfast, humming along to a song you had in your head. Damian walked toward the kitchen counter and huffed loudly.

You turned your head and smiled. “Good morning, Damian.” His cheeks had a red tint to them and he coughed. “I had a particularly hard training session today. I request blueberry pancakes.” 

You grinned and started cooking.

When they finished, you and Damian sat eating breakfast together. You started to truly feel like a family.

After all, family don’t end with blood.

Adventures in Babysitting

So here it is! The sequel to THIS thing which was supposed to be just a prompt answer. I had several people ask me for a sequel and it still baffles me that you guys basically *want* to read my stuff (instead of me throwing it out there, hoping). If you prefer AO3, the second part will be HERE soon.

Now on with the story (more under the cut cause it’s really long)

The phone rings just as Mulder is about to leave his apartment. He stops, looks at his watch: 8.43 a.m. He and Scully never decided on a time last night, but he’s been on the road with her plenty of times. If they don’t have anywhere to be, if there’s no plane waiting, an autopsy or other extraterrestrial tasks, Scully likes to take her time. Mulder figures arriving just after 9 a.m. at her place should neither be too late, nor too early.

The phone keeps ringing, a nagging sound that makes it impossible to leave. What if it’s important? Yet, he doesn’t pick it up. Because what if it’s Scully? Telling him she’s changed her mind and she doesn’t want him to come over. He stares at the book in his hand, “I want to be an astronaut”, a gift for Hannah. The thought of not seeing her, of Scully pushing him away, is unbearable and so he just stands there and waits. Finally, his answering machine springs to life. Mulder braces himself, just in case. If it really is Scully, and who else would call him on a Saturday morning?, then he is just going to pretend he never got the message. It’s sleazy and selfish, but he feels no shame.

“Hello Fox,” Mulder frowns upon hearing the voice on his machine and he is glad he didn’t pick up the phone for entirely different reasons than fear, “It’s Diana. There’s this highly interesting case I found and I thought maybe we could spend the weekend looking it over. Spend some time together. I guess you’re out on a run so just give me a call when you’re back.” Mulder listens to the beep, then he quickly walks over to the answering machine, pushes a button and is on his way.

“Message deleted.” Chimes just as he closes the door behind him.

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anonymous asked:

Well. I don't know how to explain. Like: Steve in lace, trans!steve - just not my thing and yet I can't stop looking at it. I don't know - the trans!steve makes me sick and I love it at the same time, because you did a great job. Like I said, you confuse me and I love/hate it.

I don’t know if you meant your words to come off the way they did (english might not be your native language for all I know), but calling a trans person sick is extremely hurtful, and it sounds like you’re trying to be purposely cruel towards them when you say it. I have some trans friends and it breaks my heart to hear them referred to like this. 

It sounds like you have some transphobia and discomfort with breaking down gender norms. People often feel that way when confronted by something society hasn’t yet normalised. Our instincts tell us to distrust what’s different, but humans are not just a product of instincts. We have the ability to reason and rationalize and to overcome inappropriate feelings and urges that may be “natural”, but are still lacking in compassion and morality.

I don’t want this to be a “call out post” that just tries to shame you for your feelings. The fact that you’ve reached out about your confusion is encouraging. It’s likely you’ve never met anyone who is trans or gender fluid so the idea (and visuals) are new to you. 

I suspect the reason you’re fascinated by the manips is because Steve is someone you presumably really like, but he’s being paired with something that make you feel uncomfortable. This forces you reevaluate how you feel about something you might not have thought about much beyond general discomfort for it’s something you’re not familiar with. Cause it’s Steve. When someone you know and love is “othered” it forces you to look at the “other” differently because you now have to associate that category with someone you care for. 

That’s the whole point of the art. It’s a good “discomfort” because it makes you think and reevaluate and hopefully walk away more open minded after you have a chance to wrap your mind around it.  

In any case i’m glad you like the art and I hope this has given you something to think about.

rainbowspouses  asked:

Bad Decisions with Jerome please for the prompt list 😘

Hope ya like it. So sorry it took this long, but life kinda bitch slapped me in the face.

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

     Seeing as your father is the mayor it’s sort of in your job description to be everyone’s princess. The good girl. The city’s perfect little angel. And for the most part people would be right to label you that way. You’re an upstanding citizen and daughter… until that damn circus comes back in town. Then your whole being shifts into something no one but Jerome can recognize. Your father dreads it each year because he knows there’s no stopping it.

     “Just be safe,” he begs, the words falling on deaf ears. You’re already searching the crowd for the shock of ginger hair. The mayor just sighs and heads to his seat. He knows you won’t be back until the circus leaves town.

     You search for Jerome for what feels like forever. It’s frustrating not being able to spot him since he always wants to be the center of attention. Or the center of your attention rather. Just as you’re about to give up and just ask someone where he is a hand grabs your waist and pulls you close.

     “Hey there, Doll,” Jerome whispers in your ear.

     You smile and turn around, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I was just about to give up on you.”

     “Aww, don’t say that.”

     “But it’s true.”

     Jerome’s lips curve up in a mockery of a smile. “And we both know you always have to tell the truth. Right, Doll?”

     You nod, content to play along with the game he’s starting. “Always.”

     “Then tell me something, Princess. Do you love me?”

     “Yes,” you answer without hesitation.

     “Would you do anything for me?”

     “Of course.”

     Jerome’s grip on you is so harsh you know there’s going to be a bruise in the shape of his hand later. Not that he’ll care. Jerome will probably love it. Just like he loves any mark that shows you as his.

     He leans down so his mouth is right at your ear and whispers, “would you stay with me?”

     To say you’re shocked would be an understatement. Never in a million years would you dream of this happening. Whatever happens between you and Jerome when the circus comes to town is just a game. Sure, it’s a game you enjoy, but you’re content with it only happening once a year. You’re a good girl after all.


     Jerome has a tendency to mess with your head. He makes you make decisions you never would under normal conditions. He makes the rational part of your brain just up and leave. That’s probably why you nod a quick yes before crashing your lips on Jerome’s. His hands are quick to start exploring your body and before you know it you’re in his trailer, on his bed, completely naked.

     “You’re all mine now, Doll,” Jerome mutters against your skin. “Got it?”


     Maybe regret will set in later, but you seriously doubt it. Maybe this whole thing is stupid, but you’ll never see it that way. Loving Jerome is the best worst decision you could possibly make, and you’re going to enjoy every second of it.

BTS MAKNAE LINE REACTS TO: s/o being insecure when pregnant

anon asked: Hello!!! I love your page!! May I request a BTS (Maknae line~Jimin| Taehyung| Jungkook) reaction to their S/O being insecure about how they look almost 40 weeks pregnant in a swimsuit? (I’m having problems finding one and it’s really messing with my self esteem) Thank you!♡♡♡

Aww, this is a cute one! I hope you find one and you look like the hottest tamale at the beach - Admin Dayna


He figured you were feeling a bit unsatisfied and discouraged from being unable to find the right bathing suit. Jimin quickly started showering you with compliments. Even while you walked out the store empty handed, he made sure to tell you that you looked perfect. Granted he knew the compliments would only do so much, but it was the best and only thing he could come up with to make you feel better. He just didn’t understand how you could be worried about a bathing suit when you were busy creating, carrying and nurturing life!

Originally posted by jikookshandshake


Don’t even bother telling him that. You wouldn’t be able to convince him of any of the flaws you see. Taehyung thinks you and the baby bump the cutest thing in the world. Everything you do makes his heart flutter. So while you’re busy struggling to feel comfortable in your bathing suit, TaeTae is too fixated on how fricking adorable you look in your bathing suit – even while you fumble with the straps of the bikini top that just don’t seem to sit right…

Originally posted by taesies


Insecure preggo babes? Not on his watch. Jungkook Would be all over you within minutes finding out you were feeling insecure about not finding a swimsuit for your baby bump. There’s no time for you to be feeling poorly about yourself when the two of you were about to have the cutest kids in the world. His attempts to better your mood would be compliments and ice cream. Lots of compliments. Lots of ice cream. 

Because food always makes it better.

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

Apparently what Ghost needed for me to get past my mythology-and-sadness fatigue was Hannah Shepard and Her Obscenely Competent Assistant, Ingrid: 

“At the risk of pedantry,” she said, when Hannah had taken up pacing again, “the coordinates he gave you —”

“Oh, just come out and say it, Ingrid,” Hannah said through a dry laugh. “The SR-2’s docked at Omega. Perfect place for an ambush, or any other flavor of betrayal.”

“It is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, ma'am,” Ingrid said mildly.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “That’s doing it too much justice.” She forced herself to stop pacing, and gripped her chair hard enough to make the veins on the back of her hands pop out. “You know what I’m about to suggest, and you hate it,” she said.

“I’m not a fan.”

“So talk me out of it.”

Ingrid didn’t throw her hands in the air — too well-bred for that, too self-disciplined too — but she looked very much like a woman who wanted to. “I’ve fought my share of hopeless battles, ma'am, but even I know when to back down. You’re going to Omega, because that’s where your daughter is, and frankly it’s above my pay grade to try and stop you.”

Hannah sighed. The five dossiers, still unread, sat on her desk, waiting to be unlocked with her thumbprint. They’d make for good reading on the trip. They’d ensure she wasn’t walking in blind. Garrus wouldn’t trick her, wouldn’t betray Eliza like that — but the rest of the crew was a knot Hannah hadn’t even started to untangle.

“I’ve taken the liberty of booking passage to Omega via Ilium,” Ingrid went on, a faint smile tugging at her mouth. “We’ll want to avoid the Citadel on our way to the Terminus — no sense in making ourselves more public than we have to. Two days out, two days in-system, then back to the Orizaba. Major Vasquez will take command in our absence, and he’ll keep the crew focused on the propaganda drop, which leaves us the batarian intel and those dossiers for in-flight entertainment. Ma'am, your mouth is open.”

“I don’t know if I should kill you or kiss you,” Hannah said, her cheeks already sore from smiling. “And what the hell’s with all this we business?”

“Either of those actions would be against regs, ma'am, even for the Orizaba. And you didn’t work the batarian desk, I did — you’re going to need me.” Ingrid smiled. “Not just that, but no way in hell are you going to Omega without someone watching your back.”

How she and Eliza managed to deserve their friends, she would never know. “Well, get packed, Ingrid,” Hannah said. “The beauty of working in our sector is that no one bats an eye when we go dark for a week. Let’s —” She swallowed, her heart kicking her ribs. “Let’s go see this mess my girl’s in now.”

I just love Berena so much it hurts.

Sometimes it comes and goes, I can go a few days without really thinking about them, but they are always around in my head, on the wallpaper of my laptop and phone. And the songs are there - you know, the ones you only listen when you read Berena fics? And there are some days where EVERYTHING is about them, and some fanfics are just perfection and you sit there just LOVING Berena. 

What is it about them that just seem to eat you alive, take such a big part of your life? I can still remember the first time I heard about them, and the feeling is always as intense. 

What is it fans call themselves? Berenatrash ?

Initial Thoughts--6x18: Where Bluebirds Fly, pt. 3, CS and the Charmings

Originally posted by shipsxahoy

I talked about Zelena in part 1 (here) and Rumbelle in part 2 (here).  Now it’s time to talk about what we’re all excited about—Captain Swan and the Charmings!

Captain Swan and the Charmings

–Let’s just start with the scene.  You know they one I’m talking about; the pancake scene.  This scene was soooo good.  It was sweet, fluffy, hot, emotional, and comical all at once.  From Killian coming up behind Emma as she’s cooking breakfast (in a bathrobe) and nuzzling her neck, to her turning around and kissing the daylights out of him, to them talking about how happy they are, to her moving on to make-out session number two—which was clearly leading in a very interesting direction right there on the kitchen island—it was just perfect.  A scene directly out of fanfiction.  I approve, A&E.  I very much approve.  I also approve of the fact that we now have two CS euphemisms—both coffee and pancakes. We’re well on the way to a very, very delicious breakfast. :-)

Originally posted by captainswanouat

–But this is, after all, a family show, so before things could get too hot and heavy, Mama Snow shows up, uses her spare key, and almost gets an eyeful.   I love both Emma and Killian’s reactions to the interruption. Emma grabs the plate and cheerfully announces that they were making pancakes.  Killian, however, seems to have no chill about letting his future mother-in-law know that yes, she was very much interrupting something.  Him going off muttering about the need for a cold shower was just the icing on a very delicious cake.

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fandomsareuniversal  asked:

Ok so I know requests are closed, but idk if this counts as a request? I've been feeling really down lately and was wondering if you could give me some fic or hc recs for the any or the Hamilton characters or cast? Yours always make me feel better, and I'm sure you have a great taste in fics so it'd really be appreciated. So incredibly sorry to bother you, and I hope you have a wonderful day/evening!

oh sure! i’m just gonna list a ton of great writers. i wish i had a better list (i’ll try to make one eventually) but these are just the first people that come to mind.


@boss-headcanons has the cutest/most amazing/perfect headcanons ever and you should definitely check them out! also their blog is just super positive and it’s great

@wrotemywayoutimagines also has some great headcanons for hamilton + hamilcast i believe! and their imagines are really well written and overall amazing

imagines (any of the following!):




@iamanoriginal (dye for you is one of my personal favorites)

@imdedicatingeverydaytoyou (not-so-bad bad boy is my personal fave as well as tough days)

@hamitome–imagines (comfortable is good if you like poly!hamilsquad)


there’s a lot of other amazing writers on here but these are the ones that come to mind. hope this helped!

pcyeolsbi  asked:

I'm not sure if this is where I ask for you to write scenarios and stuff but uh lmao if it is could you do a scenario where y/n likes mark and she confesses to him but he doesn't like her back but later on jaemin who is her bestfriend likes her so they just talk and she's upset and a few weeks later she starts to like jaemin and before she confesses to him mark comes and tells her he likes her but she tells him she likes jaemin now and then confesses to jaemin and he likes her tYtY

A/N: Story of my life not rlly
I didn’t see us as writing a full scenario for this, it’s pretty complex, so I’m going to give you a semi-scenario
This is high school au btw

Originally posted by haechannie

  • Sigh
  • Mark Lee. He was perfect, friendly, smart, considerate, cute, talented, and tall.
  • You’d never got to know him quite so well on a personal level. He was in a few of your classes, but you’d never grown close enough to him to do things outside of school.
  • You hoped to change that though- and today was your day.
  • You asked him, more awkwardly than you would have liked, if he’d like to go to a cafe near the school, it was hidden away in an ally, but had the perfect atmosphere and wasn’t too pricey.
  • “Sure.”
  • You two talked about the normal things, school. He was friendly and poked fun at you for your earlier slip-up in biology, but you felt awkward, suddenly flustered that it was just the 2 of you.
  • He changed the conversation, “So, why did you want to come here?” he questioned, sipping on his mocha quietly.
  • Shit.
  • You decided honesty was the best route; you were tired of being only acquaintances/mere friends.
  • You told him, hopeful that he might smile and return your feelings.
  • But he didn’t.
  • — 
  • You bitched and moaned about the ordeal to Jaemin for days, whining about how you were so awkward and how terrible it was to face him in class now.
  • Jaemin listened intently, as always.
  • He felt a bit annoyed you did all of this without even telling him, jealous Mark got your attention and affection.
  • He confessed!!! Jaemin confessed to you to get your mind off Mark, irked that you kept thinking about your rejection.
  • Now there are 2 boys you’re awkward around and can’t face.
  • Mark was the same as ever, friendly and warm, always lending you a pencil when you seemed to forget your own. 
  • You would catch his knowing glances tho, a few unspoken words shared merely with a meaningful glance.
  • Jaemin was different.
  • Even tho you told him it wasn’t the time and that too much was going on after he confessed he continued to hang around you, if anything, more clingy than before.
  • His gentle touches seemed to be amplified. He knew what he was doing to you, causing your heart to race.
  • That was when you knew, Jaemin was the one for you.
  • You’d never have Mark & Jaemin was your best friend, always there for you.
  • Instead of avoiding Jaemin you seeked him out, waiting for him after classes and asking to borrow one of his pencils instead of Marks’.
  • That was when it happened [DUN DUH]
  • Mark confessed, sheepishly rubbing the nape of his neck, admitting he couldn’t stop thinking about you. Ever since you had confessed a new light had been shown on you, Mark seemed to notice your cute habits and breath-taking features, something he had been blind to before.
  • Your heart raced, but Jaemin made your heart race faster.
  • You apologized to Mark, instead determined to find Jaemin and return his confession.

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Family means everything to Sianla Malit and she’d go to any length to protect it - right to the end of the galaxy, in fact. But when the long dead hope she ressurects doesn’t turn out to be quite what she expected Sianla finds herself facing off with pirates, scoundrels, and even the Empire itself. But if it means something like a holo-perfect life in the end?

That might just be worth the risk.

Beka Black and Abby Gavit present REMNANTS #1, a Star Wars fancomic coming this Spring from a galaxy far, far away.

what bothers me about mor’s coming out to feyre is that theres a 98% chance she did this for drama and isn’t going to use it to critique her own world. like, its obvious that the fae world besides being sexist is extremely homophobic (and this just confirms bc why wudnt she tell her other friends unless theyve been taught to be homophobic?) like this is 100% gonna be used for relationship drama when this is a PERFECT time to step back and say ‘hey, my world is fucked up, and the characters are improving it, but even the characters trying to improve things aren’t perfect either!“ like if rhys is this super feminist everyone claims he is, he would be chill about his cousin being gay.

let me drag you into the fiery depths of haikyuu rarepair hell and introduce you to my all time fav rarepair: KUROYACHI!

1) HEIGHT. DIFFERENCE. that’s it. do I need to explain further?

2) yachi being a sweet little mouse and kuroo being this sexy, confident (dorky) loser ,, a perfect combination if you ask me

3) their overall differences in personality!! I’m a sucker for ships that have opposing personalities bc I LOVE the good old “opposites attract” cliche

4) they just look so aesthetically pleasing together??? yachi in pastel colours and kuroo being all mysterious in black and red


6) kuroo being overly protective of small and socially anxious yachi is juSt AHHH

7) “yachi who’s ur boyfriend” *kuroo appears* “yaCHI HOLY SHIT”



in conclusion I really really really really love kuroyachi it’s such a pure ship fight me

anonymous asked:

Awesome blog! Do you have any tips on writing third person omniscient? The story that I'm currently writing started out as third person limited (with only one POV character) but now I'm thinking of changing as I've started to write the POV's of other characters (I got a bit bored of the main protagonist and focusing on her POV wouldn't enable me to reveal the storylines of other characters).

Thank you so much! 

To begin, I’d make sure that third person omniscient is really what you want. I’m not doubting you, and it may, in fact, be the perfect choice for your story, but if you’re bored of your narrator, that’s also a problem worth looking into to figure out why. Perhaps it really is just a case of switching up the point of view, but perhaps it means you need to come at your story from a different angle, maybe by beginning later, closer to the action, or maybe there is something about that character’s mindset that you still need to figure out in order to engage with them better. If you’re bored, the chances are your readers will be too. 

Third person limited is always the most recommend because it allows readers to really engage with the character and understand their mindset, so keep in mind that you can use third person limited with several characters. You simply need to find a good place to change from one point of view to the other, and usually this is by chapters. Many books (the Inkheart series comes to mind first) go back and forth between characters; in this series, for example, one chapter may focus on the female lead and her adventures and POV, and the next may focus on the villain’s, and the next her love interest, the next her father’s, and then her again. The A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series also does this, and the author helps out even more by naming the chapters with the POV character’s name. 

As you said, changing between several characters can help immensely to focus on different story lines that might otherwise be skipped if you’re forced to rely solely on one POV narrator. But this is different than omniscient–in which no characters at all are telling the story, but a “narrator” as their own person (a person with the ability to read minds, in theory) is telling it for them. This POV is not extremely popular in the 21st century, but it is what most classic novels are told in. Editors and publishers tend not to like it, however, so be weary before going down this path. I highly recommend reading up on it as much as possible, and if you decide it’s the right choice for you, by all means don’t let that stop you! It may be a more difficult path, but at the end of the day, you have to write what is best for your story and tell it authentically. 

Here are some more resources I hope will help: 

anonymous asked:

the whole boycott runaways thing is kinda petty, it feels like you reaching for ways to hate on marvel when really the while neo nazi thing is enough. you are reducing a long and complex comic run to "the black kid was the traitor" like i agree with the stereotypes thing but runaways was written in a time when marvel was actually hiring good writers and by boycotting this show you are trying to get rid of an female asian lead, a lesbian who's experience coming to terms with her sexuality 1/2

2/2 mirrors that of many lesbian/gay teens, a latino lead, and a genderfluid (idk if they are bi or pan) black lead. im not saying runaways doesn’t have faults but im just saying grow up and learn that you can like something that ain’t perfect

So it’s reaching now when you point out racist tropes when it involves Black people huh? Can you just say you don’t care about Black people and us being represented on tv in non-racist ways and be done with it? Like that’s sooo much shorter than the garbage you’ve sent in.  

Not to mention that wasn’t my only problem with the damn series. Are we forgetting how terribly they handled Xavin’s gender? Are we forgetting that the only fucking other Black person on the damn show [which was a shapeshifter and a whole other problem] was sacrificed for Karolina’s pasty white ass? 

Obviously, these writers weren’t good enough not to employ racist tropes and stereotypes. Like if you can’t write something without that you aren’t a good writer plain and simple.

How about you grow the fuck up and try and see where I’m coming from. Like I am so exhausted by having to compartmentalize myself when it comes to television and movies. Like we’ll get something with good LGBTQ rep but it shits on the PoC and vice versa and all the other combinations of my identities. 

Finally problematic is like me enjoying You Me Her whose main cast is all white not a show that uses racist tropes and stereotypes and fucks up with gender identity and fluidity. 

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